100% sings "Guys Like Me" on Inkigayo

Rookie group 100% is back with new song "Guys Like Me" on Inkigayo,check out their comeback performance below

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BEAST Yang Yoseob appears as famous Idol Actor in ‘My Daughter SeoYeong’

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob will be making an appearance on KBS 2TV weekends drama ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ as a famous idol actor.

‘My Daughter, SeoYoung’ which has gained attention for having many cameos is once again having yet another celebrity on the show. It was confirmed that BEAST’s Yang Yoseob, who is making headlines for his recent solo album, will be making a surprise appearance.

In the drama, Yang Yoseob will be appearing as an acting teacher for SungJae’s company, and as a close oppa to Sungjae’s love, EunSu. Also, Yang Yoseob’s appearance as a famous idol actor has caused SungJae’s jealousy.

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Watch his cut here.

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TVXQ Yunho & Kwon Sang Woo’s First Reading For “Queen Of Ambition” Revealed

Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae displayed their mutual understanding from their first reading for the drama “Queen Of Ambition.”

On 7 December, the staff of the new SBS Monday – Tuesday drama “Queen of Ambition” revealed photos for the location of the first script reading held on 6 December.

For this script reading which was held in the Rehearsal hall in the SBS production center, director Jo Young Kwang, producer Park Shin Woo as well as the cast of Kwon Sang Woo, Soo Ae, TVXQ’s Yunho, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Deok Hwa, Cha Hwa Yeom, Lee Il Hwa, Go Joon Hee and others, a total of 60 people turned up for this first meeting.

After greeting each other, the actors started reading the script as if they were at the actual filming, heating up the atmosphere of the rehearsal hall.

According to the production team, Kwon Sang Woo, who plays the male lead Ha Ryu read the script with a gentle voice which matched his character’s pure image, and occasionally added some comical humor, earning laughter from everyone. Soo Ae, who plays Da Hae read her script in a quiet voice, but changed her tone and volume at the emotional moments, showing the breadth of her experience as a lead actress.

As TVXQ’s Yunho, who plays Baek Do Hyun faced Kim Sung Ryung who plays his sister Baek Do Kyung, they smiled and said their lines, as if it was a real conversation, giving a strong sense of realism.

PD Jo Young Kwang expressed, “I’m really excited about the strong script and good casting,” and “Everyone should think like they are the lead characters, and work together to create a good drama.”

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A-Pink's Eunji and Seo In Guk win awards at 2012 K-Drama Star Awards

'Reply 1997' stars A-Pink's Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk attended the 2012 K-Drama Star Awards on December 8.

Their tandem is receiving much love from fans and viewers of the high-rated TvN program 'Reply 1997'.

Eunji won the Rising Star Award. Aside from that, they also received awards for Best OST and Best Couple.

See pictures below:

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Infinite’s Woohyun, chosen to be MC for the Melon Music Awards ‘Predicting a bouncing cutie MC’

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‘Trend-dols’ Infinite’s Nam Woohyun was chosen to be MC for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards’.

On December 7th, in the afternoon, LOEN Entertainment and MBC Plus Media who are holding the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards’ revealed “The four people: Nam Woohyun, Moon Heejun, Danny Ahn and Lee Kikwang are our final choices for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards”s joint MCs”.

For that reason, from H.O.T.’s Moon Heejun and GOD’s Danny Ahn who dominated the 90’s,  to Infinite’s Nam Woohyun and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang who currently have the best popularity are the members of the new and old male idol groups each representing their own generation to confront their hosting at the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards’ so the fans’ expectations are rising.

Moon Heejun and Danny Ahn are 1st generation idols from the 90’s who have busy activities until lately through variety and broadcasts while Lee Kikwang and Nam Woohyun debuted in the 2000’s and are currently idols members who are receiving a lot of love. Each of them are all-rounded entertainers who combine being representative idol singers and even MC experiences.

Infinite’s Nam Woohyun showed sparky hosting skills as he was active as a special MC on various programs and gained an enthusiastic response from female fans with his witty speech and cute aegyo on numerous variety programs, so, as expected, the fans’ expectations are increasing as they’re wondering what charms will he show while hosting this show.

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Seungri warns fans that he'll quit twitter?

Seungri alarmed fans on December 7 that he'll quit twitter for a reasonable reason.
He posted a tweet and attached a photo saying,

"This is.... This isn't me.......If this picture gets around..I WILL QUIT TWITTER!!!!"

