Big Bang’s Extraordinary 20′s Spot Video

Yesterday, to celebrate the release of the Special Edition Album “Still Alive“. YG opened a BIG BANG GATE in Shinbundang Line in Gangnam station, where in you could find the props used by the members in the music video of MONSTER and other related stuff. On a clear 45-inch LCD screen, the much awaited Music Video was viewed as well as the spot video for the making of “Extraordinary 20′s” photobook.

Last May, 09, 2012, YG made a notice on their site about Big Bang making their very first Photobook and a DVD of its “Making”. It’s entitled “Extraordinary 20’s” and it will be released on June 6, 2012, together with their Album ‘Still Alive”.

The PhotoBook and DVD will be featuring some of the Big Bang moments from last year’s trip to England. The concept for the said collection would be “Special People’s Normal Life” and it will have a special close-up book, mini polaroid stand and a serial number that will serve as a link to the making video and the special interviews.

Now, here’s the spot video from the “Extraordinary 20’s” Photo Book Making Video.

SOURCE: photo by, YG Entertainment

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ELF (Everlasting friends) turned 6!

photo by: amazingblue

ELF is the official fan club of Super Junior. Yesterday, June 2, 2012, made ELFs across the world remember promising one thing that they will support and protect the boys no matter what.

Yesterday on Twitter, #6YearsWithELF trended number 1 worldwide. The fans greeted each other and tweeted their happiest ELF memories. I, myself is an ELF. I started loving Kpop being one and it’s was a wonderful feeling to see other fans like this, loving and caring for each other. Maybe because Super Junior themselves have those characters. Like Idol, like fans!

Being one of the best Idol group in the world, Super Junior gave us a very nice anniversary gift, the Super Junior’s 6th album. So, let’s all happily wait for the 6jib and Happy 6th Anniversary ELFs!!! FIGHTING!

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Wonder Girls release Wonder Party mini-album

The Wonder Girls are back and they’re hotter than ever! After much anticipation, their mini-album, called “Wonder Party” has finally been released. This hot, summer comeback marks their first in Korea since their “2 Different Tears” days in 2010. Check out the music video for their single, “Like This” below!

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BIGBANG releases MV for “Monster”

BIGBANG‘s MV for “Monster” in their new Special Edition Album “Still Alive” was just released on 3rd June at 0:00 KST. Many fans have been anticipating for this Music Video after the release of both image teasers as well as short video clips.

The Music Video can be seen below:

Meanwhile, BIGBANG will release the whole album on the 6th of June. Unfortunately they will not be promoting this album as much as they will be concentrating more on their world tour consisting of 16 countries and 25 cities.

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The London Olympics Torch Relay

You’ve probably all heard by now that MC, singer, actor and all round cutie Lee Seung Gi will be running a leg of the Olympic torch relay on behalf of Samsung, who are a partner for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Although not appearing on the official London Olympics website under people that will be Torch Bearers, Samsung have released information that Lee Seung Gi will be running in Manchester on the 23rd June. If you happen to be in Manchester on that date, Lee Seung Gi is sure to appreciate support along his run! However, Lee Seung Gi isn’t the only notable Korean doing a leg of the torch relay.

Choo Kyu Ho, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in London, will be taking part in the Olympic Torch Relay on the 25th July, running through the London Borough of Brent. Although you may think diplomats spend all day in the office, surprisingly the Ambassador is a very active man! He used to be a football and tennis player in the Diplomatic service, and still loves to run. Don’t underestimate the Ambassador as it sounds like he can give you a run for your money in terms of sporting prowess! The Ambassador “appreciates the combination of physical and mental strength of the British people and hopes the British Olympic team do very well like the Korean Olympic athletes”. We look forward to his part in the relay and hope Londoners will turn up and support him on the day too.

Chun Su Jin is another Torch Bearer to look out for. Chun Su Jin is the only Korean reporter to be a Torch Bearer in recent Olympic history, so this is sure to be a big day for her. This will likely be an extra special moment for her as as well as she’s been reporting for the Olympic Movement and the IOC, and now it’s her turn to take part in the Games and not be a spectator or reporter. She will be running in Hastings on the 17th July, so if you’re in the area, be sure to cheer her when she goes past!

There are also some Torch Bearers for whom being able to run in this relay will be an especially joyous day. Kang Ji Won is a woman who’s experienced many hardships. Having fought cancer, she is now taking part in the Torch relay. Hopefully this will be a special moment for her and will show other people with cancer that there’s always hope. Kang Ji Won is “a living testament to hope and dreams of running to share her experiences”. Kang Ji Won will be running through Burnley on the 23rd June, so please make her part of the Torch Relay one to remember.

