WINNER meets with fans at Samsung Store in Singapore

YG’s newly-debuted boygroup WINNER, made an appearance at the Samsung Experience Store at Westgate Mall, in Singapore on September 14. This Meet & Greet event was just one of the few that Samsung had organized to get fans hyped about the much-anticipated YG Family Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore.

Photo credit: Samsung Singapore

The event attracted many fans who came down early in the morning to grab a good spot. The first fan who arrived had queued overnight just to catch a close-up glimpse of WINNER. The long wait came to an end when WINNER arrived. Albeit a short fan-meeting, with several pre-selected fans getting an autograph and group photo with the 5 members, other fans that flooded the area were seen cheering from start to end. They also had a tour at the Westgate Samsung store and tried their hands on their new electronic Samsung products.

Photo credit: Samsung Singapore

When asked about how they found Singapore, being the first time in the country, vocalist Nam Tae Hyun simply had two words, “Very hot!” Leader Kang Seung Yoon mentioned “Pepper crab and chilli crab” as the signature local food that they tried and in an impressive English accent said, “I like it”.

Photo credit: Samsung Singapore

Hopefully WINNER will embark on their very own fanmeetings and solo concerts around Asia in time to come. Till then, continue supporting this new and talented group!

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Juniel makes a handwritten invitation to watch her performance on 'PICNIC LIVE'

On September 22nd, singer-songwriter Juniel drooped a handwritten invitation to watch her performance at ' PICNIC LIVE.'

'PICNIC LIVE' will be held on September 28th at 4PM (KST) at the Seoul Cheonggyecheon stage, where she will perform ' I think I’m in Love' and ' Bug Off.' Those two songs are part of her digital single album.

Also, Juniel will be choosing a fan to share their story and she will perform for them. Juniel will officially come back on the 29th.

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[Live] 140923 LOVE & PEACE Japan 3rd Tour 2014 SNSD

[Live] 140923 WOWOW Prime LOVE & PEACE Japan 3rd Tour 2014 SNSD - you-aholic + Karma Butterfly
Format: mp4
720p: download (287 MB)

[TORRENT] of Full Concert
140923 WOWOW Prime LOVE & PEACE Japan 3rd Tour 2014 SNSD 1080i-soneyours.ts (6.93 GB)
140923 WOWOW Prime LOVE & PEACE Japan 3rd Tour 2014 SNSD 1080i-rei.ts (11.8 GB)
140923 WOWOW Prime LOVE & PEACE Japan 3rd Tour 2014 SNSD 1080i.ts (12.8 GB)

2014 Taeyeon Jessica Sunny Tiffany Hyoyeon Yuri Sooyoung Yoona Seohyun
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TaeTiSeo Members Confess They Initially Disliked Their Sub-Unit Name and Girls’ Generation’s Name

TaeTiSeo Members Confess They Initially Disliked Their Sub-Unit Name and Girls’ Generation’s Name

On the September 27 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the members of Girls’ Generation sub-unit, TaeTiSeo, made an appearance for the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment of the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter asked Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, “Did the three of you personally choose the group name (TaeTiSeo) yourselves?”

Tiffany answered, “No. We really didn’t like the name. We asked, ‘Should our unit name be ‘Twinkle’ or [something else],’ and the company told us to just go with ‘TaeTiSeo.’ We couldn’t believe that we were going to debut with the names written on our schedule sheets (abbreviated as ‘Tae, Ti, Seo, Yoon, Sun, etc.), but that’s really what happened.”

The reporter went on to ask if they had complaints about their name at first, and Seohyun responded, “At first, we did have a lot [of complaints].” Taeyeon added on, “So our name in English is TTS.”

The members further explained, “Like our senior group SES, we wanted to be TTS. But the team director said, ‘No, TaeTiSeo is perfect.’ It was a similar situation with Girls’ Generation. When we first heard [the name Girls’ Generation], we thought, ‘Really, Girls’ Generation? What?’ We were hopeless at first. We trained for so many years and we were going to be named Girls’ Generation? But now, we’re thankful to our team director.”

What are your thoughts on their group names?


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Nichkhun uploads a couple selca

2PM's Nichkhun and Chansung really imbibed their latest song ' Go Crazy!'

