Yonghwa clarifies his dating rumors with Park Shin Hye "We really aren't dating"

On January 26th,  CNBLUE  appeared on MBC's TV program 'Three Rounds' as special guests.

As he was asked about kiss scenes in his previous drama, he said,  "I had two kiss scenes with Park Shin Hye."

Then, the MCs kept asking more about his dating rumour with Park Shin Hye, he said,  "I'm really not going out with Park Shin Hye. People just misunderstand because we are too close to each other."

Netizens reacted to this,  "Even if they're dating, they have to deny it and just say they're friends", "Who knows what's real", "They look good together", "I want it to be true",.. and so on.

Moreover, Jung Yong Hwa also talked about his first kiss, and he told that his first kiss was during his first year in high school.

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Lizzy warns her posers through twitter

Lizzy sent a warning through her twitter account for people who is pretending to be her on Facebook.
On January 26, she tweeted,

"I don’t use facebook It’ll be great if you can stop pretending to be Lizzy and lie to my friends no i mean DON’T!!!!!!!!!! If you see anyone on facebook pretends to be Lizzy please be careful…its very obvious that he/she is using translator please watch out!! ugh angry!!!!!"

Seems like she's really angry. Hope this will serve as a warning for all.

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JYJ to release its album around Summer

The group is working for the songs to release the new album in 2 years after Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu have focused on individual activities since its album <In Heaven> in 2011.

The three achieved remarkable performance in their individual activities last year. Jaejoong Kim showed his presence by his drama <Dr. Jin>, film <Code Name : Jackal> and the 1st solo album < I >. Yuchun Park swept end-of-year drama awards with his drama <Rooftop Prince> and <I Miss You>. Junsu Kim also won the Best Actor for a Leading Role at 2012 Korean Musical Awards, and proved himself as No.1 ticket-selling actor with <Tears of Heaven> and <Elisabeth>.

This year seems to be the group’s activities by riding the momentum gained from the achievement that raised JYJ’s own brand equity.

Meanwhile, the members’ individual activities are in a row for a while. Jaejoong Kim is heading to his Asia Tour after the concert with fan-meeting event in KINTEX, Ilsan, on JAN 26 ~ JAN 27. Yuchun Park is on the moves for CF and fan-meeting after the drama <I Miss You>, and Junsu Kim is having break-time and working for the new songs at the moment.

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ELITE releases fashionista dance battle CF with Infinite and IU

Infinite and IU battled it out on their newest ELITE Fashinosta Dance Battle CF. Infinite members battled with each other with their uniquie dance moves. IU showed a cute dance steps as well.

Watch their CF below:

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SNSD receives piano and violin back hug from romantic guys on Star King

SNSD members Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Hyoyeon had a romantic episode on Star King on January 26. Romantic pianist and violinist serenade the girls' hearts by their unique gestures while playing their instruments.

During each performances, the girls couldn't stop giggling and being fluttered by the romantic atmosphere. The pianist played a sweet song while Sooyoung is sitting and even gave her a back hug. Even the MCs got carried away.

Watch the rest of the clips below:

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Infinite members share their stories on Inkigayo magazine


The unlimited charms of the seven people who seized K-POP!

The fresh boyhood of 2010’s Infinite who have infinite possibilities passed by, and now ‘Trend-dols’ Infinite are coming up as 2012 Asia’s trend. Some time after the endless idol competition began, Infinite, who debuted three years ago, stayed strong on the album market by releasing several songs like ‘Come Back Again’, ‘Hysterie’, ‘Be Mine’, ‘BTD’, ‘The Chaser’, etc; they got first place on each chart program, and as a team who set unprecedented records showing off their surprising success power, they will be able to make it on the concert market as well. They’re reinforcing their sport as ‘Trend-dols’ not only in Korea but overseas as well; from October 22nd to November 11th, from Yokohama to Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, etc, they had in total 8 concerts, with a capacity of 74,000 seats.  They ended successfully their big-scale ‘Arena Tour’. It’s a result they accomplished only a year after debuting in Japan; they confirmed that they were worthy of receiving the ‘2011 All K-Pop Award’ for the most evolved artist. As ‘K-Pop representative musicians’ who don’t stick to only one genre but can handle various musical genres, we are going to keep an eye on the hot moves of these seven men who have infinite possibilities.

A unique pose after breaking up. Another obsession for Infinite facing a break up!

Infinite coming back as ‘Chasers’.

Between calm and passion, Kim Sunggyu’s sorrowful ‘60 Seconds’

‘It’s gloomy and dark’

This man who chose ‘Rock’, characterized by its darkness since even when it’s sparkling with light, is not enough, said ‘I chose it carefully’. With the simple sincerity not of the leader of Infinite, the group which debuted 3 years ago, but of a newly born baby, he is telling his story calmly or maybe more sorrowfully than ever. May it be short or long, kind or not, the caffeine called ‘Kim Sunggyu’ going between calm and passion is even more addicting in 2012’s lonely and cold winter.

June 2010’s spring, the seven boys who didn’t know anything and had innocent eyes were full of spirit.

They didn’t look like they were plodding or just walking, for they added more weight every time they took a step and strengthened the steadiness in both of their wings; on July 2011, they finally took off beautifully and started to fill their nest. And on May 2012, they drew an infinite track that you can’t overlook easily, built their own space, and showed their power. Just as their name ‘Infinite’, which means ‘Becoming a god beyond humans to tighten its grip on his territory’, the leader of the 7-membered idol group Kim Sunggyu was acknowledged for his unique and superior tone early. He felt really sorry for the firm support of the seniors who still look like huge mountains in Sunggyu’s eyes, and he carried some of the burden of each of his warm members whom became ‘Trend-dols’, so he has to be constantly on the move without even being able to heave a sigh of relief to adapt to the given situation. His nervous life, with no ‘moderation’ whatsoever, tightened even more, but that’s a happy ‘constriction’. He honestly casted off the name of ‘Infinite’s leader Sunggyu’, and he took off an inner layer and the charm whispered by another Kim Sunggyu, which goes over the sweetness and is slightly bitter.

