Kim Jaejoong “Box office failure… Can I expect too much at first attempt?”

<Code name: Jackal> is the debut movie of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (26) but the box office result is not really good. He still has a long way to go. The movie was released on big screen on the 15th and cumulative audience number is 180.000. However, he is not disappointed and brightly smiles.

“It’s sad but it’s OK. You can’t expect too much at your first attempt. Even great actors can fail. I’m still thankful that I could get a foothold in film industry. Thanks to this movie, I have motivation to keep going with other movies.”

Toward his ‘messy’ image in <Code name: Jackal>, Kim Jaejoong doesn’t feel burdened or worried. “As many people like the ‘decorated’ image of mine, I did worry that it might hurt their feelings. However, there are also people who like that [messy] image. That’s why I could feel relieved. It’s just that, the tension and the pressure were still there because I’m the main lead.”

“I didn’t think about the box office while filming. Instead, I was worried about how singer-turn-actor Kim Jaejoong can harmonize naturally with other actors/actresses. I also wanted to show that I was taking on a new challenge, just like when I did <Protect the Boss> and <Dr. Jin>.”

I asked him if he has thought about the reason why JYJ is so famous. He said, “You know that we don’t have freedom [to do what we want to do]. We’re trying hard to do what we can within this unfair fence. I think, seeing such unfortunate situation, many more people are willing to help us. There should have had many ways for us to communicate with our fans but we’re limited. However [thanks to that] we got the concentration because we don’t have any place other than the concert venue. That’s why other people might think that we’re very famous.” (Laugh)

After breaking out of DBSK, their fight with SM Entertainment is still ongoing. Their appearance is blocked on both terrestrial and cable TV. Kim Jaejoong expressed, “I feel like we’re riding a wave of twists and turns.” In the middle of an immense popularity, they had experienced the bottom and then stood up again. “I think those experiences are fruitful. I’m looking forward to the future of 10 years later.”

Aside from music activities, JYJ’s members are expanding into the acting field. Although Kim Jaejoong has set foot in the film industry, it’s regrettable that his popularity is not like other members’. Does he envy his members? And what advice do the members give to each other?

“I don’t envy my members. I’m the type that is severe with myself. If you look at the bigger picture, this process is very helpful to me. Also, we respect and admire each other. So, we don’t give each other advice. We believe in our own abilities. I know that we’re not the type of person that can live comfortably without ambition. ‘Only if I have motivation, I can surely make it!’ I’m trying harder with that thought.” (Laugh)

One more year slips by and he will welcome his 10th debut anniversary. Kim Jaejoong said, “10 years ago, I have thought about 10 years later. Now that 10 years passed by, I think I’m on the path that I want to go.” He burst out laughing by saying jokingly, “I’m glad that, luckily, compared to 10 years ago, Junsu, Yoochun and I haven’t become old men.”

Credit:  StarToday
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ
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miss A performs on Immortal Song 2

miss A performed in the latest episode of Immortal Song 2 aired earlier today.

miss A made their first appearance on the show for "Bae Ho" special,the girls performed "Final Leaf" on the show,enjoy their hot performance below

Absolutely flexible Jia with an awesome split!

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[Exclusive Giveaway] Autographed Dal Shabet ‘Have, Don’t Have’ albums!

The ladies of Dal Shabet made a  successful comeback with the catchy disco tune “Have, Don’t Have”, and to commemorate their latest release, we’ll be giving away 5 autographed albums!

The group revealed their disco-genre fifth mini album ‘Have, Don’t Have‘, and although it’s the girls’ first time trying out disco music, they have successfully interpreted the genre in their own, bright style.

Hope you paid attention to the music videos because you’re going to need that knowledge for your chance to win!

To enter, just answer the 5 questions below correctly and send the answers to

- What surprise did Dal Shabet treat their fans to?

- Where did Dal Shabet hold a surprise guerrilla concert in Seoul?

- What is the concept for Dal Shabet’s “Have, Don’t Have”?

- Find the time of the frame below! [example: 2:13]

- How long has it been since their comeback ? [example: 1 year, 1 month; 8 months]

Starting from November 26th, 1 winner will be announced everyday over the next 5 days. Good luck to everyone entering!

‘Have’ Version

‘Don’t Have’ Version


November 26th-

November 27th-

November 28th-

November 29th-

November 30th-

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Son Dambi performs "Dripping Tears","Crazy" & "Saturday Night" on Sketchbook

KPop diva Son Dambi made her comeback last week with new song "Dripping Tears".

