[INTERVIEW] G-Dragon's Interview with 10Asia

A tremendous explosion started the expansion of the universe and the explosion is known as the Big Bang. Stepping into their seventh year of debut, Big Bang has now created a distinguishable territory in the K-pop scene. The group has differentiated its music from any other K-pop and pop idols' by quickly reacting to the global music trend without losing their unique color. To announce their songs -- which bloomed in the middle of all the hardships they've been going through -- to the world, the boys performed three songs in just one show, each performing with a different concept. They also made the live show available online in high-definition. The boys' ensuing step that avoids being conventional and abiding by the rules were shocking from time to time, but the shock has always left something new after that 'explosion.' Interviewing the team's leader G-Dragon provided 10Asia a chance to discover what leads the team to create that shock and excitement in the global music landscape. The musician, who says that he devoted all his time to planning and preparing for coming albums while leaving everything up to his fans' expectations, does not get excited by immediate gains and success. For that reason, it is exciting enough to picture what he has in mind for the next Big Bang.

"'ALIVE' has provided us to enjoy the new Golden Age of Big Bang."

As a leader and producer in the team, you must have a special attachment to the latest release. How do you feel about wrapping up the album's local promotion?
G-Dragon: It was short but deep. Before thinking about what others have to say about this album, I want to call this the new Golden Age of Big Bang.

When working as the sub-unit GD&T.O.P, you said in an interview that there's one more blow waiting to wow everyone. I felt like "ALIVE" is what you meant by the 'single blow'(laugh)
G-Dragon: I'm extremely satisfied with this album. Though the time we had to promote the release was pretty short, I think we've showed enough without any regret. Since we have the members' solo albums coming up this year, I think we could keep up this spirit.

This year has been a juncture for Big Bang to get rid of the image you guys had from performing "Lies." This also means that you guys must have gone through a certain level of adventure to create something new.
G-Dragon: I started talking about this with Teddy and other staffs at my company when I released GD&T.O.P. Rather than catching up on trends, we came to agree that we should always go a few steps ahead of others. Also, we were certain that whatever we do was right. Apart from gaining success in fashion and music, it was important for us to put out what we love. If we had confidence and assurance of what we do, we knew that people will be with us at some point. It worked afterall, but I call it a successful 'adventure.'

Songs like "BAD BOY" and "BLUE" were totally different from other K-pop idols' music. It didn't have group chorus or exactly divide the members' parts to sing.
G-Dragon: Our company's C.E.O was not able to call these two songs as our title tracks till the last moment. Rap songs with a slow tempo like "BAD BOY" is not so popular with people and "BLUE" was more like an extended version of "Love Song" from last year's special edition album. But we made these two great tracks because we thought it was about time to show the real Big Bang music. And for some reason, it just kind of matched with our situation. If we released the record before going through a lot of troubles last year, or far after the incidents, I don't think we would've been able to put ourselves in the music.

I'm guessing that your agency officials' favorite track is "FANTASTIC BABY."
G-Dragon: What our C.E.O wanted from us more than anything else, was to make a dance number since we didn't have any dance tunes after "Last Farewell" from the second mini-album. While working with Teddy to make a fast beat song, we decided to come up with a beat that most people are unfamiliar with. We gave a little twist to the song by doing things like speeding up the tempo unexpectedly. While a slew of K-pop artists are doing electronica music these days, I made the song to start with just my voice singing in order to distinguish it from other electronica music being produced in the country. We needed to show what's real. It had to sound like a unique arrangement and unforgettable for anyone who listens so we just mixed our talents.

The overall album is a good combination of each member's talents.
G-Dragon: Before releasing "ALIVE," our C.E.O asked us a question half in jest, saying, 'Big Bang has a huge name value. But do you think the inner qualities are as good as the group's image?" I was pressured to receive that question and had to partly agree to his thought that we had to try harder. We're trendy and we have musical talents but something was always missing, which was Big Bang's image and color. When dropping the album, I wanted to lead people's emotion rather than to receive favorable reviews from critics. We wanted people to have exclamation marks instead of question marks when listening to our music.

"I wanted Big Bang to get credits from older K-pop groups and artists."

So the unexpected reaction towards "BLUE" was more encouraging, huh? The song's tempo descends at the latter part of the song but it has enthralled people.
G-Dragon: I think the pains I had were expressed well through the track. I was literally 'blue' when working on "BLUE" so I had extra concern in writing the lyrics. For a while we've been exhausted trying to keep up the group's sweeping upturn. So we always had to consider the general public's style of music when producing albums. In this album, however, we didn't set a specific goal and talked about our own stories; the stories that could easily gain people's empathy. The only method we had to talk about our situation was music and we wrote these tracks as if we were writing a journal.

What you just said was shown in the album's tracks. While you carefully planned everything in performances and albums in the past, now it has change to a freestyle music.
G-Dragon: I think you call that a 'development.' Calculating every detail to make and sing a song doesn't work anymore. I used to like strong and bold music but now I prefer songs that are calm and you don't get fed up with.

Slow or mid-tempo music can make people easily get tired of listening to them. But you guys didn't have that problem with various vocal sounds.
G-Dragon: Even if we don't set that specific goal and practice, the members' voice tones are so different that it makes enough differences with a voice only. Plus, everyone's interpretation of a song varies, so it gives off different atmospheres.

You once compared Big Bang members to 'weapons.' Have you mastered using those weapons now? (laugh)
G-Dragon: I spend every single day with them and I'd be fool not to know how to control them. (laugh) All members have unconsciously matured when working on the album and that was shown in the tracks. When preparing our previous albums, we held meetings from time to time while concurrently pursuing solo activities. This time, we all took a break from our job and worked together. The five members' energy was well reflected in the album. I myself reminded myself of the moment when we first began as a group, and directed the members' vocal training one by one. Seungri, for example, used nasal tones and breathing sounds when singing "FANTASTIC BABY" that he didn't do a lot before. I personally like this part a lot.

