More tickets released for Lee Min Ho’s highly-demanded Singapore concert

It has been announced that K-drama prince Lee Min Ho will be embarking on his Global Tour <Re:Minho> this October, with Singapore being one of the lucky stops.

Due to the high demand of tickets from ardent fans, organizers Seoul Girls collection (Korea) together with the event partners, CC Cravemedia and Linktopz Entertainment have opened up Category 5 tickets valuing at $178 for the Global Tour 2014 <Re:Minho> Singapore.

Fans will be able to enjoy the evening with the K Drama Prince ,Lee Min Ho, as well as the Korean rock band, Royal Pirates. So, expect to have a ball of a time on the event day! Stay tuned to for the concert coverage.

LEE MINHO Global Tour 2014 <Re: Minho> Singapore

Date: 9th November 2014

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket Prices: S$278, S$268, S$238, S$208, S$178 (exclude Sportshub Tix booking fee)

Ticket Sales opening: 10 October, 10am (online, Indoor Stadium box office and Sportshub tix outlets.

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SHINee's Jonghyun sings 'She' as an OST for 'Birth of a Beauty'

SHINee's Jonghyun lent his voice for a new OST in SBS's new drama ' Birth of a Beauty'.

The song is entitled ' She' and is said to be a medium-tempo track which will bring out the emotion in Jonghyun's vocal. It will be used as the main theme song for Joo Sang Wook's character in the drama.

This will be the third time that Jonghyun will release an OST following '1 Ouf of 100' for KBS's drama 'The King's Dream' and 'So Goodbye' for SBS's drama 'City Hunter'.

Listen below:

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Super Junior’s Donghae and Singer-Actress Soy Display Their Sibling-Like Friendship

Super Junior’s Donghae and Singer-Actress Soy Display Their Sibling-Like Friendship

Actress recently shared a photo of her two mutual friends, Super Junior member Donghae and singer-actress Soy, displaying their sibling-like friendship.

On November 11, Jung Ryeo Won made a post on her personal Instagram account that reads, “Ah…what a refreshing siblings (brother and sister) [sic],” along with a photo of Donghae and Soy.

In the uploaded photo, Jung Ryeo Won seems to have caught a candid moment, as the two friends can be seen with big smiles on their faces.

After seeing the picture, fans are curious as to how the three stars know each other, and commented on the interesting meeting of the friendly trio.

Meanwhile, Soy is known for being the singer of the indie band called Raspberry Field, and she has also starred in a number of movie and drama productions.
donghae soy

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DJ DOC may return in May 2015

DJ DOC will be coming back after a five year hiatus from the music scene.

They released their last album, the 7th one, in 2010. According to their agency, DJ DOC is planning to return with their full-length album in May 2015, but there was no exact date yet.

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[TORRENT] 141101 MBC Music Core

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Park Shin Hye Picks Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho as Actors She Worked Best With

With a brilliant list of past co-stars, Park Shin Hye talked about the saying that working with her paves the way to becoming a hallyu star.

Park Shin Hye recently participated in a photoshoot and interview with star style magazine @star1. The actress was asked about what she thought about all of her co-stars making it big. Some of her past co-stars include Lee Min Ho, Jung Yong Hwa, Jang Keun Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Wan, and more.

Park Shin Hye Picks Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho as Actors She Worked Best With

“I’m honored to hear that. It means that I did my part to make that person stand out. They were people who had enough charms to become a hallyu star without me though. It makes me happy to think that I even had a tiny bit of influence in that. But if we were going to nitpick at details, I probably benefited more. I’m really thankful for everyone.”

Picking the partner that she worked the best with, Park Shin Hye chose Jang Keun Suk.

“When we were filming SBS’ You’re Beautiful, we matched so well. Despite what scene we filmed, we were on same track that filming was smoothly carried out. Not just in the drama, but outside of the drama, we had good communication.”

“If I had to choose another person, it would be Lee Min Ho. We worked on my most recent project and he has a really good personality, so we matched well together. They both remain in my memory.”

Park Shin Hye Picks Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho as Actors She Worked Best With

Being in the entertainment industry and constantly feeling the pressure to be skinny, Park Shin Hye said she doesn’t really think much about it.

