Heo Young Saeng's OST for 'Music and lyric 2' revealed

As mentioned before,  Heo Young Saeng  joined  'Music and lyric 2'  together with  Lee Chung Ah  and  Seo Ji Suk  to produce the OST for MBC’s drama  Rascal Sons. 

Today the song was released with Seo Ji Suk as the music composer, Lee Chung Ah was in charge of the lyric and Heo Young Saeng sang it with it emotionally.

Listen to it right now:

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Jaejoong wears 'afro hairstyle' for NII photoshoot!

The men of JYJ sport their winter fashion for NII 2012 Winter photoshoot.

Wearing colorful jackets and winter accessories, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun look gorgeous and cheerful together.

Even Jaejoong tries out an 'afro look' holding a lollipop.
Check the photos and BTS below:

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SHINee Jonghyun's selca with Roo!

SHINee's Jonghyun shared a selca after their successful concert in Hong Kong.

He wrote on his twitter, "Roo is also in Hongkong" and attached a cute selca together with 'Roo'.
In the picture, he is wearing a cute panda hat and white sleeveless.

Seems like he misses his pet 'Roo' so much!

Source: Jonghyun's twitter
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Who are kpop groups that will go to Music Bank in Chile?

Kpop groups send warm greetings for their fans in Chile for the upcoming Music Bank 'Kpop Festival' on November 2.

Participating groups are Super Junior, CNBlue, After School, MBLAQ, Davichi and Rania.
Watch their greetings below:


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Jaejoong attracts attention while filming MV in Hongkong

Kim Jaejoong came to Hong Kong to film MV; his “quarrel” with Kim Ji Won in downtown at noon drew onlookers.

QQ Entertainment News. October 27, 2012 Hong Kong. Kim Jaejoong, a member of the popular Korean group JYJ, recently came to Hong Kong to secretly film an MV. The day before yesterday at 12 noon, he was filming in Lan Kwai Fong with Kim Ji Won, the beauty who co-starred with SHINee’s Lee Minho in the Korean adaptation of 《Hana Kimi》, and attracted close to a hundred fans to the filming site to spectate.

Throwing guitar to the ground

Seen on site, Hero and co-star Kim Ji Won were quarreling in a building’s staircase, during which a backpack was suddenly flung out. Soon after, Kim Ji Won who was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with red shorts, was seen running down the stairs holding a guitar. Hero caught up with her from behind and the two exchanged a few words in the streets before Hero turned around, intending to go upstairs again. At this point, Kim Ji Won tossed the guitar and jacket she was holding in her hands to the ground and rushed to hold onto Hero. It appears that she was begging him not to leave her.

Worked up a sweat while running, had to shed clothing

Since the two actors had to repeatedly run up and down the stairs, during break time, Hero sheds his black leather jacket, revealing a soaked T-shirt while the staff hurriedly approached him to fix his make-up. Kim Ji Won was also hot and sweating to the point where her entire lower back was soaked. Afterwards, the film crew returned to the GeLi Street building’s stairwell to resume filming as fans stood quietly across the street to watch. Finally, Hero donned a maroon jacket and with Kim Ji Won, transferred to a nearby building’s platform to continue filming.

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2NE1 rocks Okinawa with stylish airport fashion

On 2012 October 28th,  2NE1 performed at the  "KPOP Paradise Concert" in Okinawa.

Although there was a typhoon forecast a few days before, the concert still ended successfully.

The girls' airport fashion was once again attracted much attention. Leader  CL showed off her chic and unique style in a kill-heel, baseball - inspiration jacket while  Dara was in all black, matching her black hair.

Bom chose a long jacket together with pink sunglasses while maknae  Minzy looked cool in an over-knee boots and fashionable bag 

2NE1 went back to  Seoul and once again showed off their impressive styles. As usual ,  Dara wore pale jeans and sneaker, plus a black leather jacket, looked sporty.  Minzy amazed fans with her "all black" style.

CL was outstanding with a blue jacket, blue stocks and showed off her stunning legs with a short skirt.  Park Bom showed her interest in long jacket and short skirt, completed her amazing style with over-knee leggings.

 What do you think of their airport fashion?

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Go on diet with Suzy, Bora, Ye Won and Kim Shin Young

In the latest episode of  Invincible Youth 2  broadcasted on October 27, G5 shared a  'diet music video'  conducted by them with the effective movements and exercises for people who wanna go on diet.

