[PICTURE] Hyoyeon and Seohyun's goddess-like photos for LG TV!

 Here are some BTS photos of SNSD's Hyoyeon and Seohyun for LG TV,check out the photos attached here.

The girls are dressed in elegant dress for the CF,any comment regarding their beauty?

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[PICTURE] NS Yoonji's sexy selca!

Solo singer NS Yoonji made her comeback on Music Core today with "I Got You"/

She tweeted the photo above before her performance,showing off her pretty look and asked fans to watch her performance.

Have you checked out her comeback stage?

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[NEWS] T-ara's 20,000 seat concert dates at Budokan are sold out!

Girl group T-ara have sold out their show at their at the Nippon Budokan arena.

According to Core Contents Media, T-ara have sold out all the 20,000 seats at their two dates at the Nippon Budokan arena in Tokyo on the 25th and 26th of this month.

Rather than the shows being on a weekend, they shows are on a weekday and still were sold out. T-ara's popularity in Japan has been confirmed by this. Selling out the Budokan is the dream of Japanese singers, and some Korean singers have performed there in the past including TVXQ, Lee Seunggi, 2PM and FT Island.

In June, T-ara had concerts in various Japanese cities including Osaka and Fukuoka and most recently in Hokkaido. The Buddokan concerts in Tokyo will be the finale.

Last summer, T-ara's debut song "Bo Peep Bo Peep" set a new record by being the first Korean girl group to debut at #1 on the Oricon Daily and Weekly charts.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120720n11977
Credit: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

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[NEWS] Teen Top, from fighting on air to a surprise kiss ‘extreme teamwork’!

The Teen Top members displayed their extreme teamwork from fighting on air to a surprise kiss.

In the recent recording of SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue’, Teen Top leader C.A.P gave Ricky a kick as punishment had caught everyone’s attention. When MC Taehyun asked “Although you guys have great teamwork normally, if there is a member you want to leave out in Teen Top, who would it be?”, without any hesitation, Ricky replied C.A.P. Hence C.A.P took his revenge.

Not only that, C.A.P gave Ricky a kick as punishment once again when Ricky started making weird noises during the mouth-to-mouth passing paper game. C.A.P was exceptionally firm only towards Ricky. When MC Taehyun asked “What’s the reason for being so strict with Ricky only” and C.A.P replied “Because I treasure Ricky”, showing his unique affection.

On the other hand, continuing from last week’s battle to become ‘the in-trend guy whom people want to go on a summer holiday with’, in episode 6 of SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue’, the final mission is the game of luck cooking battle. They have to play several games in order to earn the ingredients needed for the cooking battle. In the mouth-to-mouth passing paper game, Teen Top shocked the staff on site with their powerful suction like that of a vacuum cleaner. In addition, during the game, maknae line Ricky and Changjo lips had almost touched due to an accident occurring, which brought laughter to the set.

You can check out Teen Top leader C.A.P’s unique expression of affection for Ricky and maknae line Ricky & Changjo’s surprise kiss accident on SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue’ 21st, 9PM KST.

eng trans: @oursupaluv

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We always thought she (Minzy) was only good at singing and dancing. But judging from the artwork she randomly draws and scribbles during her alone-time, you can tell she has extraordinary artistic dexterity. We also thought that the only genre of music she would ever know and love was Hip-Hop, but she has recently been falling into the sounds of Rock and Roll as well. Now we know the exact reason why 2NE1 is called a group of “artists”. But out of the four members, Minzy’s cultural sensibility is even more than what we expected… and so are the artworks she has drawn herself with her favorites musicians as motives.

While working as 2NE1, I really enjoy listening to Hip-Hop often. But I also really enjoy listening to the sounds of Rock. And of all the Rock music I listen to, RADIOHEAD is a group that no one can replace in my heart. They are also a group of musicians who are so great that I could never forget to include in my playlists. I’m disappointed that I will not be able to attend the Jisan Valley Rock Festival, in which I chose Radiohead as my #1 priority to see, because it overlaps with our 2NE1 concert. If only I had the time, I would definitely go…. there will come a day when I’ll be able to watch Radiohead live with my own eyes, right?

Michael Jackson is the world’s greatest artist that everyone respects. Even his greatest classics, gestures, and strong sense of fashion are well-respected. I bet there isn’t a single person who hasn’t attempted the moonwalk as a child. Especially the scene in his “Smooth Criminal” music video where he looks like he’s about to fall over, I think I watched that part over 100 times in one sitting. When it comes to Michael Jackson music videos, I’ve watched every single one of them so many times to the point I’ve memorized them all. He is an artist that has given me an enormous amount of influence with his many dances. I remember crying a lot while watching the scene in his movie where he dances to Billy Jean for the last time before his death. I think I might listen and dance to Michael Jackson even when I become a grandmother.

