Keep Up With 2NE1′s Mesh Styling!

If we look back, 2NE1 has always been known for their fresh and unique songs and strong personalities. Recently, they’ve been gaining attention for their mesh message t-shirts in particular, that they wore on-stage during a recent performance.

2NE1‘s stages have always been vibrant, ever since their debut. Not only because of their attractive songs and brilliant choreography, but also because of their funky and vivid outfits. Nowadays, to bring out their more mature and feminine styles, they’ve revealed a different style to the public.

Their recent mesh styling is one of their most eye-catching pieces, showing off their sexy side. This 2NE1 good was designed to show the same message in the same calligraphy as their neon-colored t-shirt goods. All of the members participated in coming up with ideas and designs for this particular t-shirt, which they’ve selected as a stage costume.

CL wore a reformed top version of teh black sleevess mesh T-shirt, Bom cut off the sleeves of the mesh t-shirt, producing a sleeveless version.

2NE1′s charming member, Sandara Park, made the best use of the mesh t-shirt as she shows off some skin, giving off a rockstar feel.

And of course, with 2NE1, funky and colorful accessories would not be left behind. As always, their bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are in bright colors with unique designs, in fact these accessories showed off more of the girls’ bright personalities and unique style, as these goods are designed by the 2NE1 members themselves!

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After School's E-Young is happy to meet her fans!

After School's E-Young updated her Twitter with a new selca.

She said,"It's been awhile having a fanmeet so it made my heart flutter hehe Come carefully because it's raining^^ See u soon♥".

She posted an angelic selca together with her message,like this new selca of E-Yoing?

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YG to review responses to 2NE1′s New Evolution World Tour?

YGE, the company of top singing idol group Big Bang, is pining their hopes on 2NE1′s New Evolution World Tour in United States and European countries during the second half of this year.

2NE1 is the first girl group in their country, South Korea, to hold a World Tour (New Evolution) which kickstarted at the Seoul Olympic Garden Stadium, last month, 28 and 29 August. Not only will they be performing in Asia, they will also perform in America and European countries in 10 different towns and states in 7 different countries.

The responses drawn from 2NE1′s concerts, especially upcoming ones in New Jersey on the 17 July and LA on the 24 July, will play an important role in the market. Last year, 2NE1 successfully pulled off a concert in Japan which drew 70 000 people.

Analysts states that this world tour in America and Europe is 2NE1′s way of testing the audiences’ responses. If the response this year is good, they will proceed to expand and further improve themselves next year. This type of thinking is like popular singer Lady Gaga. She also started from a small concert before proceeding to tours and is now standing at a even bigger stage.

In the view of the method used by 2NE1, the release of their new song has been delayed. Even with the earlier than expected release of “I Love You” last month, the new album and songs are still pushed to October due to their world tour, overseas promotion and other activities.

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EXO-K discusses Personal Image with 'Pure Korean Entertainment Magazine'!

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CN Blue's Minhyuk used to have camera phobia?

» I heard that you used to have a phobia of cameras, how is it now?
I still feel that it’s horrifying. I can be very relaxed when I am shooting still photos for the drama, but I’m still very wary of those portable video camera. My heart beats so fast before filming starts, and I always let everyone feel it (my heartbeat)

» When doing a photoshoot, is there any pose or expression that you particularly like? Or is there any angle where you’re the most handsome?
There is no fixed expression or pose. But I do have one that I really like – it’s the expression of raising my eyebrows.

» Among the many clothes in today’s photo shoot, is there any that you really like or that you feel that it’s not suitable?
I like the white suit the most, and the one for the couple photo. But wearing that extremely short pants is very uncomfortable (I always hide behind the wall every time we stop taking pictures, it is till that extent). And then for the artsy people who likes to wear beanie, that is a bit… (VG : Oh right, I heard that other members don’t like JH to wear beanie?) Yes, we don’t like it (laugh)

» So is there any style that you particularly dislike among girl’s fashion?
I don’t like to see girls wearing clothes that are not suitable for themselves. I feel that leather jackets doesn’t suit me, so if I wear it out just because it’s cool together with a bunch of strange bracelets and necklaces, I probably won’t like it either if I am a girl. If girls dress up in black with lots of rivets, I can still accept that kind of style, but if there is emphasis on sexiness on top of this… (VG : It seems like you don’t like showy style?) That’s right! And I also don’t like clothes which are very revealing. I really don’t like that kind of style.

