T-ara, SHINee, Sistar and INFINITE to perform at M!Countdown in Taiwan

Hallyu wave will heat Taiwan on April 24 as MNET will bring popular idol groups like T-ara, SHINee, SISTAR and Infinite for M!Countdown's global tour.

In addition to that, H.O.T.'s Tony will host the event along with special performances.

Taepei, Taiwan is going to be the first stop and will be followed by Indonesia on July.

Source: NATE
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IU teases fans with Loen's first boy group

Photo of two members from HISTORY

Seems like IU has been in-charge of introducing LOEN's first ever boy group 'HISTORY' which members are set to be revealed one by one starting on April 15.

Ahead of that, a mysterious clip showing IU asking questions like, "Do you know us?", “Do you know me?“, hasbeen revealed. There is also a mysterious male voice asking "Do you know me?" from the background whom netizens assumed to be one of the members.

Watch the video below:

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Gag Concert's JeonGukgu Team and Kim Ki Ri to release a single 'Fashion City'

Gagman Kim Kiri and Gag Concert's JeonGukgu team will debut as singers and will release a digital single titled 'Fashion City' on April 15.

The song is composed by S. Tiger and R. Tee. It is revealed to have contagious melody energized by JeonGukGu's humor.

Using the gagmen's uncontrollable sense of humor, the song will create a different impact with electronic genre. The lyrics are about fashion and the MV portrays different fashion sense of idols from 90s including swimwear.

Prior to this, a teaser will be revealed later today (April 14) through Cube Entertainment. More information about the single will be revealed through Gag Concert tonight.

Source: Osen
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SNSD Taeyeon loses her job?

SNSD Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun left their emcee position for Music Core yesterday.
Prior to this, gloomy Taeyeon updated her instagram account with a dramatic photo saying,

"I lost my job....lol...ha"

In the photo, Taeyeon is having her back at the camera, looking outside and facing a PC room. She followed it with a caption, "should I go to a pc room and eat shin ramyun black.... ha"~

The fans responded, "I will give you job!","Don't worry, you can have more time to rest.","Fighting unnie!" and so on.

She must be really sad for leaving her emcee position. Let's cheer her up!

Source: Taeyeon's instagram
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Ambers bids goodbye to New Zealand with her hilarious photos

After having so much in New Zealand, it's time to bid goodbye for f(x). Amber uploaded photos of her through her instagaram account with a caption, "Good bye new zealand! I think i had too much fun again ^^;;"~.

The commemorative photos appeared to be hilarious. Funny Amber is seen clinging on trees and even a handstand. Fans commented, "You're so funny Amber!","I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in New Zealand.","Funny photos!".

f(x) went to New Zealand to film 'Amazing f(x)'.

Source: Amber's instagram
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2AM's Jo Kwon shares a story of J.Y. Park's Special Warm Up CDs

During the interview at  KBS2’s “ Happy Together 3“,  2AM’s  Jo Kwon shared a very hilarious story.
He told the story about an extraordinary voice warm-up CD from  J.Y. Park . Jo Kwon said that it's very far from what he expected. He thought it's an ordinary a-e-i-o-u warm-ps, but it's not.
He revealed, “Our CEO made voice warm-up CDs for practice purpose. When we turned it on, we started to laugh because it was our CEO singing an unfamiliar song. It's like a traditional Indian song.”

Check out at 1:50 what Jo Kwon is exactly referring to. 

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SHINee's Jonghyun turn to sing for 'The Great King's Dream' OST

After  SNSD’s  Jessica's  opportunity to sing for   KBS‘ “ The Great King’s Dream” OST, it's  SHINee’s  Jonghyun turn.
He sings a ballad, “ 1 Out of 100”, for “ The Great King’s Dream” OST. The song is about an everlasting love, but the guy is unable to say even 1 out of the 100 things he wants to say to the girl.