Truthfully, when facing your first solo album, it’s not easy to use various flowery expressions like these, but watching over the growth of jewel-like Infinite for 3 years, we can only be proud and thankful. We didn’t struggle in the idol flood, and while we waited carefully for the rescue team, Infinite powerfully dived and each of the albums they released had a better quality and completion than what we expected; they reached the category of ‘Idols of the century’. The fans must be proud as well that they evolved together with them, and that they watched their growing process, but our chest is also inflating with joy and pride as they also grew with the history of SBS <Inkigayo Magazine>. May it be now or then, Infinite’s most important main vocal Sunggyu is still representing without any changes ‘sincerity’s icon’. Since he was Sunggyu who was filled with the will ‘I want to sing’ deep in his bones, he couldn’t follow properly a step, so he received a harsher training in dancing than in singing which he was confident in, and he believed that’s how he discovered that the value of that drop of sweat was 100% of his efforts’ results. A modest music, an unpretentious sound, his first solo album ‘Another Me’ is the key ring that coldly sublimated and exposed the passion that was in himself. Kim Sunggyu’s musical motto and source, Nell, who show their love for their juniors, starting from the leader and vocal, Kim Jongwan’s first gift, the moment it flew to him Sunggyu’s heart that was palpitating like a wave couldn’t cool down which doesn’t happen often. “Nell are really my idols and it’s an honor! I can’t even believe that these people gave me songs, it feels like a dream.” To find his other self, the itinerary was unexpectedly short. To Sunggyu, this first challenge was a thrill, freedom and a hopeful future. The name ‘Kim Sunggyu’, which he slowly and honestly built up while living in the moment, is now filled with pride.

Kim Sunggyu says…

Rock is…

In fourth grade, I saw Seo Taiji on TV by chance, and as if I was directly hit by a bomb, my mind got confused, and it was an honorable chance to fall quickly for the genre called ‘rock’. At that time, a genre like Limp Bizkit’s new metal was shown in Korea, the song was ‘Ultramania’. Starting from then, I gradually started to listen to a wide range of rock music, indiscriminately, from modern rock, brit pop, to hardcore like Korn or Linkin Park, and starting from when I entered middle and high school, as if I was attracted by something, I wanted to realize my dream of becoming a singer for real.

The nonstop heartbeats as he gets closer to his goal, making music with Nell

Since it was a music genre I’ve always wanted to try, it was a good challenge and experience, but it’s true that I’ve felt incredibly sorry. My skills to handle the song can’t even be compared to those of Jongwan hyung whom I admire the most, because I can’t reach his level and mine are to the extent that it’s insulting. But he put all of his heart and soul in each note to make this song for me, and the moment I felt it would be impossible for me to express 100% of that person’s music, it passed through my whole body like a spring jumping. “Let’s do our best. I have to do so I can become a me I’m not ashamed of.”

    “I didn’t compose the intro, but it’s a song that is wrapped beautifully; I did as if I was playing it very well on the piano in the teaser. It’s a song where we mixed the piano and the humming as the adlib. I put my heart and soul in it, hoping it would change the idea that ‘Intros are simple and useless’.”

01 / Another Me

The sound of the piano keys coming through the window with the cold rays of sun during a winter has refreshing connotations. In this album composed of a total of 6 songs, 7 including the hidden track, it shows a plus factor, ‘Another Me’ has the role of the introduction, explaining and compressing mood of the whole album in a piano melody; it’s the first cry of Kim Sunggyu expressing another ‘me’.

    “It takes 60 seconds to fall in love, it takes 60 seconds to break up… Truthfully, I can’t become someone with the abilities to make the girl I like my girlfriend in 60 seconds, but I believe that it’s possible to fall in love in a few seconds like the song says. I even fall in love every day while watching the TV… What? You’re saying that’s not love? No! I believe it’s love, haha! I don’t think it even takes ‘10 minutes’ like Lee Hyori senior says. ‘60 Seconds’ are enough!”

02 / 60 Seconds

As a song made by Sweetune, who wrote the hit dance numbers like Infinite’s ‘The Chaser’, ‘Be Mine’, and ‘Paradise’, the title song ‘60 Seconds’ is a stylish song unbelievably full of analog sensibility. It takes 60 seconds to fall in love and it takes 60 seconds to break up. It’s Kim Sunggyu’s second cry describes the sorrow of a love story caught in the heartbreaking reality that each second, isn’t short nor long in this speedy actual era, passing by to become the past. A couple of emotions in one song. A story he can’t believe, that like the lyrics, happens right in front of his eyes like a drawing.

Kim Sunggyu’s music, find the part where he melted his personality in

I thought that since we had a similar musical motto, even if we have the same musical roots, Nell is ‘Nell’, and Kim Sunggyu is ‘Kim Sunggyu’. Aside from the way we sing, the parts I can express and our skills are different so… it might be the same for any singer, but I thought that I could find something characteristic in my voice. Rather than finding how to sing, I went through the process of coloring the album <Another Me> with Kim Sunggyu’s color which conveys my unique feeling through my voice. I tried to give a clear difference and feeling in ‘that thing’ from when I’m singing songs by myself and when I’m singing as Infinite.  I just gave Kim Sunggyu as he is with my voice.

The music in myself that I can’t abandon, it’s my life’s foundation and core. The solo album was led faithfully by this goal.

When we ended the recording of ‘60 Seconds’’s guide, our CEO told me “I think that this song would fit you well even if you sang it by yourself, I think you can handle it well. It looks natural”. It feels like I started working on my album since then. I was really happy and enthusiastic about the golden opportunity I had to show ‘Another Kim Sunggyu’ when working on ‘60 Seconds’ at the same time as ‘The Chaser’.  It doesn’t show much, but I’m very thankful I got the chance to show a feeling and color that are clearly different from how I sang until now.

03 / I Need You

The song ‘I Need You’, made by Nell’s bassist, Lee Junghoon, is about a man curing a love wound. It has a modern rock style, while being calm, Nell’s emotion melts into Kim Sunggyu, and with a touching voice earnestly waiting for warmth in the lonely and sad winter, he appeals to us. It’s Kim Sunggyu’s third cry embracing loneliness, filled with emotions.