“It’s true that I’m a little chubbier than the other actresses, but I don’t receive a lot of stress from controlling my weight. I randomly came across Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence doing an interview about it, and I agreed with her 200 percent. She said she doesn’t try to have a skinny body. I also don’t agree with the idea that prefers stick skinny bodies. I think more than skinny bodies, a healthy body fits actresses more.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the November issue.

Photo Credit: @star1

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Scooter Braun welcomes 2NE1's CL to SB Projects Family

2NE1's CL has been officially added in the artist line-up of Scooter Braun's company SB Projects.

On November 1st, a photo of CL was uploaded on the website of SB Projects with a messege,"Welcome To The SB Projects Family, CL!". Scooter Braun also updated his Instagram on the 31st with the same photo along with caption,"Welcome to the family @chaelincl - very exciting".

SB Projects is currently managing famous stars such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Martin Garrix and PSY. CL and rising rookie singer Ariana Grande will be both pushed by Scooter Braun in the U.S music market next year.
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BEAST Takes Home the Win on Music Bank This Week With “12:30″

BEAST Takes Home the Win on Music Bank This Week With “12:30″

Congratulations to BEAST for taking home the win this week on Music Bank with their latest track “12:30.

Epik High‘s “Happen Ending,” which won yesterday on M!Countdown,  was the runner up today.

2AM had their first comeback stage today with performances of “Days Like Today” and “Over the Destiny.

Other performances today were by VIXX, Red Velvet, Song Ji Eun, Raina, Mad Town, BTS, Boyfriend, Juniel and more!




Red Velvet

Song Ji Eun


Mad Town




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Yang Hyun Suk Expresses Confidence in Success of ‘Mix & Match’ Members

YG’s new boy group will finally be unveiled.

On October 30, Mnet’s Mix & Match aired the final match, which was held on October 22 in Korea University along with 4,000 fans.

During the event, which was attended by YG family, Yang Hyun Suk said, “The survival program, which began with WIN, has been continuing for two years. I hope that the members who started off as Team B will debut through Mix & Match and become a good group like Big Bang, gaining popularity from Korea and all over the world.”

The final match involved three different matches, including free song match, self-composed song match and dance match.

After finishing all the performances, Kim Jin Hwan said, “I hope that today’s performance becomes your best performance and let’s not apologize to each other,” expressing his heart for the members who will get eliminated.

B.I said, “This is not the end so I hope we can meet again at a higher place next time. I was happy until now and I thank and love you.”

Yang Hyun Suk said, “Today is really the last day. I don’t know who will be eliminated yet but even if you don’t become a member of iKON, I’m sure there will be a new beginning for you. Since you’ve gone through so much experience and growth through several survivals, I am confident that you will become a great group in Asia and the world. I will also help you out from the side,” adding, “All nine members worked so hard.”

Yang Hyun Suk Expresses Confidence in Success of ‘Mix & Match’ Members

During and after the show aired, ‘Mix & Match’ topped various portal sites, including Naver, as the most searched word, reflecting the fans’ keen interest on the final match.

Mix & Match will be airing the final episode on November 6 at 11 p.m. (KST), during which the members of iKON will be announced. With the 6 competing members, namely Song Yoon Hyung, Goo Joon Hee, Kim Dong Hyuk, Jung Chan Woo, Jung Jin Hyung and Yang Hong Seok, taking number 1 through 6, the voting will continue until midnight of October 31.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

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Nicole expresses her excitement through an aegyo

Nicole seems really as excited as her fans for her upcoming comeback as a solo artist and shares how excited she is.

On her instagram, Nicole writes, "Kyaa! It's been a long time. I'm really... bored," In the photo, Nicole is sitting on a sofa making an aegyo expression."

Meanwhile, Nicole is currently in the midst of her solo debut preparation and will be making her comeback very soon so keep yourself updated!

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[TORRENT] 141031 KBS Music Bank

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The impact of numerology over the names

Whenever an infant is born into a family, it’s a norm to first assess him/her with a name. The name of a person is just not a word to be referred to them but actually is the definition, a description of their personality and the briefing of their traits. It should be made very sure that while naming a person all the necessary measures are taken care of. They say that labeling of a product is done properly to define the quality of that product. The same theory can be applied upon assessing names to the young ones too. The better the name the more illustrative would be the definition.