Here it is:

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100% creates their official Facebook page

TOP Media’s novice group,  100% wants to connect to their fans in any media.
Now, they have their own Facebook page--- Official100percent
So if you want to know all the stuffs about them, click the like button.
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f(x)'s Sulli enjoys horse riding in New Zealand

On April 13,  f(x)'s Sulli posted a photo on her me2day account with the message, "Whose back is this?"

In the photo, Sulli is enjoying the sightseeing on a horse's back. Her face was hidden from camera and only her back was seen. It is the interesting experience of Sulli when f(x) filmed for MBC's show titled  'Amazing f(x)' in New Zealand, a show which showcased the cultural experiences that f(x) members go through.

Netizens commented,  "Who else?, definitely yours", "The view is nice", "It looks like a magazine pictorial" and many more.

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Psy receives a congratulatory flower wreath from 2NE1

2NE1 sent a flower wreath to Psy to congratulate him on his recently happened concert. It has a message saying, “Oppa, Do you know the reasons why you’re the best?” The group then signed it not as 2NE1 but as, “From Gentlegirls.
Dara uploaded the photo on her personal Twitter saying, “Early attendance today! Hot, let's play in the Sangam tonight ah ~ ~ ~> <Sneaker old and new yajwiyi to!.
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Hello Venus' Yoonjo reveals her new pinkish-blonde hair

Hello Venus‘  Yoonjo revealed her new hair color--- pinkish-blonde.
On April 11th, Yoonjo posted the photo on Hello Venus’ me2day saying, “Hi everyone. It is my first time here on me2day hehe. I changed my hair color. I assume you know why, right…? hehe ^.~”
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SECRET celebrates their 3 1/2 Year Anniversary + a video message

Time passed so fast. 

It was October 13, 2009 when Secret was launched with their song,  I Want You Back “.

Now,  SECRET  celebrates their 3 and a half year anniversary. To show that they appreciate their supporters, they made a video message to SECRETTIME.

Here's the message:

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FT Island's Lee Hongki defended himself against netizen's traffic violation accusation

FT Island’s  Lee  Hongki suddenly has his foe online.
It started when he posted a photo with his new scooter on his twitter account saying, “Puhehehehe my new friend! Yellow color!.”
Without his knowledge, a netizen saw that photo and found something wrong--- it doesn't have a license plate. That person took a step forward and posted online saying, “Because of violating proper vehicle management and street traffic laws, I reported FT Island’s Lee Hongki to Seoul Police Department Traffic Control Safety Division."
But Lee Hongki answered back on his twitter. He defended, “Do your proper research before saying and doing something against me. For your information, I bought it yesterday that's why it doesn't have its license plate yet. And the scooter was parked in front of a store, so there's no problem even if you can see a red light on my photo ^^.”
The netizens found Lee Hongki's response as rude. How about you?
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Fanta releases new CF featuring Kwang Soo, Eunji and Niel

As reported recently,  Lee Kwang Soo, Apink's Eunji and  Teen Top's Niel have been chosen as new models for famous drink brand, Fanta.

On April 13, a CF clip for Fanta's promotion was revealed. The concept of the advertisement is a ‘ fantastic idol group' under  Fanta Entertainment

Fanta hope to deliver the Fanta’s fun and exciting message to consumer through each member's colors: Kwang Soo’s orange flavor, Eunji’s pineapple flavor and Niel's is grape.

Watch the funny CF clip below:

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M.I.B rock “Nod Along!” on ‘Music Core’!

The one and only M.I.B have returned!

They’ve come back with “Nod Along!“ and their 2nd mini album ‘Money In The Building‘ after a year. Even more exciting, the hip hop veterans of MFBTY (Tiger JKYoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy) have lent a hand for the album.

Make sure to check out allkpop Live: with M.I.B on the 14th at 10PM EST, where you’ll be able to view the boys up close and personal, along with asking the talented group your very own questions!

Check out M.I.B’s comeback performance below.

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4-minute Gayoon displays dual charms for OhBoy!

4-minute Gayoon's recent photoshoot has garnered attention.

Heo Gayoon displayed her innocent and fresh image for fashion magazine OhBoy's May issue! Her dual charms impressed fans.

