FIESTAR say "We Don't Stop" on SBS ’2012 Nongshim Love Sharing Concert’

FIESTAR is back with their new song "We Don't Stop" on SBS’s ’2012 Nongshim Love Sharing Concert’.

Check out their catchy performance below

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Infinite L, 'Sungjong is cuter than a bear!'

INFINITE L uploaded photos of Sungjong through twitter. On the photos, he is standing next to a bear and appears small. On his caption, he claims that he's cuter than the bear.

He wrote, "Even if you're small, you're cuter","Even if you pat it, you're cuter."

However, seems like Jungryul doesn't agree? On his photo, he wrote, "Even if you're small, the bear is cuter".

On which side are you?

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Dara shares group photo from LA!

Dara is so thoughtful for sharing a funny group shot while their on stay in LA.
The gorgeous girls are on bed and you can see Bom touching CL's exposed tummy!

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Roh JiHoon releases jacket photos

Newly debuted CUBE artist, Roh JiHoon, releases jacket photos for his debut.The photos show his sophisticated manly image that will surely capture women's eyes.

Check the photos below:

Liking him so far?

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Yuri's Pepero selca!

Girls' Generation is currently in L.A. for SBS' 'K-Pop Super Concert in America' and out to greet their fans, here is Yuri who expressed:

"Ta-da. Soshi has a performance in LA~
I'm really sad I can't share it with you personally..
But I'm presenting you with Pepero* at least like this~
We're consistently working hard on a new album, performance, and songs
So you have to promise to look forward to it lots and lots~
Just as much as SONE.
We also miss you and are waiting
I miss you~ Euheoheoheoheoheong~
It's getting cold, so be careful not to catch a cold!
heuk (crying sound), I miss you so much"

November 11th  is 'Pepero Day', a day where people exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts and presenting us with Pepero, check out Yuri's gorgeous photos below~


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Jaejoong shows off his personal items, causing fans to want to die

Two hours was not enough to satisfy Vietnamese fans’ love for their idol. Lot of people cried and fainted!
Tonight 11/10, Vietnamese fans had a meeting and interacted with Jae Joong like a good dream in SECC center, Ho Chi Minh City. They got to have the chance of taking the advantage of staring into his idol eyes and also get to hear him sing. Those that were fortunate to also have Jae Joong put kimbap [into their mouths], got to play a competitive online game in a chair onstage. However, while the Fan Meeting was ending, the fans didn’t have the chance to shake hands together with their idol that the organizers had promised previously.
And now, we get to look back at the progression of this monumental fan meeting!
Immediately after the press conference ended that evening, Jae Joong quickly went to SECC center – the venue for his Fan Meeting at 7:30pm tonight. Unlike the rush of movements on the night of rehearsals yesterday 11/9, he happily walked waving to fans.

7pm: The fans got to go into [the venue] on the side of [where] the stage [is located]. During this time, the organizers conducted a draw for 15 fans who get Jae Joong to feed them, making them all excited and very nervous.

7:10pm: Jaejoong appeared onstage, making SECC center explode [into cheers]. He wore a black suit mix with a T-shirt for a chic young but very still impressive. Jaejoong sang the song I’ll Protect You and shared: “Even after this as I get older then please still support me like this”, making fans want to “break their heart” from happiness.

7:25pm: Jae Joong chats together with fans. He revealed that he really likes to eat Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and will eat it three times a week.
He also revealed that his ideal woman, though he used to have specific standards, but now the more time passes the more it becomes vague.
The lead screen starts with [video] clips made by Vietnamese fans to give to Jae Joong. The claps of the fans followed the music, causing the hall more explosive.

