BTOB's Ilhoon reveals Hyunsik's girlfriend!

BTOB's Ilhoon went to their official twitter account to reveal fellow member Hyunsik's girlfriend.

On August 10, Ilhoon first tweeted, "Heol BTOB Hyunsik's girlfriend" and followed up "that's me" attaching a photo of him cross-dressing and wearing a wig. Ilhoon and Hyunsik looked like a couple with their couple selca.

This photo of Ilhoon cross-dressing was taken when they filmed for B+Diary episode last year.
You can check it here if you haven't.

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Yuri's fresh beauty shines like a sunshine!

SNSD Yuri reveals pictures of her enjoying morning sunshine on her instagram account. On the beautiful morning of August 11, Yuri uploads outdoor shots of her wearing a simple black piece of shorts and strap blouse. She wrote that she likes the weather so much and enjoying it.

Some fans commented that she's in Boston enjoying a short break.
Check more of her photos below:

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Lee Hongki shares FT Island and CNBlue group photo!

Lee Hongki shares a group photo of FT Island and CNBlue on his twitter account. On August 10, he wrote,

"Fnc familly summer sonic in tokyo!!! Well done!!! What... my pants got ripped and my underwear was shown but it was live kkkk :-) Tomorrow we will brighten up Osaka!!"

In the photo, the cool guys are still wearing their family shirt and obviously sweating from their successful performances.

Indeed, you are going to love these boys of FNC!

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G-Dragon releases teaser photo for his upcoming comeback

G-Dragon releases teaser photo for his upcoming comeback

On August 7, G-Dragon departed for London to film his new MV. On August 10, he confirmed it as he himself released a teaser photo through his instagram account.

He wrote, "This is a teaser". In the photo, in his usual unique style, he is wearing a blue suit and chucks. He is standing stiffly in front of a wall with graffiti.

The MV that he is currently shooting is from his new single which is included in his 2nd solo album that is expected to be released on August 18.

Are you anticipating?

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Taeyeon reveals new hairstyle 'Jesus hair'

SNSD Taeyeon shows her new hairstyle through her instagram account on August 10. She called it 'Jesus hair'. Check below:

Does she look like Jesus or more likely Merida from Disney's Brave?
Do you like her new hairstyle?

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B.A.P’S “BADMAN” is really in a bad issue!

B.A.P ‘s latest single “ BADMAN ” gained attention from other fans after its release. Unfortunately, it's not an appreciation of the song.
Shinhwa's fans' keen ears noticed that there are similarities in the melodies between 'Badman' and Shinhwa's 2008 song ' We Can Get It On'.  Shinhwa's fans claimed that the two songs sound the same at the pre-chorus and the chorus parts. 
They demanded for a quick action regarding this. However, they emphasized that they weren’t putting the blame on B.A.P's shoulder. For them, it's the responsibility of the composers and producers of “BADMAN”. 
Listen below:

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Jaejoong records his narration for “The Zoo is Alive 2″!

JYJ updated their Naver LINE with Jaejoong who was spotted recording his narration for “The Zoo is Alive 2″. 

One official wrote, "While he was recording the narration, he told ‘so adorable’ and ‘so lovely’ to animals so many times ^^."

JYJ invited all of us to watch Jaejoong's documentary, "Tomorrow! At 11:20pm KST on Monday night! Please, look forward to ‘The Zoo is Alive!’ A documentary with Jaejoong ^^"

An official teased, ‘The Zoo is Alive’ is set to air at 11:20pm KST on Monday night. Short preview will be coming!"

Jaejoong is an animal lover and that was the big consideration why he was chosen to be the narrator of the said show.

“The Zoo is Alive 2″ will be aired on August 12.

Here's a video for you:

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Clara suffers hip injury, but still works

An unfortunate news both for Clara and her fans.

Clara had a hip injury while she's performing her responsibility on  MBC's  new variety show ' Star Diving Show Splash '.

At first, it was a minor injury as she sprained her hip on  'Star Diving Show Splash'  taping. She still continued to her rehearsal for  tvN 's ' SNL Korea '. However, she was brought to the hospital because she couldn't endure the hip pain anymore.

Her agency stated,   "After receiving treatment, she will join the live broadcast."

'Star Diving Show Splash' is set to air its first episode on August 23 at 10 PM KST.

What a hardworking lady.

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Source: Xports News via  Nate

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EXO Chanyeol's pretty sister revealed

The photos of EXO Chanyeol's sister are shared on various online communities with the title "EXO Chanyeol's pretty sister".

According to reliable source, his sister's full name is Park Yura, her ambition is to be an announcer, she's currently a trainee reporter in CBS.

