Oh Yeon Seo discovers Lee Joon's ex?

Oh Yeon Seo, Visited MBLAQ’s Dorm and Discovered Former Girlfriend Photo?

Oh Yeon Seo visited MBLAQ’s dorm, Found Lee Joon’s ex-girlfriend’s picture
In the next episode of MBC “We Got Married” Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo went to MBLAQ’s dorm to take the luggage for moving into No.3 house of the WGM village.
Oh Yeon Seo who visited male idols’ dorm for the first time continuously showed her curious appearance, and to this Lee Joon set up a plan to scare her with his member Mir’s pet lizard.
Moreover, in the middle of looking around every corner, while Oh Yeon Seo could not hide her embarrassment after seeing all sorts of panties scattered here and there, it is rumored that she even found Lee Joon’s ex-girlfriend’s picture.
Broadcast is on the 22nd at 5:15PM evening.

SOURCE:  Nate News
TRANSLATION: mocha @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.

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GD&Sungha Jung remind you to watch Inkigayo!

G-Dragon and Sungha Jung reminds fan to watch their collaboration stage today at Inkigayo.
They posted messages on their twitter accounts saying,

G-Dragon posted a photo together with Sungha Jung and added, "I hope a lot of you will watch Inkigayo today "That XX" with Jung Sungha". While on Sungha's twitter, " I had happy time together with Jiyong hyung!!ㅜ I hope that everyone will watch today!!^^" and also posted a photo.

Don't forget to watch their stage! It's gonna be awesome for sure!

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

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Junsu's OST for ‘Nice Guy’ to be released on 26th

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has become a hot topic for participating in the OST of the KBS2 drama ‘A Nice Guy Found Nowhere on Earth’ with ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’.

Kim Junsu’s voice was revealed during the preview of the upcoming episode at the end of the fourth ‘Nice Guy’ episode. Though the singer’s name wasn’t included in the ending credits, viewers were easily able to identify Kim Junsu’s unique voice and began spreading the news that, ‘Kim Junsu is singing a song for the drama.’

Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu participated in the ‘Nice Guy’ OST with the song ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’. It will be released on various online music sites on the 26th. The song is a ballad that depicts a man who craves to be loved after losing the love of his life.”

Kim Junsu stated, “I sang as if I was a man crying out for love. I hope it and the drama will receive much love from the public his autumn.” Kim Junsu’s last OST for the SBS drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ became a big hit and his special edition OST CD for the musical ‘Elisabeth’ is topping charts.

A representative stated, “With some of the best vocal talent in Korea, Kim Junsu will help us create a OST for the drama of a very high quality. We’ve already been receiving a flood of questions about the OST.”
Meanwhile, ‘Nice Guy’ has become the most watched Wednesday-Thursday drama in only four episodes with 13.3% viewership ratings.

Source: [ TV Report]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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Will.I.Am confirms collaboration with 2NE1!

On #Willpower Album Wrap Up Party, Will.I.Am had an interview and confirmed the collaboration with 2NE1.

He said,

"2NE1, I'm really excited about the collaboration and I'm really proud of those girls.I'm honored to have them on my record.."

Watch the video below for his complete statement,

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Z8KyoaRucFY?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Aren't you guys excited?

Source: maximotv@YT
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What is TVXQ comeback's secret weapon?

The Secret Weapon Of TVXQ’s Comeback Is Their Special LED Equipment… ‘The Hulk Dance’

TVXQ, who will be making their latest comeback in one year and nine months, are preparing a secret weapon called the ‘Hulk dance’ with special LED equipment.
The group is planning to create a stage performance that transforms them into the Hulk by combining their arms with that of their dancers.
Fans caught a glimpse of the Hulk dance in the teaser video of TVXQ’s new song ‘Catch Me’ on the 21st. In the video, the members transformed into the Hulk and depicted dragons ascending to heaven by using special LED equipment.