There were moments when I felt that other members' have found new ways to use their voice in singing.
G-Dragon: All the members wanted a detailed directing during the recording. Sometimes, I had to write separate notes to tell them to pronounce specific words in certain ways. Adding to those detailed directing, the guys' interpretation of each song has really established unique tones and styles. I'm not trying to denigrate anyone, but people began to get tired of idol-style tunes ever since a majority of artists roll out patterned music.

So that made you decide to be different?
G-Dragon: I had to be unconventional and twist the songs to be unique. I wanted Big Bang to get credits from older K-pop groups and artists.

"My life is centered around the word 'Gangster.'"

You worked with mixed thoughts in your mind. But I reckon that you've become more true to your instinct.
G-Dragon: After producing so many albums, I realized that how much effort you put in your work doesn't guarantee its result. In "Heartbreaker," everything about my voice and singing techniques were planned and when I try to sing the song in a karaoke, I can't sing the same. Since this album, I began pursuing something more natural and that led me to put the first file of recordings to our final record. The members trusted me making those decisions and practiced a lot to show their genuine feelings.

Then were the creative ideas in your music videos planned or are they ad-libs? I had never imagined that you would use chinese lions in a music video. (laugh)
G-Dragon: We draw overall pictures of music videos when making music. For example, the first line of "FANTASTIC BABY" reminded me of an electricity buzzing. I write rest of the lyrics based on that feeling, imagine the music video's concept and our stage outfits. I go on thinking about arranging the members' voices too. So basically, the most important task for me after doing some work with Teddy is to organize my ideas. I used to receive songs first and write lyrics following the melody but I decided not to do that anymore. These two elements harmonize well when I associate the lyrics and melody at the same time.

If you use all your inspiration at once like that, how do you do to fill up the inspirations and energy again?
G-Dragon: I just look at what's happening around the world. From watching variety shows to foreign TV series, and to news, I get inspired by what's happening in the society, what people wear these days and how they live. My agency give us a lot of support in broadening our perspectives and we were able to meet big name celebrities recently: Meeting and talking with our favorite artists -- Quincy Jones, Diplo, Boysnoize, Under Dogs and William -- made me think to become successful like them. Things like this have led me to become a better person.

In other words, does that mean you started making music that is targeted towards the world?

G-Dragon: This might sound funny but the reactions we've been receiving from overseas fans recently were pretty much expected. Studying pop music that me and Teddy grew up listening, we've been comparing our tunes with other pop songs. And what we have now is just the result of everything we had planned. We're confident about YG's music because this was carefully planned.
We've been planning for this moment for so long so I'm not overwhelmingly surprised by it.

Then the direction of your future music style and goal will likely change. What are your plans as a musician?
G-Dragon: People might tell me that I'm arrogant but naming me a 'hit composer' doesn't mean anything to me. What I'm doing right now is just a practice of my next album. What's more crucial than rankings and popularity is making music that will consistently be loved even when after decades. I truly hope that our music could inspire other talented musicians and contribute to the development of K-pop music. That's my vision and goal.

So are you expecting a certain era or a world to arrive than to achieve personal goals?
G-Dragon: I don't have entrepreneurial skills like our C.E.O Yang Hyun-suk does so it's probably not a good idea for me to jump into the entertainment business as an entrepreneur. What I've discussing a lot with 2NE1's CL lately is ideas about culture and space. I hope there's a place for many talented people to gather and inspire each other, even if they're not celebrities. By creating a space like that, I wish I could support their skills and talents. I was lucky to have a chance to grow while interacting with my favorite artists. I wanted to provide that chance to them too, so I'm working on that right now.

Following your dreams like that, doing Big Bang activities and preparing solo albums all at once sounds tough.
G-Dragon: Of course, I always lack time but I try to do things when I can. I'm not sure if I'll still have the ability to produce cutting-edge music when I'm old. My motto is to keep the youthfulness I have right now even if I get old. In order to do that, I need to keep my characteristic. Aside from Big Bang activities, my life is centered around the word 'Gangster' and without it, my characteristic is incomplete. Whether it's fashion, lyrics or a singing style, it needs to have the feeling of a gangster to show my true color. It's like having a rock stars' attitude. I've titled my next solo album's concept a 'Melancholy,' but I think I'll still have that gangster's aura in the album, like I've always done.

What do you feel when you think about yourself in the early days of Big Bang? If you were the owner of the cultural space you mentioned, would you cast G-Dragon from seven years ago and support him? (laugh)
G-Dragon: If I have the insight I would, but I'm not so sure. I was the same person back then but gave off a different vibe. I know so much about what's going around(in this field) now and I'm calculating by knowing what emotions to show at certain points. Sometimes it just goes beyond imagination and I feel like I've become a whiz. (laugh)

Just like the lyrics in your song, you came 'sailing through the cloud.'
G-Dragon: I know so much, and I'm also aware that people know that. (laugh) So while trying to avoid being cliche and calculative, it's inevitable for me to show who I really am.

Then what were you like six years ago, when you didn't know the things you do now?
G-Dragon: I didn't know anything back then. Whether it's a sadness or happiness I see, I accepted everything. I was being simple-minded and naive but because I think too much now, I know how to connect with people through music. That's the biggest strength I have at the age of 24.

