Choi Jonghoon’s Shocking Confession “Dated twice after debut. Both are celebrities”

FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon confessed about his love experience.

The season 2 cast from tvN ‘The Romantic & Idol” was introduced on the episode that aired on 30 December. They are G.NA, Jewelry‘s Yewon, Spica‘s Yang Jiwon, Two X’s Eunyoung, FTISLAND’s Jonghoon, ZE:A‘s Kevin, BtoB’s Minhyuk and VIXX’s N.

Choi Jonghoon honestly confessed about his love experience to the producers before the first meeting. He revealed that, “I dated twice after our debut. Both of them are celebrities.”

Shocked by his honesty, the producers asked, “What if your fans object or dislike your relationship?” He gave another shocking answer by saying, “I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I’m the honest type.”
“The Romantic” trip season 2 will start its first airing next week.

Credit: Newsen + ying1005@withtreasures

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Hyomin, "Forever sorry to our fans... Deeply thought about how to express myself"

Hyomin, "Forever sorry to our fans... Deeply thought about how to express it"

T-ara's Hyomin has transformed into a tomboy for a dreamy winter pictorial.

With falling snowflakes surrounding her, Hyomin poses in a dreamlike setting for a pictorial in the fashion magazine InStyle January edition. In the pictorial, Hyomin displays her romantic and glamorous style with various patterns of clothing, neutral themed pants and lovely accessories.

An official from InStyle magazine praised Hyomin saying, "Hyomin did remarkably well presenting a dreamlike and alluring appearance in her photoshoot."

In an interview, Hyomin revealed her thoughts and said, "I realize and feel how valuable the position I have is now. Looking back, beside me and in front of me was always family and friends who helped me step by step progress towards growing and reaching a more mature appearance.

Hyomin also revealed how grateful she is for her fans and found a way to express her true sincerity in her feelings. The warm interview can be found in the January issue of InStyle magazine.


Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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TVXQ’s Catch Me chosen as the best K-pop album of 2012 in Peru

The South Korean pop duo Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK or TVXQ) got the first place on RPP News’s list in the category of best K-pop album of the year with their production “Catch Me”.

The ‘Gods of K-pop’ summed 37,340 points while the boy band Big Bang took the second position with 27,690 points with “Alive”.

“Sexy, Free and Single” gave Super Junior the third position getting 20,880 points. On their part, U-KISS got the fourth position with Stop Girl. While Shinee completed the top5 with Sherlock.

translated by: TVXQPERU
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Seunggi returns in ‘Gu Family Book’

Lee Seunggi’s next drama project and his return to tv is garnering top anticipation.  The time slot for Gu Family Book has been finalized!

This spring, Prince Lee Seunggi returns in Gu Family Book.  It is scheduled to air after the drama Horse Doctor finishes, as Lee Seunggi will robustly take over the spot that Jo Seungwoo leaves.

This is Lee Seunggi’s first sageuk drama, and he will play the role of Chae Khang Chi, born part-human, part creature but wanting very much to become fully human.   On top of all this, Gu Family Book is garnering additional buzz with the director of Secret Garden, Shin Woodchul PD, and the writer of Baker King, Kang Eunkyung, also attached to this project.

English: LSGfan, Video: seungsun love

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Key compared to Kyuhyun for "Catch Me If You Can" Musical in January 2013 Nylon

<Catch Me If You Can> (referred to as <Catch Me>) has decided on a total of 6 “Franks” with the original members Uhm Kijoon, Park Kwanghyun, Kyuhyun, Key, and two new members Dongwoon and Dongjun. The multi-casting was formed through a certain procedure, but the effort did not bring a good result. Therefore, there is something musical producers and actors must always remember. It is the simple question, "Are you skilled enough to stand on stage?"

The movie of the same name <Catch Me> showed Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks chasing each other. In the same way, the musical <Catch Me> shows Frank changing from a pilot, detective, and doctor as situation calls for. In other words, the musical moves with Frank as the center, and it is rare for a musical to have every act centered around the main character. One can call this a musical that is for, by, and of Frank. SHINee’s Key, who has been actively expressing himself not only through song and dance, but also fashion and art, expressed Frank’s nonchalant attitude the best even though it was his musical debut. He performs comedy with mischievous facial expressions and boldness, and doesn’t get timid on stage. When an adult magazine model he respected showed up in front of him, he pretended to get a nose bleed. When he heard the story of the mouse that fell in the milk bottle for the 101st time, he imitated his father’s lips. As such, even though he did not have lines, he knew how to show the situation in detail. His excellent observation led to various reactions, and this put life into the others’ acting and made the musical richer. In musical acting technique, he is lacking because of his short breath, unclear pronunciation, and bad tempo control. However, his stage presence with his instinct to have the audience focus on him was enough to cover his faults. The reason why his Frank is anticipated is because he judged himself as being too stuffy when he joined the rerun of the musical.

Those with little acting or musical experience tend to be good at things they have been good at. If SHINee’s Key showed off an unexpected result in building the character, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s strong point is definitely his singing. He is the vocalist in the group, but his voice is so soft that he enjoys singing Sung Sikyung and Kim Dongryul’s ballads that weave emotion and a romantic feeling surges from him. Kyuhyun’s real value can be seen when Frank sings "Someone Else’s Skin" to express his loneliness, and when he sings "Seven Wonders" when he falls in love. However, Kyuhyun is part of a group that works together rather than stand out individually. For Kyuhyun, he seems better suited for a musical that works in synergy with other members instead of a one-top musical such as <Catch Me>.

