Seungri for Japanese Magazine Croissant!

BIG BANG's Seungri is being featured on another Japanese magazine called Croissant.

Seungri displayed his cool side in the pictures. Check out his photos below.

Stay tune for the translation of Seungri's part in this magazine.

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Hyunah is stronger this time

On the 17th, Hyunah will make her solo comeback and is expected to command attention with a stronger concept.

The singer who showed a cute and sweet image last year with 'Bubble Pop' will reveal a sexier charm this time. Although the details have yet to be fully revealed, the concept and tone are said to be more powerful.

An official representative of Cube Entertainment stated, "We are working hard to show you a more mature side compared to past promotions. You will be able to see that the general feeling will be a little bit stronger."

The music industry has been in a nervous state as it awaited Hyunah's specific comeback schedule. As Hyunah's provocative comebacks frequently become hot issues, this comeback is expected to become a hot topic of discussion once again. Also, the hot overseas reaction towards her appearance in Psy's 'Gangnam Style', which is reaching 500 million views, can easily be seen.

After the Hyunah's new title track was revealed to be called 'Ice Cream', there have already been heated debates over whether Hyunah's new concept would be as suggestive as her past solos. Her ability to raise controversy is no joke.

The title track of Hyunah's second mini album, 'Melting', is Hyunah's first collaboration with renowned composer Brave Brothers. Cube Entertainment's representatives explained, "The point of 'Ice Cream' is to show a sweet and sexy image by comparing hearts with ice cream, and depict the magical moment when ice cream, or our heart, melts."

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Happy Birthday to Secret's Hyosung @Secretimehs

Birth Name: Jun Hyo Sung
Stage Name: Hyosung
Birthday: October 13, 1989
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Blood Type: B

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Kim Hyung Jun warns to disrespectful juniors

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun recently made a warning to disrespectful rookies.

On October 11, Kim Hyung Jun tweeted, “Rookies of these days tend to avoid me because they don’t want to say hello to me. I was really upset today. Just don’t show up in front of me if you don’t want to greet.”

Kim Hyung Jun decided to make such a post to new musicians who don’t pay respect to their seniors at TV stations. Netizens commented, “I wonder who they are”, “Some people must have got surprised to see this”, “Respect is the priority wherever you are” and “Are they idol singers?”.

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U-Kiss’ Dongho is hospitalized with pleurisy

U-Kiss member Dongho has been sent to the hospital for pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest).

On October 12th, the group’s agency, NH Media stated, Dongho experienced pains on his way to work today. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with pleurisy. We’re evaluating whether he needs surgery.”

U-Kiss is currently busy with their promotions for 7th album ‘Stop Girl’, which was released last month, and working on their Japanese album. Dongho had also been working on his movie, ‘Don’t Cry Mommy.’

The agency added, Due to all the busy activities, the members except Dongho will follow their original plans. His health is the most important so we’ll be watching his progress after he goes through some treatment.”

Source: Star News

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Jang Geun Suk reveals his couple ring

Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk startled his fans when he revealed that he had recently gotten a couple ring.

On October 12th, Jang Geun Suk tweeted, “I got a couple ring!!”, and attached the photo of his new ring. The photo showed two hands wearing the same, shiny silver ring.

The star later uncovered that the other hand belonged to none other than Jang Geun Suk’s mother, much to the relief of his fans. Netizens commented, “He gave me quite a scare,”“ How very sweet of him,” “The ring’s really pretty” and more.

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AOA's Choa greets fans with piggy

AOA's main vocalist Choa updated AOA's official Twitter with a new photo.

AOA just performed the band version of their new song "Get Out" on KBS Music Bank earlier today,Choa said that to commemorate,she is posing with piggy as shown in the photo above.


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MR.MR releases dance practice video for “Who’s That Girl”

With the release of their very first single “Who’s That Girl” earlier this month, rookie idol group MR.MR has now released a dance practice video for their debut title song.

MR.MR (Mister Mister) is comprised by five manly members Jin, Changjae, Tei, Doyeon and Ryu. The group’s debut title track “Who’s That Girl” is the work top notch producer, who have also produced for artists like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

Check out the clip below.