» The model whom you did the photoshoot with today is 16 years old. What were you doing when you’re 16?
The only thing I did was studying, all the way till junior high

» When was your first love?
The first time I liked a person was during elementary school, but my first love was when I was in high school. That person I first liked lived in the same neighborhood with me, and we were very very close. When I’m playing with her it’s more interesting than playing with other boys. We often play pebbles game together too (VG : Pebbles game?) Looks like she really liked playing that so we always play together. I am always surrounded by a lot of girls playing that pebbles game.

» We ‘unexpectedly’ heard that you’re not popular during school, but with your handsome looks, what’s the reason behind it?
At that time I don’t understand girls, and didn’t understand social cues

» Cha Se Gwang in ‘MHGF’ is a man who understands women well. You would have learnt some tricks when playing that role right?
When I read the script I was very shocked at the part where SeGwang paid the bill. Moreover he carries two credit cards which were exactly the same (in the decisive moment, he used the card with a damaged magnetic strip, as the result he had the girl pay for it). Until now I’ve never gotten determined to get close to a girl.

» So you’ve learnt the secret of blackmailing a girl? (laugh) In the drama when you are out on a date with MalSook, is there anything you would want to do when you have a girlfriend?
I’d like to just go with the flow of our relationship, but it’s easy to lose it. If I have a girlfriend I’ll certainly treat her very well.

» So it’s not only you who thinks like that, your ex-girlfriend agrees with these as well?
Yes that’s right, but my ex-girlfriend is not satisfied with what I did for her. At that time, people around me said that I shouldn’t be too nice to her as it’s easy to get bored.

» So it looks like you’re the type who will contact your girlfriend often right?
Although that’s the case, I’m not the kind who will constantly pester and irritate her. And, I am very good at preparing gifts. If I see that she’s not in a good mood, I’ll give her vita.. (when he accidentally blurted out the brand name, he cautiously looked at the editor). So I bought her that kind of beverage and accompanied her. Compared to very expensive gifts, I think that’s the best way if I can accompany her when she’s feeling down

» CNBLUE is an acronym made up of “CODE NAME BURNING, LOVELY, UNTOUCHABLE, EMOTIONAL” right? In this you represent LOVELY. But have you ever thought of getting out of your lovely image?
This really depends on the beholder. Most people always say that I have a great smile when they first saw me. (VG: Ahahaha (laughing hard)) This is not what I said myself, it’s what our representative and other members said. No matter where we go, we say such things like this.

» “This really depends on the beholder” Looks like you often dish out this phrase. About “should we look at CNBLUE as a BAND or an idol group?” You answered this question the same way too. Actually about your own color, you can also define it clearly or convince other people right?
You’re annoying (laugh). Actually for me it’s better to let people think freely. If we said “We are a band, so please look at us that way” This kind of words is a bit funny right. Anyway, sooner or later people will recognize us as a band. (VG : This words is scarier than saying “I told you we are a band”) My personality has always been like this. After all it’s something you can see to it and let it past. But if there is an opportunity that needs to be seized I won’t let it go.

» Actually a band’s drummer is a position which is hard to get attention. During promotion periods, have you ever felt unhappy regarding exposure?
I have never felt unhappy because of this. The 4 of us think that standing at our own position and giving our best is the coolest. (VG : Have you ever had the idea of doing some sort of drum solo and practiced hard in order to beat the main melody?) I don’t like this kind of limelight-stealing stunts. I simply to immerse myself in my performance and my fans feels that I am cool that way.

» No matter what, now everyone pays close attention to Kang MinHyuk. As CNBLUE’s drummer, even though there is no special introduction, everyone recognizes Kang Min Hyuk now.
Maybe it’s because people didn’t know I’m one of CNBLUE’s member before (laugh). But this is of course something to be happy about.

» How did you get casted to act as Cha Se Gwang?
When I had meeting with the director, it is only decided that I’ll be Cha Yoon Hee’s younger brother, others are not decided yet. But I heard that it’s because I should be able to express variety of expressions that is why I’m casted for this role.

» What do you think of your first scene?
I thought “SHIT!” to myself (laugh). My first appearance is in the nightclub. I have never been to the nightclub before. Because I don’t know what kind of atmosphere it should be, so I’m not confident, and thought that it was pretty awkward acting it. (VG : So that scene was the worst?) Yes.

» So there’s a scene which you think is the best?
Yes, it’s the jogging scene (the one where SeGwang initiated a running competition, then SeGwang won and tied his jacket onto MalSook’s waist. The scene that is famous because of this sentence “Next time don’t go running with such short pants”) I think it’s the best scenes among all scenes I have with MalSook

»Do you and Colin in (Lee Jong Hyun) observe and monitor each other?

