Bom has a secret project with TigerJK?

Park Bom tweeted a photo together with TigerJK. On the caption, she wrote, "ㅋㅋㅋㅋ While preparing a secret project with Ssabu-nim….Coming soon…. But…. before concert starts,I was a bit hungry so… I I hide the corn inside a sandwich and eat successfully… Ssabu-nim saw me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ

TigerJK replied, "Health is the best pretty Bom", and Bom responded,"ㅋㅋㅋㅋPlease tell Mirae unnie that I miss her~~*^^* Fighting for the work you are doing too~~~!!!!!!!"

Seems like Bom is sneaking on her diet.
Are you curious about their secret project? We'll find out soon!

Source: Bom and TigerJK twitter accounts
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Poster for 'My Daughter Seo Young' feat. Jungshin released!

CNBlue member Jungshin will debut as an actor in the new KBS drama 'My Daughter Seo Young". His character is Kang Sung Jae who is a rebellious high school student who falls in love with his tutor SeoYoung played by actress Lee Bo Young.

The poster for the drama has been released and the cast are wearing white.
The first episode will air on September 15.

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120902 Inkigayo performers list

# Comeback Special #
- Solbi [Ottogi]
- Rumble Fish [Don't Live Like This]
# Hot Misic #
- EXID [I Feel Good]
- J-Min [Stand Up]
- NU’EST [Not Over You]
- TASTY [You Know Me]
- GLAM [Party (XXO)]
- BEAST [Beautiful Night]
- KARA [Pandora]
- Psy [Gangnam style]
- TEEN TOP [Be Ma Girl]
# Fresh Music #

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CNBlue ends fansign successfully

CNBlue members ended their Bang Bang fansign successfully. Bang Bang is a clothing brand endorses by CNBlue members for it's Spring Collection recently.

They ended the fansign with a group shot! Though they look tired, they still pose a v-sign happily.

Source: CN_FANCLUB@twitter

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Kwanghee wants Hyungsik to be his brother-in-law??

On the 28th broadcast of strong heart with Kwanghee and Hyungsik making an appearance.

Kwanghee praised Hyungsik during the broadcast No matter if it's from family wealth, appearance, skills, he even have a gentleman's courtesy. Which showed his wild heart towards Hyungsik.

Kwanghee also said, "I have a sister, I want to let her marry Hyungsik, I believe he will become our house's strong pillar."

Kwanghee also added, "Now I already think about the last move, if two of them don't have a liking towards each other, then 3 of us will come together and drink till we are dead drunk." Kwanghee's evil plot made the whole place filled with laughter. When asked, "How you asked about your sister's opinion?" Kwanghee replied, "My sister have nothing to lose." Which once again filled the whole place with laughter. Kwanghee other than saying about hyungsik, he also am very interested in cast member Minho. Kwanghee also said, " Minho is also one of the nominee to became my brother-in-law." Towards Kwanghee's thick skin, everyone can only surrender to him with both hands and feet up.

On that day's broadcast, Minho also revealed an episode of Kwanghee's pressurized him with matchmaking.

Source: tvreport, kpopstarz, ze:a
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Kwanghee's height isn't 180cm!

On August 28th episode of Strong Heart, cast member for , Sulli expressed that "My height is 169cm, people always look thinks that I look taller, I feel pressurized."

On the day of recording, Kwanghee also measured his real height.
Kwanghees personally believe his height is 179cm, and wearing shoes is 180cm. The shoes that seems tall seem to get people's suspicion. Then when Kwanghee took off his shoes, his height is 173.6cm. The results of his actual height made Kwanghee make an unhappy expression.

Netizens also said "The power of insoles", "Are other idols also like that?" "The expression on his face after revealing his real height is so funny." etcetc.

Source: tvreport, kpopstarz, ze:a
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T-ara's new promo picture of "TTOMA O2 Bien"!

T-ara unveiled the latest promotional photo for beverage brand "TTOMA O2 Bien".

Have a look at the poster above,the girls will make their comeback next week on various music shows,do you anticipate their "Sexy Love" comeback?