Fans commented after seeing the photos, "Are they twins?","Their parents have good-looking children, how great is that" and etc.

What do you think, do they resemble each other?

Photos Source: Instiz

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JYJ’s Junsu surprises a club in Busan + performance video

All were shocked when they saw  JYJ’s   Junsu  (XIA) at a Busan Club  before their eyes .
Hive Club updated their Facebook and Naver blog with XIA Junsu's surprised appearance at their crib. 

Hive Club wrote, "An amazing performance tonight.  JYJ XIA Junsu’s surprised performance right now!!"

Junsu showcased a powerful remix of his newest single “ Incredible ” with an American dance crew. Watch below:

Meanwhile, he is in Busan for his “ XIA Second Asia Tour Concert Incredible in Busan”,  scheduled   yesterday  (August 10) and today (August 11).

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Quartet W&JAS returns with a new music video for their song ' Kids Who Chase the Star’.
The scenes from a movie entitled ‘The Garden of Words’ were featured in the music video. The movie was created by Makoto Shinkai,  an anime director ,   who is also behind the creation of anime such as   ’5 Centimeters per Second,’ ‘Voices of a Distant Star ‘ and   ‘Children Who Chase Lost Voices .’
The song is included in W&JAS' new album ‘New Kid in Town.’
Watch below:

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G-Dragon updates Instagram with a 'Teach Me How to Wink' video

G-Dragon updated his Instagram with a very short teach-me-how-to video.

Below is a four-second video with a little boy who winks together with his mouth. And before the video ends, G-Dragon appeared and did the same wink.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is currently in London to shoot for the latest MV of his newest single from his upcoming 2nd solo album which is expected to be released on August 18

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Teen Top L.Joe to Eunhyuk, "I will be Anchovy L.Joe"

The world between kpop idols is really small. In the recent interaction between one of the youngest idols in the industry and Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Teen Top L.Joe expressed his intention to become the next anchovy like his hyung.

On August 9, L.Joe posted a photo of him on his instagram account showing his new red hair, in which Eunhyuk commented, "Hyung's (Eunhyuk) hair was red the day before yesterday, you wanted to become like hyung (me)?"

To this L.Joe politely replied, "kkkk anchovy hyung and dongsaeng. I will become anchovy L.JOE".

Fans were quite surprised when L.Joe called him anchovy. They commented, "Idols have no boundaries at all. L.Joe knows his nickname is anchovy.", "I've never seen them interact like this.","Eunhyuk's anchovy line!", "Are they close?","Hyung and dongsaeng Anchovies!" and so on.

Source: L.Joe instagram and Eunhyuk's twitter

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Vaness Wu snaps brotherly pictures with Super Junior and Henry

Popular Taiwanese actor Vaness Wu proudly shares his group photos with his brothers Super Junior and Henry on his official weibo account.

On August 10, he wrote,

"My brothers whom I haven’t seen for a long time! Seeing you again makes me happy~~ good luck to your Taiwan concerts for the next few days! Everyone should support Super Junior’s concerts"

He also posed with Henry and wrote, "Give support for Henry’s new album! Good luck to Taiwan promotions,lets do it up when I get back!"

In the photo, Donghae, Siwon, Vaness, Henry and Kangin have their arms around each other having their group picture taken revealing their close friendship.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is currently in Taiwan for their 3-day SS5 concerts from August 10-12.

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ZE:A releases BTS for The Ghost of Wind MV

After having their comeback stages for Ghost of Wind, ZE:A releases the behind the clip footage of their MV filming. If you find the boys looking so charismatic on stage, they are totally dorks off cam. Watch their clip below:

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KBS cancels K-POP World Festival in Thailand

The gathering of the hit kpop groups in Thailand for KBS Kpop World Festival is cancelled. On August 8, KBS World first announced the cancellation through their official twitter account.

<Kpop World Festival in Thailand Cancellation Notice 1-2> Thank you for your support. We'll bring you more of quality events in the future.
— KBS World TV (@KBSWorldTV) August 8, 2013

<Kpop World Festival in Thailand Cancellation Notice1-1>Concert has been CANCELLED due to circumstances. We apologize for any inconveniences
— KBS World TV (@KBSWorldTV) August 8, 2013

The event organizer, JMC Entertainment, stated the reason of the sudden cancellation through their SNS accounts. They explained that it was due to the current political turmoil in Thailand that would affect the security of the groups and fans. They also mentioned that it'll be delayed until February with a new event. They made sure that ticket buyers will get their refunds.

However, anticipating KPOP fans assumed that it might be because of the poor tickets sales due to the continuous Kpop-related events in the country.

