KARA performs "Bye Bye Happy Days" on Countdown TV

Check out KARA's adorable performance on Countdown TV.

The girls perform "Bye Bye Happy Days" on the show

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Teen Top Rangers!

Teen Top mimics the poses in the present they received from fans.

On March 30th, Teen Top uploaded a new photo on Twitter and wrote "We are Ten Top Rangers! Save the Earth! Thank you Thailand! We gonna miss u TT" expressing their gratitude towards their beloved fans.

In the photo, Teen Top handsome members are posing like 'Power Rangers', looking cool and funny at the same time. 

On the other hand, Teen Top along with EXO-M, B1A4 and Girls' Generation performed at 'Super Joint Concert in Thailand' which was held on the 30th of March at the Rajamangala National Stadium.

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Female ex-trainee exposed a 'normal' thing in Korean entertainment industry

K-pop fans know that before their idols became famous, they underwent a lot of strenuous training to hone their inborn talents and to develop new one. 

It's sad to know that there are rumors (at least we call those as 'rumors' because there are no solid proof) that there are k-pop idols who experience unfair treatments. Their aspiration to be well-known with their talents are used by some people.

JTBC exposed  through an interview with an ex-trainee  that sexual favors are very common in Korean entertainment industry. Common? As in, is it like a part of the process to become an idol? Without it, you can't go to the next step? I'm just asking.

She stated and I quote: “When I was training to become a Korean idol, I was often asked to appear at a bar. I was minor then. Honestly, there are agencies that don't develop stars but function as brokers that trade female trainee to different sponsors that are willing to pay 220-900 USD.”

This is so alarming. Is this what the aspirants need to undergo to reach their dream to perform in front of many people? If the answer is yes, I wish there are no K-pop idols anymore.  It's better that I'm not writing about them than to write stuff like this. 

Whether it is a fact or a fib, the fact that it's being brought up, things to address this should be done. 

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SHINee, Big Bang's Taeyang, 2AM to have special stages with 'Kpop Star Season 2' TOP 3

SHINee, Big Bang's Taeyang, 2AM,Miss A and Wonder Girls will have special stages with 'Kpop Star Season 2' TOP 3.

SBS's 'Kpop Star Season 2' semi-final round will be aired on March 31st. TOP 3 finalists are Akdong Musician, Bang Ye Dam and Andrew Choi will have collaboration stages with artists from SM,YG,JYP which is drawing much attention.

Bang Ye Dam which was casted by YG last week will have a chance to collaborate with Big Bang's Taeyang and they will sing Big Bang's "Bad Boy". The song is known for its attractive beat and easily hooked rhythm, Bang Ye Dam and Taeyang, really a much anticipated performance.

Andrew Choi was casted by SM. He is known to have composed songs for TVXQ, EXO and  Japanese group EXILE, he also participated in composing songs for SHINee's new album. For this special stage, he will collaborate with SHINee. Composer and singer on one stage, they're expected to showcase an awesome performance.

Meanwhile, the genius sibblings duo Akdong Musician will have a joint stage with 2AM,Wonder Girls and Miss A. JYP Nation artists will have a musical-like stage along with the duo, and also they will share some stories behind the stages and talk about how they came up composing songs with such witty lyrics.

Don't forget to watch this episode on March 31st at 4:50 pm kst.

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Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul clears dating rumors with Secret's Ji Eun

Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul sweeps the dirt to clear his side regarding rumors about  Han Hye Jin, his ex-girlfriend, and Secret’s Song Jieun.

The first clarification was about the rumor that he  and Secret’s Song Ji Eun are dating.  He wrote on his twitter account,  “Rumors give me a realization that you could be dating a person that you even don't know personally."

The second clarification was about his break up with his nine-year girlfriend Han Hye Jin. They broke up in December of 2012.     

Naul defended Han Hye Jin,  “... I cheated on my girlfriend of nine years with a younger woman.  Hye Jin is a very faithful girlfriend. Please don't make rumors that have no proof to a person who is happy with his new man, to a person who wanted to remember our past as a happy memory. It really hurts. Please.”

We feel for you Naul.

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Teen Top’s Chunji entered the Twitterverse

Teen Top’s Chunji made himself more accessible to his fans as he joined Twitterverse on March 28.

His first tweet was posted on March 29 saying, “Everyone…I am on Twitter now. There are many things that I don’t know, so please help me .”

If you are a supporter of Chunji, you can follow him at  @wowous.

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A-Prince Showcase Live in Singapore

Fans in Singapore and nearby countries can look forward to meeting rookie boy group A-Prince for their first ever showcase in Singapore! A-Prince Showcase Live In Singapore will be on May 18th 2013 at the DBS Arts Centre.

