Rock band YB to promote upcoming English album overseas for the 1st time

According to DEE Company officials, rock band YB will be releasing an English studio album either February or March 2015.

With that, YB will be gearing for an overseas promotion of their album. That's a milestone for them because it will be their first time promoting outside Korea. 

YB is consisted of Yoon Dohyun, Park Tahee, Huh Jeon, Kim Jinwon and Scott Hellowell. Aside from their international promotion, YB will be remaking Guns N’ Rose’s 'Cigarette Girl.'

On the other news, member Yoon Dohyun will release his solo mini album on September 16th.. His first single ' My Look These Days' featuring K.Will and Epik High’s Tablo was already released.

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2PM releases 'GO CRAZY” Teaser Video 2 Party Version

2PM dropped the second teaser video for their upcoming comeback.

The video is a 29-second party version. 2PM will be releasing their 4th album ' Go Crazy' on September 15, but there will be an MV and Pre-Party on September 10. 

Also, 2PM will be having their ' 2PM World Tour GO CRAZY' on October 3 and 4 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Watch below:

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[TORRENT+Live] 140906 MBC Music Core

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10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 6

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 6.

Kang Tae Ha
The only thing I regret…

Let’s go to karaoke!

Drinking too much will make you do things you’ll regret in the morning, like confessing to a girl and then going karaoke with her boyfriend and being real chummy with him.

Kang Tae Ha
You know what’s really stupid of men?
When they confess and get rejected, they fall into this sense of shame,
But why? It was just something you said while drunk.
And just because she ignored me, does that change the fact that I’m a pretty awesome guy?

Tell yourself that you’re awesome to feel better about yourself after getting rejected

Kang Tae Ha
Why’d you wash it off? You were so cute!

Han Yeo Reum
Why didn’t you tell me? Everyone was staring at me!

Kang Tae Ha
It’s because you were so cute!
Kang Tae Ha
Can’t you eat more neatly?

Han Yeo Reum
Wipe it off for me.

Kang Tae Ha
Do it yourself

To find out if the honeymoon period is over, smear food on your face and see what happens.

Han Yeo Reum
Everyone remembers things differently.
An important memory of one person might not be remembered by another

Keep this in mind.

Not picking up your girlfriend’s call while you’re meeting another woman is so shady.

Han Yeo Reum
Tell me everything you know, Jun Ho.
From one to ten, everything you know.

When you’re friends with both the boyfriend and the girlfriend, be prepared to be interrogated and think fast on your feet.

Yoon Sol
How long have you been dating?

Choi Eun Gyu’s Girlfriend
We entered the company at the same time.
Since the first seminar…


Yoon Sol
When you entered the company and went to the seminar?
Ah, that seminar when you gave your house key to feed your fish?
That seminar where you wore the white shirt and neck tie that I bought you?
I wonder why I even bought you shoes then.

Choi Eun Gyu
I understand you’re not feeling too good-

Yoon Sol
Shut your mouth. Asshole.
You took everything that you needed.

People like Choi Eun Gyu deserve beer thrown in their faces. (We approve, Yoon Sol. We Approve)

Taxi Driver
You slept with him, huh!
And he changed his mind after sleeping with him, huh!
I told you to be careful that night!

Yoon Sol
Except for you and me, this entire world has changed.
The problem isn’t the one who has sex.
The world is now a place where the person who doesn’t have sex is the problem

Despite what the world says, you are not a problem.

Be prepared to stalk and investigate the women around your boyfriend′s vicinity.

Han Yeo Reum
Tae Ha…. Can you come to me right now?
Can’t you come here now?
Don’t ask why, but can’t you just come?

Think hard about when that was.
There was a first call. And then a second. A third and a fourth.
There were probably a countless number of calls
But each time, you said you were too busy.
You didn’t even ask for the reason.
Think hard about when it was from all those days when you said you were too busy.
You probably can’t even remember because there were so many of those days.
Think hard, one by one.

When your girlfriend or boyfriend calls you, asking you to come, go. No questions asked.