Meanwhile, the cancelled KBS Kpop World Festival, which was supposed to be attended by kpop artists like 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung, SISTAR, EXO, 4MINUTE, VIXX, Henry, Miss A, BTOB, 9Muses, Boyfriend, 100%, C-Clown, BTS and Tiny-G is scheduled to happen on August 17 but unfortunately got cancelled.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

NaEun says 'I Love You' to Taemin on WGM!

On the August 10 episode of We Got Married Season 4, Taemin, who is in Japan prepared a special event for NaEun, who is in Korea for A-Pink's comeback.

With the help of SHINee, EXO and A Pink, the special present was successfully delivered across. After receiving the present, overwhelmed NaEun quickly called Taemin through the phone to thank him and suddenly uttered, "I love you,". Taemin, on the other hand, couldn't believe what he has heard and couldn't hide his happiness for the unexpected confession.

Meanwhile, on the said episode, A Pink's Eunji is also going to appear alongside SHINee's Key going on a double date with Taemin and Na Eun.

Be sure to watch the broadcast at 17:05 KST.

Source: Nate

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FIESTAR teaches you Korean slang, Lesson 3: 'Tteokbap'

On ‪‎FIESTAR‬'s original program 'A-HA', the girls transformed into teachers for KPOP fans who are eager to learn Korean!

FIESTAR is going to teach you useful Korean slang through LOEN's Official youtube channel.

The cute and funny girls of FIESTAR taught us the word  'Daebak' on their 1st lesson and Deuk-tem on 2nd. This time, they are teaching us how to use  the slang Korean word ''Tteokbap".

Are you ready?

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2NE1 to hold first-ever Japan Fanclub Event!

2NE1, who is  currently busy promoting their second song Do You Love Me” after “ Falling In Love”,  will be holding its first-ever fan club event in Japan!

That momentous event for their Japanese fans will come true in October. The event is entitled as  2NE1 1st FANCLUB EVENT 2013  DO YOU LOVE ME~.

The first day will be on October 12 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL. The first part will open at 1:00PM while the start of their performance is at 2:00PM. The second part is at  5:00PM followed by their performance at 6:00.
They will rest for one day, and will go back on  October 14  at  Namba Hatch. 1st open at 1:00PM / performance at 2:00PM. 2nd session at  5:00PM / performance at 6:00.

Just keep yourself posted for any changes.

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U-KISS performs at A-Nation for two consecutive years!

There's a reason for U-KISS and their fans to be proud of as they were invited for the second time to be part of Japan's biggest music festival, ' A-Nation'.

This year's event title is ' A-Nation Island Asia Progress Blue Ocean'. The event is currently on-going at Yoyogi National Gymnasium  and will run until August 11. U-KISS performed their hist songs “Forbidden Love,” “Never Land,” and “Am I That Easy?” last August 5. 

Meanwhile, U-KISS is set to release a new album in October in Korea.

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SOURCE Starnews

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Super Junior's Siwon wants to manage his famous friend!

SBS' Thank You finally closed its curtains on August 9 with a revelation from Super Junior's Siwon.

Siwon was invited to appear on the show by none other than, BoA. And Siwon didn't make BoA's feeling hurt because he came with a lot of presents for her.

Siwon revealed, “I still remember the first time I met Boa because I was so embarrassed at her behavior. Now that we’ve become so close friends, I can say I’d be willing to manage her. I even call her ‘Sister Boa.’”

‘Thank You’, which kicked off this March, features deep interviews with celebrities. 

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SOURCE:  Starnews

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NC.A features Jung Man Shik on 'My Student Teacher' teaser video

NC.A teases with a video of  My Student Teacher ‘.

Jung Man Shik, who is an actor known for his roles on  The King 2 Hearts’ and ‘Good Doctor’,  is featured  in the video teaser. He lent his time to lip-synch a song.
‘My Student Teacher’ is set to release on August 12.

Be teased below:

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Jun Sung Ahn unveils hidden talent!

Jun Sung Ahn  shows off his musicality with his recent dance-violin cover of  Henry ‘s “ Trap “.
However, this time he didn't just play his violin. He also showcased his dancing skills with Yuri Tag   and   Angela Lee. 
Watch below:

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Jang Keun Suk turns down his throne!

Jang Keun Suk was reported to be part of MBC's new drama  series  Hwatu  (the name of a Korean card game).  However, an official of Jang's agency said,  “Jang considered the role, but decided not to accept it.”  Jang was suggested for the role of the Yuan king who lost his throne to his brother. 

Hwatu is about the union of China and Korea through Queen Gi of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty and a king of Goryeo (a Korean kingdom, 918 – 1392).  Ha Ji Won will play the role of Queen Gi, and Joo Jin Mo will be King Chunghye of Goryeo.

