Taeyeon reveals a good news for Singaporean SONEs!

On June 22, SNSD went to Singapore for  2013 Asia Style Collection in Singapore. Right after the event,  Taeyeon uploaded series of selca on her instagram account. Along with her cool and pretty photos, she also revealed a good news that made every Singaporean SONEs happy.

She wrote on her instagram, "Singapore!!<----- ggnight="">" and "GGtour!!! Singapore♥just wait for October♥ #earlyOctober".

In her selcas, she was still wearing her outfit for the event which is a blue big-seized sweater and black winged cap.

Singaporean SONEs, are you excited?

Source: Taeyeon's instagram

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Taemin and NaEun's awkward skinship caused by Key and Minho

Looks like SHINee Minho and Key's appearance in WGM made Taemin nervous and uncomfortable in front of NaEun.

On June June 22nd episode of We Got Married, Key and Minho were invited as guests for the couple's housewarming party. Besides, they even prepared a cute cake for Taemin's celebration of Coming of Age Day.

Apparently, Key and Minho were bored as there's no interaction from the couple. Key initiated and asked Taemin to hold NaEun's hand while slicing the cake which Minho agreed on. The two seemed really awkward in the front of the two SHINee members.

Unsatisfied, Minho asked Taemin to put his arm around NaEun's shoulder which made Taemin really uncomfortable. However, thanks to his persistent hyungs, the couple were able to have a cute couple picture.

Watch the clip below:

Source: MBCentertainment@YT

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Sunye appears as glowing soon-to-be mom at Joo Ah Min's wedding

Wonder Girl's Sunye recently appeared at actress Joo Ah Min's wedding ceremony looking pretty with her husband.

The soon-to-be mom is all smiles at media and fans as she arrived at the wedding venue in Cheongdamdong, Seoul on June 22. She is simply glowing in her loose blue polo dress and looking bright.

Photo source: TV Daily

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Juniel and Roy Kim in white tees, couple look selca!

On June 22, Juniel uploaded a friendly selca with Roy Kim. It's not just a simple selca but the same-aged friends appeared like a couple as they wore white t-shirts.

She wrote on her twitter,"Chin Chin Radio Busking's same-age friend! It's been a while with Roy Roy who appeared wearing a bandana~~ Radio Busking fighting!!"

In the photo, the two were wearing plain white tees and seemingly enjoying their couple look. The two seemed close since they have the same age.

What do you think?

Source: Juniel's twitter

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Suzy reveals off-cam photo with Seung Gi and Sung Joon

On June 22, Miss A Suzy revealed a photo from the set of MBC drama “Gu Family Book.” The photo was apparently taken while the cast were having a break.

Suzy wrote, "Kang Chi. Yeo Wool. Gohn V". In the photo, fellow actors Lee Seung Gi and Sung Joon appeared. Especially Seung Gi who took the photo was smiling brightly in the camera.

Meanwhile, Gu Family Book is airing its final episodes this week. Don't forget to watch the last episodes.

Source: Suzy's twitter

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KARA to release 9th Japanese single in July

KARA is set to release their summer and its 9th Japanese  single "Thank You Summer Love".

After their  successful 8th Japanese single "Bye Bye Happy Days!", here is the new offer of KARA to their fans. This will feature a cute pop tune just perfect to refresh from a hot summer.

"Thank You Summer Love" will be heard starting on July 24.

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SOURCE: Universal Music Japan

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SNSD's Taeyeon uploads her first-ever instavideo

SNSD's Taeyeon updated her Instagram using its new feature, video. 

Taeyeon uploaded her first-ever Instavideo featuring ' Shingeki No Kyojin' with this caption "Instagram I love you. Now can you please fix my profile picture? #attackontitan #itsfunnynomatterhowmanytimesiwatchit"

She didn't hide how this anime made her laugh so much.

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SOURCE: instagram-taeyeon_ss

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2PM 'What Time Is It?' tour Grand Finale

What time is it? It's 11:00, uh no, it's  2PM!

2PM's ' What Time Is It? ' tour made its last leg performance in their hometown, Seoul, South Korea.

