Ailee reveals jacket photos for "Heaven" Japanese version

(CD version)

After releasing a teaser video of her Japanese single "Heaven", a jacket photo of her CD has also been released.
In the jacket photos, Ailee is wearing a lovely ruffled dress.

(CD+DVD version)

Her first Japanese single 'Heaven" is going to be released on November 6. It will be available in CD and CD+DVD version.

Credits: @blushycotton on twitter
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Taeyeon watches Seohyun's 'Passionate Love' premiere!

On September 28, SNSD's Seohyun's drama finally aired and who's monitoring on their TV? Fans for sure, but leader Taeyeon also showed her support by uploading a screencap of the program.

She wrote, "I took this picture. Our makane is doing a lovely scene in Passionate Love. So beautiful, good job! #PassionateLove"~

Have you watched it?
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KARA members are all on instagram now! Welcome Gyuri and Seungyeon!

KARA's Gyuri and Seungyeon completed all the five members on instagram now as they created their respective accounts recently.

Gyuri uploaded photos from her trip in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Seungyeon hasn't uploaded any photo yet.

Follow them and get more photo and video updates from the five ladies.
In case you haven't followed yet. Here are their accounts.


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"Reply 1994" reveals character posters for leading cast

While counting the days until the premiere of highly anticipated sequel to "Reply 1997", "Reply 1994" finally released the character posters for the leading cast including Go Ara, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Gyoon, Son Ho Joon, B1A4‘s Baro, and Tiny-G‘s Min Do Hee.

Each characters has description below. In earlier setting for "Reply 1994", Seo Taiji and Kids would be the hottest kpop group replacing Reply 1997's H.O.T.

"Reply 1994" premieres on October 18.

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Seungri reveals teaser video for ‘Let's Talk About Love’ Japanese album

Here's a teaser video of Seungri's 1st Japanese solo album. A Japanese version of his recently promoted "Let's Talk About Love". Are you excited for his Japanese debut on September 16?

Also, there's a short preview of his self-written song "Sorani Ekaku Omoi" a song that will be used as OST for a Japanese drama.

Check the video first:

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"The Heirs" pictorial unveiled!

'The Heirs', the upcoming drama top-billing Lee Min ho and Park Shin hye, unleashed their pictorial photo!

The pictorial took place in a beautiful and spacious almond farm in California. It was reported that it didn't became as smooth as they wanted because of the countries' time difference and the outdoor heat, but the two began the shoot automatically and still managed to produce very teasing photos.

'The Heirs' revolves among the elite high school students who are groomed to take over their families' business empires. Kim Tan, which is played by Lee Min Ho, is heir to the Empire Group. He was sent to study in the U.S. While he's there, he meets Cha Eun Sung (Park Shin Hye), who's in search of her older sister. 

The others stars are CNBLUE's Kang Min-hyuk, Kim Woo-bin, f(x)'s Krystal Jung, Kim Ji-won, ZE:A's Park Hyung-sik, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Im Joo Eun, Kim Sung Ryung, and Jun Soo Jin.

" He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs ", also known as 'The Heirs', is set to air on  October 9  every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 KST!

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Boys Republic wants to have "Identity" as their 1st mini album!

Boys Republic a rookie male group,    announced their upcoming return on the limelight with their 1st mini album, 'Identity'!

' Identity ' will feature  seven tracks including their past singles, "Party Rock," "Special Girl," and their Jeju Air track, "Orange Sky."

October 8th will be the date to remember for the Boys Republic's  comeback showcase

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JYJ’s Incheon Asiad Song “Only One” entered iTunes Japan Weekly Chart!

JYJ's 'Only One' (Incheon Asiad Song) entered iTunes Japan Weekly Chart where it ranked 4th! 

In another news, JYJ as the Goodwill Ambassadors of The 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee (IAGOC) is going to perform “Only One” at the promotional roadshows of IAGOC in three Asian countries.
Hanoi, Vietnam will be the first stop on October 24, followed in Guangzhou, China on November 21 and at the Asian Games Centennial Festival in Boracay, Aklan, the Philippines on November 28.
The 14th Asian Games, officially known as XVII Asiad, will be held on September 19- October 4, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.

Watch and listen again below:

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Joy O’Clock's debut song “Delusion” MV uncovered!