When I listen to the guitar riff that comes out in the beginning of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, I feel like my heart is going to explode. I also think there is a strong spell that cannot be forgotten when listening to Kurt Cobain’s voice in their classic ‘Come As You Are’. I became a fan the very moment I first listened to Nirvana’s music. From records to DVDs, I have collected everything related to Nirvana. And I’ll say this for future reference, my ideal man is Kurt Cobain. How great would it have been if Nirvana still performed until this very day and had a world tour? I know for sure that I would have followed them around, like a groupie, to every nook and cranny of the world just to hear them live.

Rolling Stones is practically another word for “Rock N Roll” and also the #1 musician of my life. I have drawn several pictures using lips and mouths as a motive in the past, and I think it’s safe to say that I was greatly influenced by the witty Rolling Stones tongue symbol. I know they are a group that came into being way before I was even born, but Mick Jagger was extremely charismatic and charming when he was young. Even his unique and famous groove moves were impressive. If you watch the DVD of the Rolling Stones’ commemorative concert for Brian Jones at Hyde Park in 1969, you’ll be able to see and realize just how explosive and popular they were back then. It’s one of the few DVDs I cherish the most because it perfectly captures the Rolling Stones members, their hundreds and thousands of fans, and also the fashion trend back in 1969.

Q: Have you been learning and receiving art lessons since the past?
A: Ever since I was little, I attended an art center similar to a daycare for kids. Thanks to those art lessons, I hadn’t forgotten about or let go of art, even up until I reached middle school and high school. However, I am only enjoying art and drawing as a hobby because I still think music is the more suitable path for me.

Q: I think you are good enough to become an illustrator in the future.
A: I really like rock bands, especially the Rolling Stones. And I also love Andy Worhol’s Marilyn Monroe print. So by combining the two, I would often get inspired to draw Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark (mole) to my Rolling Stones-inspired lip drawings. Whenever I’m feeling tired or getting stressed, I like to cram myself into my room and just draw. That eventually helps release all the stress away.

Q: When people think of 2NE1, the first thing that pops into their mind is a hip-hop genre based group. But surprisingly, you have more of a rock-spirit than the others. Are there any musicians you are inspired by on a daily basis?
A: I love hip-hop, of course. But I have recently been focusing on rock sounds more. I like the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Guns N’ Roses a lot. I’m sad because I wasn’t able to go to a Lenny Kravitz concert when he visited Korea not long ago because I had other schedules to attend. I also want to go see Radiohead at the upcoming Jisan Valley Rock Restival, but I’m disappointed that I’m not going to be able to go because it overlaps with our concert.

Q: Aside from music, what are some other cultural aspects have you been fixiated on?
A: I’ve been falling deeply for the fun in reading lately. I recently read Guillaume Musso’s in no time because I couldn’t stop reading it; it was that good.

Q: I also heard you really enjoy movies.
A: I was so intrigued by that I rewatched it over 300 times. Whether it be artistic value, literary value, or mass appeal, there isn’t a single thing about that I would criticize. I think it’s the greatest movie that has ever captured an extreme measure. The scene that leaves the greatest impression is when the flowers are planted and Sting’s ‘Shape of My Heart’ begins to play in the background; I cried so much at this scene. It was so sad. My heart hurt so much. I cried so much as if I had become Matilda (character in the movie) myself and everyone seemed surprised.

Q: Do you usually watch a movie by engaging your full emotions?
A: I don’t really have many tears, nor do I cry often. I watched with Bom and she sat beside me bawling the whole time. I kept thinking to myself ‘why is she crying?’ and felt completely fine throughout the whole movie. That’s why the people around me kept teasing, “You’re so cold-blooded.” But I cry every time I watch .

Q: I recently watched and cried because I was so absorbed in the science fiction….
A: Oh, then have you seen ? Isn’t it really fun? I feel like we have similar taste.

Q: Then what other social activities do you often enjoy?
A: I usually watch movies all the time. There was a time when I didn’t have any schedules, so I practically lived at the movie theater for a whole week.

Q: Ultimately, what kind of artist do you aim to become?
A: I want be an entertainer that doesn’t just work in one specific field, but a variety of things. If I become an artist that influences people in many different directions and aspects, I think I would be satisfied for having achieved my biggest goal. I will not be picky about any genre. I want to become an artist that only receives love and credit though music and not through art, movies, or acting.