7:35pm: Jae Joong said “Thank you” in Vietnamese after watching the fans’ clips. He complimented that the Vietnamese girls’ long (traditional Vietnamese) dresses are very beautiful and was excited to see the groups of fans and also have all his male fans. All the male fans in the hall shouted passionately. Before that, in the first part [of the fanmeet], he also said “Hello” in Vietnamese.
After watching the fans’ clips, he said that while watching the fans’ clips he was saddened by the other countries’ [videos], but when he watched the Vietnamese clip he felt very happy.
One fan got to go onstage to read Jae Joong a question. Fans loved repeatedly asking Jae Joong to say “I really love you”. He hesitated at first, he awkwardly pronounce in Vietnamese: ” I love you all”.
7:45pm: The next question to follow, fans asked him to sing a favorite song, Jae Joong went along to sing one of his songs No Gain by fans’ requirement. After that, the fans loved that him made a cute face – Jae Joong’s specialty in his fan meetings, he timidly laughed to ask: “After 10 years later, will the fans still love me doing this again?”.
7:50pm: Jae Joong showed all his personal items: one black bag he often uses, passport, one relatively big wallet, headphones, iPod, perfume, he also added, normally he doesn’t bring perfume, today he brought it with the intention that he will give the perfume away to a fan.
The next thing to follow was to get him to pull items from his bag: one letter, headache medicine, cellphone, one rose made fans scream loudly. He explained that it was a gift he was just given before the meeting, 3 lip balms, eye drops, a charger, hand lotion, and other accessories.
In that time fans were anxiously waiting to see what secrets he will say, his wallet had nothing in it, only a few [credit] cards, some Indonesian money, where he had come from.
7:57pm: Jae Joong left to the side wing to prepare to change his outfit for later. While putting on clothes with pockets, he said he was embarrassed to have gain some weight.
While Jaejoong was changing his outfit, all the fans in the hall did a heart symbol and chanted: Sarangheo (I love you Jae Joong).
8:05pm: Jae Joong prepared to cook onstage. He returned wearing a white shirt, dark bowtie, and wearing a familar apron. He will make a kimbap dish and shared his humor with “his dish is simple yet but also delicious”.

8:10pm: Two pieces of kimbap just hot out of the oven. When asking him where did he buy the crab ingredient to make, Jae Joong said he bought it in Vietnam because he was very afraid that if he bought it in Korea that it’ll upset [Vietnamese people's] stomachs.
The kimbap plate was beautifully decorated by Jae Joong, this confirms again the singer’s high-quality cooking skills. He also tried tasting his cooking which he then nodded in approval “very good”.

8:15pm: Five fans came onstage for Jae Joong to feed them, but each person must first do a cute gesture.
In response each fans’ actions were cute, Jae Joong covered his smile with his hand when each fan made a cute gesture which lead to applause. In the 5 fans just one person can get to put the food [in their mouth], the remaining 4 will receive a poster and autograph.

8:23pm: After feed the fans, the watchful Jae Joong embarrassingly covered his face by turning away from seeing the expressions of his fans while they were chewing, then he tried a piece for the taste and called it bland. Sometimes he sheepishly glanced at his fans with very beautiful eyes. All these actions cannot bypass the fans below. Instant emotions fill the fans every time he glanced to catch their eyes.
Each glance or movement, shy laugh, of Jae Joong using of his hand to cover face or scratching his nose have become motivation for his fans in the hall to enthusiastically scream “He’s so cute”.

8:30pm: 10 lucky fans were next to come up onstage to play a competitive online game in a chair and Jae Joong played the master role. The reward for winning 2 games was to get to take a picture with the idol. Many fans below were envious to the point of fainting.
8:44pm: Jae Joong sang Living like a Dream – Dr. Jin OST, which he wrote the lyrics to.
8:50pm: The ending song, the organizers’ announcement to the fanmeet that this would be the last song caused a lot of fans shock. Jae Joong said thank you to Vietnamese fans, he looks forward to having the opportunity to get to meet fans again. The fans together counted down from seeing their idol’s message [to them]. Confetti exploded to gracefully float down throughout the hall when the song Pierrot was sung.

Before that, he bowed in goodbye to a lot of Vietnamese fans, to express his sentiments and gratitude towards his fans who have supported him for all this time.

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Merry-go-round Yura

 Girl's Day's Yura unveiled 2 new photos on her Twitter on 7th November.

