Rainbow Jae Kyung vs. G.Na, who wore it better?

G.NA  and  Rainbow's Jae Kyung  were spotted wearing the same designed neon pink skinny jeans, drawing much attention. 

G.NA wore the jeans during her stage for  ‘Oops’ on Music Core, showing off her sexy style while Jae Kyung brings a casual and lovely look to the runway of the 4th K-POP Collection in Seoul.Both of them mix these skinny pants with the same-colored shoes to outstand their long legs.

How do you think about their mix and who wore it better?

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Hyunah does 'Gwiyomi' on Star King!

Hyunah's fans' dream comes true! 4-minute's HyunAh does hit 'cutie song' which is recently becoming a sensational craze not only in Korea but in other Asian countries as well on May 4th episode of Star King.

HyunAh was asked to do the 'cutie song' as she met Baby HyunAh on the set of the show. Though shy, the cute 4-minute member cutely project without any effort and left Infinite members stunned as she ran embarrassingly on the set right after she finished the song.

Watch the clip below:

Source: KpopStreamSBSclips2
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MBLAQ's Thunder says Kara's Gyuri is a fool!

MBC QUEEN’s “TALK CONCERT QueeN” guested t he main characters of MBC QUEEN’s new drama   Nail Salon Paris ~Love Starts from the Fingertips~  (also knows as “Nail Salon Paris”),  KARA’s Park Gyuri Jeon Jihoo Song Jaerim  and  MBLAQ’s Thunder o n its May 2-episode. 

MC Yoo Younghoon asked the others regarding  KARA’s Park Gyuri. The question was,  How is Gyuri as an actress?
They answered one by one. The first was  Jeon Jihoo. He  answered, “ Gyuri is like a vitamin drink. Even though she has a hectic schedule, her passion erases her tiredness .”
Song Jaerim was the next and defined her as, “Gyuri is a nice lady and she represents a person with determination to work hard that surpasses everybody. She motivates me.”.
The last was Thunder. He said, Gyuri is a fool,” 
Everybody laughed so hard, but thunder elucidated that immediately.
“She's really a fool. She's addicted to practicing but she's a nice person. It's like this, all of us are taking a nap because we are too tired, but she's still practicing her script. A fool who thinks of nothing but practicing.
It's clear as the sunlight that all of them agreed that Gyuri is  a hardworking person. 
The first episode of  Nail Salon Paris  was aired last May 3  at 11:00 PM on MBC QUEEN.
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Super Junior's Yesung enlists quietly without other SUJU's + photos for his last weekend

Earlier last month, the news of Super Junior's Yesung's enlistment  was disclosed. 

Enlistment of Korean men to have their military service is a normal thing in South Korea, but one thing is not normal in this story.

Unlike the other Super Junior who did the enlistment with publicity and accompanied by their group mates, Yesung preferred to do it quietly and without his Super Junior's brothers.

On his twitter account, he posted pictures for his last weekend before his enlistment on May 6 saying, "Bye ~ ~ ^ ^ ~ ~ Have a nice weekend!".  

He is going to spend his first month with basic training and then almost two years of his life as a public worker.

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The Sheng Siong Show to feature A-JAX, A-PRINCE and LUNAFLY + trailer

JNation Entertainment posted the trailer of their 'The Sheng Siong Show'. It will feature three of their top K-Pop male groups: A-JAX, A-PRINCE and LUNAFLY. It is to be aired LIVE on Channel 8 TV on May 11, 18 and 25 at 9pm-10pm!

Catch the trailer and it's airing:

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NU'EST greets Singaporean in Korean and English

NU'EST is really working hard on promoting their showcase in Singapore next month. They show their language flexibility through greeting their followers in their native language and in English to capture other non-Korean K-Pop fanaddicts.

Here are the videos:

NU'EST greets their fans in Singapore to come and watch their upcoming showcase there on June 22 at 7:00PM at Kallang Theater.

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SNSD's Hyoyeon is dating Jay Joonhyung Kim?

The bees are buzzing around about SNSD's Hyoyeon and  Jay Joonhyung Kim, a  Korean socialite and an author. The rumor is that the two are dating!