    “In Infinite’s past album, there is my solo song called ‘Because’, a song given by the composer of that song, Nell’s Lee Junghoon-nim. I was in charge of the high notes in Infinite during this time and I think that I was able to express myself in a rough way, in a tone and height I’m comfortable with. It has a very similar content from my current self saying ‘I’m lonely so I wish someone took me in their arms and held me…’. When winter comes, don’t we all cry because our side gets cold and empty? The longing, the yearning you have for things that passed by… It’s a song expressing this kind of thoughts.”

Kim Sunggyu says…

The research of band music’s charm

This album is completely composed of rock and acoustic sounds, so it could even feel somewhat difficult and uncommon to the fans who know Infinite’s music. But with this opportunity, I felt the greed of wanting to show to many people the charm of band music. When listening to the sound of the band music, you feel a catharsis as if the beat was kind of starting at the bottom of your stomach, to pound and explode. The liveliness that is as lively as a swimming fresh fish and the guitar sound that is like scratching your inside making your heart flutter, wouldn’t they fall for this kind of charm? Even for Infinite’s concerts, we didn’t use an MR but instead casted a band team and performed our songs with the band sound, and even with just that I felt ‘That’s a real live!’ and got to feel the liveliness. “It’s awesome~” (T/N: He used a word play, ‘It’s alive’ is an expression that means ‘it’s awesome’)

Happy song life

Even if we’re singing in both cases, I could really feel the difference between singing in a group and solo. Actually, since my experience of being in a musical, I was sometimes thinking that I wanted to live as another character, I felt that doing things indirectly by myself was the happiest moment of my life, and during the solo promotions, I enjoyed ‘the creation of another character’. It might be because I’m in charge of hitting the high notes a lot but I often heard that my voice sounded mournful and sad. Well… It’s the bitter feeling of growing the hard way… Anyhow, according to the group name Infinite meaning ‘infinity’, I want to live replaying endlessly a happy song until I die.

Kim Sunggyu says…

The nervosity of the first solo promotions

I had many occasions to have solo stages, during <Immortal Song>, and during our concerts as well. But I’m so nervous that my current nervosity can’t be compared to then, I can’t calm down. I want to put up the board saying ‘first solo’, take a deep breath, and lift my head to not be embarrassing for my members either. When I’m with the members, I’m usually the type to be very nervous, so to release the nervosity I had the moment I felt that I was alone, I praise myself. I’m nervous but… “If it’s me, I can do it, because I’m cool, haha!”

“If there weren’t those guys…”

Hoya says he had to show me something and pressures me, while Woohyunnie monitors me carefully. Even on the music video filming set, they were all gathering and interfering in everything, but I think it stimulated me and I got excited too. They’re actually very playful friends, sometimes they tell the truth subtly while doing as if they were lying, but without the members, it feels empty. I want to ask to the people who ask me if I’m not tired of being with them after sticking together for such a long time, “Are you tired of your family?” Through the kids’ support, I, Kim Sunggyu am growing well. I don’t care if they poke fun at me because it sounds like a prepared comment. Because if there weren’t those guys, the present’s Kim Sunggyu wouldn’t be here.

    “Standing on stage by myself felt unfamiliar and scary. The concerts were my first experience of standing alone on stage, it was for ‘Only Tears’, so it’s true that I was very nervous. But wasn’t I able to lead this kind of good response thanks to the members’ strength and support? Truthfully, before being included in Infinite’s album, I sang it by myself like a guide and I think that to some extent, there are parts that aren’t totally perfected. Hm… I think it would be nice if each member had a version of the song ‘Only Tears’. Infinite’s members’ seven versions of ‘Only Tears’ with each different personality and color… aren’t you looking forward to it?”

04 / Only Tears

The acoustic version of ‘Only Tears’, Kim Sunggyu’s solo version highly requested by the loving fans. Actually, ‘Only Tears’ that was in Infinite’s album was sang by Kim Sunggyu as he played the piano during Infinite’s concert and released then. It’s Kim Sunggyu’s fourth cry he prepared in order to respond to the expectation of the fans who remembered the liveliness from the concert, for it’s mixed with haziness and sorrow, and it soaks into our heart like a tear.

Kim Sunggyu talks about….

Music Video Behind Story

Many misunderstandings occurred after the release of my solo album’s music video. Some people thought I didn’t appear in my music video because I was not confident in my face, some said it looked like I was only focusing on the music… It’s nothing like that! While looking forward to the love scene with the female lead actress, I told myself, “Ah, I will finally be able to enjoy acting in my music video”… I couldn’t believe it when the hopeless truth of L crushing my expectations happened. Without even being asked to do it, and before my solo album even came out, he appeared with his bright comment, saying, “Ah, I have to do Sunggyu hyung’s music video, I will appear in it.” I couldn’t even ask him, “Why are you doing it!” and only remained frustrated. Could there possibly be a person who would say no and reject L, who is currently the busiest member? To be honest, I did feel unsure about it, but thanks to L, a lot of people liked it. Plus, his outstandingly nice and warm visuals and supporting acting skills drew a nice image of our friendship as members of the same group—so it was a nice promotion, so I could only be thankful he helped me! I am saying it like this but… I am really really thankful. L, I love you~

The worries of an effort-type singer

I was not gifted with any aptitude in the beginning. Even in the past and until now, I have always been the type of person to put in all my effort so every time I see people who sing well, who play instruments well and do well in recitals, there’s nothing I am more envious of. When I look at singers who can express everything within one measure of a song… I don’t know… Even if I hold back the urge to go on stage, I feel like the gap I have to go over to reach their true ability… In other words, their talent is steep. I don’t know. Whether the saying “It will work if you put in your effort” is true or not, I feel like I will certainly know why I only got “effort and sincerity” instead of just “a gift” as I get older. And I will know whether “You can’t make music just with your effort” or “Ah, if I put in all my effort, it works” is true.