The  HOTTESTs  made sure to make this two-day concert a sold out. Over 15,000 fans gathered at  Jamsil Arena in Seoul  from June 21-22.

They opened up the stage with "Game Over", " I Was Crazy About You " and " I Hate You ". 

The boys also performed individually. They sang  their self-created songs from their special album, 'Grand Edition - GROWN'

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SOURCE: NooAoffy

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Lee Kwang Soo's commercial BTS unveiled!

Lee Kwang Soo’s  LG UPlus  commercial BTS photos were released just recently.
We can see in the photos that he's delighted and hands-on with the filming of the commercial. One photo reveals that he's checking the output with the staff. 
Meanwhile, he will be in MBC’s upcoming drama “ Goddess of Fire,” which will air in July.  

Watch the funny commercial below:

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SOURCE: Baeshin House

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Miss A's Fei photo, sexy or funny?

Miss A's Fei posted a photo on her twitter. She was holding on a hanger pole, and then posed sexy, but the epic fun of that picture is that she's wearing the humble slippers.

The sexy-funny picture was captioned, " I am not afraid by Eminem..."
난두렵지않아 I'm not afraid by Eminem... pic.twitter.com/1UQN6cYW31
— Fei (@missA_fei) June 20, 2013
Netizens who saw that commented, "So pretty", "She would do well with pole dance too", "Contrasting slippers", and "So cute." 

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SOURCE: @missA_fei

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Park Shinhye's first-ever solo fan meeting to start in Thailand

Park Shinhye is set to have her first-ever fan meeting in Asia entitled  "2013 Park Shinhye Asia Tour KISS OF ANGEL" .

She will visit Thailand as its first leg on June 29 a t the Siam Paragon Bangkok Royal's Paragon Cineplex , then  the Philippines, China, and Japan.

She became famous through her hit dramas such as "You're Beautiful," "Heartstrings" and "Flower Boy Next Door." 

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SOURCE: Sports Chosun

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MYNAME is set to have an expensive come back

MYNAME will have their come back early this July with a 500-million won music video.

MYNAME really made an expensive comeback with their 1st mini-album, "Baby I'm Sorry". They shot the MV  at the BEXCO (Busan Exhibition and Convention Center)   that features actor Yu Ohseong and Japanese MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama (Choo Sunghoon) and South Korean MMA Kim Donghyeon. It also gave an exposure for 100 persons.

MYNAME is set to release their mini-album, "Baby I'm Sorry", and its MV on July 4.

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SOURCE: Sports World

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Suzy releases new Vita 500 CF

Suzy is as lovely as usual in the latest CF of Vita 500, check out the video below

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XIA Junsu reveals promo clip for his 'XIA 2nd Asia Tour' in Thailand

XIA Junsu is coming to Thailand for “XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE IN BANGKOK”. This is his second time holding a concert there. The concert happens on July 20.

Check his promotional clip below for more information.
Are you excited?

Source: Xia2ndAsiaTourInBkk Facebook

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Super Junior and 2PM send video message for the opening of Lotte Duty Free in Jakarta

Super Junior and 2PM congratulated Indonesia for its successful opening of Lotte Duty Free in Jakarta. This is the first overseas downtown shopping venue in the country.

In fact, Super Junior's Donghae and Kangin had departed to Indonesia today and attended the Lotte Duty Free Event.

Watch below:

Source: LOTTE DUTY FREE Facebook

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2NE1's baby Minzy in dress, is indeed a gorgeous lady!

2NE1's maknae Minzy is looking pretty in her floral dress.

On June 21, 2NE1 appeared at Incheon airport for Singapore to attend Singapore Asia Style Collection. It's rare for Minzy to wear a dress so she made sure she took a shot of it and uploaded on her newly-created instagram account.

In the photo, Minzy showed her airport fashion. She wore a mint-colored floral sleeveless dress and paired it up with orange high-heeled sandals. She completed her looks with a black shoulder bag and sunglasses and made a pouty face.

She wrote, “3~ my dress’. She looks pretty in dress, doesn't she? Hope she can wear dresses more in the future.

