Daesung receives praises from Japanese actresses for his live performance!

Japanese actresses were impressed with Daesung's surprise live performance.

At the premiere of UULA drama ' I LOVE YOU' that was held on July 18, Big Bang's Daesung made a surprise live performance of the OST of the drama with the same name.

Actresses Erika Toda, Mikako Tabe and Yoko Maki praised Daesung for his live singing. Erika Toda commented, "His voice is so amazing. It's a kind of voice which I want to listen again and again." Mikako Tabe also complimented him by saying, "Ever since I got a CD from him, I keep on listening to it. However, hearing it live for the first time is really incomparable. I was thankful I got here."

Not only from the actresses, but also the response from the fans is really astounding, proving his popularity and talent.

Watch his performance below:

Daesung's track 'I LOVE YOU' is the main OST of the drama. He collaborated with Japan’s famous violinist Taro Hakase.

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Teen Top Niel grows firm muscles, bye to 'frail idol' title

Given the title as the 'frail idol', Teen Top's Niel is proving that he's not having the image anymore.
On his fellow member Changjo's recent twitter update on July 20, Niel's biceps with firm muscles were revealed.

Changjo wrote, "Body has improved so much!!!! This year~~ Angels our Niel hyung changed, what should we do?ㅋㅋㅋ However he has a long way to go ㅋㅋㅋ Let's see if he can catch up  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

In the photo, we can see Niel wearing a white and black striped sando shirt lifting barbels while revealing his arm muscles. Would he be able to get rid of the 'frail idol' title? Let's see.

Source: Changjo's twitter
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2NE1 Dara reveals her sexy abs!

2NE1 Dara just revealed a photo of her sexy abs on their official Naver LINE account.

On July 20, Dara thanked fans for their 'Falling In Love' win on Music Core. What's in store for their blackjacks?

It's none other than a photo of Dara's sexy abs, wherein she wrote,

"Too happy^.^ have to go and congratulate for being 1st place along with a cardio~ heading to the gym!!! kkk love yah everyone thank you so much ^.*"

In the photo, it's definitely Dara's tiny but sexy abs which she has revealed for the fans.
Meanwhile, Congratulations 2NE1!

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Ailee impresses with her mind-blowing performance of Adele's 'Someone Like You' at YHY Sketchbook

Ailee puts off a mind blowing performance of Adele's hit song 'Someone Like You' on July 19 at Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.

Accompanied with an acoustic guitar, Ailee mesmerized the audience with her cover of 'Someone Like You'. The crowd undeniably enjoyed her performance and Ailee owned the stage with her powerful vocals.

Fans commented, "Ailee's voice resonated through our minds.","Her voice control is really amazing!","This girls has exemplary talent in singing!" and so on.

Watch her performance below:

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Ryeowook to reveal his hidden six-pack?

Super Junior's Ryeowook has revealed that he's working on for his six-pack abs before he reveals it by the end of August.

As High School Musical's Troy Bolton, the Super Junior member talked about it in his recent guesting at SBS Power FM's Gong Hyung Jin's Cine Town on July 19.

When mentioned about the basketball practice from the musical wherein he has to reveal his upper body, Ryeowook said, "I already prepared for that scene. However, I just came back from Hawaii wherein I had a vacation and ate too much that's why my abs are in sleeping mode."

He added, "I'll work hard to wake them up and show you by the end of August."

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Music Core reveals teaser for f(x) comeback next week!

Are you ready for f(x)'s comeback stage next week? Here's preview of the girls for next week's Music Core wherein they are going to perform their comeback stage for "Rum Pum Pum Pum".

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4Minute send some love to "Love Request"

The members of 4Minute appear in the latest episode of "Love Request".

Besides performing their latest song Is It Poppin, the girls visited a girl who's suffering from disease and encouraged her to face the disease bravely, check out the interview clip and performance below.

Hwaiting to the brave girl and 4Minute for the good job!

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2NE1's Dara catches attention due to her hair

2NE1 will appear on SBS’s Good SundayRunning Man at the end of July.

Last July 16, they were shooting at Yeouido park. Dara and CL wore an orange-sleeved uniform while BOM and MINZY were in pink-sleeved. 

However, Dara got most of the attention because of her unique unicorn-horn shaped hair.

