[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Having started out as a hip-hop label, YG Entertainment has since branched out to be one of the most powerful and recognizable names in K-Pop.

But the agency hasn’t lost sight of its hip-hop roots, as it houses and recruits some of K-Pop’s most talented rappers.

From K-Pop stars to trainees, we’ve gathered some of YG’s talented rappers in this poll, but we want to know who you think is the best.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

iKON’s B.I

While kids his age were running around on the playground, B.I was standing on stage with K-Pop’s major leaguers as ‘Little MC Mong.’

YG Entertainment has since taken B.I under its wing, and the rapper is drawing comparisons to Big Bang’s G-Dragon from the big man himself Yang Hyun Suk.

He most recently repped YG on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3 and is preparing to make his debut with what is expected to be the agency’s next big thing iKON.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

iKON’s Bobby

Standing his own against underground hip-hope heavyweights, Bobby defeat the odds, proving he’s more than just an idol rapper from a major label, to take the win on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3.

Although winning the other rappers’ respect took some time, Bobby’s performances on the show eventually won him praise from the likes of Swings, Dok2 and The Quiett.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Winner’s Min Ho

Wiinner surprised fans by debuting with a mid-tempo rap ballad, but Min Ho was sure to show his rap prowess on solo track I’m Him.

To see a side to Min Ho quite unlike his Empty image, check out the video below!

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Many have come after G-Dragon, but they have yet to catch up to him.

Although he made his debut in an idol group, Big Bang’s G-Dragon has evolved into one of the most innovative artists in K-Pop. And the world has taken notice.

From fashion houses to international pop stars, it seems like everyone is a fan of G-Dragon.

We could insert any clip of G-Dragon that confirms his rap royalty status, but we’ll let the man speak for himself.

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

Big Bang’s T.O.P

He may be more active on the big screen than the music scene nowadays, but rapper and actor T.O.P is credited for fronting the idol rapper surge alongside G-Dragon.

For the doubters out there who wondered if the Big Bang member still has it, the lyrics in T.O.P ‘s solo track Doom Dada, released last year, say it all.

“I’m opening my mouth, it’s been awhile / I only need one song to kill it.”

[Poll] Who is the Hottest Idol Rapper in YG?

2NE1′s CL

Finally, we can′t leave out YG′s representative female rapper 2NE1′s CL.

As a member of 2NE1 to her solo endeavors, CL′s charisma is second to none, as many who have seen her live will tell you.

Watch CL cause mental breakdowns left and right in the clip below.

Vote now for your favorite!

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