Photo Credit: KBS

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Seo Taiji sells out tickets for upcoming concert 'Chirstmalowin' within 20 minutes

Seo Taiji proves that he's still a legend in the music industry.

Seo Taiji has been attracting much attention with the announcing of his 9th album and comeback concert in October. According to Seo Taiji Company, 6000 tickets for the first round of ticket sales for his upcoming concert 'Christmalowin' were sold out in just 20 minutes.

Seo Taiji will hold 'Christmalowin' concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on October 18th. Rappers Swings and Vasco will make their special appearances at the concert.

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[MV] Super Junior - MAMACITA (Drama ver.)

[MV] Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 - MAMACITA(아야야) (Drama ver.)
Watch on YouTube
Format: mp4
1080p: download  (192 MB) 
720p: download  (104 MB) 
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SPICA.S release MV teaser for 'Give Your Love'

SPICA's sub-unit group SPICA.S (Jiwon, Narae, Juhyun and Bohyung) release the MV teaser for their unit debut single'Give Your Love'.

The track is produced by Brave Brothers. The clip shows members' solo shots and a peek of silhouettes from their choreography formation. The song will be released on September 12.

Meanwhile, while SPICA.S are promoting, member Boa is preparing for her solo debut.

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′You Who Came From the Stars′ Wins Four Awards at Seoul International Drama Awards

You Who Came From the Stars ended up taking four awards by the end of the night at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

On September 4, the 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) was held at the Haeorum Theater of the National Theater of Korea, where the France′s Kaboul Kitchen Season 2 took the Grand Prize.

The PD for Kaboul Kitchen stated, "Thank you very much. It′s such a great honor to receive this award. I am deeply grateful about the jury′s decision to give the grand prize to Kaboul Kitchen. It′s wonderful to know that people all around the world are sensitive to Kaboul Kitchen and appreciate the humor of the series."

At this ceremony, You Who Came From the Stars took home a total of four awards, including Kim Soo Hyun′s Outstanding Korean Actor Award and Popular Actor Award, as well as Excellent Korean Drama and Outstanding Korean Drama OST Award. Secret Love′s Kim Hee Ae was also acknowledged with the Outstanding Korean Actress Award.

With Shin Sung Rok and Jin Se Yeon hosting the ceremony, the SDA had 24 productions and 28 drama staff and actors in the nominees after receiving 209 submissions from over 50 countries.

The list of winners:

▲Grand Prize: Kaboul Kitchen Season 2 (France)
▲Serial Drama: Golden Bird Prize : Empress Ki (Korea)
▲Mini Series: Mammon (Norway)
▲TV Movie : Barefoot on Red Soil (Spain)
▲Serial Drama: Silver Bird Prize: Medcezir (Turkey)
▲Mini Series: Silver Bird Prize: Good Doctor (Korea)
▲TV Movie: Silver Bird Prize: The Fat and the Angry (Sweden)
▲Best Director: Cecilie Mosli (Mammon, Norway)

′You Who Came From the Stars′ Wins Four Awards at Seoul International Drama Awards

▲Best Screen Writer: Marcos Berstein, Marian Jaen (Barefoot on Red Soil, Spain)
▲Popular Actor Award: Kim Soo Hyun (Korea), Huge (China), Joseph Cheng (Taiwan)
▲Best Actor: Edgar Selge (A Blind Hero - The Love of Otto Weidt, Germany)
▲Best Actress: Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love, Korea)
▲Excellent Korean Drama: You Who Came From the Stars (Korea)
▲Outstanding Korean Drama: The Heirs (Korea)
▲Outstanding Korean Actor Award: Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars, Korea)
▲Outstanding Korean Drama OST Award: Lyn - My Destiny (You Who Came From the Stars, Korea)
▲Special Prize: Baby Cans (Sri Lanka), Galileo Season 2 (Japan)
▲The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year: Sherlock Season 3 (England)

Photo Credit: SBS

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Top 5 Korean Actresses who dance

Do you watch Korean dramas?

