U-ie is the queen of summer for Le Coq Surfing

U-IE sports a summer look on her recent promotional pictorial for Le Coq Surfing. Aside from being a true swimmer, U-IE displayed her perfect figure wearing sporty swim wears. Check her photos below:

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SNSD's Jessica & Big Bang's TOP attend Louis Vuitton's opening event in Seoul

Among top celebrities who attended the opening of Louis Vuitton's store in Seoul at Cheongdam-dong on July 5, here are photos of Girls Generation's Jessica and Big Bang's TOP from the said event.

Jessica appeared very sophisticated in her straight cut, white and skin-toned checkered dress matched with her hair simply accentuated with a white ribbon.

TOP, on the other hand, projected a neat look with his simple yet elegant Louis Vuitton blue-violet suit and a white shirt underneath.

Check their photos below:

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Rain signs with Cube without any down payment

On July 5, Cube Entertainment representative revealed to MyDaily that Rain signed a contract with Cube without any down payment. He added that Rain has been firm with his decision.

He also shared that Rain and Representative Hong SeungSong have known each other and have plan to work together that's why he decided to join Cube. The representative is going to assist Rain in his future activities.

According to him, Representative Hong is very significant in Rain's career when he debuted in JYP Entertainment last May 2002. After Rain's enlistment, the two kept in touch.

Meanwhile, Rain is going to be discharged on July 10.

Source:  My Daily

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2AM JoKwon to host KBS World's "A Song For You"

2AM's Jo Kwon has been chosen to host KBS World's music request show's new season "A Song For You". It airs on KBS WORLD and KBS WORLD Youtube channel every Friday 6:00 PM.

As quoted from their official page:

With the success of its previous season ’A Song For You from 2PM’ which secured millions of participants from over 190 countries, 'A Song For You' has widened its target to every Korean Wave (Hallyu) star. Different guests will appear on the show with 2AM's Jo Kwon (singer, television host, actor) performing as the show host. Jo Kwon will choose the stories submitted by global K-pop fans and deliver them to each different star every week.

Every week 'A Song For You' will open its next star guest via the Facebook page of 'A Song For You.' Our very first guest is SM Entertainment’s EXO, the phenomenal boy band heating up the world of K-pop with its first album 'XOXO.' As the triple crown winner of Korea's three major music chart TV programs including 'Music Bank'(KBS), EXO also scored number one in many of Asian's music market with "Wolf" ('XOXO'). A multi-national group consisting of members from Korea, China & Canada, these boys are here to seriously rock your world! Want a private concert with EXO? Just upload your story and the chance can be yours!

Source:   A Song For You Facebook

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Henry learns pick up lines from his SuJu hyungs

Super Junior M Henry impressed viewers with his charms in his recent appearance in Happy Together 3.

On the show, he revealed that Super Junior hyungs taught him some pick up lines.

He shared, "Shindong hyung told me if a woman asks where I am, I'll answer "in your heart". He also taught me that if someone asks which 'seul' means "alcohol" I like, I should answer 'ip-seul' which means 'lips'.

Not only Shindong but another hyung also taught him, "Eunhyuk hyung also taught me, when someone asks what is my horoscope "byul jaree" I need to answer "yeop jaree" which means "next to you," which made everyone in the set burst in laughter because of his innocent expression.

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Dara expresses her feelings on their comeback with 'Falling in Love' in Filipino

Dara shared her feelings regarding their comeback with 'Falling in Love' on Inkigayo today with her friend, Ryan Bang, who is a Korean celebrity in the Philippines.

Dara was tweeted by Ryan Bang saying, You were in Showtime earlier. In Kalokalike, hehe"
@krungy21 nasa showtime ka kanina kalokalike hehe
— 방현성 (@dryanbang) July 6, 2013

Dara replied, "Really? So fun! I’m not in my right mind today. Tomorrow’s our comeback already. I feel like there’s butterflies in my stomach, but I’m not nervous!"
@dryanbang talaga? Ang saya! Wala ako sa sarili ko ngayon. Bukas na ang comeback namin. Parang may butterfly sa tyan ko pero d ako nervous!
— Sandara Park (@krungy21) July 6, 2013
'Kalokalike' is a segment on ABS-CBN's noontime show 'It's Showtime' where ordinary people with celebrity look alike are featured. Unfortunately, there was no video uploaded for you to judge. ABS-CBN is the mother network of Sandara Park when she's still a celebrity in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, “Falling in Love” is 2NE1’s first-ever summer reggae songThey will have their first comeback stage on ‘Inkigayo’ on today before releasing their single on the next day, July 8.

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SOURCE: @dryanbang@krungy21

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Lee Seung Gi first fan meeting in Bangkok to come

Lee Seung Gi will visit his Thai fans through his first fan meeting in Bangkok.
He will rub elbows with them on August 10 from 6 to 9PM at Central World Live Hall.
For ticket, click the source below.
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'B.A.P 'L.O.E Seoul [Wanted]‘ concert info released!

