Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards Opens On February 12th! Top Singers And Actors Attend!

Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards Opens On February 12th! Top Singers And Actors Attend!
(Photo : Star News)

The 3rd annual Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards called the top singers and popular actors to celebrate 2013's best in the music industry.

Just as it was for the 1st and 2nd awards ceremony, the event was co-sponsored by on/offline news media StarNews and Gaon Charts. It was held on the 12th at Korea's biggest indoor concert venue, the Olympic Gymnasium Stadium in Seoul.

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Just like previous years, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards gathered 2013's top singers.

Popular boy groups such as EXO, B.A.P, and BTS made an appearance, as well as girl groups such as Girls' Generation, 2NE1, SISTAR, 4MINUTE, miss A, Davichi, Girl's Day, A Pink, Crayon Pop, and Ladies' Code.

There were also solo singers such as Seo In Guk, Mad Clown, Jung Joon Young, IU, Lim Kim, and Jia, as well as leading hip hop artists such as Dynamic Duo, and San E. Rock group Rose Motel also made an appearance. There were many singers from a wide variety of genres at the Awards ceremony.

The singers appeared to see which artists reigned number 1 for each month and in each genre, and also to see which album was number 1. A total of 16 talented singers were awarded during this ceremony.

Girls' Generation, Davichi, EXO, SISTAR, 2NE1, B.A.P, 4MINUTE, Girl's Day, A Pink, Crayon Pop, BTS, Jung Joon Young, Lim Kim, Ladies' Code, Dynamic Duo, and San E prepared their own performances to showcase their charms and talents.

The hosts were a sight to see as well. Former MBC announcer and "You Who Came from the Stars" star Oh Sang Jin and Girls' Generation's healthy charm girl Yuri were MCs for the event. tvN "Respond 1994" actor Kim Sung Kyoon and girl group Tiny G's Dohee lended a hand in handing out the awards. They were joined by Lee Da Hae, Kyung Soo Jin, Joo Da Young, Wang Ji Won, Kim So Eun, Seo Yoori, Chun Ee Seul, Choi Yoon So, Kim Joon Hee, Sa Hee, An Hye Kyung, Choi Ji Yeon, Hyo Young, Choi Yoon So, Do Ji Han, Choi Sung Joon, Sung Hyuk, and more.

Not only were singers awarded during this ceremony, last year's best and most talented producers, composers, lyricists, performers, choreographers, stylists, and engineers were also recognized for their hard work.

The event started at 4:30, with the red carpet, and stars came sporting their highest fashion attire.

The Gaon K-Pop Awards main chart Gaon Charts were compiled with data collected through digital music sales and album sales. Each month's number 1 song and artist, each genre's number 1 song, and more were awarded to a total of 16 teams. From the start there was a high chance of multiple Singer of the Year awards being handed out.

Rookie awards were also given to the best male and female rookie groups, along with rookie solo singers. Among the awards were also Discovery of the Year Award, Long Run Song Award, World Hallyu Star Award, Overseas Awards, and more.

The event was broadcast live through KBS Drama, Joy, W, and MelOn.

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EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin to Be Featured on Upcoming SBS Special

EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin to Be Featured on Upcoming SBS Special

EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin to Be Featured on Upcoming SBS Special

What is the meaning of “the 10,000-hour rule?” No matter the innate talent in someone, in order to become an expert, 10,000 hours of practice and study are needed. On February 16, the SBS special “Determination: 10,000 Hours” will uncover the secrets of those 10,000 hours.

 -Analyzing the 10,000 hours of hard-working idols

What do the representative hard-working idols U-know Yunho (TVXQ), Taemin (SHINee), and Kai (EXO) have in common? On average, idols debut after about a 3-5 year training period. What’s crucial is that in that same amount of time, some learn and grow exponentially, and others don’t. Among the many theories set forth by educational and social psychologists, the SBS special searches for the answers to our questions. 

Four years ago, commercial photographer Dan McLaughlin, on the year that he turned 30, quit his job, decided to become a pro golfer, and is currently practicing with ‘the 10,000-hour rule.’ “I wanted to experience something completely new. And I wanted to test the ’10,000-hour rule’ hypothesis.” What might be the driving force that has kept McLaughlin on track for the past four years?