It's no surprise if members of idol groups who act can dance well, but there are some actresses who are not idol group members who can also dance amazingly well, check out the list of amazing actress-dancers below, you will be surprised!!

1. Park Shin Hye

2. Go Ara

3. Clara Lee

4. Kang Sora

5. Song Jihyo

Last but not least Song Jihyo who shows us some moves in popular variety show Running Man!!!

Who's the best actress-dance????
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[Live] 140904 SBS Seoul Drama Awards B1A4, Sisitar

[Live] 140904 SBS Seoul Drama Awards B1A4 - Solo Day
Format: mkv
720p: download (141 MB)

[Live] 140904 SBS Seoul Drama Awards Sistar - I Swear
Format: mkv
720p: download (185 MB)

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SNSD’s Sooyoung Shares on Taking Lead in ‘Spring Days of My Life’

Taking the lead role in MBC’s upcoming drama Spring Days of My Life, Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sooyoung shared her determination for the drama.

Sooyoung attended the press conference for MBC’s Spring Days of My Life on September 4 in the MBC building in Sangam-dong and started, “It would be a lie if I say that I don’t feel pressured at all about this project.”

Returning to the small screen in one year since she acted in tvN’s Dating Agency Cyrano, Sooyoung will be taking her first lead role in a drama airing on a major TV channel.

Sooyoung said, “It would be a lie if I say that I didn’t feel pressured. I felt a lot of pressure, to be honest. But Kam Woo Sung sunbaenim told me many good things the first time I met him so I was able to begin filming with a comfortable mindset. I’ve been filming by learning many things.”

SNSD’s Sooyoung Shares on Taking Lead in ‘Spring Days of My Life’

Revealing that she feels less pressured now, Sooyoung added, “I’m okay so far but I don’t know what’ll happen once it airs,” and smiled.

Sooyoung will be acting as ‘Lee Bom,’ who gets the chance to live after going through a heart transplant surgery. She lives more passionately and fiercely than others, thinking that she has taken someone else’s life. She will be forming a love line with ‘Kang Dong Ha,’ (Kam Woo Sung) whose wife donated her heart to Sooyoung.

The drama will air the first episode on September 10.

Photo credit: MBC

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Suzy attacks her date with aegyo in 'The Face Shop' CF

Miss A Suzy is full of aegyo in her latest 'The Face Shop' CF.

Excited in meeting her date, Suzy makes sure to appear pretty in her date's eyes. Using the 'Mango Seed Date Butter', she appears confidently and shows her aegyo along with the cute song in the background.

Who wouldn't fall for those 'puppy eyes'? Watch below:

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Ticketing Details for ‘Running Man’ Race Start Season 2 in Singapore are Released!

The ticketing details for the ‘Race Start Season 2 in Singapore’ have been confirmed by the organizer, ONE.

The tickets for ‘Race Start Season 2 in Singapore’ tickets are priced at *$348(VIP), $258 (CAT 1), $228 (CAT 2), $198 (CAT 3), $168 (CAT 4) and $148 (CAT5)*. Tickets are available from SISTIC ( from 4 October 2014, Saturday at 10am. Fans from across all ticket categories will stand a chance to get on stage to interact with the stars.

All VIP ($348) ticket holders will receive an exclusive autograph pass to meet the stars up close and personal and get an autograph from one of the five Running Man members participating in this year’s fan meeting. More details on the autograph session will be made available nearer to the date of event.

*Priority ticket sales for Watsons Card Members*

Watsons Card Members with a priority token issued by Watsons Personal Care Stores can purchase the tickets one day before public sales on 3 October, Friday from 8 am, only at the SISTIC outlet located at Suntec City East Atrium (between Tower 3 & 4) Customer Service Counter. A total of *1,000 tickets across all six categories* will be made available at this priority sale.

