EXO Chanyeol Says Age Doesn’t Matter to Him in Love, Even If It’s Yoon Yeo Jung

EXO Chanyeol Says Age Doesn’t Matter to Him in Love, Even If It’s Yoon Yeo Jung

EXO’s Chanyeol was recently faced with a question of love and age.

On the afternoon of March 11, a press conference was held in Gangnam for film “Salute D’Amour,” which stars actors , , , , Chanyeol, and others.

Yoon Yeo Jung was asked if she thinks age is important in love. She says yes, making her point by asking Chanyeol, “Could you love me?”

The young EXO member replies that he could, and starts explaining, although he trails off at the end: “In my opinion, with love, you can’t just look at age, so just as [Yoon Yeo Jung] loves me, I…”

Veteran actress Yoon Yeo Jung jokes, “My thoughts were too crude.”

“Salute D’Amour” is the first love story from director Kang Jae Kyu (“The Gingko Bed” – 1996; “Swiri” – 1999; “Taegukgi” – 2014) and features love stories of various generations. The film is set for premiere on April 9.

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[MV] GAIN(가인) - Paradise Lost

[MV] GAIN(가인) - Paradise Lost 
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1080p: download  (106 MB)
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BTS′ Rap Monster Reveals His Old Bowl Cut Hairstyle on ′The Wise Guys′

Rough and tough rapper Rap Monster unveiled an old ′model student′ photo from his school days, gathering much laughter for its stark contrast.

TvN′s popular program The Wise Guys (formerly known as Sexy Brains - The Problematic Man) posted screen shots of the upcoming 3rd episode on March 12. The photos included an old picture of Rap Monster from his school days.

BTS′ Rap Monster Reveals His Old Bowl Cut Hairstyle on ′The Wise Guys′

Talking about past White Day memories, Rap Monster stated, "During my school days, I was a bit whatever." He then revealed his student photo. In the photo, Rap Monster donned a neat bowl cut hairstyle with glasses, appearing like a model student.

With the photo, the staff wrote, "He looks like he studies well."

As known, Rap Monster has an IQ of 148 and scored in the top 1 percentile for the prep test of the College Scholastic Ability Test when he was a sophomore in high school. He was also the class rep six or seven times. In eighth grade, his TOEIC scores were 850 points, and in ninth grade, 800 points.

The Wise Guys is a program in which six men carry on a conversation about high quality questions in their own unique way of thinking.

Other participants include Jun Hyun Moo, who aced the mass media examination, Ha Seok Jin, who attended an engineering university, Kim Ji Seok, who graduated from an elite prep school in England, Peppertone′s Lee Jang Won, a KAIST professor who had a perfect score on his college entrance exam, and Tyler, a Seoul National University student, fluent in six languages.

The program airs every Thursday at 11 p.m. KST.

Photo Credit: tvN

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D&E release BTS for Japanese single 'Saturday Night'

D&E are sure busy as they treat Japanese fans a behind-the-scene footage of their upcoming PV for 'Saturday Night', the title track off their new Japanese album 'Present'.

Aside from the off camera clips of the duo dancing, Super Junior Leeteuk will be making a cameo appearance and Kyuhyun came to support. Meanwhile, the new album will be released on March 11.

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[MV] 스텔라 (Stellar) - 멍청이 (Fool)

[MV] 스텔라 (Stellar) - 멍청이 (Fool)
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Shinhwa's Junjin signs with Enpino ; will be active as an actor

Shinhwa's Junjin will start his activities under a new agency.

A rep of Enpino announced on March 11th,"We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Shinhwa's Junjin. He not only shows his infinite potential as a singer but also a well-rounded entertainer with witty variety skills. We're very happy to sign a contract with him. The agency will do their best to support Junjin so that he could grow as a solo artist and an actor, including being active as a Shinhwa member".

Junjin is currently actively promoting with Shinhwa for their 12th album 'WE'.
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“We Got Married” Ep. 262 – Facing Fears & Final Farewells

“We Got Married” Ep. 262 – Facing Fears & Final Farewells

Although “” was full of laughs this week, it was more of a tearful episode for many fans because our wonderful MinYoung and JJongAh couples ended their virtual marriages. It was not only sad for the viewers, but also for the couples themselves. Every beginning has an ending and in the end, both couples were thankful and happy with the time spent with their partners. Next week, the will be paired up. But as of now, let’s have one final recap for the two couples we have all come to love and cherish. Just as a side note, our hilarious Eric Nam returned to the studio panel this week and I truly missed his presence! Get ready for a packed recap with awesome photos of the episode!