B.A.P released a photo for their ' L.O.E Seoul [Wanted] ‘ finale concert!
‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL [WANTED ]’ will be a two-day concert to be held on August 17 and 18 at    Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park.
For tickets, click here.
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SHINee's Jonghyun clears misunderstanding about his comment on Girl's Day Yura

SHINee's Jonghyun explained his comment that he made about Girl's Day Yura when he called in to Shindong on radio broadcast. He said,  “I decided to contact you immediately while listening… I’m a big fan of Girl’s Day‘s Yura. I’m here at the parking lot, but I'm still in the car because I’m still listening to ‘Shimshimtapa‘,” 
That comment caused some fans to feel devastated and made crazy actions.
Jonghyun tweeted to clear the misunderstanding, ”It never came in my mind that a day would come where I’d have to explain something on SNS… I said that as a support… The comment that I was listening to ShimTa after I parked meant that I always do that because it’s so fun… I didn’t send a message in to ShimTa, but used KakaoTalk chat with the PD. I think there was a misunderstanding because after I said it, the explanation was left out since it was a live broadcast!
내가 에스엔에스로 이런걸 올리는 날이오다니...응원한다는 의미였고...차 세우고듣는다는건 심타가 재밌어서 예전부터 그랬었다라는 거였고...심타로 문자보낸거아니고 피디님이랑 카톡 중이였어요 말이전해지고 생방이다보니 중간생략이있어서 오해가 생긴 듯!
— 김종현 (@realjonghyun90) July 4, 2013
Jonghyun added,  ”Girl’s Day, fighting! Dal Shabet, fighting! Nine Muses, fighting! Crayon Pop, fighting! Every girl group in Korea, fighting!! 

걸스데이 화이팅! 달샤벳 화이팅! 나인뮤지스 화이팅! 크레용팝 화이팅! 대한민국 걸그룹 에블바리 화이팅 입니다!!
— 김종현 (@realjonghyun90) July 4, 2013
After the above comment, he said,  "Fighting to the boy groups, too!!!! I don’t want to get scolded for leaving them out again kekekeke “.

         보이그룹도 화이팅! ! ! ! 빼먹었다고 또 혼날라ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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SOURCE:  @realjonghyun90

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SNSD's Yuri shares photos with other GGs at 'No Breathing' set

SNSD's Yuri posted two photos of the visit of her co-members. SooyoungTiffanySeohyun, and YoonA went to the set of the filming of the movie where Yuri is part,  ‘No Breathing’. They showed their support and cheered her on.

Yuri shared this first photo with  Sooyoung Tiffany , and  Seohyun  on her Instagram, ” Friends, thanks for dropping. #nobreathing #trustworthy #SoShiIsTheBest.” 

The next one was with YoonA saying, “Thanks for coming here #Yoong…IsPrettyEvenWithABareFace #nobreathing filming #YoongDecoratedThisPhoto“.
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Eunhyuk and Donghae to release 'I Wanna Dance' single in Korea

Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Donghae are going to release their Japanese single "I Wanna Dance" in Korea on July 10.

It'll be available in two versions. One is a regular CD version and the other one is a limited edition CD+DVD version. The DVD contains two versions of their Music Video and behind-the-scene- clips.

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Minho reveals 'aegyo' selcas

SHInee's Minho reveals selca straight from their Japan Arena Tour to remind fans of today's MuCore.
He wrote on their official me2day account,

"In the middle of Japan Arena Tour! Mucore today with Hongcheol-hyung and Sohyun will be up soon ! Anticipate Japan showshowshow!"

In the photo, Minho is wearing his black outfit and making 'aegyo' poses like pouting his lips and blowing up his cheek which he unusually does.

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Kyuhyun reveals 4-minute is scary but he likes Hyuna

Super Junior Kyuhyun has revealed that he likes 4-minute Hyuna.

On July 4th episode of Happy Together 3, Super Junior Kyuhyun and 4-minute Hyuna were part of the idol guests. In this broadcast, Kyuhyun expressed his likeness towards 4-minute's Hyuna.

When he was asked to impersonate Sung ShiKyung, KyuHyun hesitated. However, when Hyuna said ‘It would be good’, Kyuhyun quickly did the impersonation.

In addition to that, he revealed that 4-minute is a scary girl group. He shared that he usually doesn't use formalities when talking to girl groups except 4-minute which he finds scary. When MCs teased him, "Is it because you like Hyuna?". Kyuhyun admitted, "I think that could be the reason. I think it's 90% true," and caused laughter in the set.

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SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet to invade Philippines for 'K-pop Republic' in September

It has been confirmed that KPOP groups SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet are going to the Philippines on September for "Kpop Republic".

One of the event's organizer Ms. Happee revealed the great news on twitter on July 6.

She wrote,

What is Kpop Republic? Put 1 girl group + 2 boy groups. So it's Dal Shabet + Exo K + Shinee = Kpop Republic. Coming this September! #apir
— Happee Hour (@happeesy) July 6, 2013

Kpop Republic= Dal Shabet+Exo K+Shinee September 7 @TheBigDome Ticket prices: 12k, 10k, 7k, 6k, 4.5k, 3.5k, 1.2k Ticket release soon
— Happee Hour (@happeesy) July 6, 2013
According to the information released, "Kpop Republic" happens on September 7 at the Philippine's Big Dome (Smart Araneta Coliseum). SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet are confirmed for attendance.

Ticket prices as follows:
PHP 12,000
PHP 10,000
PHP  7,000
PHP  6,000
PHP  4,500
PHP  3,500
PHP  1,200

Purchasing of tickets will be announced soon. Check her twitter for more updates. Ms. Happee

Source: Ms. Happee's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

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SNSD reveals 'hilarious toothbrush video'

You wouldn't imagine how pretty girls of Girls Generation turned out to be so hilarious until you watch their latest 'toothbrush video'.

On July 5, Taeyeon uploaded a short video clip showing Hyoyeon, Yoona and herself brushing their teeth in a hilarious way. The girls seemed like having competition on who brushes fast among them showing their funny facial expressions.

Watch below:

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Preview for Ailee's comeback next week on MuCore!

Ailee is set to comeback next week on Music Core with her newest song "U & I". Aside form her strong vocals, she will also showcase her dancing skills on her comeback stage!

Here's the preview:

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After School's candid shots for Billboard Korea

After School members are recently featured in Billboard Korea.
The pictorial includes some candid shots taken during After School's intense pole dancing practice. You can see their hard work and dedication on their shots.

Check photos below:

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