Netizens commented, “Those who saw 2NE1 at the site are so lucky!”, ”2NE1 filming Running Man… DARA immediately catches your attention!” and “I should definitely watch the show.”
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Dynamic Duo answers 'Ask in a Box' inquiries

Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko), sat and answered numerous questions on    LOEN’ s ‘ Ask In A Box !’.
If you sent a question, they might answered that on their interview. Aside from  talking about their friendship, t he two disclosed things that you might not know.
So better watch them below:

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ZE:A to hold their first-ever exclusive concert in October

ZE:A is going to have their first-ever exclusive concert!
The concert is scheduled on October 3 at  Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium . However, aside from that date, there's no other details revealed.
The exact selling ticket date is to be announced.
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LU:KUS breaks silence with a cover dance video of Justin Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me'

LU:KUS broke their silence with an upload of a cover video of  Justin Bieber ‘s ‘As Long  As You Love Me’.

LU:KUS performed with synchronized dance moves that wowed fans. Some commented, "WOAH! That was awesome! So powerful and clean! LU:KUS fighting!"; "/screams uncontrollably. They were so good! I can't wait for their debut... Whenever it is... Wasn't it supposed to be last month?"; and "X-5's disbandment was such a nightmare for me T__T but this is so amazing~ Im looking forward to lu:kus' debut!!!! fighting!!!<3"
LU:KUS, which consists  J.One  ( Haewon ),  Donghyun ,  Jinwan  (former members of  X-5 ),  Kyungjin  and  Choi,  will debut under  Box Media. They  were supposed to debut in April but it was postponed due to unknown reasons.
  LU:KUS reads as“ Look Us ”, which means  “look at us”.
Watch it below:

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Jay Park and 2NE1's Minzy converse via twitter

2NE1‘s Minzy and Jay Park had little conversation over twitter.
Jay park started with a tweet about his practice video for 'I LIKE 2 PARTY', “The point of this choreo is pointless~kk it's difficult-to-follow~ This time I choreographed the 1st verse!” and added, “If someone who can dance from beginning to end, show up, it’s Daebak~.”
2NE1′s main dancer, Minzy, responded, “Good Job! dope!” 
Jay Park replied, “thank u so much! means a lot coming from u!”
Seeing them together performing is a nice idea, isn't it?
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Kim Soo Hyun flies to US to promote Secretly Greatly

Kim Soo Hyun flies abroad to promote his movie Secretly Greatly where he plays the lead role as  Won Ryu Whan .
According to Show Box Media Plex, the movie distributor, Secretly Greatly is currently showing in USA, thus Kim Soo Hyun has gone there to greet the moviegoers particularly in Los Angeles and San Diego. He visited American movie chain AMX, City Week 19 at the Universal Studios, Orange 30, No Walk, and San Diego Fashion Valley 18.
Aside from that,, the movie will be also screened in Canada on 26th.
The movie premiered in Korea in early June and has drawn 6.94 million viewers so far, the fourth largest figure this year in Korea.
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Taeyang's home featured in "Vogue Korea Living"

Taeyang's home is featured in " Vogue Korea Living", a home fashion feature of Vogue Korea.

The receiving area where you can see clearly what's happening outside through the big glass wall.

The other side of the receiving area where we can see a big painting of  a tiger. 

Taeyang poses hiding his face beside his huge LCD TV. His youthfulness is very obvious on his collection.

The master's bedroom where Taeyang rests his tired body.

Is he reading or peeping?

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Lucky Minions get a kiss from Girls Generation!

You wouldn't believe yourself getting jealous over minions.
On July 19, SNSD appeared at Incheon Airport for their departure to Taiwan. The girls were sent off by minions and Taeyeon couldn't hide her excitement so she took pictures with them.

In her instagram updates, she wrote

"This jerk touched my butt!" and "Did you come out to meet me?" and so on. Along with these updates are photos of her and fellow member Seohyun with the minions. A picture wherein Taeyeon is giving a kiss to a minion amuses fans. They commented, "Such a lucky minion!","Me too!","Clever minions!" and so on.

They are such lucky minions, aren't they?

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B1A4 requests for school supplies instead of flower wreaths

B1A4 has just proven that there's a good deed in whichever form.

For their upcoming concerts on August 7-11, the boy group requested to receive unused school supplies instead of common flower wreaths as congratulatory items.

B1A4 has chosen something that could aid children who are financially challenged with their education. On their concert, B1A4 is going to hold a donation event together with CJ Donors Camp, wherein fans can donate their usable school supplies.

They mentioned that they are thankful for fans who are giving wreaths but it would be meaningful if its something that could be donated.

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SECRET performs at 2013 Pro Baseball All-Stars

Here's the videos of SECRET's lively performance of Love is Move' and Yoohoo' from 2013 Pro Baseball All-Stars that was held on July 18. Do you like Sunhwa's darker hair?

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Outsider reveals 'Bye U' MV teaser feat. MBLAQ's G.O.

Korean rapper Outsider reveals MV teaser for 'Bye U' featuring MBLAQ's G.O.
The track is from his first mini album 'Rebirth' and it will be released on July 23.