Nichkhun uploaded on his Twitter the photo above showing him with Chansung who is beautiful on his curly long hair. Nichkhun captioned the photo with,  “Everyone, the couple selca you have been waiting for~~ ♡♡♡ kukukukuku,”

Unfortunately, that 'girl' beside Nichkhun is not the real Tiffany, his girlfriend. Who knows one day this couple will share some photos of them together.

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10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 12

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 12.

Nam Ha Jin
I continuously trusted Yeoreum
Now that I think about it, it’s weird to think that I trusted her that much.
I wondered what this feeling was.
How this feeling of trust could become so anxious in a split second.

Feelings can change in an instant

Nam Ha Jin
It’s because I love you more.
I think our relationship is unequal because I like you more.
There are times when I want to fight and bicker with you
But do you know why I look over it?
Because if I don’t lose, we might break up.
So I can only lose to you all the time.
If I don’t hold it in, it might end.

Love shouldn’t be a losing battle.
Both sides should actually be winning.

Bae Min Soo
Dating a friend, you think it’s completely different?
You eat your food. I eat my food. It’s all the same.
But when I put a side dish on top of your rice, you just have to eat it without saying anything
Then I smile because I like seeing you eating.
And …that’s dating.
Is that something to think about 100 times?

Don’t make dating harder than it really is.

Yoon Sol
I really hoped you and Yeo Reum would work things out.
You know why?
“They lived happily ever after.”
That ending is fake.
Forget fairy tales, but I wanted to see a different ending from you two.
“They fought, argued, misunderstood, suspected, and became disappointed,
But still worked together to be happy.”
That kind of ending.
I wanted to see you guys and find real love for myself, not a fairy tale one.
A realistic kind of love. Love that I can dream about.

Forget fairy tales and Korean dramas; Dream realistically about love.

Kang Tae Ha
If I dated Han Yeo Reum for five years, we also met for five years.
We were friends at one point too.
But when I broke up with Yeo Reum, it was the end for you guys too.

Be prepared to lose some friends when you end a relationship

Do Joon Ho
This is it! Your present!
Even if you don’t flush the toilet after you poop, this toilet will do it for you!

See? Oppa is this kind of person.
A person that’s perfect for you right now.
What… are you touched?
Why do you look like you’re going to cry?

Some men just don’t understand woman.

Nam Ha Jin
How come you’re allowed but I’m not?
I trust you and I′m waiting for you, but how come you can’t do that even once?
I don’t understand your relationship with Kang Tae Ha at all.
How you guys have so many coincidences, how close you two are
It’s always weird and I can never understand it – not at all in my head
But I still trust you and do my best to understand you.
But you… how can you not trust me even for a moment?

Don’t be so selfish in a relationship for two.

Nam Ha Jin
There were moments that I shouldn’t have let go
Because if it wasn’t at that moment, the words become too late

The moment I should have never let go.
I lost all the opportunities to tell her.
Am I…already too late?

Don’t wait until the last minute to say something, because you may be too late.

Kang Tae Ha
An ending like that… I probably can’t create it now, right?
In order to have done that, we should have held on until the end
Even when we fought, we should have held on until the end
Yeo Reum and I…We both let go
Now the hand that she mustn’t let go, isn’t mine, but someone else’s hand

If you want a realistic happy ending, hold onto each other despite all the conflicts that come along

Han Yeo Reum
I love you

Nam Ha Jin
You must really like me now.
I’ve heard you say that you loved me so many times, but for some reason, it made me so nervous.
This is the first time the word, ‘I love you’ really touched my heart.
It must be real this time.

Don’t say ‘I love you’ if you don’t really mean it

Photo Credit: KBS

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Kim Soohyun speaks Chinese in new Pizza Hut CF

Kim Soohyun models for Pizza Hut in China.