Jeong Jong Hyuk, who is running on the 23rd of June in Preston, is obviously a kind man who tries to help others to improve their own lives for a brighter future. With a long history working with Samsung, he spends his free time trying to help young people who might be going down the wrong track to work on changing their attitudes and actions. This guy definitely sounds like a deserving Torch Bearer!

If you get a chance to, show your support for these runners, and in fact anyone who’s running as a Torch Bearer. I’m sure anyone who’s running in the relay will be pleased to know they have people watching and cheering them on. We can’t wait to have Lee Seung Gi in our country, and will be showing our support for him, other Koreans who are Torch Bearers, and everyone else taking part! Have fun to everyone carrying The Flame!

This article was originally seen on Korean Class Massive, but has been edited for the London Korean Times.

Via: Korean times

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2PM’s Chansung to open a fitness centre in July


After recently wrapping up their Japanese tour, 2PM’s maknae member Changsung will be opening a fitness center in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul! Changsung who has been featured on fitness shows and has graced the pages of Men’s Health will play an active role as co-operator. It has been reported that he will personally train customers so they can achieve the body of a “mohm jjang” (person with a great body)!

Chansung will co-operate the center with his trainer Hwang Moh, who has been with him since his debut in 2008. Soon after opening the center Chansung along with his fellow 2PM members will return to Japan to hold a 2-day concert at the Saitama Super Arena.

We are sure there will be many fans waiting for their chance to receive a personal training session with Chansung!

Source: Sports Donga via koreaboo

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GLAM Reveals Dahee and Park Jiyeon and Extra Teaser for Zinni

Upcoming girl group have revealed their final two members, Dahee and Park Jiyeon. The teaser video’s for both girls were released on GLAM’s official YouTube channel.

The short description on the video indicate that both Dahee and Jiyeon are naturally talented.

Other members that have already been revealed are Lee Miso, Trinity, and Zinni.

A second teaser video of Zinni has also been released to show a different side to her.

GLAM will be officially revealed through SBS-MTV’s drama of the same name as the group and is due to air on June 6.




Source: GLAMofficialvideo

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4Minute Jiyoon will show her skill in English and Composing

Recently, Jeon Jiyoon has been carrying an English textbook in her bag to study English. Due to 4minute‘s frequent overseas promotions, the members have realized the necessity of studying languages.

Although the other members are studying Chinese and Japanese, Jiyoon chooses to study English instead. “I want to be able to converse freely in English,” Jiyoon said with a smile.

The other members flattering Jiyoon with encouraging words: “Jiyoon is diligently studying English studies as if it were a second nature. She’ll be able to show off the fruits of her studies soon.”

Jeon Jiyoon revealed, “In South America, making an OK sign is considered rude and in Japan, holding up 4 fingers is taboo. However, I didn’t know these traditions and have made these mistakes before. Since we actively perform overseas, I realized that we should not only learn other languages, but also undoubtedly learn their cultures as well.”

Jiyoon is also in the process of composing songs. When asked when her compositions will be heard, she answered, “Wait for me. I hope that my songs will be revealed in the future. Rather than making sloppy compositions, I want to create something that is enjoyable. I hope that you will patiently anticipate my songs.”

Recently, 4minute is preparing for overseas activities after concluding promotions for their latest mini album, Volume Up.

Source: Nate


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YG release Daesung’s Monster teaser

BIGBANG, are back with a new song, and special edition album Still Alive. Teasers for TOP, GD, Seungri and Yaeyang have all ready been released! Today is Daesung‘s teaser, which shows the powerful vocal he holds.
The ‘Still Alive‘ album will be released on the 6th June (released on iTunes on the 3rd June).
Check it out and comment on what you think of it!

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LeeSSang ‘Someday’ Music Video released

LeeSSang had made a comeback with their 8th album [Unplugged] in celebration of their 10th anniversary, having fulfilled the “LeeSSang syndrome”, “chart all-kill” and “record long-runs” last year.

LeeSSang caught some attention recently by releasing their new music video ‘Someday’ lately.

From what had reviewed, ‘Someday’ reproduces the retro band sounds of the 60s and 70s. This music video had also brought of the soul of music lively to everyone. With no flashy clothing and makeup, they still produced strong feeling about music to others.

