Song Ji Hyo Says She Would Choose Neither ‘Oh Chang Min’ Nor ‘Chief Gook’

After receiving positive feedback for her realistic action on tvN’s Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo revealed her graceful photoshoot with fashion magazine Grazia.

Grazia recently held a photoshoot in collaboration with French premium casual brand LACOSTE and Song Ji Hyo posed for the photoshoot with a resort in Bali set as the background.

Song Ji Hyo Says She Would Choose Neither ‘Oh Chang Min’ Nor ‘Chief Gook’

Showing off chic and sexy charms, Song Ji Hyo gave off positive and healthy energy throughout the photoshoot.

One staff said, “Even with just simple basic items, she shone with natural beauty.”

An affiliate of LACOSTE also said, “We were moved to admiration by Song Ji Hyo’s positive and bright mindset, sexiness and refined beauty.”

In an interview that took place after the photoshoot, Song Ji Hyo said, “I cried so much, for the first time in over ten years, on the last day of filming Emergency Couple. If I were in the same situation as the drama, I would choose neither ‘Oh Chang Min’ nor ‘Chief Gook’ and go down a new path.”

Photo credit: Grazia

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A Pink Looking to Expand to Overseas Market, Receives Lovecalls From Japan

A Pink Looking to Expand to Overseas Market, Receives Lovecalls From Japan

After sweeping the music program charts with their latest hit “Mr. Chu,” A Pink is looking to enter foreign markets. They will start their new global journey in Japan.

A Pink is planning to continue their promotions of “Mr. Chu” for two to three more weeks. After, they will start planning for their Japanese activities. Critics have initially commented on how A Pink would work well in the Japanese market with their cute and innocent image.

A Pink’s agency A Cube Entertainment has already carried out successful fan meetings in Japan. The positive reactions from Japan are also adding onto the excitement of A Pink’s future ventures in Japan.

Representative of A Pink has stated that “as soon as domestic promotions are complete, A Pink will focus on Japanese activities.”

Previously, A Pink has won number one on all four major music programs “Mnet M! Countdown“, “KBS Music Bank,” “MBC Music Core,” and “SBS Inkigayo.” They also came in first on Taiwan’s 5music weekly album sale chart in April, without any promotions in Taiwan.

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“Roommate” Reveals New Photos of the Unique Roommates

“Roommate” Reveals New Photos of the Unique Roommates

Last week, SBS‘ “Roommate” broadcasted its first episode, introducing to the viewers the different and versatile roommates. Yet, recently released photos showed that such different roommates may have gotten along more than expected. 


The photo of actor Lee Dong Wook and comedian Jo Se Ho showed the two unlikely roommates casually posing for the camera. Although working in different fields of entertainment, the actor’s and comedian’s comfortable pose displayed their growing friendship.


EXO‘s Chanyeol and actor Shin Sung Woo may have bonded through their interest in music! The photo showed the two roommates’ energy posing with a guitar and a ukelele. Despite the age difference, it was revealed earlier that the two had bonded so well that age was not a factor in their growing friendship. 


2Ne1‘s Park Bom, boxer Song Ga Yeon, and super model Lee So Ra showed their stylish appearances through their model-like poses. Although in the first broadcast Song Ga Yeon seemed to struggle in befriending her older roommates, the new photo foreshadowed how these three ladies will be able to grow closer through their unique lifestyles.


Known as the flower boys bedroom, actors Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Woo posed together on their bunk beds. The youthful and handsome room initially drew attention from the other housemates as the two actors brightened up the house with their charms and manners. Furthermore, due to their ability to relate as actors, the two flower boys seemed to get along from the get go. 

nana hong soo hyun

Orange Caramel‘s Nana and actress Hong Soo Hyun were not shy to show their no-makeup faces on the first episode of “Roommate,” conveying how the two ladies were similar in their outgoing personalities. While one roommate may be on music shows while the other may be reading drama scripts, the singer and actress showed their closeness through their warm pose. 

Curious to see whether the other housemates will get along? Catch a new episode of SBS’ “Roommate” on Sundays at 4:20 PM (KST).