Then for 24-year-old G-Dragon, what does group Big Bang mean?
G-Dragon: We don't change. Like I have always said, the members are my weapon, my family and my armor. I guess I'm comparing them to those three because I recently watched action film "The Avengers."

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[NEWS] Park Ji Min Says Her Idol Park Bom Is So Thin And Reveals Her Diet Stress

”K-POP Star” finalist Park Ji Min recently appeared on SBS’ Strong Heart and revealed that dieting actually caused her ”severe stress” since she’s not quite thin like the usual image Korea has.

Park Ji Min also talked about her idol ”2NE1′s Park Bom” which she met on K-Pop Star and revealed that after she met the star, she started her diet to loose some weight.

While talking about it she sighed dramatically as she thought carefully about it. She talked about how much of a stress it actually is after appearing on K-Pop Star.

Park Ji Min received lots of support from 2NE1′s Bom. After meeting her Ji Min was amazed at how pretty and thin Bom actually was and said that everytime she’d see herself perform, she’d think she actually looked quite big/fat next to others or even on solo stages.

**irrelevant parts ommitted

Source: Nate

Translated By Yasmine@WeLoveBom

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[INTERVIEW] Soshified Malaysia Scores an Interview with Two of the Composers of ‘Twinkle’

Soshified Malaysia has just recently scored an exclusive interview with Brandon Fraley and Jamelle Fraley, who are the composers and producers for the title track “Twinkle” in Girls’ Generation-TTS’s first album. “Twinkle” has broken the record for the highest Korean album on the Billboard 200 chart by coming in at the 126th place, and has also topped many music charts in Korea.

Check out the interview below.

First off, I am administrator “Dookong” from Girls’ Generation’s fanclub in a South East Asian country, Malaysia, that is Soshified Malaysia, a branch of the international fanclub, Soshified. Thank you once again for granting us this interview on such a short notice. It’s really nice to be here to have an interview with the two of you. Everyone is really excited for “Twinkle”.

We are very excited about the initial response from the fans. Everyone seems to really like “Twinkle” so far!

We are definitely loving it! What was your initial response when you heard that you will be working with Girls’ Generation’s sub-unit, TaeTiSeo?

We were completely blown away! We were already huge fans of Girls’ Generation, so when we first heard that they were considering recording “Twinkle” for their new sub-unit, we were SO excited!!! We just could not believe it!

That’s awesome! I’m surprised that you knew about Girls’ Generation in the first place!

Brandon: I have been writing K-Pop songs for Jam Factory for the last few years. I have written songs for Super Junior, SHINee, Misia and more. When Girls’ Generation came out, I always hoped to write a song for them. I liked many of their songs including “Mr. Taxi” and “The Boys”.

Wow! That’s incredible. I have to agree with you, “The Boys” is awesome. So, how was the songwriting and recording process for “Twinkle”?

Well, we wrote the song “Twinkle” here in the United States. After they heard the song, they hired more musicians to finish the song. We were not there when they recorded the vocals but we are SO happy with how the final song sounds! The songwriting process was fun. We just wanted to write a really fun, upbeat song that was fun to sing, fun to listen to, and hopefully fun to dance to!

Brandon: My wife and I wrote the song with our friend, Javier Solis, who is an incredible drummer!

The three of you are amazing! “Twinkle” is such an amazing song! A lot of us have been repeating the song since it was released earlier. So, what inspired the song “Twinkle”?

We just thought that “Twinkle” was a cool name for a song. It sounded like a song that should have a lot of energy and power to it! We knew that the singers in TaeTiSeo had AMAZING voices, so we knew that they would sing the song really well and we were right! They sound FANTASTIC singing that song! We are just SO happy that TaeTiSeo recorded Twinkle.

Brandon: I can’t imagine anyone else singing that song better than them! Over the past few years, I have been so lucky to have so many great artists record my songs. Super Junior recorded two of my songs, “Sunflower” and “My Only Girl”. SHINee recorded my songs, “Your Name” and “Honesty”. Misia recorded my song, “Tonight” and Jang Ri In recorded a song I wrote called, “Y”. Also, I just have to say that none of those songs would have ever been recorded had it not been for my AMAZING publishing company Jam Factory! They are the best! They are also the reason that TaeTiSeo found my song “Twinkle”!

Wow! That’s really amazing. So, how long was the songwriting and recording process for “Twinkle”?

Brandon: We wrote the song in about two days. The recording process took about a week, if I remember correctly. After they heard our original recording, they spent some more time finishing it up for TaeTiSeo’s version.

“Twinkle” is absolutely amazing. I was in love with the song when it was released as a teaser. Even if it was just 17 seconds. The three teasers have been receiving so much love from everyone since the very beginning, and “Twinkle” is climbing the iTunes charts all over the world as we speak and that’s before the physical album is even released! Did you expect the mini album to do that well?

No! We always hoped that “Twinkle” would do well, but we never thought that it would take off like it has. I looked at YouTube earlier today, and when you add up all 3 teaser video’s, there have been almost 9 MILLION views! We are just speechless! We hope everyone likes the music video as much as they like the song! We know that Girls’ Generation has always put out GREAT music! We were just hoping that the fans would think that “Twinkle” was as good as some of their other great songs! So far so good! :)

It is a great song already, to be honest! We will definitely love the music video as much as we love the song. Having to work with so many great artists before, what are your thoughts about Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation?

I think they are so incredible. Their voices are just absolutely amazing! I honestly can’t think of anyone else singing that song now that I’ve heard them sing it! We are planning to make a trip to one of their concerts sometime this year so we can meet them and thank them in person for recording our song!

I had to quote them for this. Taeyeon said, “When we were recording and dancing, we always had fun. Even if the music video shooting went on for an entire day, I never got tired of the song.”While Tiffany said, “The more I listen to Twinkle, the more addicting it gets.” It seems that they really love the song just as much as we do.