She is seen riding the wooden horse in the photos shared here.She wrote,"Merry-go-round".

She must have had a lot of fun at the amusement park.Fans commented after seeing the photos,"pretty without much make-up","where are your unnies" and etc.

Meanwhile,Girl's Day is currently promoting new song "Please Don't Forget" on various music shows.

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Yoona shows off slim figure in unedited BTS photos of Ace Bed CF

 BTS photos of Ace Bed CF featuring SNSD's pretty member Yoona have become a hot topic online.

In the photo above,Yoona is seen practicing the dance step for the CF,showing off her slim figure.
Yoona's aegyo

Yoona and Sooyoung are testing the springs of the bed,flaunting their long and slim legs.

For those who have not seen the CF,kindly have a look here

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T-ara's Dani poses with Brownie

Following teammate Qri,now it's Dani's turn to snap a photo with Brownie.

Dani is confirmed for KBS Drama School 2013 as announced by CCM yesterday.She mentioned that it was  her first time wearing school uniform in Korea and couldn't hide her happiness.

Meanwhile,fans who saw the photo above commented,"So cute","Brownie is the luckiest puppy in the world" and etc.

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SNSD's Yoona garners attention with angelic graduation photos

SNSD Yoona's graduation photos become the main topic of discussion.

Recently,a set of photos titled "Yoona's stunning graduation photo" has been unveiled online.In the photos,Yoona is seen wearing school uniform,smiling elegantly to the camera,showing off her model student charm.

Fans commented after seeing the photos,"Perfection,photoshop is not needed","Naturally born goddess" and etc.

What do you think of her graduation photos

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"Little Psy" Hwang Minwoo performs Gangnam Style in Philippines

Hwang Min Woo,better known as the Little Psy,garnering much attention with his cameo appearance in Psy's Gangnam Style MV,performed Gangnam Style on Philippines show "It's Showtime".

Check out his explosive performance below,get ready to be impressed!

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B1A4 wins 1st place on Immortal Song 2

B1A4 performed "Arirang Mokdong" in the latest episode of Immortal Song 2.

The boys impressed with their energetic performance and amazing singing ability,they won first place with 322 points,check out their performance below

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miss A says "I Don't Need A Man" on Love Request

miss A shares their love on Love Request.

Check out their performance on the show here

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Unique Characters Attract Attention in the Movie “Codename: Jackal”

The legend of a killer, and the unique kidnapping encounters of the killer, unfolded in the theatre.

The episodes in the movie “Codename: Jackal” revolve around the last mission of the legendary killer Bong Min Jung, which happens to be the kidnapping of top star Choi Hyun.

All of the protagonists, each with a different intention in mind, all end up in one hotel, where the story begins in earnest.

Entering the hotel as guests with a plan to infiltrate and capture the Legendary killer Bong Min Jung while rescuing the top star Choi Hyun, a rural detective and a top special agent join forces and enter a unique and hilarious team situation.

What happens in the restrictive space of the hotel is an abduction of a top star played out with a breathtaking combination of characters and personalities.

In particular, Song JiHyo, who the killer Bong Min Jung, has the perfect mix of staunch yet clumsy character and Kim Jaejoong, who plays the top star Choi Hyun, is powerful and eye-catching even though it was his first time challenging a film role.

[Basic descriptions of the characters omitted]

The film is both a thriller and a comedy in genre and combines a kidnapping plot with unique sets, comic lines and a set of characters that mesh with each other very well in a way that is evident [to the audience].

However the hidden suspense that shows Jackal’s true colors emerges in the latter part of the movie when a unexpected role reversal is revealed.

If you are looking forward to a simple romantic comedy between Song JiHyo and Kim Jaejoong you might be disappointed, but what you will find is an interesting, exciting story of a female killer and a top star that is fresh and fun.

Meanwhile, “Codename: Jackal” is set to be released to the public on November 15th.

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Jaejoong’s Press Conference for his Vietnam Fanmeet

Q1: This is your 2nd time in Vietnam, what do you feel [about the country]?