A representative of their agency stated, “The choreography will be replicated exactly during TVXQ’s broadcasted performances,” and “A mind-blowing performance that only TVXQ could take on has been prepared.”
TVXQ will be releasing a video on the 22nd that combines various images of the members and a highlight medley of all eleven tracks from their new album ‘Catch Me’.
‘Catch Me’ will be released online on the 24th at noon and offline on the 26th.

Source: [ osen]
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Dara's first twitter selca, copying Minzy?

Dara finally posted a selca on her twitter.

From the selca she uploaded on September 22, Dara was trying to imitate Minzy's pouty selca but it turned out funny for people who saw it.

She mentioned Minzy on her twitter,

DARA: @mingkki21 Are you all curious as to the reason why Gong-tographer has to take my picture?!?
DARA: @mingkki21 Gongtographer taught me how to take a selca from the angle to the right expression! I copied at 100% and this is the outcome… ㅡㅡ;;; It seems selcas aren’t for me ㅠ.ㅠ Gongphotographer~ You’ll take pictures of me~ right?? I’m on my way to Gong studio now! ^^

Source: @krungy21 + @mingkki21
Translated by: @ygfan4life + Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

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Lim Jeong Hee sings for drama "Five Fingers"

Lim Jeong Hee sings for drama "Five Fingers",the title of her new song is "Don't Love Me",check out the emotional yet beautiful song below

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A Pink's members wish Yookyung Happy Birthday on Kakao Talk

The members of A Pink send their love to Yookyung through Kakao Talk,check out their birthday wishes below

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G Dragon's Infinity Challenge preview

G Dragon will make a special appearance in the latest episode of "Infinity Challenge",check out the preview below

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Jewelry, Dal Shabet & CHI CHI perform on Show Asian Star

Check out the performance from Jewelry,Dal Shabet and CHI CHI below.

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New boys 100% impressed with their live singing ability

New boys 100% impressed with their amazing singing ability.

The boys made their debut on Music Bank with "Bad Boy",check out the MR removed of their debut stage below,how many points do they deserve out of 10?

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Secret performs "Poison" on Love Request

Secret performs their latest song "Poison" on Love Request,check out their performance below

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FT Island Jonghoon's pouty selca!

On September 21, FT Island member Jonghoon posted a cute selca. In the picture he's turning his collar up to his neck and trying to do a pouty selca. He also updated fans with their activities.



Everyone, it’s been a really long time!!!

Huni is now
having album activities in Korea

All of you know the song “I wish”, right??

How is it..:’( ??

We will bring music over to you soon
so just wait for awhile!!

It’s thanks to everyone
that FTISLAND is always so happy!

Please do not forget us!


It’s Huni.. for now

Credit: Jonghun’s ameblo + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)

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Happy Birthday to SHINee's Key #HappyBirthdayToKey

Birth Name: Kim Ki Bum (김기범)
Stage Name: Key (키)
Nickname: The Almighty Key
Birthday: September 23, 1991
Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Height: 181 cm

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Singer Jang Yoon-jung Still Going Strong Decade After Debut


Jang Yoon-jung, who became a sensation when she embraced Korea's oldest pop genre, trot, a decade ago, will hold a concert next month at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Jang shot to prominence following her debut in 2003 because, at the time, it was rare for a young singer to adopt the genre associated with older people.

Observers say it is quite unprecedented for a young singer to perform at such a prestigious venue, which is known to be picky about choosing artists and performers. Until now, the venue has only granted the privilege to veteran singers and classical performers.

Jang said she felt "lonely" over the past decade due to the lack of competition in the declining genre. "If someone had been competing with me, I think the genre would have grown stronger," she said. "It's sad when someone disappears gradually from people’s memories without facing any challenge."

Jang experienced a major shock two months ago when her father suffered a stroke. "I heard the bad news just before I was due to perform a concert and I was barely able to hold back my tears while singing," she recalled.