Source: Minzy's instagram

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A-Prince releases 'Mambo' MV teaser ft. Seungjun dancing in Myeongdong!

Here'a a follow up MV teaser for A-Prince's 'Mambo'. This teaser features Seungjun dancing on the street of Myeongdong.

Check the hilarious video wherein Seungjun danced in the middle of the busy crowd in Myeongdong. He must be embarrassed.

"Mambo" is their title song  for their 2nd Mini-Album which is set to be released on June 25. Until then, let's anticipate upcoming teasers as well.

Source: A-PRINCE Official YT

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TEEN TOP and 100% win Park NamJung's episode on Immortal Song 2!

Teen Top and 100% collaborated for a special performance on June 22nd Park NamJung's episode of Immortal Song 2.

As representatives of their respective groups, Niel of Teen Top, Rokhyun, Hyukjin and Jonghwan of 100% gathered their energy and showcased their unique and powerful vocals and performed Park Nam Jung's "Missing You" and grabbed the victory.

Immortal Song 2's official twitter uploaded a group photo and wrote, "21st century's idols with overflowing energy and abilities! Congratulations for winning the Park Namjung episode, Teen Top and 100%~! Clap clap clap!!!".

Congratulation Top Brothers!

Watch their performance below:

Source: HA NIEL@YT

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Taeyeon sings Destiny's Child's 'Brown Eyes'

Making use of Instagram's newest feature, Taeyeon uploaded her 15secs cover of Destiny's Child's 'Brown Eyes'. Even though she didn't film herself, her voice is enough to mesmerized fans.

She wrote, "Song which I'm listening alone in Singapore, TS♥ Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes #BoredTaengoo"~

Check her video here:

Apparently, the video was filmed from inside their hotel in Singapore, wherein the girls are for the 2013 Asia Style Collection.

Source: Taeyeon's instagram; kymmie

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Big Bang's Seungri says "I do not use Facebook"

Big Bang's Seungri  made it clear to the public that he does NOT have a Facebook account.

Seungri warned everybody on his official Twitter saying, " I do not use Facebook. This account is impersonating me and has been in contact with my friends, relatives and fans. Everyone, please do not be fooled."

저는 페이스북을하지않습니다. 이 아이디는 사칭이고 제 지인들과 팬들에게 저인척하며 연락을취하고있습니다 여러분 속지마세요 . pic.twitter.com/RwonMaUdv9
— Seung Ri (@ForvictoRi) June 21, 2013
 Just be more vigilant guys.

 written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE:  @ForVictori

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SISTAR leaves behind MBLAQ and EXO

Girl Power! SISTAR defeated the two male groups, MBLAQ and  EXO, on MBC's ' Show! Music Core'.

SISTAR won the first place on its today's episode with their latest song " Give it to Me'.

Meanwhile, SISTAR is having an active dance cover contest for the said song above.

Watch the announcement and their performance:

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SOURCE: shu35150510

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2PM unveils The Grand Edition Of 'Grown'

2PM releases  the Grand Edition of their third album, " Grown ".

The Grand Edition of "Grown" has 22 tracks: 12 tracks from the original album, and 10 new tracks that were written and composed by the members. 

Listen the 10 new songs below:

1 - Traicion (Taecyeon)

2 - I'm In Love (Junho)

3 - This Is Love (Wooyoung)

4 - Perfume (Chansung)

5 - Let It Rain (Nichkhun)

6 - True Swag (Jun.K)

7 - It's Time (Feat. San E, Yubin)

8 - Just A Feeling

9 - Love U Down

10 - Sing My Name

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SOURCE: BubbleFeetBeatCH1

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HAHA and Skull to perform together in Singapore

HAHA  and Skull  will have their fan-meeting in Singapore for the first time.
“RUNNING MAN HaHa + Reggae Skull First Singapore Fan Meet” will entertain fans with Reggae music, fun games and numerous activities, and autograph signing.
Date: July 20, Saturday
Venue: Zouk
Time: 7pm (door opens at 6pm), Free Standing

For tickets, visit  EventClique .
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SOURCE: eventclique

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CL to end her 'The Baddest Female' promotion

CL will wrap up her one-month promotion for her first solo track, ' The Baddest Female', with a remixed version.

