Super Junior Kyuhyun's ideal type is Ailee?

Ailee and Super Junior members appeared on March 15th episode of MBC's Section TV. The interview was conducted during their meeting for Kyochon Chicken wherein Ailee and Super Junior are endorsers.

The host opened a topic about Super Junior's Kyuhyun who has never been in a relationship. Kyuhyun immediately cleared that it was misinterpreted and admitted that he had a relationship before.

The members teased him and he revealed, "I like girls with pretty foreheads. Ailee's forehead is pretty indeed." In which Ailee replied, "This is my forehead (suggesting it's not doctored)".

Shindong added, "I bought my eyes" and brought laughter on the set.

Check the [ENG SUBBED] interview below:

What do you think? Did Ailee catch Kyuhyun's attention?

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Mir and Soyu admit that they are envious of other members

On the recent episode of Immortal Song 2, MBLAQ's Mir and SISTAR's Soyu admitted that they are envious of other members' success.

MC Moon Hee Jun asked Soyu, "SISTAR19 wins and places no. 1, have you ever thought that you could also make a sub-unit with Dasom?" in which she replied, "Even though I felt envious, when they win, I felt happy and becomes teary too".

He also asked Mir, "When there's a positive article about Lee Joon, what do you feel?". MBLAQ member honestly revealed, "My feeling isn't thatgood. I would tell him "I don't want to read it'. But if it's about me, I send a capture of it to Lee Joon and he would reply me with a smiley. I believe that's a victory."

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Key takes a photo with Soyu and Woohyun!

Key takes a friendly yet cool photo with Sistar's Soyu and INFINITE Woohyun.

The photo was taken in Thailand where their groups performed in Korean Music Wave. He wrote, "wuss up friends".

In the photo, the three are posing which appeared to be like of those in pictorial. Fans expressed their excitement seeing the three idols together in one photo. They commented, "Idol friends are so fun to watch.","Glad to see them together!" and so on.

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Source: Key's instagram

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MBLAQ's Mir and Seungho perform with SISTAR Soyu on Imomortal Song 2!

On the March 16th episode of Immortal Song 2, MBLAQ's Mir and Seungho do a joint performance with Sistar's Soyu. The three performed 'You Like Me, I Like You".

The idols worked on together to present a wonderful stage. Seungho plays the piano, Mir does a rap and Soyu compliments MBLAQ with her amazing vocals.

Watch the performance below:

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MBLAQ releases PV for Japanese version of Mona Lisa!

The full PV for MBLAQ's new Japanese single 'Mona Lisa' is finally released.
The Japanese version of Mona Lisa's PV is very different from the original one which gives fans satisfaction.
Watch below:

Their Japanese single will be released on March 27. Stay updated.

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INFINITE releases D-4 comeback teaser feat. Sungyeol

The countdown is nearing to the end. After releasing the teasers featuring Sungjong, Dongwoo and Woohyun,the 4th teaser finally reveals Sungyeol.

The teaser features Sungyeol in a sweet and handsome appearance. He looks so good in the kitchen wearing apron and preparing food.

Their 4th mini album "Man In Love' will be released on March 14 and the group will be making their comeback stage on March 21.

Check Sungyeol's teaser video below:

Three more to go. Who's excited for Hoya, L, and Suggyu?

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Supernova revealed MV for 'Dakishimetai'

Dakishimetai is the carrier single of Supernova’s album of the same name. It’s their 16th Japanese single that will be released on March 27.
Now, after much teasing, the full music video of Supernova’s Japanese single ‘Dakishimetai’ was uploaded online.
Their album will be have three different versions. The regular edition comes with an audio disc, while Type A and B are CD+DVD versions.

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Dickpunks as new baby of TNC Company plus to release mini album

After placing as runner up in last year’s ‘Super Star K’, Dickpunks sign a contract under the TNC company. They will join other like Yery Band, Icycider, Peacock, Phantomz, Bellband, and 11:11.

TNC company said, ”It’s such a great honor to be trusted on showcasing and honing Dickpunks musicality.” First step is they are going to release their mini album next month.

In addition, CF recordings, rock festivals and drama shooting are going to be part of their future schedules. Dickpunks will also be performing in the Dongkyo Dong Art People DMZ Family Concert at Seoul's Uniqlo-AX with duo Toxic on March 23rd.