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Luna sings "One Thousand Days" on Immortal Song 2!

Check out Luna's emotional stage on Immortal Song 2,impressed with her singing ability?

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Rainbow's Woori goes to jungle!

Rainbow's Woori uploaded a photo on her Twitter as she will be filming "Law Of Jungle" for SBS Chuseok special.

 She updated her Twitter on 1st September and said,"Jungle gogo!will be back safely."

 Woori will be visiting the Mahler Kular Island on 1st September with other cast including Han Go Eun,Jang Shin Young,Shin Bong Shun and Jung Joori,the show is expected to air on 1st October.

Photo Source: Woori' Twitter

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Taecyeon released Reebok’s ‘Zigtech’ CF!

2PM's Taecyeon endorses Reebok "Zigtech".

He announced the good news on his Twitter and shared the clip of the CF online,check out his athletic side in his latest CF!

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KARA performed Pandora on Love Request!

KARA performed their latest hit song on Love Request,enjoy their performance below!

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SNSD Gangnam Style!

SNSD's member's dance to Psy's hit song Gangnam Style at the Look Yakult Event.

Check out SNSD's Gangnam Style below,who do you think is the best Gangnam Style dancer?

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B1A4 performed "Baby Goodnight" on Happy Music!

B1A4 performed the Japanese version of "Baby Goodnight" on Happy Music,check out their adorable performance below!

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Hyungsik is a rich kid!

Hyungsik was once again recognized as the rich idol.

On the 28th, Kwanghee and Hyungsik made an appearance in Strong heart.
In the program kwanghee said "The other time's appearance I've brought Im Siwan, after that Siwan became very popular, so even if I want to bring him it's a bit difficult, this time I will introduce another member."

The one that kwanghee wanted to introduced was Park Hyungsik who became a hot topic after being recognized as the rich idol. Park Hyungsik was born bourgeois(wealthy), in the midst of being trainee joined ZE:A together. But there was a rumour saying that he came in through connections, so I didn't like him from the beginning."

Kwanghee then said "During the trainee period, I saw Hyungsik withdrawing money. I took a glance at his bank amount, in the end he had 16million kr won(USD $14107) from then on I think he's beautiful.

Hyungsik then personally clarified "When I was young, the new year's money and allowance that I've received, I save them up bit by bit. Those money were taken care by my mother, after when I turned 20, she gave me my savings. I didnt think there were that much. In the rumours where they said I was some rich kid, but in fact it wasnt to that kind of degree, so I'm a bit embarrassed."

Other than having Kwanghee and Hyungsik on that day, cast also made an appearance.

Source: tvreport, kpopstarz, ze:a
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SJ Heechul is living well

After deleting his twitter account, Super Junior Heechul updates his fans about his condition.
It was on his birthday (July 10) when he decided to delete his twitter account wherein he constantly updates.

This is to secure his privacy while he's still serving the public as his mandatory duty for 2 years. Fans have been worrying how Heechul's doing nowadays.

Meanwhile, Heechul posted a selca with his friend on his weibo account with a caption, "I'm living well with my friend".

The update relieves fans after hearing nothing from him.

Source: Heechul's weibo
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MCD's new MC Lee Hongki distributes self-produced name cards to fans

FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki, the new MC for Mnet “Mcountdown”, distributed self-produced name cards to his fans personally.

Being his first MC show on “Mcountdown” on 30th, Lee Hongki gave out self-produced name cards to his fans who came to watch the recording, one by one down the long queue at Sangam-dong CJ E&M Center before the live show, announcing himself as the new MC.

Lee Hongki held his head up and introduced himself in front of his fans, “Hello. I’m Mcountdown’s new MC, Lee Hongki. Nice to meet you. It’s my honour to be the MC (of Mcountdown). I will do my best to make Mcountdown the most representative global K-POP chart,” revealing his strong ambitions.

Lee Hongki put on his all-time bright smile and distributed his name cards one by one to his fans, raising the anticipation level for his first “Mcountdown” MC stage.