It was  confirmed  by  YG Entertainment that CL will perform a remixed version of her solo single on SBS's "Inkigayo" from June 23 to 30. 

Meanwhile, 2NE1 prepares for their reggae comeback track "Falling in Love" this July. 

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Meet SNSD's 'Elmotaeng' and 'Elmoyul'

SNSD's Taeyeon and Yuri are up for some cute photos again. On June 21, Taeyeon reveals selcas with Yuri on instagram. She wrote,

"So excited! Thank you S♡NE for having fun with us even though it was raining, ! It was fun >_< #elmo #elmotaeng #elmoyul".
In the photos, Taeyeon and Yuri are trying to make same cute poses together. Who wants to pinch these cute adorable girls?

Meanwhile, SNSD heads to Singapore for '2013 Asia Style Collection'.

Source: Taeyeon's instagram

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CNBLUE's Yonghwa reaches fans' hearts as he celebrates his birthday!

CNBlue's vocalist Yonghwa is celebrating his 25th birthday today. That makes his 3rd birthday after debut. Today, fans send their endless warm greetings in hope to reach Yonghwa.

Yonghwa generously update fans with a photo of him and the gifts he received and wrote on their twitter account, "Everyone!!! Today is!!!!! Yong Day! kk Kya!!! kk Hethetdehet…It's my 3rd birthday after debut, I think I can celebrate a real happy birthday because of you! Thank you for always supporting me. Since it’s my birthday today, I hope it’s a party for all! I'm sorry I can't greet each of you, but I hope my heart reaches you!"

With his heartwarming message, fans responded,"Your heart safely arrives here.","Happy Birthday!","Hope we can celebrate more birthday with you!" and so on.

Happy Birthday Yonghwa!

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter;weibo

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Cosmopolitan reveals BTS for 'Summer Boys' B1A4's pictorial!

B1A4 are Cosmopolitan's summer boys on their July issue. Here's the BTS of the boys photoshoot showing their energetic and fresh charms.

Wearing chic and fashionable summer get ups, the boys definitely captured their fans with their candid behind the scenes personalities.

Check below:

Source: Cosmopolitan

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Amber greets Min a 'Happy Birthday' with an ironic photo

Miss A's Min celebrated her birthday yesterday, June 21, and f(x) Amber greeted her with an ironic photo she has posted on instagram.

Even though it's Min's birthday, her dorky friend posted up a photo wherein Min is carrying Amber's leg and appeared having a hard time which is captured in her face.

Contrary to the picture, Amber expressed, "happy bday to my sis and zombie buddy the MIN MIN! love ya~~".

Only closest friends can mock their friends on their birthdays like this.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Sooyoung updates with a cute and fresh photo

SNSD's Sooyoung updates fans with her latest photo as she wrote,

"LOVE&GIRLS" was released on Wednesday, we danced the shampoo dance with fans at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN♪, it was really fun. Despite of raining that day, fans came and we had a happy time. Please listen a lot to lively '"LOVE&GIRLS" which is enjoyable anytime, anywhere~★".

She looks really cute and lovely in this photo right?

Meanwhile, SNSD heads to Singapore for '2013 Asia Style Collection'.

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BEAST's Doojoon still looking sexy in monochrome concept for Arena

BEAST Doojoon takes on an old concept in his recent pictorial for Arena Homme July issue.

Minus the color, Doojoon adds up his sexy and manly looks in the monochrome theme of his latest pictorial. Transforming into a 'man of old days', Doojoon have his hair parted into 2:18 ratio, wearing plain black and white suits. Have you ever imagine a hot guy like this living during your grandparents' era?

Check the photos below:

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

BIG BANG to release “Big Bang Best M/V Making Film Collection 2006~2012”

Big Bang will release  Big Bang Best M/V Making Film Collection 2006~2012 ”.