He shows off his Chinese by saying 'Suddenly I wanna stay here' after tasting the pizza, watch the CF here:

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[TORRENT+Live] 140926 KBS Music Bank

[TORRENT] 140926 KBS Music Bank
140926 KBS Music Bank BTS – 스페셜MC(제이홉,지민) + Danger 1080i.ts | 플로라
140926 KBS Music Bank TaeTiSeo Cut | Yoonyule
140926 KBS Music Bank TaeTiSeo - Interview+Adrenaline+Holler+Ending 1080i.ts | Final-Taeng
140926 KBS Music Bank Girls Cut 1080i
140926 KBS Music Bank Full Show E755 1080i.ts (8.71 GB)
140926 KBS Music Bank Full Show E755 (9.46 GB)

140926 KBS Music Bank 2PM - GO CRAZY 1080i.ts (520 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank TEENTOP - Missing 1080i.ts (460 MB)

140926 KBS Music Bank 2PM - GO CRAZY 720p.mkv (175 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank Ailee - Love Sick (Comeback Stage) 720p.mkv (128 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank Ailee - Dont Touch Me (Comeback Stage) 720p.mkv (143 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank BTS - Danger 720p.mkv (169 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank TaeTiSeo - Adrenaline (Comeback Stage) 720p.mkv (155 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank TaeTiSeo - Holler (Comeback Stage)  720p.mkv (129 MB)
140926 KBS Music Bank TEENTOP - Missing 720p.mkv (155 MB)
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Teen Top Wins on Music Bank This Week With “Missing”

Teen Top Wins on Music Bank This Week With “Missing”

It was a tough battle on Music Bank this week as two strong boy groups fought for the top spot.

While Teen Top seems like they would be the underdog, took home the win this week with “Missing,” making 2PM‘s “Go Crazy” the runner up.

For Teen Top, this is their second win for the song, following their victory on Show Champion a few days ago.

Comeback performances today were by Ailee, TaeTiSeo and Soyu X Urban Zakapa.



Soyu x Urban Zakapa

More performances
Teen Top






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Kim Soo Hyun Became More Careful as Popularity Increased

After rising in popularity thanks to You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun expressed his thanks.

Kim Soo Hyun has been selected as the model for one of China′s largest portal sites, Sogou, after receiving much lost from fans in China due to SBS′ You Who Came From the Stars.

On September 24, Kim Soo Hyun attended a Sogou fanmeeting event, where he met with fans in Beijing. He also did a short interview with a news outlet following the event.

Kim Soo Hyun Became More Careful as Popularity Increased

Regarding a rumor that said he was a sports mania, Kim Soo Hyun replied, "I do really like exercising."

"These days, the wind has gotten cooler, so I enjoy riding my bike," answered Kim Soo Hyun. "When I exercise, I get rid of useless thoughts and relieve stress. I really recommend it to everyone."

When questioned about future Chinese promotions, Kim Soo Hyun replied, "Honestly, I don′t have any special plans, but I wonder if I′ll be able to greet everyone with a new project or a commercial promotion." He added, "Meeting fans through a fanmeeting would be nice too."

On the thing that has changed the most after You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun stated, "I′m spending 2014 like a dream. Because of it, I′m feeling a lot of things and becoming a lot more careful. I believe that the course that I′m taking right now will be a huge help for my activities as an actor in the future."

Photo Credit: Newsen

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[TORRENT] 140926 KBS Music Bank

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JYP’s Yoon Bak Innocently Reveals that He’s Been Dating for 222 Days

Twenty-eight years old and still as innocent as ever, actor Yoon Bak somehow ended up confessing that he has a girlfriend on KBS’ Happy Together.

JYP’s Yoon Bak Innocently Reveals that He’s Been Dating for 222 Days

On September 25’s broadcast of Happy Together, Yoon Bak caught attention for his pure and honest personality, making everyone in the studio laugh at how genuine he is.

During the program, Yoo Jae Suk casually asked when Yoon Bak’s last relationship was. Yoon Bak quickly diverted his eyes to the ground, nervously touching his lips.

JYP’s Yoon Bak Innocently Reveals that He’s Been Dating for 222 Days

When someone asked if he was dating already, he shyly grinned and honestly answered, “Yes,” before adding, “But I haven’t talked about this with my company yet!”

When asked how long they’ve been dating, he proudly replied, “222 days,” confirming that he has been keeping track. Even when Park Myung Soo asked, “Did you kiss?” Yoona Bak replied yes without hesitation, making the MCs and guests all marvel at Yoon Bak’s pure personality.

You can view the clip here.

Photo Credit: KBS

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Crayon Pop release 'C'mon C'mon' MV for 'HighSchool' OST

Crayon Pop sing for the 5th part of 'Highschool Love On' OST and release an accompanied MV for it.

The girls gathered in a recording room and sing the upbeat and thumping song with their catchy lyrics.