There are couple of 'evidences' that will solidify the rumor. First, Apple Daily spotted  Hyoyeon in Hong Kong with T yler Kwon ,   the   CEO of Coridel Group and boyfriend of famous Hong Kong singer/actress  Gillian Chung,  and   Jay Joonhyung Kim. The video is just below.

Second is in Thailand, Jay Joonhyung Kim posted a photo on his instagram with Hyoyeon and his other friends. With this caption and I quote, " My Best Buddies.. Thaitanium Khan, Thai Superstart Rita & Aerin, Coolest guy Tew, My little SisterHY & friends~ Thanks All! @sriritajensen @tew_s@khanthaitay @aerinyuktadatta #bkk #friendship #gangnaman #sa"

Third, although the next picture wasn't visible anymore in  Niranath Victoria Coates' instagram, other friends from media were able to keep a copy of it.  Niranath Victoria Coates a Thai model/actress,  shared a photo with her friends including Hyoyeon. What is intriguing was the exchange of comments of a user named  iamme989 a nd Niranath.    iamme989 asked,  “ Woww is that a girl from GG? ”.  Niranath responded, “ @iamme989 yeh she’s dating a friend of mine.”

There are lots of questions that arise. 

Who's that 'friend of mine' dating with Hyoyeon? Is it  Jay Joonhyung Kim? 

Was that a slip of tongue? 

What happened to the picture? Was it deleted intentionally or not? Was the picture deleted to cover up the 'slip of tongue'  ? 

A lot of answers needed.

However,if they are really dating and they are both single, there's nothing to hide about. But if privacy is their concern (I reiterate, if they are really dating), everyone deserves that right to privacy.

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NU’EST reveals their ’2013 NU’EST L.O.Λ.E TOUR IN SINGAPORE’ official trailer

NU'EST is really on the run on their promotion for their showcase in Singapore in June.

Recently, the official trailer for ’2013 NU’EST L.O.Λ.E TOUR IN SINGAPORE’ has been revealed!

The  ’2013 NU’EST L.O.Λ.E TOUR IN SINGAPORE’ will be held at  Kallang Theatre on June 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

Grab your tickets here .

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Dara promotes her brother's drama 'Nail Shop Paris'

2NE1's Dara shows explosive support for her brother's, MBLAQ's Thunder, drama 'Nail Shop Paris'.

On twitter, she reminded everyone to watch the drama,

"Waiting for the broadcast of Nail Shop Paris while drinking an energy drink. Let's cheer together for Cheondung^^MBC Drama& MBC Queen Channel right now Right Noww~~~" 

She even uploaded a cute notice, wherein a note was written,

"100% Effective!
If you drink it you will definitely feel great!
From: Cheondoong’s big sister"

Written on Dara’s paper: Nail Shop Paris I love you

Don't forget to watch!

Source: Dara's twitter
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PSY performs 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman' at 'Today Show'

On May 3, PSY flew to Rockefeller Center in New York City to be the guest on America's famous show, NBC's 'Today Show' for the 2nd time around.

On twitter, the hitmaker invited his followers to join him. On the show he performed his famous horse dance for 'Gangnam Style' and his latest craze 'Gentleman'.
Even the host Matt Lauer danced to it.

As expected, after the performance, PSY received explosive praises from the people.
In addition to that, he uploaded a photo on his twitter account with a caption,

"Thx everyboby who were at the plaza that early and Thx @todayshow for having me for 2nd time! How was #Gentleman!?"

In the photo, PSY is holding his fanboard with the smiling fans at the background.

Check his performances HERE

Source: PSY's twitter
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A-Pink Yookyung's father reveals, 'She has been kicked out'

A recent tweet from the father of A-Pink Yookyung confused the netizens especially her fans.

In the morning of May 3, Yookyung's father, who is a businessman, tweeted,

"I requested the company to issue a letter of apology explaining the truth to A-Pink's fans and to return Yookyung to the group. Fans, please help."

The person, who claimed the twitter account, seemed legit as it was confirmed by an associate of Yookyung's father's company. They stated, "It is really the twitter account of our CEO. The statement he left there are the ones we only know. Those opinions are nothing but the truth. He is a businessman and there's no reason for him to release false information that would harm his business."