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Celebrities cheers on Ailee’s comeback

Rookie singer Ailee will be making her return later this month with first mini album ‘Invitation’. In support for her comeback, various Korean celebrities sent out shoutouts for the singer.

Earlier today, Ailee also released the music video teaser for her upcoming title song, “I’ll Show You” featuring MBLAQ’s G.O. Making herself known through her exceptional vocal skills, she will release her first mini album on October 16th.

Watch the clip below:

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LUNAFLY releases “One More Step” practice video

Nega Network’s new 3-member group LUNAFLY has just released a practice video for “One More Step”.

Released via the group’s official Youtube channel, the video shows Sam, Teo and Yun having a practice jamming session with their track, “One More Step”.

LUNAFLY has been receiving much attention with their title track, “How Nice Would It Be.” The song was written by the members and Kim Eana, who also wrote hits like Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” and “Sixth Sense” and IU’s “Good Day” and “You & I”.

Watch the clip below!

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f(x)'s Victoria reveals stylish photos

 f(x)'s leader Victoria shares 2 new photos on her Me2day.

She mentioned that she was having a photoshoot and the photos were taken at the filming set.Like her fashion for the photoshoot?

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K.Will returns with “Please Don’t…” on ‘Music Bank’

Talented soloist K.Will finally made his comeback with new album after three years. On October 11th, he released his third studio album ‘K.will 3rd Album Part 1’ and will now embark on his promotion for title song, “Please Don’t…”.

“Please Don’t…” is a joint collaboration between K.Will and Kim Do Hoon, and will once again bring out the former’s perfect vocals. The singer also premiered his music video for the song yesterday to delight his fans as it also starred SISTAR’s Dasom and Seo In Guk.

Watch K.Will’s first comeback stage on this week’s ‘Music Bank’!

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AOA voices “Get Out” on ‘Music Bank’

After making their debut with “ELVIS” in the beginning of August, rookie girl group AOA is back with their second single ‘Wannabe’. The album’s title track, “Get Out” voices the girls’ warning to bad boys.

AOA is being labeled as a ‘transformer’ girl group as they both dance and play in a band. For its first week of promotions, only the band unit will be appearing onstage as AOA Black. The unit is made up of five members, Choa, Jimin, Youkyoung, Yuna and Mina.

“Get Out” was composed by Sei and written by Han Sungho. The new title track showcases AOA’s shocking sexy transformation and overflowing charisma.

Watch their performance below.

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"Bo Peep Bo Peep" certified gold in Japan

T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep" was certified gold by the RIAJ today after it sold over 100,000 PHYSICAL copies just over 12 months since being released. It was certified gold before for DIGITAL downloads already!

Congrats T-ara for this achievement !

cr: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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TVXQ Holds “Catch Me” Commemorative Cover Dance Contest

TVXQ will be holding a cover dance contest for their fans.

On 9 October, according to management agency SM Entertainment, there will be a cover dance contest to celebrate the release of TVXQ’s new song “Catch Me” on 24th of last month. The choreography of “Catch Me” is a vibrant dance that has also been called the “hulk dance.” This contest will have two categories, for choreography and vocals, and those who wish to participate should do a recording of their own dance and vocal cover of “catch me” in a video and enter this contest via

The results of this contest will be revealed on 7 November, and winners will be invited to the “TVXQ Live World Tour ~ Catch Me”, and could also win special presents such as signed TVXQ albums, handprinting and signed photographs.

Currently, TVXQ is gaining much popularity with their song “Catch Me.”

Source : [K Star News]
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Park Mujin practiced dancing with Lee Kikwang and danced better than 4minute’s Gayoon?

Birth of a very unique singer. He’s a trot singer who moves along with the idol’s system. Just like his song, titled ‘Different Different’, he has a very different style than others. It’s singer Park MuJin who comes with a cheerful personality. His special story with Cube Entertainment’s so-called 1st trainee was revealed.

Park MuJin who once worked as a performing secretary for Cube Entertainment’s (Cube, in short) representative Hong SeungSong, has revealed his dance-practice-relationship with Lee Kikwang when the company was first established.

Park MuJin revealed, “ I was with BEAST’s Lee Kikwang during (Kikwang’s) Cube’s-only-trainee days. I even practiced dancing with Lee Kikwang” and, “I even danced better than 4minute’s Gayoon back in the days,” he jokingly said.