Watch below:

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Child Actress Kim Sae Ron Talks about Being Compared to Other Child Actresses Such as Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun

Child Actress Kim Sae Ron Talks about Being Compared to Other Child Actresses Such as Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun

Child actress Kim Sae Ron who rose to fame with the movie “The Man From Nowhere” attended the press conference to her newest movie “Manhole” on September 25.

When asked about how it felt being compared to fellow child actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun, she said, “Our ages are very similar but we each have our own uniqueness. Because we all have different pros and cons, wear different styles of clothing, I think that’s why we go well together.”

She continued, “We are so different that it’s hard to point out who is better and who is not.”

Her upcoming movie “Manhole” is about a serial killer who uses a manhole to capture and kill his victims.

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6 Things You Should Know About SUJU Sungmin’s Girlfriend, Kim Sa Eun

Just like Heechul said, Super Junior’s Sungmin has kept quiet on his personal life and is far from causing any kind of issue, so we were pleasantly surprised to find out that he is happily dating the up and rising actress, Kim Sa Eun.

6 Things You Should Know About SUJU Sungmin’s Girlfriend, Kim Sa Eun

But even though she′s a celeb, she′s not quite as famous as her Super star boyfriend - so we′ve turned the spotlight her way - just in case you want to know a few interesting facts about the musical actress who snagged Sungmin′s heart.

1. Kim Sa Eun majored in classical voice and music in college.

This may seem like a little bit of a duh - considering she′s a musical actress, but Kim Sa Eun apparently went to schools for the arts even before she ended up choosing her major for college - which was of course, classical vocal and music.

Clearly, there′s a reason why she′s able to hold the stage as a musical actress.

2. Kim Sa Eun was a Banana Girl in 2008

In 2008, when she went by her real name Kim Sang Mi, Kim Sa Eun debuted as the fourth generation singer of the project group, Banana Girl.

She promoted with the song Crazy Crazy Crazy from the fourth album Colorful.

We′re not quite sure if this was the path she was meant to take...but you can check out her performance above and judge for yourselves.

3. Kim Sa Eun appeared on ‘Jjak’ and shared about her ideal type

Already a musical actress by 2013, Kim Sa Eun appeared on SBS’ Jjak, hoping to find a man.

During the show, she shared, “I like a man who’s kind of obsessive,” and said people don’t really hit on her.

Well, we don’t quite believe her, because she managed to steal the hearts of most of the men on the show, and eventually Sungmin’s as well.

4. Kim Sa Eun appeared in Park Jung Hyun’s music video in 2008

One of the things written down in her public profile is her appearance in Park Jung Hyun′s music video for her winter jingle, Winter Kiss, where she squeezed out every drop of her aegyo for the feel good Christmas song.

She also appeared in H-Eugene′s music video for Party Animal, exuding completely opposite charms.

6 Things You Should Know About SUJU Sungmin’s Girlfriend, Kim Sa Eun

5. Kim Sa Eun was a model for Asiana Airlines

In Korea, flight attendants are acknowledged for their beauty and intelligence, so for anyone to become a model for an airline is pretty much a huge deal.

Like Lee Bo Young and Han Ga In before her, Kim Sa Eun was also a model for Asiana Airlines. In the photos she shared on her Facebook page while shooting a commercial for the airline, Kim Sa Eun flaunted her beauty in the neat and professional uniform.

Photo Credit: Kim Sa Eun′s Facebook

6 Things You Should Know About SUJU Sungmin’s Girlfriend, Kim Sa Eun

6. Kim Sa Eun went to elementary, junior high, and high school with actress Park Han Byul

Sometimes, stars are found in the same place, as Kim Sa Eun was revealed to have spent most of her childhood going to the same school with Park Han Byul.

The two actresses both attended Kyung Bok Elementary school, Sunhwa Arts School, and Sunhwa Arts High School.

We wonder if they still keep in touch.

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B1A4 release promo photos as the new global endorser of Tony Moly

Trend idols B1A4 are the newest male models of Korean cosmetic brand Tony Moly and they've just released promotional photos.

With their successful global recognition around Asia and even in America, B1A4 are chosen as the next global endorser of Tony Moly. According to the brand's representative,

"Since debut, B1A4 has been showcasing unique and colorful musical styles and concepts. Each members have also their distinct charms which will attract customers."

