Jay Park cries because of supervillain Loki!

Thor's super villain Loki has a victim again, and it's none other than Jay Park.

Tom Hiddleston who is in Korea to promote his character Loki for upcoming movie "Thor: Dark World" appeared on tvN's SNL Korea and participated in a short yet hilarious short skit.

For the skit, Tom discussed noise as one of the social problems. To begin with, Hiddleston danced to Bar Bar Bar in a flat and making a lot of noise making a neighbor angry and asked him to quiet down. On the next scene, it's Jay Park's who's dancing to "I Like To Party" and Hiddleston appeared and asked him to quiet down making poor Jay cry. Jay's mother pinched Tom's chest. Comedian Kim Min Kyo also appeared as Thor.

Check the video below:

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T.O.P featured on magazines' spreads this November!

Big Bang T.O.P is in demand for pictorial for various magazines on their November issues. After receiving compliments for being an outstanding actor, T.O.P has just gotten a lot of interest.

T.O.P is featured on November issues of W.Korea and even became the cover artist for L'OFFICIEL HOMMES. Aside from his acting skills, we could also see his irresistible charms from these featuring.

Check the photos below:


T.O.P for W Korea

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JYJ's Jaejoong to bare sexiness on Esquire magazine November issue!

JYJ's Jaejoong is to be featured on Esquire's November issue.

Jaejoong exposed his well-toned upper body with a mysterious look, while leather jackets and coats revealed his strong masculine charisma.

On the other hand, Jaejoong released his teaser image for his 1st solo full-length album, 'WWW: Who, When, Why',

The three Wh-questions will be answered on October 29th!

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B2ST's Kikwang achieves it first!

B2ST's Kikwang has reached one million followers already!

Kikwang joined twitter in October 2010. After three years, he's the first B2ST member to receive million love. However, Junhyung and Doojoon, who confirmed Kikwang's twitter then, are on their way also with over 900,000 followers to their Twitters respectively. Dong Woon has 800,000 plus, while Yoseob, who has more 29, 000, and Hyun Seung, who has no twitter, are the least active in Twitter.

On Kikwang's latest tweet, he wrote:
청주 여러분 다음에 다시 봐요 집에 조심히 들어가시구요!!!^_^
— GK (@B2stGK) October 19, 2013


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XIA Junsu’s 2nd Asia Tour Concert in Japan video highlights unveiled!

For the fans who missed JYJ's XIA Junsu's Japan concert, C-JeS Entertainment released a short clip of highlights from his 2nd Asia Tour Concert in Japan.

He ended the seven-city concert tour at the Yokohama Arena in Japan on October 17 gathering more than 30,000 fans. He performed songs from his second Korean album, ”Incredible“, and songs of Ayaka’s “Minna Sora no Shita” and Kobukuro’s “Tsubomi."

He successfully held his Asia Tour in seven cities (Bangkok, Shanghai, Seoul, Busan, Sydney, Nagoya, and Yokohama Arena in Japan). He'll be back in Korea in December with a musical entitled, “December.” 

Watch below:

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Whose hands holding tight are these?

Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi updated his Weibo account with a photo that will definitely make someone's heart beats fast.

The photo showed two hands holding each other so tight. Those hands are Zhou Mi's and f(x)'s Victoria's!

Zhou Mi wrote, "感谢六年有彼此的陪伴!希望大家喜欢【被风吹过的夏天】." He said, "Thanks to six years of having each other's company! A lifetime of good friends, and they will continue to work together! I hope you like the wind in the summer []"

The two had a chance to work together in a Chinese-Taiwanese drama, “When Love Walked In” where Victoria played the female lead, Shen Ya Yin, who had a change of life from normal to becoming a big company's CEO's granddaughter and Zhou Mi as one of the special company workers who helped Victoria during her transition and eventually fell in love with her.

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SOURCE: weibo/sjmzhoumi

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EXO-M's IQIYI Interview [ENG subbed]!

EXO-M was recently interviewed by IQIYI!

EXO-M wore uniform apparel, and started the video by introducing themselves and their roles. 

Surprisingly, Lay forgot his role, dancer, and had to ask help from his fellows; Kris is the leader and rapper; Luhan takes care of the singing with Chen as the lead vocalist; Tao‘s enumerated three positions: rapper, wushu, and body figure; and last is Xiumin who had menboong, so he just burst out, "bun!".