In response to this, ACube strongly stated, "Yookyung's departure from the group was agreed upon by us the company, Yookyung and her parents. The contract termination has already done so there's no way for it to be reversed.

What's your stand about it?

Source: Nate 
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Hyunah meets 'Baby Hyunah' on Star King!

4-minute member Hyunah will be a guest on 'Star King's upcoming episode to celebrate Children's Day.

On May 4th episode of Star King, the show will feature a special episode titled 'Kids King'.

On the episode, a 4-year old Baby Hyunah, HaEun appeared and danced to Hyunah's popular songs such as 'Bubble Pop' and 'Ice Cream'.

Hyunah, upon seeing the kid's sexy dance , joined her and complimented Baby Hyunah for such a cute performance.

This episode will air on May 4.

Don't miss it!

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Source:  Star Today

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G.NA reveals her cooking skills!

Sexy soloist singer G.NA has shown her hidden cooking skills in KBS KWAVE Hallyu magazine photoshoot.

The concept of the said photoshoot is about simple and easy to made dishes made together with G.NA that are healthy enough for people who are undergoing diet.

Even though it is a cooking concept, G.NA's innocent charms are still glowing. Wearing a simple white top, the singer shows nothing but neat and pure cleanliness.

Her delicate dish, which she prepared with a food consultant Han SeoYeon, garners attention.They prepared spiced up Hatba and paprika juice, that can attract one's appetite.

The cooking concept with G.NA will be featured on KBS KWAVE's May issue.

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Source:  Segye

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G-Dragon shares the stage of his concert with Seungri

May 4 is the start of G-Dragon's two-day  “2013 World Tour: One of a Kind “ in Beijing.
G-Dragon won't be alone on his solo concert. One of his group mates will share the stage with him. It's none other than,  Seungri. He will appear as G-Dragon's special guest. 
It will be a double treat for the Chinese Big Bang supporters.
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Who is SnoopDar?

Today is the much-anticipated first concert in Korea of Snoop Dogg,  “Unite All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg”
2NE1 will have a collaboration with Snoop Dogg.  And Dara shares a photo to tease the people saying,  “who is SnoopDogg? Who is SnoopDar? for the curious people, May 4th!!! you can verify during SnoopDogg’s concert. location: olympic stadium’s OL park soccer field”
What can you say on the photo?
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[Exclusive] allkpop Live: Hello Venus on May 9th at 10:00PM EST!

Our newest series, allkpop Live is back once again!

Hello, what are you doing today on May 9th at 10:00PM EST? Would You Like Some Tea with Hello Venus?

Okay, that was too much cheesiness… (<- isn’t it cute?)

The beautiful ladies of Hello Venus have returned to ask you all  “Do You Want Some Tea?” on allkpop Live.

Their new title track is composed by the producing duo Iggy and Yongbae, who are also behind the hit songs, Orange Caramel‘s “Lipstick“ and Ailee‘s “Heaven“. The song is a pop dance track with a sampling of the classic tune “Variation on the Kanon“.

So get your tea set ready and some girl scout cookies. By the way my favorite girl scout cookies are thin mints. (hint hint)

Here is the official invitation for our allkpop readers to the Tea Party!

When: May 9th, 2013 at 10pm EST/ May 9th, 2013 at 7pm PST/ May 10th, 2013 at 11am KST

Where: www.allkpop.com/live

Things to prepare: Tea and snacks!

We will also be choosing 5 random fans who leave a question/comment on the allkpop LIVE page and reward them with autographed Hello Venus albums!

See you all on May 9th, 2013 at 10pm EST at the Hello Venus tea party only on allkpop LIVE!

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U-KISS' KiSeop and Hoon to Participate in Goong Musical!

U-KISS' KiSeop and Hoon cast in Goong Musical.

Two members of Korean idol group U-KISS, KiSeop and Hoon will be participating in a musical called 'Goong' which the location will be at Osaka Theatre Brava.

Check out Goong musical information below.

Musical Title: Goong
Location: Osaka Theatre Brava
Period: 2013.07.05 ~ 21
Running Time: Approx. 160 (including intermission)

Producer: Group Eight
Director: Song Byung Joon
Cast: Sung Mo, MinHwan, KiSeop, Hoon, Gwak SeonYoung, Jang YooJoon

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

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T-ara N4 to release 40,000 limited edition albums

T-ara N4 will be releasing a limited edition album of ‘Countryside Life’.