A-Prince will not just impress fans with their performances, as the showcase will also feature a lot of interactive activities for fans to get an up-close opportunity with the members. Comprising of 5 members; Prince of Prince Sungwon, Sexy Prince Minhyuk, Smile Prince Seungjun, Cutie Prince Siyoon and Pure/Baby Prince Woobin, APrince first received much attention from their predebut single 'You're The Only One' which was written by MBLAQ's vocalist, G.O. The New Planet Entertainment's boy group then debuted in November 2012 with the minialbum 'Hello'.

A-Prince has also ambitiously ventured into the Japan market with promotions and holding a showcase followed by their first solo concert in Tokyo last December. Barely two months into their debut, their daring move paid off. A-Prince’s successful Japan concert attracted more than 1,000 fans, an amazing feat for a new group. Their talents were recognized during the Asia Model Festival Awards 2013 in Seoul, where A-Prince was awarded the K-Pop Rising Singer Award. They also bagged the Rookie Award at the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards.

They also got appointed as Korean Boy Scout honorary ambassadors. A-Prince is definitely one rookie group to keep a look out for! The fresh voices of Korea's up and rising princes will brighten up your day!

A-PRINCE Showcase Live in Singapore is presented by JNation Entertainment 

Event Date: 18 May 2013, Saturday, 2pm 
Duration: Approx 2 hrs 
Venue: DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT 
For Tickets please check: http://aprince.eventbrite.sg

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Hong Dae Gwang to release his debut mini album in April

Hong Dae Gwang, f ormer Mnet  Superstar K4  finalist, will be releasing his debut mini album in April. But before that big event of his career, he revealed a cut from his album spread which is different from what the people is used to see him. 

He's still wearing his trademark glasses on one photo, but the other picture drew a positive feedback from the netizens. He's glass-less, but with a big smile on his face. 

As a preview of his full mini album that will be available on April 19, he's planning to release his written track on April 5.

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Roy Kim to be on the same stage with Jason Mraz in May

Roy Kim,  Superstar K4 winner, happily commented,  "I'm a fan of Jason Mraz's songs, so knowing the fact that I'll be in the same stage with him is such an honor. I promise to give my best on his concert, and please have an eye for my debut album."

CJ E&M confirmed the appearance of Roy Kim on Jason Mraz's concert on May 17 at the  Jamsil Sports Complex , “It's final that Roy Kim will be performing in Jason Mraz’s concert in Korea as a special guest in May.”

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Seo In Guk his style of washing strawberries

Seo In Guk showed how he lives alone on March 29’s MBC’s  I Live Alone episode.  But all were in surprised. 

He got the strawberries, and then he headed to the sink to wash them. H e shocked the other members on the show on how he washed the strawberries.  He just let the running water to pour on  the strawberry package and then let the water to leak out from the holes in the package. 

Seo In Guk asked, “Don’t you just run it once under water?”

That episode tells us that our idols are not perfect. They are like us. There are things that they are not good at.

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Kim Hyun Joong tops Korea.com's 25 Most Beautiful Faces of Boy Bands

Korea.com posted on its official website the result for their 25 Most Beautiful Faces of Boy Bands. 
There are lots of K-pop male groups, therefore there are also a flood of gorgeous faces. And because of their beautiful features, they became the endorsers of different companies, from clothes to cosmetic products.
But, of course, in every list there's always the most. Kim Hyun Joong of  ss501 outshone  the other 24. 
Kim Hyun Joong is not just the rapper and main face of ss501, he is also an actor who starred in different dramas such as Playful Kiss and  Boys Over Flowers, which he won the ' Best Actor Award' at the  Seoul International Drama Awards 2009  and the "Popularity Award" at the  45th PaekSang Arts Awards.  
If you want to see the complete list, you can visit the official website of Korea.com.
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PSY nominated on TIME's 100 most influential people in the world

TIME is a very prestigious magazine. It features valuable events in the world and honors different kind  of people in their 100 list of most influential people in the world.
A person from South Korea is nominated. No other than, Psy. 
The world became hooked with Psy's new flavor that he offered, with his horse-inspired steps in his viral Oppa Gangnam Style. 
The question is, will Psy be on the list of 2013 TIME's 100 most influential people in the world? It's up to you. Because you can vote for him and other nominees on TIME's TIME 100 official website until April 12. 
The result will be revealed on April 18.
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Kim Hyung Jun seen at 'Celebration Party'

Kim Hyung Jun, who will star as Han Ji Hye’s younger brother in ‘Gold, come quick’, is seen in the 'Celebration Party' for Newsen’s 8th anniversary, @Star1's 1st anniversary and the official launch of French jewelry brand DIDIER DUBOT.