They teased about their upcoming comeback in November. However, the group kept mum on details. They said the more people who'll anticipate, the faster it will materialize. Luhan told not to believe in rumors.

Watch below:

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) to attack for a comeback soon!

BTS (Bangtan Boys)'s fans (A.R.M.Y.) will be definitely lunatic because BTS is planning for a comeback attack!

BTS (Bangtan Boys)'s Jimin posted on their fancafe, "You're disappointed, right?ㅎㅎ Everyone! I bet you were all disappointed because you thought we were done with promotions, right?ㅎㅎㅎㅎHehehehehe Bangtan will be attacking soon! Please wait a bit more~"

There's also a post on their twitter, Rap Monster made hilarious selfies after learning BTS' comeback. The tweet says, "Title of masterpiece: Kim ARMY after seeing the notice about follow-up promotions with Attack of Bangtan.jpg (P.S: Look at it from the right, clockwise) "

작품제목 : 진격 후속곡 결정 공지글을 본 김아미.jpg (추신: 오른쪽부터 시계방향으로 감상) pic.twitter.com/OVtcUsYaU3

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) October 19, 2013

Watch below: 

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TVXQ creates concert documentary PV for 'One and Only One'!

TVXQ created a 'concert documentary PV' for their song "One and Only One"!

"One and Only One" featured the 'Live Tour 2012 ~TIME~', the  CASSIOPEIA  and the two handsome and talented guys of TVQX, Yunho and Changmin. Yunho's narration opened the documentary. 

Their concert on August 17 and 18 at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama gathered 72,000 people daily in the highest grossing performance ever since making its debut in 2003. Nissan Stadium, which is 1.5 times bigger than Tokyo Dome, turned into the famous Cassiopeian 'Red Ocean'.

TVXQ was the first non-Japanese singers to perform at Nissan Stadium.

Watch below:

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2PM's Nichkhun makes the day of some of his fans!

2PM's Nichkhun made the day of some of his fortunate fans through a fantalk last October 15.

He posted on his twitter: 
Fantalk?? = ]
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

He started with a reply to a certain @whitechop:

"@whitechop: @Khunnie0624 how was greece?! Are you still there?" It was amazing! Im in japan now though~
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

@whitechop wrote on her twitter:

Sorry-getting a reply from one of ur fav korean boyband is something super beyond amazing and awesome for me :D ❤️❤️❤️❤️
— Jo Ann (@whitechop) October 15, 2013

He greeted @Oktaviana__ who was celebrating her or his luckiest birthday ever!

"@Oktaviana__: @Khunnie0624 i cant believe that u are having fantalk on my bday n i rly hope u can wish me oh plsssss" happy birthday!^^
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

What happened to @sojuholic_ project defense? Did he or she pass it? Perhaps, it's a yes because Nichkhun wished him luck.

"@sojuholic_: @Khunnie0624 will have a project defense at school. Please wish me luck! :))" goodluck! Do your best!^^
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

Nichkhun doesn't have an Instagram account, so @valsgason asked him if he will ever make. Nichkhun answered:

"@valsgason: @Khunnie0624 Ever thought of creating an Instagram account like @Jun2daKAY n @0.." no but maybe tumblr? Will let you guys know.
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

On his last fantalk tweet, he wasn't able to answer @NkSulove's question, "Our khun is very sexy,Do you agree????"

"@NkSulove: @Khunnie0624 Our khun is very sexy,Do you agree????" Who? What?? Haha anyway last tweet guys gotta run! Thank you y'all! ♥
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

All in all, 20 fans definitely marked October 15 as historical. But wait guys, there's more.  Nichkhun's last tweet is a hope for others who were not able to be one of the twenty.

Live chatting will start very very sooooooon~ = ] get ready guys!
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 18, 2013

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EXO-K's Chanyeol and Super Junior-M's Henry take a selca together at #SMTownBeijing

Super Junior-M's Henry updated his Weibo account with a selca with EXO-K's Chanyeol just after the #SMTownBeijing ended.

In the photo, the two showed their huge happiness through their big smiles. Chanyeol posed with a peace sign.