Source: 1st Look
Translations: swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com

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[NEWS] On the site at the 2NE1 rehearsal ‘Serious yet lively!

On the 18th in the afternoon at the KBS Sports World Gymnasium in west Seoul.

These four girls, who although dressed in casual wear, cannot hide their charisma, are deeply engaged in conversation with foreigners. The girls in question are no other than idol group 2NE1.

With their Seoul concert approaching quickly, in order to prepare appropriately for the occasion, these girls are engulfed in passion to prepare every single movement they will be doing on stage, with world class performance staff.

On the 28th and the 29th, they will be holding their individual concerts at Olympic Park located in Seoul. Since this will be their first domestic concert in a year, as well as the kick off for their world tour, it holds extraordinary meaning to the members.

Unprecedented before in the Korean music industry, YG Entertainment has prepared the stage and lighting arrangements that they will be using at the actual concert at the KBS Sports World Gymnasium two weeks before the actual concert, and is ensuring that the 2NE1 members get sufficient practice in before.

The expenses laid out for these rehearsals, which began on the 16th, were not small, however YG is using this to repay 2NE1 for their great determination to present the greatest of performances for this concert.

2NE1 will be practicing until the 22nd at the KBS Sports World Gym, and move on to the actual gymnasium in Olympic Park on the 25th.

Even on the 4th day of their concert rehearsal, the 18th, the 2NE1 members displayed serious expressions while practicing.

YG representatives stated “From the very first day, the girls have been putting their greatest efforts in their practice starting at 1PM and going till 11PM at night.”

What caught our eyes is 2NE1′s frequent conversations held between them and the top class performance staff from around the world. World class choreographer and director, Travis Payne, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Madonna, etc. and who has received awards at the MTV Video

Music Awards for his work, along with assistant director, Stacy Walker, consults 2NE1 about even the finest details. Usually she talks with the leader, CL, then CL passes the message along to the members. Then the members proceed to get back to work.

Star News met with Travis Payne on location who complimented them greatly, “2NE1 is a surprising girl group.”
“It’s obvious that they’re amazing at music and performances, but they’re also confident and cute.”
He smiled and continued, “Even at the thought of seeing 2NE1′s performance, I’m excited.”, “I’m excited to see 2NE1 grow up as artists in the future, and I feel honoured to have been able to work with them.”

Being surrounded by people from production designer, Michael Cotton, who has participated in the designing of the Super Bowl as well as the Olympics, to the bassist and director of Beyonce’s band, Divinity Roxx, 2NE1 is absorbed in their preparations. But instead of being timid, the girls are lively engaging themselves with the staff members, and are working to connect the dots of their performance amongst this friendly atmosphere.

Although the 2NE1 members are worn out, they can be seen diligently taking care of their managers and company staff.

Gong Minji, who has turned 18 this year and resident cutie pie, has recently been obsessed with playing with remote control cars during break time, and bringing up the mood of those around her.
Just like this, 2NE1, although serious, has been preparing for the first concert of their world tour in a lively manner. As a result, is even more of a reason to anticipate meeting these girls at the end of this month.

Source: Naver
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com

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[INFO] Seungri "Other members also like Japanese Food"!

Seungri revealed in his Diary on Josei Seven Magazine that Big Bang members like Japanese Foods.

Seungri said:
Everyone, have you had your meal? For this week too, me, VI will tell you more about BIGBANG’s private life!

In Korea, the phrase “Have you eaten?” has become like a greeting, which shows that food is really important. My favorite food is gyudon (rice bowl), so among the members, we started our day with asking “Have you eaten gyudon?” (laugh). But as entertainer, I have to think about my body shape, right? That’s why, every time after I ate oily foods, I’ll drink Oolong tea. Now, the fridge in my room is filled with Oolong tea and green tea’s bottles (laugh).

Whether in Korea or in Japan, when we’re doing our activity as 5, usually we’ll go out to eat together. Japanese foods are so delicious, and we really like ramenand curry! Among members, TOP is the most fussy about foods. If the food doesn’t suit his taste, he’s not going to eat it even if he’s hungry. But he really has a sweet tooth, he eats youkan(sweet bean jelly) with ice cream on top of it (laugh). He doesn’t like something that’s really spicy, but he likes sushi and wine.