I won’t let him watch my drama even if JongHyun hyung wants to do that. Even so, hyung will say “Why? It’s pretty good?”, and then I’ll be very happy and ask “Really? Is it really ok?”. When watching JH hyung’s drama we will also say “This part is not bad”, “That part is not so good”

» After being casted to act as Cha SeGwang, what special preparations did you do?
Firstly, I did a lot of exercise. In “Heartstrings” Jun Hee is very suitable for a small and skinny body, but it’s not for Cha SeGwang. I wanted to learn swimming but too bad there were no opportunities. Ah! And I’ll find very sad movies to watch. For example, and . (VG: Romantic comedies would also do right? Why does it have to be sad movies? Is it because MalSook and SeGwang’s love story will end with a sad ending?) That is not the case, anyway I always find romantic movies to watch.

» If it’s <500 days="days" of="of" summer="summer">?

I already saved this movie into my iPad! (VG : I’m sorry to interrupt, in the movie the lead actress fall in love with a guy who read the same book in a coffee shop. Do you think that having the same interest is important when two people are dating?) I think that if there are more common interest, it’s probably easier to become closer.
» I heard that you like to read Guillaume Musso’s book. So have you ever thought of “falling in love with some who is reading one of his books?’?
If it can strike a common interest, it is definitely a good thing, If we can’t then there’s probably no feelings. Reading his book, we will understand that women and men have different perspectives. So when reading his book I might go “Ah.. How great it would be if I can have this kind of hidden relationship”
» You always said that you want to meet a girl who’s like yourself, so generally what kind of girl it is? A lovely girl? (laugh)
Nope. It’s the kind who will understand how to appreciate insignificant things, and will be moved by that. It would be great if she would only look at me. I am the type who will only look at one person (VG: If you love a girl who also loves you very much too, however at the same time she loves another man and she doesn’t want to let go of both of you. What will you do?) I think that it’s possible. If we really love each other, of course I’ll do my best to keep her by my side. However I would feel a little displeased, somehow.

» After you acted as Cha SeGwang, a lot of people said that this is Kang MinHyuk’s transformation into a bad boy, but actually I’m not sure if Cha SeGwang is really a “bad boy”?
I felt sorry (?) and I find it unfortunate. I think that actually he can be worse. I am actually a stiff person and speaks straightforwardly. This part of me is obviously pretty similar to Cha SeGwang but I can’t showcase it (VG: Is it like the pity when a drama has ended?) If I can express the changes in the relationship better, I think I can be more involved in our dialogues. It’s the unconscious change where he was being mean and kept provoking MalSook but falling for her eventually.
» By the way, at that not-so-tall building, why is it that SeGwang and MalSook can’t see each other?
Exactly. I am looking forward to what could have happened if SeGwang and MalSook met each other. You would be able to see it soon.
» After your debut you have acted in a lot of dramas and movies. When choosing a project do you just accept a good film even if it’s a very unconventional role? Or did you think you need to pick and choose the characters, those which you would want to express yourself in it?
Definitely not. No matter what character it is I want to try it out. As long as I can be immersed in that character it’s always a good experience for me. I’m not worried about that, but my company will (laugh)

» I look forward to it. Today’s interview will end now.
Really? Is it enough? Are you satisfied with my answer? ^^

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CN BLUE’s JongHyun is now a more confident actor!

The SBS drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” which has garnered high viewer ratings, focuses on the romantic entanglements of a group of middle-aged men, but it is a handsome younger man that is grabbing viewers’ attention. He is Lee Jong-hyun, member of the idol group CN BLUE, who plays the role of a young boy who makes his way to Korea from Japan in search of his real father.

Lee flashes his charm on his acting debut and was brought in to appeal to a younger audience demographic among a cast of veteran actors — Jang Dong-gun, Kim Soo-ro, Kim Min-jong and Lee Jong-hyuk.

“I rarely cry, even when watching tear-jerkers or moving dramas, but now I often find my eyes filled with tears as I get more involved in the role,” said Lee. “I discovered another side of myself through acting.”

Lee said it was hard to play the role because the character is a man of few words. “I initially thought it would be easier as there weren’t many lines, but it was more of a challenge because I had to express a wide range of emotions through gestures and expressions,” he said.

“I read the script whenever I had time, but when the cameras started rolling, I tried to forget what I had rehearsed so I could act more naturally, thinking that if I were him, what I would do in this or that situation,” he said.

Dialect was another concern as Lee was born in Busan, a region known for its thick brogue. He said he refrained from talking with people who speak the same dialect and even reduced the amount of time spent speaking to his family by phone.