To fans' relief, the photo is indeed Seungri himself caught in a derp face with his mouth opened.
Fans can't stop laughing upon seeing this picture. They commented, "I thought you will really quit twitter!","Seungri stalks his own fan photos!", "So funny!!" and etc.

Don't worry VIPs! Looks like Seungri is just kidding.

Source: Seungri's twitter

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Fans Donate Rice To Celebrate Hyun Bin's Discharge From The Military

It's been two long years for the fans of Hyun Bin, as their favorite actor was away from the public eye serving his national duties. However, that wait is over!

The "it" guy of 2010, Hyun Bin reached superstar status after the hit drama "Secret Garden". To celebrate his 21 months of service in the Marines, his fans from both Korea and abroad, donated 4.35 tons of rice. The rice will be sent to charities chosen by Hyun Bin himself.

At the press conference held for the actor's discharge on December 6th, Hyun Bin shared how much he had missed acting and that he can't wait to get back to work.

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121210 Inkigayo Performers List

 IU, Gikwang and Jung Younghwa [Winter Child]
# Comeback Special #
- Secret [Talk That]
- Nell [White Night]
# Hot Music #
- SMASH [Protect You]
- BIGSTAR [I Got Ya]
- Juniel [Bad Man]
- A-JAX [2MYX]
- Boyfriend [JANUS]
- Kim Jong Kook Men Are All Like That]
- Kim Sunggyu [60 Seconds]
- Lee Hi [1,2,3,4]
- Son Dambi [Dripping Tears]
- Yoseob of BEAST [Caffeine]
- Epik High [Don’t Hate Me]
- TVXQ [Humanoids]
# Fresh Music #
- Ailee [Evening Sky]
- 100% [Guy Like Me]
- THE SEEYA [Poison (feat.Lee Haeri)]

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200,000 People Rush For Tickets To JYJ Junsu’s Year End Concert

Tickets for JYJ member Kim Junsu’s year end solo concert have been sold out, showing his power.

C-Jes Entertainment said, “The 21,000 seats for Junsu’s year end solo concert that were put up on Interpark on 4 December has been sold out. This is the first time an idol is trying out this fresh concept for a concert, and there has been a lot of interest around this (concert), so the competition for tickets was intense.”

Kim Junsu will be holding the “2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra” concert at the end of this year, with the concept of doing an all-live ballad concert together with an orchestra, gaining a lot of attention. As a proof of the anticipation surrounding this concert, the ticketing server crashed as 200,000 people (rushed to book tickets for this concert.)

Related personnel said, “Once the booking window opened, 200,000 logged in at the same time, causing a delay in the server response. This is the highest record in Interpark’s history for ticketing sales, and taking into consideration the server delays, it can be said that the tickets were sold out as once. Junsu is the only one so far who has sold out an entire concert at once as a solo artist and not part of a group”

Kim Junsu’s year-end concert will be held om 29-31 December, for 3 days at the COEX D Hall.

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Secret's MR Removed video for "Talk That"

Secret is back with their new song "Talk That" on various music shows.

The MR removed video of their comeback performance on Music Bank has been shared on various video sharing sites.

Check out the clip below, did they impress?

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Girls' Generation's Yuri poses with her "Hani"

Girls' Generation's Yuri updates Girls' Generation official website with some new selcas.

She mentioned,"it's hard to take photo with my pet dog Hani,Sone,how are you doing?I'm doing well ^ ^

She is seen posing with her pet dog in her latest set of selcas.

Fans commented,"such a lucky dog","so cute","pretty without much make-up" and etc.

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f(x)'s Victoria dances to "Telephone" on Happy Camp

f(x)'s Victoria appears in the latest episode of Happy Camp.

Check out her amazing dance performance on the show, she dances to Lady Gaga's Telephone on the show, impressed with her dancing skills?

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Netizens spot similarities between Wooyoung & Jay Chou's image

Taiwanese famous singer, Jay Chou is back with his 12th album. This is his comeback after such a long while bu he received criticism for his KPop style image.

He dyes blonde hair and proudly shows off his six pack.However, with this new look, some netizens quickly blame that Jay Chou is ripping off  Woo Young, member of the Korean idol group 2PM.

Besides, Jay Chou criticized with his speech recently on Gangnam style, "GangnamStyle is humorous and funny but Chinese music is better. We should not imitate the Korean Wave.All artists must unite and stop dancing to Gangnam Style again" 

Share your opinions regarding this issue.