GD (G-DRAGON) is thin but he eats a lot. He often eats such as steak, rice bowl, plenty of dishes, and also sweets. I’m jealous since he’s not gaining weight!SOL who has a muscular body, likes to eat grilled meat. D-LITE said he dislikes Baumkuchen and donuts (laugh)

Well, we have what we like and don’t but among us there’s no one that’s really a big eater (gluttonous)~ We’re different from the ‘MONSTER’(new song title), we’re just a normal person (laugh)

Today’s photo was taken when all 5 of us went to eat sushi after the concert last time. Honestly, my stomach was full since I already ate the catering food. But since TOP said, “Let’s go to eat”, that moment I thought “Eeh!” but then I just agreed by saying “Okay”. Then, every time they’ll say “Why don’t you eat this”, and offer me such as pink color of Otoro that looks pretty much like GD’s hairstyle, or some sweet shrimp, they made me ate a lot.

I’m forcing myself, this is some painful part of being the youngest right? (laugh)

VI’s solo photo cap: I ate spaghetti with thick sauce while recording for Nagoya TV show. On top of it, there were Nagoya’s famous food which is chicken wing,miso cutlet and fried shrimp. After the recording along with 10 staffs we ate it all

Photo at sushi restaurant’s cap: After ended the first day Alive Tour concert in Saitama Super Arena, with all members we went to sushi restaurant. We cheered “Let’s work hard tomorrow” with oolong tea

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[NEWS] C-CLOWN's member Siu wants to be like Taeyang!

C-CLOWN's member Siu wants to be like B?ig Bang's Taeyang.

C-CLOWN is a new six-member male group that will debut under Yedang Entertainment, who recently had an interview for the first time. In that interview, one of the member, Siu (19) who comes from Gwangju, said, “Looking at Big Bang’s Taeyang with his vocal and dance skill, I have a dream (to be like him).” He continued, “I wanted to be a singer who represent both strength and softness, like Taeyang.“

Source: Nate via @YB_518

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[NEWS] ‘Dr. Jin’ Kim Jae Joong captivates the viewers with his sophisticated acting!

A great number of viewers are falling for Kim Jae Joong’s character in ‘Dr. Jin’.

Kim Jae Joong is recently casting in MBC Drama ‘Dr. Jin’ as Kim Kyung Tak, and he is captivating the viewers with his charming and charismatic character.

In the drama, Kim Kyung Tak faces uncountable number of troubles, and he gets a lot of disadvantages because of the environment.

However, he never loses himself, and silently overcome the given environment.

Kim Kyung Tak is getting more and more mature as the plot develops, and the viewers are highly complimenting Kim Jae Joong’s amazing talent in acting.

An official said, “Kim Kyung Tak is a very complex character, and how Kim Jae Joong manages his role is amazing. There are more interesting things to take place in the plot, so please keep your precious love and support.”

Source: SG Yahoo

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[NEWS] Rooftop Prince to be broadcast in Romania!

Rooftop Prince to be aired in Romanian channel.

After Protect the Boss and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it is time for Rooftop Prince to be seen on Romain channel. Euforia Tv will broadcast Rooftop Prince, one of the best Korean dramas featuring JYJ's Park Yoochun. They will air the drama starting on 23rd of July at 16:00. Rooftop Prince will be watched every Monday to Friday.

The drama will be called as 'Two Sisters for a Prince'. Dont miss it!

Credit: Euforia
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

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[NEWS] Hallyu Star Park Yoochun Chosen as Seoul representative!

JYJ’s Park Yoochun has been chosen by foreigners as the hallyu star to best promote Seoul.

Park Yoochun topped the survey that was released on the 20th.

The survey was conducted last month for 3 days via website. A total of 2,800 people took part including 2,474 foreigners and 326 locals.

Following Park Yoochun are actors Lee MinHo and Kim Soohyun. Some of the reasons for selecting Park Yoochun are good looks, soft image, and having a hard life toward success, etc.

Source: startnews
Translated By: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3

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RELIVE IT: Exclusive CHI CHI Live Stream on allkpop!

Earlier this week, CHI CHI was here for our exclusive live video chat event with our wonderful allkpop readers. Fans worldwide tuned in to see CHI CHI live and answer the questions that you asked!

For those of you who missed it, don’t worry, you can now RELIVE the entire experience all over again. CHI CHI didn’t hesitate to share all their little secrets only for their allkpop fans! CHI CHI also had awesome game sessions that had those watching the livestream double over in laughter!

All of the questions answered were submitted by our readers, so find out if any of your questions made the cut!

Without further ado, RELIVE the live stream only on allkpop!

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[VIDEO] NS Yoonji said "I Got You" on Music Core!

NS Yoonji made her much anticipated comeback on Music Core,check out her performance for new song titled "I Got You"

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[VIDEO[ C-Clown made their "Solo" debut on Music Core!