Meanwhile, watch the teaser below:

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SM's Krystal and Kai couple is born?

A teaser photo of f(x) Krystal for their upcoming comeback revealed a very intimate couple shot with her labelmate EXO's Kai. Embracing a vintage concept for their  "Rum Pum Pum Pum" comeback, Krystal is seen leaning on Kai's shoulders having this kind of melancholic mood.

Is Kai going to be featured on f(x)'s comeback? What do you think?

Meanwhile, f(x)'s 2nd full-length album 'Pink Tape' is going to be released on July 29!

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Sooyoung charms with her new hair color!

Sooyoung snapped some charming selcas showing her new-dyed hair. On July 19, she wrote on their official site,

"I went to Taiwan today^^!!
Taiwanese SONES' scream♥-♥

And.. I dyed my hair~
Did anyone notice..ㅠㅅㅠ? keke"

In the photos, Sooyoung looks charming and pretty with her long wavy hair while wearing a white dress.
How does she look like?

Meanwhile, on June 16, Sooyoung bid farewell to r character Gong MinYoung from Dating Agency: Cyrano.

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A Pink releases "Secret Garden" MV

A Pink releases the full MV their latest ballad song titled "Secret Garden", check out the refreshing MV below.

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Kim Jae Joong Receives Explosive Responses After Appearing On TV!

Kim Jaejoong shakes up Japan after his 2-minute TV appearance.

On the recent episode of BS 11′s Han Love, Kim Jaejoong appeared to teach Park Yoo Hwan some Japanese for his upcoming drama fan meeting and after appearing for 2 minutes, the items he wore on the show are reported to be selling out on various Japanese online sites, event the video of Han Love has been spreading like a wildfire.

Although Kim Jaejoong's group, JYJ is finding it hard to promote on TV, their dramas have been popular in the country.

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ZE:A to return in August!

ZE:A is going to come back in August!
ZE:A updated their official Facebook with a mysterious message that reads, “Will perfection of ZE:A ( Children of Empire ) come back in the 2nd week of August !? The first hint will be opening on July 23” .
Are you excited for their come back as a whole group?
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SOURCE: ZEA Facebook

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‘WHO ARE YOU’ BTS clip at the photo shoot released!

tvN‘s ‘Who Are You’ released a BTS clip of the main characters, 2PM's Taecyeon, So Yi Hyun, and Kim Jae Wook, at the poster shoot!
The three talked about their characters and provided a glimpse of what is the drama about. The video also treats the eyes of the viewers with behind-the-scene dress up photo shoot .

'Who are you' is a paranormal melodrama that will be given life by Si On (So Yi Hyun), who is a 6-year coma patient and starts to see ghosts after she recovers, Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon), the realist cop who ends up working with her to solve the mysteries from the objects in the ‘Lost & Found Center’. The black shadow that is lurking behind them is said to be Si On’s dead ex-boyfriend Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook).

‘Who Are You’ is set to premiere on July 29 at 11PM KST after the finale of ‘ Dating Agency: Cyrano’!

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Ailee's 'A’s Doll House' outdoes previous album

Ailee came back with a bang!
After she released her 2nd mini-album  A’s Doll House ” with 'U and I' as its title track, the demand for her album  skyrocketed !
Aside from “ U and I ” landing the number one spot on seven music charts shortly after it was released, the demand for the album is very high . According to a representative from Ailee's agency,  Windmill Media, her current album outdone her previous album in terms of sales,  The new album's sale is many times greater than the previous albums.  It’s shocking and very unusual that all of them were sold out on its first day.
Ailee was grateful, “I didn’t think of receiving much love and support for my comeback. No words can translate my gratitude. Actually, I was really upset because I hurt my ankle but because of everyone’s love, I feel better. I will be better soon and be able to show everyone my best.”
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BEAST's 'Shadow' MV is already out!

The long wait is over! BEAST's 'Shadow' MV is already out!
The 'shadow' concept was given emphasis through black-colored BEAST's wardrobe and background.
'Shadow' is the title track of their new album “ Hard to Love, How to Love ”. It was disclosed that member  Junhyung  and  Kim Tae Joo  have been involved in the production of all the tracks.
Watch the MV below:

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BoA confirmed for KBS drama ‘Expect Dating’

BoA has been confirmed for the upcoming KBS drama, ‘Expect Dating’.

It has been previously reported that BoA was still in discussion for the role, and now SM Entertainment has confirmed her casting, marking her debut as an actress on the small screen.

‘Expect Dating’ will be created as a special drama to be aired by the KBS. BoA will play the role of Joo Yeon Ae, a woman clumsy in love and always ends up dating a bad guy. She will be working with Choi Daniel.