05 / Shine

Before the release of, Shine came out as a pre-release and ranked high on every music chart. ‘Shine’ is a song that is like the light formed by the excellent harmony of Nell’s vocal Kim Jongwan and Kim Sunggyu. The faint, dream-like instrumental that makes your heart flutter and the electronic beat adding to the rock sound somewhat neutralize the voice tone of Kim Sunggyu to something that sounds unfamiliar and expresses a subtle longing, like a sunbeam shining. It’s the fifth cry of a shining day stuck in his memory.

    “It’s the last song I recorded. I did it hurriedly and urgently whenever I returned home while we were holding our Japanese arena tour. “Remember our most dazzling days” while thinking of when I was in love and the words said by the one I loved, this is the meaning I put into this song. Everyone is likely to have amazing memories from that time, right? As expected, it’s about sadly loving and generally longing for something. Winter seems to be this kind of winter. If INFINITE is the fruit of obsession, Kim Sunggyu is the fruit of sorrow. I feel like I’ve grasped the feeling of longing and made a song out of it.”

    “Is there a girl by your side who thinks you’re in love with her? Or do you love someone else than her whom you met by sense of duty? In this case, it might be cruel but I am partial to my self-centered feelings. I wouldn’t deceive myself and I would tell the girl the truth. Cope with your feelings honestly. “I miss you, I love you,” you know that these obvious words are useless right? Say you’ve never loved her. Even if it’s sad, I’ve put all of this in my own way in the lyrics. But I don’t want to be this kind of person. I like happy endings!”

Kim Sunggyu talks about…

His attachment to his solo album

All of these songs are precious to me; I am attached to all of them. Just like there’s no finger that doesn’t hurt when you bite all ten of them, I do have a lot of regrets, but I’ve ended up feeling like a parent when their child takes its first steps. Even if I wasn’t always 100% satisfied, the current Kim Sunggyu wanted to show all his strengths through music and challenged himself by using ‘rock.’ It’s especially true for this album’s last track: since the expression of the atmosphere was foreign, he sang it in different keys and by picking the darkest key, you can see he took care of it a bit more. He also wrote it himself. “More than just being happy to be able to participate in making my album with my own hands, I was especially glad and proud.”

A growing singer’s excuse that isn’t really an excuse

There will still be lacking and silly parts. As the very first member of INFINITE who got to release a solo album, I was really uneasy and unsure about whether it’d go well or not, but since I’m the type of singers who puts in all their efforts, I was in a position in which there were a lot of possibilities for me and I am confident that I did my best. A new challenge truly is an adventure. And while an adventure is interesting and fantastic, it also increases your hope for the future you don’t see yet right now. Even if I’m certain there are people who’d tell me not to dream, I am using an excuse that isn’t really an excuse to ask them to watch over me. Every time you see me, I will grow even more musically. Using thealbum, I promise you to improve and even if it takes forever, I assure you with my name, “Kim Sunggyu,” that I will keep this promise.

06 / 41 days

With the emotions of Kim Sunggyu, who gives off the image of an artist is absorbed in the lyrics of ‘41 Days’ even if it’s his first time writing lyrics, the challenge gave birth to a masterpiece. The cold and sad lyrics are about the mentality of a dark and bad man who offers his everything to a girl who thinks he loves her even when he has never loved her. With another breath, the composer of ‘Because,’ Nell’s bassist Lee Junghoon, made Kim Sunggyu reinvent ‘modern rock.’ By expressing feelings of revulsion and sorrow as sharp as broken ice during a cold winter, it brainwashes the sixth and last cry with the singer called Kim Sunggyu.


“We really missed you a lot! Were you okay while INFINITE wasn’t around? Probably not right? (Laughs). While we were missing, our leader Sunggyu hyung got to do his solo promotion. Everyone applaud him! clap clap clap~never fails to delivers good news to INFINITE. Let’s always be friends like this even in 2013. In the past right, now and in the future forever! You know how we feel right? Let’s split the new year luck on good terms~ ♥ Happy New Year, Dear my fans! [sic]

trans. cr; emilie, saphira @ infinite updates | source cr;  tmddms_0330 ; take out with full credits

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Hyoyeon dances hilarious tango with Kwanghee on Star King

Kwanghee and Hyoyeon's tango turned into chaos on Star King wherein SNSD members appeared on January 26.
The two idols followed the music and danced together on the spot. The two did a hilarious tango that brought non stop laughtersto viewers and even to the guest.

Watch the clip below:

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Park Bom Flaunts her Goddess’ Legs Under a Large Flower Bouquet

2NE1′s Park Bom showed off her sleek legs in a unique way.

On the 26th, Park Bom posted a photo on her official Me2day account with the caption, “It seems like Spring(Bom) is coming.”

In the photo, Park Bom’s terminator legs were under a large bouquet of flower. The bouquet itself seemed to be Park Bom’s mini-skirt.

Netizens who saw the photo showed variety of reactions such as, “Park Bom’s legs are strong!”, “The bouquet and even the legs are beautiful”, “Since spring is coming, will we get to see more of Bom’s legs?”, “Her legs are like a doll’s”, “Her legs are really something to be proud of. I envy her”.

Source: Nate News
Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom

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Yoon Si Yoon' "tomato red lips" becomes a hot topic

Yoon Si Yoon's "tomato red lips" from tvN's new drama "Flower Boy Next Door" has attracted much attention from female fans.

In the latest episode aired on January 22nd, Go Dok Mi(Park Shin Hye) and Enrique(Yoon Si Yoon) began to live in an apartment together. Although on the outside they always quarrel with each other but they started having good impressions about each other on the inside.

When Enrique saw Dok Mi sleeping on the table alone, he couldn't resist himself and attempt for a kiss, but it wasn't a success. However, Yoon Si Yoon' cute and red lips has attracted attention and made many females fans gone crazy.

People commented on the scene,"Yoon So Yoon's so cute","I feel envy with Park Shin Hye"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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Nine Muses' MR removed video of "Dolls"

Nine Muses made their comeback with "Dolls" recently and performed their latest hit song on various music shows already.