Watsons Card Members must spend a minimum of S$300 nett (including two
Watsons house brand items, excluding water and paper products) in a single receipt to redeem a priority token from *5 September to 2 October 2014 *at the five selected Watsons Personal Care Stores located in Causeway Point, Compass Point, JEM, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Tampines Mall. Each outlet will only issue 100 tokens, on a first come first served basis. Each Watsons Card Member may redeem up to a maximum of three tokens.

Each priority token will entitle the customer to purchase one pair of ‘Race Start Season 2 in Singapore’ tickets. The ticket category available for sale (VIP – 70 tickets, CAT 1 – 170 tickets, CAT 2 – 160 tickets, CAT 3 – 220 tickets, CAT 4 – 180 tickets, CAT 5 – 200 tickets) will be on a first come first served basis.

‘Race Start Season 2 in Singapore’ will take place at The Star Performing Arts Centre on *29 November 2014, Saturday from 7.30pm*, and is proudly presented by Watsons Personal Care Stores, with Official Sponsor OWL Coffee, Official Mall Suntec City and Supporting Sponsor Allswell.

*The details of the ‘Race Start Season 2 Singapore’ are as follows;*

*Date:* 29 November 2014, Saturday

*Venue:* The Star Performing Arts Centre
*Time: *7.30pm

*Ticketing:* $348 (VIP), $258 (CAT 1), $228 (CAT 2), $198 (CAT 3), $168
(CAT 4), $148 (CAT 5)

Priority ticket sales for Watsons Card Members start 3 October 2014,
Friday, 8am at Suntec City East Atrium (between Tower 3 & 4) SISTIC outlet.

Public ticket sales start 4 October 2014, Saturday at 10am through SISTIC (

For the latest updates on ‘Race Start Season 2 in Singapore’, stay tuned to ONE on SingTel mio TV channels 513, 604, 514, 605, StarHub TV channels 820, 823 and 124; log on to the ONE website (; or follow the ONE Facebook page ( and Twitter account(

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[Live] 140904 Mnet M! Countdown

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[Live] 140904 Mnet M! Countdown

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[Battle] f(x)’s Krystal vs. Park Shin Hye

This week is all about the leading ladies, as we pit two starlets against each other in our Battle.

Former costars, Park Shin Hye and f(x)’s Krystal will both be starring in upcoming SBS dramas (although not at the same time), and we want to know which leading lady has your heart.

Read on and don’t forget to vote!

[Battle] f(x)’s Krystal vs. Park Shin Hye


After stealing the show as the supportive character in popular programs like High Kick and The Heirs, f(x)’s Krystal is set to take center stage in upcoming SBS drama My Lovely Girl.

The idol star has been cast to star opposite Rain in the drama about a girl who moves to Seoul to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer.

The drama is gathering much interest as it is set in the K-Pop industry and has already been sold in China for a record 3.2 billion won.

[Battle] f(x)’s Krystal vs. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye has confirmed she will be returning to dramaland in upcoming SBS drama Pinocchio.

Park Shin Hye already boasts an impressive resume of leading roles in dramas like You’re Beautiful and The Heirs as well as a number of films, and it looks like the starlet is set to make waves once more.

Pinocchio is about a young reporter who suffers from ‘Pinocchio syndrome’ or hiccups every time she tells a lie

Lee Jong Suk, Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yubi are all in talks to join the drama, which is aiming for a November premiere, as well.

Vote now for your favorite star now!

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Taemin leaves girls in daze in 'Ace' concept video for BeatBurger Project

Taemin literally snaps the sexy out of him in this 'Ace' concept video for BeatBurger project.

Taemin suave and sexy voice has literally captivated fans along with his sexy dance moves.

BeatBurger Project is the project which transforms artists' talents into something new. This time the project is being done with SM artists. Check out Taemin's below:

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Netizens Make EunB’s Dreams Come True by Making LADIES’ CODE Song #1 on Music Charts

After her life tragically ended too soon, LADIES’ CODE fans decided that the least they could do for EunB was to make her wish come true.

