EXO Chanyeol, Kris and Chen's solo teasers are out!

Following the 1st set of solo teasers featuring KAI, D.O., Suho, Lay, Sehun and Baekhyun released earlier, EXO's Chanyeol, Kris and Chen's solo teasers are released as well.

Check below:

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Taeyeon's naughty hand 'where are you touching?'

Taeyeon surprised fans with her 'naughty hand'.

On her Instagram account, she uploaded a funny photo wherein she is seen between two crossed dressers who are wearing flashy outfits and wigs. The more shocking part is that her hand is touching the left person's chest.

She wrote,"Oooops. Ginger's hand is a cute hand, mine is a naughty hand." In the photo, Taeyeon and the person wearing a green wig are both showing a shocked expression.

Fans quickly reacted to Taeyeon's naughty picture, "Taeyeon is so naughty!","He is still a man, what a naughty hand haha." Fans jokingly gave her new nickname 'Byuntaeng', from the Korean word 'byeontae' meaning pervert.

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100% reveals their muscular body in a comeback video message!

Ahead of their teaser, 100% revealed their changed image for the first time in a comeback video message.

The TOP media boys have grown to even more mature men wearing black outfits showing their vivid muscles. Their muscular body is surely going to swoon fans. Check their video message below:

Their first teaser is schedule to be released today at 7PM KST.

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Yoona, Kyuhyun and Sulli playfully tease each other on KBS Entertainment Weekly

SM idols showed their close tandem once again. On May 18, SNSD's Yoona, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and f(x)'s Sulli appeared on KBS Entertainment Weekly and had a fun interview.

The three are the finalists for KT LTE Noot player, wherein Kyuhyun won.

During the interview, the three playfully teased each other. Sulli and Yoona made fun of Kyuhyun's outfit. They also talked about Sulli's younger brother and Kyuhyun's new MC position in Mama Mia.

Watch the clip below:

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Super Junior Sungmin shows his archery skills!

Super Junior Sungmin is never running out of talents. On May 18 and 19, he uploaded photos of him holding a bow and an arrow and coolly poses like a professional archer.

He wrote,

I’m a man that shoots arrows~

He added,

Side profile ke ke ke ke ke
Well … I'm still not in good form and awkward …
Yesterday’s result was good … ke ke ke ke ke ke ke
Even in jeans, I'm still the best looking  .. he he

He seemed to have found a new hobby.
Meanwhile, Sungmin is actively participating in musicals Summer Snow and Jack The Ripper.

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EXO releases solo photo teasers!

EXO has been releasing teaser photos for their most anticipated upcoming comeback. Recently they have been spamming black and white group photos revealing a school themed concept.

Today, EXO released individual photo teasers featuring KAI, D.O., Suho, Lay, Sehun and Baekhyun. Still carrying the school boy concept, this time, the boys are sporting a typical student wearing their jersey jackets while doing outdoor activities.

Check the photos below:

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CL finishes MV, to release on May 28

After the revelation of 'Who's next?' last May 15, CL as the big reveal has wrapped up shooting her music video for her solo debut on May 17.  
"They shot at  Namyangju, Gyeonggi from May 15 to 16. CL was guided by  Yang Hyun Suk and Producer Teddy."  Director   Seo Hyun Seung directed the music video.
The much-anticipated CL’s solo track and music video will be released on May 28. 
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M4M reveals first mini-album "Mystery Formula"

M4M released their first mini album,'Mystery Formula'.

It has six tracks entitled Sadness (Korean and Chinese version), Perfect, Hero, Good Time, and When You Leave Me. All of the tracks are sung solely in Chinese except 'Sadness'.

M4M Mystical Formula, is created with the collaboration of  Cube Entertainment and the Chinese company Xing Tian. It is  co mposed of AlenBinJimmy, and Vinson. 

Here are the tracks:

1. Sadness (Chinese version)

2. Sadness (Korean version)

3. Perfect

4. Hero

5. Good Time

6. When You Leave Me

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2PM has a new famous fan?