Jewelry's new song "Look At Me" is playing as the background musiv,  Suzy, Bora, Ye Won  and  Kim Shin Young  appeared in colorful leggings and recorded a video showing their hilarious face expressions, causing everyone to burst out laughing

Don't miss this special video:

Also in this episode, Lee Young Ja, Boom and Kim Shin Young were MC and one family love eating were invited to record together with G5.

Written By: Jenny @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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miss A releases BTS video for "Independent Women" jacket photoshoot

miss A releases the BTS video for their latest album "Independent Women",check out the BTS video below

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KARA performs Electric Boy on CD TV

KARA performs their latest Japanese song titled "Electric Boy" on CD TV,check out their adorable yet sexy performance on the show here

Interview clip

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BIGBANG Wowed Malaysian VIPs Despite The Rain

            More than 15000 fans turned up for the BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia on 27 th October 2012. This concert is the ninth stop of their world tour and is BIGBANG’s first full-fledged concert in Malaysia.

Despite the heavy rain before the concert started, nothing seemed to be able to dampen the mood and determination of the Malaysian fans for BIGBANG. Many refused to leave their spots and continued to wait under the rain especially for the fans that had queued up since 10am the day before the concert. Although the concert was forced to delay due to the continuous rain, it was definitely a miracle for the fans that it stopped raining the moment the concert started at 8:30 pm.

The boys kicked start the concert by emerging from five space capsules and performed several of their hit songs like “Tonight”, “Fantastic Baby”, “Bad Boy”, “Lies” and many more. The fans were also able to accomplished their ‘missions’, which were to light up red LED lights when “Fantastic Baby” was performed and blue LED lights when “Blue” was performed. Besides, all the fans also had a sing-along birthday song for one of the members, T.O.P, whose birthday falls on 4th November. T.O.P was too shy to react to the surprise birthday song at first, but the fans were lucky enough to receive a cute dance from him in return towards the end of the concert.

         After they have successfully completed their concerts in the South East Asia, they will continue to move on to the next destinations for their world tour such as US, Peru, Hong Kong and London.

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Japan TV airs SNSD's 'Flower Power" preview

Can't wait for SNSD's new Japanese Single "Flower Power"?
Fortunately, a preview of the girl's new single has been aired in CDTV Japan a while ago.

Watch below:

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Block B performed "Shut Up" & "Nilili Mambo" on MTV The Show

Block B's Zico & P.O became the new MC of MTV The Show,the boys opened the show with Shut Up and performed "Nilili Mambo" with their teammates on the show as well,enjoy their performance below

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Jaejoong shares his visit in India for Elle

In northern India, the road to Alwar located near Rajasthan was more difficult than they had anticipated. They shouldn’t have believed so easily when they heard that it would only take 4 and a half hours from Delhi Airport.

For the people who measure time by the ticks of a clock, it wasn’t easy joining people in a city who followed the spirit of time. All too often, they complained, “Are we out here filming The Laws of the Jungle“.

For seven hours, the enormous dust cloud followed the van as if it were a genie from a magical lamp. Amongst all the dust, dawn was peeking, and out of the van window they could see the people of Ajabgarh going about their daily lives like a mirage in a desert.

Someone commented in awe, “I feel like Indiana Jones. It’s as if we are journeying through the past.”

But the villa favored by the king hundreds of years ago became nothing more than a dry village for the poor. The lake barely survived the monsoon, becoming a puddle of sticky acorn jello (t/n: Korean traditional food), but they were relieved to find the people’s hearts were still full of moisture.

“Wow, this is a tremendous country.” Jaejoong’s reflection of happiness and sadness aroused inspiration as the elegant resort opened up without a single notice. Within the sound of the faint sadness, their minds became clear.

Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, paid much attention to the diversity of development as well. He hasn’t yet endured various experiences, images, and challenges all at once before.

Our decision to choose the location in India was based on his confidence in diversity. In all his travels to various places around the world, the one place he had not reached was India. 

Luckily, they were able to find a good location to travel in. And so, the journey began.

With the title of an actor, the imaginary world he had envisioned also included the issue of diversity. In the drama, “Dr. Jin”, Jaejoong becomes an honest police official named Kim Kyungtak and experiences a platonic love. At the same time, he stars as an odd guy named Choi Hyun in “Code Name: Jackal”. Although Jaejoong suffered from a lack of sleep, his input and output became natural as if he were in a trance.

