A Pink Members Are Always On a Diet

A Pink Members Are Always On a Diet

Girl group A Pink revealed that they are always on a diet.

The theme for the SBS variety show “Star King” that aired on May 3 was detox foods. Upon seeing some of healthy foods that were proposed by the doctors, A Pink’s members said, “We are on a diet every day. We now wonder whether what we have been eating until now is all wrong. We want some real advice.”

Following this, the girls showed what they ate everyday, which consisted of delivery food, salad, and sweet potatoes. After seeing their menu, doctor Park Yong Woo gave them a score of 60 out of 100 because their meals “lack protein.”

On the episode, doctors Park Yong Woo and Wang Hye Moon came to introduce the audience and fellow guests of the show some detox foods including quinoa and flaxseed.

A Pink on diet

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S.E.S’s Shoo’s Twins and Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins Meet on “Superman Returns”

S.E.S’s Shoo’s Twins and Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins Meet on “Superman Returns”

Shoo’s twin daughters, Ra Hee and Ra Yool met Lee Hwi Jae’s twins, Seo Eon and Seo Joon.

On May 4 in KBS2’s “Superman Returns,” Shoo’s twin daughters and Lee Hwi Jae’s twin sons will be showing just how much they can eat the strawberries.

Shoo left her twin daughters with Lee Hwi Jae and hurried went out, leaving Lee Hwi Jae to handle four twins.

The netizens left various comments such as, “Shoo’s twin daughters are really cute,” “I think it’ll be really fun having Shoo’s twin daughters and Lee Hwi Jae’s twin sons together,” “Shoo’s twin daughters look exactly the same as their mom.”

You can check out Shoo’s adorable twin daughters in the pictures below!

superman returns

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SUJU-M Transforms into Businessmen for Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

Returning to the fans after a year and three months, Super Junior-M transformed into men in business suits.

The members of Super Junior-M attended a photoshoot with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan recently, leaving aside their super star image and dressing up as businessmen.

SUJU-M Transforms into Businessmen for Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

Having gathered attention and popularity with the ‘office performance’ for recent hit Swing, the Super Junior-M members posed in front of the camera with a businessmen concept.

After pulling off various office looks, the members carried out an interview during which they discussed what they would be like if they were working for a company.

Eunhyuk said, “I don’t think Henry would enjoy working at a company very much. The member who would do well in working at a company among all of us is Sungmin.”

Kyuhyun said, “Eunhyuk is the type to climb the ladder quickly by making the right connections,” which brought out laughter.

More on Super Junior-M’s photoshoot and interview will be available in the May issue of Cosmopolitan.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

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2PM’s Junho Considers Role Offer in Movie “Twenty”

2PM’s Junho Considers Role Offer in Movie “Twenty”

It will be a busy year for 2PM‘s Junho if he decides to take on the role of Kim Woo Bin‘s friend in the upcoming movie “Twenty”.

The singer-actor just finished filming “Memories of the Sword,” a period drama film starring Lee Byung Hun and directed by Park Heung Shik. He is currently carefully examining materials for his next project while preparing for the upcoming 2PM comeback and his upcoming solo tour in Japan this summer. 

While some reports say that Junho has accepted the role in the movie “Twenty” already according to movie insiders, a representative from JYP Entertainment confirmed in a phone interview with TV Report that Junho is still considering the offer.

“It’s true that Junho got an offer for a role in ‘Twenty’ but there’s nothing definite yet. We’re considering a number of other projects and ‘Twenty’ is just one of those.”

If Junho will take the offer, he will play Kim Woo Bin’s friend who has a unique personality in the movie. 

Last year, Junho showed his acting chops when he played the role of a detective, “Squirrel,” in the movie, “Cold Eyes,” where he acted alongside character actors Sul Kyung Goo, Jung Woo Sung, and Han Hyo Joo. Then rookie actor Junho proved his potential as he showed a strong presence even with a small role in the film. 

“Twenty” is the story of the love and friendship of three 20-year-old boys. The movie is the newest project of actor turned director Lee Byung Hun who also worked with Junho in the independent film, “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee” last year.

Poised to be the male version of the movie, “Singles,” fans are anticipating the dialogue among the male characters that will be played by Kim Woo Bin and Junho.

“Twenty” will start filming in the summer and premier in the later half of the year.

Meanwhile, Junho will have his second solo Japanese tour on July, starting with a two-day concert in Sapporo on July 3-4.

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‘Flower Grandpa Investigative Team’ to Feature Chemistry Between Lee Soon Jae and Heechul

What will it be like when ‘Captain Lee Soon Jae’ meets ‘4D Heechul’?