New boys C-Clown made their debut on Music Core with "Solo",check out their amazing debut stage here!

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu rewrites K-pop history with his world tour!

JYJ member Junsu who has embarked on his solo career will write a new K-pop history of his own. Wrapping up his Asia tour which made stops in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and China, he is now preparing for another tour, this time in North and South America and Europe.

His first solo album “Tarantalegra” dominated international music charts, including Germany’s Asia music chart, Chile’s Etc…TV pop chart and Japan’s iTunes music chart. It also ranked on Billboard’s top 10 world album along with its music video entering at No.1 on a Chinese weekly music video chart.

Junsu planned out a world tour from the early stage of his solo career as he had limited access to his fans with TV. So he consulted able promoters who were in charge of previous JYJ world tour, and planned out one for himself this time that would make two to three stops in the each continent.

Junsu is currently working on repackaging his first solo album in English for the upcoming world tour. World-renowned producer Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer who had collaborated with American singer Christina Aguilera and music video director Marc Klasfeld who worked with Beyonce, Eminem and Jay-Z participate in the repackaging process for Junsu’s album and the music video.

As the news of Kim Junsu’s world tour spread out, his fans across the country take part in a campaign, wishing his tour made a stop in their nations. Fans in Peru made a collection of photos in which every single one of them was holding Junsu’s album and poster. His Mexican fans created a 5-minute video, entitled “Mexico is always waiting for you JYJ” on Youtube. Fans around Europe and South America posted messages online wishing for his visit to their countries.

A pop-culture critic in Korea said Kim Junsu was the very first solo musician launching a “world” tour, and his challenge would be worth looking at, because his overseas success could open a whole new world for solo artists, who did not relatively have much opportunities in the overseas music market, compared to idol groups.

Kim Junsu’s repackage to his first solo album will be released in the middle of August, and he will kick off his highly-anticipated world tour in the end of this August.

Credit: AsiaToday

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[INFO] Confirmation Of B1A4’s Appearance In KMF 2012 ~5TH KOREAN WAVE MUSIC FESTIVAL In Japan!

It is confirmed that B1A4 will appear in the 5th edition of the Korean Wave Music Festival ‘KMF’.

KMF2012~ 5th Korean Wave Music Festival (www.japankorea.org)
● September 15th (Sat), Sapporo
Venue: Nitori Cultural Hall Venue Doors open: 1500 / Festival starts: 16:00 JST
● September 17th (Mon), Tokyo (Public Holiday)
Venue: Shibuya Public Hall Doors open: 17:45 / Festival starts: 18:30 JST
★ Performers: B1A4, Dalmatian, A-JAX
★ Organised by: KMF Executive Committee
★ Organisors: NPO Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Corporation / MBC MUSIC
★ Sponsored by: GFSC (Good Friends Save the Children)
★ For enquiries: NPO Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange 050-5538-0304 (10:00 to 18:00 on Weekdays and Saturdays)

● Enquiries about this event will only be entertained when made to the contact mentioned above.
● In addition, the official fanclubs of the performing groups will not be handling the sale of the tickets.

trans cr: tables @ AVIATEB1A4
s: www.japankorea.org

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[NEWS] Orange Caramel to perform at ‘a-nation’ music festival

After School’s trio sub-unit Orange Caramel has been set to perform at Japan’s summer festival ‘a-nation’.

On July 20th, the official website of a-nation released the line-up of ‘a-nation Music Week Asia Progress F’, which will be aired on August 10. Orange Caramel appears on the list along with AKB48, one of the most sought after groups in Japan.

Orange Caramel had their first performance in Japan at After School’s first Japanese concert tour ‘Playgirlz’ back on April and will give their second performance in the country through a-nation.

‘a-nation Music Week Asia Progress F’ will be held at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo on August 10.

Source: Star Daily News

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[PICTURE] 4Minute's Gayoon poses with snake for Dazed & Confused!

 4Minute's main vocal Gayoon undergoes drastic transformation for the latest issue of Dazed and Confused magazine.

The theme of the pictorial is "the girl who loves snakes".

Gayoon garnered much attention with her white hair and stylish make-up in the pictorial.

She is seen posing elegantly with a snake (2m long) in the first photo,brave enough?

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

[PICTURE] MBLAQ’s Mir shares a photo of his mother and sister

MBLAQ’s Mir shared a recent photo of his mother and sister.

On July 20th, Mir posted a photo on his personal Twitter with the caption, “My mother and my older sister. They still want to live like teenagers.”

In the photo, Mir’s mother and sister poses adorably for the camera. Both of them show off their beautiful features, proving the superior genes of the family.