While a lot of people who believe in ancestry, name their children on the basis of their legacy or the family trees, while others who believe in Numerology have different opinions. The people who believe in numerology work and practice a lot with numbers before naming their kids. In numerology each letter of your name is said to have an individual corresponding number. Cornerstone is said to be the first letter in your name while capstone is said to be the last one. Under Numerology the first vowel is also given sheer importance, as it is said to fulfill all your urges and dreams in life. Each and every letter in this section has a meaning of its own and preparing a name with all those combine meaningful letters will eventually make out the best desired result. The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of numbers you make out while naming a person displays a great deal in the character, the future, the strengths and the weakness of an individual. Numerology helps in standing and fighting against all these weaknesses and odds. Believers say that numerology make you achieve whatever you want in life, and not just infants, a lot of people change their names in the later stages of their life too after realizing the problems they are suffering in their lives and in order to fight against them. This concept of Numerology was initially brought up by the Babylonians but gradually everyone started practicing it and eventually it became so popular and effective that now it is practiced across almost all over the world. There might be no scientific proofs about the authenticity of these numerology charts, but people still have faith in ample numbers about the relationship of words and numbers.


People also believe that in Numerology the on goings and the redemption is based upon three major factors; the date of birth, the name given to you on your birth and the name you use currently. The third factor can well be managed according to the needs and necessary requirements by the Numerology charts. There are ways to work over your names even if you’re a grown up in order to get over the grey shades you are going through in your personal lives. So everyone needs to go through that Numerology chart while assessing their young ones with new names.


Browse through name meaning, rankings, other people's comments, ratings, and other statistics in addition to the name meanings.


Jessica shares pictures with new friends Morgan Freeman, Yao Ming, and more

Jessica is expanding her circle of friends and they are not just celebrities but top international ones.

On her weibo account, she shares more pictures taken with her newly found friends as she writes, "Thank you Mission Hills for hosting such a wonderful event, the Spa was amazing too! It was good catching up with old friends and also making new ones. I even found someone that's taller than me - he's 229cm"

Along with this are photos taken with Morgan Freeman, Yao Ming , and more top Chinese celebrities. Check out more photos below:

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[MV] YOON HYUN SANG(윤현상) - When would it be(언제쯤이면) (Duet. IU(아이유))

[MV] YOON HYUN SANG(윤현상) - When would it be(언제쯤이면) (Duet. IU(아이유))
Watch on YouTube
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1080p: download  (103 MB)
720p: download  (48 MB)
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Song Ji Eun Releases a Mature, yet Cute Dance Practice for “25″

Song Ji Eun Releases a Mature, yet Cute Dance Practice for “25″

After making her solo comeback earlier this month, Secret’s Song Ji Eun has now revealed her dance practice for “25. ”

As her first solo dance track, she has cute upbeat choreography as the song is a musical celebration of turning 25.

Check out the full video below!

Check out one of her recent performances from Inkigayo last weekend!

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BoA releases short PV for 'Fly'

BoA releases the short PV for her upcoming new Japanese single 'FLY'.

The single album is self-produced by BoA showcasing her skills as songwriter. It will be released on December 3. Also check out the jacket photos below:

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[Battle] f(x)’s Amber vs. Super Junior’s Donghae

We have another round of the Battle of the celebrity look-a-likes, and this week, we’re featuring two SM idols - who share an animal doppelganger?

[Battle] f(x)’s Amber vs. Super Junior’s Donghae


f(x)’s Amber has long been advocating the #llamalife, embracing her eerie resemblance to the animal, but the idol has also been called Mini Donghae for her striking likeness to the Super Junior member.

While f(x) is currently on hiatus to the dismay of K-Pop fans everywhere, Amber will be joining fellow SM-er Zhoumi for his solo debut on music programs this week.

[Battle] f(x)’s Amber vs. Super Junior’s Donghae


So if Amber resembles a llama and she also looks like Donghae, does this mean Donghae is meant for the #llamalife?

Well, if so, the Super Junior member is one handsome llama we ever done seen.

For now, Donghae is all about the Super Junior life, currently on tour with the boys and promoting special edition album This is Love.

Here’s a bonus photo of Donghae and Mini Donghae!