“It was difficult filming both pieces together, but I wanted to be able to show different characters, and this was my chance to show two completely different characters. Luckily, I was good at memorizing my lines. (Serious) I think it was because I drank Omega 3, a drink that helps with blood flow.”

Since “Dr. Jin” was a historical drama, there were some difficulties. There was little change in sceneries and interests, so it was difficult for someone who wanted to experience new things. As the drama reached its  peak and viewers began giving interest, Jaejoong found that he could change his attitude.

And with this peak, even viewers who preferred “A Gentleman’s Dignity” became interested in Jaejoong’s character.

“I thought, I could try harder in the next piece, and instantly I felt better. I was able to do an absolute evaluation. For myself.”

In the historical drama, Jaejoong had to research and figure out ways to express the character of Kim KyungTak, but in “Code Name: Jackal” he was able to be himself as he acted out Choi Hyun’s role.

“I showed a lot of myself being broken. There were a few scenes that made me think, ‘Really? Really like that?’ I really laughed with my whole body. My character looks like a really egocentric singer but you’ll find  out that he’s actually a naïve man. He becomes a star and as he is getting popular, he gets kidnapped by a killer.”

For a day, the top star, a singer named Choi Hyuneun gets kidnapped. The fact that he is a singer helps because it develops a similar character to Jaejoong himself. It was a chance for Jaejoong to be able to show very realistic acting, a side he was not able to reveal previously.

“We are both singers. Stars are often required to show perfection, but there should be a side that shows that they are human too, that they are imperfect. I figured I could slowly show some hidden qualities of myself.”

Jaejoong was personally friends with his partner, actress Song Jihyo, but with this chance they were able to find out each other’s acting styles.

“Since the category is comedy, some takes were quite interesting. Other than what the director wanted, there were times when Song Jihyo and I took the takes from different perspectives. This was when I was getting less sleep, so while monitoring; I could tell that some scenes were not so good. But I was never worried about ruining my image. I was fine with getting soaked, getting rained on, even electrocuted.”

Jaejoong’s confrontation to exposure can be connected to his view to have an open mind while acting.

Jaejoong entered acting through the Japanese drama, “Sunao Ni Narenakute” but his official entrance to acting was through “Protect the Boss” with Choi Kang Hee.

With an eccentric female secretary, he acted as a rich kid, but the character he played was a bit less lively than he had hoped for. When confronted with a new challenge, his true feelings could be seen even through his attempts at a poker face.

“There were some difficulties. As a singer who sings and dances, I do not have the same skills when it comes to acting as an actor. So I plan on learning step by step slowly. But this does not mean I will lose interest in music. It may seem that I am acting more and singing less than before, but I will not use ‘I was busy acting’ or ‘I have lost inspiration’ as excuses and I have been using my spare time to write songs and listen to music.”

“It is good to broaden my skills but I do not want to abandon a set of skills I have obtained in order to find a new one. So I felt that I shouldn’t get lost in my identity and instead just give myself time for the extra things I want to do.”

“At first I wasn’t skilled at music either. Dancing and singing were not my thing. Training helped out a lot, but in the end, personal experience was what helped me the most. So I hope acting will work in a similar way by adding experience one by one.”

In the past, because of his image, people took his attitude as cynical and sarcastic so many people had said, “I thought his personality would not be that good”. But through his hard work, he has resolved [those preconceptions].

His path as an actor has helped him become more flexible. Of course there were still a few difficulties.

“As Kim Jaejoong began acting more in dramas there have been more people recognizing him. But I feel sad that overseas fans overlook the band JYJ and still think of me as previous YongWoong Jaejoong. It’s a problem of time and all I can do is try harder.”

The three members of JYJ, who are organically working towards the relative opportunities that can help in building each members’ careers, find themselves on a secondary path in their careers where they can concentrate in various potential areas.

“Right now, we are in a process of developing skills and increasing knowledge so I wonder how large our synergy will be once we meet up together.”

One thing Jaejoong is sad about is that there has been less opportunities to interact with his fans than before.

“It was like a festival. Festival!” The opportunities for concerts in South America and Spain have slowly been increasing.

“When I was young, I thought popularity would follow if I did well. Now, I know that even if I do well, this is not the case. Because it is up to other people too.”

In addition, nine years in the entertainment business can naturally lead to changes and they end up redeveloping their relationship with their fans.