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Shinhwa’s Eric Bought Lee Min Woo a Good Knife and an Ax to take to the Jungle

Showing the ultimate form of bromance, Shinhwa’s Eric presented knives and axes for protection to Lee Min Woo as he went to the jungle.

On May 9, Lee Min Woo participated in the press conference for SBS’ The Laws of the Jungle in Brazil, where he shared what his fellow member, Eric, said about going.

Shinhwa’s Eric Bought Lee Min Woo a Good Knife and an Ax to take to the Jungle

“At first, he was like, ‘You’re not really going, right?’ But when I said I was, he told me to have a safe trip,” said Lee Min Woo. He also added that Eric was the member who worried about him the most.

“He told me that when I get there, [Kim] Byung Man hyung will have a nice knife and said I needed a good knife too, so he bought me one. He also bought me an ax and binoculars,” said Lee Min Woo. “When Eric bought me these things, I felt like he was trying to send me away to the jungle.”

Lee Min Woo then said Eric wanted the items back so he can use them when he goes hiking.

“It would have been nice if the members all went together. They asked how it was after I came back. They were all interested in bugs, and asked about the food,” said Lee Min Woo. “I recommend Eric to go next. I’ll buy him tools then.”

The Laws of the Jungle in Brazil with Lee Min Woo, announcer Bae Sung Jae, Bong Tae Gyu, Oh Jong Hyuk, SHINee’s Onew, Super Junior’s Kangin, and VIXX’s Hyuk, Ye Ji Won, and Kim Byung Man, will broadcast on May 9.

Photo Credit: Shinhwa Company

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Song Ji Hyo Looks Breathtaking for Fashion Magazine “GRAZIA”

Song Ji Hyo Looks Breathtaking for Fashion Magazine “GRAZIA”

Actress Song Ji Hyo posed for the fashion magazine “GRAZIA” and the concept of the pictorial was “chic summer.”  Wearing several clothes from the French clothing brand Lacoste, the actress looked breathtaking with her electrifying red hair.

The actress recently ended shooting her tvN drama “Emergency Couple” that she starred alongside Choi Jin Hyuk. During the interview that issued following the pictorial shooting, she said, “When I cried after our last filming scene, it was the first time in almost a decade that I cried over the end of a production. As for my character, personally, I would neither choose Oh Chang Min nor Gook Chief. I would find a new way.”

More of Song Ji Hyo’s interview can be seen through the recent issue of GRAZIA.

Song Ji Hyo for Grazia 3 Song Ji Hyo for Grazia Song Ji Hyo for Grazia2

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Adobe launch voice storyteller features in ipad

Now adobe bring a new feature for ipad user, add with motion graphics, animated video clip and HD output without having any special skill or training to design it in new form. Adobe now replaced the power point presentation alignment; a user can easily design their own sheet in the power point format and send it to their closer with both audio and video element on it. The main concern of Adobe is to target students, educator and businesses because they need to build their message in flawless artistic look.

It assembled to persuade your receiver with marvelous foundation of motion graphic and video’s effect to inform viewers.

Adobe Voice

Main concern of adobe:


Though the final story is output in video format, Voice does not work with video per se; rather presentations are a mix of stills, schematics, text, recorded voice and background audio tracks. You touch the screen to record voiceovers one line at a time with background music automatically added.(Read Also:- The Best 7 iOS Apps from April)

One user’s statement that he or she got a chance to operate this app to record motion clip prior on launched; and I found that it is as friendly as promised earlier by the team. The app accomplishes the curate video feed to offer; the programming keeps a user steps with ease to design their first presentation and message.

Adobe launches Voice for iPad

Voice feature keep a user own artist and provide them an arena for story arc to create a strong and an impressive message art. When a person draws an individual page means each page has the feature of voice recording to explain what page want to tell you. You can create some picture galleries within each page otherwise take it from your own collection; adobe itself provide licensed picture to its user if does not have any gallery. Play button provide you an opportunity to see a page anytime.

Adobe Layout

World class feature include in adobe voice storyteller app:


  • Built in 30 pleasing and outstanding theme

  • Eye catchy color, font and graphics are tied with 30 professional back tracks.