In the photoshoot, she flaunts her long legs and fashion sense with different props.

She also presented different charms from being innocent and fresh to stunning expressions. Wearing various clothes like knitted dress, striped and big gray sweater, she exposed her flawless skin.

Meanwhile, Gayoon is preparing together with her group 4-minute for their comeback within the first half of the year.

Check more photos below:

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BEAST and A-Pink in school uniforms, warm friendship

BEAST and A-Pink collaborated and displayed a warm friendship atmosphere.

BEAST and A-Pink has been chosen as the models for school uniform brand 'Skoolooks' for its 2013 summer uniform edition. It was revealed that both idol groups created a very friendly and warm interaction during the shoot.

In fact, during a short interview by Skooloooks,they were asked which member from the opposing group they are close with, BEAST's Dongwoon revealed, "I'm close with Chorong-yang." which Chorong replied, "Even though Dongwoon sunbaenim and I have the same age, he's very formal towards me." and evoked laughter.

In addition to that, Kikwang also revealed, "I'm close with A-Pink's  Yookyung. Every time we see each other on filming set, we usually say the same sentences." and made everyone laughed.

Source:  Xports News
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Big Bang is coming to Indonesia for Kakaotalk event!

After being chosen as the endorser of Kakaotalk, Big Bang will hold a fanmeeting in Jakarta to promote the popular free texting app to Indonesian users.

The event 'Kakaotalk X BigBang in Jakarta' will be on April 19, Friday at 4PM. It will be held in Hall C of the JIExpo in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Indonesian fans who want to attend the event must participate in the contest ongoing on twitter. For more information, check @KakaoTalkINA. Winners will be announced on 16th. Only 1000 participants will be chosen.

Unfortunately, G-Dragon won't be present on the said event because of his ongoing One of A Kind concert, but he will leave a video message that will be shown during the fanmeet.

Who wants to see Big Bang?

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CNBlue's 'Blind Love' is no.1 ringtone in Japan!

CNBlue's latest song 'Blind Love' has been picked as the no.1 ringtone in Japan.

On April 12, a music website 'Dwango' revealed the K-pop Ringtone Daily Chart and CNBlue's Blind Love emerged on the top of the list.

CNBlue is scheduled to release their 5th Japanese single on April 24, and having their song Blind Love, which was released on April 9, topped the chart, anticipation is rising.

The song was self-composed by their guitarist Lee JongHyun which centers in a man who can't forget his past love.

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G.NA and Il Hoon surprise fans with their kiss

On April 13th broadcast of MBC's Music Core, G.NA performed 'Oops!'. She caught the attention of male fans with her white meshed top which showed her proportioned body. Also in this special performance, G.NA planted a kiss on Jung Ilhoon's cheek that surprises the fans. She gave him a quick kiss and shyly smiled while IlHoon giggles.

G.NA will be concluding her 'Ooops!' promotions this week. On the other hand, Jung Ilhoon has started his promotions with his group BTOB and stated, "I've been busy these days but I still prefer working than resting. Therefore, I don't feel like resting or hardship."

Source:  Newsen
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PSY releases MV for 'Gentleman!'

The wait is finally over. The most anticipated MV has been released.

PSY releases the MV for his new song 'Gentleman'. In this MV, we can see the new choreography. With the special participation of Brown Eyed Girl's Gain, the MV is going to be hotter. The video shows PSY being humorously ungentleman to ladies and BEG's hit Abracadabra moves.

Watch below:

Source: OfficialPSY
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Kyuhyun and Luna reveal MV for 'The Croods' OST 'Shine Your Way'!

Super Junior Kyuhyun and F(x) Luna reveal the MV for 'Shine Your Way', which is the official OST for the upcoming animated movie 'The Croods'.

Kyuhyun and Luna provide harmonious melody  with their soft voices to the song which both children and adults would love.

This is the first collaboration between the two idols therefore many are anticipating for this song.

The song has a very refreshing melody and upbeat that will make everyone smile.