The two men are expected to create a synergy effect by starring in tvN’s Flower Grandpa Investigative Team.

Airing the first episode on May 9, Flower Grandpa Investigative Team will feature three detectives in their 20’s who transform into old men in their 70’s overnight and one elite detective who luckily stays young as himself. The drama will comically tell the story of the three detectives trying to regain their young bodies back.

More than anything, the viewers’ attention has been gathering on the ‘old-new chemistry’ expected between Lee Soon Jae, who showed great teamwork with ‘baggage carrier’ Lee Seo Jin on Grandpas Over Flowers, and Super Junior’s Heechul.

‘Flower Grandpa Investigative Team’ to Feature Chemistry Between Lee Soon Jae and Heechul

Lee Soon Jae will be acting as detective ‘Lee Joon Hyuk’ who has an IQ of 150. Graduating from a police college as the top student, he is able to solve even the most difficult cases.

Heechul will be acting as detective ‘Park Jung Woo,’ the son of the chief of National Police Agency. He seems perfect on the outside, having both good looks and background, but he has no passion to do or be anything. Park Jung Woo is a thorn in Lee Jung Hyul’s eyes, who worked hard to make it through each step.

An affiliate of Flower Grandpa Investigative Team told enews, “Kim Hee Chul is a star with 4D character who calls himself the ‘universe′s big star.’ Unlike many other idols, who tend to have uniform answers, Kim Hee Chul has his own distinct thoughts. It will be interesting to see Kim Hee Chul and Lee Soon Jae create ‘chemistry’ despite being 48 years apart.”

The affiliate added, “The collaboration between free-spirited Heechul and leader Lee Soon Jae will be the viewing point of Flower Grandpa Investigative Team. As Heechul’s real personality will be shown through the drama, you can expect an even better combination between him and Lee Soon Jae.”

Meanwhile, Flower Grandpa Investigative Team is tvN’s new variety type drama that combines elements of a drama and a variety show. The first episode is set to air on May 9.

Photo credit: tvN

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YoonA Reveals Mature Look in Latest Jewelry Shoot

YoonA Reveals Mature Look in Latest Jewelry Shoot

Cosmopolitan magazine has released pictures of Girls’ Generation star YoonA as part of its May edition. The singer is pictured modeling “Amulette de Cartier“, a series of necklaces and bracelets designed by French jewelers Cartier

Shedding her usual innocent look for this photo shoot, YoonA instead takes on a more mature image in the pictures, which may come as a surprise for many fans of the group.


YoonA has been modeling this series of necklaces and bracelets for the jewelry brand since March, and was also featured wearing the products in the April edition of Marie Claire magazine.

YoonA Shows Some Skin as She Models for Cartier

Yoon Eun Hye Goes Femme Fatale in Cartier

Lee Young Ae Looks like a Goddess in Korean Traditional Hanbok at Recent Cartier Event

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Suzy Revealed to Have Donated 10 Million Won for Pediatric Cancer Patients Every Year

It has been revealed that Suzy has been making donations in secret.

JYP Entertainment told Newsen on May 2, “It is true that she made a donation on April 30 in celebration of Children’s day (May 5). She made a personal donation without announcing it to the agency.”

Miss A’s Suzy has been secretly making donations in the amount of 10 million won every year to be used for the pediatric cancer patients. Her charitable actions were revealed when one hospital decided to announce it.

Suzy Revealed to Have Donated 10 Million Won for Pediatric Cancer Patients Every Year

Suzy’s 10 million won donation has been given to two hospitals every year. One hospital decided not to reveal her name upon receiving her request but another hospital decided to reveal it, which led to news reports claiming that Suzy has been making 5 million won donations.

Suzy previously donated 50 million won to help out the victims and families of sunken Sewol ferry.

Photo credit: Newsen

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Announcing Soompi’s “Show Us Your K-Pop” Contest + Win Prizes!

Announcing Soompi’s “Show Us Your K-Pop” Contest + Win Prizes!

Hey Soompiers!

Did you enjoy our earlier last month? Wow- what a ride! We got to witness the different fandoms unite under the main purpose of supporting their favorite idols. Major props to everyone- such dedication and hard work! Although a bit heated at times, wasn’t it fun?

Well, Soompi wants to keep the fun going and is back with another contest! Instead of making it all about the idols this time around, we want to make it all about you- the fans! (There are also prizes like signed CDs and gift certificate! Scroll all the way down to see what they are!)