He then followed with, “Lee Kikwang was a friend that practiced very much then. He was the trainee that we had the most expectation on”, as he recalls his days with Lee Kikwang.

Park MuJin also revealed an episode about him, “ During month-end evaluation, there was nobody but me to record his video then. I was actually having Enteritis, but held onto it and filmed for him. It started with practice at 8am, and ended at 3am the next day. As I watched, my greed grew, and kept on filming for Kikwang”.

Park MuJin who made his debut at the same time as BEAST’s promotions, commented, “I used the same room as BEAST on my debut day. BEAST members really had lots of energy. They prepared some jokes and even sang songs. It helped me to gain more strength. Thanks to a company that has lots of idols, I, too grew along with the idol system.”

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TVXQ poses with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung

TVXQ meets Hong Kong actress Cecilia on Gag Concert.

TVXQ unveiled photos taken at Gag Concert on 12th October through official website.

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung participated in the recording of Gag Concert on the 12 of October too.TVXQ released their 6th album "Catch Me" while Cecilia Cheung filmed movie "Dangerous Liaisons" with Jang Dong Gun recently.

Check out their photos taken at the show here

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T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together

T-ara's Dani and 5dolls Han Nayeon's cute selca has been revealed.

On October 13th, Core Contents Media revealed a picture of T-ara's Dani with 5dolls Hanna as they prepare together for T-ara's comeback and 5dolls comeback which are in early 2013.

The two girls have became close and developed an unnie-dongsaeng relationship since they both lived abroad for a long time and are taking both rap and dance lessons together.

Dani said, "I'm practicing hard for when I stand on stage with the T-ara unnies" while Nayeon said, "I hope there can be continued attention towards 5dolls until when we greet fans soon."

Meanwhile, Dani was introduced in T-ara's "Day by Day" and "Sexy Love" drama music video. She will bring a new fresh image to T-ara in 2013.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

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Psy named as 39th most influential man by AskMen

Singer Psy has been named as the 39th most influential man by the US digital magazine

According to’s ‘ Top 49 Most Influential Men’ ranking for the year 2012, Psy was ranked #39. The ranking was based from the votes of more than 500,000 readers along with the magazine’s staffs.

The article stated, “South Korean singer/songwriter/dancer/rapper Psy has taken the United States by storm. Over the past few months, this lovable import has been everywhere. His ‘Gangnam Style’ video has over 415 million YouTube views and sparked a major dance craze. Having recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the 2012 VMAs, Psy’s riding a tremendous wave of popularity. Hell, he’s even been spoofed by Saturday Night Live! If that’s not the ultimate acceptance into American pop culture, we don’t know what is.”

Meanwhile, the #1 most influential man was James Bond from the 007 film series while the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt took the #2 spot and former US president Bill Clinton was ranked #3.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong hits 1 million followers on Twitter + working on new song

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has reached 1 million followers on Twitter!

On October 10th, Jaejoong surpassed 1 million followers on his official Twitter account and many fans from all over the world sent their celebration messages. The hashtag #Jaejoong1Million trended on the Worldwide list, proving the singer’s global popularity.

In addition, Jaejoong told his fans that he is working on a new song. He tweeted, “I′m working with Flowsik! And now I’ve got 1 million followers!” and attached a photo of himself working in his studio.

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2AM’s “Erase All Our Memories” performance clip at recent fan meeting

On October 7th, 2AM held its second annual ‘2 O’ Clock Date’ fan meeting at AX-Korea where the members performed and held a wide variety of special events exclusively for its official fan club, IAM.

Earlier today, 2AM’s official Youtube channel released a clip of the group’s live performance of their track “Erase All Our Memories”, which showcased the members’ amazing vocals.

Watch the video below.

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Kim Jung Hoon releases remake album ‘My Story’

On October 12th, actor and singer Kim Jung Hoon released his remake album ‘My Story’ as well as the full music video for his title song, “Heart for Only One Person.”

His new arrangement is produced by Lee Hyun Seung, who is the composer behind Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” and Baek Ji Young’s “Don’t Forget.” The album also includes Shiingwa Chonjang’s “Thorn,” Eve’s “When You’re Like That,” Kim Won Joon’s “While You’re Not Here” and more.