Wow! Thank you for showing us that! I’m SO glad they liked the song so much!

My pleasure. Are you looking forward to working with them again in the future?

Brandon: ABSOLUTELY! I am already writing new songs to send them for their next recording! I would be so honored if they would record more of my songs!

We’ll be crossing our fingers for it to happen. Any last words for the fans?

Brandon: From myself, my wife Jamelle and Javier Solis, we just have to say once again thank you SO MUCH to TaeTiSeo for recording our song. It is such an honor. Also, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the fans! All of the success that “Twinkle” is having is all because of YOU! We also want to thank Jam Factory for everything they’ve done for us as songwriters. Feel free to follow us on twitter as we would love to hear any feedback you have. We also will try to answer any questions any of the fans have about the song. You can follow us at @bfraley @jamelle210 and @javsjoint.

Definitely! And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much to you two. I had a lovely time and it was a pleasure doing this with you two! I wish you all the best in your future works. Thanks again for spending your time with us!

Thanks for spending time and talking with us! We look forward to speaking with you again sometime in the future!

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[NEWS] JYJ Yoochun’s Photo With Co-Stars For Jung Suk Won’s Birthday Is Revealed

Celebrating Jung Suk Won’s birthday, a photo of him and his SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” co-stars was revealed.

On the afternoon of 16 May, Jung Suk Won tweeted, “Thank you so much everyone, showing me such care on my birthday” and uploaded a picture as well. “I’m the most thankful to my parents for giving birth to me, Let’s have a great night!” he added.

In the photo, Jung Suk Won stands between “Rooftop Prince” co-stars Yoochun, Choi Woo Shik and Lee Minho , holding a birthday cake and smiling. The close image of these 4 people have captured much attention. Netizens who saw this said, “Happy Birthday!” “I’ll watch ‘Rooftop Prince’ tonight” and various other reactions.

(Irrelevant Portions Omitted)

Source : [K Star News]

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[NEWS] G.NA, Still Cuts from M/V for '2Hot,' 'Doll-like Pink Hair,' Shocking Transformation

Gina has made a shocking transformation with doll-like, two-tone pink hair.

Her title track ‘2Hot’ is to be revealed later today and still cuts from the set of Gina’s music video has been creating a buzz.

In the photo revealed today, Gina boasted a more mature sexiness with her new hairstyle.

Especially with her extravagant style and outfit, people are getting more and more curious about what she is going to show.

Title track ‘2Hot’ was mentioned to be a retro and flamboyant melody, and her choreography will be something straight out of a musical sequence. It will elevate not only Gina’s femininity, but all her sexy points as well. With this, she plans on grabbing everyone’s attention.

On another point, an enormous banner has been put up at the Cube café in Cheongdamdong with the QR codes of Gina’s album jacket photos. With those codes, a new picture will be revealed everyday, causing an increase in anticipation for her comeback.


Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-gna-still-cuts-from-mv-for-2hot.html

[PICTURE] Nana and TBNG’s Hair Stylist JunJun Show off Their Goofty Sides


Good evening
Today I did Hair and makeup for ‘Tokyo Brand New Girls’


Nana of After School
I am always in charge of hair and makeup
Recently I have been able to remember Korean words little by little
I was taught a bit of Korean by Nana-Chan today
Today there was no time to take pictures with the other cast members
I took plenty with Nana-chan
Thanks for snapping pictures together Nana-chan

毎週日曜日24:35分からはテレビ東京TOKYO BRAND NEW GIRLS上げ上げ

Every Sunday watch TOKYO BRAND NEW GIRLS
Cheers for a good days work

Jun Jun
Credit: http://ameblo.jp/jun-2-blog/entry-11254190389.html#main – Trans: ASD

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120520 Inkigayo performers list!

# Comeback Special #

- INFINITE [Only Tears/ The Chaser]

- Baek Ji Young [Voice / Good Boy]

- JYP [Someone Else / You're The Only One]

# TAKE 7 #


- December [She's gone]

- A pink [HUSH]

- 4minute [Volume Up]

- SISTAR [Alone]

- SNSD TaeTiSeo [Twinkle]

# Hot Mi\usic #


- Mighty Mouth [Bad Boy (Feat.Soya)]


# Fresh Music #

- Dalmatian [E.R]

- She’z [My Way]

- Gangkiz [Honey Honey]

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/120520-inkigayo-performers-list.html

[PICTURE] Secret's Hyosung shows off her glamorous figure!

Secret has been chosen as the models of California Beach Water Park recently.

The members of Secret were spotted filming for a new CF for the Water Park recently.

Fans praised Hyosung's glamorous body and wondered who is standing besides Hyosung,is she Sun Hwa or Ji Eun?

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[PICTURE] Davichi's Kang Min Kyung smiles brightly in front of some delicious food!

Davichi's Kang Min Kyung updated her Twitter with a new photo on 19th May.

She said,"School meal… If I eat like this, I will heroically take notes in 5th period.”

It seems that she has prepared herself to enjoy the delicious meal.

Fans who saw the photo said that "she does not gain weight although she eats a lot" and etc

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture-davichis-kang-min-kyung-smiles.html

[PICTURE] Jang Geun Seuk and Yoona snapped a friendly selca!

Jang Geun Seuk unveiled a new selca on his Twitter.

He is seen posing with his Love Rain partner SNSD's Yoona in the photo above.

Yoona's small face is proven again in the photo above,the Love Rain main cast had some great time posing together.

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture-jang-geun-seuk-and-yoona.html

[VIDEO] A Pink performed Hush on Love Request!