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Eric Benet sent a "Byuntae Yoo Hee Yeol, if you do something to JeA I'll fly to Seoul" warning

Eric Benet has sent a warning message to Yoo Hee Yeol.

BEG's JeA, on Jan 5th 2013, on KBS 2TV "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook" revealed that she got the chance to work with pop star Eric Benet who's known with "Still with you", "My prayer" and many more hits.

On that day, Eric Benet said he had been sent a video via twitter direct message. Eric Benet said "It's a video of JeA singing "Harmony" on Sketchbook and I think she's amazingly talented. So the message which said let's work was sent."

He also added "Mr Yoo Hee Yeol, I've heard you're quite a byuntae man. I will not let you off if you do something to my little sister. If you get me angry I'll fly to Seoul". The warning drew laughter from the audiences.

source: newsen
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130106 Inkigayo performers list

# Comeback Special #
- Girls' Generation [Dancing Queen / I Got A Boy]
- Baek Z Young[Hate You]
# Special Stage #
- Sunhwa and Youngjae [Pretty Too]
# Hot Music #
- LED Apple [Let the wind blow]
- December [Don’t Go]
- C-CLOWN [Far Away]
- THE SEEYA [Poison + Dying Heart]
- SPICA [Lonely]
- BIGSTAR [I Got Ya]
- Hello Venus [What Are You Doing Today]
- Juniel [Bad Man]
- Sunny Hill [Goodbye to Romance]
- Dal Shabet [Have, Don't Have]
- Yoseob of BEAST [Caffeine]
# Fresh Music #
- 24K [Secret Love]
- 2BIC [Have You Forgotten]
- Sori [Dual Life]
- GLAM [I Like That]

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Baseball player Bong Jung Keun and Lee Dong Hyun choose their favorite girlgroup members

Professional baseball players of team LG Twins, Lee Dong Hyun and Bong Jung Keun, appeared on Shindong‘s “ShimShimTapa” radio program and shared some stories. 

They were asked, “Who is your favorite girl group member?” Lee Dong Hyun answered SNSD’s Jessica, while Bong Jung Keun named Sandara Park without hesitation. 

In particular, player Bong Jung Keun has already revealed his admiration for Dara way back in 2010 while 2NE1 was doing their promotions for 'To Anyone'. He said in his me2day interview that “Among the 2NE1 members, I care for Sandara Park the most, because she seems too cute.”

Source: Sports Nate
Translation: BlackjackBelle, SlaveTranslator

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Kim Soo Hyun reveals Angel In Us Coffee CF

Kim Soo Hyun is selected as the spokeperson of Angel In Us Coffee.

Check out his latest CF below

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Girls' Generation impresses with MR Removed videos of "Dancing Queen" & "I Got A Boy"

Girls' Generation is back with 4th album "I Got A Boy" this week, having performed on various music shows, the girls impressed fans with their live singing ability.

Check out the MR removed videos of their comeback performance, how many points out of 10 do they deserve?

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Han Ga In wows fans with old pics

Some old photos of actress Han Ga In have been revealed.

Recently an online community posted a set of photos with the tittle "Han Ga In's stunning beauty from 7 years ago". 

Netizens commented,"She's so beautiful","Her husband must be very proud of her","She doesn't age at all", and so on

Written by Clover @DKPOPNEWS.NET

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Secret's Hyosung pre-debut photo revealed,"180 degree transformation"

An online community posted two pictures of Secret's Hyosung with the tittle."Secret's Hyosung before and after debut".

One of the pictures is Hyosung before debut. Her clear facial features with her fresh white skin, she has a long black hair with bangs, which shows off her pure and innocent charm as a student. The other picture was from Secret's latest comeback. Hyosung is seen wearing a res low-cut sexy dress, showing her curvy body shape, which gave off a totally different feeling compared to the 1st picture.

Netizens commented,"Totally 180 degree change!!","Make-up is amazing!!","She's pretty even from pre-debut", and so on

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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Sunny Hill says "Goodbye To Romance" on Love Request

Enjoy Sunny Hill's performance on Love Request.

The girls perform "Goodbye To Romance" on the show,check out their performance below

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‘I Got A Boy’ Makes a Splash in American Media

Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” album was released worldwide on January 1st at 5PM KST, and only a few days later, its international impact is already evident. The positive response from the American media is noteworthy, especially with the girls’ visit to the United States as part of their American “The Boys” promotions.

An article on the website of the Los Angeles Times described “I Got A Boy” as something “as strange and structurally progressive as anything in the current commercial pop realm”, likening the song to a crossword puzzle or a “modern-day ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’”. The author also compared “I Got A Boy” to the works of popular artists in the American music industry today, including Skrillex and Ellie Goulding. These songs all share the “structural dissonance” that makes “I Got A Boy” a “beautiful mess”, one that the author theorized responds to the theme of impatience that is so prevalent in current American society.