The girls received much compliment from fans with their improved singing ability, check out the MR removed video of their performance below, are they impressive enough?

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Girls' Generation greets Thai Sones

Girls' Generation will perform at the "Super Joint Concert in Thailand" on 30th March.

The girls recorded a video message for their Thai fans, check out their adorable message below

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Sunye the pretty bride poses with Girls' Generationsu

Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yoona attended Sunye's wedding on 26th January.

The girls pose with Sunye as shown in the photo above,it's great to see the girls' close friendship.

Congratulations to Sunye once again!

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Jaejoong reveals the reason why he doesn't use the name 'Hero'

Kim Jaejoong, the emotional and talented vocalist of JYJ and the actor who has appeared both on TV and on the big screen, is taking on a new challenge as a solo singer.

Trying out a new genre that he hasn’t sung before, Kim Jaejoong collaborated with Kim Bada to create a song that carries the traditional rock genre with a unique color that accentuates his powerful vocal talent.

Putting all the emotions and untold stories of the past ten years as a singer and actor into the lyrics of his first solo mini album, Kim Jaejoong  is full of anticipation for the new challenge he faces.

There’s a negative view on idols pursuing a musical career in the rock genre. This is one of the reasons why Moon Hee Joon had so many anti-fans when he began pursuing a solo career after H.O.T disbanded.

“I took those negative views into consideration. Because rock is a completely different genre from the styles that I’ve sung till now, I tried really hard to get rid of the habits I’d formed over the years, and I learned how to sing and express my emotions in the traditional form of rock.”

Though he was nervous about taking on a new genre, he was determined to overcome any difficulties and succeed. Instead of an excessive transformation, he worked hard to absorb the traditional form of rock and thanks to the help of his fellow musicians, he was able to successfully create an album.

“When I first chose rock as my preferred genre and set out to make an album, I didn’t think I’d be working with such great seniors who directed me and wrote songs for me. I received such great help and I was able to learn so much about the genre I’ve always liked.”

Kim Jaejoong’s collaboration with Sinawi’s vocal Kim Bada has become a new learning experience and discovery for him. From the genre’s specific vocalization to changing his singing style, Kim Jaejoong had to go through an intensive training procedure to get to where he is now.

“It was really hard to change my singing style. If you listen to my mini album and compare the voice from the first track and the last, doesn’t it sound like two different people? ‘One Kiss’ has a lot of high notes, so I felt like I was in another world (laughter). It felt like I was back to being a rookie, but I didn’t throw away my original style to fit the rock genre, I just worked hard to find a way of changing my style slightly to go with the genre.”

Kim Jaejoong participated in the song- and lyric-writing process of his entire album. Kim Jaejoong wrote down all the emotions and hidden stories of his life as a singer and actor in the lyrics of his songs and showcased his extraordinary talent yet again.

“I tend to write lyrics pretty quickly. It might have taken me a while if I was writing something where I had to create a story, like in a novel, but since most lyrics aren’t that embellished, I write them pretty quickly. It took me around 15 to 20 minutes to write the lyrics for ‘I’ll Protect You’ from the ‘Protect the Boss’ OST and ‘Even When I’m Alive, It Feels Like a Dream’ from the Dr. Jin OST. But it took me three days to write the lyrics of ‘One Kiss’. I think that’s the longest time it’s taken me to write lyrics.”

The music video of ‘MINE’, the title song of Kim Jaejoong’s mini album, as left a deep impression on many for its use of top-quality production equipment and intense visuals. Kim Jaejoong starts the music video with a mysterious and innocent image, moves on to being chained down and in pain, and finally transforms into a surreal character, perfecting a bone-chilling image in each scene and mixing in a grotesque edge to his music video with outfits from the famous designer Song Hae Myong.

“I asked the director to get the theme of the music video from the lyrics of the song, and he came back to me the next day with a variety of concepts that we implemented in the music video. It felt as though he had done a lot of research on me beforehand. We stayed up for two nights to film the music video, and it came out to be very artistic and I’m personally extremely satisfied with the end product.”

What reaction did the members of JYJ, who are famous for their strong friendship, have to Kim Jaejoong’s solo album? When asked this question, Kim Jaejoong gave a content smile.

“In Yoochun’s case, he listened to ‘One Kiss’ for the first time in China and said, ‘I feel like having a drink right now. This song is really good. If I said that I liked it better than Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’, he’d start sulking at me, right?’ Yoochun has always preferred emotional songs over dance tracks, and I think that’s why he felt like having a drink when he heard that song.”

“Junsu really liked my title song ‘MINE’. In the past, when we were active in Japan, I once released a single called ‘Maze’. Ever since then, Junsu’s been telling me, ‘If you ever release a solo album, you have to do a rock song. You have to do a song with a strong, rhythmic beat.’”

Though he is a member of JYJ, Kim Junsu has kept his title of ‘Xia(h)’, the name he used when he was a member of TVXQ, whenever he partakes in any solo activities. But Kim Jaejoong is cautious about using the name ‘Hero’.

“Junsu must really like ‘Xia’. (laughter) Junsu believes that when he’s a musical actor, the name ‘Kim Junsu’ fits him best, and when he’s a singer, the name ‘Xia’ fits him best. And I think I agree with him on that. For me, because the title ‘Hero’ is a name I used when the five of us used to be together, I’ve decided to refrain from using it as much as possible now.”

Kim Jaejoong chose ‘fans’ as the biggest reason for the release of his solo album. He knows that since creating JYJ and starting his individual activities, he’s been more focused on his acting than his singing career.

“I’m sure that there are people who like JYJ as a group, and people who like the vocals of each member. I didn’t want to make those people wait too long, so I wanted to bring my music to them quickly.”

Through his upcoming activities for his album, Kim Jaejoong plans to visit his international fans as well. Though there aren’t many tracks on his album, this is his first solo album and he is in discussions with his agency for the possibilities of a solo world tour in the future.

As JYJ have won their lawsuit against the Japanese agency AVEX, many are predicting Kim Jaejoong to pursue solo activities in Japan, but he has a different idea.