It's true, not just a false belief!

Joy O’Clock a new male ballad/R&B duo, revealed the music video of their debut song, 'Delusion'.

The music video featured a couple who once had  a happy love story, but then needed to part their ways. The guy seemed to remember the girl often, and always had hallucinations (nothing/ nobody is really there, but the person sees, hears or feels it) of his former lover. 

Oscar Entertainment represents  Joy O’Clock. It's  an agency that houses Korea's ballad singers like  Bobby Kim Buga Kingz , and  Double K.  

What time is it? 

It's time to check the music video below!

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Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and EXO's Kai and Lay share Dancing 9's stage!

Dancing 9's Blue team master Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation heated up the stage with an explosive collaboration performance with EXO's Kai and Lay!

In the video, Kai and Lay graced the floor first with their amazing dance moves, and then Hyoyeon just came out in the middle of their dance. 

Dancing 9 is Korea′s first dance battle show that disregards genre, age, and nationality. It's a battle between The Red Wings team and the Blue Eyes team. 

Watch below:

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Super Junior's Heechul receives something from his fellow member Kangin!

It's not Super Junior's Heechul's birthday, but he received something from his fellow member  Kangin -- a hit on his head!
Why? The reason was caught in the video that Heechul posted on his instagram. At first, he had an intense look right at the camera, checked out his face, showed his tongue, did a close-up of his eyes, and then produced a high-pitched  bbuing bbuing‘ sound which caught Kangin's attention.

Kangin seemed to be a little bit irritated, and gave him a sudden light blow on his head that resulted to laughter.

Check out below!

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Dara reveals she's hungry for love

2NE1's Dara has been talking about love recently, not because she's in a relationship but she wants to spread the love around. On her latest tweets, she revealed how much she has changed and wrote,

"Since I was young and little, I fear of baby animals, after all this time I didn't expect that I would change~ I've become like this when lovely Dadoong came to our house and scattered it with love ^_^ Let's share love among our families, friends, also those people around us, and animals too!!! Also a little bit of love for me.. a lot ^^."

Following that, she posted a beautiful photo of herself taken by one of her fansite and wrote, "I am also hungry for love… Please work harder Dara fans~ I like you to keep on taking my pictures!!! Only me!!! >.< like this way~"

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Soyu and Mad Clown pose with their first MuCore trophy

Right after winning today's Music Core with their collaborative single "Stupid In Love", SISTAR Soyu and Mad Clown pose together with their Music Core trophy to celebrate their 1st win and to send their thank you's to their fans.

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BTOB Ilhoon expresses pain being a rapper

BTOB's Ilhoon shares his pain from being a rapper on September 27th episode of KBS 2TV ‘Fullhouse’.

On the program, Ilhoon revealed, "At first, when people meet me, they'd like to ask what's my position in the group and I would respond I am a rapper. Sometimes there are some who would tell me, "Why do you rap? You can't sing?" he added while expressing his disappointment.

He continued, "I'll tell, 'It's because I like rapping, that's why I rap. Not because I cannot sing," admitting that he is hurt with those kind of questions.

Maybe not only Ilhoon experiences like this, there are hidden vocalist behind every rapper, agree?

Source: Newsen
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BLOCK B boldly touch sexy girls for Arena Homme+

BLOCK B members are bold enough to let go of their 'manner hands' for their recent pictorial for Arena Homme+ October issue.

The members revealed their manly charms in a pictorial with sexy female models. Shot in a urban street concept, members physically get in touched with their partners giving away a fearless facial expressions.

Check the photos below:

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Taeyeon grows some mustache?

Have you imagined pretty Taeyeon with a boy concept? How about her having a mustache?

On her latest set of selcas, Taeyeon tried wearing instant mustache using her hair! What a clever idea right? So how does it look like on her? She even wrote, "Girls also grow mustaches". So do you grow mustache too?

Aside from that, she also shared a video of her brother playing guitar and wrote, "after eating like this w/jinggoo #nujabes #fall"~

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Teen Top L.Joe's fanboy outburst in front of GD

Teen Top member L.Joe who is idolizing G-Dragon ever since has finally get a chance to meet him up close.

 L.Joe along with Niel were the special MCs for Music Bank's September 27th episode and interviewed Mad Clown and G-Dragon.