MTV Style, meanwhile, looked at a different aspect of “I Got A Boy”: the girls’ fashion sense. The article declared the music video to be a “fashion whirlwind” and “total TREASURE TROVE of outfit inspiration”, featuring items from popular labels including Lazy Oaf, Stussy, and Obey. The article also pointed out specific pieces for the readers’ enjoyment, such as Taeyeon’s “Good Vibe” tee and Sooyoung’s Batman shirt.

Girls’ Generation was also featured on GRANTLAND, a sports and pop culture website owned by ESPN. The site listed “I Got A Boy” first in its “Songs of the Week” article. The author mentioned K-Pop’s significant break into the American music scene with PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and continued by commenting on “I Got A Boy”‘s musical complexities and unique lyrics. released a review for “I Got A Boy”, which is the first Billboard track-by-track review of a non-English album. The title song got high praise as “one of the most-forward thinking lead pop singles heard in any country” for its intense mix of different sounds and melodies. Jeff Benjamin, the author, commended Girls’ Generation for “[setting] the bar truly high for pop in 2013″ with “I Got A Boy”. Benjamin greeted the remaining nine tracks of “I Got A Boy” with praise. retweeted a shout-out tweet by Benjamin to over 700,000 followers, thanking SONEs for their warm reception.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, MTV Style, GRANTLAND,,
Written by: moonrise31@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified, Grizzlei@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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Krystal and Sulli are the new faces of Etude!

Etude reveals its new endorsers. F(x) members Krystal and Sulli will be joining SHINee as the new faces of cosmetic brand 'Etude" which was endorsed by 2NE1's Dara for the past two years.

Through a video, SHInee introduces the two girls.

For Dara fans, don't worry. Lee Hyosup, the AP marketing and sales promotions manager who worked with Dara revealed that Dara will endorse another beauty brand.

Credits: JennyKwun@YT; ohdara
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Dara reveals a photo of Thunder lying on a sofa

Dara shows her love for her younger brother Cheondung in a sneaky photo of him she uplaoded on her twitter account.
She captioned,

"Cheondoong lying down on the sofa watching TV at home!!! Is this a photoshoot?!? >.< (Sorry for the sneaky picture ㅎㅎㅎ) photo by Cheondoong’s big sister"

In the photo, Cheondung is lying comfortable on the sofa and seems like unaware of her sister taking picture of him.
Meanwhile, Thunder will appear in an upcoming drama "Nail Shop Paris" alongside KARA's Gyuri.

Source: Dara's twitter
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KARA's Gyuri to make her drama debut alongside MBLAQ's Thunder

KARA's Park Gyuri and MBLAQ's Thunder  got casted as the main lead for the latest MBC Dramanet "Nail Salon Paris".

 For Park Gyuri, this work will be her first step to become a real actress. Before Park Gyuri made an appearance as a cameo in "What is Mom" and show acting skills on Japanese Drama "URAKARA" together with the other members, however as a main lead in a drama this time will be the first.

 Thunder  has made appearance as child actor on last year's "Padam Padam".  It was a short appearance but able to show a big presence and pretty visual.

On another node, "Nail Shop Paris" is scheduled to air on March and planned to centered around a beauty shop. At the present, it's working on finalizing the cast.

Source: Newsen

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Will Lee Hi Be the Hottest Singer of 2013?

Teen singer Lee Hi said she has been practically living in a recording studio ahead of the release of her first album in February after she became an overnight star in 2012.

The 17-year-old's first single "1,2,3,4" swept the K-pop charts at the end of last year following her runner-up finish on the SBS audition program "K-Pop Star." She now ranks as one of the most promising singers in the K-Pop scene, but said the pressure and weight of her fans' expectations can at times get overpowering.

"Until I released my first single, I don't think I was ready to be a singer. Then my song raced to the top of several music charts and I didn't know how to handle all the sudden attention," said Lee.

"Singing is the most enjoyable thing in the world for me, but I still have a long way to go to build a successful career as a singer. I have to keep pushing myself to be better," she added.

"When I went to broadcasting stations, I used to feel so small among all the tall, slim and beautiful singers. I just tried to convince myself that I was the best," she said.

As is evident in "1,2,3,4," Lee is deeply attached to soul music. "I want to sing songs that are more soulful, similar to Duffy, Adele and Kimbra. That's the direction I’m going in with my first full-length album," she said.

Like most girls her age, she is not satisfied with her physique and has been working hard to get in shape.

"I can't stop exercising, because I still look a bit plump on TV. I've lost about 7 kg since September by spending two hours a day working out."

Source: englishchosun

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'I Got a Boy' delivers a scattered anthem of the Girls' Generation

By Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

January 4, 2013, 5:44 p.m.

The new single by South Korean pop group Girls' Generation is called "I Got a Boy," and if the song and its accompanying music video are a signal about pop's direction in the year to come, we better buckle our seat belts.

Clocking in at 41/2 minutes, "I Got a Boy" travels in so many directions that it feels like a scattering of musical miniatures cleverly puzzled together by M.C. Escher. As seen in the equally tripped out video, the nine women who are Girls' Generation have delivered something as wonderfully weird as their outfits — skimpy, multi-colored and mismatched — and as strange and structurally progressive as anything in the current commercial pop realm.

Hopefully this is a portent. A few similarly ridiculous tracks released of late suggest this may be the case. A day after "I Got a Boy" dropped on Tuesday, young rapper Azealia Banks released "BBD," a jam nearly as twisted, if more linear. In a tweet announcing its arrival, Banks described the song by referencing a few different pop/EDM/hip-hop subgenres: "It's Trap, but it's Rave. it's Banjee, But still a lil classy." On Soundcloud, she tagged its genre as "witch-hop." It's everything at once, a beautiful mess.