A perfectionist, Lee said his weaknesses as an actor continue to haunt him, and pointed to the parts of the script where he has to speak Japanese as something that tripped him up.

“I lived in Japan for four years, so I have no problem speaking in Japanese for everyday conversation, but my lines sounded awkward at first on-screen,” he said. “I realized speaking a language, and acting using it, are two completely different things.”

He said he was hesitant to try his hand at acting initially out of fear that he would not be able to rise to the challenge, but that now his confidence has been buoyed.

“Now I’ve started acting, I will keep trying to improve my skills to meet the expectations of my fans,” he said, adding that he wants to move into action movies.

“I feel confident that I can perform action scenes myself, without a stuntman, as I used to practice judo. I’m sure I can do it really well.”

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G-Dragon's Solo Concert on September 22nd?

Japanese event hoster LOOK KOREA (also known for hosting travel events to Big Bang's yearly concert "Big Show")has posted online and begun advertising for trips to G-Dragon's solo concert in Korea. They have posted that the event is to be held on September 22nd, and the trip, which includes airfare, hotel room and ticket to the concert is approximately 100,000 yen. This is leading many to believe that this is indeed when G-Dragon will host his concert, since both YG Entertainment and LOOK KOREA have worked together in the past before.

NOTE: The official announcement from YGE is not out yet so let's wait for the official announcement from YGE. Stay with us for more updates!

Source: LOOK KOREA via BBU

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Meaning behind Jae Joong's chest tattoo?

The member of Korean popular male group, JYJ, said that the tattoo on his chest means to always keep his beliefs.

He said, “I design the tattoo. I went to tattoo it with Yoo Chun 2 years ago. I might lose everything I have now one day but I should keep to my beliefs till the end.”

Besides the tattoo on his chest, he tattooed the names of his members on his back.

He explained, “Some people said I will regret one day for tattooing my members’ name. But I don’t think so. Now, no matter how busy I am, I will always think that my members are with me together and everytime it would remind me how important are they."

Next, he also revealed that he would never tattoo a girl’s name, including his wife.

He emphasized that he might tattoo his children names in the future, but definitely not woman’s name.

Source: Ajnews via jyjfctw
Translation Credit: Kareenchan of JYJ3

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Teen Top’s Ultimate level of recognition!

After making a comeback with Summer Special album , Teen Top members’ ultimate level of recognition will be revealed.

In the recent SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue, the ranks for Teen Top’s ultimate level of recognition has gained much attention

There’s a segment in ‘Teen Top Rising 100%’ called ‘My Ranking Time’ where the Teen Top and 100% members can gather their individual level of recognition through the number of news on search portals. In this ultimate level of recognition ranking, other than the number of Internet news articles, blog posts, photos and all the posts on websites have been collated in order to do an all-round level of recognition check.

During recording that day, whenever a placing was announced, the Teen Top members were shocked by the unexpected results. In particular, the Teen Top member that placed 1st in terms of level of recognition had twice as much Internet posts on him than the other members; displaying a miraculous record and was the subject of envy from the cast.

Also in the ‘Open up your hearts’ segment, Teen Top and 100% spoke truthfully about the things they have not been able to tell one another, expressing their apologies and gratitudes.

Teen Top’s L.Joe talked about something he did wrong to 100%’s Sanghoon which he had kept to himself. L.Joe showed a serious side to him which we have not been able to see; and apologised. Also 100%’s Changbum was unstoppable when he spoke of the times when he felt sad because of Shinhwa’s Andy, surprising all the staff on set.

On the other hand, when Teen Top and 100% asked MC Kim Taehyun if he had anything to say, Kim Taehyun steered away from the question at first by replying ‘Because I don’t feel bonded to you guys I don’t have anything to say’ but he confessed his exceptional affection towards Teen Top. Kim Taehyun said that he’s a passionate male fan for Teen Top, which really touched the the members “It wasn’t like this in the beginning but as I was doing the programme together with them, I started watching the music programmes that Teen Top appears on without switching channels”

You can check out Teen Top’s ultimate level of recognition ranking and the first ever to be revealed - Teen Top and 100%’s tearful confessions on SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issues’ on the 11th at 9PM KST

Teen Top, perfect parody of ‘Brave Guys’…. Spiteful remarks towards Kim Taehyun
On the day of recording, Teen Top made a parody of the popular segment ‘Brave Guys’ from KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’ and expressed their courage by saying the things they have kept to themselves previously. In particular, C.A.P and Ricky made strong and spiteful remarks towards Kim Taehyun which caused everyone to burst out laughing.