“Personally, I’d like for all three members of JYJ to be together when he resume our activities in Japan. I think it’s our duty to go together as a trio and perform for the fans who have been silently waiting for us in Japan for the past four years. As for the possibilities of a world tour, I’d like to go on one if my songs are able to live up to the high-quality that a world tour performance demands.”

Kim Jaejoong, who has started off the year as a singer, plans to continue his acting career as well, on TV and on the big screen. With JYJ activities scheduled as well, 2013 is set to be a very special year for his fans.

Source: [ StarN]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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World-famous star Rain is humiliated by not being recognized

Rain, who’s currently serving in the military, was recently spotted taking part in a walking festival.

The singer and actor, who was recently punished for meeting with his girlfriend, Kim Tae-hee, while on duty, remained mum despite repeated questions by a reporter. However, the world-famous star was very nice and kind to a boy near him, who looked indifferent to the star. He gave the boy some chocolate, saying “Just before, you said you know who I am, didn’t you?”

The innocent boy accepted the chocolate and gave him an honest reply: “Yeah, it seems that I’ve seen you somewhere, but I’m not sure.”

source : star news
trans by rainlegend
Video: https://vimeo.com/58044230

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Kim Jaejoong Says, “My Hobbies Disappear When Winter Comes”

[Lee Jung Ah's Celebrity] Kim Jaejoong Says, “My Hobbies Disappear When Winter Comes”

When we see this man, this is what comes to mind. A cold exterior hides the light inside that is as hot as fireworks. That is Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong has released his first solo album ‘I’, full of the emotions and happenings that he has felt and faced. The stories he tells as an individual, not as a member of a group, ring in our ears.

We’re curious of who Kim Jaejoong is as a normal person, not the man who sings and acts. We are sating that curiosity on ‘Lee Jung Ah’s Celebrity’.

# You were extremely busy last year and it feels like every day is full of happiness for you. Do you have any concerns?
“I don’t know. I think my biggest concern is my health. I haven’t been able to sleep that much these past couple of days because of insomnia. I tried to pretty myself up for today, but I think I look a little haggard.” (Not at all!! He was the epitome of a cool city guy, with sophistication flowing from him from head to toe!)

# You’ve released your first album. How did the other members react to your choice of genre?
“(Park) Yoochun said that he felt like having a drink after listening to ‘One Kiss’. He said, ‘I need to drink today’, and that it is a song that calls for a drink… isn’t that great? There are songs you listen to when you’re sad and are hoping to be comforted, and there are songs you listen to because you want to feel sadder. And to say that it’s a song that calls for a drink… I really like that. (Kim) Junsu really liked ‘Mine’.”

# We want to know what you do as ‘a regular guy’ when you aren’t working.
“My hobbies disappear when Winter comes. (haha) I really like riding my bike, so I go biking every day when the weather’s nice. I rode my bike so much and used my pelvis so much that I suffered from an inflamed pelvis. I also like running on the treadmill at the gym. I had to go to the hospital because I had hurt my pelvis from all that biking and running. I haven’t ridden my bike since then, but my pelvis is still inflamed. So I don’t run or bike that much anymore. When I ride my bike, I’ll go all the way to the Han River and back, and I always feel like I’m going to die on the way back. (laughter)”

# Hong Seok Chun recently posted a tweet of support for you on his personal Twitter account and became a hot topic for it. You have such a wide circle of friends.
“I would say that because Seok Chun has such a wide circle of friends, I should be seen as just one of his personal connections rather than him being my friend. The people I’m friends with all know Seok Chun too. I saw his words of support and I was so grateful that I went to see him as soon as I was done with work.”

# You’ve been showcasing ‘great visuals’ in your music video and in your album jacket. What’s your secret?
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m doing everything I can to do everything I could possibly do as someone in their late twenties. (laughter) I feel like I’m using up all the energy I possibly could before I turn 30. I need to work harder!!”

#Kim Jaejoong. Are you really ‘happy’ these days?
“I’d say I’m half and half. There are times when I’m really happy, but there are moments when it gets to unbearable that I can’t believe emotions like that could possibly exist. I have a life that others can’t experience, so I have to experience things that no one else can. But…. I’m… happy.”

Source: [ etv sbs]
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‘New Bagel Girl’ Heo Gayoon, “My Fashion worth 15 million Won?”… ‘Gangnam Girl’ once again a topic

Heo Gayoon’s ‘Gangnam girl style fashion’ has once again become a topic.

4minute’s Heo Gayoon’s airport fashion style has attracted netizens’ attention.

One of Heo Gayoon’s past pictures, where her fashion was said to be worth of 15 million Won, has attracted attention. However, it was reported that the information was false.

In 2010, Heo Gayoon appeared on a variety program and clarified towards her ‘Gangnam girl’ nickname, saying that it wasn’t worth 15 million Won.

During the broadcast, Heo Gayoon revealed, “When netizens saw that picture then, the fashion from head to toe was seemed to worth 15 million Won. At the airport, I took off (my) sunglasses, but since it was swelled up then, I borrowed them from my coordi eonnie. Meanwhile, the estimated to be 8 million Won one-piece was brought for fun from a shop overseas.”

Heo Gayoon followed, “It was said to be 15 million Won fashion, but it’s actually less than 20o thousand Won,” causing laughter on set.

However, Heo Gayoon continued, “(Through airport fashion) After the birth of ‘Gangnam girl’ nickname, I’ve received lots of sponsorship and presents, so it isn’t all that bad.”

Source: City Daily

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Elle Girl 'Yang Yoseob is serious'

EG Just yesterday, you released your solo album online. Are you constantly checking the music charts or the fans’ reactions online? Of course I am.(laughs) I’m checking the music charts every hour. This is an extension line from BEAST promotions and if I do well BEAST will do well so, more than feeling nervous in a good way I’m worried and the pressure is big. Of course once I start promoting I’ll probably do so enjoyably.