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Kim Hyun Joong wins "Most popular overseas singer" at MIGUHUI China Music Festival

Kim Hyun Joong has been honored the 'Most popular overseas singer' award at MIGGUHUI China Music festival. 

It's not surprising for Kim Hyun Joong due to all of his hard work overseas this year to extend his popularity. Congratulations to Kim Hyung Joong for his hard work

Check out his performances as well as his speech below:

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Hyuna reveals 2nd round sexy dance for "Like The First Time" Soju

Hyuna does the 2nd round sexy dance for "Like The First Time" Soju,check out the video below

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Happy Birthday to SHINee's Minho #HappyMinhoDay #Flaming22ndDay

Birth Name: Choi Min Ho (최민호)
Stage Name: Minho
Nickname: Flaming Charisma Minho
Birthday: December 9, 1991
Position: Main Rapper, Face of The Group
Height: 184 cm

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Photo Of JYJ’s Yoochun Taking A Nap On The Set Of “I Miss You” Revealed

A photo of JYJ’s Yoochun napping has been revealed.

In the early afternoon of 5 December, a photograph of Yoochun was revealed via the JYJ official facebook, with the message “It’s Detective Han, who says he’s happy even if he only gets an hour or two of sleep a day! He says that the atmosphere on set is so warm and happy that he’s forgotten all about how cold it is^^” and “‘I Miss You’ will be greeting viewers 10 minutes earlier than usual today at 9.45! Don’t forget to tune in!”

In the image, Yoochun is on the set of the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “I Miss You”, lying on a small sofa and taking a nap. But despite his busy filming schedule, he is loving and enjoying his shoot for “I Miss You.”

Netizens who saw this said, “Mother, hurry and cover him with a blanket! Isn’t Yoochun sleeping?”, “He’s just sleeping but why does he look so good?” and other responses.

Park Yoochun is currently acting as the brash detective Han Jung Woo, who loves Lee Sooyeon (Yoon Eun Hye) in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “I Miss You.”

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SNSD's Yoona spotted at school

Recently, some photos of SNSD's Yoona at school have been shared on a community board, attracted much attention from fans

Yoona is spotted in the classroomshe is currently a student of DongkukUniversityYoona's natural beauty is still outstanding in simple costumes and glasses.

Netizens commented, "She is so beautiful in simple clothes", "I think she is also a miss beauty in her school", "jealous of her classmates "...

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Epitone Project “working with Seunggi on his album felt like a mom’s heart of the top student in school”

“Singing on stage…  I’m still very shy about that”

We did this interview on the day Epitone Project and actress Shin Se Kyung’s Christmas carol duet, “Sweet Christmas,” was released.  This song came from Epitone Project and close friend singer-song writer Herz Analog, and Shin lent her pure vocals.  ‘Sweet Christmas’ is a bright and warm carol song that combines Shin Se Kyung’s clear and pure voice with the vocals of Epitone Project’s sense of contentment.  When I tell him I enjoyed the song and that it has a warm vibe to it, he was incredibly shy about it.

“I’m still shy about it as it’s still not real to me, that I sing songs.  It’s very hard on the director when I participate as a vocalist.  I can hear them sighing aloud outside… (laughter)  I don’t have experience as a vocalist. If previous composers and directors heard that… Shin Seung Hoon once said to me, you shouldn’t sing. (laughter)  Despite that, I’m very thankful that there are people who like this kind of voice.”

    Working with Lee Seunggi, felt like a mom’s heart of the top student in school? Really hard and the burden was big… I learned a lot

    Around this time we couldn’t help but to talk about working with ‘Prince-dol’ Lee Seunggi. Epitone Project composed and wrote the songs on Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 album ‘Forest’  that was released on November 22, but the fact that he was in charge of producing brought about great interest (Seunggi was the writer for the song, ‘Words that say I love you’).

    And that interest immediately shot up the music charts.  As soon as the title song ‘Return’ was released, it took the #1 spot on the main music charts and has continued at #1 into December.  And it wasn’t only ‘Return,’ but ‘Words that I love you,’ ‘Forest,’ and the other songs also ranked high, getting a great response.

    “Wow, it feels really great, of course.  As it was really hard and the burden was big in working on Seunggi’s album.  And he was a singer that had already put out 5 albums.  How would you describe it, felt like the mom’s heart of the top student in school?  Since he has reached the top in various areas, that tacit burdened feeling that the album has to do just as well.”

