C.N Blue’s Yong Hwa shows off his arm muscles.

After a gym session Yong Hwa takes a selca showing his toned and amazing arm muscles.
He tweeted:

“Everyone~ Hehe even after the fan meeting I am zealously exercising~ Hehe it’s been a long time that my picture…I will show it this week! Hehe I’m getting excited…hehehe everyone please show your support~ hehehe fighting! See you soon!”

So what can you say Boices? Do we have a sexy sexy leader in the making?

Source: CN Blue‘s Official Twitter
Translations by:
Jennifer Jang (Blog and Twitter)

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B.A.P Live Stream to start momentarily on allkpop!

As announced previously, B.A.P will be here for our exclusive live video chat event with our wonderful allkpop readers.

I know many of you have been waiting a long time for this day but don’t worry, the ‘POWARRIOR’s will be here in less than an hour. So, let the countdown begin!

You still have time left to leave questions or just show your B.A.P love here on our forums, so don’t hesitate to do so!

Then drop by at 11:00PM EST (GMT -5) to watch B.A.P answer your questions LIVE on our special event page.

Get ready to hang with the one and only B.A.P, only on allkpop!

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U-Kiss Release ‘The Special To KISSME’ Album

After a successful comeback with 6th mini album ‘DORADORA’, U-Kiss decided to release a special album for their fans, ‘KISSME’s, titled ‘The Special To KISSME’.

The special album consists of the following tracks:

01. Believe

02. Te Amo

03. 인연인가 봐 (It Must Be Fate)

04. Let’s Get

05. Believe (Inst.)

06. Te Amo (Inst.)

Prior to the release, U-Kiss also released the following teaser photos:

Make sure to support U-Kiss by purchasing the album legally! You can download it both here (Melon), here (Mnet), here (Bugs), here (Soribada), or here (Olleh)!


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Wheesung & SoulstaR’s Lee Seungwoo Duet ‘Would I Catch A Cold’ Teaser Released

The teaser for an unreleased duet track of Wheesung and Lee Seungwoo of SoulstaR has been revealed! Watch it below:

The track was produced before power voice Wheesung’s enlistment, and will be released on June 7th! The duet came about when Wheesung heard about SoulstaR’s comeback, and offered to produce a song together, which SoulstaR readily accepted.

The teaser reveals a sweet and gentle piano melody with only a few seconds containing actual vocals, but the track already seems like something to look forward to as it will also feature Wheesung’s skill in rap!

One of SoulstaR’s representatives has also expressed, “Wheesung wanted to present a song for SoulstaR after hearing about their comeback. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the track before his enlistment due to his busy schedule and worsening health. Producer Choi Kap Won, a friend of both artists, completed the song to perfection.”

Fans of both Wheesung and SoulstaR have something to look forward to!



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Teen Top Release ‘To You’ Dance Video

After making a successful comeback with their new mini album, Teen Top have taken to release the dance video for their new track ‘To You’. Watch it below!

What do you guys think of Teen Top‘s comeback so far?




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BTOB Eunkwang To MC For Studio C With Mighty Mouth!

On the 1st of June, it was revealed through the official Twitter of SBS MTV’s Studio C that  BTOB‘s leader and main vocal Seo Eunkwang, along with hip hop duo Mighty Mouth, would be the show’s new MCs!

A representative of the show tweeted the following:

“<SBS MTV Studio C> Doodoong~ As you guys were all curious, we’re going to introduce you to Studio C’s new MCs! With soul voice and good looking appearances, the 3 Studio C MCs fit the criteria! Please check the photo +_+ Please give lots of support!”

Fans are highly anticipating how the MCs will work together, especially Eunkwang’s performance seeing as this will be his first time as an MC.

How do you think he’ll do?




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Kim Kyu Jong To Enlist In The Army

A recent announcement from B2M Entertainment revealed that former SS501 member, Kim Kyu Jong, would be beginning his two year long military service this July.

Before he proceeds into the army, Kim Kyu Jong will go through a one month training period to prepare for his service. In contrast to other entertainers who tend to postpone their military service for as long as they can, Kim decided to complete his duties before it became a problem for him. His agency revealed, “Kim Kyu Jong was born in 1987, so he could postpone military service in order to focus on his career. But he thought it would be best to get it out of the way before he starts on the second chapter of his life.”

As well as the announcement from his agency, he also revealed the news of his enlistment through a letter he wrote for his fans:

“Hello, this is Kyu Jong. This might sound cliche but time passes by quickly, right? I feel like I debuted yesterday but it’s already June 2012. Are you guys all carrying out the plans you made?! It’s still not too late so think again about the plans you made and carry through with it.

The reason why I am writing a letter to you after such a long time is because of my planned enlistment in the coming July. I wanted to tell the news to my fans myself. I’m so happy thanks to all the love and support of my beautiful fans. Because of you, I am spending my 20s in happiness. Like I always say, I want to give back as much as I receive, and I want to give my beautiful fans good memories. Please promise that we will meet each other in a better state two years from now. Please, please, please.

I am excited for the time I will have with you guys on June 3rd. Let’s meet then. Let’s keep our happy times as a good memory. As our time together now will be left as beautiful memories, let’s continue to make beautiful memories together. Thank you. I’m happy.”

What you think about his early enlistment?





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