EG While making the album did a lot of your ideas get reflected? I think choosing the musical concept is important. At first the company wanted me to sing a ballad that would show off my vocals but, to be honest I’m not the type to sing just standing still. That’s why I said we should do something that’s emotional but you could still show it off in a performance and so out came ‘Caffeine’. I think a good song was produced because I kept discussing with Junhyung.

EG If you were to choose a song from your album that was difficult to sing or one that you had to work especially hard for?They were pretty similar but, if I had to choose one I would choose the 4th track ‘Still I’. Truthfully I can’t produce a smooth falsetto. I think it’s because while doing BEAST music I would sing sharp falsettos to match the songs. However this song needed thin falsettos so it was a bit difficult.

EG Truthfully speaking, while doing BEAST promotions did you ever regret not being able to show your full potential as a vocalist? No. I think I was able to show enough of it. It’s just that the parts were divided into 6, it wasn’t very different from the kind of music that I wanted to do. Out of all the comments about BEAST my favourite is the saying ‘group without a hole’. I promoted with pride and confidence as the main vocal of the group without a hole.

EG What do you think of your voice? What are your charms or strong points as a vocalist? Strong points I guess it’s that I can produce many different voices? My vocal range isn’t super high nor is it really low. With an average male vocal range I can give various colours to a song. I think that is my role and what I’m most confident with.
EG If you had to choose a voice you’re most envious of as a singer? Dongwoon(BEAST’s Son Dongwoon). Sadly Dongwoon hasn’t received the spotlight yet. He has a nice ring and substance. He’s a friend who is very good at singing. Often when I hear Dongwoon sing, because he has a voice tone that I do not possess I think to myself, ‘Ah I wish I had that ring and I wish I could sing with that heavy tone.’
EG Are there any habits or personality changes you faced after becoming a member of BEAST? First of all I became even more serious about everything. When I was a trainee it was just my own life. However now if I make a mistake on stage, not only does it affect my image but it could also affect the image of the 5 others. Also in the same way if I do well then BEAST as a whole can shine. After that I think I’ve become more serious with every word and action.

EG Besides practicing singing what do you do in your spare time? Sports, games, drinking, and such are your interests similar to guys your age? I’m not too sure, first of all I can’t drink very well. It’s not that I couldn’t drink originally but, I think it’s because I haven’t been drinking. Hm…. how do I play? Occasionally I meet with my friends or the dance team and talk… I think I just play soundly. I don’t do much.
EG Later don’t you want to push everything back and just play? Of course there are times where I played like that. It hasn’t been like that the whole time since we’ve debuted 3 years ago. BEAST members together have gone drinking together and, we’ve gone to a leisure pension and played.
EG When someone says “Yang Yoseob is this kind of person”, what do you want to hear? A hard-working and sincere person. To be honest I’m not as hard-working and sincere but, it is something I’m personally working on. It wish people could acknowledge that.
EG Upcoming 2013 what kind of year do you want it to be? In 2013 I want to fill up the Tokyo dome and I want to release a lot of albums. I don’t BEAST has been able to release many albums in Korea. We’ve only been able to release one this year as well. I feel apologetic to the fans about that. Next year I wish to release at least 2-3 albums.

EG You’re a workaholic. Aren’t you living too tightly? I think it’s best to do everything while you can. I’m going to earn lots of money now and play later. Haha.
EG Obviously you want to become an even better singer later, then what kind of man do you want to be? What kind of man do you think is really cool? Isn’t a man who focuses on his work really cool? A man who focuses on his work and takes care of himself well. I hope I don’t change too much.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Roh JiHoon supports first broadcast of ‘Birth Star 3′, “Nervous just by looking at picture”

Roh JiHoon has shown his support for ‘The Birth of a Great Star 3″.

On the 24th January, Roh JiHoon wrote on his own twitter, “That was during my first broadcast.. Though few years have already passed, I’m still nervous just by looking at this picture. ‘The Birth of a Great Star 3′! Will finally be broadcast tomorrow! Hwaiting”, along with a picture of himself during ‘Birth Star’.

Meanwhile, MBC ‘Birth Star 3′ will have its first broadcast on the 25th January at 10PM.

Source: Newsen

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

CNBLUE performs at KBS Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook

CNBLUE members appeared on KBS program Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook and performed their new and hit songs such as I'm Sorry, Where You Are and Love.

Watch the videos below:

Video credit: 지 약 @youtube

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Kim Junsu Says, “I Had A Hard Time Breathing Because Of The High Altitude In South America”

Singer Kim Junsu (26) has had quite the year in 2012. His first solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ sold over 120,000 copies, and he dominated overseas charts such as the Billboard World Charts, the Japanese iTunes Charts and the German Asian Music Charts. What makes his achievements so special is that he was able to do this without a single TV appearance.

“Because I knew that I would be releasing an album without a single TV appearance on music programs, I wanted to make a music video that was a work of art. I received full support from the company. To be honest, the amount of money that went into the music video was a bit too much (300 million Won). But I firmly believe that if you truly love music, you can’t lie to yourself; you have to do what you feel is right and what you want to do. And they must have agreed to that.”

His voice was flushed with excitement as he spoke. We recently met with him and he seemed proud of his ‘report card’ last year. What he was most proud of was his world tour that took him through Asia and the Americas. Starting in Seoul, he travelled all over the world from Thailand to Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Chile to perform for over 50,000 people.

“In the US, the fans get in the groove of the songs and cheer as if they’re having fun at a club. In South America, they’re very passionate and the response you get from the crowd is explosive. They keep jumping and running with you, and there were a lot of people who cried. In the past, there were some fans in Chile who threw undergarments on stage.”

He said that each performance felt new and refreshing because each country’s fandom had a different reaction at concert. There were also some aspects that tired him out. During his Mexico performance, his stage was placed at an altitude that was higher than that of Mt. Halla, making it difficult for him to control his breathing during the concert.

“A base hasn’t properly been expanded yet in Europe or South America, and because we’re only in the beginning stages, there are some hardware things that are lacking. But the supportive passion of the fans is as amazing as anywhere else. I will never forget the look in the fans’ eyes. I could see the emotions behind the fact that they were seeing me for the first time, and that they might never see me again, and I found myself feeling more energetic than before.”