1) Jeju Island Love

js1 js2 js3

and took a trip to the beautiful island of Jeju Island (Jejudo). Jae Rim had mentioned when the two first met that he had this fantasy of going to Jeju Island and riding on his motorcycle with his girl. So he brought his motorcycle to the island to take her on a planned out course. Jae Rim seriously loves his motorcycle. He said just looking at his bike makes his heart race. They were riding the motorcycle, So Eun tightly holding on to Jae Rim’s waist, with the wind in their faces, and the ocean on their right. Jae Rim knew how stressed So Eun was, so he told her to scream and shout as much as she wanted to. And sure enough after the two shouted and screamed together and passed the ocean, she said she felt so relieved and free. In the interview, Jae Rim mentioned that he wanted to show her the ocean, scenery, and the freedom/leisure within that. He said the the fact that it was him, So Eun, and the bike together made him so happy. So Eun told Jae Rim, “It’s not that cold!” Jae Rim responded, “Do you know why you’re not cold? It’s because I’m blocking all the wind for you.” Their conversations are too funny! The light and the skies were on their side. They stopped to take some pictures together and with the bike. They looked absolutely amazing.

js4 js5 js6

They went off to have lunch. Jae Rim knows that So Eun only eats instant ramen once or twice a year and she already ate it once when they went to Turkey. But this ramen was a special kind because it was a fresh seafood ramen. While they were waiting for their food, Jae Rim asked questions about certain Jeju dialect phrases. He told her that if she got it right, he would use the Viking Coupon and ride it with her. And what do you know? She guessed the last phrase correct, so I guess he is facing his fears. We were just watching the two enjoy their food, taking in bite after bite of more ramen and more seafood. Jae Rim agreed to catch some abalone for So Eun so they decided to go into the water with the “haenyeo,” which are literally “sea women” and they are female divers in Jeju Island. Jae Rim loves the water, but So Eun is not the best in water so she was slightly nervous and hesitant about going in. They looked so cute in their scuba outfits! So Eun must really be afraid of the water because I think she was freaking out as much as Hong Jin Young was on the rollercoasters. They had an extremely hard time finding any abalone or any seafood for that matter. But Jae Rim continued to search the ocean to give abalone to his wife. Jae Rim became Ariel Song for the day! The sea women were generous enough to give them the seafood they caught, so all was good for the beautiful couple!

js7 js8 js10 js11 js12 js13

. It was interesting to see Jae Rim squirm and be nervous about riding this because we always see such a bold and manly side of him. Although he tried to keep a straight face, he was freaking out on the inside and it showed from time to time. As the ride started moving, he questioned whether there are any safety belts or railings to hold onto. So Eun wanted to hold their hands up together as the ride picked up, but Jae Rim was super hesitant. The ride started and you could see Jae Rim’s face just freeze, as if his whole body froze. So Eun was so excited and she kept trying to raise Jae Rim’s arms, but he wouldn’t budge. He just kept laughing awkwardly, while So Eun enjoyed the ride. So Eun was in heaven and it was like hell for Jae Rim, according to the show. They thought it was over, but the ride just kept going on and on, causing the both of them to get nauseous. So I guess we will find out next week if they ever get off of the ride!

js14 js15 js16

2) JJongAh’s Final Farewell

jy1 jy2

Although farewells are never easy and aren’t always happy, I really appreciate it when “” couples end on a happy note. Even though it’s an end for them on the show, the two are still going to be friends and connected because of the entertainment industry. The JJongAh couple ended this week and they did it in a very JJongAh appropriate way: lovable, cute, and playful. It was nice because as viewers, although it was sad to see them go, it was nice seeing them end in a positive and happy way.

jy3 jy4

and Yura shared precious and comfortable moments with one another after their adventurous date in Chuncheon. They cooked meat together, ate a ton of food, and played games like go-stop (Korean card game). They ended their night in the hot tub with champagne and a movie. But the two of them couldn’t focus on the movie, as they kept picking on each other and playing in the water with one another. It’s just fun to see them playing with one another, laughing, and having a good time with each other’s company.


They went back to their rooftop home on a rainy day to find that all of their furniture, except a few belongings had been moved out. They received the mission card that said their marriage has ended and that . They both read the words that they didn’t want to read. They were both in shock and couldn’t believe it. They didn’t know what to say to one another or what to do. They just sat there, talking and looking back on the memories they shared. They didn’t want it to end, so they even tried changing what was written on the mission card. I love how the two of them just sat next to each other and talked about their marriage and precious moments they had together. They looked through their pictures together and laughed while thinking about the past and how far they have come. They took their final selca photo together. There was a sweet photo montage of their couple moments together.

jy7 jy8 jy9 jy10 jy11jy12

They wrote letters on the objects they made for one another. Yura wrote on the portrait she drew of Jong Hyun and Jong Hyun wrote on the easel he built for her. They expressed their sincerity towards each other. I think both of them were extremely thankful and yet sorry towards one another in different ways. Jong Hyun was thankful and sorry to Yura because he knows that he is quiet and not as lively and bubbly as Yura. But he said that because she accepted him the way he was and dealt with his personality, he feels that his personality brightened and for that he was thankful. On the other hand, Yura was sorry that even though she knew his shy personality, she kept making him do more bubbly things. She was thankful that even though she is clumsy, he looked after her and took care of her like an older brother. They both expressed how thankful they were for one another and how their marriage will last as a wonderful memory.