JJ: My previous trip to Vietnam was for a charity football game, but this time I got to come to meet fans. I could feel atmosphere and the fans’ love more this 2nd time around. I am very please and happy with this/to be here.

Q2: Between love, family, friends, or work–which would you choose?

JJ: This is a hard question to answer. For me, I would choose work because every time I work, my family, friends, and lover can see me whenever I appear.

Q3: What is your impression of the Vietnamese fans when you arrived?

JJ: This is the first time I come to Vietnam for other purposes*, so I want to create a greater(/fresh) impression of Vietnamese fans. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of memories when I return to Korea.
(*T/N: other than work-related like singing [a.k.a. he was able to come to freely = he doesn't think fanmeetings as work-related for him])

Q4: For this fan meeting, what is there special for Vietnamese fans who have been waiting for 7 years?

JJ: I have very carefully prepared before coming to Vietnam [about what to do]. There will be a lot of fun things planned and I’ll sing for the fans. Because in Indonesia, due to me being sick, therein I had to use an iPad to communicate with my fans.

Q5: Have you tried eating Vietnamese food yet and what do you think of it?

JJ: I really liked eating Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in South Korea. Having come to Vietnam, I’ve eaten it 2 times already in one day; my face has swollen up from eating too much [of it].

Q6: Will JYJ hold a world tour after a new album CD release?

JJ: “Of course!”

Q7: Any future plans in your personal life? /
Can you share a little about what going on in your life right now?
(T/N: The question differs a little between the 2 articles)

JJ: I am preparing work for music, films, TV; I have a lot of plans [in progress]. /
I’m preparing for an upcoming new film release and new TV (drama). I also still intend to keep working on my music.

Q8: When do you plan to get married?

JJ: Since I was young, I thought I’ll already be married but I’m not right now; I’m still young, I’m just 27 years old. I still have time to experience love more later. / I still have a lot to do, therefore [my] love story has to be for some time later.

After answering the marriage question, Jaejoong got shy~ ^///^


Afterwards, Jaejoong posed for pictures and left to head to SECC [to further prepare for his fan meeting]

one of the reporters who attended the press conference
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T-ara's Dani, "Excited to wear a school uniform for the first time"

T-ara's Dani confessed that it was her first time wearing a school uniform when she started filming for the KBS drama "2013 School".

Her agency Core Contents Media said, "Dani was 14 years old and in elementary school in the United States and was on a vacation to Korea when she was cast. Since she's been here in Korea, the first time she's able to wear a school uniform is through the drama shooting."

Dani said, "It's amazing to wear a school uniform for the first time and shoot with my unnies and oppas. It's fun and feels like I'm really in school when we film."

Before debuting with T-ara, Dani was cast in "School 2013" which begins airing on December 3rd.

"School 2013" is written by Lee Hyunjoo and the PD is Lee Minhong who both worked for the original "School" and "Dream High". It stars Choi Daniel, Jang Nara, Lee Hanwi, Park Seyong,  Kim Woobin and 5dolls Ryu Hyoyoung.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem          

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Park Bom cuts her hair

2NE1 member Park Bom’s new hair is a hot topic with the two gorgeous selca’s she shared.

On the 3rd, Bom shared two stunningly gorgeous shots of herself along with ”Hair is short now…ㅋㅋㅋ I cut off all my hair~^^ and ”No more long hair~~…ㅋㅋㅋ” through her me2DAY and Twitter. Her head slightly tilted in one and in both she’s staring at the camera.

She sported her usual trademark smoky-eyes but this time her long trademark hair is gone and instead she’s sporting her ”new” short hair. It’s the first time she ever had her hair so short since debut and it suprised many. Ofcourse Bom did not fail to rock it as she showed her new ”youthfull” cute side. Even though it’s cute many dub it as a ”mature” look aswell. She also dyed her hair to a brown/reddish color as it was near blonde previously.

