ZE:A's Dongjun and Siwan are athletic for Arena

ZE:A's Dongjun and Siwan pulled off a cool and sporty concept for Arena Magazine's upcoming issue. The two are endorsing the brand 'Puma' for this pictorial.

Siwan, wearing a hoodie, ragged jeans and cap, sharpened his handsome look while Dongjun literally dressed in tracksuit jacket and pants having his hair half brushed looking athletic and fresh from work out.

Liking their pictorial?

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CL sexily sings her heart out on her latest instavideo

2NE1's CL attracts everyone with her short cover of Power Trip by J.cole ft. Miguel. On August 24, she uploaded the video and wrote "#gotmeupallnight".

In the video, CL is wearing a loose white long sleeves and singing along with the song while grooving her body on bed. Fans commented, " CL should sing more. Not only rap.","I like your voice so much.","Please do a full cover of this song." and so on.

Check her video below:

Below is the song CL is singing in her video.

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Nicole cutely displays her summer dress

KARA's Nicole shares her cute black and white summer dress through a cute video she uploaded on August 24.

She wrote, "I put on one piece~~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ summer dress". In the video, she's waggling while holding her dress and even did a final bow. Afterwards, she seemed embarrassed and laughed.

Check her cute video below:

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WG's Lim takes friendly photo with Xander

Wonder Girl's Lim uploaded a photo with former U-Kiss member Xander on her instagram account on August 24.

The two close friends apparently attended a gathering together.  The two are known to be close friends and often go out and bond together alongside SJ-M Zhou Mi and Miss A Jia.

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Teen Top L.Joe teases with BTS photo from their 'Rocking' MV shooting

Gearing for the release of their 4th mini album 'Teen Top Class' on August 26, Teen Top are going to spend their weekend in L.A. for KCON 2013 on August 25, making it their very first U.S. appearance.

But before that, Teen Top's L.Joe is not going to leave without a treat for their fans. On August 24, he revealed a BTS photo taken during their MV shooting. He wrote, "We will arrive safely~♡ MV spoiler as a present.. Why were we in the car together~What were we doing~".

In the photo, L.Joe and Changjo are riding in a red Mustang and making V signs.

In addition to that, Teen Top official twitter also shared another spoiler and wrote, "If you're curious about the MV spoiler then enjoy the full version of "No Joke' on the 26th"

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SNSD's Hyoyeon finally updates Instagram after six days of post drought!

SNSD's Hyoyeon updated her Instagram last August 21 after a six-day silence.

She posted the photo above with a caption, "playing golf w my buddies at DC :) #golf #washington#friend". In the picture, she wore sun glasses, black top and down with a white jacket wrapped around her waist. She's probably holding a cap.  

One of her fans was shocked, "i didn't kno (know) she played golf as well... awesome *smooch"

The other thought, "Golf? Is Hyo getting into high society? Ahah, you're so perfect"

The last requested, "mmm unnie why u not updating !! we want to more of u"

SNSD's Hyoyeon together with her fellow members, Yuri and Seohyun, attended the opening of Charles & Keith, a new store of fashionable shoe brand, in Ngee Ann City, Singapore on August 23.

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SOURCE: instagram/watasiwahyo

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What happened to you miss A's Jia?

miss A's Jia updated her twitter account with a sad post.

In the photo above, she looked sad as she was looking at her wound covered with a band. She wrote, " When all were asleep, I was in the bathroom~ ~ ~ ㅜ I scratched my leg and it bled so much. It's my fault! ㅋ ㅋI've got up now! "
세벽에 잤다가 화장실갈때~잠덜깨가지구~다쳤어요~ㅜ신기한거~피흘리고있는데~그냥 다시또잤어요!ㅋㅋ 지금 일어났어 봤어요!ㅜㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/rYZRuk06V7
— Jia (@missA_jia) August 22, 2013

Meanwhile, miss A’s Jia  and 2PM’s Nichkhun have been cast in the upcoming Chinese drama, ‘Yi You Er Fen Zhi Yi De Xia Tian’ (One and A Half Summer).