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MYNAME revealed full PV of ‘Pari Pari’

After they released the MV for ‘Just that Little Thing’ last January, MYNAME revealed their full PV for its Japanese version ‘Pari Pari’ last March 13.

The music video is almost exactly the same, shot for shot.

In addition, they are set to release their first Japanese album, ‘We are MYNAME’, on March 27.

Check out the two MVs of Just that little Thing and Pari Pari:

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MBLAQ’s Seungho and Miss A’s Fei showcased their dancing skills

There’s something more with MBLAQ’s Seungho and Miss A’s Fei. They aren't just singers, but dancers as well.

They showed how graceful they are in executing steps in a ballroom dance in ‘Dancing With the Stars 3’

Seungho was partnered up with Son Jin Ju. They danced Viennese Waltz to “Scarbrough Fair. On the other hand, Fei was with Kim Soo Ro. They performed a swing dance to “Putting on the ritz“.

Seungho’s performance earned a positive feedback, but advised to show more chemistry between him and his partner, while Fei’s dance garnered compliments on her natural sway.

Watch the video of Seungho and Fei:

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YTkewul jichan@YT

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Go Joon Hee is excited to meet B1A4's Baro

Go Joon Hee showed her excitement when she met B1A4's Baro.

In the broadcast of MBC's "We Got Married" on March 16th, Go Joon Hee and 2AM's Jinwoon starred in a radio show together, and B1A4's Baro made a surprise visit at the studio.

As everyone knew that Go Joon Hee is a big fan of Baro ,so upon seeing his appearance, she couldn't hide her bright smile, and she was so happy when she received the signed CD from Baro.

Later Jinwoon was asked about his thought at that time, he said,"She's was fan since debut so I knew that she was happy when she met him, but at that time I thought I was a senior rather than her husband. Next time let's me meet up with a surprise female guest, I'm curious about how she will react"

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2AM’s Jo Kwon asks Wonder Girls’ Sunye to do the shake at her wedding

It seems that ‘Harlem Shake’ is still making its way to stardom. Everybody’s doing the shake, from children to students to office workers to medical professionals and most recently to a bride.

2AM’s Jo Kwon is the host of the wedding of Wonder Girls’ Sunye, his best friend.

“Sunye asked me to host the big event of her life. At first, I was hesitant to do it. I thought that I was too young, but I just realized that it would be my gift to her.”Jo Kwon said in an interview of KBS2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on March 15.

When he was asked on how he became a host, he added, “I told Sunye to shake her body as much as she loves her groom while she’s in her wedding dress.”

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Fat Cat Profile

Stage Name: Fat Cat (살찐 고양이)

Birth Name: 
Kim So Young (김소영)

Defconn Girl (데프콘 걸)

Yuri Entertainment 

March 14, 1990

165 cm

47 kg
Debut date: September 29, 2011
Debut song: Indifferent Love

Her latest MV:

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f(x) performs "Nu Abo" on Happy Camp

f(x) performs their popular song "Nu Abo" on famous Chinese show "Happy Camp", check out their performance below

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Miss A's Min takes picture with 91-liner idols!

Miss A Min's takes picture with fellow idols  FT Island's Jaejin, INFINITE's Woohyun, SHINee's Key and SISTAR Soyu.. The photo was taken from Thailand wherein Kpop groups performed for Korean Music Wave.

Min wrote, "Thailand backstage!".

Fans notice that idols on the photo are 91-liners, except Soyu who is  90-liner. Are they going to make a group of 91-liners? Fans left comments like ,"It's very rare to see them together like this. Thank you Min!","Wow 91-liners! Fighting!" and so on.

Source: Miss A Min's twitter

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H.O.T.'s Lee Jae Won wants to be a member of Super Junior

On March 13th episode of MBC's Radio Star, H.O.T. member Lee Jae Won appeared and revealed that he wanted to join Super Junior.

When asked which active boy group he would join if given a chance, he immediately answered 'Super Junior' without second thoughts.

As Super Junior's member Kyuhyun was present as one of the hosts, Lee Jae Won explained, 'I don't have to do much because the group has a lot of members.', which brought laughter in the set.

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SHINee's Minho shows support for D-UNIT!