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SOURCE:  Starnews

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f(x) Amber and EXO Kris reveal their couple shirt?

Looks like a couple shirt at first glance? According to Amber, it was just a coincidence.

On August 9, f(x) Amber revealed a photo taken with EXO Kris on her instagram account. The two posed acting awkwardly to each other as Amber captioned,

"Two people who accidentally wore similar clothes today.. Awkward.. Thanks for 1st place on MB!". Fans who saw this photo commented, "Why not KrisBer?","That was funny Amber!","I like this photo and I like the shirt!","These two are so adorable," and so on.

Meanwhile, f(x) won Music Bank's K-Chart against BEAST on August 9.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Junhyung hints BEAST's follow-up single?

BEAST member Junhyung teases fans with his latest instagram video update on August 9.
Along with a video update, he wrote,

"I am a man. #coming soon", which rises assumptions that it could be the title for BEAST's follow-up song to 'Shadow'.

The short black and white clip was filmed in a recording studio and you can hear a short sample music from the background.

Are you anticipating?

Source: Junhyung's instagram

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

KARA's Nicole poses with Woohyun at Infinite's concert

KARA's Nicole shared a photo taken with Woohyun at the backstage of Infinite's 'One Great Step' World Tour in Seoul on August 9.

Nicole wrote on her instagram account, 'INFINITE One Great Step** Pretty Nam Woohyun. Smart smart hehe~~ World Tour Fighting! ^-^"

In the picture, Nicole is showing her concert pass next to Woohyun and smiling brightly together. Glad to know that Nicole cheered for INFINITE on their first World Tour concert.

Source: Nicole's instagram

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Angry Key poses intimately with flowers!

SHINee's Key has become passionate towards flowers as he uploaded pictures of him on his intagram account.

On August 9, he posted,

"i think im angry so i need more flowers to relaxxxxxxxxzzzxxzxxzxzxzxzzzzxxsssseeeeeeezzzxxx" and "more and more".

Based from his expression, he doesn't really look happy at all. His fierce and stiff facial expression while hugging the flower vase suggested something went wrong.

Wonder why?

Source: Key's instagram

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Daniel Henny is frustrated over an article linking him to SNSD's Jessica

On August 9, Hollywood actor Daniel Henney expressed his frustration over a misleading article linking him to Girls Generation's Jessica.

Through his official twitter account, he wrote,

"Just to clarify... A lot of articles are bending facts and paraphrasing statements regarding the girls generation Jessica thing..I did imply many of the things stated.. Nor will we be "having babies" anytime soon. I met her once briefly, unfortunately that's being--Greatly exaggerated. I'm now happy and in a relationship... These articles are frustrating.."

The article that he linked was titled "Daniel Henney and Jessica set to make beautiful babies soon", which is definitely an exaggerated one. Moreover, the title is not even related to the article itself.

Source: Daniel Henney's twitter
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INFINITE members cry over the misunderstanding about Woolim and SM C&C merger at their concert

Probably heard some negative reactions from fans about their merger with SM Entertainment's SM C&C, INFINITE members opened up and explained everything to their fans regarding the surprising merger at their 'One Great Step' World Tour concert on August 9.

The members admitted that the misunderstanding about future changes caused by the said merger gives pain to their hearts. To clarify everything, the members expressed their own thoughts one by one during their encore stage.

Leader Sunggyu started off  by stating, "Debuted three years ago and coming from below, the reason why Infinite go all the way here is because of our fans. Also,I feel so sorry for the members because I am not enough. A lot of people misunderstood. Infinite team is not going to change. We are still going to provide you good music and you are going to hear great ones. Actually I'm in pain because people misunderstand.  INFINITE is not going to change."

Sungyeol followed up, "We believe in our CEO's decision. Everyone, just believe in us and follow. We will return to you the amount of trust you're going to give". Hoya added, "People might say we failed once we finished our world tour. However, I believe that no matter how big or small we gained, it's not a failure. After the world tour, we will come back in a higher level."

Tearing up, Woohyun also expressed, "We didn't do anything wrong. We just give our best and worked hard from the beginning. We always think about you. So don't misunderstand. Please anticipate as Infinite is going to be bigger."

Sungjong in tears said, "I gained confidence because of you. Hopefully we could stay together like this forever." Dongwoo got emotional while saying, "I told you that I'm zelkova tree. If you think like us as a tree, the factors why we exist are our parents who stand for us like the ground, Woollim Entertainment, who acts like the water that make us work and grow and our fans who are always looking after us like the sun. Some say we're bad and some say we're good. However, we are going to be  better the more you trim us down. We are going to be a big tree that you can find a shelter to rest on."