"I was tormented by thoughts about what I was doing, but I knew that I had to keep my promise to my fans," she said. "But I cried after I got off the stage. I don't think I ever cried so much as that."

Jang is still in peak form, but the music industry has undergone radical changes since she debuted. "I am thankful that there is still a place for me at annual musical awards and other entertainment events," she said. "But the truth is that it has become increasingly difficult for singers to build long careers nowadays."

Source: English Chosun

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‘Cruel City’, the Movie ft. Girl’s Day Jihae To Release in October

Cruel City, originally titled Sound City will be releasing in October. Jihae plays the leading role in one of the 10 short stories in the movie. Jihae was able to work alongside these well known actors, Kim Suk Hoon, Seo Young Hee, Lee Ki Young, Jo Sung Ha, An Kil Kang, and Jang Aeri.

Check out some pictures of Jihae while filming below

source; movie.naver.com
thanks to Cur via girlsdaydaily

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Yoochun talks about solo and JYJ activities with Sina

Sina: How do you feel about coming to Shanghai for your solo stage? What is the difference between performing on your own and in a group?
Yoochun: I’ve just realized that it’s been a year and a half since I last came to Shanghai. I have been very busy in Korea and didn’t realize it’s been that long. My first thought is that ‘it’s really been a long time since I met with Chinese fans’. I knew that there were a lot of fans waiting for me at the airport and I would really like to greet the fans. However, because of security issues, I chose the VIP passage. I hope to have a nice chat with the fans during this fan meeting.
I feel greater pressure going on stage by myself than being with my members but other than being alone backstage, there isn’t much difference.
Sina: Now that there are more and more solo activities among the JYJ members, you should have been quite used to being alone without your members around?
Yoochun: Although there are more solo activities, we still filmed CF and participated in activities together. We would also go to the filming sites or performing venues to support each other. Since these are solo activities within a group, I have never felt alone. I have always felt close with my members.

  Sina: The recently ended ‘Roof Top Prince’ has earned you greater popularity and your acting has received praises. How would you score your performance in that drama? Why?
Yoochun: It’s hard to say. I think there will be few people that can grade their acting A+. In fact, when I was filming, I was happy and comfortable with myself and did not have much regrets. Therefore, I think that as long as I felt good, no matter how my acting was, I knew that I was comfortable with my performance in this work.
Sina: Both ‘Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal’ and ‘Roof Top Prince’ are historical dramas. What is the difference between the two performances? With your previous experience of ‘Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal’, did you think you were able to take charge of the work better? Which scene is the most unforgettable?
Yoochun: At first, I also thought that both dramas were historical dramas so I would be able to use what I have learned in Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal in Roof Top Prince. However, when I started filming, I realized that the two characters were completely different. Lee Sun Joon has to talk like a scholar while as Lee Gak was a crown prince who traveled to the modern days, his tone of speech is firmer and tougher. So other than historical dramas, the two characters have diverse personalities, similar to the complex characters in modern dramas. But it was indeed easier for me to adapt myself to the drama because of my previous experience. Hanbok seemed more comfortable. I felt more comfortable with hair buns and multilayered Hanboks.

Sina: From SKKS to RTP, the dramas you were in received a lot of attention and you are the most successful idol turned actor. What do you think of your acting career? From SKS to RTP, in what way have you improved?
Yoochun: The greatest improvement is my eyes and visions looking into the camera. Before, I used to look at only an eye of my fellow actor/actress in order to show the best looking angle of myself for the camera. As I went back and watched how I looked in SKS, I realized that my visions at that time were not stable. When a person expresses himself or herself wholehearted, he or she should be looking into both of the other’s eyes. I didn’t do this well in the previous works. I really hope that if I have the opportunity, I can continue acting and learn.