Watch the video below:

SHINE YOUR WAY - The Croods OST by Kyuhyun and Luna

Source: NAVER
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Daesung's Blenda Magazine interview

Blenda magazine interviewed Bigbang’s D-LITE, other known as Daesung, and asked questions from his fans.

D-Lite willingly answered the questions with a smile on his face even he feels shy to answer some. He's now on promotion for his first solo album, “D’scover”.

You can read the questions and answers on Bigbang's website.

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Psy's 'Happening' concert is happening now + a dedication to Beyonce

The much awaited concert of Psy is happening at this moment of time in Seoul at the World Cup Stadium. It is airing live at officialpsy@YT

Before his concert, Psy posted on his twitter account and I quote, " I'm gonna dedicate something to @ Beyonce in my concert tonight!! ;-) ".

His fans are also expecting to hear his new single, Gentleman.

What would be Psy's dedication to Beyonce? Let's watch and know.

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Kwanghee and Sunhwa to leave ‘We Got Married’

After initially denying rumors of their withdrawal, it has been confirmed that ZE:A’s Kwanghee and SECRET’s Sunhwa will be putting an end to their 8 month long ‘marriage’.

A source associated with MBC’s ‘ We Got Married’ revealed on April 12th, “Kwanghee and Sunhwa filmed their final episode of ‘We Got Married’ this past April 10th. Their replacements have not yet been selected.”

Kwanghee and Sunhwa are set to end their virtual marriage after 8 months. The two who brought much laughter to the show’s viewers for the past months with their bright charms, are said to be feeling very regretful and sad about ending.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Lee Hi collaborate with 2NE1’s CL

Rookie singer Lee Hi will be collaborating with 2NE1’s CL for a special stage on SBS’ ‘ Inkigayo’.

Lee Hi, who is currently in full swing with her comeback promotions, will be performing her latest title song “ Rose” with a special guest appearance by her senior labelmate and 2NE1 leader, CL.

The special stage will be broadcast on April 14th episode of ‘Inkigayo’ and many fans are already anticipating to the collaboration of Lee Hi’s soulful voice and CL’s charismatic rapping.

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Jang Geuk Suk to release new album in Japan

Singer and actor Jang Geun Suk will be releasing his second album in Japan.

According to Japanese music chart Oricon on April 11, Jang Geun Suk will release the new album ‘ Nature Boy’ on May 29. It is exactly one year since he release his previous album ‘ Just Crazy’ in May last year which swept the first spot on daily and weekly music charts in the country.

Jang Geun Suk is set to show a different color this time around with the new album ‘Nature Boy’. The new album will be released in two formats; CD and DVD and will contain Jang Geun Seuk’s self-composed Korean song “Love Letter”.

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UEE displays amazing body in a CF shoot

After School’s UEE revealed her glamorous body in an untouched photo.

On April 12, Pledis Entertainment released behind-the-scenes photo of UEE from her new advertisement shooting. She is showing a gorgeous body shape with a white top and skin-tight pink pants, in what seemed to be a workout scene.

Despite the fact that the photo is untouched, UEE is showing off her shapely legs and superior bodily proportions.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “My eyes were purified”, “I think she never lets herself loose” and “The photo was not edited at all.”

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Loen Entertainment to debut male idol group HISTORY

Loen Entertainment, which houses talented singers such as IU, Brown Eyed GirlsGain, Zia and Sunny Hill, is getting ready to unveil their first ever male idol group, HISTORY!

The agency will be launching their 5-member group on April 26th. The group name “HISTORY” actually stands for “HIS STORY”, and the members will strive to appeal to fans with their unique brand of music and performances. The title of “alternative group” attached to its name is not bounded by any genre, but to the group’s attitude toward music.

The agency concluded, “HISTORY is the next project that we have been working hard to produce behind the scenes after IU, Ga-In, ZiA, Fiestar, and SunnyHill. You can look forward to the future of HISTORY, which will make its debut on April 26.”