Both reflect the kitchen-sink, short-attention-span present. In the case of "I Got a Boy," impatient bursts of synthetic melodies, hooks, bridges, breaks and bass drops change every eight or 16 bars in drastic directions, as though Katy Perry/Kesha producer Dr. Luke were trying to make a modern-day "Bohemian Rhapsody." These rhythmic explosions are connected by choruses that arrive with surprise and glee, part of an addled impatience permeating chunks of global culture. The song, built around a set of conversations among a girl and her friends, has already been viewed on YouTube more than 15 million times.

The first time I heard "I Got a Boy," nothing fit together. It boomed and banged, but felt scattered, a mini-mixtape. In the middle, in fact, the song abruptly stops, and one group member says, "Hey, yo, stop! Let me put it down another way." The track goes into double-time, as though the DJ had just dropped a hot new track into the mix. This new component becomes an avenue in the maze.

When it clicked after repeated listens, I felt like I'd finished a crossword puzzle. It was produced by Soo Man Lee and written by K-pop hitmaker Yoo Young-jin along with the group's longtime Norwegian collaborators Dsign Music, who produced the more traditionally constructed track "Beep Beep" for Girls' Generation in 2012.

Recent dance pop hits by Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen and Lady Gaga have relied more conservatively on the joy of expectations met, delivering streamlined groove tracks that wobble and weave along a single path, modern but still remaining true to the same verse-chorus-verse structure that's reigned for half a century. "I Got a Boy" travels wherever it wants, like a willful 2-year-old in a McDonald's Playplace.

This is in stark contrast to last year's breakout South Korean megahit, Psy's "Gangnam Style," both of which feature lyrics sung mostly in Korean, with a smattering of English woven in. The two songs share a sense of whimsy, of celebrating in artificial, cartoon-colored playgrounds. "Gangnam," however, is nothing if not relentless, single-mindedly focused on the same galloping rhythm.

Though less chaotic than "I Got a Boy," Banks on "BBD" is restless, and understands the demands of a current-day track. The Harlem-born rapper, 21, rose through social media and YouTube, ultimately signing with Interscope Records. She's become one of the most discussed new voices of the past few years. The arrival of "BBD" is teasing the release of her debut full length, "Broke With Expensive Taste," which arrives on Feb. 12.

Such fractured magnetism shouldn't come as a surprise. You can hear it in the angular bombast of American dubstep, in which the structural warbles and around-the-corner hooks and breakdowns suggest a kind of sonic cubism. Ellie Goulding's 2012 song "Bittersweet," though softer and more nuanced, has a similar trait. The Skrillex-produced track has a shattered feel to it, with delicate, colorful melodies and rhythms that can't seem to make up their mind. Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat," is similarly choppy, featuring the already obligatory bass-drop and many rhythms jumping in and out.

Why the structural dissonance? I think it is, in part, the consequence of an instant-access, on-demand era, one in which shuffle and channel-click entertainment choices have altered the relationship between medium and listener. Whereas a generation ago choosing music meant committing to a decision — I'll listen to this CD or single and when it's done I'll put on the next one — listeners now jump moment by moment, YouTubing from clip to clip, file to file. After hearing a melody and a verse, most can predict what will happen over the rest of a pop song — one reason why sample-happy DJs thrive by mixing in hundreds of tracks over the course of a set.

Granted, pop is nothing if not impatient, constantly looking for the most creative new portal into the public's ear. During the heyday of hit radio, the need to hook a listener in a song's brief first moments dictated quick, catchy introductions, lest an itchy car-radio finger hit another preset button.

In the click-and-play present, though, when an Internet-connected mind hears a new song, it's usually while on a computer where, chances are, her mind will soon start wandering. With infinite options a click away, many aural Roman candles must be fired to sustain interest for four whole minutes. It's tough, after all, to focus through a full song when a cat video, text message, Tweet, Facebook post or — OMG! — an even better cat video is screaming for attention. "I Got a Boy," more than any pop single in recent memory, seems to appreciate this, and adapts to such impatience accordingly.
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Girls' Generation's Seohyun poses with her guitar

SNSD's maknae Seohyun updated SNSD's official website with some new photos.

She asked fans of their new image as they changed so much from their previous cute image.

Besides, she took some photos in the waiting room of Romantic Fantasy, did you enjoy her performance?

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Lee Ha Yi's monthly allowance is only 10 USD?

K-Pop Star's Lee Ha Yi revealed that she only has 10,000 won per month as her allowance.

Lee Ha Yi had an interview with Naver Star Special on January 3rd, she said,"My allowance is always the same. 10,000 won per month.  My allowance also includes the bus fare, hence I didn’t take public transport often. From school to home, the public bus would take about 10 minutes. Hence whether it was snowing or raining, I would take the bus home to eat everytime. Everytime I received my allowance, I will first top up 5000 won to my bus card. This way I would have 5000 won left and I could only buy important things. When I had scored well for my exams, my parents would give me money and ask me to keep it up. However my studies are not very good, so I only got 10,000 won. O(∩_∩)O~ My parents would not buy for my shirts and books either."