Sina: You have portrayed a scholar with stiff personality and also a hilarious noble prince. Which character are you more similar to in your real life?
Yoochun: They have different personalities so it is difficult to choose one. Um…both characters are those who cannot show their true hearts under pressure and this is very similar to my situation. As I am an entertainer, there are things that I can’t directly express or show.
Sina: Park Min Young, Lee Da Hae, Han Jin Min are among the most popular actresses in Korea. Are you stressed while acting with them? Whom do you feel most comfortable with? Can you use a sentence to describe the three of them?
Yoochun: I am about the same age as Min Young and I felt comfortable filming with her. But since SKS was my first TV drama, I did not have the energy to spare on how well or not I worked with her as I was nervous throughout all the scenes. When I was filming ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’ with sunbaes, Kim Seung-woo and Kang Hye Jung, I was also very nervous at the beginning. But they took great care of me and gave me a lot of help. I was really grateful to them. The one that I have the deepest impression is indeed RTP. We were able to work well with each other and had a lot of fun filming. I still feel amazed now. Han Jin Mee is about the same age with other actors so filming with her was comfortable and very pleasant so I have to say that I had the best connection with her. Although the filming schedules were really tight, she never complained and she took care of all the other actors.
Sina: Have you prepared anything special for the Chinese fans at this fan meeting?
Yoochun: I would talk with the fans about my stories and experience filming the dramas and I have also prepared activities to interact with the fans. I would also sing ‘That Song’ (a song that I like) for them, which I have sang for fans before. This time, I have particularly chosen this song for the Chinese fans.
Sina: What is your impression of the Chinese fans?
Yoochun: China is a big country. It is difficult for me to put the Chinese fans into a stereotype. But I think that they are passionate and energetic. It’s this passion that makes China the second place in this year’s Olympic (laughs).
Sina: Your brother, Park Yoo Hwan, has acted several characters. Will you discuss about the characters? You have less time seeing each other, don’t you?
Yoochun: I am gratified and proud of his success. My mother is especially happy for him too. Now that both of us are busy filming, we can’t go home very often. But she can see us acting in the TV and so, she is happy.

Sina: Is there anything that you would like to say to the Chinese fans?
Yoochun: It’s been a long time since I last visited China. I know that you have watched RTP on the internet. Although I’m not able to meet with you very often, I’m always thankful for your support. You have given me a lot of strength. I have prepared events and activities for this fan meeting. I hope that we can able to talk more and have an unforgettable time together.
Sina: Have you watched your friend, Kim Jae Joong, in ‘Dr. Jin’? What would you say about his acting?
Yoochun: Of course, I did. I was really surprised. This was his first historical drama but he was able to portray the character really well. When we met, we talked about the drama and I greatly praised his acting with his eyes and how he expressed his feelings.

  Sina: Junsu has good results in the field of musical. Do you give advice concerning the performances to each other when you meet in private?
Yoochun: I did go to see Junsu’ musical to support him. Rather than giving advice, I listened to his complaints and chatted with him.
Sina: It’s been a long time since your last release of an album. Do you have any plans of an album or concerts with them?
Yoochun: We haven’t decided yet but we are always preparing ourselves. Because the fans are looking forward to our albums, we would repay them with a very good album. Concert tours are also in discussion but there’s nothing confirmed yet.

Sina: Do you get together often in private? Discussing about work or?
Yoochun: It can’t be always about work, mostly about how we are doing recently. We’d ask about how we’ve been recently, play games together or chat online. Ha ha! Um…but as I can remember, we did spend a lot of time talking about work.
Sina: Other than the other two members in JYJ, who is your best celebrity friend?
Yoochun: Recently, I have been seeing Tae Sung Hyung a lot, whom I filmed RTP with. He is really kind and friendly.
[T/N: Only the interview part is translated. Other parts refer to his past in TVXQ, his career in singing, his career in acting, his relationship with his fellow members and also some of his words he said before to his fans (most of which we have read before).]

Source: SINA.cn
Translated By: Mandragore of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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Dara & Christian Bautista working on a possible duet

2NE1's Dara who's still a proud 'Krung-Krung' of Philippines recently exchanged tweets with a Pilipino singer Christian Baustista.