  • There’s a theme for almost any kind of presentation from the bold colors of Argyle to the casual style of Light or the subtle and sophisticated Satin.

  • Voice dynamically applies cinematic graphics to stories in real time, including motion blur, 3D, shadows and other professional effects.

  • More than 25000 professionally built icons and million licensed icons are available with it.

  • Adobe Voice, which is in English only, works on ipad 2 and later running ios 7.

Adobe Voice Note

User needs not to worry how it will look; it solely frees them from this concentration. The credit and attribution page automatically update with each pages, so the icons is adorable or not. It will remove extra worry how to add proper credit or art on right presentation.

Adobe says.


“While Voice is primarily designed as a standalone app for storytelling, pro designers can also use it as a sketchbook for structuring professional projects”

When your project will have completed then you can forward it via social networking site and it could be viewed on almost any device.

BEG′s Gain and Joo Ji Hoon Admit to Dating

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and actor Joo Ji Hoon are currently dating.

Having been acquainted with each other for a while, the two started dating when Joo Ji Hoon recently appeared in Gain’s music video.

Gain’s agency Apop Entertainment spoke with enews on May 9 and said, “It’s true that Gain is dating Joo Ji Hoon. They have been dating for about a month.”

The agency rep added, “They have known each other for a long time but became a couple about a month ago.”

BEG′s Gain and Joo Ji Hoon Admit to Dating

Joo Ji Hoon’s agency KeyEast Entertainment also admitted, “Joo Ji Hoon is currently dating Gain.”

However, both agencies expressed that they were hesitant to announce their relationship due to the nation’s current state of mourning for the victims of sunken ferry.

Photo credit: A Pop and KeyEast Entertainment

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Ga In’s Agency Confirms Brown Eyed Girls Star Is Dating Actor Joo Ji Hoon

Ga In’s Agency Confirms Brown Eyed Girls Star Is Dating Actor Joo Ji Hoon

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In and actor Joo Ji Hoon are officially a couple, according to APOP Entertainment, the singer’s agency. Rumors had been circulating about a possible romantic link between the two stars since Joo Ji Hoon starred in the video for  from the mini-album “Truth or Dare” earlier this year. 

The actor had never appeared in a music video before, and his sudden cameo sparked great curiosity among fans of both stars. Indeed, some of the scenes in the video were particularly steamy, leading some to speculate that the chemistry between the two was not purely fictional. 

According to Gain’s media representative, quoted in a story reported by MyDaily, the pair have been close friends for some time, but a romantic bond has formed between them “in the past one or two months.”

The representative explained that the reason that the news was not released sooner was that the couple felt the time was not right. The spokesperson said, “With so many people still grieving the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster, we didn’t want to make an announcement of this sort. It’s a very personal matter.” 

Yonhap News also reported that spokesperson from the agency had said, “They started to get to know each other a lot better after the music video was shot. They became very close and eventually started dating.”

Source ,,

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g.o.d.’s ‘Ugly Duckling’ Ranks No. 1 on Real Time Charts Within One Hour

Bringing back memories, g.o.d.’s Ugly Duckling ranked number one on the real charts of all eight music sites within one hour of its release.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, group g.o.d. released a new ballad song Ugly Duckling on May 8 at noon (KST).

Ugly Duckling is a song written by hit maker Duble Sidekick, featuring g.o.d.’s signature ballad style of music.

g.o.d.’s ‘Ugly Duckling’ Ranks No. 1 on Real Time Charts Within One Hour

g.o.d.’s ‘Ugly Duckling’ Ranks No. 1 on Real Time Charts Within One Hour

Combining a slow tempo beat with sentimental narration and melody, the lyrics make a sad analogy between a lost ‘ugly duckling’ and a man suffering from a painful heart.

g.o.d.’s Ugly Duckling topped the real time charts on MelOn, Mnet Music, Olleh Music, Soribada, Bugs, Genie, Monkey3 and Naver Music within one hour of its release, proving the group’s undying popularity.

g.o.d. will be donating all proceeds earned from Ugly Duckling to the victims of Sewol ferry to take part in expressing their condolences.