Finally, L ended, "Frankly, we started off nothing but now we have a lot of good people around us. If we go back from what we were used to be, it won't be bad. However, a person keeps what he has now. I don't even want to think not having you. Each one of you is a treasure."

Infinite members must be in a lot of pain because of a huge misunderstanding. Glad to know that Infinite members themselves made sure that nothing won't change regarding their music. Hopefully, fans and people will be enlightened and continue to support the group.

Source: Naver; various fanaccounts
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Defconn releases “Cocktail” MV feat. RaNia’s T-ae

Rapper Defconn aka Daejune, who is receiving a lot of love as MC for MBC’s ‘Weekly Idol’, is back in the music scene with his new single “Cocktail”.

Released online on August 9th, “Cocktail” is an upbeat dance track, and includes a special featuring from RaNia’s member, T-ae.

Check out the MV below:

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

NU’EST releases Aron, Baekho and Minhyun’s image teasers for “Sleep Talking”

After releasing JR and Ren’s teasers earlier, NU’EST followed it up with image teasers of members Aron, Baekho and Minhyun for upcoming third mini album.

NU’EST is coming back to the music scene with new title track “Sleep Talking” which is the work of hit K-pop songwriter Double Kick. The boys are set to present fans with a cooling summer tune that they have never shown in previous albums.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

IU and Lee Hyun Woo spotted on a late night movie date?

IU and Lee Hyun Woo were recently spotted at the movie theater together, raising speculation that the two young stars were on a date.

On August 9, photos of IU and Lee Hyun Woo at the movies late at night were posted on online communities and immediately made their way into the media. Both of them were wearing large caps that cover their faces, bringing up more curiosity among the public.

However, IU’s agency Loen Entertainment deny the dating rumors and stated, The two didn’t watch the movie alone and were accompanied by their managers. IU and Lee Hyun Woo are old friends. They are not dating and it was just a friendly outing.”

Lee Hyun Woo’s agency also stated, “They both happened to have time after their schedules so they met up for a movie. Lee Hyun Woo knew the photos were being taken, but he didn’t stop them.”

IU and Lee Hyun Woo became close through hosting SBS’ Inkigayo together. Lee Hyun Woo also appeared in IU’s music video for “You & I”.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Solbi cast as lead in new tvN drama ‘Fantasy Tower’

Songstress Solbi has been cast as the female lead in an upcoming tvN drama ‘Fantasy Tower’.

Solbi will take on the role of Jeong Eun Sung, a reporter for a magazine who meets Yong Wan (Song Jae Rim) a man who can foresee the future.

A representative stated, “Solbi’s passion for acting is great. She threw her name out there and slowly learning how to act. Hopefully, she’ll be able to show everything she has through this drama.”

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Joo Ji Hoon and T-ara’s Eunjung to host the JIMFF

Actor Joo Ji Hoon and T-ara’s Eunjung will host the opening ceremony of Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF).

The two stars will host the opening ceremony for this year’s JIMFF and sing a famous duet track “Falling Slowly”, the mega hit soundtrack to Irish music film ‘Once’

Joo Ji Hoon has been active in various dramas and movies since his debut in ‘Princess Hours’. He has recently been cast for the new MBC drama ‘Medical Top Team’. On the other hand, Eunjung is currently busy with T-ara’s promotions in Japan.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Crayon Pop to perform at music festival for the first time

Currently receiving much love with addictive track, Crayon Pop has been invited to take part in a music festival for the first time!

According to Fortune Entertainment, Crayon Pop has been added to the lineup at the electronic music festival ‘Global Gathering Korea 2013’ which will be held on October 12. It is the first time for the group to perform for a festival.

Crayon Pop members are planing to perform three songs including “Saturday Night”, “Dancing Queen” and their hit song “Bar Bar Bar.” The festival organizer added that the group will also work with local DJ teams for a remixed version of “Bar Bar Bar”.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Kim Hyun Joong to substitute for TVXQ’s Changmin on ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’

Due to TVXQ’s busy schedule, Kim Hyun Joong temporarily replaced Changmin in the recent filming of ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’.

A representative stated that Changmin wasn’t able to participate in a recent recording on August 7th due to his prior schedules. Kim Hyun Joong will be joining the program as a new member for the next 3 weeks.

However, the rep added, “Kim Hyun Joong is joining as a new member, not as a replacement of Changmin. Kim Hyun Joong will still appear for a while even after Changmin gets back on the show.”

For this episode, the cast members headed to Taereung Village to practice badminton with national athletes that live and train there.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net