Meanwhile, B1A4 are expected to carry out promotional activities for the brand starting in October which includes fanmeetings, promotional events, and more.
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[TORRENT] 140925 Mnet M! Countdown

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Super Junior and f(x) groove to the new Pazzo dance for SPAO CF

Super Junior and f(x) pair up and groove to the newest Pazzo dance for SPAO's CF.

Kyuhyun and Luna, Donghae and Victoria, Eunkyuk and Amber are cutely dancing with their poker face in a couple way which make it even more hilarious.

Check it out below:

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[TV] 140923 팝스인서울 Girls Generation-TTS Cut

[TV] 140923 팝스인서울 [태티서] Girls Generation-TTS Cut 
Format: mkv
Duration: 00:06:01
720p: download (255 MB)

[TORRENT]  140923 팝스인서울 [태티서] Cut 
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iKON Will Guest Perform During Big Bang’s Japan Dome Tour

YG Entertainment’s new boy group iKON will be attending Big Bang’s Japan 5-dome tour Big Bang Japan Dome Tour 2014 as the opening guest.

According to YG on September 25, after the survival program Mix & Match ends, which will be selecting seven members of iKON out of the six members of team B who lost in Who Is Next: WIN and three new YG trainees, the seven iKON members will be presenting performances.

Anticipation has been gathering on which members, other than B.I, Bobby and Kim Jin Hwan who have already been confirmed as the members, will be staging performance as iKON.

With the nine members on Mix & Match holding fan meetings in Korea, China and Japan, in order to gather global votes, the members will be carrying out the Japanese fan meeting on October 5 in Osaka’s ‘Dojima river forum,’ prior to iKON’s guest performance during Big Bang’s 5-dome tour.

iKON Will Guest Perform During Big Bang’s Japan Dome Tour

Big Bang’s upcoming dome tour will begin with the Nagoya dome concert on November 15~16, followed by Kyocera dome on November 20~23, Fukuoka dome on December 6~7, Sapporo dome on December 20, and Tokyo dome on December 26~27, presenting 11 concerts in five cities around Japan, gathering 536,000 fans.

During Big Bang’s 6-dome tour last year, YG’s new group Winner performed as guest during the opening stages, performing Go Up and Officially Missing You.

Meanwhile, September 25’s broadcast of Mix & Match will air the third episode featuring the new YG trainee Yang Jong Suk. Mix & Match airs every Thursday at 11 p.m. (KST) on Mnet and Naver’s TV Cast and can be replayed on YG’s official blog and Naver’s TV Cast.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

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BTOB Drops Audio Preview for “Move”

BTOB Drops Audio Preview for “Move”

BTOB continues to hype fans for their comeback! Cube Entertainment has just released an audio teaser for their upcoming release, “Move.”

Fans get a preview of the entire album via Cube Entertainment’s Sound Cloud account. The album is a mix of upbeat and slow tracks that reflect BTOB’s musical style. The members also participated in the making of the album, composing and writing some of the tracks. Previously, labelmate, JOO was revealed to be the featured artist in one of the tracks.

“Move” is BTOB’s fifth mini-album and is scheduled for a release on September 29. Give the album preview a spin here.

Don’t forget to check out the hilarious the group released and the tracklist in case you missed it!

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Super Junior dominate the Top 10 most followed on twitter in South Korea

Super Junior has once again proven that they are indeed hot items in global market.

@TwitterKR released the TOP 10 Most Followed personalities domestically as of September 23 and out of 10 people, 6 members of Super Junior are in.

Members Siwon and Donghae even take the 1st and 2nd rank, followed by Yesung on 5th, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk on 7th to 9th respectively. This just certifies that Super Junior aren't just Hallyu Kings but also Kings of Twitter. Do you agree?

Show on 21st.See the full list below. Meanwhile, Super Junior has jsut concluded their Super Show 6 in Seoul with their 100th Super

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[MV] 송지은(SONG JI EUN) - 쳐다보지마

[MV] 송지은(SONG JI EUN) - 쳐다보지마
Watch on YouTube
Format: mp4
1080p: download  (105 MB) 
720p: download  (53 MB) 
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Taeyeon says the Leader of Taetiseo is Seohyun

Taeyeon remarked that the leader of Taetiseo is Seohyun.