Photo credit: Sidus, Olive TV

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Henry Poses for Playful Summer Photo Shoot in Dazed and Confused

Henry Poses for Playful Summer Photo Shoot in Dazed and Confused

Super Junior‘s quirky genius Henry has recently posed for a playful and energetic summer photo shoot!

Henry is one of the biggest names in variety TV these days as the “icon of optimism” and exhibits his unique brightness and liveliness through this pictorial. Henry has been receiving much love through his “Real Men” appearances for his honest and quirky personality. 

Henry adds on trendy fashion sense and stylish poses to complete the photo shoot, shaking up the hearts of fans everywhere!

Pique polos, denim shirts and bermuda pants are some of the items from Lacoste that Henry models in this shoot. Henry perfectly pulls off a fun summer style that everyone can enjoy!

This photo shoot can be found in Dazed and Confused’s latest issue.

dazed and confused henry 4 dazed and confused henry 3 dazed and confused henry 1

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EXO Adds One More Concert Day Due to Requests from Fans

Currently ranking high on charts with its new mini album, EXO has added one more concert day for its EXO From EXO Planet #1 – The Lost Planet.

EXO Adds One More Concert Day Due to Requests from Fans

On May 8, SM Entertainment announced that an additional show will be added to EXO’s upcoming concert for May 23, making the concert take place on May 23, 24, and 25.

Ticketing began on April 16 with hundreds of fans rushing to the ticketing site and crashing its servers. Fans who were not able to purchase tickets began to send desperate requests to SM for an additional show, which SM eventually responded to.

EXO Adds One More Concert Day Due to Requests from Fans

The ticketing for the additional concert will be held on May 8 at 8PM through Gmarket.

Meanwhile, EXO-K will make its comeback stage with Overdose on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN on May 8.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

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Secret’s Hyosung Releases “Goodnight Kiss” MV Teaser for 1st Solo Album

Secret’s Hyosung Releases “Goodnight Kiss” MV Teaser for 1st Solo Album

Hyosung of girl group Secret has released the first music video teaser for title track “Goodnight Kiss” from her first solo album, “Top Secret.”

The mini album consists of three track: title track “Goodnight Kiss,” “You Don’t Know Women,” and “I Hate the Night.” The title song is garnering much interest, as it was composed by Duble Sidekick. “Goodnight Kiss” was also selected by the singer herself, according to her agency.

A representative from her agency, TS Entertainment, introduced the title track: “It is an impressive dance song with a catchy chorus. It will be an experimental crossover using ‘trap,’ which is a style of music trending in hip-hop. It will not be a monotonous composition, setting it apart from conventional dance songs.” The song “You Don’t Know Women,” featuring rapper J’Kyun is receiving attention as well.

Her agency also revealed, “With this album, Hyosung will be displaying a different side. She will show off her mature sensuality along with dazzling performances that cannot be compared and will prove that she is the one and only Hyosung. She will express her own distinct color and steadily show the growth and improvement of her abilities as an artist with this solo debut.”

“Top Secret” comes out May 12, and Hyosung will be holding a album release showcase on the same day.

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YG Entertainment Says Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo are Still Dating

Due to her busy schedules, Yoo In Na wasn’t able to see her boyfriend, Ji Hyun Woo get discharged from the army.

On May 6, YG Entertainment spoke with Newsen, saying, “Yoo In Na is currently fulfilling her schedules. Due to her busy schedules, she wasn’t able to see Ji Hyun Woo getting discharged.”

YG Entertainment Says Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo are Still Dating

“Yoo In Na returned yesterday (May 5) from China, where she was filming her movie. However, due to her radio program and other schedules, she wasn’t able to attend the event. The two are still dating,” said the YG Entertainment rep.

Attention was brought up when Ji Hyun Woo was discharged from the army on May 6, but Yoo In Na was not visible.

Meanwhile, Yoo In Na is currently filming the Chinese movie, Wedding Bible, performing a radio DJ for KBS Cool FM’s Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume, and hosting OnStyle’s Get It Beauty 2014 as an emcee.