Kim Jung Hoon commented, “I recently watched the drama ‘Respond 1997’ and saw myself in it, because the drama is based on the period of my childhood. So I want to make people feel the same nostalgia through songs from that time.”

Check out the tracks below.

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Lee Jun Ki takes a nap during shooting

Lee Joon Ki recently tweeted a picture of himself sleeping on set.

On October 11th, Lee Jun Ki uploaded the photo above on his Twitter and wrote “If I ever get a chance to sleep even for 1 minute and 1 second, let’s take the chance.”

In the photo, Lee Jun Ki can be seen dressed in garments as Eun Ho from ‘Arang and the Magistrate’. As the plot is heading to the climax, the actor also seemed to be very exhausted, and many fans are showing worries for him.

Netizens commented, “He must be very tired”, “I feel so sorry for him”, “Looks quite uncomfortable”, and “The end is nearing!”

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Stephanie releases practice video for “Game”

CSJH member Stephanie has returned as a solo artist after being away for five long years. Earlier this month, she released the music video for “GAME” which is the title track for debut solo single album ‘The New Beginning’.

The singer recently revealed her practice video for her new song, “GAME”. Performing in the famous blue sky practice room of SM Entertainment, she showcased her toned figure and her impressive dancing skills.

Watch her performance below.

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HOMME releases “Words I Can’t Hear” for ‘Five Fingers’ OST

Project group, HOMME, which consists of 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun, is back once again with a new single “Words I Can’t Hear”. The single, which was released on October 12th, is included in the Part 2 of SBS ‘Five Fingers’ OST album.

“Words I Can’t Hear” is composed by Jerry.L from ITOMY MUSIC and showcases HOMME’s ability in harmonizing and bringing the songs to life with their perfect and superb vocals.

Check out the MV below.

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Ailee releases MV teaser for “I’ll Show You” ft. MBLAQ’s G.O

Following the teaser photos released earlier, Ailee has now released the music video teaser for her upcoming title song, “I’ll Show You” featuring MBLAQ’s G.O.

Ailee, who made herself known through her exceptional vocal skills, is making a comeback later this month with first mini album ‘Invitation’. The mini album will be released on October 16th.

Check out the teaser below!

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Upcoming group TimeZ releases MV teaser for member Tian Yi Chen

Chinese-Korean rookie group, TimeZ, is gearing to make a name on the K-pop scene. Ahead of their official debut on October 18th, the group has begun releasing individual member teasers simultaneously in both Korea and China.

Consisting of 6 members [four Chinese and two Korean], TimeZ was created two years ago and carefully planned through the joint effort by South Korea’s CJ E&M and China’s renowned SuperJet Entertainment.

Starting off the teasers with members Mao Ruo Yi, Liu Guan Xi, Kim Seong Hwan and Lee Hyeong Joo, TimeZ has now revealed the music video teaser for Chinese member Tian Yi Chen.

Check out the teaser below.

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Epik High releases album jacket photo for 7th album

Just a few days away from their 7th full album’s release, Epik High revealed their album jacket photo, to further raise up the anticipation.

On October 12th, YG Entertainment released new photo featuring the three members standing proudly against the graffiti-tagged wall that reads “Epik High”.

Epik High recently pre-released the track “It’s Cold“ featuring K-Pop Star’s Lee Hi. The song immediately achieved an ‘all-kill’ status, topping all major online music charts.

The 7th full album will be released on October 19.

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RaNia's T-ae & Xia dance to Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

RaNia's T-ae uploaded the practice video of member Xia and herself dancing to Lady Gaga's hit song "Telephone".

Fans were totally impressed with their hotness and amazing dancing ability,check out their dance practice video below

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f(x)'s Victoria is on a vacation

f(x)'s leader Victoria is back with some new selcas.

She posted the photos above on her Me2day on 11th October with a message,""Hehe This is just.. I just want to share my fun with all of you~~~♥^^".

She is seen posing with some tropical fruits in the photos,fans praised her beauty and mentioned that she still looks pretty without much make-up.

What do you think?