On September 24′s broadcast of SBS′ Power FM Kim Chang Ryul′s Old School, Taeyeon shared that the leader of Taetiseo was Seohyun.

Taeyeon says the Leader of Taetiseo is Seohyun

"When we′re promoting as Taetiseo, the leader is Seohyun. She seems pretty satisfied with it." Seohyun agreed, saying, "It′s fun.

"Seohyun′s been following after the unnies for seven or eight years. It′s Seohyun′s time now," said Tiffany, drawing laughs.

Taetiseo released its second mini album Holler on September 16 and is currently carrying out promotions.

Photo Credit: Newsen

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Nam Young Joo to debut with 'Cause You're So Nice' composed by CNBLUE's Jonghyun

'K-Pop Star 3' Nam Young Joo will make her debut with title track 'Cause You're Too Nice' on September 30th.

The song is revealed to be composed by CNBLUE's Jonghyun and described as a medium-tempo pop dance track with hip hop base while the lyrics are written by Nam Young Joo herself.

Nam Young Joo's agency said the song is a gift from Jonghyun to Nam Young Joo. He directly involved as a producer and even the guitarist for the song. The agency also said that Jonghyun even made a visit to the MV fiming set and showed his support to the junior singer.

Meanwhile, check out the teaser video below

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Secret’s Song Ji Eun Drops Full MV and Solo Single “Don’t Look At Me Like That”

Secret’s Song Ji Eun Drops Full MV and Solo Single “Don’t Look At Me Like That”

Secret‘s Song Ji Eun releases the full music video and audio for her new solo track, “Don’t Look At Me Like That.” It has been a year since her last solo release, “False Hope.”

“Don’t Look At Me Like That” is produced by the team Star Track (Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum), which has previously produced Secret’s “Madonna” andB.A.P‘s “1004,” among many others. The track brings out Song Ji Eun’s powerful vocals and conveys the equally powerful message of acceptance of all types of love.

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[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Having started out as a hip-hop label, YG Entertainment has since branched out to be one of the most powerful and recognizable names in K-Pop.

But the agency hasn’t lost sight of its hip-hop roots, as it houses and recruits some of K-Pop’s most talented rappers.

From K-Pop stars to trainees, we’ve gathered some of YG’s talented rappers in this poll, but we want to know who you think is the best.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

iKON’s B.I

While kids his age were running around on the playground, B.I was standing on stage with K-Pop’s major leaguers as ‘Little MC Mong.’

YG Entertainment has since taken B.I under its wing, and the rapper is drawing comparisons to Big Bang’s G-Dragon from the big man himself Yang Hyun Suk.

He most recently repped YG on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3 and is preparing to make his debut with what is expected to be the agency’s next big thing iKON.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

iKON’s Bobby

Standing his own against underground hip-hope heavyweights, Bobby defeat the odds, proving he’s more than just an idol rapper from a major label, to take the win on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3.

Although winning the other rappers’ respect took some time, Bobby’s performances on the show eventually won him praise from the likes of Swings, Dok2 and The Quiett.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Winner’s Min Ho

Wiinner surprised fans by debuting with a mid-tempo rap ballad, but Min Ho was sure to show his rap prowess on solo track I’m Him.

To see a side to Min Ho quite unlike his Empty image, check out the video below!

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Many have come after G-Dragon, but they have yet to catch up to him.

Although he made his debut in an idol group, Big Bang’s G-Dragon has evolved into one of the most innovative artists in K-Pop. And the world has taken notice.

From fashion houses to international pop stars, it seems like everyone is a fan of G-Dragon.

We could insert any clip of G-Dragon that confirms his rap royalty status, but we’ll let the man speak for himself.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Big Bang’s T.O.P

He may be more active on the big screen than the music scene nowadays, but rapper and actor T.O.P is credited for fronting the idol rapper surge alongside G-Dragon.

For the doubters out there who wondered if the Big Bang member still has it, the lyrics in T.O.P ‘s solo track Doom Dada, released last year, say it all.

“I’m opening my mouth, it’s been awhile / I only need one song to kill it.”

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

2NE1′s CL

Finally, we can′t leave out YG′s representative female rapper 2NE1′s CL.

As a member of 2NE1 to her solo endeavors, CL′s charisma is second to none, as many who have seen her live will tell you.

Watch CL cause mental breakdowns left and right in the clip below.

Vote now for your favorite!

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