Check out A Pink's latest performance on Love Request!

The girls performed their new song Hush on the show!

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-pink-performed-hush-on-love.html

[AUDIO] EXO M Luhan's predebut singing audio unveiled!

Listen to Luhan's predebut singing clip here,he is singing to a mandarin song titled I Will Let You Go.

Have a look at his predebut photos too!

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/audio-exo-m-luhans-predebut-singing.html

[VIDEO] 4Minute had a cool performance on MTV The Show!

4Minute performed their new song Volume Up on MTV The Show.

Instead of performing in the studio,the girls performed outdoor...check out their performance below!

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-4minute-had-cool-performance-on.html

[VIDEO] JJ Project unveils MV for "Bounce"

JYP's new duo, JJ Project, has come.
On May 20, JB and Jr. who are powerful duo of JYP release their debut MV for "Bounce".
Their concepts are combination of hip hop and punk.

Check their MV below:

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-jj-project-unveils-mv-for-bounce.html

JJ Project reveals MV for “Bounce”

The long wait is finally over, JYP Entertainment‘s latest group has now arrived!

After releasing numerous teasers, JB and Jr. of the JJ Project have finally debuted with ‘Bounce‘.

These hot rookies are bringing some swag with a bit of punk and hip hop style. It seems JYP Entertainment is experimenting in new musical genres as they also incorporate some rock n’roll and dubstep sounds in their music.

Check out their hot MV below!

Source : http://www.allkpop.com/2012/05/jj-project-reveals-mv-for-bounce

[NEWS] Lee Jongsuk, Chosen as 'Inkigayo' MC that will fill in for IU

Actor Lee Jongsuk was chosen as a MC on SBS 'Inkigayo'.

Starting from the June 3rd, Lee Jongsuk will become a MC for 'Inkigayo', joining girl group Kara's Goo Hara and Nicole. The current MC, IU, will have a difficulty appearing on 'Inkigayo' due to her concert schedule, thus the producers decided to have Lee Jongsuk fill in during IU's absence.

After IU's 6 weeks hiatus, it seem like Lee Jongsuk will continue to be a MC on 'Inkigayo'. After IU returns, it would be hard for Hara and Nicole to MC due to Kara's Japanese activities. As a result, it is predicted that there will be talks to find another female MC to work along with Lee Jongsuk.

Translation: -Hope @ weheartiu
Source: Nate

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-lee-jongsuk-chosen-as-inkigayo-mc.html

[NEWS] Davichi shows loyalty to old friend

Female singing duo Davichi has shown its allegiance to friend and composer Jo Young-soo by agreeing to sing for his new album free of charge.

The girl group was featured in the single “A Night like This” on Jo’s digital album “All Star,” which was released online yesterday. The song also features newbie group 2Bic.

This isn’t the first time that Davichi has performed in the composer’s songs.

Back in 2008 and 2010, the duo also recorded songs for the composer, who strongly supported the group when it debuted in 2008.

When Davichi was starting out, Jo composed the song “Love and War” for the duo, and it later became a huge hit.

The girls were also set to perform in the United States earlier this year along with T-ara, which belongs to the same agency. But visa problems forced the cancellation of the event, called “K-pop Power & Beauty,” that was to be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.
By Carla Sunwoo

Source: koreajoongangdaily

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[NEWS] Yu-ri of Girls' Generation Shines in TV Drama 'Fashion King

All nine members of Girls' Generation have sweated and toiled to give fans what they want since they debuted five years ago, which helps explain the girl group's mammoth popularity, and Yu-ri is seen as one of its hardest-working members.

Yu-ri, who is currently starring in the SBS drama "Fashion King," said she has always harbored ambitions of being not just a singer but an actress.

"Even when I was a trainee some 10 years ago, I always wanted to act," Yu-ri said. "I took acting lessons and read many scenarios," she added.

"I'm so happy to have got this chance to act in a TV drama. I held about 10 meetings with the director before filming started. He did not know much about me and had no idea about my acting ability, so he gave me a lot of advice."

Fellow band member Yoon-a appeared in the 2008 TV drama "You Are My Destiny," while Jessica followed suit recently in "Wild Romance." This makes Yu-ri something of a late starter given her decade-long dream, and the same is true of her popularity within the band among fans, which also emerged later than most of the other members.

Each of the members has been at the center of attention at one time or another, but Yu-ri has built up her reputation gradually through hard work. SM Entertainment is notorious for its intense training program, encouraging the girls to practice from dawn till dusk to get their moves down perfectly, and Yu-ri has seemed to thrive in this environment.

Actors Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon and Shin Se-kyung, who appear on "Fashion King" with Yu-ri, are among the hottest young stars in Korea right now. They are also recognized for their acting abilities. But rather than being intimidated, Yu-ri asks them for tips and advice, and tries to learn from them.

Yu-ri's fans call her the "black pearl," partly in recognition of her dark complexion, but also because a pearl takes a long time to form within its shell -- just as Yu-ri has kept stretching herself to become a shining "jewel" among the group.

However, such hard work and endurance has now become a matter of routine for her and the other members of Girls' Generation, and this may be what has kept them at the top of their game for so long.

Source: English Chosun

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-yu-ri-of-girls-generation-shines.html

[NEWS] Han Ji Min Died to Save Park Yuchun in Rooftop Prince? Hidden Reversal Surprise

Who is exactly the main character involved in the murder of Crown Princess incident 300 years ago?

Episode 18 of SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” aired on May 18th, 2012 shows that Park Ha pushes away Lee Gak (Park Yuchun) who is about to be hit by Yong Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung), and plunged into the crisis of death.

