Which song topped German Asian Music Charts in August?

Do you know which song topped the German Asian Music Charts in August?

Check out the video below for more information!

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CN Blue Yonghwa with a "sporty" selca!

CN Blue's Yonghwa updated his Twitter with a new selca.

 He said,"Hi everyone!Sleep earlier....hahahaha good night!" and uploaded the photo above.

 He poses smartly in his new selca in sports outfit,fans commented after seeing his new picture,"he is so good-looking","v-line face" and etc.

Photo Source: Osen

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F.Cuz can't find strength with their comeback,why?

F.CUZ cutely revealed their thoughts on their comeback, saying, "There aren't mangelled groups so it's hard to find strength."

F.CUZ met with a reporter in the 'MCountdown' waiting room the afternoon of the 16th and said, "When we promoted two months ago, girl groups were flooding the industry so it was really nice but during this comeback, it's all male groups so it's hard to find strength."

Leader Jinon gave a wacky, yet cute comment, saying "Our last song was a bit heavy but there were many girl groups like Hello Venus, Sistar, etc. So even though we weren't supposed to smile onstage, it kept coming out automatically," but "this time, there are more male groups. It's a bright song but it's hard to smile, so we're worried."

To continue, they added on, "But as it's an idol-like song that sends hope, we members have fun onstage. We'd like fans to give a lot of cheers."

F.CUZ will start active promotions for their digital single 'Dreaming Child' released August 10.

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Translation: MaxRide @ Fcuzed

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SNSD's gorgeous BTS photos for Baby G!

 Check out the BTS photos of SNSD for Casio Baby!

Just found the BTS photos of Jessica,Sunny,Yoona,Seohyun and Yuri,will update more soon!

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VIXX revealed BTS video for Rock Ur Body MV!

Rookie groip VIXX unveiled the BTS video of their latest MV Rock Ur Body,check out the making film here!

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U-Kiss reunites with ex-member Kibum!

U-Kiss met their ex-member Kibum at the airport,the boys are having some great time together and Eli gives him a big hug.

Check out the video below!

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120819 Inkigayo Performers List

# Comeback Special #
- EXID [I Feel Good]
# Hot Misic #
- Psy [Gangnam style]
- BoA [Only One]
- Super Junior [SPY]
- BEAST [Beautiful Night]
- SISTAR [Loving U]
- TEEN TOP [Be Ma Girl]
- B.A.P [No Mercy]
- TASTY [You Know Me]
- Skull and Haha [Busan Vacation]
- GLAM [Party (XXO)]
- NU’EST [Not Over You]
- Eru [Hate You]
- December [UNFINISHED]
- Gilme [Me First (feat.C.A.P)]
- TAHITI [Tonight]
# Fresh Music #
- Two X [Double Up]

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Donghae & Yoon Seung Ah revealed a couple photo!

Actess Yoon Seung Ah revealed a selca on 17th August via her Twitter.

 She said,"Panda and Hedgehog filming" and revealed the photo shown above. Yoon Seung Ah and Super Junior's Donghae are currently filming Channel A's new drama "Miss Panda and Hedgehog",they pose sweetly in their latest photo.

 The 1st episode of the drama aired on 18th August.

Photo Source: Yoon Seung Ah's Twitter

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Korea moms challenged Teen Top's Be Ma Girl!

Korean mommies are impressive as usual,this time they challenged Teen Top's latest hit song "Be Ma Girl",check out their amazing dancing ability below!

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BEAST performed on Love Request!!

BEAST sent some love to Love Request.

Check out their "Beautiful Night" performance on the show!

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SMTOWN World Tour 3 Concert performance clips!

SMTOWN's World Tour 3 concert in Seoul ended successfully on 18th August,check out the performance clips from the concert below!

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BEAST shows EXID some love!

BEAST supports EXID's comeback. EXID performed their comeback stage for "I Feel Good" on 17th August.

BEAST mentioned ans wished the girls good luck with their comeback. BEAST's rapper Junhyung and new composer Tae Ju composed EXID's new song "Think About".