On May 2, Core Contents Media stated that T-ara N4 will be releasing 40,000 limited edition albums which includes 100 autographed albums by each member, for a total of 400 autographed albums in the pack.

In addition, T-ara will be giving out 400 free handwritten autographed albums to 400 people who post proof shots of them buying the album. The photos may be uploaded to Core Contents Media’s official café or twitter.

The new album includes 5 distinctive songs including the title track ‘Country side Life,’ and is set to be released tomorrow on May 3rd. The title track ‘Contryside Life’ is a fusion of traditional Korean music and electronic.

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2PM opens special ‘2PM Zone’

In celebration of their grand return to the local music scene, 2PM has opened a special ‘2PM Zone’ in Apgujeong Rodeo Station.

2PM has teamed up with Gangnam district and ‘G+ Dream Project‘ to start a ‘2PM Zone’ which was created for hallyu stars to help disadvantaged children through various events as well as donations. 2PM members attended the ceremony themselves and offered an opening statement.

The zone will be open on May 2 at 10 AM and will feature photo zone with life-sized photos of the 2PM members, a stage zone with 2PM live performance videos, a donation zone where people can make their contributions, and an event zone where fans can participate in hand-printing activities and such.

This special ‘2PM Zone’ will be open until July 31.

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Psy transforms into comic character

After successfully snatching his fourth Guinness Record and got an article in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Psy has now transformed himself into comic character!

The comic book, titled ‘Fame: Psy’ tells the story of Psy’s life thus far, including his marijuana incident, teaching the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon the “horse dance” from “Gangnam Style”, and performing in front of the US President Barack Obama.

The comic said, “Psy’s stubby figure and dynamic stage caught people’s eyes” and “He is not a typical pop star like you think.” This comic book made up of 26 pages is published by publishers, Blue Water Production in America and Able in Korea.

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Davichi transform into lovely brides for K-Wave

The duo of Davichi have recently transformed into lovely brides for a wedding pictorial for KBS K-Wave magazine.

In the revealed photos, Kang Min Kyung and Lee Haeri are seen donning flower headdress which were inspired by Korean traditional garments. Both girls were definitely on a par with professional models as they flaunt their model-like fit bodies in various bridal dresses, specially designed by hanbok designer Lee Yoo sook.

Netizens commented, “They look like May brides”, “How can the both of them look so beautiful,” and more.

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4minute’s HyunA chosen as #1 cosplay-dol

4minute’s sexy and charismatic member HyunA has been chosen as the no.1 cosplay idol on the most recent episode of MBC Everyone ‘Weekly Idol’ aired on May 1st.

During the episode, the guest members talked about the idol’s actual personality which is very different from what they show on stage. HyunA, who is known for her sexy image, is actually full of cute charms. They said, “Her actual personality is quite different from how she looks on stage. We think that’s why many people are so surprised by this.”

MC Jung Hyung Don also said, “HyunA that I know is a very cute girl. She is full of loveliness.”

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Kim Hyun Joong releases album covers for Japanese single ‘Tonight’

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong released five different album cover for his upcoming third Japanese single titled, ‘Tonight’.

On May 2, Key East released photos from Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming single showing the singer in classy suit and leather jacket as he exudes his stylish and charismatic side.

‘Tonight’ will contain a total of three new tracks including title song of the same name and “Cappuccino”. After the success of previous singles ‘HEAT’ and ‘Unlimited’, Japanese fans’ expectations are high for the new single album.

Kim Hyun Joong’s new single will be released this June.

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Nine Muses releases new teaser image for ‘WILD’ comeback

Nine Muses are returning to fans once again some four months after since their “Dolls” promotions earlier this year. After revealing a sexy teaser image earlier, the group released new teaser giving fans a sneak peek at comeback concept.

Their label Star Empire released new photo through official Twitter and wrote “Nine Muses’ official comeback project ‘OH! 9 Project‘ Part 2! We have unveiled a still cut from Nine Muses’ ‘WILD’ music video.”