It’s quite rare for someone to have such a strong fandom base in South America, as opposed to in Asia where many Korean singers have entered the market.

“The people of South America have a lot of passion, so they like singers with intense performances and I think that’s why they loved my title song and dance tracks. Incidentally, they say that a person with round eyes and a cute face is considered handsome there, but since that’s a subjective topic, I can’t say with confidence that I fit under those standards.” (laughter)

He plans to continue his string of activities this year. Last year marked the end of JYJ’s three-year-long lawsuit with SM Entertainment. The two sides came to an agreement to terminate their contract.

“It’s not that we were oppressed or persecuted from the moment our legal battle with SM began. Though there was a lawsuit, the Courts sided with us when they stated that our independent activities were not to be hindered and that our contract was unlawful, so we’ve been free since three years ago. But there were some in the concerned parties that brought up the lawsuits when talking about external pressures, so I’m glad that was cleared up. I believe that justice has won in this case.”

A JYJ album will be released this year. He is also in the process of screening potential musicals and concerts. Does he have any plans to date this year? “To be honest, I’ve been dating now and then. Because I don’t have that much time, girls break up with me since I end up being a bad boy. (laughter) Right now, I enjoy my work. If I do find someone I’m interested in, I’ll be sure to tell you about her.”

Source: [mk]
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Woyooung & Nichkhun pose together after Japan concert

2PM's Jang Wooyoung updated his Twitter on 26th January.

He wrote,"Nagoya~~~Bye~~~Left some great memories here....>.< But! Why am i regretful?...?

He is seen posing with Nichkhun who is sitting on the chair, showing their cute expressions.

Fans commented,"so cute","When will you promote in Korea" and etc.

Meanwhile, 2PM started their World Tour in Japan on 11th January, performing in 6 cities.

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A ghost appeared in G.Na's photo

On January 23,  G.Na  posted a photo on her twitter with the words,  "Selca on the way back, I'm in a good mood! But after looking at my photo again, I saw someone in the right corner. A ghost? I'm scared"

In the photo, G.Na is taking photos on her own with various poses while sitting in the car. In particular, the appearance of a blurred face behind her looks scary. This image attracted a lot of attention.

Netizens commented,  "Is that a real image? "," Looks like a real photo "," How scary ~ ".

Source: G.Na's twitter
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

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Song Hye Kyo,"We need to change prejudice against blind people"

Song Hye Kyo's recent statements gained attention from netizens.

On January 22nd, SBS's "That Winter, The Wind Blows" official twitter revealed a video of Song Hye Kyo's interview.

In the interview, she said,"I went to a welfare center to meet blind people, and I talked with them. Before I met them, I had preconception about blind people, and I was very ashamed about that I didn't concern about them before. 

My homework is to make people break the prejudice against blind people. I want to make eveyone know that they're just the same as the others". 

Song Hye Kyo's statements reminded people that she's a beautiful person not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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ZE:A's Kwanghee and Secret's Sunhwa have the potential to get married for real?

ZE:A's Kwanghee and Secret's Sunhwa could be a real married couple in the near future.

On the episode of MBC's "We Got Married" that will air on January 26th, to welcome the New Year, Kwanghee and Sunhwa went to see a Tarot Master and asked about their fortune for the New Year, as well as their horoscopes compatibility.

In particular, theyconcerned about their marriage lives, and asked whether there would be a possibility of them getting married for real. As the result, the Tarot Master predicted,"If you stay like current, then you two may enter the wedding hall together in the future".

More surprisingly is that the master also predicted the specific dated of the married, and gave out some solutions for the couple to get closer together, both Kwanghee and Sunhwa were so excited hearing it.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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Joo poses with Sunye, the beautiful bride!

Singer Joo updated her Twitter on 26th January.

She said,"Congratulations unnie! I Love you, from now onward live happily with your husband, my best wishes ~~ let's wish Sunye unnie all the best ^ ^."

Joo is seen posing with sunye in the make-up room.

Fans commented,"A good day for Sunye","prettiest bride ever","congratulations" and etc.

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Missy Elliot confirms recordings with G-Dragon

 *NOTE: Last Year, along with a track featuring Ludacris, it was expected that Missy Elliot would feature in G-Dragon’s ‘One Of A Kind’ album. Ludacris’ featuring was confirmed back then by both YG & Ludacris himself, but Missy Elliot’s wasn’t. No peep of those tracks whatsoever due to what seemed like “time constraints” on YG’s part. Recently it was announced that G-Dragon would be releasing another album and would embark in a world tour this spring. Fans are continuously hoping that the said featuring's with Luda & Missy Elliot would finally be released.

 Source: @MissyElliot
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Leessang reveals MV starring DMTN’s Daniel & NS Yoon-G for “Tears” ft. THE SEEYA’s Yoojin

Hip-hop duo Leessang has made their comeback with a brand new single!

As mentioned earlier, Leessang has worked with producer Duble Sidekick since last year on this new single “Tears” that includes piano featuring from Yoon Gun and vocal featuring from THE SEEYA‘s Yoojin.

After the release of the video teaser earlier this week, the duo is back with the full music video for the track.

Take a look below as the video also stars NS Yoon-G and DMTN (formerly known as Dalmatian)’s Daniel!

Source : allkpop[dot]com

Secret to have Congratulatory Stage at the Coca-Cola Athletics Grand Prize Awards Ceremony

Kim Jaebum, Yang Haksun, Kim Jiyeon, Shin Aram and other Olympic stars are set to gather in one place.

To celebrate national amateur athletes, the 18th Coca-Cola Grand Prize Awards Ceremony is set to take place in the morning of the coming 31st in the Grand Ballroom of the Seoul Hyatt Hotel.

[Omitted section not pertaining to Secret]

In a special appearance, the four-member girl group Secret is set to show an impressive performance to congratulate the gold medalists from the London Olympics.

[Omitted section not pertaining to Secret]

Source: StarN News
Translation: clayray3290 @ secret4time.com

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