2PM  has a new famous fan.
Miss A ’s   Fei   shows her support for the comeback of 2PM through a picture with 2PM while she's holding a copy of their album, " GROWN .
Fei tweeted the photo and said, “2PM's ‘Comeback When You Hear This Song‘ and ‘All Day I Think Of You‘ are the best! You must have worked so hard. Aja.”
Meanwhile, Fei made it to the semi-finals of MBC’s “Dancing with the Stars 3”.
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EXO poses for CeCi June issue

EXO is really serious for their comeback. After revealing many teaser photos this past few days for their upcoming comeback with their first official album titled XOXO (Kiss & Hug), they pose for the June issue of Ceci magazine.
EXO takes shots with different beautiful flowers that relay their gentleness. 
Here are the photos:

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SNSD’s Yuri thanks fans after winning the 'Popularity Award' from the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards

SNSD’s  Yuri extended her gratitude to her fans after winning the  Popularity Award from the  49th Baeksang Arts Awards for her portrayal of  Choi Anna on  SBS‘ “ Fashion King” in 2012.

On May 17, Yuri posted a thank you message on the SNSD's website saying, "Our fans made so much effort to show their love for us. Although we're grateful and glad everyday, I still want to thank them for giving me the honor to receive an award from Baeksang Arts Awards. In return, I will be better. Next time, I'll wear a pretty dress... wait and see^^ Thank you and I love you kya~”   
Very well said.
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A-Prince updates A-Land from their Singapore show

A-Prince had a busy schedule yesterday as they finished successfully three events in Singapore. 

First was the ' A-Prince Showcase Live In Singapore'  at 2:00 PM that is followed by ' A-Prince Fan-sign/Photograph Session  at 4:00 PM . The last was ' The Sheng Siong Show(feat. A-Prince) LIVE SHOW' 9:00-10:00 PM.

A-Prince didn't help themselves to update the A-Land's with photos on their official twitter.

APrince having rehearsal for #APrinceInSingapore showcase~ Who's coming? See you later A-LANDs! #HappyBabyWoobinDay twitter.com/APRINCEofficia…
— A-PRINCE (@APRINCEofficial) May 18, 2013
[won] It was really a great time meeting our fans in Singapore.Next time we should have a fan meeting~ I love you la♥ twitter.com/APRINCEofficia…
— A-PRINCE (@APRINCEofficial) May 18, 2013
(민혁) Who's watchingTHe SHENG SIONG SHOW? twitter.com/APRINCEofficia…
— A-PRINCE (@APRINCEofficial) May 18, 2013
(Siyoon) Wow #APrinceInSingapore is still trending ^^ Thank you A-LANDs! We're so happy la~~ twitter.com/APRINCEofficia…
— A-PRINCE (@APRINCEofficial) May 18, 2013

(won) The SHENG SIONG was really fun! thank you A-LANDs for the support la~ 사랑해요 ㅎㅎ twitter.com/APRINCEofficia…
— A-PRINCE (@APRINCEofficial) May 18, 2013

A-Prince will be holding its 'Hi-Five Session/Meet & Greet  ‘ on May 19 at 5:00 PM at  JCube, Level5 JStage.

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B1A4 performs "What's Happening" on Love Request

Check out B1A4's performance on Love Request, the boys performance their latest hit song "What's Happening" on the show.

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After School Juyeon is charming in school uniform

After School's Juyeon shares photos of her wearing school uniform on her twitter account.

The photos were taken when she filmed her cameo in tvN's drama 'Monstar'. On the same episode, she had a kiss scene with BEAST's Junhyung.

Fans commented, "She looks a typical pretty high-schooler in her uniform.","I've watched the kiss scene!","She looks so young  and pretty." and so on.

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YG's birthtday greeting hints Taeyang's comeback!

YG's birthday poster for Taeyang teases his approaching comeback.

On May 18, YG uploaded a comic-strip type poster to greet Taeyang for his birthday. Other than a warm greeting, the poster also hints Taeyang's comeback as they wrote, "Are You Ready!" along with expression "Grrrrr..." which suggests that he is impatiently waiting for his come back.