Along with the announcement, the agency introduced its first two members Kim Si Hyung and Jang Yi Jung, who previously competed in the second season of MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star’.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Childhood photo of f(x)’s Sulli and Yoo Seung Ho revealed

Childhood photo of f(x)’s Sulli and actor Yoo Seung Ho is creating a buzz online.

A post on an online community forum titled, “Yoo Seung Ho and Sulli, little kids who have become today’s biggest stars”, reveals photo of two of today’s popular stars, Sulli and Yoo Seung Ho, when they were little.

In the photo, Yoo Seung Ho has his arm around Sulli’s shoulders, and they are both wearing bright smiles on their faces. Netizens can’t get enough of the photo and many are commenting how much they haven’t changed since their childhood days.

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2AM’s Jinwoon almost kicked out before debut

2AM’s Jinwoon shed tears as he revealed that he was almost cut from the group.

Jinwoon and Jo Kwon appeared as guests on the April 11th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘ Happy Together 3’ while introducing the “musics with special stories”, Jinwoon was moved to tears.

He shared emotionally, “After I was confirmed as a member of 2AM, I was recording the first song of the first album. However, Park Jin Young told me to return to being a trainee because he wasn't satisfied with my voice. teared up when I heard his cold words.”

However, he also said that he was highly praised by Park Jin Young when he sang the song again, without a non-possessive mind, after receiving a call from the company the next day.

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Seo In Guk is back “With Laughter or With Tears” on ‘Music Bank’

Seo In Guk makes a comeback as a singer after one year with a new single album and title song, “With Laughter or With Tears”, showcasing his newly-found maturity.

“With Laughter or With Tears” is a soul ballad with R&B rhythms and brings out the mood of a man’s honest feelings after a breakup. It is also receiving considerable attention for featuring actress Goo Hye Sun in its music video.

Seo In Guk’s new single album includes the song “Would I Have Been Happy,” which was written and lyricized by Goo Hye Sun, and arranged by Choi Eun Young. This is the first time one of the actress’ songs will be released under another singer.

Watch Seo In Guk’s comeback performance on ‘Music Bank’ below:

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M.I.B “Nod Along!” on ‘Music Bank’!

M.I.B have returned!

They’ve come back with “Nod Along!“ and their 2nd mini album ‘Money In The Building‘ after a year. Even more exciting, the hip hop veterans of MFBTY (Tiger JKYoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy) have lent a hand for the album.

Make sure to check out allkpop Live: with M.I.B on the 14th at 10PM EST!

Check out M.I.B’s comeback performance below.

Source : allkpop[dot]com

1304012 INFINITE wins on Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’ + Other Performances

KBSMusic Bank” is back this week full of amazing performances!

The April 12th episode of the show marks the first broadcast with 2AM’s Jinwoon and actress Park Se Young being the new hosts. The show also features comeback performances from Jay Park, Seo In Guk, BTOB and M.I.B.

Other performers tonight included INFINITE, Teen Top, Girl’s Day, ZE:A5, Davichi, Electroboyz, K.Will, G.Na, Ladies’ Code, Gil9 & Bong9, LUNALFY, PURE, Delight and G.IAM.

And for the highlight of the show, INFINITE won again on this week’s ‘K-Chart’ with their comeback title track, “ Man In Love”!

Congratulations INFINITE!

Tonight’s Performances:

Special Stage: Jinwoon and Park Se Young





Gil9 & Bong9


Ladies’ Code







Girl’s Day

Teen Top



Watch tonight’s comeback stages below:

Jay Park - “JOAH”
BTOB - “Second Confession”
M.I.B - “Nod Along”

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BTOB serenades with “Second Confession” on ‘Music Bank’

BTOB made their comeback with new digital single, “ Second Confession”, just in time to celebrate the group’s first year anniversary. They are now embarking on their promotions starting with first stage on ‘ Music Bank’.

“Second Confession” is a love song about a man’s feelings for his past girlfriend. The song features soft, relaxing melodies, which match well with the spring season.