Bom‘s facial features and lines caught the attention of many aswell as it seems like she lost a bit of weight and looks even more prettier according to many.

Many netizens who saw the pictures commented with ”After Sandara Park’s ”bansak” shocking haircut, followed by Minzy’s short haircut it’s now Bom’s turn to shock us” ”She looks so stunning!” ”Unnie is so pretty” ”She looks even more like a doll” ”Where can I buy a doll like her?” ”She looks way younger now” ”Unnie went back in time keke” ”2NE1′s comeback is near” ”Bom’s bobbed hair transformation, so fresh!” ”Pretty doll” and many more showing a variety of reactions.

Source: Nate
Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

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Beyond 'Gangnam' True Wild Heart of K-pop" BigBang Performs at the Prudential Center - NY Times

NEWARK — What you have to understand is that “Gangnam Style,” the goofy crossover hit that has given K-pop a global profile — it has even reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 — is still something of an outlier, a lightly ironic sendup of the genre’s eccentricities. But it’s very hard to parody something that gets more outrageous by the day.

If anything, the center of K-pop is far stranger. Take “Crayon,” by G-Dragon, an electro-rave-meets-Southern-hip-hop thumper with a video that makes the excesses of, say, Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj in that medium look like tiny incremental gains. It is kaleidoscopically weird, hilariously comic and sinisterly effective.

G-Dragon is a member of BigBang, the long-running K-pop boy band, which played its first show in the New York area at the Prudential Center here on Thursday night. He performed “Crayon” early in the night, wearing a jacket with the head of a white tiger attached to the back, a pair of black Air Yeezy 2s and bleached blond hair standing straight up like sheaves of pesticide-soaked wheat.

And that wasn’t even the most energized part of this vibrant show, in which BigBang — G-Dragon, T.O.P., Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung — performed more than two dozen songs wearing almost as many outfits, and in unusual setups: before “How Gee,” which could pass for an early Teddy Riley production, members of the group took to the stage on gilded Segways and lowrider bicycles.

Over the years G-Dragon has emerged as the flamboyant center of the group. He has a soft voice but a shrieking exterior. He’s balanced out by T.O.P., who raps nimbly in a basso profundo voice and has a regal bearing, even walking around the stage wielding a scepter. Taeyang is the group’s battery, a compact dancer and singer with a tender voice. Daesung has a totally credible R&B voice — during a solo song, dancers affixed wings to his back, and he soared over the crowd on a wire — and the baby-faced Seungri plays the straight man.

At one point Seungri called G-Dragon a genius and told him, “I love you.” It can be a challenge to dig up subtext in K-pop, which gleams with outlandish visuals and candy-coated sentiments, but maybe this was penance of a sort for the recent romance scandals that have dogged Seungri in Asian tabloids.

K-pop can be so heavily referential as to be post-referential. The band wove an interpolation of the signature guitar crunch of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” into a song. Multiple members of the group beatbox, a technique that’s hardly, if ever, used in mainstream American hip-hop, its birthplace, but is a routine part of the K-pop star arsenal. Late in the night Taeyang, heavily tattooed, with long braids and a bandanna worn just so, tore his tank top in two, Usher-style, and did a back flip, which is probably beyond Usher’s skill set.

(Throughout, BigBang was backed by a cadre of dancers, the men emphasizing break dancing.)

BigBang’s more recent material is bubblier and more frenetic, like “Fantastic Baby” (the chorus of which, to be fair, does bear a passing resemblance to the buzzing beat of “Gangnam Style”), but toward the end of the show, the group devoted time to more blatantly romantic fare like “Monster” and “Cafe.”

This show was the first of two nights at the arena, part of a short but loud American tour for an act that, while it has a big following in this country, has not yet achieved American pop success. At the end of the night, during a long encore, Taeyang kept singing the hook from Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” as if he could single-handedly change that.

Note: This article will be run in the NY Times on November 10th.

Source: NY Times
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Hangeng's message on Super Junior's 7th anniversary!

Although he's now focusing on his solo career in China, Super Junior's former member Hangeng never forgets where he came from. Through his weibo account, he wrote a special message.