‘Gold, come quick’ is showing on April 6, three days after its press conference (April 3).

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Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Taeyeon & Yoona snap some dorky photos

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon revealed some new photos taken with members Tiffany and Yoona.

The photos were taken at the backstage of "Super Joint Concert in Thailand",the girls are seen posing in various expressions in the photos above.

Fans commented,"Enjoy your performance","So cute","Where are the other members" and etc.

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INFINITE is "Man In Love" on Love Request

INFINITE performs "Man In Love" on Love Request, check out their performance below

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ZE:A's Kwanghee and Boom to host a new show

On March 29,  tvN announced on their official website, " We will make the showbiz explode with Boom and Kwanghee"

It has been reported that Boom and Kwanghee of ZE:A will be MCs for the new TV show  "Friends treating You To Something". In this program, MCs will become viewer's friends through KakaoTalk and participate in the challenge together.

PD Park Sung Jae revealed  "Human relationships are becoming wider, as the smartphone and SNS are increasingly popular. The owner of the phone and their phone contacts will have the real connection as friends of the 21st century. We thought it would be interesting to create a program that viewers at home can participate, and celebrities are no longer the image on TV, they will also be part of the program".
He added,  "Boom and Kwanghee wiill make friends with viewers through KakaoTalk and viewers can give requests to talk with other celebrities and share their stories. Although Boom and Kwanghee are celebrities, they are extremely friendly and helpful, so I think they are the perfect MCs for this program".

It has also been reported that in just one week since the MC started making friends through KakaoTalk, 20,000 fans have registered showing many interests toward this new program.

"Friends treating You To Something" will be aired on tvN since April 14.
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T-ara Received an Award from the Korean Tourism Organization

Girl group T-ara received a plaque from the Korean Tourism Organization.

T-ara participated in KBS 'Let's Go Dream Team Season 2' which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. To honor their participation and for promoting '2013 Visit Korea Campaign' as performers, they received an award from the Korean Tourism Organization. As the representatives of T-ara, Hyomin and Eunjung accepted the award.

The MC of the show, Lee Changmyung, Son Hoyoung and also Park Jaemin were there to show their support for the girls who worked hard to have this award. 

On the other hand KBS "Let's Go Dream Team Season 2" will be broadcast on the 7th of April.

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Leessang Profile

Stage name: Gil
Birthname: Gil Seong-joon (길성준)
Date of Birth: December 24, 1977
Height: 178cm
Position: Vocalist

Stage name: Garie/Gary
Birthname: Kang Hee-gun (강희건)
Date of Birth: February 24, 1978
Height: 174cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood type: A
Position: Rapper, Leader
Leessang is a South Korean Hip-hop duo, formed in 2002, Leessang is known for its collaborations with Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae, Big Mama King, Hwayobi, Ali and many others.
Leessang is also well-known as entertainers in various TV shows as Gary in Running man, Gil in Come to play and the Voice of Korea. 
Their latest track:

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INFINITE performs on Sketchbook

INFINITE appears in the latest episode of Sketchbook and performs their hit song such as "Man In Love","Be Mine" and others on the show.

Check out their performance below

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IU turns into a lovely doll

On March 29, KBS released new still cuts of  IU  in drama,  "You're the best Lee Soon Shin" .

Opposed to IU's casual style since the beginning of the drama, this time, her character started to transform into a new image, drawing viewer's attention.

It has been revealed that in the next episode, IU's character, Lee Soon Shin will take part in a party and she seemed awkward and shy at first. Then, she also met Shin Jun Ho (Jo Jung Suk) unexpectedly there.

The 7th episode of KBS's  'You're the best Lee Soon Shin' will be aired on March 30.
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Kwangsoo poses with Teen Top's Niel

Teen Top's Niel reveals an adorable photo with Kwangsoo.

Niel wrote on Twitter,"Kwangsoo hyung~ nope is president Kwangsoo~~ Keke we resemble each other~~?

The photo was taken during the filming of Fanta CF, they snap an adorable photo together.

Meanwhile, Kwangsoo, Niel and A Pink's Eunji were selected as the models of Fanta in 2013.

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f(x)'s Sulli celebrates birthday with her cute little brother

f(x)'s Sulli updated her Me2day on 30th March.

She wrote,"with my lovely little brother celebrating my 20th birthday,thanks for your wishes too."

Sulli's birthday was on 29th March, she is seen posing with her little brother (relative) in front of the cake.

Fans commented,"Happy Birthday","So cute","Already 20" and etc

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KARA enjoys filming "Bye Bye Happy Days" MV

KARA's latest Japanese single "Bye Bye Happy Days" ranked high on Oricon charts since its official release a few weeks ago.