This is the first time BTOB attempt for a sweet and lovely song, and it is also a thank you present from the boys to all the fans who have supported them for over a year.The group is showing a new side through a sweeter, softer appeal than that of BTOB’s previous powerful performances.

Check out their performance below:

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2PM's Nichkhun and Taecyeon To Sing A Song For You!

2PM's romantic members Nichkhun and Taecyeon are ready to sing a song for you.

The romantic English speakers of 2PM are up to serenade their 'Hottest' through 'A Song For You from 2PM', a music request program. The 9th episode of 'A Song For You from 2PM' with Taecyeon and Nichkhun will be aired on April 12th, at 18:00 (KST) on KBS World TV and also on KBS World YouTube for the fans who do not have KBS World TV.

Watch the preview of the 9th episode below and don't miss its airing.

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Girls Generation's Jessica transforms into a bunny

 Here are some official preview photos of the upcoming episode of Running Man featuring Girls' Generation's Jessica.

Check out more photos below, so you anticipate this episode?

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INFINITE’s ‘New Challenge’ ranks #1 on Oricon’s imported album chart

After sweeping various local music charts, INFINITE’s newly released mini album ‘ New Challenge’ found success in Japan’s Oricon chart as well.

According to Oricon website, “INFINITE’s mini album ‘New Challenge’ managed to top the Imported Album chart for two consecutive weeks, for the weeks of April 8th and 15th.

Woollim Entertainment stated, INFINITE achieved #1 for the second consecutive week on the imported album sales chart prior to the album’s official release in the country. The members were all very happy with the unexpected news, and they working hard to prepare for their upcoming first Japanese album.”

Meanwhile, INFINITE will be

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Wonder Girls’ Hyelim graces the cover of ‘NAILHOLIC’

Wonder GirlsHyelim became the cover of the April issue of ‘ NAILHOLIC’ magazine.

In the photo, Hyelim looks glamorous with her long, wavy hairstyle and vivid spring colored makeup which emphasized her big round eyes. She also presented various glamorous nail arts for the nail themed magazine.

According to NAILHOLIC staffs, “With sweet deserts, Hyelim looked even more lovely and cute than usual. Known as the Wonder Girls’ ‘Happy Virus’, she left a good first impression on us with her calm, modest and feminine character.”

Meanwhile, Hyelim is currently busy as an English teacher in a K-pop corner on EBS FM’s “ English Go Go”.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

SHINee’s Minho, Noh Hong Chul and Kim So Hyun chosen new hosts of ‘Music Core’

SHINee’s Minho, entertainer Noh Hong Chul and young actress Kim So Hyun have been chosen as the new hosts for MBC’s weekly music program, ‘ Show! Music Core’.

A representative from MBC announced on April 11, “SHINee’s Minho, Kim So Hyun and No Hong Chul have been recruited as new hosts of ‘Music Core’. The three will begin hosting on the April 20th episode of the show.”

The new trio will fill in the empty spots of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, who will be leaving their MC posts on April 13th due to their busy schedules. On their last day as MCs, TaeTiSeo will perform “ Good-bye, Hello” from the unit’s “ Twinkle” album.

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon updates fans with a gorgeous photo

Girls' Generation's Instagram queen Taeyeon updates fans with another gorgeous photo.

She wrote,"C l o s e r ♡" and shared the photo shown above.

Fans who saw the photo commented,"So gorgeous","Taeyeon is truly a goddess" and etc.

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BoA confirms more concerts in Korea and Taiwan

Solo singer BoA will be taking her solo concert tour to other cities in Korea and other countries.

According to SM Entertainment, BoA’s exclusive concert ‘ BoA Special Live 2013~ Here I Am’, which first kicked off in Seoul earlier this year, will continue in Taiwan’s National Taiwan University Sports Center on May 18th.

The veteran singer will then be returning to Korea to continue her tour in Daegu on May 25 and Busan on June 1. The concerts follow BoA’s successful first exclusive concert in Seoul which gathered 6,000 fans.

The ticket sales for her Daegu concert will open on April 18th and for the Busan concert on the 25th at 8PM (KST) through G Market.

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