Netizens Make EunB’s Dreams Come True by Making LADIES’ CODE Song #1 on Music Charts

On September 3, LADIES’ CODE fans posted on online communities and SNS, saying, “EunB’s wish when she was alive was to become number one on music charts. Hoping that our wishes are sent to the heavens, please listen to I’m Fine Thank You.

I’m Fine Thank You is part of LADIES’ CODE’s Code #2 Pretty Pretty mini album, which was released in September of 2013.

The lyrics include, “Just for today, I cry / Be forever happy, good bye / Sometimes, when you think of me, it’s okay to smile / I’m fine thank you / Thank you.”

Netizens Make EunB’s Dreams Come True by Making LADIES’ CODE Song #1 on Music Charts

The fans’ messages began to spread as other fanclubs and netizens began to join in making EunB’s dreams come true.

I’m Fine Thank You began climbing up the charts rapidly, ranking number one on music sites such as Melon, Naver Music, Daum Music, Olleh Music, Genie, Bugs, Monkey3, Soribada and more. On other sites, such as Mnet, I’m Fine Thank You took a large leap to enter into the Top 10 charts.

EunB’s funeral will be held on September 5.

Photo Credit: Polaris Entertainment, Melon, Naver, Daum, Olleh, Genie, Bugs, Monkey 3, Soribada, Mnet

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Bora relays her sadness for Ladies' Code in Show Champion winning speech

SISTAR won first place on Show Champion with their latest song 'I Swear'.

Member Bora represented the group to present their winning speech during the show. She relayed her sadness for Ladies' Code's tragedy and mentioned that she will pray for the members so that they can have a speedy recovery.

Check out SISTAR's performance and winning speech below:

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Nu’est Is Heading to Mexico!

For the first time ever, popular boy band Nu’est is heading to Latin America!

The band will be performing at the Blackberry Auditorium in Mexico City, Mexico on September 18th at 8:00 pm as part of J’Fest Live.

Nu’est just recently finished an amazing show in Tokyo and will soon head west for their concert and fanmeeting in Mexico. The boys have a huge fan base in Mexico. Latin and South America have recently been a popular destination for K-pop artists. Since 2013, many groups have performed there, including Super Junior, SHINee, CNblue, Teen Top and UKiss. More major groups and performances are scheduled as Mexico is quickly becoming one of the major destinations for K-pop concerts and fan-meetings.

Tickets for the Nu’est concert are still available through Ticketmaster.

Photos: As Credited (J’Fest)

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[MV] ORANGE CARAMEL - The Gangnam Avenue

[MV] ORANGE CARAMEL(오렌지캬라멜) - The Gangnam Avenue(강남거리)
Watch on YouTube
Format: mp4
1080p: download  (91 MB) 
720p: download  (49 MB) 
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[Updated] Celebrities Send Support & Prayers to LADIES′ CODE

After the shocking news that LADIES′ CODE member EunB passed away in a car accident, with fellow members Sojung and Kwon Rise in critical condition, fans and celebrities alike have been showing an outpouring of love and support for the girl group.

Tweeting messages of support and condolences to LADIES′ CODE with the hashtags #PrayforLadiesCode, #RIPEunB and #StayStrongLadiesCode, K-Pop fans and Korean celebrities have been dealing with the huge shock.

[Updated] Celebrities Send Support & Prayers to LADIES′ CODE


Jun Hyun Moo: She was an innocent and bright girl…. My heart has been feeling stuff since this morning. I hope she goes somewhere better and rests in peace. I hope the others also quickly recover...

Super Junior’s Ryeowook: She was a pretty junior who always greeted me. My heart aches. Please pray for EunB. I send my condolences. It must be the most difficult for the members next to her. Everyone, please send comfort. And to all the managers, who are pulling through many schedules, you’re all working hard. Please drive safely.