On March 15, D-UNIT members took a photo with their senior SHINee's Minho.
The photo was uploaded on their me2day account.

They wrote, "Hello! Jin is here! Finally, today we got to meet SHINee's Minho. SHINee congratulations for winning 1st place! The push up ceremony was so impressive! I hope a day will come that we can get 1st place too. Go SHINee! Go D-UNIT!"

In the photo, Jin and Janey are making 'thumb's up' signs while Minho is at the back holding their album.

Source: D-UNIT's me2day

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Former U-Kiss's Kibum to release album in Korea

On March 15, an official from Kibum's agency informed enews, "Kibum gained a sale of 10 billion won worth with his cosmetics and kimchi commercials."

Because of his consistent promotions, the former U-Kiss member is very successful in Japan under the name 'Allen Kibum' since he left U-KISS in 2011.

They added, "Kibum wants to perform live in weekly music programs and promote albums in Japan to gain more skills in music after he left the group. He's been avoiding press until he is ready to be a solo singer."

THe official also revealed, "He has plans to return to Korea and he will release hist first solo album 'Longing' in April as Allen Kibum."

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SJ-M's Henry wows everyone with his exceptional violin skills!

During Super Junior's Don't Don era, it was revealed to fans that Henry, who is a member of the group's sub-unit Super Junior M, is a very skilled violinist.

In the recent episode of ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘, Henry gave a violin performance for the contestants to encourage them. People on the set were amazed during his performance. They were impressed and couldn't take their eyes away from him as he performed 'The Farmers Song'. His hands and gestures struck  viewers and left them open-mouthed as he finished his last blow.

Kim Sung Soo commented, "He's really cute, he can cook well too, what else he can't do?". Fans agreed by commenting, "Those hands are so perfect! He's very talented.","He's very skilled.", "I was so impressed." etc.

Watch his performance below:

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INFINITE searchable on Google+

Fans make artists stay longer in the industry. The need to make them feel that artists are accessible is a must.

Perhaps, INFINITE’s global fan community sees that need. They opened an account on Google+!

All the supporters from different parts of the world can have their own place, and at the same time can mingle with other avid fans.

The INSPIRIT community page will posts news and updates, share INFINITE’s pics, songs and gigs.

There’s also a catch, INFINITE will choose the most active users for a Hangout Meeting Event.

If you want to join INFINITE’s Google+ click one of the link below:



INSPIRIT of America

INSPIRIT of Europe

INSPIRIT of Africa

INSPIRIT of Oceania

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk’s twitter hacked

Hacktivists (hacker + activist) are really making themselves known by hacking other twitter accounts anonymously.

No one knows them except themselves, but they target famous individuals. One addition is Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

He said that he doesn't use his twitter account for two weeks. But there were tweets posted. For example, the post communicated with Heechul who doesn’t have a twitter account.

This might be a kind of fun for the hacktivists, but Eunhyuk treats this seriously.

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Gummy bested other K-Pop artists on the Billboard K-Pop Chart

‘Snow Flower’ is the song that put Gummy on the top of the list for Billboard K-Pop Chart for two consecutive weeks. She bested Davichi’s ‘Turtle’, 2AM’s ‘One Spring Day’, Lee Hi’s ‘It’s Over,’ and The One’s “Winter Love”.

‘Snow Flower’ is the original sound track of SBS’ That Winter, the Wind Blows which was released on February 27.

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2NE1’s CL flaunts her high-fashioned style in London streets for W

CL became the Korean empress for Alexander McQueen′s McQ for a spread photo for W Korea. CL took over the streets of London with her young and modern look.

As well as, she poses in front of a famous graffiti piece of Bansky.

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Brian Joo starts his own entertainment agency

On March 15, Brian Joo, former Fly to the Sky member, revealed a picture of his own entertainment company, B You Entertainment. He also wrote, “Finally, my own entertainment company:) It took a while, but now it’s happening!”

On the other hand, Brian is set to star in the musical 'When a Man Loves' on April 6. He is with Hong Kyung Min, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha and others.

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"Oops!" G.Na is back on Music Core

G.Na performs her new song Oops! with BTOB's Ilhoon on Music Core, check out her highly anticipated comeback performance below.

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No Lies! 2AM’s Jo Kwon to voice for Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a cartoon character who lengthens his nose whenever he doesn't say the truth.