Photo Source: Victoria's Me2day
Translation: Spiceshoe @ Iheartfx

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GaIn releases pole dance practice clip

GaIn practices poll dance in the video below,fans were totally impressed with her dancing ability.

Check out her practice clip below

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Who’s Who in A.O.A’s “Get Out”?

FNC’s rookie girl group, AOA, is back with “Get Out“!  In the video, each girl plays a fierce female character from popular movies.  Did you catch all the references?  Check them out below!

Chanmi as Hermione from ‘Harry Potter‘:

ChoA as Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde‘:

Hyejeong as The Bride (Beatrix Kiddo/Black Mamba) from ‘Kill Bill

Jimin as Mathilda from ‘The Professional

Mina as Holly Golightly from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Seolhyun as Juliet from ‘Romeo and Juliet

Youkyung as Leeloo from ‘The Fifth Element

Yuna as Lara Croft from ‘Tomb Raider

Which was your favorite costume/character?  Let us know in the comments!

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Idols who are successful in their diet

Which idols are successful with their diet?

Recently, a post on online community surfaced. With a title, “Idols successful in diet”, a few pictures were uploaded, and hence has becoming a hot topic.

The pictures that were revealed compared male idols’ graduation and present pictures.

The publisher wrote about BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon, “Although he looked like someone who plays computer games a lot, now he has changed with a much manlier style.”

Others who made into the list include Big Bang’s TOP and B.A.P’s HimChan

Netizens who saw these few successful idols have commented, “Their will to diet is really amazing”, “TOP is really a legend”, “Cute even when chubby” and many more responses.

Meanwhile, female idols who are included in the list are Wonder Girl’s YuBin, After School’s UEE, Secret’s Zinger, SNSD’s Taeyeon and more.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: Hankyung

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BEAST's Kikwang,Doojoon & Yoseob with a cool selca

Group BEAST’s member Lee Kikwang has revealed his recent situation.

Lee Kikwang wrote on twitter on the afternoon of the 10th, “Japan’s weather is good. And so, we took half-a-BEAST selca which has been awhile”, together with a picture.

In the revealed picture, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang were smiling as they looked into the camera. In particularly, Lee Kikwang who was wearing a pair of spectacles, had attracted attention with this rare image of his.

Netizens who saw this commented, “When will the other half be revealed?”, “It seems like they’ve been doing well”, “Among them, Yang Yoseob’s face is really small” and many more responses.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kikwang who had started his MC activities with KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’ since 2010 has finally left the show on the 8th due to BEAST’s busy schedule which includes their Japan tour and more.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Star News

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BTOB IlHoon captures fans heart with "Biting Rose" pose

Group BTOB’s IlHoon revealed a picture that targets females’ hearts.

On the afternoon of the 8th, IlHoon wrote on BTOB official twitter, “A long while since my very own Behind Story”, attaching along with a picture.

In the picture, IlHoon was seen biting a rose, while looking into the camera with his charismatic expression. In particular, his tall hairstyle unlike his usual hairstyle on stage, has attracted attention.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “BTOB who have onion-like charms”, “I want to be that rose” and many more responses.

Meanwhile, BTOB is currently promoting their title track, ‘WOW’

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: Osen

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Jinyoung, CNU and Sandeul's messages for Taiwanese fans!

(To. Taiwan BANA~♥.♥
Taiwan BANA, everyone~!! I miss you a lot
We~ will meet soon~.~♥.♥ 2012.9.3)
Main Vocal: SANDEUL

Birth name: Lee Junghwan (이정환)
Birthday:20 March 1992
Horoscope: Pisces
Birthplace:Gyeongsangnam, Busan
Height:178 cm
Weight:62 kg
Blood type:A 
Family members: Father, Mother, Noona, Me
Animal representation: Platypus, Duck
Nickname: Luffy, Dull-witted SANDEUL, Ditto
Pet phrase: 就是說啊 (That’s what I said)
Interests: Listening to music, Photography
Specialty: Singing
Instrument that you can play: Piano
Motto: Don’t regret
Favorite B1A4 song: Because of you 
Favorite nickname: Jeon Pan-i (Similar sound to his real name, Junghwan)
Personality trait: Lively and kind
Strength: Cheerful
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Beef
Favorite foreign artist: Adrien Brody
Favorite item: Camera
Favorite sport: Skateboarding
Ideal type: A girl who will make my heart skip a beat after capturing my heart?? Haha
Something you must do before going to bed: Drink water
Way to release stress: Listen to music
Essential item in bag: Glasses
The type of guys that you think is the most handsome: Romantic guys
A habit you want to get rid of: Wrinkling my nose
3 wishes that you hope to fulfill:
(1)Become a fashionista
(2)B1A4 to become the best singer
(3)Learn musical instruments
2012 Mnet [Sesame Player] Season 3
2012 Musical [Brothers Were Brave]
2012 KBS [Hello Baby] Season 6