 -The behind-the-scenes story of the powerful performances, EXO Kai’s audition video revealed for the first time

How did SHINee’s Taemin overcome his personal shortcomings, having been called tone-deaf as a child? The memories of Kai and Taemin from the dance studio, close friends from their training days, Kai’s honest thoughts having watched his close friend debut before him, Kai’s practice methods, and frank disclosure. The February 16 SBS special “Determination: 10,000 Hours” will reveal all.

sbs special taemin kai


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Girls’ Generation Joined Hands With World Renowned Producer Team The Underdogs

Girls’ Generation Joined Hands With World Renowned Producer Team The Underdogs

Girls' Generation's new song "Mr.Mr" was produced by world renowned producer team The Underdogs.

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SM revealed on the 12th, "'Mr.Mr' is a charming dance song with an R&B sound. It's a work by The Underdogs, who also worked with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and other famous pop stars. This was Girls' Generation and The Underdogs' first joint project together."

Girls' Generation announced their comeback on the 11th with a teaser image, quickly becoming the number 1 search query on several portal sites. Not only that, the group is being highlighted by Billboard in great anticipation for their new album.

On February 11th Billboard published an article that introduced the group's "Mr.Mr" teaser image in detail. They wrote, "The outfit's 'I Got a Boy' video earned [over] 85 million YouTube views as well as won the group Video of the Year at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, where it competed against the most watched and shared videos of the year from Justin Bieber, One Direction, Miley Cyrus and more." They continued, "The new single will also prove whether the act can garner enough U.S. views to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 after the chart added YouTube views to its formula." The also wrote, "Anticipation is high to see what the group can accomplish after an exciting 2013."

Girls' Generation's new mini album Mr.Mr will be released on the 24th, and the title song will be released on the 19th.

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How Do Girl Groups Deal With The Sexy Concepts?

How Do Girl Groups Deal With The Sexy Concepts?

Ever since the beginning of the year, girl groups have been waging a war with their sexy concepts, but the way they deal with these concepts are different.

There are main groups that boast being of 'a different class,' while others are taking on a different strategy to deal with the matter at hand.

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Girl's Day and AOA are two main groups that are emphasizing the necessity of the sexy concept. Girl's Day used the sexy concept, and is currently going strong over a month later, taking their sexiness even further for the long run. AOA started as a band, and their first music program win was with their sexy transformation. Both these groups overturned the 2nd year 'lukewarm' stage through their sexy concepts, and proved that "ultimately the answer is sexy."

Both groups used the sexy concept as their strategies, and raised awareness of their groups through music videos and SNS, which helped them reach the top spots on various music programs. They've been put in the ring where they can confront other girl groups and put forth the best that they've got.

As soon as other groups started emerging, singers already boasting their sexiness had to set themselves apart with their comebacks. Sunmi is adding an alluring image to go along with their exposing sexy concept. She used the topic of vampires to deviate slightly from her body exposing sexy concept. She released her song "Full Moon" teaser on the 12th, in which she approached a man with her eyes locked on his neck, shocking the viewers with its intensity. She used red candles, bad noises, and other props to represent the sexy yet mysterious and gloomy atmosphere, accurately capturing Sunmi's intended sexy vampire image.

Since sexy concepts are becoming prominent for girl groups who want to rise to the top, major girl groups who are already at the top are looking to go down a different route. In particular, Girls' Generation has been known to state their position as "We won't go there."

Their song "Mr.Mr" teaser was revealed on the 11th, and looks to take place at the hospital, in which the members play the 'mystery girls.' A rep from their agency SM Entertainment stated, "It won't be a sexy concept. Just like it's always been, the members will show a new image that goes along with the song's message."

There are yet other singers that are willing to go as far as it takes to break through to the frontlines. Stellar. They're determined to go all the way.

They revealed teasers that blatantly reveal their body parts. They even showed choreography and costume attire that reveal most of their butts. They released the music video on the 12th, and are determined to stand their ground in the sexy war. As far as exposure goes, it will be hard to top these girls. It looks as if they're determined to give it all they've got, even if it means showing their private but sexualized body parts.

Although some may think that sexy is getting overdone, these girls have been the number 1 search query on portal sites for 3 days now, and are receiving an explosive response. 