The ultimate goal of Tae Moo is Lee Gak. After the evidence that he is related to the death of president Yeo was discovered, Tae Moo said, “Lee Gak must die,” and set up a trick a Hong Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi). In order to carry out the murder, Se Na uses Park Ha’s mobile phone to asks Lee Gak to the reservoir.

Se Na brings along Park Ha’s mobile phone and couple T-shirt to reservoir together with Tae Moo. Lee Gak chases after Se Na who is wearing the couple T-shirt in the dark. Tae Moo who found Lee Gak rushes over to him. The last scene is Park Ha, who knew the trick slightly later and come to the reservoir, stands in front of the car in order to save Lee Gak.

But there are many voices about the possibility of Se Na, instead of Park Ha, who would be hit and killed by the car. 300 years ago, at the time when Crown Princess was murdered, many viewers pointed out that the face of Crown Princess was not shown in the end, and reasoned that the person who fell into the water and drowned is not Crown Princess but Bu Yong (previous life of Park Ha).

The speculation is that at that time, Bu Yong passed away when wearing the clothes of Crown Princess. In modern times, it can be inferred that Se Na would suffered from the fate of death when wearing the clothes of Park Ha. Especially the anxious face shown by Se Na when Park Ha jumps onto the car, or through Se Na’s lines which suggest that she might die, “If I died once and for all, would I be forgivven?”

Netizens who watched the broadcast said, “If Park Ha died really can not be justified,” “Only Se Na died would clear off the notoriety of the so-called bad guys,” “Our Lee Gak is pitiful, what to do?” “I vote for Se Na gets hit by the car while Tae Moo fell into the reservoir” and so on.

via Daum


Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-han-ji-min-died-to-save-park.html

[NEWS] SJ Sungmin – SNSD Jessica: “the member whom I don’t get along well with is…”

In the episode of tvN’s variety show “TAXI” which broadcasted on the 18th of May, Jessica and Sungmin was asked by MC Lee Yong Ja “Among all the members of your respective group, which member gets along least well with the rest?”

Jessica gave Seohyun as her answer, “The rest of the members enjoy eating snacks, hamburgers and others, but Seohyun only eats the sweet potato and persimmon that she packs herself.” Sungmin then revealed, “In terms of food, our members get along really well with each other. We are not choosy when it comes to food, we have cheap taste and we eat everything that is given to us.”

Sungmin then continued, “Yesung is responsible for the high notes (in our songs), so he would start to warm up his vocals early in the day. He would always do it when we are travelling to our schedules. Because everyone is really tired on most days, we would rest or sleep on our way, but when he starts practicing so loudly, we would sometimes feel really upset.“ Jessica then added, “Seohyun is exactly the same and she has several methods when it comes to practicing her vocals. She would turn on the music of the song that we will be singing on that day and sing along to it, but she is our baby, so it’s cute.”

Besides Jessica and Sungmin, f(x)’s member Luna also appeared on the program.

SOURCE: kpopstarz.com
Translated by : KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-World.Net

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-sj-sungmin-snsd-jessica-member.html

[NEWS] Kim Junsu Took Over Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in Japan’s iTunes Chart As No.1!

JYJ member Kim Junsu’s first solo album has also received high popularity in Japan.

On the 18th of May, C-JeS expressed, “Kim Junsu’s first solo album ‘XIA Tarantallegra’ has received the no. 1 spot in Japan’s iTunes.” This is a result Kim Junsu achieved under the circumstances of no-promotional-activities-scheduled in Japan and yet leading ahead of world renowned stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, thus serving a higher significance.

When the news of Kim Junsu’s first solo album was first released in the beginning of May, it immediately attained no. 1 and continuously for the following weeks in pre-orders chart at Tower Records. After the album was released, all the music stores received great sales results, with the album taking over the no. 1 sales spot successfully. As many stores faced a sudden increase of pre-orders, there were some who faced sold-out and lack of stocks situations.

C-JeS representative explained, “We think that the reason for the high popularity received in Japan for Xia’s first album is due to Japanese general public who have been awaiting Kim Junsu’s music and performances.”, “This album is unique in the first place, and with the addition of new sensational trial (on music and images), blending the ability of Kim Junsu as a singer into completing this high quality work. We think that this is an important factor for such great popularity.”

Kim Junsu will be starting his Asia Tour at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium on the 19th -20th May, before embarking to 7 other countries.

Source: bnt news

Credit: jrw8008

Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-kim-junsu-took-over-lady-gaga-and_19.html

[VIDEO] 2NE1 Individual Messages for OFFICIAL BLACKJACK 3rd Registration

Here's the official messages from 2NE1 members for Blackjacks.

Souce: 2NE1's Official Youtube

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-2ne1-individual-messages-for.html

[INFO] JYJ NII Fanmeeting Scheduled For June in Seoul!

Here comes another JYJ NII Fanmeeting! As long as you purchase NII products up to 8000 Yen, you’ll be able to enter the draw for 50 seats of the FM. We will also pick 3 lucky persons out and gift them with the Happy Heart T-shirts JYJ wore during their photo shoots. The time for drawing lots is : 2012.05.22, 2PM. The Fanmeeting date is 2012.06.06. The exact time for the FM is yet to be determined. The venue will be in Seoul.

Credit: GMarket Japan

Translation Credit: mandragore of JYJ3

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/info-jyj-nii-fanmeeting-scheduled-for.html

[NEWS] Kim Junsu Took Over Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in Japan’s iTunes Chart As No. 1‏

JYJ member Kim Junsu’s first solo album has also received high popularity in Japan.