She also added,"At Grade 10, my parents opened a bank account for me and they would save a little money inside for me and said, “didn’t realise you will do so well, I believe in you, so this bank account will be yours!” As for how much my bank has… it’s a secret!"

Lee Ha Yi is the runner-up of SBS K-pop Star season 1. She signed with YG and debuted under the stage name Lee Hi. Her debut song "1,2,3,4" has stayed as #1 on various online music charts and made Lee Ha Yi become as one of the rising stars last year.


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Girl's Generation Taeyeon grabsYoona's collar?

A photo of Girl's Generation Taeyeon grabbing Yoona's collar has attracted attention from fans.

A forum uploaded a short video with the tittle "Scary leader Taeyeon grabs Yoona's collar". It was taken when Girl's Generation made a surprise visit to SMTOWN Pop-up store to promote their newest album "I Got A Boy".

They were surrounded by security guards when suddenly Taeyeon grabbed Yoona's collar and "angrily" shaking it. Then when Yoona started explaning something, Taeyeon put her hands down and showed a michievous laughing expression.

Fans after seeing the video commented,"They seem really close with each other","Both are so cute,"Taeyeon is a kid leader as always", and so on

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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Soccer player Koo Jacheol chooses Rainbow’s Noeul as his ideal type.

Soccer player Koo Jacheol's ideal type turns out  to be a Rainbow's member.

The player took part in "Ideal type World Cup" program as well as his talk concert titled ‘Nice to see you, Koo’ on the 27th. 

Koo was deep in thought as he had to choose between Sistar’s Bora, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, Son Dambi, IU and many others. The final match between Rainbow's Noeul and IU made him uneasy to choose but in the end, he chose Noeul. The host stated, “You are close to Rainbow’s Go Woori so you can ask her to make a connection” and also incited him by saying “You are even the same age.” Koo Jacheol seemed surprised and could not talk easily. 

Noeul has caught the attention of males because of her cute and pretty appearance as a member of Rainbow. She is also famous for having been close to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon during her school days. 
Source: TVdaily
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

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miss A's Suzy promotes JYP audition

miss A's Suzy promotes her company JYP's audition.

She revealed the photo above on her Twitter with a message,"!!!! Waiting for you!".

She is seen posing in black dress holding a cardboard written "Waiting for you, JYP's 10th Open Audition".

Fans commented,"Suzy is so pretty","I also wanna join","Suzy is the best" and etc.

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"Dancing Queen" Girls' Generation is back with "I Got A Boy" on Music Core

Girls' Generation is back with "I Got A Boy" on Music Core, check out their highly anticipated comeback stage below

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Park Yoochun Films All Night For ‘I Miss You’ In -22 Degrees Weather

It was recently found that Park Yoochun filmed all night for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I Miss You’ during the coldest cold wave of the winter season.

With the coldest cold wave hitting the nation today, JYJ’s Official Facebook page revealed the recent whereabouts of Park Yoochun. A photo of Park Yoochun was posted with the words, “The temperature hit a record of -22 degrees on set in Paju. Please give your support to Detective Han Jung Woo.”

A representative stated, “Though the coldest cold wave has hit the nation, Park Yoochun has been filming all night for his drama. We’re using everything we can to keep warm such as hot packs, furnaces, blankets and hot tea, but because it’s snowing so much and the roads have frozen over, we’ve been faced with many difficulties,” and “But because the 17th episode contains crucial plot points that will help Han Jung Woo solve his case, Park Yoochun is completely focused on his acting, as expected from the crazed rabbit. Park Yoochun’s professionalism and ability to focus on his acting regardless of the cold weather is amazing.”

(omitted for spoilers)

Source: [ newsen]
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Secret's Hyosung “In 2013, I hope to MC music programs, and be cast in sitcoms”

Jeon Hyosung (24), who leads the team, Secret, expressed her new year’s wishes to Sports Seoul.

Secret, who received a lot of love after releasing ‘Poison’ last year, went through a car accident after their van slid on an icy road last month. Due to this, they sadly had to halt their ‘Talk That’ promotions after a week. Besides Zinger, who is currently receiving treatments, the other three members stood on stage for end-of-the-year music festivals.

Jeon Hyosung stated, “I fractured my knee the year before, but I happened to injure that same area in the car accident. However, I healed a lot. Our member, Zinger, is also gradually healing.” She expressed her new year’s hopes by adding, “I felt regretful because we had to halt ‘Talk That’ promotions, so I wish to promote more actively this year, and show a new transformation musically as well.”

She also added on her own hopes. “I feel like I have to show a more upgraded side to myself as well. I believe that I can show a more better side to myself when doing group promotions only if I don’t lack in anything for self-promotions. Personally, I think it would be fun to try emceeing or be cast for a sitcom. I especially want to try being a permanent MC for a publicly broadcasted music program. I felt a different joy from being an MC than the joy felt from promoting as a singer, so I really liked it.”

She expressed her wishes of trying out a reckless character on a sitcom that ruins her image often. “The character that Jang Nara senior played on the old sitcom, ‘Nonstop’, was really charming. You know that type of character who wishes to become perfect, but she has quite a few clumsy points? I’m also somewhat like that type of character. Fans, I hope all of your new year’s wishes come true.”

trans. cr; neukki @ tumblr | source cr; sports seoul ; take out with full credits

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Park Bom, The ”Doll-Like Beauty” Appears Yet Again Catching Eyes Of Many, Diet A Success!