Eric is just as sad to see them go…

jy14 jy15 jy16

After the segment, the screen went back to the studio audience. Hong Jin Young was sitting there with so many tears. Her face was all wet and swollen from crying and they asked her why she was so emotional. She said that she had seen and been with that couple from the beginning so it really made her emotional. I think it was also due to the fact that her marriage with ended as well and it was overwhelming to watch another couple depart as well.

jinyoung crying

3) Naughty Couple’s Tearful Ending

mj1 mj2

Min and Jin Young met at a wedding studio and when they met, the atmosphere was so different that it made me feel eerie while watching them together. Something was definitely off and it was because they both received mission cards, saying that their marriage ended. Min expressed that he thought it was the right time to end, not only did he have to continue with his acting career and try different genres, but he also felt that they were at their best stage in the relationship. He wanted to end it on a good note. As Jin Young wore her wedding dress and the curtain opened, the two just stared at one another, not saying anything. He was amazed at how beautiful she looked, but it was tense and almost emotional. The studio audience also noticed that it was the first time the two of them weren’t really saying that much. Jin Young was definitely not her bubbly self.

mj3 mj4 mj5 mj6

They enjoyed themselves as they did their couple shoot and they also did their individual photos as well. They had fun watching the other and telling each other what poses to do. They know exactly what makes the other look their best. Their pictures look amazing!


After the photoshoot, they walked around the place they first met and the place that they awkwardly held hands for the first time. They reminisced about their first meeting and they even went back to the theater where they shared their first meeting memories. They even re-enacted situations from their first dates as well. The couple believes that their role playing started from their first date at the theater. It’s like they ended in the same way and the same place they started their relationship. They held hands and even talked about their top moment as a couple, which was their . Jin Young said that every moment she had with Min stayed in her memory and stood out to her. She said that the moment she knew she could rely, depend, and trust Min was when they experienced military life together. She said, “The only person I can depend on is Namgoong Min.”mj8mj9mj10

All of a sudden, Min says that they should watch their video camera footage. They played back the wedding dress moment and their moments together outside and in the studio, but then all of a sudden, Min came out on the screen and was recording himself. Turns out, he filmed a video letter for his wife and it seemed like he was extremely nervous and was at a loss for words. Jin Young’s face lit up by just seeing his face. This was his final letter to her. He expressed how thankful he was to her for taking care of him and cherishing him. He told her that she will always be remembered as a beautiful wife. He also said that she was the perfect wife for him. He was getting really emotional and all the while, Jin Young is watching this in the studio and holding back her tears as well.

mj11 mj12 mj13

Jin Young went up to the stage and told her husband that she couldn’t express her gratitude towards Min in words. She recalled their first meeting, where Min sang to her on that same stage. So because she couldn’t express it in words, she told him that she would sing for him on that very stage. She sang the same song that he sang for her about a year ago, which was Sung Si Kyung‘s “You’ve Touched My Heart.” And this is the part where I started tearing up because it was such an emotional time for both of them. They just looked directly at each other and as Jin Young sang, Min sang with her and mouthed the lyrics with her. As she was singing, there was a montage of all of their precious moments together. They hugged afterwards and Min sang the song back to his lovely wife. He said in his interview that he doesn’t think that he will be able to treat anyone the way he treated Jin Young. In her interview, Jin Young said that he was the best husband and best friend. She said the biggest regret she had was not saying “thank you” when she was thankful and not saying “sorry” when she was sorry towards Min. She expressed how thankful she was for him this time though. They left the studio, holding hands and playfully bickering… This was the end for this couple. It was also Jin Young’s last day being on the studio panel, so she said her final thanks afterwards.

mj14 mj16 mj15 mj17 mj18 mj19

It has been a crazy, yet precious and fun journey for these two couples. I got emotional towards the end because they had spent so much time with one another, building bonds and relationships. I could feel their sincerity and thankfulness towards one another. They have all their memories to hold onto and both couples ended in a good way. Although it was hard seeing them go, I am still excited to see what our new couples will have in store for us!

Comment below and tell me what you thought about JJongAh and MinYoung’s final moments!

bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who kinda cried a lot when Jin Young sang to Min this week on “We Got Married.” She also enjoys K-POP STAR and is looking forward to iKON’s debut! You can follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment!

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