“Actually thinking of losing fans can make things very difficult. People who say that they are content with only producing music have most likely not felt the love of fans. Making music and being loved for it is a happiness that most do not know of. Doing it because you like it is one thing, but doing it for others is another. There is a whole different level of satisfaction. Same with cooking. You cook thinking; ‘I hope the person finds the food delicious’. If there were no one there to listen to our songs, that would be the worst feeling possible.”

When we look back at our trip to India, we remember having fans call the resort that we were staying in every day, emailing us, and even following us out to the resort.

“What’s left of the last eight, nine years seems to be the ‘spirit’. We had too many things to do. If you think about it, we’re in a similar spot right now. As much as we have improved and developed, it took that much time. And popularity cannot always be infinite. People say to live as if you were 20 even in your 30s. If there is one thing different from the past, I think it’s that the fear of challenge has left. But our inspiration has not changed.”

For a mature person like him, traveling to a new location is a chance for him to experience a more slow-paced lifestyle. But the activities in his life are on a constant increase and traveling can be seen as a brief break from his busy life.

In the end, life is an adventure and adventures are difficult. In the past, the heritage flourished in the small town of India and their ‘spirit’ seems to last with them forever.

To Jaejoong, this journey brought forth the reality of the coming tomorrow and the unforeseeable future. This has definitely left a fine impression on him.

Source: ELLE Korea November 2012
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Girl's Day performs "Don't Forget Me" on YHY Sketchbook

Girl's Day performs for the first time in KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.
This is their second comeback performance stage for their new song "Don't Forget Me".

Watch below:


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SHINee Reached Hongkong at Night, fans paralysed the Airport

27 Oct 2012, HongKong - SHINee arrived at Hong Kong airport on 27th October .many fans gathered at the airport a few hours earlier to cheer for their favorite group!

Once SHINee appeared, the entire airport was full of screams, fans paralysed the airport- we can tell the high popularity of the 5 Boys .The boys were friendly towards their fans, even though the staff accompanied them to the van, keeping a distance from their fans, but they still waved their hands and returned smiles to them

SHINee will be holding SHINee World II in Hong Kong on the 27th.

Source: GB.CRI.CN

Written By: Sachia @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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'Finding Minah' turns into a scary video

Girl's Day Minah attempts to scare fans.

Girl's Day Minan uploaded a 'creepy' video trying to scare fans.
She wrote on her twitter, "Everyone, if you have weak heart for scary movies, please don't watch".

However, in spite of her warning, fans became more curious to watch her video. What's in the video?

Please watch below:

Source: Minah's twitter
Uploaded by girlsdaytv2
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Big Bang Announces Second Concert in London, UK

YG Entertainment and Live Nation are thrilled to announce that the KPop phenomenon BIG BANG have sold out their first ever London show at Wembley Arena within minutes of going on general sale and due to this phenomenal demand, have added a second London show at Wembley Arena on 14th December.
BIG BANG, who won the inaugural ‘Best Worldwide Act’ at the MTV EMA’s in 2011, have had sold out shows in every country they’ve visited on the BIG BANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 to date. The tour kicked-off in Korea in March, where they played to more than 30,000 fans, with all three shows selling out instantly. They then stormed Japan playing 13 sold out shows to more than 210,000 fans, then made history in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing with 3 shows and more than 32,000 tickets sold. To date, BIG BANG have sold out every show in every country they have visited.
Samsung Galaxy is the global sponsor of BIG BANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in the UK.
Tickets for the 2nd show on sale now priced at £90 / £70 / £60 (subject to booking fee) and are available from www.ticketmaster.co.uk or www.livenation.co.uk