She appeared in the latest episode of Sketchbook yesterday,performing her hit songs such as "Crazy","Saturday Night" as well as "Dripping Tears".

Check out her hot performances below

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Zhoumi and Victoria become a sweet couple on "The Generation Show"

We have reported that Super Junior M's Zhoumi and f(x)'s leader Victoria appeared on Chinese varierty show "The Generation Show".

They performed together on the show,singing romantic love songs such as "You are a song in my heart" and "Would You Marry Me".

Check out their sweet performances below

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f(x)'s Victoria poses with her bears

f(x)'s Victoria updated her Weibo earlier today with a new photo.

She said,"We are ~ three bears,welcomed us yesterday and said goodbye to us at the airport today,they had some difficult time  ~ Bye Singapore".

Showing her slightly disappointed expression,she poses with 2 toy bears in her latest photo.

She performed at the SMTOWN concert in Singapore on 23 November.

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[Review] Sunggyu ‘Another Me’

During a well-recieved run on ‘Immortal Song 2‘ earlier this year, INFINITE‘s leader and main vocal Sunggyu showed us that he may just have what it takes to go solo. With solo artists ruling the charts right now, it makes sense that INFINITE would test the waters of solo activities, and who better to start things off than their leader?

Sunggyu originally joined Woolim Entertainment because he loved their indie-rock band Nell and wanted to be in a group like theirs, so it’s no suprise that he tries his hand at fronting a rock band in his lead single, “60 Seconds“. While the song isn’t at all bad, it also isn’t at all innovative. The instrumentation and arrangement is very generic and lacks the tailored sound you want to hear in a solo single. While Sunggyu’s interesting voice lends a special quality to the song, his vocals shouldn’t have to do all the work here.

Unfortunately, “I Need You” swings too far in the opposite direction. While it’s pretty, it’s so understated that it stifles much of what makes Sunggyu’s vocals distinctive, making the song feel like a filler. Around three minutes in, he finally has a few distinctive-sounding notes, but at that point it’s too little too late. Both “60 Seconds” and “I Need You” are enjoyable listens, but neither gives us an idea of who Sunggyu is as a soloist, which is a problem when they’re the first two solo songs we hear from him- a problem that could make Sunggyu’s debut forgettable.

Smack-dab in the middle of the album is Sunggyu’s acoustic cover of INFINITE’s “Only Tears“. He’s performed an impressive solo rendition of this song in concert before, so it’s not entirely a suprise that the song popped up on this album, and I’m sure lots of Inspirits are happy to have an official recording of Sunggyu’s version of this song (which I personally prefer to the original). While it’s definitely a better song for Sunggyu than the previous two, I had hoped that the first really good song on the album would be new material instead of a re-recording of an INFINITE song.

Shine“, written, arranged, and produced by Kim Jongwan of Nell, is a step in the right direction. This 90′s soft-rock style is something no one else is doing in K-Pop right now, and suits Sunggyu pretty well. However, it’s the final track on the album, “41 Days“, where I feel Sunggyu really hits his stride, covering all of the points the other songs on this album miss.

Style-wise, “41 Days” falls somewhere between SISTAR‘s sad-disco of “Alone” and miss A‘s sinister-disco of “Touch” (genre titles courtesy of  TheProphetBlog‘s review of “Alone”), but with an ethereal, atmostpheric quality to it that puts a new spin on K-Pop’s nigh inescapable disco influences. The vocals sound distinctively like Sunggyu and work with the song to create something interesting (unlike “60 Seconds”, where his vocals struggle to make something interesting in spite of the song). It’s worth noting that this is the only song Sunggyu had a hand in writing- could the missing ingredient in the rest of this album be Sunggyu’s participation in creating his own material?

It takes half of the album for Sunggyu to finally find his identity as a soloist, but when he does, it works beautifully. If he wants to be able to stand on his own as a legitimate solo artist rather than being a member of INFINITE who sometimes does solo projects, he and his team are going to have to get a firmer grasp on what makes him unique and create music around it, instead of trying to force his uniqueness into material that doesn’t do him justice.

Score note: (didn’t score “another me” since it’s just an intro)

Reviewer's Rating: (4.1 / 5)
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IU goes sexy for 2013 Calendar

Recently, a photo of IU has been posted online with the title, "IU- 2013 Japanese calendar cover"attracted attention. 