The girls received much compliment with their cute image in the MV, check out the BTS video below, the girls enjoyed the filming so much.

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Girls' Generation's Seohyun updates fans with a gorgeous selca

Girls' Generation's maknae updates fans with an angelic selca.

She's a bit sad as time passed really quickly, the girls have ended 14 concerts in Japan and their tour is coming to an end soon.

Fans commented,"miss you so much","our maknae has grown up","goddess" and etc.

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SHINee shares their body management secret

SHINee members shared their secrets of managing their bodies.
They recently went on taking a photoshoot with Star1 Magazine April. They also had an interview with the magazine in which they talked about their own images.

SHINee were previously known as "herbivorous idol", upon this statement, they said,"We're no longer herbivorous idols but omnivorous idols. We eat various kinds of food, no only we eat a lot but we also work a lot"

SHINee made a comeback recently and this time they give off a manlier and look more attractive than previous albums. When they were asked about their secrets to keep their body fit, they said,"There's no secret. We always practice dancing so there's no chance for us to gain weight. Because the choreography is difficult so we suffered and went through a lot of hardship"

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B.A.P concert stops for "Live on Earth - Pacific Tour" announced

B.A.P.'s concert dates for its  "Live on Earth - Pacific Tour" were posted in their official Facebook page by TS Entertainment last March 27.

B.A.P will perform in the United States from May 7 to 17 and they  will be taking part in Verizon's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Tour. The next  stops are in Tokyo on May 24,  in Taipei on June 9, in Singapore on June 12, and in Hong Kong by June 22. 

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Taeyeon says goodnight to Thai fans

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is addicted to Instagram.

With at least an update daily, she continues to update fans with some new photos, this time she greets Thai Sones with a new pair of dorky photos.

She wrote,"Grrr~ taengudnight Thailand♥".

Fans commented,"What are you biting","So cute","Taeyeon is in Thailand?" and etc.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will perform at the Super Joint Concert in Thailand on 30th March.

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F.Cuz' "Hello Again" info and 1st Japanese live tour revealed

F.Cuz' Japan Official Website released more information about their 4th Japanese single, 'Hello Again', making the fans more excited about it.

F.Cuz' 'Hello Again' is set to release on May 29. It has four different versions:

1. Regular version. It consists of two songs, "Hello Again," and "All My Love" with their instrumentals. 

2. The Limited Edition. It is the same with the Regular edition, but it has a bonus track entitled "Sorrow", which is written and performed solo by Kan. It also comes with an additional DVD, photobook, and photocard. 


3.  HMV version  only includes the title track, its instrumental and a photocard.
4. The limited discount price  is the same with the HMV version.

Another revelation was F.Cuz' first live tour titled "F.ANTASIA 2013 1st LIVE TOUR" that will happen in Osaka on June 23 and Nagoya on June 30. Other places are yet to confirm.

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Miss A's Suzy shows off her slim and fit body

Miss A's Suzy's perfect proportion figure has attracted much attention.

An online community uploaded a few photos of Suzy when she attended 'Suecomma Bonnie' 10th anniversary exhibition on March 28th. She is seen wearing a loose white t-shirt with a black tight pants, along with a high heel shoes, her hair was tied up, showed off her cool fashion sense.

In particular, since Suzy was fully dressed up and didn't expose any skin unlike her stage clothes, she received much attention because of her young image and pure charm.

In addition, Suzy's currently filming in MBC's drama "Book of The House of Gu" and it will be airing on April 8th.

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Charming MBLAQ in Hanryu Station Magazine!

Korean idol group MBLAQ is featured in Hanryu Station, a Japanese magazine.

MBLAQ looks charming with their casual attire and gentle smiles for Hanryu Station magazine. The members are enjoying their playful and manly poses. MBLAQ can be seen in the Vol. 09 issue of the said Japanese magazine.

Take a look at their cute photos below.

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SHINee's Taemin enjoys skydiving in Switzerland

In the latest episode of MBC's  "SHINee's One Fine Day" aired on March 26,  SHINee's Taemin showed off his courage, he tried skydiving from a very high place in  Interlaken, Switzerland.

Taemin's dream of skydiving has finally come true. He was happy to sign a commitment to the risks that he might face before jumping. When he was carried by a helicopter to the jumping point, he seemed so excited and was ready to jump out of the plane making the crew admire.

As soon as the door opened, he rushed down without hesitation, once again surprised the people around.

Taemin's guide said,  "Though this was his first time, Taemin jumped at the same time as me without fear". He also gave Taemin a thumb up sign.

SHINee members will show the audience their own charms on MBC  "SHINee's One Fine Day".
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