K-Pop has grown in many ways within the past few decades and has branched out to mean more than just the music or the funky hairstyles and stage outfits (remember the ‘90s?). We want to see how you enjoy K-Pop so give us a peek into the K-Pop world you live in!

The contest is for all the K-Pop lovers who want to spread the love and joy of K-Pop. What’s your K-Pop? How do you enjoy it? Some have a huge collection of albums, others attend a bunch of concerts, some plaster their bedroom walls with limited edition posters while others copy their idol’s favorite nail art. Whatever it is, show us your K-Pop world!

All entries must be submitted directly to our Soompi Contest LINE account. After we review all submissions, there will be two rounds where Soompiers can vote for their favorite! Top 3 winners will receive prizes (please check below).


  1. Download LINE

  2. Add two accounts: Soompi + Soompi Contest (QR Code)

  3. You’ll automatically receive a message to participate from Soompi Contest!

  4. Follow the few steps from Soompi Contest account, submit your K-Pop photo and viola! Done.^^

Soompi Account

Download link (works only on mobile)

Soompi Contest Account

Download link (works only on mobile)


  • Entry period will be from Friday, May 2 (KST) to Tuesday, May 13 (KST).

  • There will be two rounds of voting. Depending on the number of submissions, the top few participants will qualify to Round 2. They will not need to take another photo. The same image will be used from Round 1.

  • Everyone, even those who didn’t submit a photo, can vote!

The photo you upload must be one you personally took. In regards to fan art, you must be the creator and owner. When violating this rule, your entry will be revoked. Please note that Soompi has the right to use all photo entries for noncommercial promotional purposes We will never provide user information to any third parties without the user`s consent, unless we’re obliged and/or permitted to do so under applicable laws.

Here are a few examples of K-Pop love. Don’t be limited to these! Be creative! Go wild!

lee hongki ftisland nail art fin

Lee Hong Ki (FTISLAND) loves his nail art.^^

Soompi Photo Wall adjust

One of the walls at Soompi HQ!

1ST : 1st dibs on 2 autographed CDs from Soompi’s Closet + $50 gift certificate
2ND : 2nd dibs on 1 autographed CD from Soompi’s Closet + 1 autographed T-shirt
3RD : 3rd dibs on 1 autographed CD from Soompi’s Closet + 1 autographed T-shirt

So, what are you waiting for? Go go go and show us your K-Pop! ^^

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Oh Yeon Seo Wears Ajumma Wig for “Jang Bo Ri Is Here!”

Oh Yeon Seo Wears Ajumma Wig for “Jang Bo Ri Is Here!”

On the 7th episode of “Jang Bo Ri Is Here” scheduled to broadcast on May 3, 15 years have passed and all of the child actors have grown up into adults. Bori, played by Oh Yeon Seo, has grown up into a tomboyish country girl who loves to down bowls of black noodles until she passes out from food coma. 

On April 28, the production staff of “Jang Bo Ri Is Here” released stills from the 7th episode with Oh Yeon Seo donning the classic ajumma wig. 

Actress Oh Yeon Seo briefly explained the concept of attire and dress for Bori as “Ajumma” and added, “However, the writer told me not to lose the ‘lovely’ aspect of my character, so I’ve been worrying about that quite a bit.” 

After completing a filming, Oh Yeon Seo commented, “We just finished filming. I was so nervous. I realized that this is the kind of pressure that the lead feels. But in order to lead the cast with a cheerful Bori, I will give it my everything.” 

ohyeonseo1 ohyeonseo2 ohyeonseo3 ohyeonseo4

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Fly to the Sky Returns with “Continuum” on May 20

Fly to the Sky Returns with “Continuum” on May 20

They say good things come to and end… but what the adage doesn’t say is that they can come back again!

The duo Fly to the Sky announced their return from a five-year hiatus with their 9th album, “Continuum.” The album has ten tracks including “You, You, You” and will be released on May 20. The album is currently available on online music sites.

Since the duo announced that they’ll go separate ways following the expiration of their contract in 2009, both Hwanhee and Brian took the time to focus on their solo activities. Their 8th album, “Decennium,” was released on their 10th year in the industry.

“Fly to the Sky brings their own musical colors that they have enriched through their solo activities. As expected, the members poured their hearts and souls in producing this album,” said their agency, H2 Media.

Fans can expect the musical color of Fly to the Sky in the 9th album, “Continuum” with songs that are made to fit the duo. “For this 9th album, composers and producers who worked on Fly to the Sky’s album have all brought their musical styles and at the same time, bring something new for the album,” added their agency.