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SHINee to be featured on Japan 'SMART' Magazine!

SHINee's fans will have something to look forward to. However, they have to wait for more than one month.

SHINee will be featured in Japan's 'SMART' Magazine's October issue. These three photos were revealed to give a glimpse of what to expect. 

Meanwhile, SHINee released their third album with its new repackaged album ‘The Misconceptions of Us’. It contains songs from the first two chapters as well as two new songs, “Selene 6.23” and “Better Off”. 

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Apa Khabar? A-PRINCE in Malaysia!

A-Prince is going to have a two-day visit in this South-east Asian nation where the famous Petronas Twin Towers lie.

Malaysia is going to experience the royal treatment from A-Prince on the last day of August and the first day of September, that's immediately after their 2nd visit in Singapore on August 30. See the above photo for info.

Malaysian A-LANDs can't hardly keep themselves in expressing how excited they are. Some say:

A-PRINCE 짱  Can't wait for your arrival in Malaysia! 사랑해용~~ 

yeah!!A-prince (is) come(coming) to penang!!
i'll go~
(I'll) A-Prince oppa meet this 31 august~
Saranghae oppa 


Some pleaded to visit their country:

Pleease come to germany!!! TT.TT love you A-Prince 

why malaysia?¬¬ why don't u come to spain? plsss, u're the best band kpop that i listened  I love so much

come to the netherlands please!!

Woaah. Indonesia pleaseeeee!!

please come to australia

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Jay Park's two ironic posts

Jay Park updated his two different social networking sites with two ironic posts.

On his Instagram, he revealed a throwback picture that will surely make you smile or laugh a bit. In the photo, he was holding a slice of pizza while showing his 'bunny' teeth. He wrote a caption, "my teeth kept it BUCK #AOMG#eatinpizzalikeaninjaturtle #lookatmyhawaiinassshirt"

While on his twitter, he showed his serious side through a heart-warming post. He expressed his appreciation to his fans.
내음악이사람들춤추게만들고 영감받을수있게해서 참감사하네요... Very thankful and blessed to be able inspire ppl with my music!! YALL INSPIRE ME TOO! THANK U #AOMG
— JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) August 21, 2013
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Where is Super Junior's Kyuhyun?

Super Junior's Kyuhyun updated his twitter account with a photo with his co-actors from the musical “The Three Musketeers” where he played as the male lead, D'Artagnan, since 2010.

He wrote in Japanese, "We are group of actors from The Three Musketeers musical ... cheers for good work. 'm - I'm a country bumpkin!"
ミュージカル三銃士のアンサンブル俳優達と...お疲れ様でした。いなかっぺじゃね-だ! pic.twitter.com/WrnhGrdsgr
— ChoKyuHyun (@GaemGyu) August 19, 2013

In the photos, we can see that they really had fun while they were eating. However, you have to squint to see where is Kyuhyun. 

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JYJ appeals for their Heart Campaign

JYJ is knocking on the door of everyone's heart to help spread and support their Heart Campaign which will benefit Good Neighbours.

You can participate on the campaign through purchasing what they call 'Heart T-shirt' from the clothing line they are endorsing, NII Korea. A part from your purchase will definitely be donated directly.  This time for their 2013 Fall Heart Campaign, they made it more modern by sticking a 3D parrot. The image is hologram according to them.

Jaejoong said, "Make your heart proud!"

Be touched below and see the whole translation here:

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Seungri to hold 2nd Mini Album Fan Signing on August 28

Details are announced on YG Family's office website regarding Seungri's 2nd mini album fansigning that will take place on August 28 at 5PM. It will be conducted at Times Square Atrium Stage, 1st Floor in Yeongdeungpo.

There are few ways to meet and greet Seungri. Lottery Event, which will give 150 fans the chance to participate, is going to be conducted by HotTracks (CD Shop) in Times Square Yeongdeungpo on August 24-26. Winners will be announced on 27th at HotTracks' homepage.

In addition to that, Official VIP Fanclub Lottery will chose 30 members. They could participate by registering through the fan club's official homepage.

