10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 6

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 6.

Kang Tae Ha
The only thing I regret…

Let’s go to karaoke!

Drinking too much will make you do things you’ll regret in the morning, like confessing to a girl and then going karaoke with her boyfriend and being real chummy with him.

Kang Tae Ha
You know what’s really stupid of men?
When they confess and get rejected, they fall into this sense of shame,
But why? It was just something you said while drunk.
And just because she ignored me, does that change the fact that I’m a pretty awesome guy?

Tell yourself that you’re awesome to feel better about yourself after getting rejected

Kang Tae Ha
Why’d you wash it off? You were so cute!

Han Yeo Reum
Why didn’t you tell me? Everyone was staring at me!

Kang Tae Ha
It’s because you were so cute!
Kang Tae Ha
Can’t you eat more neatly?

Han Yeo Reum
Wipe it off for me.

Kang Tae Ha
Do it yourself

To find out if the honeymoon period is over, smear food on your face and see what happens.

Han Yeo Reum
Everyone remembers things differently.
An important memory of one person might not be remembered by another

Keep this in mind.

Not picking up your girlfriend’s call while you’re meeting another woman is so shady.

Han Yeo Reum
Tell me everything you know, Jun Ho.
From one to ten, everything you know.

When you’re friends with both the boyfriend and the girlfriend, be prepared to be interrogated and think fast on your feet.

Yoon Sol
How long have you been dating?

Choi Eun Gyu’s Girlfriend
We entered the company at the same time.
Since the first seminar…


Yoon Sol
When you entered the company and went to the seminar?
Ah, that seminar when you gave your house key to feed your fish?
That seminar where you wore the white shirt and neck tie that I bought you?
I wonder why I even bought you shoes then.

Choi Eun Gyu
I understand you’re not feeling too good-

Yoon Sol
Shut your mouth. Asshole.
You took everything that you needed.

People like Choi Eun Gyu deserve beer thrown in their faces. (We approve, Yoon Sol. We Approve)

Taxi Driver
You slept with him, huh!
And he changed his mind after sleeping with him, huh!
I told you to be careful that night!

Yoon Sol
Except for you and me, this entire world has changed.
The problem isn’t the one who has sex.
The world is now a place where the person who doesn’t have sex is the problem

Despite what the world says, you are not a problem.

Be prepared to stalk and investigate the women around your boyfriend′s vicinity.

Han Yeo Reum
Tae Ha…. Can you come to me right now?
Can’t you come here now?
Don’t ask why, but can’t you just come?

Think hard about when that was.
There was a first call. And then a second. A third and a fourth.
There were probably a countless number of calls
But each time, you said you were too busy.
You didn’t even ask for the reason.
Think hard about when it was from all those days when you said you were too busy.
You probably can’t even remember because there were so many of those days.
Think hard, one by one.

When your girlfriend or boyfriend calls you, asking you to come, go. No questions asked.

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