 EXID said,"having a new feel after listening to fan chants, our fans are always provide us energy on the stage. We will work hard on stage and during activities not to disappoint their expectation".

EXID's I Feel Good MV

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Hyomin's cut in the 1st episode of "Thousandth Man" + Jiyeon's cameo appearance!

Check out Hyomin's cut from the 1st episode of "Thousandth Man".

Besides,her fellow T-ara's member Jiyeon appeared in the drama too,check out the photo above ^ ^

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Narsha's bikini photos!

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha updated her Twitter on 18th August.

 She mentioned,"cool" and uploaded the photo shown above. She is seen wearing bikini and swims in the swimming pool at night,showing her glamorous figure.

Impressed with her sexy figure?

Photo's Source: Narsha's Twitter

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Krystal’s refreshing smile!

An inaugural rally for South Korean athletes participating in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London was held in the afternoon of the 17th at the Sejong Center.

Krystal of f(x), appointed as an ambassador for the 2012 London Paralympics, was showing her bright smile.

The upcoming 14th Paralympic Games in London will begin on the 29th and draw to a close on the 9th of September. Korea will partake in sports such as archery, track and field, judo, weightlifting, shooting, wheelchair fencing, and more.

Source: sports.mk.kr 
Translator: mongoosedragon

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SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" album details!

Dazzling Girl is a piano and techno pop song with a simple and fresh melody. Just like its song title, this song represents that heart-beating moment when meeting and falling on love with a dazzling lady.

The MV's choreography is also cute and exquisite which is similar to Audrey Hepburn's My Fair Lady. The MV storyline narrates a girl whom because of SHINee transforms into a dazzling girl.

The production crew whom participated in this song are quite well-known. Jeff Miyahara did the recording production; Grammy winner Miles Walker whom has worked with Beyonce, did the mixing; world famous Tom Coyne (Sterling Sound) also participated in producing the main single.

SHINee's detailed and equisite choreography in the MV is choreographed by S**t Kingz whom has won Body Rock (a very prestigious hip hop dance competiton in San Diego) twice in a row (2010 and 2011).

The CD's packaging and MV's outfits, hairstyles are by world acclaimed fashion designer Keita Maruyama. The TV advertisement and CM etc will be produced by the currently active Noboru Tomizawa. Both have also participated in the wardrobe and makeup in the movie "Helter Skelter" starring Sawajiri Erika, will participate in this project and showcase a side of SHINee never seen before.

Stylist Yuki Wantanabe whom has worked with Keita Maruyama for his fashion show has also been roped in. Japan's top active creators are gathered together for SHINee which notched up the glamour factor to the new single.

The packaging for the limited editon (Type A) is in the form of a "clutch bag" which is super glamourous, a first in the music industry world. This is a first unique attempt by SHINee whom has always been contemporary not only in music and dance but also in setting fashion trends.

SHINee has also let the whole of Japan felt their charms with their nation-wide [THE FIRST ARENA TOUR "SHINee WORLD 2012"] (20 concerts in 7 prefectures) since early April this year.

Their 2012 first single "Sherlock" released on 16 May has reached No. 2 on Oricon chart and with their 4 singles being in the top 3 since their debut, this has also let one have higher expectations on their new single "Dazzling Girl".

Source: BIGLOBE Music
Chinese translation: Katen
English translation: eimanjjong

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Yubin asked fans to support JYP Nation in Japan!

Wonder Girls charismatic rapper Yubin updated her Twitter with a new photo on the 17th of August.

 She said,"JYP Nation!! Please look forward to tomorrow!!!! Yeah~~^^".

 She reminded fans of the JYP Nation Concert at Saitama Super Arena on 18th and 19th August.

JYP Nation's fans in Japan, are you ready to party?

Photo Source: Yubin's Twitter

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Jessica & Krystal attended the Inaugural Ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics!

Jung sisters SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal attended the Inaugural Ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics. Check out the photos from the event below!

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Wonder Girls' Ye Eun & Yubin thanked fans!