On the 18th of May, C-JeS expressed, “Kim Junsu’s first solo album ‘XIA Tarantallegra’ has received the no. 1 spot in Japan’s iTunes.” This is a result Kim Junsu achieved under the circumstances of no-promotional-activities-scheduled in Japan and yet leading ahead of world renowned stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, thus serving a higher significance.

When the news of Kim Junsu’s first solo album was first released in the beginning of May, it immediately attained no. 1 and continuously for the following weeks in pre-orders chart at Tower Records. After the album was released, all the music stores received great sales results, with the album taking over the no. 1 sales spot successfully. As many stores faced a sudden increase of pre-orders, there were some who faced sold-out and lack of stocks situations.

C-JeS representative explained, “We think that the reason for the high popularity received in Japan for Xia’s first album is due to Japanese general public who have been awaiting Kim Junsu’s music and performances.”, “This album is unique in the first place, and with the addition of new sensational trial (on music and images), blending the ability of Kim Junsu as a singer into completing this high quality work. We think that this is an important factor for such great popularity.”

Kim Junsu will be starting his Asia Tour at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium on the 19th -20th May, before embarking to 7 other countries.

source: bnt news
credit: jrw8008
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-kim-junsu-took-over-lady-gaga-and.html

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Gets a Perfect Score on ’100 Million Quiz Show’!

Seohyun has recently become the first guest on SBS’s “100 Million Quiz Show” to get a perfect score. On May 18th, Seohyun guest starred on the show, showing her knowledge. Known to enjoy reading, she calmly answered each question she received, while adding explanations to her answers.

Seohyun made it to the final round of the show, where 40 million won (roughly $34,240 USD) and a car were on the line. In response to the final question, “What determines the color of an egg shell?”, Seohyun replied correctly, “It depends on the color of the hen.”

After becoming the first person in the history of the show to receive a perfect score, MC Kim Yongman couldn’t hide his surprise, commenting, “This has never happened before.” Viewers and fans alike responded, “What can’t she do?” and “She dances and sings well, she’s pretty and she’s even smart.”

Source: Joins MSN
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bethlyhem.@soshified
Contributors: letaengbutt@soshified, SeraphKY@soshified

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-girls-generations-seohyun-gets.html

[NEWS] Jaejoong's Japanese Fans Donate 10 Million Won to Help Korean Students!

The first fan-based international fund donation was accomplished by JYJ Jaejoong’s fans. Japanese fans of Jaejoong are creating a new fan culture. The 10 million won (~8750 dollars), raised by Japanese fans through the JJ PARTY event, were transferred to Korea on May 18th. This money is deposited under the Kim Jaejoong Boomerang Scholarship, formed by the Korean Jaejoong site HEROSE, which will be used to assist high school students in financial difficulties. A representative from the Japanese fan sites expressed that they wish this fund will be successful along with Dr. Jin.

Source: Nate

Chinese to English Translation: g.fanns of JYJ3

Korean to Chinese Translation: purples33 weibo

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-jaejoongs-japanese-fans-donate-10.html

[NEWS] Taeyeon Reveals the Secret Behind Her Skinny Appearance!

Taeyeon, who has been active in the sub-unit, garnered attention after revealing the secret behind her body.

During a recent recording of SBS E!TV’s “TV Cultwo Show-Talking About With Stars”, the MCs asked her how she maintains her figure. She surprised everyone by replying,
“I eat ramyun late at night and don’t sleep afterward.”

This was not the only secret behind Taeyeon’s slim body. It hasn’t been revealed until now, but her black strap stockings give her the illusion of “chopstick legs”.

She also showed off tall stilettos that made her legs look slimmer and longer. The flashy patterns and colors on her clothes also gave her a taller and skinnier appearance.

Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun were then asked about their rumored 900 calorie diet, which had become a popular online discussion topic. The girls answered coolly, “How could you survive off of a 900 calorie diet?”

BNT News

Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified

Edited by: moonrise31@soshified, SeraphKY@soshified, letaengbutt@soshified

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[NEWS] Hyoyeon Gets First Place on MBC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars 2′!

In the episode of MBC’s “Dancing With the Stars 2″ which aired on the 18th of May, the Tango and Chachacha were the mission of the week for the dancers.

On this day, the person who came in first place, was none other than Hyoyeon. The score given by the judges, combined with the text votes, pushed Hyoyeon into the top position. Hyoyeon stated, “This win was unexpected so I’m really happy. I’m always thankful to my partner.”

Hyoyeon danced the Tango with much precision, showing off her control sexily. Her skinship with her partner, which she said was awkward, seemed a lot more natural. They also had a part in their performance which looked as though they were kissing, displaying their perfect synchronization.

Source: www.newsen.com

Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified

Edited by: letaengbutt@soshified

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-hyoyeon-gets-first-place-on-mbcs.html

[NEWS] INFINITE’s Thoughts on Their Comeback

INFINITE revealed that their nervous emotions were large due to their long period of absence.

INFINITE met up with a reporter on May 18th in the waiting room of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and revealed their thoughts on starting promotions after a long time.

Their member, Dongwoo, said, “Because our period of absence was this long for the first time, we were really nervous and felt pressured. I was happy because I saw today that there were many fans who were waiting for us. Although we did a concert during that time as well, music broadcasts have an addictive feel to it, so I missed it and was worried that we wouldn’t meet up to the expectations.”

Continuing on, they explained about their title song, ‘The Chaser’, by adding, “To be unique, we decided to go towards a classic feel. We wanted to show the Korean-style of emotions through music. Among the recordings we’ve done till now, this recording was the hardest.”