Park Bom stunned many with her beauty during ”MBC Gayo Daejun” on the 31st.

2NE1‘s Park Bom surprised many with her appearance during Epik High‘s stage where she yet again stole many hearts with her ”gorgeous” appearance.

On the 31st, the last ”year end festival” of the year was held and many stars attended and performed delighting many, but one of the eye-catching performances was Epik High‘s ”Don’t Hate Me” and ”UP” featuring 2NE1‘s Park Bom which was her very first stage participating in the song live.

Epik High’s Tablo first appeared wearing a black leather jacket with a black beanie singing the intro lines for ”Don’t Hate Me” and after the quick intro, the song changed to ”UP” getting many excited. The atmosphere changed as Bom appeared on the stage, belting out the high notes for ”UP” many enjoyed.

Bom‘s perfect vocals and her gorgeous ”doll-like” body we’re the talk of the night as many assumed her diet was probably a success again and her ”doll-like” beauty finally appeared catching many their eyes.

Netizens commented with ”Bom lookes incredibly stunning” ”Wow, live vocals we’re amazing” ”I saw this live and it was perfect” ”The queen is back!” ”Bom stole my heart, she looked so good!” ”I don’t know but she always looked good” ”She once again silenced haters” ”2NE1 looked amazing that night too” ”All the YG Family performances rocked!” and more showing a variety of reactions.

Source: Nate
Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

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Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu “My charms? My handsome face hahaha”

The year of the snake, 2013, has shone. There are many 1989 snake-line stars in the music industry. They are taking over Korea’s entertainment industry with their gifted skills and talents, and also are in the midst of receiving fevered love from the public.

TV Report had a solo interview with two idol stars from the year of the snake to fit 2013. Secret’s Jeon Hyosung and Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu represented idols that are 25 years old and shared their flashbacks on 2012 and hopes of 2013.

Due to participating in end-of-the-year award ceremonies, Infinite’s Sunggyu, spent a busy year to the point where all his strength was used. However, as expected of a star from the year of the snake, Kim Sunggyu said that his condition became better as of January 1st. His anticipations and aspirations for 2013 were big.

Q: You’ve lived half of your 20’s already, so how do you feel to hit 2013?

A: 2013 is the year of the snake. No wonder why I felt my condition improving as of January 1st. Haha. It’s because I’m from the year of the snake. I believe that I have to work harder this year and show a better side of myself for friends of my age to become stronger and shine 2013 ^^ Because my first feeling is very fresh, I think all events will end well.

Q: If there’s something you regret for losing among your plans of 2012, what is it?

A: I’m happy because I feel that I experienced a lot and promoted a lot as Infinite last year. Thankfully, there isn’t anything I regret. I always feel that I’m living in a dream. I have a greed to experience more this year.

Q: If you were to grade yourself on your first solo album in 2012, what would it be?

A: My grade is, drumroll dugudugudugu (self-made sounds) 70 points. Hahaha. I released a solo album under my name for the first time, so I was really happy. It’s true that I wasn’t as sufficient with my preparations, and my throat condition wasn’t very good, so it was hard. However, the solo promotion was a really good experience for me.

Q: Infinite shows the best teamwork among currently promoting groups. What’s the reason?

A: Each member has his own color. However, we all try to give up our colors and listen to each other’s opinions. Whenever we fight, we resolve it right away. If our team fights and doesn’t resolve it right away, and just keeps in it, then it feels like you’ve become a strange person. ^^ I think that’s what makes Infinite ‘complete’.

Q: Don’t be shy with this, but if you were to honestly brag about Kim Sunggyu’s charms, what would they be?

A: Hm… My handsome face? Hahaha, I’m kidding. I think our fans like when I work hard. I’m really thankful. Truthfully, I don’t really know what my charm is. What could it be? Everyone, I’m curious. (Laughter) But if I were to specifically choose, it would be Kim Sunggyu’s unique charisma? Kim Sunggyu’s unique chicness? Kim Sunggyu’s unique singing abilities? ㅎㅎㅎ I’ll stop here. (Laughter)

Q: If you were to give advice to the Infinite dongsaengs who are starting unit group promotions?

A: Don’t ever be nervous, and just think of your main focus. Because you guys are dongsaengs who normally do well, continue what you’ve been doing and you will get good results. Hyung will believe in you and cheer you guys on. Fighting!

Q: If Infinite has a goal or dream for 2013, what would it be?

A: I wish to greet more people with better music. I would also like to do a lot of performances in various place. I wish to hear compliments like ‘Ah, as expected, music is Infinite’ as well. Till then, I will really do my best. Please look over us. ^^

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; tv report ; take out with full credits

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T.O.P decided not to appear on "JangOekJung, Lives in Love"

 TOP decided not to appear on "JangOekJung, lives in love"

A staff from YG Entertainment said that "TOP won't take the drama" to Newsen on January 3rd.

TOP had considered the casting of "JangOekJung, lives in love" affirmatively in the past November. But due to his filming and BIGBANG's schedules, he decided not to take it.

If TOP appears there, Kim Tae Hee who accepted lately that she is in a couple with Rain may be his counterpart.