Fly to the Sky will hold have their first performance at their commemorative 9th album showcase on May 20, the day of their album release, at K-Art Hall in Olympic Park. 

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Mario’s “Damage” feat. Spica’s Kim Boa Ruled Unfit for Broadcast

Mario’s “Damage” feat. Spica’s Kim Boa Ruled Unfit for Broadcast

Mario’s “Damage,” the rapper’s first song in two years, has been ruled unfit for broadcast by KBS.

KBS said, “In the lyrics, ‘Like a retard, I miss you after time has passed’ could potentially have a negative psychological effect on the disabled, so we ruled the song unfit.”

The song, released on April 29, was composed by Kim Chang Rak, and tells the story of a man who regrets letting someone go well after the fact. Mario’s unique voice is well-matched by the talented vocal from girl group Spica, Kim Boa.

In the KBS rulings for the last week of April, out of 122 songs, 116 passed and six were ruled unfit for broadcast.

Soompiers, what do you think? Was this ruling justified?

Listen to the song here! 

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SUJU’s Henry Cast as First Guest in ‘Crime Scene’

Super Junior’s Henry participated in new variety show Crime Scene as the first guest.

The production team of JTBC’s new variety Crime Scene revealed on April 30, that Henry has been cast as the first guest of the show.

About casting Henry, they said, “He is one of the ‘hottest brains’ these days and also has good variety sense, so he was number one on our list to invite as a guest.”

SUJU’s Henry Cast as First Guest in ‘Crime Scene’

Receiving love for his quirky character, Henry is actually an ‘um chin ah’ who graduated from Berklee College of Music and can speak in six different languages.

On the first day of filming, Henry reportedly participated in the game by playing the given role faithfully, surprising the staff members with his acting.

As the youngest out of the six participants, Henry frequently made everyone laugh by showing his quirky sides throughout the game.

Crime Scene is Korea’s variety show based on RPG (role playing game) featuring six participants who become suspects of a mysterious murder case. Each participant has to prove their innocence and try to find the real criminal.

The show is set to air on May 10.

Photo credit: JTBC

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Chanyeol Is the Next EXO Member to Join Instagram!

Chanyeol Is the Next EXO Member to Join Instagram!

It appears that Chanyeol is the newest EXO member to create an Instagram account!

His new account has been confirmed by fellow EXO member Kris, as he has already started following Chanyeol on Instagram. Kris is also the only person that Chanyeol is following at the moment.

Although there are currently no photos that have been posted onto his account, many followers are patiently waiting for an update. There are already more than 280,000 followers and the number is sure to increase with every passing hour.

Hopefully, followers can look forward to Chanyeol’s updates soon, as he has joined SBS’ new variety program “Roommate,” .

You can follow Chanyeol at and Kris at if you haven’t already! And if you missed it, EXO’s so you can follow him at .

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Joowon Confirms Role in Korean Remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile’

Making a comeback to TV after a year, Joo Won has been cast as the male lead for the Korean version of Nodame Cantabile.

On April 29, Joo Won’s agency spoke with Newsen, stating, “Joo Won is confirmed for the Korean version of the Japanese hit production, Nodame Cantabile.” Final details are currently being made.

Joowon Confirms Role in Korean Remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile’

Based on the popular manga, Nodame Cantabile was created into a successful drama and movie in Japan, starring Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi, who are also very popular in Korea.

In the Korean remake of Nodame Cantabile, Joo Won will be playing the role of a genius musician, while Shim Eun Kyung is a strong candidate for the female lead. Joo Won will be returning to the small screen after a year since the conclusion of KBS Good Doctor.

The Korean version of Nodame Cantabile is scheduled to air in October following Big Man, Lovers of Trot, and Discovery of Romance.

Meanwhile, Joo Won is currently carrying out activities, including filming for the movie Fashion King and performing in the musical Ghost.

Photo Credit: Newsen

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Shin Ji Su and Crucial Star Reveal Dreamy Live Version of “Show Me Your Light”

Shin Ji Su and Crucial Star Reveal Dreamy Live Version of “Show Me Your Light”

Singer Shin Ji Su, who you might remember from “Superstar K 3,” and rapper Crucial Star have unveiled a special live version of their collaboration single “Show Me Your Light.” 

After teasing their fans with a cute snapshot of the two stars, their song was released on April 15 through online music stores. Inspired by the life and worries of young adults, the lyrics of “Show Me Your Light” reflect a man’s thoughts on love and a woman’s will to care for her loved ones. 