 L.joe, who claimed himself as GD's fanboy, didn't let the chance pass away and shyly expressed, "Actually, I'm G-Dragon sunbaenim's fan so I've prepared something." To his surprised, GD turned and looked at him making him all flustered and couldn't even make eye contact.

His idol asked what is it and L.Joe danced to GD's 'Crooked'. L.Joe must be the happiest at that moment when GD shouted 'Very good!'

Fans shared the happiness with L.Joe as they commented ,"Oh my God! I would feel the same way if I'll meet you both! L.Joe is a cute fanboy!","He can't even look at him.","Mental Breakdown","G-Dragon and L.Joe!!" and so on.

 Check below:

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What happened to 2PM's Nichkhun?

2PM's Nichkhun didn't fail to catch everyone's attention whether it's a serious twitter post or a funny photo like the above.

In the photo, Nichkhun lay and acted like a stiff human which resembled a barbie doll. And that made him sing a few lines from the famous 1997's song 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua, a Danish-Norwegian dance pop group.

I'm a barbie boy in a barbie world~~wrapped in plastic, it's fantastic~~ = b
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) September 28, 2013

In case that you are not familiar with the song, here's an instant throwback below:

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Henry makes a congratulatory video for the first-ever K-POP Channel On YouTube!

Henry  made a congratulatory video that  helps to promote the opening of the first ever K-POP YouTube channel

K-POP YouTube channel is going to feature K-POP music videos solely, which is a representation of Koreans' famous nationalistic attitude.

Henry encouraged his fans to subscribe on the channel for a chance to win his 'Trap' album with an autograph which they can grab after they subscribe and leave an enthusiastic comment on Henry’s video. No need to hurry because it will run from September 27th to October 11th.

Watch below:

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JYJ's ‘Only One’ Introduction Video in Singapore, well-embraced!

JYJ's introductory video for their Incheon Asiad song ‘Only One’ was well-received by the Singaporeans!
During the Singapore PR road show of 'Only One' last September 26, the introductory video was shown to the 80 attendees from t he Singapore National Olympic Committee (N OC), local sports authorities, the Korean community of Singapore and local media, and the reactions were explosive. JYJ reiterated, “Only One wants to extend the meaning of unity among the countries from Asia. Ethnicity, country, language and culture are disregarded.” 
PR road shows for 'Only one' intend to increase the population’s awareness about the 14th Asian Games, officially known as XVII Asiad, that will be held on September 19- October 4, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.

JYJ next stops will be in Hanoi, Guangzhou and Boracay.
Watch below:

Source: sports chosun

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Rookie group Demion “Ask Her Out” MV revealed!

Rookie boy group Demion's debut music video, Ask Her Out (Confess) finally unleashed!

The song is about having the courage to ask a girl out which for some boys is a struggle to overcome. The music video featured the the five members Yoon, Ssun, Nakhun, Haekeun, and Sangbum with Wa$$up's Woo Joo.

Check out below:

0:37-0:49 LeeSangbum / Sangbum 
0:52-0:58 Yoon Minhyuk / Yoon 
1:36-1:48 No Nakhun / Nakhun 
1:50-2:02 Park Haekeun / Haekeun 

2:37-2:45 Kang Taeyang / Ssun

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[Video] Bangtan Boys is as excited as their fans!

Bangtan Boys (BTS) released a video with their individual message regarding their recent comeback this early September with their 1st mini album O, R U L8, 2? (Oh, Are You Late Too?).

Bangtan Boys showed that they also feel what their fans are feeling. In the video, they fell in line and showed how excited they are. 

Watch below:

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(VIDEO) SNSD's Jessica Is The New Face For SOUP 2013 'Trendy and Stylish'

SNSD's Jessica is the new model for SOUP 2013 'Trendy and Stylish' where she is styled from lovely to stylish to romantic and to cute.

In the 16-second video, it gave a sneak preview on how the photo shoot for the magazine was done with elegance and so much taste.

Watch below:

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Super Junior celebrate Shindong's birthday!

Shindong of Super Junior leveled up by one year as his friends, family and fans are celebrating his birthday today (9/28)!

Of course, each Super Junior members give him a loving greetings.