Source: entertainment-focus.com

South Korean boyband Bigbang have sensationally sold out what will be their first ever UK gig today - forcing them to meet fan’s demands and schedule a second date in London’s Wembley Arena.
The five-piece pop group will now precede their December 15th show with another gig in the English capital the day before, on December 14th. Tickets for the new gig are on sale now and will cost you £60.00 + fees - check the dates and links below to find your pair through Stereoboard!
Bigbang, who won the inaugural ‘Best Worldwide Act’ at the MTV EMA’s in 2011, have sold out shows in every country they’ve visited on the ‘Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour’ to date. The tour kicked-off in Korea in March, where they played to more than 30,000 fans, with all three shows selling out instantly. They then stormed Japan, playing 13 sold out shows to more than 210,000 fans, then made history in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing with three shows and more than 32,000 tickets sold. To date, Bigbang have sold out every show in every country they have visited - now including the UK!
Bigbang, consisting of G.Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung, are known for their unique music style and flamboyant fashion sense. Bigbang is currently one of the most prominent Korean artists both locally and internationally, having gained immense popularity and recognition amongst music lovers and fashionistas all over the world - and their huge popularity could only possibly be shadowed by Psy and his supermassive hit ‘Gangnam Style’.
The Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 is a history-making collaboration between Bigbang and the world-class production team led by Laurieann Gibson, the director for Lady Gaga’s ‘The Monster Ball Tour,’ who joined as the creative director for the tour. The production team, who have also collaborated with the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Linkin Park, and many other big names, will be in charge of bringing the most fascinating stage effects to audiences.
Bigbang has had an incredible year, with five music videos receiving more than ten million views on YouTube, including ‘Monster,’ ‘Blue,’ ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Bad Boy.’ They stayed at the top of the album charts in Korea for the first half of the year, with their comeback album ‘Alive,’ together with the special edition album ‘Still Alive,’ which garnered combined sales of more than 400,000 copies.
If you’re a fan of K-pop, there’s nowhere else you should be this December. Tickets are on sale now and will cost you £60.00 + fees - you can find yours through Stereoboard using the dates and links provided below.
Bigbang UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:
Fri December 14th 2012 - Wembley Arena, London
Sat December 15th 2012 - Wembley Arena, London

Source: http://www.stereoboard.com

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CECI releases BTS for Seohyun & TVXQ photoshoot

Here's an introduction clip and behind the scenes footages from Seohyun and TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin's photoshoot for the magazine's November issue.

  Source: yurilegs1

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JYJ, A Man worth waiting for

Chinese Magazine: Pure Korean Entertainment, November Issue《纯韩娱乐》2012.11

JYJ – A Man worth waiting for

Jaejoong : “Junsu Hyung, I am your fan! “

Kim Junsu sat on the stairs, posed like he is doing a poster shoot., and Kim Jaejoong looks on from the side.

” The two of them also plays very well”, “So cute!”, “Still so keen on playing fan games, such old teens can be still so adorable”!

Kim Jaejoong

Everyone is waiting for that man’s very first solo fan meeting.

The amazing new plan is, we caught one of the men whom everyone is waiting for in Thailand for his first solo fan meeting.
This popular man is not only handsome and friendly, he also possesses many talents. He has outstanding vocals and exceptional dance techniques, and came from a well known group where he was a lead singer. Moreover, Moreover, in 2011 he was also the concert director of JYJ’s concert. In “2011 SBS Drama Awards”, he proved his acting talents in Boss> by winning the ” New Star Award”. Wow! Such a perfect man, who could he be? This man who has good looks, luminous skin and beautiful eyes… JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

“Kim Jaejoong” fan club and admirers won’t have to waste any more time and can get to get closer to that gentle attractive man.

Park Yoo Chun

Park Yoo Chun spent a wonderful time in Thailand with almost 5000 local fans.
On the day of the fan meeting, they talked about his recent developments and OST for related dramas, had cookie making activities, and thus spent a lovely happy time with the fans.

After almost a year later from last September’s visit to promote , his visit to Thailand once again caused the 5000 seats of the fan meeting tickets to be snatched up almost immediately. Regardless to say, when Park Yoo Chun entered the customs from the airport, he got the fiery passionate support from the local fans.
Park Yoo Chun : ” I feel very close to Thailand, and my heart feels very warm towards such a gracious country. I want to express my thanks towards the support of so many fans.”

He also held a fanmeeting at the Taipei University. As a part of his Asia Fan meeting tour, Park Yoo Chun played games with fans, including other activities and spent time with his Taiwan fans.

Park Yoo Chun talked about his future plans with almost 4000 fans, including his intention to continue to film more dramas.

When asked about his thoughts about his ideal girlfriend, he said she must be well mannered and kind. Fans cheered in support once they heard his answer. Talking about his acting career, Park Yoo Chun expressed hopes to film a movie in China, and wishes that his brother Yoo Hwan can be in the movie with him as well.

All his fans held their breath until he finished speaking, then erupted in loud screams of support each time.

Yoo Chun will return to television with his new drama < I Miss You>, starring as male lead Han Jung Woo. The drama will begin airing in November 7th.

The drama < I Miss You > is about unforgettable first loves which left two young people scarred with deeply painful memories. In it, Park Yoo Chun will be a bright and cheeky but also brave and aggressive homicide detective Han Jung Woo. He will be deeply missing the true love he lost by circumstances he could not control, whilst tracking down criminals with all his might.

