Wooyoung enjoys his meal!

2PM's Wooyoung uploaded a photo on his Twitter on 5th August.

He said,"it's heart touching,the food is delicious and please eat well".

He is seen showing his thumbs up in the photo and poses in front of some delicious food,are you hungry seeing the food on the table?

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Super Junior went to eat ramen after SM Town concert!

Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk updated his Twitter on 4th August.

He said,"we went to eat ramen after the SM Town concert,Donghae, Kyuhyunie, Eunhyukie, Ryeowookie, Shindong~!!! You who are working hard!!! Eat!!!! “

Lee Teuk is seen posing with Donghae in the photo above,the boys performed on SM Town concert in Japan on 4th August,the concert ended successfully yesterday!

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"To The Beautiful You" released new trailer!

Drama "To The Beautiful You" released 2nd trailer!

Check out the latest preview here!

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Rainbow's Woori enjoys the sunshine!

Rainbow's Woori uploaded a pair of selcas on her Twitter.

She mentioned,"While receiving the sunlight, hihi, i am having a nice weekend( ´ ▽ ` )ノ".

She carves an angelic smile in the photo above,sporting her new blonde hairstyle while enjoying the sunshine.

Like her new pair of selcas?

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NU'EST released "Action" album jacket photoshoot video!

The boys of NU'EST pose professionally during the album jacket photoshoot session for their latest album "Action".

Check out the clip below,who's your favorite NU'EST boy?

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Miss A's Jia and Min are happy to meet their fans!

Miss A's Jia uploaded a new photo on Instagram.

She said,"On our way to meet our fans!!!^^".

The girls performed on JYP Nation concert yesterday and the concert ended successfully,Min and Jia pose happily in the photo above as they will meet their fans later today.

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120805 Inkigayo performers list

# Comeback Special #
- Shin Yong Jae [Over and Over]
- SKULL and HAHA [Busan Vacation]
- TEEN TOP [Be Ma Girl]
# Hot Misic #
- BoA [Only One]
- Psy [Gangnam style]
- BEAST [Beautiful Night]
- 2NE1 [I Love You]
- Jang Woo Young [Sexy Lady]
- SISTAR [Loving U]
- ZE:A [Aftermath]
- B.A.P [No Mercy]
- NS Yoonji [I Got You]
- Boyfriend [Love Style]
- GLAM [Party (XXO)]
- M.I.B [Only Hard For Me]
- December [UNFINISHED]
# Fresh Music #
- Jevice [I'll Love Now (feat.Girl's Day Yura)]
- Meng Yuna [Don't Ask]
- D-UNIT [I'm Missing You]
- NU’EST [Not Over You]

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Rainbow's Woori's advice,"eat more fruits"!

Rainbow's charismatic rapper Woori updated her Twitter on 3rd August.

She mentioned,"So hot,if it's like this,we should eat more tropical fruits!!Eat as much as you want".

Sporting her new hairstyle,Woori poses cutely in her latest selca,remember her advice,eat more fruits to keep your body healthy during hot summer!

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T-ara Soyeon's drama "Haeundae Lovers" released its teaser!

T-ara Soyeon's upcoming drama "Haeundae Lovers" released its 1st teaser!

Check out the teaser below!

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T-ara's Day By Day performance + Ah Reum's Sexy dance on Sebakwi!

T-ara's Eunjung,Jiyeon and Ah Reum appeared on Sebakwi aired on 4th August,the girls dance to their latest hit song Day By Day and new member Ah Reum shows off her dancing ability on the show,check out the video below!

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SNSD at the launch event of "GiRL" perfume!

SNSD arrived in Japan a day earlier on 3rd August to attend the launch event of "GiRL" perfume.

The girls are all dressed up elegantly at the launch event,check out the photos from the event here!

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4Minute released Love Tension PV!

4Minute released the full PV of their new Japanese song "Love Tension",check out the full PV here.

Loving the girls' Love Tension?

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Sandara Park is busy exercising!

2NE1's Sandara Park uploaded a new photo on her Me2day.

She is seen exercising hard in the gym room,watching Olympic while busy running treadmill.

It's time to get your body moving too,Dara will definitely inspire fans to exercise more!

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Super Junior released new song Spy!

Check out Super Junior's new song titled "Spy",like this song?