Let's start of from Heechul who posted a group photo on his instagram and wrote, "Happy birthday Shindong! Yes, that's right. This place was my place kkkk"

Super Junior M's Zhoumi also greeted, "Our Shindonggie hyung,happy birthday!^^i love you~"

In response to heartwarming birthday greetings from his members, Shindong responded,

"These days I'm strange. last year I tried by best to eat the cake!! This year though.. Honestly.. I was just supposed to let it pass.. But as expected!! I am touched because of the members!! Super Junior, I love you….."

Happy Birthday Shindong!

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Seohyun snaps a couple selca with Lee Won Geun

SNSD Seohyun excites fans when she snapped a couple selca with her on screen leading man actor Lee Won Keun, a day before the airing of their new drama 'Passionate Love'. In a photo posted by @smtownglobal, the two look good together.

Seohyun is looking lovely while taking the selca however Won Keun seems like lost and wasn't able to look at the camera.
Are you ready for the drama? 'Passionate Love' is going to air tonight (9/28) at 8:45 PM KST on SBS.

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FIESTAR teaches you Korean slang, Lesson 9: "DOTNE"

On ‪‎FIESTAR‬'s original program 'A-HA', the girls transformed into teachers for KPOP fans who are eager to learn Korean!

FIESTAR is going to teach you useful Korean slang through LOEN's Official YouTube channel.

So far, the cute and funny girls of FIESTAR taught us the word 'Daebak',Deuk-tem, Tteokbap, Jjal', 'Doljikgu', 'Anseup', 'Menboong' and 'le-al'. Now they are going to teach us the 9th word which is 'DOTNE'.

Are you ready?

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BTOB challenges 19+ humor on SNL Korea

BTOB is going to join their senior G.NA at SNL Korea on September 28 to put up a 19+ comedy act.

Expect for Sungjae, who is still a minor and Peniel who is still not fluent in Korean, the rest of the members are going to make an appearance on the said show.

The members are going to show their unique charms throughout the show's comical acts.  With sexy G.NA, who is the host for that episode, fans are already anticipating the coming broadcast.

SNL Korea with G.NA and BTOB is airing at 11PM.

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A-PINK reveal inner beauty for Campus10 shoot

A-Pink is Campus10's cover for the month of September. The adorable girls model for stylish fall and winter clothes which matched their individual styles and charms.

In the shooting video revealed recently, we could sneak into their inner beauties revealed through the behind the scene clip of their photoshoot. Check how playful yet adorable they are.

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EXO reveal individual charms in SoCool photoshoot BTS

A full version of EXO's BTS video from SoCool magazine photoshoot has been released to the public and everyone could see individual personalities and charms of the members.

Some members showed their sexy, innocent, bad boy and cute charms for the pictorial.
Check the BTS video below:

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Psy just wants to use his million followers!

Yes, that's true. Psy really wants to use his million followers on twitter by empowering them to move for a cause that will address one of the basic needs of human--- clean water.

Psy posted on his twitter pleading his more than three million followers to join him in donating $10 to Flash Flood for Good organization. That single and small amount could provide a child clean water for the whole year.

There are millions of you~ Join me and donate to #FlashFloodForGood to get millions more liters of water to
— PSY (@psy_oppa) September 24, 2013

Indeed, this is the proper way to use fame. Let's hope this will materialize.

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Boyfriend to release a Xmas premium single 'Pinky Santa' in November!

Boyfriend is going to release a special Xmas premium single in Japan earlier than December.
The single is entitled 'Pinky Santa' which obviously utilizes color pink, but pinky also means the smallest finger which is used when promising.
Boyfriend promised that ‘Pinky Santa" will be released on November 20th in four different versions:
Limited Edition A [CD + Goods]
  1. Pinky Santa
  2. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)
  3. Pinky Santa (instrumental)
  4. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)(instrumental)
Goods: Special ”Bopusanta ☆ strap” amulet
Limited Edition B [CD + DVD]
  1. Pinky Santa
  2. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)
  3. Pinky Santa (instrumental)
  4. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)(instrumental)
DVD: Music Video + making of ‘Pinky Santa’
HMV Limited Edition [2CD + A4 Photos]
  1. Pinky Santa
  2. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)
  3. Pinky Santa (instrumental)
  4. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)(instrumental)
CD + Photo Album (A4, 48 pages) + CD benefits (a record of radio program ‘Love Community Radio Station’ during which BOYFRIEND’s members try to solve listeners’ love problems).
Regular Edition [CD]
  1. Pinky Santa
  2. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)
  3. Pinky Santa (instrumental)
  4. ボクの宝物 (‘My Treasure’)(instrumental)

Promise to grab a copy!