Check out the music video below!

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BIGBANG release more tour dates!


BIGBANG who are set to go on their Alive world tour have slowly been releasing tour dates for each City. The boys will be visiting 21 cities and 16 countries in total.

These are the dates which have  been realesed till now, with Thailand being the latest.

Seoul, Korea. 2-4 March 2012
Nagoya, Japan. 17-18 May 2012
Yokohama, Japan. 25-27 May 2012
Osaka, Japan. 31 May – 3 June 2012
Saitama, Japan. 16-17 June 2012
Fukuoka, Japan. 23-24 June 2012
Singaore.28 September 2012
Bangkok, Thailand. 6-7 October 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia. 13 October 2012
Manila, Philipines. 24 October 2012
Osaka, Japan. 23 November 2012
Tokyo, Japan. 5 December 2012

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Dal Shabet’s Video Teaser for New Member Woohee

Happy Face Entertainment, agency behind Dal Shabet, have released a new video teaser for new group member Woohee ahead of Dal Shabet’s comeback.

Woohee replaces Viki who left to pursue her solo career. She is the same age as group mates Ahyoung and Jiyul (1991). According to the agency Woohee is vocally strong and a talented dancer.

The teaser shows Woohee dancing to Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress”.

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YG release TaeYang’s Monster teaser

BIGBANG, are back with a new song, and special edition album Still Alive. Teasers for TOP, GD and SeungRi have all ready been released! Today is TaeYang‘s teaser, as shown below.

What are you thoughts on Monster so far?

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2NE1 X Make Thumb Noise Pictures

Through the entire month of May, 2NE1 and Teddy Park in collaboration with Intel Korea have been giving fans the chance the vote on the production of an entire song.

While Teddy Park is producing the song, 2NE1 are lending their vocals for the track.

The project is in the final stages now, where fans get to vote on the arrangement of the bridge.

As well as the final voting round, a set of pictures of also been released.

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G.NA Bloom Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

G.NA has released the behind the scenes video from her Bloom photoshoot.

The video shows G.NA preparing for the photoshoot as well as posing for her photo’s and the editors selecting the photo’s to be used for the album.

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The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness is 2NE1′s fan?

Since the spread of Hallyu wave, k-pop idols have rapidly gained millions of international fans and more and more Western stars have spoken about K-pop music and K-pop idols. The most recent victim of Hallyu fever is none other than Jay McGuiness from an Irish boy band, “The Wanted.”

The prove is in a recent video released by The Wanted official youtube channel today. Around 2:50 mintues into the video,there is a scene of Jay singing the catchy chorus of 2NE1‘s song, “I am the Best.” He asked his fans “what’s this song called/from?” and told them to tweet him the answer!

Instead of pronouncing “Naega jeil Jallaga,” which means “I am the best” in Korean, Jay sang “mega…”  Judging by his enthusiasm and bopping during the singing, Jay is definitely addicted to that song. No surprise there! Despite his cute mis-pronouciation, he has no doubt gained additional fans by 2NE1‘s  lovers. Their official youtube channel has been filled with comments by Blackjacks and there are a lot of comments like “My love for Jay has INCREASED.. if that’s even possible!!! ” and “They are 2NE1′s fans, The Wanted are officially awesome!”

Check out the video below to judge for yourself if Jay is a 2NE1‘s fan or not.

Here’s the official 2NE1′s MV “I am the Best.”

Source: The Wanted Music’s and 2NE1′s Youtube official channels

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[fan cam pictures] Big Bang at Yeosu Expo 2012

“Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea” is a global fair, held in Yeosu, to promote the preservation of marine and coastal areas while maintaining the economy in those areas. Being one of the port cities in Korea, Yeosu is a meaningful city to hold such event. A few weeks ago, Big Bang has kicked started the event at Yeosu.

Below are a couple of fan cam pictures from the event.






Source: fan sites

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Big Bang’s “Monster” MV teasers [GD and Seungri]

To promote the upcoming MV from their special edition album, “Still Alive,” Big Bang has been releasing teaser after after. Recently GD and Seungri‘s teasers for “Monster” MV have been released.

Unlike the teaser picture, GD has seen to gone blonde in the teaser video. He looks somewhat like a cyborg in blonde mushroom-shaped hair and seems like he has lost his way and trying to find an exit from the entrapped place.