In connection with this, Taeyang already teased his fans with his recent tweet, "Being on stage makes me want to put my music already...most of my songs are done... now only if @IBGDRGN would finish his songs for me :) Jiyong ah?"

Are you ready for Taeyang's comeback?

Source: YG Life Blog& Taeyang's twitter
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Teen Top is enjoying their 'Kobe beef'

After concluding their concert in Kobe today, Teen Top boys apparently having a meat party as they shared a group photo on their official Twitter account.

On the photo, Niel, Ricky, Chunji, C.A.P., Changjo and L.Joe gathered around a table with meal and meat dressed in their casual clothes. They wrote, 'We are eating meat meat Kobe-gyuu (Kobe beef) ㅡㅠㅡ"

Does it look appetizing?

Source: TEEN TOP's twitter

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T-ara reveals Pink, White and Colorful dance versions of 'Bunny Style'

Have you had enough of T-ara's Bunny Style? If not, then the girls are here to give you three different versions of their cute 'Bunny Style' dance version MV.

Which one do you like? Pink? White? or the Colorful one?

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Tiffany reveals TaeTiSeo to make a comeback this year!

Girls Generation is all set to have their comeback  year. To add more anticipation, Tiffany also revealed that SNSD's sub-unit TaeTiSeo (Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun) will also release a new album this year.

Through Mnet's 'Danny from L.A', the behind the scenes of Tiffany's recent shoot for 'FirstLook' magazine has been revealed. In the video clip, aside from her fun and lovely photoshoot, she also tease fans with her good news.

watch the clip below:

SNSD and TaeTiSeo's albums this year! Are you excited?

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BTS for WG SoHee's photoshoot for '8seconds' revealed

Wonder Girls Sohee had a photoshoot for clothing brand '8seconds'. In the said photoshoot, Sohee sports summer fresh looks with her chic style.

Onstyle brought us to the set of her photoshoot where we can see Sohee effortlessly posing for the cameras.
Watch below:

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Taemin & Naeun cook together in the next episode of We Got Married?

Taemin and Naeun will cook together in the upcoming episode of We Got Married.

Check out the short preview of the next episode, do you anticipate their cooking skills?

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TEEN TOP’s L.Joe reveals his baby photo

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe reveals a photo of him when he was a baby.
TEEN TOP ’s   L.Joe  shared a baby photo on his twitter and said, “I found this picture of Byung Hun at my house.”  Byung Hun is the  real name of L.Joe. 
On the picture, he was trying to stand and got a support from a book shelf.  
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2PM "All Day Think Of You" on Music Core

2PM is back, the wait is over!

The boys performed their title songs "Come back when you hear this song" and "A.D.T.O.Y" on Music Core aired earlier today, check out their performance below.

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2PM's Jun.K reasons out why he changed his name + performance video

2PM ’s   Jun.K explained his reason why he changed his name from  Junsu to Minjun last October 2012.
2PM appeared as a guest on  MBC ’s “ Radio Star ”, and Jun.K revealed the reason for changing his name. He said,  “It was a family matter. When my father passed away early last year, he wanted to change my name which has a family meaning behind that. Because of that, I had to follow it so my real name was changed from Junsu to Minjun.”
Meanwhile, here's a clip performance from 2PM:

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B1A4 sheds the tears of happiness after winning 1st place on Music Core

B1A4 claimed their first music show victory on Music Core aired earlier today.

The boys burst into tears at the show since this was their first victory on music show since debut, check out their performance on the show today.

Congratulations B1A4!

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VIXX appreciates Girl's Day's Minah

VIXX showed their appreciation to  Girl’s Day ’s   Minah.
They posted a photo of Minah and N and tweeted,  “I am ROVIX. We thank Girl’s Day’s Minah who helped us in our mini-album ‘HYDE’s track ‘ Stop Resisting ‘.” 
They are going to release their new mini-album on May 20.
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