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Teen Top Niel carries purple hair at the airport, grape idol?

Teen Top Niel, who is known in the group for experimenting different hairstyles every comeback, appeared at Incheon Airport on August 24, rocking a purple hairstyle.

Teen Top departed for L.A. to perform at KCON 2013 on August 25. Preparing for the release of their 4th mini album 'Teen Top Class' on August 26, the members showed up at the airport with different styles.

Attracting the media, Niel's grape haircolor simply compliments his denim long sleeves,short jeans, black back pack and colorful sneakers. The idol looked a little tanned behind his Louis Vuitton mask which makes him look manlier.

In addition to that, Teen Top Niel is currently representing Coca Cola's Fanta's grape flavor, which made it more reasonable.

Meanwhile, Teen Top's appearance in L.A. is their first U.S. appearance since their debut. Are you anticipating their comeback?

Check more photos below:

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U-ie shows support to NU'EST

After School U-ie expresses her support to her lablemates and juniors through her me2day account on August 24.

She wrote, "I just watched the Japan's comeback stage!! Our NU'EST are so cool!! Talk and talk then sleeptalking~ It's going to be a hit! I'm going to buy snacks for you to support you everyone >.<"

How thoughtful she is right?
Meanwhile, NU'EST releases their 3rd mini album title track 'Sleeptalking' on August 22.

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BTOB Minhyuk excites fans even more!

With the surprsing announcement of BTOB's comeback, here's Minhyuk teasing you more.

On August 23, Minhyuk tweeted through their official twitter account, "Did you get excited with the news of "내.니.남"? I'll make you excited once more! Minhyuk". Along with the message, he uploaded a selca wearing a white long sleeves which is similar from their teaser photos.

Meanwhile, BTOB will have their comeback in early September with 3rd mini album 'When I Was Your Man' with more mature and charming concept.

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B.A.P.'s Youngjae opens instagram

B.A.P.'s Youngjae adds to the growing list of kpop idols who have instagram account. On August 23, Youngjae uploaded his very first photo which he captioned, "Hi there, Lets begin!" and attached a very handsome selca of him taken in San Francisco wherein he is currently enjoying his trip.

Welcome and follow his instagram account yjayo.

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Who are the KPOP groups nominees for Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards?

Who are the KPOP groups nominees for Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards?

A total of 53 Korean idols groups have been nominated for Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards taht will be conducted in October in Chiba, Japan.

The event will be held at the International Convention Hall in Chiba on October 9 in celebration for 10th anniversary of Hallyu Wave. The staff will open the poll from September 22-30, and top 5 groups for each category such as boy groups, girl groups, and female and male solo artists will be chosen.

Here are the list of the categories and the nominees.

Boy Groups

Epic High
FT Island
Super Junior
Big Bang

Girl Groups

After school
A Pink
Girls Day
Girls’ Generation
Brown Eyed Girls
Miss A

Male Solo artist

Kim Bum Soo

Female Solo artist

Source: starnews

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G-Dragon poses with Missy Elliot in L.A.

G-Dragon and Missy Elliot finally took a picture together in Los Angeles. The two artists are in L.A. for KCON 2013. G-Dragon posted the photo on his instagram account and wrote, "FINALLY #missybaby #gdragonbaby #LA".

Fans are excited with this meet up as it was announced before that Missy Elliot is going to be featured in G-Dragon upcoming solo album.

Shall we expect a collaboration stage from Missy Elliot and G-Dragon at KCON 2013?

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Ailee’s Japan activities shared!

Ailee's Japanese debut in September under  Warner Music Japan  is currently materializing, and the photos here are the pieces of evidence. The photo above is the first meeting of  Ailee’s Japanese Agency manager, Ailee and her manager last year.

Ailee with her Japanese Agency Manager

Recording for BS11 韓Love which is her first appearance on Japanese TV.

Recording for Fuji TV 韓タメ!POP

She will debut with 'Heaven', and this is the  jacket photo shoot

Japanese fans of Ailee, are you all excited?