Ji Hyun Woo has been cast in KBS’ Trot Lovers, which will broadcast in June.

Photo Credit: Newsen

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See, always told you: testing is just a waste of time

Automated testing has become something people don't speak about any more. It matured to being a standard in software development, everyone is and should be practicing. No more talks at conferences, only a few blog posts and online articles from now and then. That radically changed recently, again becoming a hotly debated topic, at least after some of @dhh's quite provocative posts and his RailsConf keynote.

I learned about automated testing, particularly unit testing, during my Bachelor studies at university. It was kind of awkward, initially, and we definitely wrote tests to fulfill the submission criteria of our lab projects. After years of practicing, more experience, a dozen of read articles, books, blog posts, I really started to love it. Especially after I felt the pain of having to refactor the codebase without any kind of regression tests in place: you cannot move, you want, but you cannot! A total nightmare, just blindly changing the code, hoping for the best. Stop doing this.

Today I mostly always write automated tests because

  • I got used to it

  • it makes me develop faster

  • it gives me the freedom to improve later; making it possible to quickly code, even a sub-optimal implementation now, because I know I'll be able to change, refactor and optimize it laster more easily

  • ...

Even when coding some quick experiments, I create some automated tests that proof my assumptions. Overkill? I don't think so. There are so many nice tools in place which execute your tests right after you save/compile your code. Would I be faster by writing and executing console.logstatements after each change? Hardly...

Whenever you are tempted to type something into a print statement or a debugger expression, write it as a test instead. Martin Fowler

I simply love the fast feedback I get by looking at the test run indicator while coding, without having to move my fingers from the keyboard to click through some UI for verifying that my code (still) works. Moreover, I build a regression suite: each additional tests I add gets executed after each modification to my code. I'm basically testing all of the scenarios (my and those potentially implemented by my collegues) from the beginning of my coding up to where I currently am, in milliseconds. Can you do the same with the debugger or console.log?? ;)

When I code JavaScript, I write automated tests! Of course, I don't even have a compiler there, everything happens/breaks at runtime. It's even more important than in statically typed, compiled languages. So, hell yes, I do create automated tests that are executed by Jenkins when I commit my feature to make sure I didn't break anything else.

Do I do TDD?

Hmm..I follow a test-first approach, I'd say, and I try to have a cycle like

  1. Implement the test

  2. See it fail

  3. Write code

  4. See test pass

  5. (...)

Admittedly it often slightly distorts to a "implement production code, gosh..this is going to be complicated..need a test, then comment production code out, write test, see it fail, then uncomment the code, see it still fail (?!), write some more production code, see it succeed" kind of workflow. But that's normal I guess.

What about Test Driven Design? You mean to let my architecture evolve blindly by the magic of TDD? Didn't succeed on that (I'd require a mentor here in case someone is interested ;)). I usually think about the architecture or a possible implementation of a feature already before I write the first line of code. This happens automatically. Do the tests influence/change/adapt that initially design during the implementation? Most often, yes. Furthermore, based on the gained experiences in writing lots of tests, my architecture evolved over the years to facilitate testing out of the box.

For me, the important thing to have is automation and fast feedback (which implies having automation in place). Then, I write all kind of tests, depending which on my needs. Automated JMeter tests that call my REST api after each deploy, integration tests going down starting from my frontend controller through the dependency injection framework, the business layer, data access till down to the DB. Unit tests on the other side for reusable components, for critical code, for situations where I wouldn't want to setup data in the DB to test a particular use case and where it's much easier and faster to simply provide some stubs.

The debate: Most unit testing is a waste

The testing debate started with a quite provocative article entitled "Why Most Unit Testing is Waste". In a 19 pages article James O Coplien outlines some issues he encountered while writing unit tests.

If you have the time, absolutely read it, but read the entire article and don't just draw (wrong) conclusions from the headline! Alternatively, Rodolfo Grave created a nice summary on his blog.

Coplien's résumé:

  • Keep regression tests around for up to a year — but most of those will be system-level tests rather than unit tests.

  • Keep unit tests that test key algorithms for which there is a broad, formal, independent oracle of correctness, and for which there is ascribable business value.