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TAHITI Profile

Group Name: TAHITI
Company: Dream Star Entertainment
Debut date 24th July 2012
Debut Song: Tonight


Real Name: Heo EunJung (허은정)
Position: Rapper
Animal:  Lion
DOB: October 20, 1990
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Hobbies: Hip-Hop music, skating
Specialties: Dancing

Real Name: Yoon JungBin (윤정빈)
Position: Leader, Visual, Vocalist
Animal: Fox
DOB: April 2, 1990
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45kg
Hobbies: Dancing, Acting
Specialties: Drawing

Real Name: Shin MinJae (신민재)
Position: Vocalist
Animal: Sloth
DOB: August 13, 1991
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Hobbies: Singing
Specialities: Composing, piano

Real Name: Shin Jisoo (신지수)
Position: Vocalist,  Maknae
Animal: Squirrel
DOB: February 28, 1994
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg
Hobbies: Watching movies, theatre, listening music

Real Name:  Lee Dasom (이다솜)
Position: Rapper, Main Vocalist
DOB: December 21, 1992
Height: 172cm
Weight: 49kg

Ye Eun
Real Name:
Position: Vocalist
DOB: December 25, 1993
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Hobbies: Shopping, listening to music

Profile Credits: TAHITI's thread @ Hallyu8

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Lee Hyori released new Chum-Churum Soju CF!

Sexy queen Lee Hyori is back with her new CF.

Check out her latest CF for popular Soju brand Chum-Churum!

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U-Kiss LIVE in Budokan video message!

U-Kiss recorded a video message for their upcoming Japan concert.

The boys will perform at Budokan on 5th September,so Japanese Kiss Me,please remember to show the boys a lot of love!

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IU's casual airport fashion!

 IU returned to Korea from London after cheering on Korean National soccer team on 1st August,the team played against Gabonese.

IU was spotted wearing a white shirt,blue denim hot pants and a pair of black high heels.

She waved to the media and showed her lovely smile at the airport,fans commented that she looks tired in these photos.

She needs to have enough rest now as according to reliable source,IU has received more than 10 offers for new drama,fans are excited to see IU on the TV screen as an actress again.

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AOA's debut showcase performance + photos!

New girls AOA (Ace Of Angels) performed on their debut showcase a few days ago and i just managed to discover a better quality video of their performance.

The girls performed both versions of Elvis as well as other songs from their debut album.

Check out the performance and photos taken at the showcase!

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SNSD’s Fansites Raise Funds for Charity Project in Cambodia!

Girls’ Generation’s fansites came together to raise funds for a  third world country support group, World Share , and took part in a well digging project for the improvement of drinking water in Cambodia.

While there were cases where each fansite would raise funds to donate to public welfare,  eight individual fansites collaborating together to raise funds is seen as a rare occasion.
Girls’ Generation’s fansites that took part in the donation were flying petals, COTTON CANDY, Woorissica, TheStephi, Shining smile, kwonyuri125, deeryoona, and Seople. As a way of symbolizing the nine members of Girls’ Generation, 9,999,999 won (8810.572 USD) were donated to World Share.
The project will take place in the Cambodian villages and districts of Takeo, Tram Kak, Ta Phem, and Ta Much and will be conducted under Girls’ Generation’s name.  Nine wells will be constructed, and each will be named after a Girls’ Generation member. After the construction of the wells, the remaining funds will go towards daily necessities and vaccinations needed by locals in Cambodia.
A member of one of the fansites stated, “For a long time, each site wanted to do a good deed together, and  we decided to do the donation on August 5th, 2012 in light of Girls’ Generation’s fifth anniversary. If we get the chance, we want to continue to participate in good deeds in the future.”
Source: Newswire via  Daumsoshified
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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Crayon Pop Profile

Group Name: Crayon Pop
Company: Chrome Entertainment
Debut Date: 23rd June 2012
Debut Song: Bing Bing


Birth Date: 1988.6.18

Height: 165cm

Real Name: Baek Bo Ram
Constellation: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Birth Date: 1991.5.15
Height: 160cm
Real Name: Park Hye Kyeong
Constellation: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep

Birth Date: 1991.5.15
Height: 160cm
Real Name: Park Hye Kyeong
Constellation: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep

Birth Date: 1990.7.12

Height: 160.5cm

Education: Seoul Art College
Real Name: Heo Min Seon
Constellation: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Horse


Birth Date:1990.7.12

Height: 160.5cm

Real Name: Heo Min Jin
Constellation: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Source: Crayonpop.net

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