Kim Junsu

Kim Junsu naturally exudes a carefree spirit, achieving that ” Home is almost a hotel for his friends. If he is at home, friends can just use the house code to enter. Beast member Lee Gi Kwang, pro-gamer Yeom Bo Sung and Seo Kyung Jong can spend time freely together. “

He also added that ” Gi Kwang, Doo joon and Jiseok hyung and the football team can all get together to play soccer along the Han River at 12 midnight.. “, thus revealing his carefree daily life. Junsu also shared his feelings about his world tour, his passion for musicals and his sincere worries about the future.

Junsu : ” My androgynous image”

” If it was according to my personality, manicures or dying multi-colored hair are things which are difficult for me to accept.”, ” I am not interested in
dress up. Because I used to think that, its enough for a singer to just sing his songs well. “

But, in the musical he potrayed a fantasy role – Death, his thinking suddenly changed.
Kim Junsu added that ” At that time I felt that my image and Death is too far apart. Looking at myself in the mirror, and feeling that with my original image, I could never portray the character well in the musical, so I started on a diet to lose weight.” ” Even though I know that I should not see the image being more important than my duty of singing, but performing is a job which places a heavy emphasis on the outward appearance , hence the look is also a vital part which cannot be ignored. So currently I have completely changed my views, to the point that if I have no manicure I will feel strange.”

Source: JYJ Baidu Bar
Translated by: LovingJYJ of JYJ3
S hared by:  JYJ3

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Victoria reminds you through her "killer big eyes"

F(x) member Victoria updated her me2day, reminding everyone to take care because of rainy weather.

Aside from that, she also uploaded a very close up selca of her, holding a towel to her head showing her big eyes.

She wrote, "Finished exercising~~~^^ It's raining and the road is blocked.. Everyone be careful!"

Fans commented, "OMG! Those big eyes! Yes I will take care! You too!","You too be careful". "Such big round eyes are so pretty!" etc.

Source: Victoria's me2day
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

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Unedited photos of Kang Min Kyung show superior beauty and stunning figure

Recently, unedited photos of Davichi's Kang Min Kyung were shared online.

Photos of Kang Min Kyung at a photo shoot were revealed showing off her stunning figure and beauty without any photoshop or modifications. Kang  Min Kyung was filming for a photo shoot for Korean DHC which is a cosmetics product in Korea.

They are celebrating their 10th anniversary and are collaborating with Disney with their new products. You can see Kang Min Kyung showing off her hot body in body hugging white shirt and then showing off her cute side wearing a Dsney inspired outfit.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

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Park Shin Hye to cameo on ‘The King of Dramas’

Actress Park Shin Hye will be making a cameo appearance on SBS’ upcoming series, ‘The King of Dramas’.

On October 26, Park Shin Hye’s agency reported that the actress was confirmed to have filmed a cameo appearance for the drama recently. She will play the lead actress of ‘Graceful Revenge’, a drama series produced by Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min).

It is said that Park Shin Hye’s special appearance was made possible for her close friendship with the drama’s director, Hong Sung Chang, who also directed her previous drama, ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Park Shin Hye will appear in the first episode of the series, which will be aired on November 5.

Source: Star News

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SNSD's Jessica shares cute and candid photos of herself

SNSD's Jessica shares simple yet very cute photos of herself.

Recently, she updated her UFO Town account and changed her profile picture. In her new photo that she shared via her UFO Town account you can see her with various poses. Some poses shows her cute side and others show her candid side.

Jessica indeed looks very cute in her photos with her warm smile and cute poses. It seems that the photos were taken while she was filming on set. Netizens commented, "Shes very pretty", "Jessica is a goddess", "It already looks like a pictorial".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

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Leeteuk shaves his head?

On October 26th, Super Junior’s Leeteuk tweeted, “I’m cutting my hair, and I can’t stop thinking about the bald head song that I sung so many times when I was young. I only look good when I have hair but I’m done now. Hahaha.”

Leeteuk is starting his mandatory military service on October 30th, and it seems that the singer made such a post while he was cutting his hair short for it.

Netizens commented, “I still can’t believe that he will be away for such a long time”, “We will wait for you” and “It’s so sad.”