IU looks different in her latest photo,  she looks so sexy with long curly hair and feather jacket, shows off her nice shoulder and clavicle.

Her pose and face expression are also different from before. Netizens are also surprised with this,"IU looks so mature", "She already grown up", "IU so sexy", "new calendar might be nice",...

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon spotted playing with a baby

Recently, a video of SNSD Tae Yeon playing with a baby was posted online and it became a hot topic among fans 

The video with title "Tae Yeon's playful face" was recorded by a fan at the airport. While waiting for the next flight, Tae Yeon played with a baby in front of her. Her cute face made the baby smile.

Netizen's reactions, "She must be so happy", "She is so cute", "The baby must be so cute",.... 

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews 

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INFINITE's Sunggyu makes his "60 seconds" debut on Music Core

INFINITE's Sunggyu made his solo debut with powerful track titled "60 seconds",check out his amazing performance below

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Juniel receives 'bear bun'' from Jungshin

Again, CNBlue member Jungshin shows his support for Juniel for her first live performance of 'Bad Man'.
He came and gave her a treat.

Juniel wrote on her twitter,
"Today is the first live broadcast of my “Bad Man” and CNBLUE Jungshin sunbaenim came to support me! ^^ In the middle of filming he came to listen and brought me a cute bear bun! ♥ Thank you! Hwaiting for sunbaenim’s MDSY too! ^^ "

Source: @junielism
Translated by: @MYJuniel

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YG to release New Evolution In Seoul Live CD On December 4

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

Korea’s first girl group to go on a global tour, group 2NE1′s NEW EVOLUTION CONCERT!

The LIVE CD which will contain the live audio of the first leg of the tour, during July 28, 29
Will have a lightning-fast release on December 4!

Since this year’s summer, 2NE1 held their very first global tour
‘NEW EVOLUTION’ received a hot response both from domestic and international fans
With the production crew that worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and other famous international pop stars, a high sense of expectation and excitement was raised.
We want to show the explosive sound and powerful stage presence shown during the Korean concerts held on July 28 and 29, at Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium.

With Beyonce’s world tour music director and bassist, Divinity Roxx, in-charge of the music and sound performances,
2NE1′s hit songs like “FIRE,” “I DON’T CARE,” “CAN’T NOBODY,” ” I AM THE BEST, “I LOVE YOU,” and others, all got a different sound and feel with the live band; these songs would be released through the LIVE CD.

Please check the information below for more details:


▶ Reservation time: November 23, 2012 (Friday) – December 3, 2012 (Monday)
▶ For Reservations: YG E-shop, and other music shops
▶ YG e-shop price: 16, 300 won (prices may vary from other shops)
▶ Contents:
① LIVE CD (1 piece)
④ Poster

02. FIRE
11. UGLY

This will be released online and in stores nationwide on December 4 2012 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR LIVE CD [NEW EVOLUTION IN SEOUL]!

We hope that you can feel the hot atmosphere once again with this explosive sound.

Thank you.

Source: YG Family Website
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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Kim Sunggyu “I’m so shy with strangers that it could be misunderstood as me being arrogant”

He’s the first among Infinite. Leader Kim Sunggyu totally upturned the predictions of Infinite H (Hoya Dongwoo) coming out first since they slightly revealed themselves during the concerts last summer and is the first one among Infinite to release a solo album.

Kim Sunggyu appeared at the interview’s location with red hair. Wouldn’t he want to give a strong impression, starting from his outward appearance, since it’s his first solo album? “I really worried a lot. When we chose the concept, everyone worried a lot because of me, but as we tried several things, they thought that red hair fit me well so we did it with this color.”

The solo album he slightly showed he had interest in on a variety program to lead the MCs really came out. Kim Sunggyu said, looking like he still couldn’t believe it, “Doesn’t everyone dream of a solo album? I didn’t know it would really become reality. One thing came after another and I happened to be the first one doing it”.

He is Sunggyu who is assuming the heavy responsibility of being the leader in the team called Infinite but after meeting him as solo Sunggyu, he looks somewhat different. It might be because it’s his first time doing an interview alone but he looked obviously nervous. It was like seeing a similar image as when he appeared for the first time on KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2’. (But he still stuttered less) In the middle of the talk he also giggled and nodded by himself, maybe because the mood was awkward.