Henry wrote, "smtown 北京刚刚结束了!谢谢大家!我爱你们" (Beijing has just completed! Thank you! I love you)

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SOURCE: weibo/Henry

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f(x)'s Victoria and Amber display a totally opposite pose

f(x)'s Victoria updated her Weibo with a photo with her fellow member Amber!

The photo was taken on the flight to Beijing, China where the SMTown Live World Tour III” was held yesterday, October 19.

The two displayed different kind of beauty. Victoria hid her beautiful eyes under a big black sunglasses and her smile was simple but fab, while Amber bared her not made up but gorgeous face, and made an opened-mouthed kind of smile.

If you are to choose between the two poses, what would you prefer?

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BPPOP's 'Never Ever Let Me Go' dance practice unleashed!

BPPOP released the dance practice video of "Never Ever Let Me Go".

On the video, the five gorgeous girls wore uniform short white dress. They danced and sang their latest song "Never Ever Let Me Go" which was composed by the mind behind the AKB48 hit song, "Yaritagariya sa".  They're no other than Kim Son Yub and Lee Sang Min,.

Don't let go the chance to see the video below:

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f(x)‘s Sulli and Victoria and Super Junior‘s Ryeowook and Sungmin in SPAO Sweater 2013 CF!

f(x)‘s Sulli and Victoria and Super Junior‘s Ryeowook and Sungmin are featured in the latest SPAO CF.

Winter is approaching, thus SPAO is back with its latest line of colorful sweaters and cardigans. These K-Pop idols made a humorous CF wearing stylish winter apparel. 

Watch below:

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Ailee to promote 'Heaven' in 6 places in Japan!

Ailee is set to promote her debut single, Japanese version of 'Heaven', in six places in Japan (Fukuoka, Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo Dome City Lacour Garden).

Fukuoka on November 4, Sapporo on the 5th, Tokyo on the 6th, Osaka on the 7th, Nagoya on the 8th and the last would be on November 10th.

Her first Japanese single 'Heaven" is going to be released on November 6. It will be available in CD and CD+DVD version.

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SOURCE: Ailee Japan

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2NE1's Dara to be featured on PH's 'EsKWELAhan ni Ryan Bang'!

2NE1's Dara is to be featured on a Philippine TV show, EsKWELAhan ni Ryan Bang.”

The staff of the show went in Jeju Island to feature the place, and they had lunch with the 'Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas', Sandara Park.

Ryan Bang posted a tweet on his twitter inviting all to watch his show with Dara on October 26

He said, "Thank you very much to those who watched #eskwelahanniryanbang on Studio 23 Watch next Saturday 6pm you will see @krungy21"

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng nanood ng #eskwelahanniryanbang sa studio23 abangan niyo sa susunod ng sabado 6pm makikita niyo si @krungy21
— ryanbang (@ryanbang) October 19, 2013

Ryan Bang is Korean by blood, who's living a life in the Philippines as a comedian and a host of three ABS-CBN shows, 'It's Showtime', 'Banana Split' and 'EsKWELAhan ni Ryan Bang' (School of Ryan Bang).

Watch and learn below:

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Super Junior's Heechul updates Instagram with a post-shower photo

Super Junior's Heechul updated his Instagram with a post-shower photo.

Heechul grabbed his cell phone and took a photo of himself just after his shower. On the photo, he wore a white bath robe, he held the tie and and pulled it up.

He wrote, "우울함은 내려놓고 샤워를 마친 후 행복한 하루를 보내자. 아 심장이 쿵쾅쿵쾅 거림. 얼마만에 듣는 "金希澈" 이더냐.. 그래 맞아.. 나 金希澈이었음!! 그러니 나와 잘 어울리는 에로틱한 샤워컷~♡"

He says, "I put depressing feelings down, and finished showering. Let’s have a happy day. Ah my heart is beating fast. How long has it been since I heard “Kim Heechul.”(written in Chinese)… Yes that’s right… I am Kim Heechul!! So an erotic shower cut that fits me~"

What a powerful shower he had, it removed pessimism.

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Future boy group I-REX's debut song "That You're My Girl" MV teaser feat. EXID's Junghwa revealed!

Upcoming boy group I -REX  (or  I.REX ) released the music video teaser of their debut song  " That You're My Girl ".