The name card that was given out to his fans, has a white background, stating “Lee Hongki Mcountdown MC” and “Mcountdown”‘s official homepage, Twitter and Facebook information are also written at the bottom of the card. The new logo of “Mcountdown” as well as MC Lee Hongki’s personally signed autograph can also be seen at the back of the name card.

On the other hand, “Mcountdown” will air on 30 August, at 6pm, with Lee Hongki as its new MC.

Credit: X Sports News + Hanguk Ilbo + ying1005@withtreasures

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Sooyoung amazes with her beauty in ‘LLang’ CF filming!

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung showed off her moist, fair skin during the filming of her recent cosmetic CF, where she has been chosen to be an exclusive model for KGC Life Engine’s cosmetic brand ‘LLang’.

During the CF and photoshoot for ‘LLang’ on August 27th and 28th, Sooyoung received great attention from staff about her moist, beautiful skin.

LLang’s CEO commented, “Sooyoung’s bright and fresh image suits this brand and shows the beauty of Korean women to consumers worldwide.” He continued by saying, “Sooyoung showed her distinctive bright smile and passion throughout the whole filming which greatly pleased the staff.”

Sooyoung’s TV CFs will be released from mid-September.

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Rain'll put on a performance to celebrate Black Eagle's

Rain'll put on a performance to celebrate Black Eagle's championship tomorrow.

An Air Force spokesman said on the 31st, "With more than 5,200 people such as the public, airmen, government officials, national defense officials, etc. in attendance, 'Black Eagle Air Show With The People' will be held at Seoul Airport in Seongnam City on September 1st."

The Air Force's peculiar aerobatic team "Black Eagle" attended an air show in UK, which was held from June 30th until July 15th, and won the first prize with an award as the most popular team.

On the first of next month, an aerobatic display to celebrate their championship will be followed by celebrations with a concert featuring singer Rain belonging to the Defense Media Agency, with military band's performances, and with Black Eagle pilots' signing event for their fans.

Credit to Yonhap News
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Sooyoung Attends ‘The 3rd Hospital’ Press Conference

On August 29th, Sooyoung attended the press conference for tvN’s new drama, “The 3rd Hospital”, alongside her co-stars, Oh Jiho, Kim Seungwoo, Choi Yoonso, and Kim Minjung. The press conference was conducted in the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Sooyoung appeared at the event in an elegant white dress that highlighted her slender long legs.

During the press conference, Sooyoung’s co-star Oh Jiho revealed that there were meant to be two kiss scenes between him and Sooyoung. ”There were meant to be two kiss scenes, but it’s a pity that they weren’t shot,” he said. When asked why not, he responded by saying, “I don’t really know why either. Maybe it was canceled because there could be a big incident from the fans’ concerns, but nevertheless it’s a shame.” Hearing that statement, the room was brought to laughter.

When asked about his role in the drama, in which he can’t accept Sooyoung’s love, he replied, “It’s not a role where the character accepts her love, so in reality I felt sad about it.” Jiho then expressed his regret, saying, “He should have accepted it.”

On the same day, a video featuring Sooyoung and Oh Jiho was released, revealing “The 3rd Hospital Sharing Project”. In the video, Sooyoung and Jiho explain that the project is a campaign meant to support people who are suffering from cancer. The total amount from fundraising obtained will be passed on to the people who can’t receive treatment due to living in difficult environments, as well as to people who are still struggling but haven’t lost hope. The video ends with them requesting for the viewers to join the project and to support it.'

Additionally, Girls’ Generation recorded a message for Sooyoung, showing their strong support for their fellow member. In the video, the girls mention that Sooyoung has taken on the role of Lee Euijin in “The 3rd Hospital” and express their great anticipation for her acting. They end their message by cheering Sooyoung on, shouting, “Sooyoung fighting! Lee Euijin fighting! ‘The 3rd Hospital’ fighting!”

“The 3rd Hospital” will be broadcast through Korean network tvN on September 5th.