Maknae, Seungri, seem to have similar hairstyle and outfit in the video as in the teaser picture. The only differences are his side-shaved hair has been spiked into a funky mohawk and his jacket in the video seem to fit more handsomely around him! Like TOP, Seungri seems to be wearing circle lens too. Similar to G.D, Seungri appears to be trapped in a building in the video.

The special edition album is available to download from iTunes from 3th June, 0:00am (KST) while the release date is on 6th June. Stay tune for more updates on Big Bang.

Source: YG Life blog

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Teen Top Release “To You” MV

“To You” is the title track for Teen Top‘s third mini album.

Teen Top released the album “Artist” as well as the music video for the title track “To You”.

“To You” is the comeback music video for the boys, showcasing the groups smooth dancing skills.

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Wonder Girls’ New album Tracklist is Released!!

Wonder Girls‘ new album tracklist has recently been released.

On May 30, a picture was uploaded on Wonder Girls’ official Twitter account with the comment, “Party Music by Wonder Girls.” The Wonder Girls will release their new mini-album on June 3.

In the tracklist, total six songs including the lead track “Like This,” “R.E.A.L,” “Hey Boy,” “Girlfriend,” “Sorry,” and “The DJ Is Mine” are included.

The making of the music video of the lead track, Making of Like This, is also released on Wonder Girls’ official website and YouTube channel. In the minute-long video, JYP Entertainment says, ”We picked out 300 people out of 1000 applicants and prepared for the music video for 112 days. Including special equipment, about 500 crew members participated in the video.”

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T-ara’s New Member Dani – Official Pictures

On May 30, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, released profile pictures of Dani. A picture of her was previously released online but this is the first time her official profile pictures have been released, which she took for her debut as a singer.

Dani is going to be the 9th member of T-ara- which was previously a 7 member band. In the pictures, Dani is showing off her innocent and cute charms. Even though she has a cute face, she is pretty tall.

A spokesperson for the agency says, “Dani just turned 14 this year, she was born in Los Angeles and has lived in the U.S. since she was 4 years old. Even though she is 14 years old, she is 167 cm tall and she is so beautiful that she earned nickname ‘Asian Olivia Hussey.’ She is cute like a girl but she also has powerful charismatic charms.”

“The 8th member of T-ara will join the group for their new album, which will be released on July 7. Dani, the 9th member of the group, will join the group later in December. Her first appearance will be in a music video for T-ara’s new song.”

What do you think about T-ara’s new addition??

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JYJ’s Yoo Chun hilarious sleeping picture!

On May 30, Yoo Chun uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Tae Sung and Min Soo, I really had a great time with you. I was really in a deep sleep. Were we that close?”

In the picture Yoochun is seen in deep sleep while fellow actors Tae Sung and Min Soo are having fun making funny faces around him. The contrast seen on Yoochun and the two actors face is hilarious. Its nice to see a mischievous side to them!

Netizens responded, “Yoo Chun’s so cute!” “How can he be in that deep sleep?” “Yoo Chun’s dead and Lee Tae Sung’s alive. The picture is so funny!” “Yoo Chun must have been really tired. His no makeup face is also cute.”

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SM Entertainment Releases Girls’ Generation MV Teaser

SM Entertainment released a music video teaser for the upcoming Girls’ Generation single, “Paparazzi.”

The clip opens with the girls dramatically entering a luxurious room full of press and paparazzi.

The girls then proceed to enter the stage of a theatre wearing trenchcoats, reminiscent of Gene Kelly’s famous performance of “Singing’ in the Rain.”

Although it’s only a minute long, the video is dripping with charisma and star power. Looks like SM Entertainment will be successful in keeping fans anticipating for when the album drops on June 27th!

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M.I.B Release “Only Hard For Me” MV and “Illusion” Album

Kpop boy band

M.I.B released “Illusion” online on May 30 along with the music video for “Only Hard For Me”.

M.I.B’s new album includes seven tracks and will be available locally from May 31.

The group were scheduled to make their comeback last April but had to delay this because of a tragedy that killed their stylists.

Unofficially M.I.B have played at various music festivals including in Singapore at Music Matters Live 2012.

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Wonder Girls Comeback Group Teaser Photo Released

Wonder Girls have released another teaser image of the whole group ahead of their expected comeback in June.

Previous teasers of Sunye, Hyerim, and Yubin, and the other with Sohee and Yenny were released.

The new photo is a similar concept to the previous two photo’s with a retro style photo. The photo was released with the caption, “The Wonder Girls invite you to the ‘Wonder Party’”.

The previous two releases are below

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