Netizens commented, “The two are so beautiful”, “They both look exactly like their mom” and “I can see Mir and Go Eun Ah in their mother.”

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon finishes ‘Dancing with the Stars II’

On July 20th, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon ended her run on “Dancing with the Stars II” in the finale with a second place finish.

After dancing her way into the finals last week with the season’s first score of 10 given by the judges, Hyoyeon and her partner Hyungsuk took the stage in the finals for two dances. The first dance was a Paso Doble with Hyoyeon dressed in a brilliant red gown. Hyoyeon received high marks for the very technical dance, getting a score of 10-9-10 from the judges for a total of 29 points.

Hyoyeon and Hyungsuk’s second dance was a Cha-cha-cha where Hyoyeon even got a chance to show off her popping skills. She looked stunning in a blue and silver dress, and the judges awarded her another 10-9-10 score, bringing her total for the night up to 58 points. Her competition for the finals was Choi Yeojin and her partner Park Jiwoo, who had a total of 58 points as well, leaving the deciding vote to the viewers. After voting was finished, in a climactic finale, Choi Yeojin’s team was deemed the winner of the second season of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Fellow Girls’ Generation members Yoona and Seohyun came to the live broadcast to show their support for Hyoyeon and were shown multiple times throughout the show cheering excitedly for her.

Fans were disappointed with the results, but they also expressed how proud they were of Hyoyeon making it to the finals and for dancing so well.

It was a long season of hard work where Hyoyeon would practice until early in the morning and in hotel rooms while traveling for Girls’ Generation’s overseas performances. Although Hyoyeon did not win, she showed throughout the entire season how much passion she has for dance and how talented she is.

Congratulations to Hyoyeon and her partner Hyungsuk for their amazing accomplishments on “Dancing with the Stars II”.

Written by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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[NEWS] Teen Top to wrap up promotions with orchestra version of “To You”

Teen Top will be wrapping up their promotions for latest title track “To You”. For their final stage, the boys prepared a special orchestra version of the song.

According to T.O.P Media, Teen Top will be performing a newly arranged, orchestra version of their track “To You” for the group’s goodbye stage on ‘Music Core’. The special performance was prepared by the boys to show more appreciation for the fans before going into their hiatus.

“To You” is the title track listed in their third mini-album "aRtisT," released on May 30. The track attracted attention with its addictive tune and choreography. With this orchestral version, fans are looking forward how the song will be transformed.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

120721 Music Core performers list

♬ Comeback Stage
- NS Yoonji『I Got You』
♬ HOT Debut
- GLAM『Party (XXO)』
♬ Special Stage
- TEEN TOP『To You(remix)』
♬ HOT Stage
- Super Junior『Sexy, Free & Single』
- SISTAR『Loving U』
- Jang Woo Young『Sexy Lady』
- After School『Flashback』
- Boom『Let Me Play』
- Boyfriend『Love Style』
♬ Sound-HOLIC
- M.I.B『Only Hard For Me』
- Chi Chi『Love is Energy』
- MY NAME『Hello&Goodbye』
- Gangkiz『MAMA』
- F.I.X『My Girl』
- N-Train『I’ll forget you』
♬ New Songs
- B.A.P『No Mercy』
- Gilme(feat. Eun Ji Won)『Me First』

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[PICTURE] Hello Venus' Yoo Ara uploads angelic selcas!

Hello Venus' Yoo Ara updated her Me2day with 2 new selcas.

She is seen posing adorably in the photos above,showing her innocent charm.

She said,"It has been a while,now we are going to perform live at Global Super Idol,i'm nervous".

Hello Venus is currently promoting their new song "Like A Wave",like her new selca?

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[PICTURE] Yoona's charming selcas!

 SNSD's Yoona brightens your day with a set of new selcas.

The photos above were taken at the filming set of Baby G CF,she is seen wearing the red outfit in the CF in the photos above.

Showing off various lovely expressions,she is gorgeous as usual.

Another bonus photo of Yoona for GiRL perfume!

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[PICTURE] Eunhyuk,Yonghwa,Nichkhun,Eunjung & more film Running Man!

Running Man will broadcast its special episode soon,some teasers for you guys here.

SJ's Eunhyuk,2PM's Nichkhun,BEAST's Doojoon,CN Blue's Yonghwa,MBLAQ's Lee Joon,ZE:A's Siwan and T-ara's Eunjung were spotted filming for the special episode,check out the photos taken at the filming set here!

Do you anticipate the airing of this episode?

Credits:KBS and Tarafan

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[NEWS] Even an American man falls for Yoseob's cuteness!