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Suzy Experiences Wardrobe Malfunction at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

Suzy Experiences Wardrobe Malfunction at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

Suzy Experiences Wardrobe Malfunction at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

miss A‘s Suzy suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing “Hush” at the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

Held at Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Sports Stadium on February 12 at 7pm, miss A was one of the performers at the large music event. The girl group was the opening act for the second part of the show, and the girls entered wearing beautiful white outfits.

However, just around a minute into their performance, Suzy begun to reach for the neck strap of her halterneck dress. Seems like the decorative and metallic neck piece had unfastened, causing her to worry about the dress falling off. 

She continued to perform despite the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, and tried to do her best while holding her dress up with her hands. Despite the situation being a very uncomfortable one, Suzy managed to focus on her performance, earning praises for her professional attitude.

Luckily nothing worse happened!

You can see her reach for the neck piece at 1:12 in the video below.


Make sure to check out our red carpet gallery and winners list

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James Jerric Cortes
James Jerric Cortes 5pts

Poor Suzy :( But she pulled it off very cutely and hot at the same time :Q___

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YG 2NE1 To Go Head To Head Against SM Girls’ Generation

YG 2NE1 To Go Head To Head Against SM Girls’ Generation

Korea's top 2 girl groups will be going head to head!

The two most anticipating girl groups will be releasing their new songs this month and have their comeback -- 2NE1 and Girls' Generation.

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According to sources on the 12th, 2NE1 is aiming to release a new song mid-February along with their new album. Although details are still being confirmed, according to their work schedules, they're expected to reveal a new song at latest by the end of the month.

Fans are in high expectations because this comeback won't be accompanied by just a digital single, but a new album with all new songs. 2NE1 hasn't released a new full length album since September of 2010, when they released To Anyone.

It's an advantageous time for 2NE1 to release a new album, especially since they will be beginning their 2nd world tour soon. The group will be visiting 13 cities across 9 countries. Their first tour concert date is scheduled for March 1st and 2nd at the Olympic SK Handball Stadium in Seoul, so this time is vital for the girls.

YG Entertainment has yet to reveal details about the group's new song, but looking at it from a business standpoint, it's least likely that they'll be delaying their album release date past their tour date.

It seems, then, that 2NE1 will most likely be releasing their new song around the same time as Girls' Generation, and fans are eagerly anticipating their similarly timed comebacks.

Girls' Generation will be releasing their 4th mini album Mr.Mr on the 24th, and will release the title song "Mr.Mr" on the 19th through several music sites.

With 2007 debut girl group Girls' Generation and 2009 debut girl group 2NE1 both making comebacks, the focus is put on their varying charismas and different music styles. While both groups are definitely top girl groups, they've never really gone head to head. As girl groups that represent the face of SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment will compete directly against each other, there's anticipation as to which agency will come out on top.

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EXO, Girls’ Generation, missA, BAP, + More Take the Trophies at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

EXO, Girls’ Generation, missA, BAP, + More Take the Trophies at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

EXO, Girls’ Generation, missA, BAP, + More Take the Trophies at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

On February 12, some of K-Pop’s top artists came under the same roof to accept awards and give powerful performances for the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Before the ceremony, the stars dazzled at the red carpet (see the gallery here) with their fashion forward outfits.  

The Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards recognized K-Pop artists’ achievements in not only popularity and music ranking, but artistry and production. The main hosts of the night was Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and announcer Oh Sang Jin. Celebrities such as Lee Dae Hae, Dohee, and Kim Sung Kyun also presented awards to the lucky and talented and winners. 

Here are the list of awards and winners of the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

Artists of the Year (Albums): 

First Quarter: Girls’ Generation                    

Second Quarter: Cho Yong Pil

Third Quarter: EXO

Fourth Quarter: EXO


Artists of the Year (Singles by Months):

January: Girls’ Generation

February: Sistar19



March: Davichi



April: PSY

May: 4Minute



June: Sistar



July: Dynamic Duo



August: SanE



September: Soyou x Mad Clown



October: IU



November:  missA



December: Seo In Gook and Zia



Rookie Artists of the Year:

Group: BTS



Male Solo: Jung Joon Young



Female Solo: Lim Kim



Indie Discovery Award: Rose Motel

World Rookie Award: B.A.P.