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2PM’s Taecyeon's movie 'Marriage Blue' release date revealed!

2PM’s Taecyeon who plays  Won Chul on hi s first big screen project, ‘Marriage Blue’ has its definite date of release already.

Marriage Blue ’ is a romantic-comedy movie distributed by  Cinus Entertainment which features  four engaged couples' v arious stories about   pre-wedding traumas and others. Taecyeon will play as Chef Won Chul who is engaged to So Mi, a  nail artist,  who is portrayed by  Lee Yeon Hee

The anticipated day will be on November 21, 2013 (Thursday)!

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Lee Jong-suk, 2PM’s Junho, Won Bin on Charity Bazaar!

Kim Hyung-jong made an update on his twitter. It's about the “Sharing and Healing" Charity Bazaar

He wrote, "Many people look forward to your visit ^ ^ Sharing Volunteers Healing bazaars, 2PM (Junho), Jong - Seok (and) Bin joins the auction."

많은분들이 오시길 기다리겠습니다^^ 나눔힐링봉사단 바자회, 투피엠 원빈 이종석 물건 대거경매 http://t.co/6rQLSqUPGG
— 김형종.kim hyung jong (@actorkimhj) August 22, 2013

Lee Jong-suk didn't hesitate to donate the leather bag he used on the set of his hit drama 'I Can Hear Your Voice', 2PM's Junho gave away his blue scooter and Won Bin made it more personal as he handed out a signed stuffed puppy.

“Sharing and Healing" Charity Bazaar is for children with heart disease at the child center House of Teresa. It will be held in Seoul on August 25 (Sunday) at 10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. KST. 

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PH's Rock princess Yeng Constantino likes 2NE1's fashion!

Philippines' Rock princess Yeng Constantino mentioned 2NE1 on her interview on a PH magazine.

She said, "And I think some who are reading this might be surprised, but I like 2NE1. Their apparels are exquisite." 

Yeng has a boyish-kind of fashion that's why she said some might be shocked. Yeng is a contract star under ABS-CBN, same station where 2NE1's Dara worked when she was a star in the Philippines.

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JYJ releases making film for NII 2013 Fall collection!

In relation with the earlier post, JYJ has just released the making film from their 2013 Fall collection pictorial for fashion brand ‘NII’.

The pictorial's theme is 'circus' so definitely they made it colorful and fun. JYJ showed their light side through their clownish expressions. 

Watch below:

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Rookie singer NC.A idolizes another rookie?

Neophyte soloist NC.A (New Creative Artist) reveals the one she looks up to as an entertainer--- someone who is just a year older than her in terms of debut date.

That's no other than Ailee who just entered the K-Pop industry in 2012 with 'Heaven' yet proved herself excellently with her 12 awards.  

NC.A said, "I want to be like Ailee who takes control of the stage."

Meanwhile, she debuted with her first single “My Student Teacher” last August 11. She also released a drama MV of her song featuring Girl’s Day’s Hyeri who has a cute puppy-love to her student teacher.

Feel the love below:

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Sunmi's exclusive photos unveiled!

Sunmi, a former Wonder Girls member, presents another most exciting time on her comeback as a soloist with '24 Hours'. 

She revealed three exclusive photos of her. 

Sunmi is watching something on a video camera.

She wants to share that delicious cake to you.

She's holding a piece of banner promoting her debut solo song, '24 Hours'

Meanwhile, Sunmi released the music video of “24 Hours”, which will be followed by the release of her single album on August 26.

Check the time below:


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U-ie displays sporty, chick and sexy charms for Allure magazine

After School U-ie reveals versatile charm in her latest pictorial for Allure magazine's September issue. Wearing stylish sporty clothes, U-ie managed to combined sexy and fit concepts.

Check other photos below:

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7-month pregnant Sunye graces Marie Claire

Sunye, who is 7-month pregnant, lends her unfading beauty for Marie Claire's September issue. Close-up shots of her reveal freshness and blooming soon-to-be-mom.

Check more of her photos below:

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