Producer Lee Eun Jin stated, “We fell for BoA’s passion toward the project. I’m really looking forward to seeing a new side of BoA as an actress.”

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Jay Park tops Billboard’s World Album chart

Jay Park has placed himself atop Billboard’s World Albums chart.

The solo singer’s new digital single album ‘I Like 2 Party’, which was released on July 10, managed to top Billboard’s World Albums Chart, proving his global popularity.

During the past week, Jay Park was also seen at the top of iTunes charts in six Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

The dance title tune “I Like 2 Party” was written and composed by Jay Park himself. The song was already used as the ending theme for Will Smith’s Hollywood film ‘After Earth’ airing in Korea.

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu featured on the main page of Grammy’s website

JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) has been featured on the main page of American Grammy’s website.

According to his agency C-JeS Entertainment, “Kim Junsu was asked to do an interview by the Grammy while he was in Los Angeles recently to film his music video. In the interview, he introduced his second solo album and talked about recent activities. The interview will be released on the Grammy’s homepage in the afternoon of the 19th.”

“Kim Junsu will be featured alongside other stars like Matthew Morrison and LL COOL J on main page of Grammy.com. We hope that his North American fans will enjoy the content of the interview.”

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YG Entertainment to open hologram concert hall

YG Entertainment will be opening a hologram concert hall at Korean amusement park Everland.

The agency’s representative, Yang Hyun Suk, revealed, “YG Entertainment together with Everland, Korea Agency For Digital Opportunity And Promotion (KODA), and KT will be holding the opening ceremony for the hologram concert hall ‘K-Pop Hologram: YG at Everland’ on July 20th).”

For this ‘YG at Everland’ initiative, YG will be in charge of creating video content of its artists like PSY, 2NE1, and Big Bang, presenting vivid visual images and more-than-real experiences of the K-pop stars with advanced video and audio equipments.

The high-tech theater is set within the Global Fair of Everland Theme Park and around 1,000 visitors can be accommodated at one time. After operating free-of-charge for a while with videos of Psy, it will be formally opened in the latter half of the year.

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Which celebrity is the most wanted travel partner?

The ‘Gu Family Book’ sweet couple, Suzy of miss A and actor Lee Seung Gi, have come out top as the most wanted celebrity travel partners by the netizens.

Korea’s food company ‘DAESANG FNF’ recently held a poll with 381 housewives and netizens asking, “Which celebrity would you like to go on a summer vacation with?”. Lee Seung gi and Suzy gained the highest poll rate with 24.6% and 28.4% respectively.

Netizens voted for Lee Seung Gi for his ability to take good care of people, and make others happy while on vacation. Suzy, on the other hand, was chosen because of her easy-going and bubbly personality.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun ranked second by 17.9% in the male category, followed by Song Joong Ki (17.1%). In the female category, Girls’ Generation (18.3%) and Lee Hyori (15.2%) were ranked second and third respectively.

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SHINee’s Key, ZE:A’s Hyungsik and more get into character for musical ‘Bonnie & Clyde’

SHINee’s Key, ZE:A’s Hyungsik, The Grace’s Dana and more will show their musical talent on stage in the upcoming musical, ‘Bonnie & Clyde’.

‘Bonnie & Clyde’ is set to raise its curtains in Seoul, Korea on September 4 and various promotional images of main casts have been released, getting fans excited. Launched in 2009, the musical was based on the famous story of 1930s duo robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

Um Ki Joon, Han Ji Sang, Key, and Hyungsik will take turns as the notorious gangster Clyde while role of Bonnie will be rotated by singers Lisa, Dana and actress Ahn Yoojin.

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After School’s Nana transforms from good girl to bad girl through makeup

After School’s Nana has transformed herself from lovely good girl to a fierce and sexy bad girl with her makeup tips.

On the upcoming broadcast of OnStyle’s ‘Get It Beauty SELF’ which will be aired on the 22nd, Nana gave her own makeup tutorial and showed a dramatic image change with different makeup styles.

Using only one set of make-up, she demonstrated how to pull off both “good girl” and “bad girl” concepts. Nana’s gorgeous transformation and professional makeup skill wowed every staff in the studio.

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KARA’s Goo Hara transforms into white swan in new cuts from ‘Cosmopolitan’

KARA’s Goo Hara has transformed from black swan to stunning white swan in the recently released cuts from ‘Cosmopolitan’ pictorial.

On July 18th, Goo Hara uploaded a couple of photos on her Instagram and wrote “COSMO behind B cut”. In the photos, the idol displays her pure and feminine charms in simple white and ballerina concept.

Full photos and interview of Goo Hara can be found in August edition of fashion magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’.

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