To. Taiwan BANA ♡
Please give us lots of love!!
Sub Vocal, Rapper : CNU

Birth name: Shin Dongwoo (신동우)
Birthday:16 June 1991
Horoscope : Gemini
Birthplace:Chungbuk, Chungju
Height:182 cm
Weight:64 kg
Blood type:A 
Family members : Father, Mother, Noona, Me, 亮晶晶/Sparkling (Dog)
Animal representation : Bear
Nickname : Bear, CNU mama, CNU noona, Don’t get in the way, etc.
Pet phrase : 以我的情況來說~ (From my situation)
Interests: Listening to music, Basketball
Specialty: Writing lyrics, Taekwondo
Instrument that you can play: Piano
Motto: Don’t rationalize the situation
Favorite B1A4 song: Because of you, OLBT 
Favorite nickname: Bear CNU
Personality trait: Sentimental
Strength: Working hard to live freely
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Pork, Spicy Rice Cake
Favorite foreign artist: Chris Brown
Favorite item: Handkerchief
Favorite sport: Taekwondo, Basketball, Soccer
Ideal type: A girl who is able to tolerate me, broad-minded like a mother, love to smile and kind hearted
Something you must do before going to bed: Organize and think about things that have happened for the day
Way to release stress: Don’t do anything at all, don’t think about anything, be stationary
Essential item in bag: MP3, Earphone, Notebook for lyrics, Small bag (which contains glasses, contact lenses, eye mask, etc.)
The type of guys that you think is the most handsome: Calm guys
A habit you want to get rid of: Stubbornness
3 wishes that you hope to fulfill:
(1)Become an artist who is recognized by everyone
(2)Become an artist who is always loved
(3)Become a reliable head of the household

2012 Mnet [Sesame Player] Season 3
2012 KBS [I Need A Fairy]
2012 KBS [Hello Baby] Season 6

To Taiwan BANA
B1A4 Super Hits Asian Edition
Miss you
Please look forward~
I love you
Leader: Jinyoung

Birth name: Jung Jinyoung (정진영)
Birthday:18 November 1991
Horoscope: Scorpio
Birthplace:Chungbuk, Cheongju
Height:178 cm
Weight:59 kg
Interests: Listening to music
Blood type:A 
Animal representation: Fox
Nickname: Fox, Grandfather
Pet phrase: 我就是這樣 (This is the way I am)
Family members: Father, Mother, Noona, Me
Favorite B1A4 song: Because of you 
Specialty: Writing lyrics, Composing
Instrument that you can play: Guitar
Motto: Live modestly
Favorite nickname: Older brother 
Personality trait: Carefree
Strength: Positive
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Beef
Favorite foreign artist: Black Eyed Peas
Favorite item: Laptop
Favorite sport: Boxing
Ideal type: A girl who knows how to respect her elders, virtuous and feminine
Something you must do before going to bed: Listen to music
Way to release stress: Turn on an upbeat song to the loudest
Essential item in bag: Notebook for lyrics
The type of guys that you think is the most handsome: A guy who knows how to give in to a girl and considerate
A habit you want to get rid of: None
3 wishes that you hope to fulfill:
(1)B1A4 to become a group that is well loved by everyone
(2)Compose songs which gives hope to people
(3)World peace
2007 KBS [My Mom Super Mom] Guest appearance
2008 MBC [Police Chosun] Guest appearance
2012 Mnet [Sesame Player] Season 3
2012 MBC Drama [The Thousandth Man]
2012 KBS [Hello Baby] Season 6

Source: Warner Music Taiwan Facebook
Chinese trans: thesproutboys@tumblr

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net