Nine Muses will once again showcase a chic and sexy style, transforming into “wild girls”. The group’s new mini album ‘WILD’, which is the work of Sweetune, will be released on May 9th.

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CNBLUE releases ‘2013 World Tour – Blue Moon’ trailer

After holding a passionate live concert in Taiwan and Singapore, CNBLUE is bringing back its ‘2013 World Tour – Blue Moon’ to Seoul this month. And to pump up the fans, the group unveiled a special trailer for the upcoming concert.

Released on May 2, the short 20-second clip features CNBLUE members rocking out on stage through special highlights from their previous concerts.

CNBLUE will hold their ‘2013 World Tour – Blue Moon’ in Seoul on May 25 and 26th.

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SHINee is back with “Why So Serious” on ‘M! Countdown’

The boys of SHINee excite their fans by rolling out their promotions for the part two of their third album ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me’ as well as the title track “Why So Serious”!

“Why So Serious” is a dance number with strong rock sounds, and SHINee is coming up with the most powerful performance and charisma ever, a totally different look from the one they showed in “Dream Girl” .

Especially the dance moves which has already been dubbed as the zombie dance, were designed by top-class choreographer Devin Jamieson who have worked with Super Junior, Michael Jackson, Usher, Britney Spears and Hillary Duff.

SHINee has given special performances with each album since its debut and their comeback stage is expected to be impressive with high quality of performance.

Check out their performance below!

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130502 Psy wins on ‘M! Countdown’ + Other Performances

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back this week full of amazing performances!

The May 2nd episode of the show was hosted by SHINee’s Onew, Taemin and Key. Tonight’s show features highly anticipated comeback performances from SHINee, 4minute, SECRET, Hello Venus and Lyn as well as the debut stage of T-ara’s unit group, T-ara N4 and Roy Kim.

Other performers tonight included K.Will, Seo In Guk, Dick Punks, Hong Dae Kwang, uBEAT, 15&, M.I.B and December DK.

And for the highlight of the show, Psy won on this week’s chart with his latest single, “Gentleman”!

Congratulations Psy!

Tonight’s Performances:


Seo In Guk


Dick Punks

Hong Dae Kwang




December DK

Watch tonight’s comeback/debut stages below:

4minute - “Whats Your Name”
SECRET - “YooHoo”
Hello Venus - “Do You Want Some Tea?”
Lyn - “Breakable Heart”
T-ara N4 - “Countryside Life”
Roy Kim - “Spring Spring Spring”

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Hello Venus asks “Do You Want Some Tea?” on ‘M! Countdown’

Girl group Hello Venus has returned to fans with a new album and title song, “Do You Want Some Tea?”. Ready to take over the spotlight once again, they are now kicking off their comeback promotions on ‘M! Countdown’.

Hello Venus’ new title track “Do You Want Some Tea?” is composed by the producing duo Iggy and Yongbae who also created Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick”. The song is a pop dance track that includes samplings of the Pachelbel’s Canon, bringing a familiar sound to the fans.

For their comeback, the ladies of Hello Venus transformed into lovely spring goddesses, showing their mature transformation.

Check out their performance below!

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Apply Mnet SuperstarK5 using Kakao Talk!!

  New and simple way to try out for Mnet SuperstarK5

1. Update your Kakao Talk to the latest version .
2. Become Plus Friend with MnetSuperstar K
3. Apply just by typing ‘apply’!
4. Sing your favorite song and have fun.

Kakao apply TIP! You can reapply too!!

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G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR: ONE OF A KIND IN MALAYSIA special ticket launch set for 11 May, 10am

2 May 2013 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) –Co-organisers Running Into The Sun (RITS) and Woohoo! Experience are pleased to announce today that there will be 4 ticket categories at RM588, RM488, RM388 and RM188 for the G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR: ONE OF A KIND IN MALAYSIA concert. Since the announcement of G-Dragon’s maiden solo concert in Malaysia, fans and media alike have been abuzz with anticipation about the staging of the K-Pop maestro’s show; to help cope with the expected rush for tickets when they go on sale, a special ticket launch event will be held on 11 May 2013, 10am – 5pm at fahrenheit88.