Stephanie: How can something like this happen…. I cannot believe the news about EunB. A bright and beautiful girl, I pay my condolences to EunB. My heart sank when I heard the news.. Rest in Peace

Uhm Jung Hwa: I give my condolences. I’m praying for the recovery of Rise and So Jung. Cheer up, LADIES’ CODE members… Despite tiring and busy schedules, all the efforts that were made to chase after the sparkling dream are saddening and breaks my heart.

miss A’s Fei: I just heard about LADIES’ CODE! My heart is aching! Rest in peace. I’ll be praying.

miss A’s Jia: My heart is hurting after hearing about LADIES’ CODE. I give my condolences.

Tim: All my prayers and support for the group Ladies Code and their family! It is the most unfortunate and my heart is ripping into shreds. I’ll continue to pray.

Wonder Girls’ Sunye: I send my condolences to EunB, her family and friends…. I’m desperately praying for a successful surgery for Rise and a quick recovery to health for the other members. Please pray together!!!

2AM’s Lim Seulong: I send my condolences.

2PM’s Jun. K My heart hurts hearing about LADIES’ CODE. It feels so stuffy. Let’s all please pray and pray again

Junggigo: We both performed in Daegu, used waiting rooms right next to each other, and even greeted each other…. but today, I hear this terrible news about EunB. My heart feels stuffy… I give my condolences. And I pray for the recovery of the other members and staff who are being treated.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea: EunB…. I pray that you went to a better place. I pray that the other members will also be okay.

Byul: Rise’s injury seems more serious than I thought. Let’s all pray together. She is such a nice and beautiful person. I pray that nothing bad happens and that the surgery will be a success and she’ll recover. Please pray!

Girls’ Day Minah I give my condolences… I hope that the other people will also recover quickly.

Girls’ Day Sojin: LADIES’ CODE EunB… please rest in peace. This is most unfortunate. I pray that everything thing will be okay with Rise. Please let’s all pray together. Please pray for all the LADIES’ CODE members.

A-JAX’s Seungyub: Rest in peace

Girls’ Day Sojin: LADIES’ CODE EunB, rest in peace. This is most unfortunate.

2AM’s Jo Kwon: This is such heart breaking news. She’s only begun blossoming… I will always be praying for you in my heart. I give my condolences. I’ll pray that the other members and staff will also recover quickly.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun: This doesn’t even seem like someone else’s business. People who are reading this, please let’s pray together. I hope to hear good news about the other members who are currently being treated.

A Pink’s Chorong: It was a group that our previous director and Changddai oppa worked hard to prepare for. My heart is aching. I really give my condolences. I’ll pray that Rise will have good results. To the members, staff, director, and Changddai oppa, who are probably quite shocked, please cheer up.

Baek A Yeon: Rest in peace. My heart aches so so much and it’s such an unfortunate incident that it’s hard to believe even now. As well as for my friend So Jung, and the other members and staff, I will pray for their recovery. .

4minute’s Kwon So Hyun: I give my condolences. My heart hurts and I cannot believe it. We even appeared on broadcast together just a while ago… I will desperately pray for the others to quickly recover.

Byul: Go EunB… such a young age… heart hurts. Her family must be devastated. Please cheer up… Rise and So Jung’s surgeries, I pray that they will finish successfully and the girls will recover. I pray the others who are injured will also heal quickly. Driving in the rain… is scary. Everyone who is driving, please be extra careful. I pray that no one else gets hurt today.

Spica’s Jiwon: The accident that happened to my colleagues, who were running towards their dream together… My heart is aching. I give my condolences to EunB… I pray that Rise’s surgery will end successfully.. Please…. please...

Bumkey: I just woke up because my sleep was very uncomfortable all of the sudden.I can’t believe that such a terrible thing could happen. I give my condolences. I also pray that the conditions of the others will improve. This is so very unfortunate. I give my deepest condolences to the families and staff.

Eric Nam: Heartbreaking news this morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to ladies code. Please keep the ladies and their families in your prayers.

Announcer Kong Seo Young: Ah…LADIES’ CODE, who greeted me at the shop with passion in their eyes, despite being tired in the early mornings… I pray for all those injured to have a good recovery. EunB, so unfortunate and so sad to lose….Rest in peace. Let’s all pray for them.