However, there’s no lie in here. 2AM’s Jo kwon will be the voice of the main character, Pinocchio, in the upcoming animated film entitled ‘Pinocchio’.

He is with actor Jang Kwang as Pinocchio’s grandfather ‘Geppetto’, and actor Sung Dong Il as Pinocchio’s cat ‘Figaro’.

It will be on the silver screen on April 25.

Spread the truth.

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Japan hails Yunho as the most reliable leader

Leading his group  for more than 10 years, TVXQ's Yunho hailed as the most reliable leader by Japanese fans.

A Japanese site, KpopStarz, conducted a poll, "If you are a member, which leader do you want to follow?" and chose 10 kpop group leaders.

The poll resulted to TVXQ's leader Yunho's winning with a 70% of the total votes followed by Super Junior's leader Leeteuk.

Fans explained, "He is looked up to by all his juniors, inside his company or even outside.","He must be the leader of K-POP." and so on.

Third place was given to CNBlue's Yonghwa followed by Big Bang's G-Dragon and SHINee's Onew.
Do you agree with the result?

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INFINITE to release DVD concert 'in The Summer'

INFINITE to release DVD concert 'in The Summer'

For the fans of Infinite who didn't get the chance to watch the group's concert and for the fans who want to remember, here's a good news.

Infinite will release a 3-disc DVD which includes footages from their concert and one disk for Behind the Scenes.In addition to that, you'll also get 110 page photobook + 8 photocards with pouch for 113,500won.

It will be released on May 1.

For more details check THIS

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Jessica flaunts her beauty on her selca

Jessica is so pretty on her latest UFO profile picture. This time, she looks like a goddess as the new shade of her hair color compliments her make up that matches  her see-through lacy blouse.

She is smiling innocently on the first pic and sticking her tongue on the 2nd one. Fans commented, "This hair color is so perfect with her." ,"She's so pretty.", "That smile melts me." and so on.

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f(Victoria) reminds to watch Happy Camp tru selcas!

F(x) Victoria remind everyone not to forget their appearance on Happy Camp by uploading adorable selcas.
She wrote, "Are you awake already? Today is 16~ don't forget to watch f(x) on Happy Camp".

She added, "16th Hidden Singer~ Me together with Amber will appear on TV program... enjoy watching~ I'm practicing hard~^^".

Don't forget her reminders!

Source: Victoria's weibo

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Be fun and naughty with Super Junior and F(x)'s latest SPAO CF

SPAO releases new CF for spring season! With their witty and refreshing look, you can't help but feel the warmth of the season with their comfortable pastel colored clothes.! They are so playful and naughty. Watch below:

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G-Dragon to release new single 'Michi Go' at Seoul concert!

G-Dragon is going to releases his new single titled 'Michi Go' at his Seoul Concert on March 30-31.

Announced on March 15 by YG, 'Michi Go' (Go Crazy) is a hip hop song that can make listeners go crazy. They added, "We want to reveal it first during the world tour. As of now, there's no release schedule for the public yet, so this will serve as a special treat for the fans who will come to the concert."

The song title itself is very unique by allowing the listeners to go crazy.

G-Dragon's ‘GD 2013 1st World Tour’ in Seoul is scheduled on March 30-31 at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong reached his thousand fans

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong reached his fans through live online chatting last March 12. He visited the Naver headquarters at 8:00 PM to answer several questions from his supporters from all over the world such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Spain. 
He made himself available to his 510,000 fans. He shares some anecdotes about stuffs that had happened on his world tour.
No doubt, the fans had their best time on that day. 
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B1A4 discloses each member’s baby song

B1A4 had their BABA B1A4 Jakarta Showcase last March 12. Beforehand, on March 11, they had their press conference at Ritz Carlton, Jakarta that revealed each member’s track that reflects their feelings for the event.

Leader Jinyoung chooses ‘What Do You Want to Do’; CNU says that the song ‘O.K.’ is the song that symbolizes his feeling; Sandeul loves ‘Only One’; Baro prefers ‘Just The Two Of Us’ ; and the youngest Gongchan agrees with Jinyoung.

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BoA's obsession makes her Oppa worried

BoA makes her brother, Kwon Soon Woo, worried. In her recent post in her twitter, she showed how she is devoted to SBS’ That Winter, The Wind Blows saying to his brother to be like Zo In Sung.