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UEE & Jooyeon went to Psy's concert!

After School's Jooyeon updated her Twitter with 2 new photos.

She said,"It was really fun.. hehe jumped so much so we are filling our tummy hehe".

She went to Psy's concert with team member UEE,the girls must have enjoyed the concert so much.

Photo Source: @ASJuPal
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120812 Inkigayo Performers List!

# Comeback Special #
- Eru [Hate You (feat.Simon)]
- Supernova [She's gone]
# Hot Misic #
- D-UNIT [I'm Missing You]
- December [UNFINISHED]
- NS Yoonji[I Got You]
- Boyfriend [Love Style]
- Skull&Haha [Busan Vacation]
- B.A.P [No Mercy]
- ZE:A [Aftermath]
- TEEN TOP [Be Ma Girl]
- SISTAR [Loving U]
- 2NE1 [I Love You]
- BEAST [Beautiful Night]
- Psy [Gangnam style]
- BoA [Only One]
# Fresh Music #
- Mario [MAY DAY (feat.Kim Chang Ryul)]
- Crayon Pop [Saturday Night]
- TASTY [Spectrum + You Know Me]

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AOA's "Elvis" MR Removed!

AOA made their debut on M! Countdown 2 days ago with "Elvis",check out the MR removed clip of their performance here.

Did they do well?

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Happy Birthday to Wonder Girls' Sunye! #happybdaySUNYE @WGsun

Birth Name: Min Sun Ye
Stage Name: Sunye @ Sun
Birthday: August 12, 1989
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Training: 5 years 6 months
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Favorite Color: Blue
Blood Type: A

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AOA makes their angelic debut on ‘Music Core’ with “Elvis”!

FNC Entertainment‘s eight-member girl group AOA makes a debut on ‘Music Core‘ with “Elvis“.

The seven “angel” members, Seolhyunari, Choaya, Hyejeong.Linus, Chanmi T.TYunariaMinaring, and leader Jiminel, as well as half-angel and key keeper Y join together for a superbly crafty and catchy pop tune, performed today as part of their debut stage.

Without further ado, check out their very special outdoor debut stage below and the rest of today’s performances here!


Source : allkpop[dot]com

Composer Bruce Automatic Praises Kim Junsu, “American Artists Better Watch Out”!

JYJ’s Kim Junsu spent a special week in LA, USA.

This is the first time in two years that Kim Junsu has visited America since the recording of JYJ’s worldwide album. It’s been stated that he worked on his music with Sony Music composer Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer and on his music video with Director Marc Kalsfeld.

Kim Junsu stated, “Working on my music in the US is difficult but fun. The system they have that always allows artistes to develop their thoughts and express their opinions has left a deep impression on me. Composer Bruce Automatic is very energetic about what he does so he made working with him that much more lively and energetic." He also added, “ I think the song came out alright. Filming a music video here is a little different from filming a Korean music video. I was a bit shy acting in front of all the American staff members.”

Bruce Automatic, who has worked with stars such as Christina Aguilera, Wanted and Leona Lewis stated, “Though I’ve worked with many artistes, I can say with confidence that Kim Junsu’s vocals rival that of top-class singers. I want to warn popular American artistes to watch out for Kim Junsu. His potential has already surpassed that of A-list American artistes. I’m happy to be working with such an amazing artiste. I want to keep working with him.”

Director Marc Klasfeld stated, “Kim Junsu can think quickly on his feet and his eyes shine. He kept the atmosphere lively on location so I had a great time during the whole process. I’ve wanted to work with him since watching his ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ music video on Youtube, and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to.”

Kim Junsu also stated, “In Korea, the director usually checks each and every movement in the music video, but in America, they give a simple explanation of the feel of the music and the theme so I had to act for a long-take. At first, I was slightly taken aback but as I got used to it and really got into the music, I was able to really express what I felt about the song. I’m excited because I know the result will be great.”

Source: [TV Report]
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How does Lee JongHyun call Yun Jini?

CNBLUE member and now an actor, Lee Jonghyun revealed his strong friendship with his co-star Yun Jini who is also the same age as he is.

Both made their TV drama debut as their respective characters in the SBS Weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, Lee Jonghyun as Colin and Yoon Jini as MeahRi. In the recent interview at OSEN, he was asked about their friendship. “Both of us are same age friends, and since this is our first drama, we rely on each other a lot during filming.” Lee Jonghyun, who looks so absorbed in his character continued, “We call each other “Collin-ah”, “MeAl-ah”. So to me it’s a bit awkward to be calling her Yun Jini. I even saved her number as “Meahri” in my phone.”