They are very fond of each other when Dara was still in Philippines. Dara already expressed that she wanted to collaborate with Christian and earlier today, Christian confirmed that his label already e-mailed Dara's about the collaboration.

Dara's favorite Christian's song is "The Way You Look at Me" and still calling him "Papa Christian".
Christian is a balladeer in Philippines and was a guest at 2NE1's concert in Manila last year. 

Source: Christian's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

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Rain's popularity will never end

With citizens in attendance, a military concert hosted by the 2nd Joint Military Operations for Daegu city's successful management of the 93 National Athletics Meeting, was held at the Daegu Culture&Art Center on the evening of the 18th.

During this concert, the military band and symphony orchestra belonging to the 2nd Joint Military Operations, the municipal choir, tenor "Lee Hyun", soprano "Kim Hye Kyung", soprano "Han Kyung Mi", and "Junng Ji Hoon"(singer Rain) & "Kang Chnag Mo"(KCM) belonging to the Defense Media Agency, put great performances.

In particular, corporal "Jung Ji Hoon" (Rain) showed off splendid performance and got his home and foreign who came from distant places screaming.

Credit to Daily Youngnam
English translation by 拳聪@rainlegend

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Who are today's Music Core MCs?

Well,the MCs for today's Music Core are none other than ZE:A's Kwanghee and Siwan as well as Secret's Sunhwa and Zinger.

Check out their MC cut below

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RaNia’s “Style” ranks high on music charts

Girl group RaNia has returned with “Style” and the song performed well on real-time music charts after its release on September 21st.

“Style” managed to clinch the #2 spot on MelOn’s music chart while the song is currently ranking high on other real time music charts.

RaNia has been getting much attention for their comeback as the music, music video, style and choreography for “Style” were all handled directly by Yang Hyun Suk with the help YG’s in-house producer Choi Pil Kang and Tablo.

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Psy’s “Gangnam Style” sets Guinness World Record

Psy has already achieved quite a lot with his globally popular music video for “Gangnam style”, and now he can add a Guinness World Record to that list.

On September 20th, Guinness announced that “Gangnam Style” music video, which first hit YouTube on July 15, 2012, has been “liked” in excess of 2,141,758 times, enough to hold the Guiness World Record for most “Liked”video in YouTube history.

The closest competitors for most liked video on YouTube include LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” (1,574,963 likes), Justin’s Bieber's “Baby” (1,327,147 likes) and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” (1,245,641 likes).

The Guinness World Records Community Manager, Dan Barrett, said, “Having been the ‘Have you seen this?!’ video of the last two months across the web, it’s great to be able to award a record for this tremendously popular video. In years past it was unthinkable that something  would be viewed a hundred million times, and now ‘Gangnam Style’ has achieved more than twice this figure in just 3 months on YouTube.”

Source: Guinness World Records

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IU feels pressured about her trademark ‘3-high note’

Singer IU confessed her honest feelings about her trademark ‘3-high note’, which grew famous during her performance of “Good Day”.

On September 20, IU appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’ with Park Gun Hyung, B2ST’s Lee KiKwang and No Sa Yeon. During the show, IU’s brain structure was revealed, and “3-high note” and “falling down” took the largest parts.

IU remarked, “I’m happy that the ‘3-high note’ made me famous. But wherever I go, people expect to hear it during my shows, so I feel a lot of pressure about it.”

Fortunately, her voice has never broken during her ‘3-high note’ performances, but IU surprised everyone by revealing that she felt that she’ll be tied to it forever.

Source: StarN News

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Goo Hara’s older brother reveals his favorite KARA member

MBC’s ‘God of Victory’ recently visited a military base with girl groups KARA and SECRET as guests. During the filming, Goo Hara’s older brother, who is currently in the middle of his military service, made a surprise appearance.

 MC Kim Yong Man asked Goo Hara’s older brother, “Who is your favorite KARA member?”. He hesitated at first but shyly claimed himself as a big fan of Nicole.