"That You're My Girl" is the title track of the  boys' single album ' Rush to the Top ', and  will feature    EXID 's  Junghwa as the their love interest.

I-REX is set to debut on October 21st!

Watch below:

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SPICA's Bohyung releases piano version of 'Crazy Girl'

After SPICA's Bohyung released the music video of her solo song, 'Crazy Girl' on October 18, she made a piano version of it.

“Crazy Girl” is a sad ballad song featuring her fellow SPICA member Park Na RaeLee Hyori also supported Bohyung in producing, writing, and composing the song.

Watch below:

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TOPP DOGG introduces last member Gohn!

Getting ready for official debut, Stardom Entertainment’s upcoming group TOPP DOGG introduced its 13th and last member named Gohn.

TOPP DOGG already introduced its first 12 members B-Joo, Hojoon, P-Goon, YanoNakta, Xero, A-Tom, Jenissi, Seogoong, Sangdo, Hansol and Kidoh, and now the 13th member Gohn has been revealed.

The group consists of thirteen members and will be the first boy group for Stardom Entertainment since Block B left the agency. While they already showcased their sound with a few mixtape tracks, it is said that TOPP DOGG will have a different concept than Block B.

Meanwhile, they already released their song's, 'Say It', teaser video.

Topp Dogg is set to debut on October 24!

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2NE1's Dara and Ailee attend the SK-PH Presidential Banquet!

2NE1's Dara and Ailee were spotted at the State Dinner for Philippine President Benigno Aquino III on October 17. It was hosted by South Korean President Park Geun-hye, and was held at the State Guest House of Cheong Wa Dae, or Blue House.
According to Radio TV Malacañang, Ailee was one of the performers. The others were Ensemble Sinawi, Philippine soprano Rachelle Gerodias, NY Quartet and jazz saxophonist Alvin Cornista.

The two Korean idols have connections to the Philippines. Dara first rose to fame in the Philippines when she became the runner of Hero Angeles on Star Circle Quest 1, while Ailee did promotional videos for the Philippine tourism.

President Aquino was the first leader to have a State Visit under President Park’s administration.

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SOURCE: Manila Bulletin

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TeamAirport vs TeamConcert vs TeamBahay, which team will prevail at Super Show 5 Manila?

Pinoy Elfs still have five more days to wait before the Super Junior's Super Show 5 Manila leg on October 24 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

The question now, which team will prevail the Twitter world on Thursday? 

Will it be #TeamAirport which will patiently wait for Super Junior's arrival,  #TeamConcert which will personally witness the performances or  #TeamBahay which has no choice but to stay at their houses (bahay)?

During the KPop Republic 2013 Concert this last September, #TeamBahay became the most powerful among the three teams. They made different humorous memes (edited photos and comments) to express their 'sadness' over not being able to see SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet!

We'll not know until October 24!

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2PM's Nichkhun to visit Manila in November via Benchsetter Fun Meet! + Bench BTS video

Bench, a clothing brand in the Philippines, will finally bring 2PM's Nichkhun in Manila!

Nichkhun was chosen to be one of the global Benchsetters early this year. He had his pictorial in Thailand, thus it will be the first time that he will personally endorse Bench in its home.

As of now, it's only the date that was revealed. Save the date on November 9! Bench posted on its official twitter:

The long wait is over! Global Benchsetter NICHKHUN will be here in Manila on November 9 to meet his… http://t.co/ieS2Oplrsv
— BENCH/ (@benchtm) October 14, 2013

On Nichkhun's twitter, he expressed his excitement as he answered a question of a fan:

"@ALEXASACLAO: @Khunnie0624 Are you excited to meet your Filipino fans? :)" yes more than I can verbally describe! Been waiting for it! = ]
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) October 15, 2013

Watch the BTS below:

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SOURCE: @benchtm@Khunnie0624BENCH/

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How do the six boys of Teen Top look when they woke up?

With the announcement of their nearing comeback, Teen Top members are firing the excitement by revealing their bed selcas.

The members were featured on Starcast Naver with their cute morning selcas.
Taken by each members, the selcas swoon Teen Top fans and is getting even more excited with their comeback.

So, who's bed selca do you like the most?

Meanwhile, Teen Top is releasing their repackaged album 'Teen Top Class Addition' on October 23.

Source: Naver 
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