Kara’s Gyuri: How can this happen…. Rest in peace. / Everyone please pray that So Jung and Rise will also recover safely. / It’s So Jung’s birthday today...Hope she receives strength….

15& Baek Ye Rin: I didn’t really know her, but she was a very talented and hardworking person, and also someone with passion all the time. She was someone I really liked, making me even sadder and more regrettable. I’ll pray a lot. Really. Rest in peace.

U-KISS’ Alexander: Tragic news for the morning.. That′s too young.. May God provide the comfort to all members, families n staffs of Ladies Codes. RIP EunB

miss A’s Suzy: Rest in peace. My heart aches. I pray that the other people will quickly heal.

Block B’s Jaehyo: Rest in peace. I’m praying for the other members to quickly recover. Let’s pray together.

Block B’s Zico: This is very saddening. Rest in peace.

Block B’s Taeil: She was someone I greeted just several hours before… It’s frightening and so unfortunate. Rest in peace. I pray that the others, who are injured, recover quickly

Rainbow’s Jaekyung: Rest in peace.

Fly to the Sky’s Brian Joo: Just heard the news about the group ′Ladies Code′:( So sad to hear news like this. Praying for all who were affected by the whole tragedy

Madclown: I want to pay my condolences to EunB, who passed away in an unfortunate accident. I didn’t know her personality, but I greeted her in the waiting rooms when we were promoting…. Ah...this is so heart breaking. So unfortunate.

Rainbow’s Noeul: This is so unfortunate. Rest in peace.

Kahi: This is such heart breaking news. I pray that she rests in peace. And the families… I hope they can cheer up. Sigh. I hope the other members recover soon.

Dal Shabet’s Subin: Seeing the pictures… tears keep coming out… How painful and scary it must have been. Rest in peace…. I’m sincerely praying that the others will have a successful surgery.

Photo credit: Polaris

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Ladies' Code RiSe safely completes 9-hour major surgery

Ladies' Code member RiSe who has been undergoing major surgery from the fatal car accident has completed a long 9-hours surgery.

A representative from the hospital informed [The Fact], "Kwon RiSe has safely completed the surgery." She underwent a major surgery in the Catholic University of Korea's hospital in Suwon as her head is badly injured from the accident.

Members who were fatally involved are EunB, who unfortunately tragically lost her life and Sojung who is now in stable condition.

As we pray for EunB's soul to rest in peace, let's also pray for RiSe and Sojung's fast recovery.
Find strength!

Source: The Fact

Note: Other sources say 11 hours.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

[PV+EP] B.A.P - Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) (M-ON)

[PV] B.A.P - Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) (M-ON)
Format: ts
1080i: download (335 MB)

[PV] B.A.P - Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) (M-ON)
Format: mp4
720p: download (150 MB)

ジャンル: ヒップホップ/ラップ, ミュージック, ポップ
リリース: 2014年9月3日
℗ 2014 King Record Co.,Ltd.
3. EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version)
4. EXCUSE ME (Instrumental)
5. ZERO (Instrumental)

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[PV+EP] B.A.P - Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) (M-ON)

[PV] B.A.P - Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) (M-ON)
Format: ts
1080i: download (335 MB)

[PV] B.A.P - Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) (M-ON)
Format: mp4
720p: download (150 MB)

ジャンル: ヒップホップ/ラップ, ミュージック, ポップ
リリース: 2014年9月3日
℗ 2014 King Record Co.,Ltd.
3. EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version)
4. EXCUSE ME (Instrumental)
5. ZERO (Instrumental)

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2PM release more solo teaser images for 'Go Crazy'

2PM release more solo teaser images for their upcoming album 'Go Crazy'.

Just by looking at their photos alone, you must feel the excitement off their expressions. The boys are looking stylish too in their groovy outfits.

Meanwhile, 2PM are releasing their album 4th 'Go Crazy' on September 15 but before that, HOTTESTs can enjoy the MV and Pre-Party on September 10.

Check out the solo teasers below:

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