It's a special collection of their  behind-the-scene footage  videos like  Lies ,” “ Haru Haru ,” “ Tonight ” and “ Monster ”,  and will also show videos of their solo work like “ Heartbreaker ” and “ Crayon .”   It  will come with two discs.
The official date of release is on  June 28. B ut if you want to have it for sure and before 28, you can pre-order it  on YG Entertainment shop or eBay store  from June 20 to June 27. 

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T-ara's Qri is enjoying some delicious fried chicken

T-ara's Qri updated her Twitter with a new photo on 21st June.

She wrote,"It's Friday, i am having chicken with cola not beer".

While showing off her delicious meal, she poses confidently to the camera in another photo.

Fans commented,"enjoy your meal","so pretty" and etc.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

SISTAR to showcase talent in their “Give It To Me” dance cover contest

SISTAR has an active contest for their latest song,  “Give It To Me.”
All are invited to participate in their dance cover contest which starts on June 20 and will end on July 14.  
All you have to do is to make a video, it could be a solo or a group, then upload it on YouTube. Next, submit the URL in the special form that you will find on   SISTAR’s official Facebook page.
The winners will be chosen by the amount of “Likes” and by SISTAR themselves. The  grand prize winner will receive SISTAR’s album collection with autographs (“ Push Push” + “Shady Girl” + “How Dare You” + “So Cool” + “Alone” + “Loving U” +  “Give It To me”), and a Runner-up will have an autographed “Give It To Me” CD + SISTAR Calendar and Official SISTAR Slogan.
The winners will be announced on July 19.
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SOURCE: starshipTV

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G-Dragon with a dog in a CF

G-Dragon made a CF with a dog named Laceau.

It was reported that he loved spending time with the Chinese Sharpei dog from New York since he was not able to spend much time with his dog, Gaho.

He played with the seven-month old p uppy and said, “Laceau’s eyes look sleepy, but he’s not sleepy when he’s filming!”

Watch the CF below:

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SOURCE: oceansw88

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2NE1's Minzy joins Instagram!

2NE1's Minzy joined the world of Instagram just yesterday. It was after Jay Park sent her a message on Twitter saying,  “You should make na instragram!~.”

She posted immediately three photos of her, and she already have 40,000 plus followers.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: minzy21mz

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Big Bang’s Seungri to appear regularly on 'Count Down E.T'

Big Bang’s Seungri, known as V.I in Japan, will be more visible in Japan's entertainment industry.

He will be a regular part of the Japanese cable channel MUSIC ON! TV’s new variety talk show “Count Down E.T”. His segment on that two-hour show will be “Men’s Finger Food” where he will make easy food.

“Count Down E.T” will start to air on July 20 at 8 p.m. JST every Saturday. It will deliver the newest songs and entertainment news live with music artists and producers on the set. It will be hosted by Oriental Radio.

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SOURCE: bigbangupdates

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Daesung made it in the list of the 'Music Jacket Gallery 2013'

Daesung, known as D-Lite in Japan, is the only Korean artist to be nominated for the 'Music Jacket Gallery 2013' of 'The Recording Industry Association of Japan'.

Daesung is nominated for an 'album cover design' category for his 'D'scover' album joining the other 49 nominees. They were chosen out of albums released between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013. Daesung's 'D'scover' was released on February 27.

The ' Music Jacket Gallery' started in 2010. It showcases and fosters development of artwork of CD packages. The winners will be based on local fan votes, and will be known in September.

Meanwhile, Daesung will be in Japan on June 23 for the members of Big Bang′s official Japanese fan club VIP Japan.

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SOURCE: bigbangupdates

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John Park Profile

Stage Name: John Park (존박)
Birth Name: John Andrew Park
Birthday: September 13, 1988
Height: 180 cm
Birth place: Chicago, United States
Instruments: Guitar, Drums, and Piano
Education: he is an Economics major at Northwestern University.
Favorite Artists: Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Gavin DeGraw, Marc Broussard, and Jamie Cullum
Label: Music Farm
Debut date: 17 December 2010
Debut single: I'm your man

-He was a semi finalist on Season 9 of American Idol
-He was runner up on Superstar K2 Season 2

His debut track:

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