The American man smiling at Yang Yoseob gathers attention.

In the picture, the American man is a internationally famous choreographer, Robert Steinbacher, who came to the Korean studios to film 'BEAST bodyART".

The filming went on until very late at night, causing the BEAST members to get very tired. By looking at their expressions, Robert shouted encouragements to them, and helped Yang Yoseob stretch his arms.

The fatherly smile that Robert gives Yang Yoseob is recieving many attention from B2UTIES.

Fans replied with: "Even an American ajusshi fell for Yoseob's 100% cuteness! I want to see it~ I hope the comeback date comes soon!" , "The bodyART filming studio is very friendly~ I wonder how the other members are like", "Yoseob is an obstacle! If you fall into his charismatic side, you can't come back out!" , "By looking at Robert's fatherly smile, us fans are making motherly smiles!"

'BEAST bodyART' DVD will be on sale in September, and their 5th mini album will be relased on July 22nd.

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[NEWS] Seo In Guk possible to have feelings for A Pink’s Eunji?

Singer Seo In Guk confessed that he might have feelings for A Pink's Eunji who is also cast on Respond 1997.

Seo In Guk appeared on tvN's 'Taxi'. Eun Ji Won, one of the casts of Respond 1997, shared that "There is something with Seo In Guk and Eunji, I saw that when he grabbed Eunji's hand, his face turned red"

In reply to what Eun Ji Won said, Seo In Guk responded "At first, I didn't have special feelings for Eunji but when I started working with her, I think I might have feelings for her."

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[NEWS] JYP Entertainment to hold ‘Fan’s Day’ event

JYP Entertainment and its artists will be holding a special ‘Fan’s Day’ event to show their appreciation for their fans.

Launching for the first time this year, the company aims to hold it annually in the beginning of August. This year, the special event will be held at Seoul’s Platoons Kunsthalle from August 3 to 5 and fans will be able to attend the event for free.

‘Fan’s Day’ will feature various attractions including fan art, exhibitions on the artists’ outfits, dance cover contests and more surprise events.

In regards to the upcoming event, a JYP Entertainment official stated, “We decided to host this event to draw closer to our fans who alsways give so much love to JYP Entertainment. We hope many fans will take part and have an intimate time with the artists.”

The free tickets for the event will become available on July 25.

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[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong, the next Lee Byung Hun on ‘City Conquest’?

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is currently filming the drama ‘City Conquest’ in Japan. The fancy action, intense bike chase and car blow-up’s are done by the special effects team from the drama ‘IRIS’. These scenes have been planned and calculated days before the actual taking to prevent accidents.

According to the reports, Kim Hyun Joong jumped onto a bike the moment he saw one on the set and drove it around without difficulty.

However, as the shooting started, the set was filled with tense and silence. The director Yang Yoon Ho shouted, “Action!” and the shooting started with monstrous roar from the motorcycles.

The professional crew members, who were in charge of special effects in ‘IRIS’, exploded two cars. With a huge blast and flames, pieces of shrapnel flew everywhere, realistically creating the thrilling car explosion scene.

Apparently, ‘City Conquest’ is being dramatized so the security is tight. The cars and the bikes are just the beginning.

‘City Conquest’ is produced by Yang Yoon Ho from ‘IRIS’ and is being expected as the second ‘IRIS’. The background is going to take place in America, China, Singapore, Myanmar, the Switzerland and more.

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[NEWS] Chinese media blasts Jang Dong Gun

Jang Dong Gun was one of the most-searched keywords in China yesterday, following reports of the plummeting value of property the actor purchased last year.

Portal Web sites like Baidu featured keywords such as “Jang Dong Gun” and “real estate investment” side-by-side after news broke last week of Jang’s property decreasing in value.

On July 13, Korean conglomerate research firm Chaebol.com listed the value of properties owned by well-known public figures.

The Web site said the building Jang purchased in June 2011 for 12.6 billion won ($11 million) had depreciated to just 3.4 billion won. Chinese media called Jang a “rookie” investor, telling readers that entertainers often make similar mistakes.

Meanwhile, Jang is in the spotlight in Korea because of his starring role in the hit drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity.”

Last year, the Hallyu actor starred in the blockbuster movie “My Way,” directed by Kang Je-gyu.

Source: JoongAng Daily

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[NEWS] Jang Dong Gun shows off drum skills on ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

Actor Jang Dong Gun rocks out on the drums in the SBS drama, ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’!

On the 17th episode of the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ which will be aired on the 21st, Jang Dong Gun will put on a show for the woman he loves.