She tweeted her oppa, ““Oppa~ Oppa~~ You are an oppa too, but why are you not the same with Osoo? Is it because you are a real oppa?”

Kwon Soon Woo replied, “My younger sister watches too many dramas….it worries me. ^^ TT Kekekeke.”

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DSP & Cube speak up about Junhyung and Hara no longer following each other on Twitter

Recently, Hara and Junhyung had removed each other from their respective Following List on Twitter. The action caught the attention of many fans, who worried that this was an indicator that their relationship was in danger.

However, both Cube Entertainment and DSP Media spoke up about the incident and confirmed that the pair were still dating.

Cube Entertainment said, “We knew that they had unfollowed each other, but we don’t know exactly why. But it appears they’re still dating and are on good terms.

DSP Media also confirmed, “We do not know the exact reason, but they probably have not broken up. It might have happened because of arguments that happen naturally in relationships.

DSP Media also stated that they did not ask Hara about the matter because it is her own personal business.

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Sistar shines in the 25th Korean Producer Awards

For artists, winning an award is a symbol that all of your hardships, sleepless nights, and stress are all paid of. It represents that experts appreciate your work.

Definitely, Sistar is now on the seventh heaven with the happiness they are feeling. Just recently, they won the award in the singer’s category of the Korean Producers Awards.

They proudly posted photos and comment on their twitter. On March 14, Hyorin revealed a picture saying, “It was an honor to win an award. We promise to work harder and better. Thank you all Korean producers.”

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Wonder Girls’ Yenny reveals her high school report card

Wonder GirlsYenny revealed the grades she received during her younger years.

Yenny appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘ Happy Together’ and proved herself to be the brain of Wonder Girls. During the show, she said, “I never gave up on studying even though I was busy on promotions. I studied for my university entrance exam even when we released ‘Tell Me’.”

Her high school report card was revealed which showed that she topped in her class. She’d placed first in her class of 41 students, and had placed 9th out of the entire school.

In the same episode, Robert Harley drew viewers’ attention by telling that he got in trouble at airport immigration because he forgot English.

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Goo Hara and Junhyung unfollow each other in Twitter

Rumors that the idol couple KARA’s Goo Hara and B2ST’s Junhyung had already broken up began to circulate.

Recently, netizens noticed that Goo Hara and Junhyung no longer follow each other in respective Twitter accounts, leading to speculations that the couple have broken up.

However, both of their management agencies come clean about their relationship and denied rumors of a break up. Though they didn’t publicly discuss the issue as it is a personal business, the agencies cleared that the two are still dating.

Goo Hara and Junhyung admitted to dating after they were caught out on a date in June 2011.

What are your thoughts about the issue?

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2PM prepares White Day gifts for fans

To usher in White Day, the boys of 2PM has prepared special candy packages for some lucky fans!

On March 15, 2PM released a video showing the members hard at work picking out 314 Hottests and present them their personally gift-wrapped candies. The packages will be delivered to the fans at their homes.

Netizens commented, “The 314 fans who will receive 2PM’s candies will definitely go crazy with delight,” “Their love for their fans really touches me” and more.

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Teen Top shakes it up during photoshoot

The ‘Shake’ craze is far from over as Teen Top is now bringing the fun over to the photoshoot!

The new version of the ‘Teen Top Shake’ was released on March 15 and showed Teen Top members having their photoshoot. It goes normally until the catchy chorus of “ Miss Right” was played and everyone starts doing the shake.

Check out the clip below!

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2PM’s Taecyeon captured during a lecture

Having accepted at the prestigious Korea University’s Graduate School, 2PM’s Taecyeon has jumped back from a celebrity to a normal college student.

Recently, a photo titled “Ok Taecyeon during a lecture at Korea University Graduate School” was uploaded on an online community board.

Dressed in comfortable street clothes, Taecyeon looks like the ideal model student who’s listening to a lecture. He is showing a sharp look and many fans are showing great interests in his handsome student look.

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‘The Huntresses’ reveals official poster ft. Ha Ji Won and BEG’s Ga-In

The most awaited comedy-action movie ‘ The Huntresses’ (formerly known ‘Three Beauties of Joseon’) has revealed its official poster featuring the three female leads!