INFINITE released their 3rd mini album, INFINITIZE, on May 13th and made a fantastic comeback by opening a nonstop showcase in 5 cities in Korea. Their title song, ‘The Chaser’, is a song consisting Korean-style emotions and a refined melody. INFINITE, who seemed to be combined with both performance and skills, create stages that you cannot take your eyes off from.

INFINITE, who are doing promotions that will capture your eyes the most among other recent boy groups, will be representatives that take care of the boy group drought that’s happening among female singers’ promotions through their music qualities and performances that didn’t disappoint and stage manner that continuously improves.

Their performance that opened twice last February at the Seoul Olympic Handball Stadium, made a record of selling out in tickets and they quickly opened an encore concert. With opening a large-scale encore concert in the Gymnastics stadium, we were able to see where INFINITE stood in the music industry. As they received a high amount of popularity in not just Korea, but Japan as well, they proved their existence by continuously opening concerts last year and this year.

Compared to the other colleagues who debuted around the same time as INFINITE, who has almost debuted for 2 years, they are showing promotions that stand out and have certainly rose up as one of the top level groups. INFINITE, who have taken place as a group that you cannot look at easily, make it seem like their rise will not die down for quite a long time.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; newsen

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-infinites-thoughts-on-their.html

[PICTURE] Baek Ji Young and BEAST's Junhyung snapped a friendly photo!

Baek Ji Young's company WS Entertainment unveiled some new photos through official Twitter on 17th May with caption,"Baek Ji Young with Jun Hyung's M! Countdown first stage,fighting."

Baek Ji Young performed Good Boy for the very first time on M! Countdown on 17th May with BEAST's Junhyung.

For those who have not watched their performance,enjoy their collaboration here!

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture-baek-ji-young-and-beasts.html

120519 MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ Performances

MBC’s “Show! Music Core” is back this week full of amazing performances!

For this week’s episode, Gang Kiz and She’z kicked off their debut. J.Y. Park and Baek Ji Young, as well as idol groups INFINITE and Dalmatian made their comeback performances.

Other great performances from artists including Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo, SISTAR, 4minute, A Pink, EXO-K, B.A.P, Mighty Mouth, Hello Venus, Norazo and Sata Andagi.

Check out the performances below!





Hello Venus


Sata Andagi

She’z (Debut Stage)

Watch today’s debut and comeback performances

Gang Kiz



Baek Ji Young

J.Y. Park

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/120519-mbcs-show-music-core.html

[VIDEO] J.Y. Park returns with “Someone Else” + “You’re The One” on Music Core

Talented singer and producer J.Y. Park recently made his long-awaited comeback with the release of his new album “Spring - 5 Songs for a New Love” along with his title track “You’re The One.”

postponing his comeback promotions last week due to voice loss, J.Y. Park finally made his return this week. J.Y. Park kicked off his comeback performance on today’s episode of MBC’s ‘Music Core’ and delivered a charismatic performance of his pre-released track “Someone Else” featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In and title track “You’re The One”.

Check out his the performance below!

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-jy-park-returns-with-someone-else.html

[PICTURE] KARA's Nicole had fun at the amusement park!

KARA's Nicole tweeted a photo of herself at an amusement park!

She is seen posing in casual outfits in the photo above,showing the popular Victory sign.

It seems that she had a lot of fun at the amusement park.

Fans who saw the photos commented,"When did you go there"."where are the others","you look so energetic" and etc

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture-karas-nicole-had-fun-at.html

[VIDEO] Dalmatian is back with “E.R” on Music Core

Idol group Dalmatian, who recently revamped its line-up, has returned to the music scene after being away in nearly 15 months. The boys released their mini-album ‘State Of Emergency’, displaying a dramatic transformation of the members.

Dalmatian brought out their fierce masculine charms through their latest title track “E.R”. And on this week’s episode of MBC’s ‘Music Core’, the boys finally showcased what they’ve prepared for the past year. Dalmatian effortlessly pulled off the choreography and melted the fans with their extremely fit bodies.

Check out their performance below!

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/video-dalmatian-is-back-with-er-on.html

[PICTURE] Boram tweets gorgeous “Jewelry box*☆ photos on Twitter!

T-ara's Boram updated her Twitter with new photos.

She mentioned “Jewelry box*☆ while sharing the photos shown here.

Fans were excited to see her posing sexily in her new photos.

Meanwhile,T-ara will be releasing their first full length Japanese album soon.

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture-boram-tweets-gorgeous-jewelry.html

[PICTURE] Hyomin shared an angelic selca on Twitter!

T-ara's Hyomin uploaded a gorgeous selca on her official Twitter.

She wrote,"Ddong...Sweet Dreams".

She is seen posing in front of the camera in a cool expression,showing off her milky skin and pretty collarbone.

Like her new selca?

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/picture-hyomin-shared-angelic-selca-on.html

[NEWS] Park Hyun Bin to release new Japanese single

Trot singer Park Hyun Bin is set to prove that three times is indeed a charm with the release of his third Japanese single on June 27. The song, entitled “Trust Oppa,” is being released in Japanese due to demands. With the song’s launch, the singer will also make his way around the nation, performing various showcases and meeting with fans.

A May 17 post on Park’s official Web site explains that the song is one that “President Lee Myung-bak used during his campaign.” Lee was not available to confirm.

Back in December, Park held his first solo concert in Shinagawa, Tokyo, where more than 1,000 Japanese fans attended.

The singer made his debut in Japan in the spring of 2011, and his two single albums, “Shabang Shabang” and “Gondre Mandre,” went on to reach the No. 1 spot on the Enka chart, which ranks Japan’s popular music. Currently, the singer is promoting a ballad song titled “Hourglass” in Korea.

JoongAng Daily

Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/05/news-park-hyun-bin-to-release-new.html