With tie loose and sleeves up, Jang Dong Gun plays the drums like a pro drummer as he twirls his drumstick around with one hand before engaging in an energetic performance.

According to the production team, Jang Dong Gun’s serenade scene was taken on the 18th in Seoul. He held the sticks in both hands with a look of coolness and heated up the atmosphere. The actor learned how to drum for a fan meeting in the past and has continued learning it until now.

The production claim, “Everyone was surprised at his amazing performance. He was almost professional.”

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[NEWS] Psy to parody SISTAR’s “Alone” at upcoming concert

Psy, who recently made a comeback, has announced that he will be performing SISTAR’s “Alone” at his upcoming concert.

The singer is known for his hilarious parodies of female stars such as Lee Hyori, BoA, Park Ji Yoon, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Girls’ Generation. This time, Psy will be treating fans with a parody performance of SISTAR’s hit song “Alone”.

Psy stated, “To satisfy everyone’s expectations, I’ll be wearing a skin-tight dress and perform SISTAR’s ‘Alone’."

Psy’s upcoming summer concert ‘Summer Stand the Drenched Show’ will be held on August 11th at the Jamsil Indoors Stadium in Seoul.

Source: Nate

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[NEWS] Supernova’s Sungje injures his ankle during practice

Supernova’s Sungje has suffered an injury to his ankle.

According to Supernova’s agency, Sungje began feeling pain in his left foot during their rehearsal for a new song of the group on July 18th. Upon being examined at a hospital, it turned out to be a rupture of the ankle’s ligament and will take up to 4 weeks to heal.

Aiming to repay the fans’ support, the members have been practicing excessively for the upcoming concerts in Japan and their scheduled Korean comeback in August. Unfortunately, Sungje suffered an injury and is currently wearing a cast.

Sungje expressed his regret saying, “I am sorry for causing the fans to worry because of my carelessness. I will keep my promise with fans and stick with my original schedules.”

Meanwhile, Supernova’s Korean activities planned for the middle of August will inevitably be altered due to the injury. the agency is contemplating whether to push back Supernova’s comeback or the choreography will be simplified for the member.

Source: Newsen + starlightcss.com

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[NEWS] Jung sisters amaze with their exceptional beauty

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and her younger sister f(x)’s Krystal are the representative of beautiful-looking sisters in the Korean world of entertainment. Jessica’s Korean name is Jung SooYeon while Krystal’s is Jung SooJung and they are both known as the ‘Jung Sisters’ in the entertainment industry.

Being in the same agency but different groups, Jessica and Krystal receive lots of love from fans particularly for their exceptional beauty and talents. Besides that, the sisters have very unique sense of fashion, which garners a lot of attention among female fans. Everything about the Jung sisters, whose beauty are not bound by time and place, is being examined closely.

1. The resemblance of Jung sisters
At the start of her debut, in the eyes of many, Krystal seemed to resemble Yuri more than Jessica. However, if we examine closely, the sisters share many similar features. Their eyes may be different but the profile of their nose and lips tells us that they are indeed sisters. Also, the shape of their faces are also similar to each other.

Recently, Jessica and Krystal were involved in the photoshoot of the fashion magazine, Marie Claire. Dressed in the same outfits with the same hair styles, the two sisters look very much alike. With no bangs on their oval-shaped faces and styled long hair, as well as slim figures, the sisters would shine in any dress.

2. They even have similar body figures
The Jung sisters are known for their feminine ‘S’ curves. Similarly, with their slender legs, the sisters look stunning in skinny jeans. Also, we have also seen how well they have matched black skinny jeans and colored pants stylishly. Particularly, Jessica who is known for her fashionable airport attires, has attracted attention with her neat appearance as she appeared at an airport wearing a pair of oxford shoes to match her blue-colored pants.

In addition to that, the Jung sisters who have both appeared in baseball stadiums to make the opening pitches also wore matching skinny jeans and sport shoes, giving out the ‘sporty’ feel about them. However, wearing the sneakers, Krystal gave out and emphasized a somewhat casual feel but Jessica’s pink-colored sport shoes added more cuteness to her appearance instead.

Jung sisters’ unmissable feminine beauty is being highlighted whenever they put on dresses. At the 2012 Mnet ’20′s Choice’ Blue Carpet, Krystal was seen in a white mini-dress that flaunted her beautiful slim figure, much to the desire of every women. On the other hand, at the launching party of a certain brand, Jessica boasted both her feminine and sexy look at the same time with her see-through blouse and white skirt. Particularly, the see-through blouse has a crop top design, exposing part of her abs.

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