The official poster shows the three beautiful ladies, Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won and Brown Eyed GirlsGa In posing toughly in their huntress characters. They are holding weapons and giving hard facial expression, except for Kang Ye Won, who seems to be the one who will bring the laughter to his exciting story.

Ha Ji Won takes on the role of Jin Kk, leader of the group and inventor of unique weapons with the ability to disguise herself. Kang Ye Won is the dagger expert and the funny one being the 'idiot' ajumma' (married woman). Son Ga-In is the youngest of the group. She is a fist first and talk later kind of person who is blunt and chic.

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NU’EST celebrates 1 year anniversary

It has already been a year since NU’EST debuted. In celebration, the members have revealed a special message for the fans.

On March 15, NU’EST released a video message to all their fans thanking them for their love and support through the year. They also apologized for not being in Korea to celebrate the anniversary, due to a schedule abroad.

In addition, the group announced that they are opening the 1st round of membership for their official fan club.

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130315 SHINee wins on Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’ + Other Performances

KBSMusic Bank” is back this week full of amazing performances!

The March 15th episode of the show features the much-awaited comeback stage of G.Na, Girl’s Day, Heo Young Saeng, GLAM and 2BiC. In addition, girl group Tiny-G and EXID’s unit DASONI kicked off their promotions for respective follow-up tracks.

Other performers tonight included Ladies’ Code, EXCITE, Nadya & MarwahZhang Bi Chen, ALi, SPEED, Nine Muses, B.A.P, Two X, D-Unit, Huh Gak, U-Kiss, Rainbow, 2AM, Teen Top and SHINee.

And for the highlight of the show, SHINee claimed another win on this week’s ‘ K-Chart’ with their comeback title track, “ Dream Girl”!

Congratulations SHINee!


Tonight’s Performances:

Ladies’ Code


Nadya & Marwah

Zhang Bi Chen & Ali



Nine Muses


Two X


Huh Gak





Teen Top



Watch tonight’s comeback/follow-up stages below:

G.Na - “Oops”
Girl’s Day - “Expectation”
Heo Young Saeng - “The Art of Seduction”
GLAM - “In Front of the Mirror”
2BiC - “Bye Bye Love”
DASONI - “Common Words”
Tiny-G - “Let’s Play”

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Girl’s Day makes a sexy comeback with “Expectation” on ‘Music Bank’

The lovely ladies of Girl’s Day have finally returned to the music scene with “ Expectation”, showing off a more mature charm. They are swapping their signature cute image for a more sleek and sexy style for ‘ Music Bank’ comeback.

On March 14th, the group unveiled their first full-length album of the same title. It contains a total of 14 tracks, including six new tracks and six previously released singles.

The album’s title track “Expectation” was composed by Nam Kisang and expresses a girl’s wish to make a playboy settle down with her. It is armed with a hybrid of analog and electronic sounds, and features the members’ fresh and enchanting vocals.

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Girls' Generation's Yoona becomes a sportswoman in new Eider CF

Girls' Generation's Yoona shows off her sportswoman image in new Eider CF.

Check out the video below

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Vocal group BoM officially disbands

Vocal group BoM officially disbanded after a year and eight month-long career.

BoM’s management agency, Y2Y Contents Company, announced BoM’s disbandment through their official fan club website. It is said that BoM decided to disband for the good of the members after hitting many difficulties.

CEO Yoo Byung Sool of the Y2Y Contents Company explained, “As the start is important in the beginning, I believe the end is important as well… BoM debuted on July 2011 with the many staff’s hard work and preparations… and now we’re officially bringing things to a close.”

He added, “Last year we wrapped up promotions for the group’s second album, and entered preparations for the third as well as acting ventures. But because of the situations of the label and many unfortunate events that happened, BoM is concluding without a third album.”

After the announcement, Se Chang wrote on his Twitter, “It’s been a while since I did not get on Twitter, but I regret that I bear an unpleasant news with me. We decided to break up because of personal and management matters. We will make a longer post after everything gets settled. Thank you very much!”

Yua also wrote on his Twitter, “All I can say to the fans who have been showing amazing supports for is that I feel very sorry. Even though we decided to break up for now, we will all do our best to return with something much better and different.”

Source: StarN News

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