Meanwhile TOP's filming for Alumni is almost done.

 Source: @newsen//Trans by @shrimpLJY
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“Park Yuchun Media Day” in Beijing

Sina Entertainment news: JYJ member, Park Yuchun will be meeting the media in a hotel in Beijing on 11 January.  “Park Yuchun Media day” will be CJeS Entertaiment’s first time holding an official activity in China. Because of dramas “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You”, Park Yuchun is very well-received in China and will be officially meeting China media.

Through this activity, Park Yuchun will be talking about his work activities, recent developments and other concerns raised by the China media.  China fans have been holding petitions to hold fan meetings and Park Yuchun’s popularity in China is exploding. This is Yuchun’s very first official activity and it has already gained the attention of China and foreign media.

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Park Yoochun’s New Year’s Resolution

Actor Park Yoochun revealed his special New Year’s wish.

The ’2012 SBS Drama Awards’ ceremony was held on the 31st at the SBS Prism Tower and was led by Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Dong Wook.

On this day, Park Yoochun was chosen to receive the Popularity Award. To this, MC Lee Dong Wook asked, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” and to this, Park Yoochun replied, “It’s more of a dream that I would like to keep alive rather than a New Year’s resolution.”

Park Yoochun continued to add, “My dream is to not live away from my family, no matter what happens.”
At the awards ceremony, Park Yoochun won a total of four awards: the Teenager’s Choice Award, Outstanding Actor Award, Best Couple Award and Popularity Award.

Source: [TVdaily]
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Kang Ho Dong’s New Variety Programme, The Reason Why Variety-Newbie Choikang Changmin Was Chosen

New partners have emerged, in the form of Kang Ho Dong and Choikang Changmin.

The new variety programme that Kang Ho Dong is preparing with KBS will have its first recording on 12 Jan, and is expected to be broadcast starting 22 Jan at 11.20pm. It will be the follow-up of “Win Win”, which was recently terminated.

PD Lee Ye Ji and writer Mun Eun Ae from “Hello” will be working on this programme. Meanwhile, artistes including Tak Jae Hoon, TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, Brave Brothers and Jung Jae Hyung are expected to appear as MCs. All the members aside from Choikang Changmin are all veterans at emceeing for variety programmes. Aside from appearing as a guest or panel member in variety programmes as a member of TVXQ, Choikang Changmin has never faced guests, holding a microphone, as an MC. As such, the news that Choikang Changmin would be appearing as an emcee in Kang Ho Dong’s new highly-anticipated variety programme came as a surprise to fans.

In response to this, representatives from the KBS Variety Department revealed during an phone interview with Newsen on the afternoon on 2 Jan the reason why Choikang Changmin was able to capture the hearts of both Kang Ho Dong and the production team. This representative explained, “Kang Ho Dong and the production team felt that an idol group member was required for the new talk show, but at the same time they didn’t want someone who was a familiar face or was already active on variety shows. They were also looking for someone of a certain “level” of eloquence. Through all that, Choikang Changmin stood out.” “In actual fact the production team also thought ‘There’s no way TVXQ would come and be MCs right?’ when they sent the request, but SM Entertainment gave the OK.”

However, it is true that the production team and Kang Ho Dong had their reservations as to whether Choikang Changmin had the qualities required of a variety programme MC. TVXQ has received much recognition in the fields of music and acting, but it is only with variety that they have not demonstrated remarkable growth. With regards to this, the KBS Variety Department representative stated, “After conversing with Choikang Changmin, I have realised that he is much more eloquent and interesting than people expect. Furthermore, he is a young man with a healthy and warm image, which have been determined to be very suitable for the variety show this time. I am looking forward (to his performance).”

Source: [TVXQCB@Weibo + Newsen]
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SM to hold 2013 Global Audition

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Kim Junsu Calls His Mother On Stage And Sings ‘Dream Of A Goose’ With Her As A Duet

JYJ’s Kim Junsu prepared a special event during his solo concert.

Kim Junsu held a solo concert from the 29th to the 31st of December in COEX’s Hall D that combined musicals with ballads. He reenacted musical numbers with a vocal chorus and an orchestra, and sang much-loved OSTs and ballads from his album with a pop chorus.

On the last day, Kim Junsu brought his mother on stage and sang ‘Dream of a Goose’ with her. Kim Junsu explained why the performance was so meaningful when he stated, “My mother used to get vocal training but she had to give up her dream of standing on stage because my grandfather was against it. When I was little, I promised her that when I became a singer, I would perform with her on stage. We were able to make that dream come true today and I hope that all of you never lose any of your dreams and I hope 2013 brings more happiness to you all.”

During his concert, Kim Junsu collaborated with an orchestra to sing selections from ‘Mozart!’, ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Elisabeth’, and created an emotional gala performance with Kim Sun Young. Beginning with a musical theme, he sang much-loved ballads such as ‘I Don’t Like Love’, ‘Love is like a Snowflake’, ‘Though I Know’ and ‘Thank U for’. He also performed songs of other much-loved artistes such as ‘Because You’re My Girl’ and ‘Really’.

During his encore performance, Kim Junsu sang an acoustic version of his title song ‘Tarantallegra’ and after a stage change, he gave an impressive performance.