Hot Trend: Crayon Pop



Long Running Award: Girls’ Day‘s “Expectation



K-Pop Contribution Award: Cho Yong Pil

Music Distribution Award: CJ E&M

New Media Platform Award: Bugs

Style Choreography Award: Yama and Hot Chicks

Style Costume Award: Jung Bo Yoon

Fan Popularity Award: EXO



Noraebang Popularity Award: Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim‘s “Turn to Dust

K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award: 2NE1



Hot Performance Award: APink



Composer of the Year Award: Duble Kick

Lyricist of the Year Award: Kim Lee Na

Producer of the Year Award: Yang Hyun Suk

Musical Performer of the Year Award: Gil Eun Kyung and Tommy Kim

Engineer of the Year Award: Jo Joon Sung

World Music Award: DJ GollumThe Bad Touch“ 

Check back to Soompi for our gallery of performances and highlight of the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards! 

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Dasom Sets Fans’ Hearts Aflame with Pictures from “Some” MV

Dasom Sets Fans’ Hearts Aflame with Pictures from “Some” MV

Dasom Sets Fans’ Hearts Aflame with Pictures from “Some” MV

SISTAR member Dasom’s photos from the set of the music video, “Some” have been released! 

“Some” is a popular duet track sung by fellow SISTAR member Soyou and JungGiGoLil Boi of Geeks also drops a couple of rap verses in the song! In the music video, B1A4’s Baro and Dasom act as an adorable couple struggling to define their relationship and go on an actual date.

On February 11, Starship Entertainment posted the photos on their official Twitter account. Dasom poses with aegyo and charm in a yellow knit sweater.

Netizens commented on the photo saying “Way to attack the hearts of uncle fans,” “Dasom is getting prettier,” “She looks great with Baro,” and “I really like JungGiGo and Soyou’s duet track!” 

In related news, JungGiGo and Soyou have been promoting “Some” and have had great success on music charts.


Check out the music video below!

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Which Boyband-er Would Make the Best Valentine?

Imagine your favorite boyband-er showed up at your doorstep and sang an original medley of, "Happy Valentine's Day". And then he proceeded to end it with a huge kiss on the lips? Are you getting excited? Since this can't be your reality, let's make it your fantasy. Which one of these boyband-ers would be the most romantic and make the best valentine?

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Taeyang of Big Bang

Yong Hwa of CNBlue

Jonghyun of SHINee

Nichkhun of 2PM

Sehun of EXO

Jongup of B.A.P

Myungsoo of Infinite

Minhyuk  of BTOB


Doo Joon of BEAST

Zico of Block B

Eli of U-Kiss

Heechul of Super Junior 

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Girls’ Generation Members Come Out to Support Maknae Seohyun’s Romantic Musical

Girls’ Generation Members Come Out to Support Maknae Seohyun’s Romantic Musical

Girls’ Generation Members Come Out to Support Maknae Seohyun’s Romantic Musical

Sunny, Jessica and Sooyoung came out to enjoy the musical “Moon that Embraces the Sun” to support their fellow Girls’ Generation member Seohyun. Seohyun is currently performing along side Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun for the historical musical based off the 2012 drama of the same name. 

A photo of the members along with Kyuhyun smiling backstage was posted on Sunny’s Instagram page along with the message, “We watched i-ya… It’s an impressive piece of work….. Is this Hyun that embraces the Kyu? keke out of everyone here, I should be the one that uploads the fastest hek-hek!!! kekekekeke maknaengis (Seohyun and Kyuhyun) are incredible♡”

Seohyun displays a more traditional beauty with her pink hanbok.

You can watch Seohyun and Kyuhyun share a cute kiss from the musical in the video below.

Girls’ Generation is getting ready for the release of their comeback single “Mr. Mr.” You can view Seohyun’s teaser image for “Mr. Mr.” here.

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Luo Rie Nam
Luo Rie Nam 5pts

its good to have supportive friends;)

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Son Dam Bi, Naked Face And Shower Gown 'Still Beautiful'

son dam bi naked face
Singer Son Dam Bi showed off her naked face beauty. (Photo : instagram)

Singer Son Dam Bi showed off her naked face beauty.

Yesterday, Son Dam Bi posted on her Instagram, "Trying to become a morning person! Long way to go," along with a picture.

In the picture, Son Dam Bi is in a shower gown, posing for the camera. She pouted her lips and made a cute face.

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Internet users who saw this commented, "So cute," "Still beautiful," etc.

Photo Credit: Son Dam Bi Instagram

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