He wrote,

It’s seven years, this process, it was all of you who gave me the best gift.  On this journey there are many people who are better than me, there are many people who work harder than me, but I was the luckiest, I had you all, seven year debut anniversary, I love you all!

Source: Han Geng Weibo
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After School's Lizzy reveals an adorable selca

After School's Lizzy updated her Twitter on 9th November.

She wrote,"My Sons filming~~Although i am not good enough but i will work hardㅠㅠ.”

She is seen wearing a green top with cartoon print,garnering much attention with her sweet smile.

Fans commented,"She's prettier","So cute with the headphone","Hwaiting in filming","more feminine now" and etc.

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D-Unit releases dance version Luv Me MV

D-Unit releases the dance version MV of their new song "Luv Me",check out the cool choreography of their new song below.

Are you a fan of their new song?

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Byul celebrates her 10-year singing career with 'Nostalgia''

Ballad queen  Byul  has just released her mini album  'Nostalgia'  to celebrate her 10 - year singing career.

Byul  debuted in 2002 with  'December 32nd'  and in the same year she was honored as the best rookie. After that she released a lot of hits such as  'Tear Glands', 'Safety', ... Till now she is one of the solo singers who has a lot of hits like ' Before touching two cheeks', 'Words engraved in my heart', 'I think I'  which were assessed as the all-time best OSTs.

In particular,  Byul  shows her own style in music industry. This time, through mini album ' Nostalgia ',  Byul  brought to audiences a new mature and professional image after 10 years of singing.

In addition, in this mini album,  Byul  not only majored in singing but also composing. She joined composing the music and writing the lyric with a new name  'Kim Go Eun'  which made fan interested.

Byul shared,  "For 10 years I have never thought about anything except bringing good music to everyone. Till now it's still the same, I want to try a lot of music styles and bring my sincerity into my own music".

Source: bnt news
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EXID performs Every Night on Sketchbook

EXID performs "Every Night" on Sketchbook,check out their performance below

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2PM releases Junho's poster for world tour 2012

JYP Entertainment released the concert poster of member Junho on 10th November.

Junho is seen posing with sharp hand armor in the photo above,giving a strong stare with his thumb on his lips.

2PM's World Tour will embark on 17th November in Shanghai,China.

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Artists confirmed for MAMA 2012

The biggest Asian music festival  MAMA 2012  will be held in the afternoon of November 30 at  Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre (HKCEC) . A lot of top stars from Korea, China such as  Psy, Super Junior, Big Bang, Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom ... will attend the award.

MAMA 2012  will be an unforgettable award for kpop fans as many popular idols will attend the show. Both  Psy  and  Super Junior  confirmed to join  MAMA  this year in Hong Kong. Recently,  Big Bang, Sistar  and Taiwan singer  Wang Lee Hom  have also confirmed to appear on  MAMA  stage.

With their slogan  "Music makes One" MAMA 2012  is expected to connect and help music lovers all around the world become One.

Jung Il Woo  and  Song Seung Hun  will also appear at MAMA as guests

Mnet's president,  Ham Dong Chul  shared:  "MAMA is the music award represent Asia, and this year's award - 4th award - is the most important one. Within the past 2 years, MAMA has implemented as a music award for Asian area. The previous awards were held in Macau and Singapore. This year, the event once again shows the strength of Asian culture, with Kpop is in the centre".

Jung Woo Sung, Han Chae Young, Song Joong Ki  and  Yoon Eun Hye  will also appear at  MAMA 2012. 

Are you ready to welcome them, Hong Kong ?

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Kim Hyun Joong becomes a 'winter man' for Hangten

Hangten has just released their new fashion photoshoot for winter featuring hot model  Kim Hyun Joong.  

Kim Hyun Joong  shows off a well-harmonized style with wool and many kinds of jackets, seems active and classic.

In the photoshoot, he attracts attention with his deep look and and impressive poses. He is really a 'winter man' who freezes every female's hearts.


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