Continue on, “I got to know about Meahri and I being the same age from this drama. And now senior Kim Haneul is “my tutor” “ he said jokingly, that reminisce Kim Haneul’s character in “My Tutor Friend” (where she had to teach a student of same age as her).

In “A Gentleman’s Dignity” Lee Jonghyun plays “Collin” the son of the four gentleman’s first love Kim Eunhee (Park Jumi). “If Choi Yoon was to be my father, it would be good if the step mother is someone that I don’t know,” he said when Meahri was revealed as Yoon’s one-sided love. Collin was behaving courteous towards Meahri in front of Taesan (Kim Sooro) up to a point of calling her “noona”. However when they were left alone, Collin started to speak informally to Meahri which made her angry. Their continuous disagreements would seem like a “love line” would form, however there’s Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong) between them.

Lee Jonghyun explained, “At first I also thought Collin and Meahri would hit it off together. But seeing Yoon-Meahri couple, they really look good together. I’m also a fan and I see them from the viewer’s point, I was hoping there would be more intense scene between them, so that Collin could not bother the couple. Personally I did not want to interfere their relationship,” he said while laughing. “Our writer knew how I felt about this and during the scene when Yoon held Meahri at the airport, my song “My Love” was played as the background.”

In the related news, Lee Jonghyun himself sang “My Love” for the OST of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and the song has been doing really well even made an “ALL KILL“ on music charts.

Source: Daum
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Which girl group members were online shopping mall models before debut?

Some idol girl group members started to model already way before they debuted with their respective girl groups, but which members were online shopping mall model's before their debut?

Recently, a collection of now girl group members who were online shopping mall models were shared online giving their fans a blast from the past from their idols. Among them are Miss A's Suzy, Kara's Goo Hara, T-ara's former member Hwayoung, T-ara members Hyomin and Qri, and 5doll's Hyewon and Nayeon. The girls looks youthful and cute in their past modeling experience. Netizens comented, "They are so pretty! I especially like Suzy and Hwayoung's photo's", "They look more mature now", "They sure showed a different look, they have changed so much", "Looks like a lot of core contents media idols have background on being models". 

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

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SNSD Seohyun lost some weight?

A photo of SNSD's Seohyun has become a hot topic among netizens. Recently, a photo of Seohyun getting inside their car was shared online with the title, "Seohyun's jackpot figure and beauty" and quickly became popular among netizens. On her photo you can see her wearing a blue fancy mini dress and a matching blue hat.

She shows off her s-line figure with the dress showing her slender legs. No doubt Seohyun has a petite figure and it looks like she slimmed down a little. Netizens commented, "She has such slim legs! She looks like a goddess", "I wonder what she was doing wearing that outfit", "Too bad Tiffany and Taeyeon is not clear on the photo".

Source: N ate
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Narsha and Gain shows off their model poses

Brown Eyed Girls members Narsha and Gain are not just idols but also stunning models. On the 10th of August, Narsha updated her twitter account and shared, "Did this on set" and shared a photo. On her photo she is posing with Gain and the two showed off their model poses and their stunning figures.

Gain looks at the camera with her sexy and sultry look showing off her slender legs and Narsha has her hand on her hips and leans in showing off her S-line figure and showing a little cleavage. No doubt the two looks sexy and charismatic on their unedited behind the scenes photo. Netizens commented, "Theyr so beautiful", "Is this for a photo shoot?", "I wonder if its for an advertisement or their comeback".

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BoA sleeps while waiting for her turn on Music Bank

Singer BoA couldn't help but sleep on a mat while in the waiting room for KBS "Music Bank". She updated her twitter account on the 10th of August and shared, "I was really sleepy while in the waiting room for Music Bank. My turn kept being delayed" and shared a photo.

On her photo you can see her in her stage outfit sleeping on a mat on the floor in their waiting room. It seems that her turn to perform kept on getting delayed and she got sleepy while waiting and felt like lying down and rest. Netizens commented, "She has such a small body", "She's like a sleeping beauty", "BoA fighting!". Meanwhile, she is currently promoting her new song "Only You".

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BEAST wins on today's Music Bank + other performances!

KBS “Music Bank” is back this week full of amazing performances!

Artists who performed on today's episode are Super Junior, Crayon Pop, SISTAR, Park Moojin, Chaos, ZE:A, Boyfriend, D-unit, C-CLOWN, TASTY, December, Supernova, AOA, Eru, Mario, Skull and HaHa, Big Star, GLAM, Gilmi, BEAST and BOA

And for the highlight of the show, BEAST won on this week’s ‘K-Chart’ with their latest track "Beautiful Night”. 