12 ticketing counters have been arranged for at the launch and online and outlet bookings will only begin on 11 May from 2pm onwards to help ease the expected high traffic when sales start.

Cat 1 (RM588) tickets will only be available at the launch, and to thank fans for their support, RITS has specially arranged for Cat 1 ticket holders to receive autographed posters on concert day, with collection details to be released at a later date via the RITS website and Facebook page.

In anticipation of a rush for merchandise on concert day, 2 merchandise counters will be set up at the launch for pre-sales; 1 counter will cater exclusively to ticket-holders while the other will be open to the general public. Merchandise may be viewed on the RITS website or Facebook page, and those wishing to make a pre-purchase at the launch will have to fill up a form and pay in cash only, with collection of merchandise on concert day. Collection details will be released at a later date via RITS website and Facebook page.

“G-Dragon has put on spectacular shows in Japan and Seoul, thrilling hundreds of thousands of fans with his exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping performances. Malaysia was listed as one of Bigbang’s most memorable stops on their concert tour, and we can’t wait to bring G-Dragon back for another mega outdoor party with his fans,” says Ms Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Managing Director of Running Into The Sun.

G-Dragon, the leader of global superstars BIGBANG who put on an explosive performance here at their one-night only concert last year, will be holding his first-ever solo concert in Malaysia, to be held at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil on 22 Jun 2013, 8pm. This will be the only outdoor concert of his tour, and Malaysian fans can look forward to an exhilarating night of high-energy performances bolstered by this unique open-air experience. With dazzling choreography by renowned choreographers Travis Payne and Stacey Walker, both of whom worked extensively on Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour, audiences can look forward to adrenaline-charged performances by G-Dragon and his crew.

Apart from being a celebrated composer, lyricist and producer, G-Dragon is a widely-regarded fashionista, winning numerous accolades for his fashion style, and has also achieved the distinction of being the only male to feature on CNN’s ‘50 reasons why Seoul is the world's greatest city’ list. Constantly proving his mettle for producing chart-topping hits such as Crayon and That XX, G-Dragon has won various awards for his music including the digital bonsang for One of a Kind at the recent 27th Golden Disk Awards held in Kuala Lumpur, Korea’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

G-Dragon will be staging 26 concerts in 13 cities across 8 countries, drawing over 550,000 fans to his shows. This tour marks the first time that a Korean solo artiste will be holding concerts in four of Japan’s domes.

G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR : ONE OF A KIND is co-organised by Running Into The Sun and Woohoo! Experience, and produced by YG Entertainment and Live Nation Entertainment.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Kim Tae Woo cast in global musical ‘The Lost Garden’

Singer Kim Tae Woo has been chosen as the lead actor for a new global musical ‘The Lost Garden’.

According to the show’s local promoter, Kim Tae Woo will star in the musical set for a world premiere at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China in June 8 and 9 followed by Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the US world tour.

‘The Lost Garden’ went through five years of pre-production and is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde‘s short story ‘The Selfish Giant.’ It portrays a journey of an innocent girl and her companions’ efforts to soothe and staunches a selfish giant’s hollow soul.

In the musical, Kim Tae Woo will portray the lonely giant who locked himself in his own castle and sings for modern people’s solitude.

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Psy’s “Gentleman” falls to No.26 in Billboard Hot 100

Psy’s latest hit single “Gentleman” plunged to No.26 spot in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

According to Billboard website, “Gentleman” slipped down to 26th spot due to a sharp drop in sales and streaming. The single recorded 4.7 million in streaming downloads, down 66 percent from the previous week. Downloads also shrank about 50 percent.

“Gentleman” made a successful debut at 12th in the Hot 100 two weeks ago and jumped to fifth last week.

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miss A’s Fei throws ceremonial pitch for Doosan Bears

miss A’s Fei threw the ceremonial first pitch for the Doosan Bears.

On April 30th, Fei has been invited to throw the opening pitch before a match between Kia Tigers and Doosan Bears at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium in southern Seoul.

Sporting a Doosan Bear uniform and casual jeans, Fei posed confidentially and threw the ball successfully in the hands of the catcher.

Meanwhile, miss A members have been appearing in a variety of reality shows and dramas, but have not yet announced plans to make a comeback in the music industry.

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