In the live clip released on April 28, Shin Ji Su and Crucial Star are sitting on chairs at a beautiful location. The mysterious and misty atmosphere elevates the listening experience, and Shin Ji Su’s beautifully strong vocals combined with Crucial Star’s smooth rapping make up an enjoyable duet.

Listen to the live performance below! 

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Park Jin Young Expresses Frustration about False Rumors on Twitter

After a rumor began to spread concerning Park Jin Young’s wife and her family members, Park Jin Young took to his Twitter to express his frustration on the matter.

On April 28, Park Jin Young wrote on his Twitter, “Other than the fact that my wife is related to the owners of a problematic company, there is absolutely no relation whatsoever, so is this a country where you’re allowed to write whatever you want? Regarding my faith, if you look at all the interviews I’ve done and listened to all the music I’ve produced, you’ll know. I’ve studied many religions in the past few years, but I still don’t have a religion. I hope that no more groundless rumors spread.”

Park Jin Young Expresses Frustration about False Rumors on Twitter

On April 28, a rumor began to spread that there was an illegal inflow of 500 million won to JYP Entertainment from Saviorists, a group considered a religious cult by some in Korea. The rumor stated that Park Jin Young’s wife is the niece of the past CEO of Semo Group, Yoo Byung Un, who is known as a leader of the Saviorists. Yoo Byung Un is also the owner of the Sewol ferry, which sank on April 16.

While JYP Entertainment acknowledged that Park Jin Young’s wife was related to Yoo Byung Un, the agency stated that rumors of illegal funds flowing into the company were completely false and it will be taking legal action against the person who started the rumors.

Photo Credit: Park Jin Young’s Twitter, JYP Entertainment

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Kim Hyun Joong Set to Release New Japanese Single

Kim Hyun Joong Set to Release New Japanese Single

Singer Kim Hyun Joong has confirmed he will release a new Japanese album in June, entitled “Hot Son”, as well as a single of the same name. The new material will be the long-awaited follow up to last year’s “Tonight”, and will mark a much-anticipated musical comeback from the former SS501 star. 

The details of the new release were confirmed by Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports

The new album will also feature collaboration from songwriter and producer Steven Lee. The producer has worked with the star since his SS501 days, and produced “Tonight”, as well as the hit single “Lucky Guy”.

According to Nikkan Sports, another Japanese newspaper, the album sleeve reveals “an exciting new look” for the singer. 

Kim Hyun Joong was quoted as saying, “I am really pleased to be going back to Japan. The new material is really great. Fans can really look forward to it.”

The singer most recently appeared in KBS drama “Age of Feeling”, a series for whose OST he also contributed a song. He is also set to appear at an “Age of Feeling”-themed event in Yokohama on May 31.

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[Exclusive] Yoon Shi Yoon Secretly Enlists in the Marines

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon enlisted the marines today.

On April 28 at 1:50 pm (KST), Yoon Shi Yoon entered the training center for Pohang Marines.

According to Yoon Shi Yoon’s agency rep, “Yoon Shi Yoon entered the Marines at 1:50 pm today. He will be carrying out his duties as a marine for two years.”

[Exclusive] Yoon Shi Yoon Secretly Enlists in the Marines

Born in 1986, Yoon Shi Yoon has been adjusting his schedule to enlist in the army since last year.

While he was filming KBS2’s Prime Minister and I in February, he applied for the marines. He was accepted after going through interviews and asked that the whole process be kept a secret.

Yoon Shi Yoon stated through his agency, “Every man has to go to the army and I didn’t want to cause any damage to the other soldiers because of me. I want to fulfill my military duties quietly.”

His agency rep said, “ We didn’t announce this due to his request. He wanted to enlist as a healthy man of Korea instead of as an actor.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Shi Yoon will receive 7 weeks of training before receiving his marine battle colors.

Photo credit: enews/Hea Jung Min

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Girl’s Day Dish Out Spring Makeup Tips in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Girl’s Day Dish Out Spring Makeup Tips in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine has released pictures from its recent photo shoot with Girl’s Day, where the girls have been transformed into “May Queens”. 

Girl’s Day is featured modeling bright, single-colored eye shadow and “nude” makeup, which are set to be a hit this spring and summer.


The group also revealed one of their makeup secrets. They told the magazine that if makeup users want to apply a bright, single-colored eye shadow, they should apply it in gradation to the crease in the upper eyelid. If they want to use pearl eye shadow, however, they should add impact by using it in conjunction with a darker-colored eye pencil. This, they said, helps to avoid ending up with puffy-looking eyelids.


Photos from the shoot will be featured in the magazine’s upcoming May edition.

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