[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

Idols aren’t new to the variety world, but there a few standout stars who have caught our attention recently.

The variety world has become a little bit brighter thanks to these stars, but we want to know which rising variety-dol you can’t get enough of. Let us know by voting!

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

Kara’s Young Ji

Kara’s Young Ji may have an idol image to uphold as Kara’s newest member, but she’s not shy about letting her true personality shine.

From stuffing her face with lettuce wraps on SBS’ Roommate to going bold on KBS W’s King of Ratings, Young Ji has won fans over for going full force on variety shows.

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

M.I.B.’s Kangnam

M.I.B’s Kangnam has been very vocal about the unpopularity of his group as of late – and to surprising success.

Kangnam’s brutal honesty has put him on the fast track to variety fame, most notably on shows like I Live Along and I’m Going to School. His zingers in interviews and on talk shows have also gone viral, causing viewers to take a keen interest in the idol.

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

“Aing~” was all it took to have the nation falling for Girl’s Day member Hyeri, when she appeared on the Female Soldiers Special of MBC’s Real Man.

Since her aegyo outburst, brands have been clamoring to snag Hyeri for CFs, recently receiving numerous love calls and a 100 million won offer to appear in a commercial.

[Poll] Which Rising Variety-dol Are You Hooked On?

GOT7’s Jackson

We’ve already sung our praise for GOT7’s Jackson in our Weekend Crush series, but if you need more reason to fall for the charming idol, just tune into SBS’ Roommate.

From his fanboying over Song Ga Yeon to his hilarious one-liners (“She is my wife”), you can’t not fall in love with Jackson.

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