Afterwards, KARA and SECRET had a major competition to become the most popular idol group of the soldiers, and showed their different talents and strong will for the victory. Especially, Goo Hara and Jeon Hyosung heated up the stage to the climax with their hot dances.

Source: Nate

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T-ara heads to Malaysia for next showcase

After a successful showcase in Hong Kong, T-ara is having their second showcase in Malaysia.

On September 21st, Core Contents Media announced that T-ara is having their second showcase in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 3rd at a venue with over 4,300 seats. This marks the group’s third showcase in Asia after Japan and Hong Kong.

The group also plans to continue their tour in Asia with series of showcases in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia and the tour is expected to last through early next year.

Previously, T-ara had their first showcase in Hong Kong on September 18th, and the 3,000 tickets were completely sold out.

Source: Nate

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Kang Ho Dong to return to ‘Star King’

Entertainer Kang Ho Dong will return to the spotlight after announcing his retirement one year ago due to tax evasion scandal.

A representative from SBS revealed, “Kang Ho Dong will be back around the middle of October and he is first returning as a host of SBS’s ‘Star King’.” The agency is planning on welcoming him back with a bang as well create a new variety program for the comedian.

Though the exact date of his comeback hasn’t been revealed, it was reported that ‘Star King’ is planning to rearrange the format of the show for Kang Ho Dong’s comeback.

Source: My Daily

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SPICA says "I'll Be There" on Music Core

SPICA is back with their new song "I'll Be There" on Music Core,check out their performance below

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FIESTAR cheers on IU !

The members of FIESTAR show IU some love.

The girls updated their official Twitter with a new photo,they wrote,"Everyone, let's meet each other while wearing clothes that'll make you warm!! See you tomorrow~~~^-^" {FIESTAR} IU encore concert fighting! Everybody say~ Milky skin I!U!!!"

Photo Source: FIESTAR6 @ Twitter
Translation Hope @ WeheartIU

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Kim Junsu, “My House Is A Hideout, My Friends Know My Password And Are Free To Enter Whenever”

im Junsu has revealed that his house has become a hideout for his friends.
JYJ’s Kim Junsu, whose world tour has placed him in the global spotlight, recently talked about his everyday life with ‘@star1′ through a photoshoot and interview.

(more images at the source)
During the interview, Kim Junsu was very honest and easygoing and when asked what he does in his free time, he stated, “I like being with my friends.”

The singer smiled as he said, “My house is basically an inn. When I’m at home, my friends can enter by themselves because they all know my password. Some of the friends I’m very close to are B2ST’s Gi Kwang, and pro-gamers Yeom Bo Sung and Seo Kyung Jong. They all take a break once in a while, and when they do, they all end up in my house.”

He continued to add, “Sometimes our soccer team, that includes Gi Kwang, Du Joon and (Seo) Ji Seok, will meet up past midnight near the Han River to play basketball.”

Source: [ atstar1]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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Kim Junsu’s Elisabeth OST Tops Hanteo’s Annual Charts In Three Days

Kim Junsu’s Elisabeth OST is on fire.
The ‘Musical Elisabeth Special Edition OST’, which Kim Junsu featured in, has already topped Hanteo’s annual charts in only three days.

In the domestic OST and musicals category of the ‘Hanteo Charts’, which has been collecting data for its annual charts since the beginning of January this year, Kim Junsu came out on top as he sold approximately 9,100 copies of the OST in three days, proving yet again the power of the ‘Kim Junsu effect’.

This special edition OST is more meaningful to Kim Junsu as it is the first time that he has participated in a musical OST CD. It has been garnering much attention from his fans, even before its release, as it was announced that it would include an exclusive interview and photobook of Kim Junsu.

A music representative stated, “It’s amazing that the album reached the top of the annual charts in only three days,” and “Kim Junsu has a natural talent as a musical actor and has enough ticket power to sell out all his performances.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu has successfully completed the Asia, and North and South America legs of his world tour and his preparing for his final leg in Europe.