 Wonder Girls' Ye Eun and Yubin unveiled new photos through their official Twitter account.

They thanked their fans for the delicious food and healthy drinks.

They are seen posing happily with the things sent by fans.

Photo Source: Yubin and Ye Eun's Twitter

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CHI CHI sings for drama "Ma Boy"!

CHI CHI sings the OST song for drama "Ma Boy".

The title of their new song is "Pink Lens",a catchy and cute song,listen to it here,like it?

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2NE1's Sandara Park enjoys eating hamburger!

2NE1's Park Bom uploaded a photo of her fellow member Sandara Park on her Me2day on 17th August.

She mentioned,"Rehearsing right now~Our mascot~Dara!! She really really looks like a rabbit when eating burgerㅋㅋ When I called her to take a photo, she looked at me like this ㅋㅋㅋWhat time is it in Korea?? It's 8:40 here in the evening right now~*^^*".

Dara is seen having fun eating her hamburger while posing besides a huge box of french fries.

The girls must have practice hard for their concert in New Jersey,hwaiting 2NE1!

Photo Source: Bom's Me2day

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Oh Yeon Suh with a bed hair selca!

Actress Oh Yeon Suh updated her Me2day with a pair of new selcas.

She is seen carving a sweet smile in her latest photos,showing her cuteness.

Fans commented,"did she just wake up","she looks cute in that hair","bed hair" and etc.

Photo Source: Oh Yeon Suh's Twitter

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MBLAQ's "daughter" Lauren appeared on B1A4 Hello Baby!

The cute little girl Lauren from MBLAQ's Hello Baby appeared on the latest episode of B1A4's Hello Baby,check out her cut below!

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Will u still love Suzy tomorrow?

Miss A's Suzy updated her Twitter on 18th August with an angelic selca.

She mentioned,"will u still love me tomorrow",then shared the photo above.

She is seen posing sweetly in her latest photo wearing a white top,fans praised her sweet smile and milky skin.

Will u still love her tomorrow?

Photo Source: Suzy's Twitter

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BoA performed her hit songs on Sketchbook!

Besides performing her latest songs The Shadow and Only One,BoA performed her previous hit songs such as Girls On Top,My Name and No.1 on the show,check out her performance here!

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VIXX is back with "Rock Ur Body" on Music Core!

VIXX made their comeback on Music Core with "Rock Ur Body",check out their performance below!

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EXID said "I Feel Good" on Music Core!

EXID is back with their new song "I Feel Good" on Music Core,check out their highly anticipated comeback stage here!

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After School's bare faces!

After School will reveal their bare faces on Star Beauty Show,check out the preview below!

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Lee Hyori for Cosmopolitan!

Lee Hyori became the cover girl of "Cosmopolitan" magazine. Cosmopolitan celebrates its 12th Anniversary and Lee Hyori was selected as the main star of the magazine. The photoshoot was done in Amsterdam and Hyori did a great job showing her different images through her latest pictorials. Check out more photos below!

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TaeTiSeo on Superstar K?

Here is a preview of TaeTiSeo on Superstar K,check out the preview below,the audiences are surprised when they see the girls appear in front of their eyes!

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SMTOWN's best dancers snapped a group photo!

SM's choreographer Greg Hwang revealed a group photo on his Twitter.

He is seen posing with SMTown's top dancers including TVXQ's Yunho,SNSD's Hyoyeon,Yuri,Yoona and EXO's Kai and Tao.

Look at their cool pose,they are definitely ready to rock the Jamsil Stadium tonight,stay tuned for more updates regarding SMTown's concert!

Photo Source: @hydrayuge

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BoA released "The Shadow" MV!

BoA released the full MV of her second title track "The Shadow",check out the full MV here!

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SNSD's Sooyoung & her omma snapped a selca!

SNSD's Sooyoung unveiled a selca taken with her mother.

They are seen smiling brightly in the photo above.

Fans commented,"2 beauties pose together","Sooyoung and her omma are close to each other" and etc.

Photo Source: WonderfulGeneration

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