Congratulations BEAST!

Check out other performances below!

Saturday Night - Crayon Pop
=Video coming soon=

Racer - Chaos
=Video coming soon=

Different, Different - Park Moojin
=Video coming soon=

Dreaming I - F.CUZ

Unfinished - December

Spectrum - TASTY

You Know Me - TASTY

I'm Missin' You - D-UNIT



Into The Storm (She's Gone) - Supernova

I Hate You (feat. Yong Junhyung of BEAST) - Eru

MAYDAY (feat. Kim Changryeol) - Mario

Busan Vacance (with Jung Junha) - SKULL & HAHA

Party(XXO) - GLAM

No Mercy - B.A.P

HOT BOY - BigStar

Me first (ft. Bang Yongguk of B.A.P) - Gilmi

Love Style - Boyfriend

Be Ma Girl? - Teen Top

Aftermath - ZE:A

Spy - Super Junior

Loving U - SISTAR

Beautiful Night - BEAST

Only One (with Eunhyuk of Super Junior) - BoA

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Super Junior follows up with “SPY” on ‘Music Bank’!

The talented guys of Super Junior have returned to the stage on ‘Music Bank‘ to deliver an amazing stage of their follow-up song titled “SPY“!

This time around, the boys decided to take on a suave 007-themed track and concept that the boys have perfectly pulled off. Sporting a sleek set of suits, Super Junior wowed fans yet again with their fun and unique choreography, which perfectly matches the catchy tune. (I got you little runaway!)

Check out their bright follow-up stage below, and be sure to catch the rest of today’s performances here!


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Eru's comeback with 'I Hate You' on Music Back!

Singer Eru made his comeback with a new style.

Eru performed 'I Hate You' with BEAST's Junhyung on today's Music Bank. The song is composed by none other than Duble Sidekick.

Watch his comeback performance below.

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Who is the Most Popular Figure in the First Half of this Year?

Interpark Ticket-Cast says the most popular figure in the first half of this year is Kim Junsu from JYJ.

Who is the most popular figure in the first half of this year?

Korean biggest online ticket seller Interpark revealed the most popular figure and performance since it launched “Ticket Cast” service last January.

To begin with, the most popular performer who Ticket-Cast users registered as a figure they are interested in is Kim Junsu(11,866 people). He is followed by Cho Seungwoo(10,415), Ryu Junghan, Park Euntae, Kim Sunyoung, Ok Juhyun, Infinite, Beast, and Hong Gwangho.

The popular performance registered as an interesting one is the musical Elizabeth(10,827 people registered), the most sensational one in the 1st half of this year.

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INFINITE L's Dream Is...

What kind of man am I? ‘Chaser’ vs ‘Only Tears’
I am definitely a ‘Chaser’. I keep being obsessed. I obsess over pretty much everything. This is a fact known by the fans and the people working in our company all know it as well. Rather than being engrossed, I’m the type to just do one thing if I get obsessed with it.

I can’t lose to any other member at this !
“I was ranked second when it came to likability… If it was eating, I could have been first, it’s too bad!” When asked about his obsession for food, it turns out that L, who looks like he wouldn’t even look at food, L, who looks like he wouldn’t even be interested in food, is quite gluttonous and his obsession for things like restaurants is quite strong. They said that L’s appetite was famous even prior to their debut. This is the reason why he frequently received food “that is good for his health” as present. Because his job requires having to continuously show his face on television and the scary teacher called ‘diet’ follows behind sweet foods, even if he eats this and that, each choice can be cut into two ways and shouldn’t be chosen carelessly. However, just like his nickname, “obsession-dol”, he is the type of person who has to go until the end whenever he starts something and thus is uncapable of giving up. “Truthfully speaking, people my age don’t usually eat foods to help their health, right? I actually eat Gong Jin Dan (T/N: a oriental medicine in a gold spherical form made with deer antlers, cornelian cherries, Korean Angelica root, and musk) and ginseng unexpectedly well. Being aware of this, our fans sometimes gift them to me. I really like it. I can say I pretty much eat everything.” It was L who looked the happiest while talking about food.

Dreaming of acting, my second leap.