  • Except for the preceding case, if X has business value and you can test X with either a system test or a unit test, use a system test — context is everything.

  • Design a test with more care than you design the code.

  • Turn most unit tests into assertions.

  • Throw away tests that haven’t failed in a year.

  • Testing can’t replace good development: a high test failure rate suggests you should shorten development intervals, perhaps radically, and make sure your architecture and design regimens have teeth

  • If you find that individual functions being tested are trivial, double-check the way you incentivize developers’ performance. Rewarding coverage or other meaningless metrics can lead to rapid architecture decay.

  • Be humble about what tests can achieve. Tests don’t improve quality: developers do.

As already Rodolfo comments, other than the "throw tests away", I fully agree. IMHO, this article is written by a person who mastered writing automated tests.

A bit later, David Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh), creator of Ruby on Rails and founder & CTO ofBasecamp, entered the debate with his TDD is dead articles:

..followed by lots of discussions on HackerNews here and here and various ones on Twitter between Martin Fowler, Heinemeier, Uncle Bob Martin and Kent Beck.

Numerous blog posts and articles emerged from these dicussions. Here are some I was able to capture

Someone even started a #WhyITDD hashtag on Twitter.

To conclude: It seems to me that using good design principles that make your tests run faster is a noble goal. It also seems to me that decoupling from frameworks such as Rails, as your applications grow, is a wise action. I believe these things to be evidence that professionals, like Jim Weirich, are at work. Uncle Bob

See, always told you...

If you ever tried to convince/coach people in writing automated tests, then you know how damn hard it is. Personally I think it's nearly impossible. You can only give an initial hint on some techniques and then each dev needs to practice and experience it by himself. It's something that has quite a steep learning curve.

The main problem (I'm quite sick to hear about...) is that devs take those articles mentioned previously as a proof they were correct in not writing any tests in the past and future. This is total non-sense! If you read beyond the headline, none of them questions the creation of automated tests but rather

  • the TDD approach

  • unit tests vs. integration tests vs acceptance tests etc...

Make sure you understand what automated testing is about, what unit tests are, what TDD is all about etc. Fowler's collection of articles might be a good starting point.

Thoughtworks event: "Is TDD dead?"

Martin Fowler announced yesterday that ThoughtWorks will be hosting a debate between himself, Kent Beck and David Heinemeier Hansson about whether TDD is dead. You should absolutely participate at this hangout or watch the recorded session afterwards.

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Screens don’t have to melt our kids’ brains


Mat Honan’s Are Touchscreens Melting Your Kid’s Brain?1 set off the latest in what has become a recurring tech theme over the past few years:

I’m perpetually distracted, staring into my hand, ignoring the people around me. Hit Refresh and get a reward, monkey. Feed the media and it will nourish you with @replies and Likes until you’re hungry and bleary and up way too late alone in bed, locked in the feedback loop. What will my daughter’s loop look like? I’m afraid to find out.

This has been a difficult topic for me for a long time. In 2012 I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine called A Dad’s Plea To Developers Of iPad Apps For Children, in which I aired some of my frustrations with apps for kids. That piece brought out a lot of anger, including a comment that I’ll never forget:

Wow really? great parents here.. having a kid under 7 stare at a screen, really?? come on!! no kid under 7 should use an iPad for what?? play outside, play with your toys, your friends, read. People who have a 2yr old use an ipad/iphone, shouldn’t have kids in the first place! shame on you

I started writing a passionate reply, explaining our reasoning and the rules my wife and I have for screen time, but I ended up just dropping it. No one has ever changed their opinion based on a comment they read on a blog, so why bother.

Anyway, I digress. I tend to agree with Robert McGinley Myers’ response to Mat’s article. InScreens Aren’t Evil (which you should read in its entirety) he says:

But we need to get beyond worrying about whether “screens” are melting our kids’ brains. What we need to be conscious of is encouraging our kids, and ourselves, to engage in activities that enrich us. Sometimes that’s interacting with each other, sometimes that’s a hike in the forest, sometimes thats a great book, and sometimes that’s an incredible video game. It’s not the medium that matters, but what we take from it.