Kim Junsu (XIA) stated, “I believe that the greatest gift I can give to the people who love my music and come to my concerts is to do my best to give great performances. I’ve been so happy for the past three days,” and “I think I was able to go through the world tour and this end-of-the-year concert because I was certain that the people who loved my music would continue to keep an eye on me. I wanted to share that gratitude, and the heart-stopping emotions that I felt during the past year as I stood on stage with the audience, and I believe I accomplished that. The past three days have been so emotional and joyful for me.”

Source: [mk star today]
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‘I Got A Boy’ Music Video Breaks Record for the K-Pop Video to Hit 10 Million Views the Fastest

Girls’ Generation’s music video for “I Got A Boy” has broken the record for the K-Pop video to hit 10 million views on YouTube the fastest, reaching the mark in only 55 hours since release.

Previously, the record was held by Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” music video, which hit 10 million views in 87 hours, followed by Girls’ Generation’s own “The Boys” at 110 hours.

It’s been 14 months since their last comeback, and “I Got A Boy” was hotly anticipated, hitting that 10 million milestone in half the time it took for “The Boys”. “I Got A Boy” is generating plenty of buzz for its wild, colorful style, choreography by the Emmy-winning duo Nappytabs, and roller coaster ride of a song.

Girls’ Generation will continue their comeback performances with “Dancing Queen” and “I Got A Boy” on KBS’s “Music Bank” at 6:00PM KST on January 4th.

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The reason behind Won Bin and Soo Young's rumor revealed

The Sports World recently claimed that they found the source of the rumors Sooyoung (SNSD) dating actor Won Bin.

According to them, the rumor started from a netizen who posted photo of Won Bin on the community board with title "Exclusive: Won Bin Sooyoung" (Sooyoung in Korean also means swimming). Due to that word-play, a lot of fans misunderstood that Wonbin was dating Sooyoung and spread the rumor blindly. When that secret was revealed, everyone is surprised and laughed at themselves.

After the 2 stars dating rumors spread through X-Files Celebrity, a representative of SM Entertainment has already denied: "They are not even friends or met each other yet. It's impossible for those things to happen."

Source: Sportworld
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Hyun Woo creates Weibo account

Actor Hyun Woo creates Weibo account, he takes a photo to convince fans of his new Weibo.

The account was created on 2nd January, he had a conversation with fans on 4th January. He is seen showing the popular V sign in his latest picture.

Meanwhile, more than 57,000 fans followed him on Weibo already.

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AOA records New Year video message

The girls of AOA send out their New Year greetings.

Check out the video below!

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JYJ Junsu burst out his singing ability at Ballad & Musical Concert

[Review] Older or little brother who’s great at singing and acting – Proves why his tickets are always sold out : Junsu Kim burst out his singing ability at Ballad & Musical Concert

The expression ‘Sold Out in a couple of minutes’ is just meaningless when you talk about this singer. About 20,000 tickets had been ready, but more than 200,000 fans wanted to get the tickets. 21,000 tickets of ‘XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’, held by the 27-year-old star Junsu Kim (XIA Junsu), were all sold out right after the sales begun on the Interpark website at 20:00 on NOV 04, leaving a record of 200,000 marks of simultaneous log-ins at the same time.

After his debut on the musical which made 45,000 seats sold out at Grand Theatre of Sejong Centre for Performing Arts, many idol singers stepped into musical industry, but no one has ever been able to shake the industry like him so far. The concert on DEC 31 showed why Junsu Kim is not just an ordinary idol, but the superstar.

The venue was Hall D at COEX, Gangnam in Seoul which holds about 7,000 seats (per a day). The concert continued for about 3 hours, started at 22:00 on DEC 31 and finished around 01:00 on JAN 01. There were various Korean dialects, Chinese and Japanese at every part of COEX building before 3~4 hours of the concert and mid-aged women with a suitcase were every corridor of COEX too.

The performance started with ‘I am, I am Music’ and ‘I want to get out of my fate’ from the musical . He continued with ‘The Last Dance’ from which made him the winner of the Best Actor for a Leading Role at 18th Korean Musical Awards, and also sang ‘This Is The Moment’ from saying it is one of the musical he would like to do some time. The emotion and appealing expression based on outstanding natural singing ability were enough to prove that his success in musical (that singing becomes acting itself) was not a just luck.

His manner of controlling the atmosphere was also outstanding by playing on the audience with a lot of requests from them. “I became 27 years old, and it makes me feel like I became grandfather as an idol singer!”, he joked, but also made the venue almost collapsed by cheers of the audience when he said that “I would burn myself no matter how hard the dance may be, if I could be able to be on TV”, after the stage of ‘Tarantallegra’. On that day, for his fans, before the superstar, he was the role model who was standing firm against hardship and external pressure, older brother[‘OPPA’ in Korean] who they must support for his victory and little brother who they should take care of.

The special guest of the concert was his mother. He invited his mother to the stage saying “Today is the day that my dream comes true”. Before he debuted as a singer, he had promised his mother whose dream was becoming a vocalist to make her dream come true when he became a singer. His mother shed tears of gratitude after singing together with her son.

Meanwhile, his next musical is still remaining uncertain. While this year’s almost every big musical is longing to be chosen by him, it was rumored that he would perform for again in July, however, his management C-JeS Entertainment announced that his comeback to musical was not decided because the time of JYJ’s group activity is up in the air at the moment.

Source: Chosun via Daum
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