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Psy takes a photo with the cast of The View and Jersey Shore

More and more are still into the Psy Syndrome. On the 27th of October, Psy updated his twitter accounts and shared a couple of photos of him while he was promoting in the US. He shared photos of him posing with the vast of the show "The View" and "Jersey Shore".

You can see Psy posing the famous horse riding move in "Gangnam Style" with the rest of "The View" cast and he posed side by side the cast of popular reality show "Jersey Shore". Netizens commented, "I bet his english is very fluent now", "He has a lot of A-list friends now", "I think the Psy Syndrome will continue until next year".

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B.A.P is back with “Stop It” on ‘Music Core’

After the successful promotions for “Crash”, power rookies B.A.P is back with their third single “Stop It” featuring a nostalgic and fun sound straight from the ’80s.

Returning as blonde warriors once more, B.A.P is showing an upgraded charisma with their fifth promotion cycle this year. “Stop It” was produced by Duble Sidekick and Kim Hee Won, who also participated in B.A.P’s latest single, “Crash”.

Check out their performance below!

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Girl’s Day returns with “Don’t Forget Me” on ‘Music Core’

After releasing their comeback fifth single “Don’t Forget Me” earlier, Girl’s Day, who is returning as a four-member girl group, is officially kickstarting their comeback promotions on this week’s ‘Music Core’.

The adorable ladies of Girl’s Day will be swapping their now-signature cute image for a more sleek and sexy style for “Don’t Forget Me”. The new track marks the group’s first comeback six long months since their last activity with “Oh My God” and Jihae’s departure.

Check out their performance below!

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Infinite Sungyeol crowns as “Abrupt Idol”

Infinite member Sungyeol reveals his abrupt manner which is too way different from his on screen image and earns him a new character.

In JTBC, “Lee Su Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society” which will be broadcasted on October 27, Infinite uses their knowledge and start a quiz to challenge one another.

Given different questions in various fields like vocabulary, proverb, idioms etc, Sungyeol constructed unbelievable questions for the members.

Unfortunately, because of the hard-constructed questions, members can't even understand. Moreover, whenever the answer isn't clearly stated, Sungyeol shouts. In result, he earned a nickname "empty wagon" from Lee Su Geun in which Sungyeol feels ashamed.

Afterwards, realizing that they won't win anymore, he said, "Alright. Our questions are nonsense" and gave up the quiz which made people burst into laughters.

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ZE:A's Siwan takes his first adult role in "A Boy Who Went to Wonderland"

ZE:A's Im Siwan will debut on a big screen. He will also play his first ever adult role in the movie "A Boy Who Went to Wonderland."

Siwan's agency, Star Empire, stated, "Siwan had many movie offers and he finally accepted this one,"A Boy Who Went to Wonderland" which is his debut appearance in a film.

He continued, "He's been studying acting consistently in spite of busy schedules as a singer and in variety shows. His passion towards acting will develop himself to become a better actor."

"A Boy Who Went to Wonderland" is a horror-fantasy filled movie directed by Lee Jae Yong. Siwan will act alongside Koo Hye Sun who is the leading lady.

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2PM Junho goes to police station?

On October 26, 2PM Junho tweeted that he visited a police station in Gangnam.

Junho, along with actress Han Hyo Joo got spare time to do an interview with detectives for their upcoming movie "Surveillance".

He tweeted, "Went to police station in Gangnam to conduct interview with detectives for the movie "Surveillance". Upon knowing their stories, I believed that they are great and hard working. I am congratulating Korea's police officers! Take care or yourselves."

In the movie, Junho is an ace police officer. He got idea on how to play his character by visiting police officers during their work before they shoot the movie.

"Surveillance" is Junho's debut film. The film is about a group of police officers tailing a secret group who commits crimes.

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121027 Music Core Performers List

♬ Comeback Stage
- miss A『If I were a boy』『I Don't Need A Man』
- Hyuna『Don’t Fall Apart』『Ice Cream』
- Ailee『Show You』
♬ Special Stage
- AOA(feat. MIJI)『Get Out』
♬ Good-bye Stage
- Gain『Bloom』
- Orange Caramel『Lipstick』
♬ Hot stage
- TVXQ『Catch me』
- K.will『Don't Be Like This』
- 100%『Bad Guy』
♬ Sound-HOLIC
- Chunja『Tonight』
- She’z『UU』
- OFFROAD『Be bop』
- Mr.Mr『Who’s that girl』
♬ New Song
- B.A.P『Please Don't』
- Girl’s Day 『Don't Forget Me』 

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