Source: hangthienbao@YouTube.com1, hangthienbao@YouTube.com2, Daum1, Daum2
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Girl's Day Hyeri thanks fans with a selca!

Girl's day member Hyeri expresses her gratitude for fans who came to watch their performance in Daegu. Sojin's parents also treat them with delicious foods.

To show her gratitude, she uploaded a cute selca!

"we were so excited to perform today ’because many audience came to Daegu , so happy !! we ate a lot of delicious food thanks to Sojin's parents and going back !! Wherever we go, our fans have always been there for us .. again Thank you all ♥"

Translated by 빵청객(audiencea)@girlsdaydaily

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Wonder Girls' aegyo!

Wonder Girls' Ye Eun updated her Twitter on 1st September,she wrote,"Ye Eun and Hye Lim's photos","Ye Eun passes by","as a result ended with 3 babos" and uploaded the photos shown above.

The girls are seen posing happily in their latest selcas,showing their close relationship.

Photo Source: Ye Eun's Twitter

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Victoria & Krystal at the DKNY Fashion event!

 f(x)'s Victoria and Krystal attended the fashion event of DKNY,check out their photos below!

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After School's Jooyeon is a gorgeous "Vogue Girl"!

 After School's Jooyeon graces the latest issue of Vogue Girl magazine.

Check out her photos for the popular magazine below.

Photos Source: Vogue Girl

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Sexy Tiffany at the DKNY's Fashion Event!

SNSD's Tiffany attended the DKNY's Fashion event on 31st August.

She is seen wearing a black one piece dress at the event,showing off her slim figure while carving her angelic smile,more photos below!

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4Minute performed Love Tension on Happy Music!

4Minute performed their latest Japanese song Love Tension on Happy Music,check out their performance below!

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KARA's Gyuri shared "goddess" selca!

KARA's leader updated her Me2day on 31st August.

 She mentioned,"Me2day after a long while,promoting the chatting event news during the filming!Good afternoon."

She is seen wearing a red top in the photo above,showing off her bagel girl figure.

Besides,have you checked out the full MV of her solo song?

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B.A.P "Crash" Music Core!

B.A.P made their comeback on Music Core with their new song "Crash",check out their performance below!

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FIESTAR made their debut on Music Core

FIESTAR made their debut on Music Core with "Vista",check out their highly anticipated performance below!

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Ceci releases Yuri's cover photoshoot BTS

This BTS video has been made by CeCi Korea iPad Magazine for September 2012 issue.
Yuri looks so gorgeous in this photoshoot. Watch the video below:

Source: cecikoreatv@YT

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Olympic gold medalist Song Daenam confessed to Hyorin

On the recent episode of KBS 2TV's 'Do Dream', Judo player, Song Daenam confessed that he's a fan of SISTAR's Hyorin. He said, "I relax by listening to Sistar's songs." He also added that he likes Hyorin out of four members.

He was then asked, "What makes Hyorin attractive?" He replied, "Phlegm mixed voices," causing laughter in the talk show.

He was also asked to send out a video letter to Hyorin. He shyly showed different attractive wild Judo player moves.

Translated by Doogu3 // Edited by Litney

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B1A4 donated 140kg Rice Garlands to Seoul SOS Youth Camp

Idol group B1A4 delivered 140 kg Nanum Store rice garlands given by fans to Seoul SOS Youth Camp located in Yang-Cheon.

The handed 140kg rice garlands are given by fans as to cheer for Sandeul’s appearance in ‘The brothers were brave’ musical on 26th June and “B1A4′s Hello Baby” production on 24th July.

B1A4′s 140kg rice garlands that were processed by Nanum Store were passed to Seoul SOS Youth Camp instead of B1A4 and can be given to 1300 poorly-fed children on a meal.

Head of Seoul SOS Youth Camp who received the rice garlands said that ‘The children can be provided with warm food” and mentioned his gratitude to B1A4 and the fan club members.

Meanwhile B1A4 planned an exclusive concert to energize the Traditional Market in Jung-Ang Market on September 1st 6pm.

Source: Naver
Translation Credits: 1wsh @

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