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YG Entertainment receives the ‘YouTube Partner Gold Play’ award!

YG Entertainment recently received the ‘YouTube Partner Gold Play‘ award for being the leader in using SNS (social networking service) as a PR tool, and thanks to its three most subscribed channels which are Psy's, Big Bang's and  2NE1 's .

The ‘Gold Play‘ award is bestowed only to channels that have more than one million followers. Psy's YouTube channel has more than 6 million subscribers, followed by Big Bang with 2 million plus, and  then by 2NE1 with more than 1.7 million.

The awarding was held in Hannamdong, Seoul last September 25.

Kudos YG Entertainment!

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T-ara's Hyomin's Japanese movie 'Jinx' trailer is already out!

T-ara's Hyomin's upcoming Japanese movie 'Jinx" is ready to tease with their trailer.

'Jinx' revolves on the three main characters. Hyomin who played as Ji Ho, a Korean exchange student in Japan and played as a cupid between a girl (Japanese actress Kurumi Shimizu) and a boy (Japanese actor  Kento Yamazaki).

The song that you can hear at 1:11 is the movie's soundtrack called "Memories - The Guide You Gave Me" that was recorded by the whole T-ara.

In addition, 'Jinx' received an official invitation from Tokyo International Film Festival which will be held from October 17th until 25th.

The full movie is showing on November 16th, but for now be ready to be teased!

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Taeyang's ‘Music Experiment’ in San Francisco rescheduled!

K-Pop fans in San Francisco, California who got excited with the news that Big Bang's Taeyang is going to perform in their state will surely have more time holding that excitement as Taeyang's Music Experiment's original date was cancelled. 
Taeyang's appearance at a costume party at a secret location in San Francisco was supposed to happen on October 5, but due to schedule changes it was moved to November 26. 
.@Realtaeyang's #MusicExperiment show is rescheduled for Nov. 26. Go to the Music Experiment website for more info.
— MTV Iggy (@mtviggy) September 27, 2013

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Shindong's fans make a birthday video!

Super Junior's Shindong turns 28 (international age) today, and his fans made a birthday video to show how Shindong influenced their lives.

It's neither the usual birthday message-ish video nor a chorus of "Happy birthday to you", but a lot of effort, creativity, time and love were exerted to have this kind of gift for Shindong. They used the Christina Perri's song 'A Thousand Years' as their background music. They cut out colored papers, colored some of those, wrote on the others, and patiently edited everything. 

Indeed, Shindong fans can really do whatever for their idol.

Watch below:

Happy birthday Shindong!

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'The Heirs' second trailer bared!

'The Heirs' second trailer with English sub is already unleashed! 

"He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs", also known as The Heirs, which is top-billed by Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye, is an upcoming SBS television series which is set to air on October 9 every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 KST!

The story revolves among the elite high school students who are groomed to take over their families' business empires. Kim Tan, which is played by Lee Min Ho, is heir to the Empire Group. He was sent to study in the U.S. While he's there, he meets Cha Eun Sung (Park Shin Hye), who's in search of her older sister. 

The others stars are CNBLUE's Kang Min-hyukKim Woo-binf(x)'s Krystal JungKim Ji-won, ZE:A's Park Hyung-sik, 
Choi Jin HyukKang Ha NeulIm Joo Eun, Kim Sung Ryung, and Jun Soo Jin.

Watch below:

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Rain to hold first fan meeting since army discharge

Rain will be holding his first fan meeting since being discharged from the military.

His agency Cube Entertainment announced that Rain will be meeting with 2500 fans at Kyunghee University’s Peace Center on October 12 at 4PM (KST). The event for his official fan club was originally set to be held in August but has been pushed back due to a lack of preparations.

The upcoming fan meeting is the eighth official fan meeting which has been prepared by fans. Rain is preparing a number of presentations, which will include performances of his past hits and other special events.

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