Source: [ the star chosun]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Park Gun Hyung Says, “I Joined Junsu’s Soccer Team At His Request, I’m Surrounded By Idols”

Actor Park Gun Hyung revealed how he ended up joining the celebrity soccer team that Kim Junsu’s introduced him to.

The actor appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together Season 3′ that aired on the 20th with his fellow team member Lee Gi Kwang.
Lee Gi Kwang stated, “Park Gun Hyung is quite a big guy and really tall, so you’d expect him to be really good at soccer, but he just likes playing for fun,” and Park Gun Hyung added, “JYJ’s Kim Junsu persuaded me to join, but I found out that everyone was an idol singer.”

He continued to add, “Because of the age difference, it’s harder to be around them than it is when I hang out with people older than me.” The other celebrities on the show smiled as they said, “If we were in your position, we couldn’t have done that. You’re amazing,” and “Aren’t the oldest people usually the financiers when people meet up?”

Meanwhile, the aforementioned episode of ‘Happy Together’ featured Park Gun Hyung, Lee Gi Kwang and IU. During the midnight snack corner, IU’s ‘IU style food’ was chosen as the best menu item.

Source: [ TV Report]
Translated and Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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JYJ Wear Pastel Clothing And Flash Killer Smiles For Their New CF ‘Their Smooth Skin Draws Attention’

Photos from JYJ’s latest CF shoot have been revealed.

JYJ recently partook in a photoshoot for their new cosmetic brand commercial at a studio in Nonhyun-dong. On this day, JYJ showed off a sophisticated and charismatic side, as well as a contrasting warm and soft side, in front of the camera.

Kim Seung Cheol of Tony Moly’s marketing team stated, “Thanks to JYJ’s professionalism and active cooperation, there was a great atmosphere surrounding the studio. We are striving for a global appeal for Tony Moly’s image as a trendy and urban brand with our new commercial and great CF models.”
Beginning with this commercial, JYJ will be taking part in various activities as the models for Tony Moly’s Asian market, excluding Japan, and the CF will begin appearing on TV and in newspapers in October.

Source: [ TV Report]
Translated and Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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CN Blue's Jungshin in London soon!

On September 21, CNBlue members were greeted warmly by their fans in London airport.

However, Jungshin was left behind because of his drama filming schedule but he assured fans that he'll join the rest soon

He wrote on twitter,

Everyone ~~ Right now I’m filming my drama! That’s why the members had to go to London first. After the filming ends, I’ll join them as soon as possible, so wait for a while! CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON hwaiting!!

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

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2ne1's Minji: Bare face vs Make up

Minji is well known to be one of the most sexy and charismatic celebrities.

Recently, on her twitter account, she shared a few of new photos. On the 19th of September she shared, "Bare faced Minji and Dougie" and posted a photo of her giving her dog a kiss.

She then updated her twitter account again on the 21st of September and shared, "With my mom at Han Seong church. Me and my mom also grabbed a cup of coffee and drinks". She also shared a photo of her where she wears make up and stylish outfit.

Her recent twitter updates sure showed 2 sides of Minji, the laid back minji and the charismatic minji. Netizens commented, "She gives off a maknae image when she has bare face", "She looks really good, pretty", "Bare faced or with make up she's still pretty".

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Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

f(x)'s Victoria impresses with her sexy airport fashion

f(x)'s Victoria receives good reviews with her latest airport fashion .

 Recently, f(x) along with the rest of SM Town were spotted at the airport leaving for their SM Town World Tour concert in Jakarta. Among the members of SM Town, f(x)'s Victoria is selected as the best dressed.

Victoria who is known for having her sexy and chic fashion style never fails to impress when she dresses up for an outing. She wore a simple one piece dress and matched it up with her braided hair, shades, black stockings, black ribbon-ed heels and black jacket to keep her warm.

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Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net