Now that’s a moderate stance I can get behind. Source :

Baek Ji Young Releases Music Video” Fervor” Featuring Scenes from Hyun Bin’s “The Fatal Encounter”

Baek Ji Young Releases Music Video” Fervor” Featuring Scenes from Hyun Bin’s “The Fatal Encounter”

The music video for Baek Ji Young’s latest single, “Fervor,” has been released, to tie in with the movie “The Fatal Encounter.” The movie, which stars Hyun Bin, has been a massive box office hit since it hit the big screen in Korea last week.

Baek Ji Young_Fireworks

The “Fervor” video features scenes from the movie, and will no doubt remind fans of the 2010 SBS drama, “Secret Garden,” where both Baek Ji Young and Hyun Bin contributed slightly different versions of the song “That Man/Woman” to the soundtrack. Baek Ji Young even made a brief screen cameo in one episode of the hit series.

This month is shaping up to be a busy one for Baek Ji Young. The singer is set to release a second new single on May 19th, entitled “Still Hot.” The new material is Baek Ji Young’s first since August last year, when she contributed the song “I’m Just Crying” to the soundtrack of KBS drama “Good Doctor.”

What do you think of Baek Ji Young’s new song? Check out the video below and let us know!

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Leslie M. Ficcaglia

Leslie M. Ficcaglia, a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists, has been an artist for as long as she can recall. As a child she carried a sketchbook with her and took every opportunity to draw the people and objects she encountered. Largely self-taught, she attended life classes at The Art Students’ League while a student at New York University and more recently studied landscape painting with Glenn Rudderow, of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, to learn oil techniques. This experience with landscapes is evident in the backgrounds she uses for her oil portraits. While she is proficient with more formal studies as well, her specialty is “Portraits in a Natural Setting” and she often depicts her subjects out-of-doors, in settings which are meaningful to them. Painting in her studio overlooking the Wild and Scenic Manumuskin River in rural Port Elizabeth, in southern New Jersey, Ficcaglia normally works from her own photographs. She finds that using photos as her reference material enables her to achieve fresher and more spontaneous facial expressions than would be possible if her subjects were asked to pose for long periods of time, and the warmth and sense of personality she is able to convey have become a trade- mark of her work.


    Ficcaglia’s choice of subject matter reflects both her background in psychology and her strong interest in the environment. Although she has only been doing figurative paintings since 1995 she has already developed a wide reputation for her work. Her portraits in oils have been featured in articles and photographs in local papers, the Press of Atlantic City, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and have been the subject of a radio interview, and her commissioned works hang in public and private settings in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Nevada, California and the south of France. Several years ago she was honored to be commissioned by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors to paint a portrait of Governor James McGreevey and his wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, and she now completes the annual Mayor of the Year portrait for that organization. Recently Ficcaglia has begun traveling to France, where she spends time with friends who live there and also explores the countryside. This has provided her with material for a series of mostly figurative paintings based on the people and places she has seen in the Southwest and in Paris.

Leslie Ficcaglia has long been interested in ecotourism as a means of protecting her area's resources. Her ecotourism brochure was distributed by her township and became the core for this web site. She served as a member of the Maurice River Township Planning Board for almost twenty years and as its chair for the last seven years of her tenure, and continues as vice-chairman of the Cumberland County Planning Board. She was active in the effort to obtain federal Wild and Scenic status for the Maurice River and its tributaries, working on the task force established for that purpose. In addition she is the Pinelands Commissioner for Cumberland County and a past trustee for the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions. She also sits on the county Tourism Council; serves as vice-chair for the township Environmental Committee; acts as trustee for Citizens United, a local watershed organization; is a member of the Delaware Bayshores Advisory Council of The Nature Conservancy; and chairs the board of the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts. Her biography is listed in Who's Who in America.

Professionally Mrs. Ficcaglia, a retired psychologist, is a portrait artist. She finds it especially satisfying to depict the people of the area against the background of the local landscape which she loves. Her commissioned oil paintings hang in public and private settings in a number of states.