    Thus, working with Lee Seunggi was a challenge at a new level.  Around that time, much of his energy had been drained in completing his 2nd album, and he was thinking that he may need to recharge somehow.

    “Sekyung was like that too, but the first time I met Seunggi, there was a halo shining around him when he entered my studio.  His face was so small yet his eyes, nose, mouth, ears all fit within… (laughter) I thought to myself and realized, ‘not just anyone can be a celebrity entertainer.’”

    While there was great burden and hardship in working with Lee Seunggi, at the same time, he got to experience many things he hadn’t until now.

    “Seunggi is very passionate.  He’s the type that just can’t sit around.  For example, typically, he would send an email and hum the melody by phone and continue on to ask ‘what do you think of this type of music.’  Seunggi guided a lot of aspects of this album.  After we’d talk on the phone, he’d say ‘I’ll come by right now’ even though my studio was quite far from him, and then we’d talk and he’d leave.”

    “We talked a lot about the theme and concept, and sensing his passion, it made me work hard too.  I came to study a lot while working on this.  I often thought I may be too confined, and I really learned a lot this time.  And I want to work with varied artists again on fun projects in the future.”

    Upcoming concert

    “A concert is a unique activity for me.  I get very sensitive when concert time comes around.  For this concert, I thought about and stressed over various things in advance, but since i don’t have many experiences on stage, I’m still shy on stage.  But the audience has paid a not so small price to come see me.  I feel that I have to do everything i can during those 2 to 2.5 hours.  I get worried since my condition is like that and all, but concerts are really important since it’s the chance to communicate with the audience up close.  Although there are many disappointments when it’s over…”

    Epitone Project’s special concert will be held on December 7-9 at the Seoul Hannamdong Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.  The concert will be even more brighter with special guest appearances from Lee Seunggi, Baek Ahyun, Kim Wansun, Ryoo Shia, all of whom are musically associated with Epitone Project.

[Excerpts] Hankyung interview with Epitone Project
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Details Of Tohoshinki’s 2013 Nationwide 5-Dome Tour Announced!

The detailed schedule of the 『Tohoshinki Nationwide 5-Dome Tour 2013 (tentative)』has been decided.
Please note that as the schedule for the Sapporo Dome shows are still subject to a final revision, the details will be announced as soon as possible, at a later date. We ask for your kind patience.

【Detailed Tour Schedule】
27 Apr (Sat) – Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Leg) Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
28 Apr (Sun) – Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Leg) Doors open 15:00 / Concert begins 17:00
29 Apr (Mon) – Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Leg) Doors open 14:00 / Concert begins 16:00
10 May (Fri) – Nagoya Dome Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
11 May (Sat) – Nagoya Dome Doors open 15:00 / Concert begins 17:00
25 May (Sat) – Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
26 May (Sun) – Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome Doors open 14:00 / Concert begins 16:00
5 Jun (Wed) – Kyocera Dome Osaka Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
6 Jun (Thu) – Kyocera Dome Osaka Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
15 Jun (Sat) – Tokyo Dome Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
16 Jun (Sun) – Tokyo Dome Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00

※The time of doors opening and of the concert are subject to change.
※The schedule for the Sapporo Dome shows are still subject to a final revision, the details will be announced as soon as possible, at a later date.

★Ticket Prices
Premium Seats: ¥19,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats General Allocated Seating (including lightstick): ¥9,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats Seated Allocated Seating (including lightstick): ¥9,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats General Allocated Seating: ¥8,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats Seated Allocated Seating: ¥8,800 (tax inclusive)
※Chargeable for 3 years and above.
※Children 3-years and under are allowed admission only to the S-Seats, but a ticket must be purchased should the child require a seat.
※The lightsticks that are included for S-Seats is a limited edition design, which is different from the design of the regular goods.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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Vietnamese fans welcome Haha and Byul

As it was reported before that Haha and Byul went to Vietnam for their honeymoon. They went to Vinpearl Resort in Nha Trang a few days ago, and today at 3:15 PM VST , they arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport, Hochiminh city.

There were many fans who waited for the newlyweds. Haha was very surprised when he saw many fans were at the airport to welcome him and Byul, he even took out his phones to take photos of the fans.

A few days ago there were many fans presented at Cam Ranh airport, Nha Trang to see Haha and Byul off to Hochiminh city. Haha and Byul were very friendly, they even took photos and signed for fans there.

Many Vietnamese fans are expecting  Running Man crew to visit Vietnam someday.

Check out for more photos below

source: kenh14.vn/facebook running man vietfans

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