[Battle] f(x)’s Amber vs. Super Junior’s Donghae

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EPIK HIGH sing in Karaoke version of 'We Fight Ourselves'

EPIK HIGH and Younha make a live collaboration Karaoke version of 'We Fight Ourselves'.

The MV is filmed and recorded like a usual set up of friends inside an Karaoke room singing and taking turns to render a flawless live performance.

The song is from EPIK HIGH's newest album 'Shoebox'. Watch below:

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Epik High Reveals Live Karaoke Version of “We Fight Ourselves”

Epik High Reveals Live Karaoke Version of “We Fight Ourselves”

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go karaoking with Korean celebs, Epik High and Younha will satisfy your curiosity in a new Karaoke live version of their collaboration, “We Fight Ourselves.”

In the video released today on Epik High’s official Youtube channel, the four can be seen lounging around in a karaoke room relaxing while each taking turns to complete a flawless live rendering of the song.

“We Fight Ourselves” is one of the tracks off Epik High’s newest “Shoebox” album,  currently ranking high on charts.

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[Live] 141028 Mnet 2014 Style Icon Awards Girls Generation-TTS - Holler

[Live] 141028 Mnet 2014 Style Icon Awards Girls Generation-TTS - Holler
Format: mkv
720p: download (177 MB)

[TORRENT]  141028 Mnet Style Icon Awards Girls Generation-TTS - Holler 1080i.ts | Final-Taeng

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SoulStar release MV for 'Love Love'

Vocal male trio SoulStar release the MV for their new single 'Love Love'.

Their soothing voices are rounding your ears with this smooth and RnB soul track about two people having fated meeting and starting to feel interest with each other.

Watch their lovely MV below:

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EXO-K’s Chanyeol and EXO-M’s Tao to Rap for Super Junior-M Zhoumi’s ‘Rewind’

Making a solo debut with a strong backup, Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi will release his new song Rewind with the rap by EXO-K’s Chanyeol and EXO-M’s Tao.

EXO-K’s Chanyeol and EXO-M’s Tao to Rap for Super Junior-M Zhoumi’s ‘Rewind’

According to SM Entertainment on October 29, Zhoumi’s Rewind, which has a retro soul and pop feel, will be released in both China and Korea on October 31. The rap for the Korean version will be done by Chanyeol, while the Chinese version will be done by Tao.

Rewind will be released through Korean music sites, as well as China’s Baidu Music. The offline album with eight tracks will be released on November 3.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

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Hello Venus release BTS from their image concept photoshoot

Hello Venus take us behind the scene of their image concept photoshoot.

Music Naver release the photos during their image concept shooting showing the Hello Venus and their new members Seoyoung and Yeoreum.

The girls are living up to their group name as they appear beautiful candidly for the camera. See more photos below:

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[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

Idols aren’t new to the variety world, but there a few standout stars who have caught our attention recently.

The variety world has become a little bit brighter thanks to these stars, but we want to know which rising variety-dol you can’t get enough of. Let us know by voting!

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

Kara’s Young Ji

Kara’s Young Ji may have an idol image to uphold as Kara’s newest member, but she’s not shy about letting her true personality shine.

From stuffing her face with lettuce wraps on SBS’ Roommate to going bold on KBS W’s King of Ratings, Young Ji has won fans over for going full force on variety shows.

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

M.I.B.’s Kangnam

M.I.B’s Kangnam has been very vocal about the unpopularity of his group as of late – and to surprising success.

Kangnam’s brutal honesty has put him on the fast track to variety fame, most notably on shows like I Live Along and I’m Going to School. His zingers in interviews and on talk shows have also gone viral, causing viewers to take a keen interest in the idol.

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

“Aing~” was all it took to have the nation falling for Girl’s Day member Hyeri, when she appeared on the Female Soldiers Special of MBC’s Real Man.

Since her aegyo outburst, brands have been clamoring to snag Hyeri for CFs, recently receiving numerous love calls and a 100 million won offer to appear in a commercial.

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

GOT7’s Jackson

We’ve already sung our praise for GOT7’s Jackson in our Weekend Crush series, but if you need more reason to fall for the charming idol, just tune into SBS’ Roommate.

From his fanboying over Song Ga Yeon to his hilarious one-liners (“She is my wife”), you can’t not fall in love with Jackson.

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