In , I played the role of Lee Hyunsoo, the chic member of Eye Candy. For my first start as an actor, I thankfully heard praises that I was showing stable acting abilities. My personality of only being engrossed in one thing once I start it allowed me to put more into my acting practice. Lately, there have been lots of rumors about the continuation of my [acting] career. Well… since I am lacking a lot, I feel like I should ‘shut up’ and try anything next. After trying out, absorbing, digesting and going through all the kinds of characters, I will think about finding a role I like, a role that really was made for me. There is a character I would like to try out. A strong and powerful one like the main character of . An edgy role in which you don’t need to speak much but still get sharp action scenes. Ah ah, although there’s still a long road to go before achieving it, I can just be obsessed over one thing at a time and slowly fill it up, right?

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INFINITE received rice wreaths from noona fans!

The fans of the group Infinite sending rice wreaths to support them garnered attention.

To support the 2012 concert ‘That Year’s Summer’, the noona fans of the idol group Infinite who went all out with their vacation pay to send them rice wreaths drew attention.

From August 8th to the 12th, Infinite’s concert ‘That Year’s Summer’ will be performed at Seoul Gwangjang-dong AX-KOREA. In front of the venue, rice wreaths are packed to support Infinite’s concert; in total, there was 2.9 tons of rice, a quantity that can provide one meal to 24,000 children.

On the donation rice wreaths to support Infinite’s concert, the fans wrote funny messages such as ‘Protect noona! So she won’t get any older! (T/N: They remixed The Chaser’s lyrics)I’ll spend this summer at AX Hellgate, Noonapirit who went all-in with her vacation pay – Infinite’s noona fanpage, Noonapirit’, ‘That year’s summer I emptied my bank account to chase Infinite – Infinite supporters forever’ saying they gave up on their vacations and went all-out with their vacation pay.

During Infinite’s concerts in February and March, Infinite’s Korean and international fans also sent 9 tons of rice donations. Infinite donated 3.63 tons of rice to the Holt Children’s Services Inc. and 5.445 tons of rice for the One Love disabled infant home.

Moreover, to support the concert, 2,104 coal briquettes were donated to the Holt Daegu Social Welfare Center and to Gyeonggi-do Gwangju’s South Infinite Care and Happiness Sharing Center, through them, 100 coal briquettes (T/N: Flammable matter used to start and maintain a fire, like charcoal) were given to over 20 families with poor energy resources.

The 9 tons of rice donated were enough for 75,000 children to have a meal. Over 50 Infinite fanbases with thousands of fans contributed to donate and give a meal to 75,000 children.

In the old fandom cultures, fans used to give solely flowers and gifts, but now fandoms are sending rice wreaths and the beginnings of donating love rice contributing to the society. This change is now sweeping across in the entire fandom society.

On the other hand, in comparison to previous concerts,’This Year’s Summer’ is going to take place in a small and intimate venue and with 10,000 people in 4 days, raising expectations as a new type of emotional concert.

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Hangeng releases “The Listener” MV ft. Elva Hsiao

Following the release of “ Wild Cursive” and “ Clown Mask”, Hangeng is back with “Best Listener” music video featuring Taiwanese superstar Elva Hsiao.

Different from his previous releases, Hangeng stepped away from his dark concept and displayed a more refreshing charms in his latest duet track.

Check out the MV below!

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Moon Geun Young to make her comeback?

Actress Moon Geun Young may soon be making her comeback in the small screen.

According to sources, the actress has been offered the leading role in the upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Chungdam-dong Alice”. A representative stated, “Moon Geun Young is looking at the project in a positive light. Though it might take some time, there is at least a chance that she might come back soon.”

“Chungdam-dong Alice” is written by Kim Young Hyun who also wrote “Deep-rooted Tree”. Based on Lee Hye Kyung’s “Chungdam-dong Audrey”, it is about a mysterious woman who has been camping out in front of a high quality brand store and the man who owns it.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young has been taking a break for 2 years since the 2010 drama “Marry Me, Mary!”. The actress is currently working hard in her studies as a Korean language and literature major at Sungkyunhwa University.

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Fresh Boyz releases “King Kong Showers” MV teaser ft. G.NA

Hip hop group Fresh Boyz, who recently signed an exclusive contract with DJ DOC Kim Chan Ryul’s agency ENT102, will be making a comeback with new digital single “King Kong Showers”. Ahead of its official release, a music video teaser for the track has been unveiled.

Released via ENT102’s official Youtube channel on August 10th, the music video teaser features the sexy police officer G.NA and the huge, King Kong-like Fresh Boyz members.

“King Kong Showers” will be released on August 17th. The song will feature Fresh Boyz’ rap and the lovely vocals of female soloist G.NA. It is described to be a rhythmic hip-hop track that fits the hot summer weather.

Check out the teaser below!

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