We requested an introduction of the solo album. “It’s an album based on modern rock but it also has songs with different colors. Since I worked with Nell, it mainly gives a rock feeling and the title song is ‘60 Seconds’ I made with Sweetune. When you talk about Sweetune, you think about dance songs with a lively feel but the song has a rock style we didn’t hear so far from Sweetune.”

When he was in a rock band during his school days, did he ever imagine that he would release a solo album under his own name? “There are song with a very similar color compared to the music I dreamt of when I was in a band. When I as young I always liked the band Nell but this time Nell hyungs gave me songs. There are a lot of songs with the colors I dreamt of.”

Nell is the group Kim Sunggyu said he as admiring since predebut. From his first solo song ‘Because’ to ‘Shine’ and ‘41 Days’, it was all songs given by the ones he admired. “It was very touching. I thought that I really had to work hard so I gave my best. Actually, the thing I’m sorry about is that I don’t think I was able to express that feeling well. I’m still lacking a lot.”

His title, ‘Another Me’, expresses his wish to show that there’s another side to Kim Sunggyu than Infinite’s Sunggyu. Kim Sunggyu said, ”Infinite’s a dance group as well as being an idol group, so I wanted to show a different side of me than what I have been showing so far.” He quickly and timidly added, “But I feel like it won’t be different…”

Since this is the first solo promotion as his true job of being a singer, and not on a variety show program or in musicals, his face was full of tension even though there are still a few days left till his first stage. “It’s really strange for me to be alone like this. Since things like musicals and ‘Immortal Song 2’ were already done by the other members, I asked them a lot of questions about it, but there isn’t a member I can ask advice from for this. Although I act like I’m confident, this is really strange to me. I think this is a different feeling than when I’m with the guys.”

I listened to the process that went in creating this album and learned that this was a project that was planned out a long time ago, even if the actual recordings were done on quick notice. There was even a strange event where he had to record somewhere that wasn’t the recording studio because it overlapped with their Arena Tour preparations.

“The song, ‘60 Seconds’, was done as a guide when I recorded the ‘Infinitize’ album. After receiving this album from Nell, we quickly worked in a month and we filmed bits and pieces of the music video during the Arena Tour. Because there weren’t a lot of days left till we had to finish mastering, we rented equipment from Japan and I recorded in our hotel room before. Because Infinite’s schedule is busy, everything was done tightly. I did everything urgently because I felt like it would be too late if I took my time.”

Kim Sunggyu is revealing his own composed song for the first time ever. Although there are a couple of songs that he’s composed, he says this is the first time that they are being revealed. As if trying to emphasize it when asked about the storyline, he said, “I didn’t write about my experience.” “There was a topic that fit well to the music’s mood. I really gave you everything and offered you everything, but I didn’t love you, I never loved you, my heart wasn’t truthful, I never felt that it was love. It’s that kind of storyline, but it was a hard topic to work with when I first worked on writing the lyrics. Everyone has that kind of moment. Although you dated this person knowing that you like them, you can end up starting a different love… Although it’s not my own experience, there are situations like that.”

Kim Sunggyu, who said he’s really worried about the solo promotions because he’s very shy, stated, “I don’t have any celebrities that I’m friends with. I’m usually alone when we go to broadcasting studios, so just how lonely will it be when I’m promoting by myself as well.” Adding on, “I’m the type to become a complete friend once you befriend me. They say that I’m introverted, don’t talk much, and look like I don’t play jokes, but don’t I look confused and foolish when I’m on a show? I’m normally that kind of kid, but there are a lot of misunderstandings created. Because I don’t talk and just pass by, I’ve heard that I look arrogant.” Thinking of promoting alone, he gave out a sigh.

Meanwhile, Kim Sunggyu will be showing his first stage for his title song, ‘60 Seconds’, through KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on November 23rd.

trans. cr; emilie, hyejin @  infinite updates | source cr;  newsen ; take out with full credits

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What's inside Dongwoo-Sungyeol-Sungjong bags?

Infinite, who has finished their big run of Arena Tours in Japan. Let’s look into the members, who have successfully ended even their encore performances for the ‘Arena Tours’, which are meaningful as an artist! Infinite, who spent a more meaningful year than anyone else. Examining the true thoughts of the three members, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and Sungjong starts now.

◆ Jang Dongwoo, You Can Do It

As Infinite’s Dongwoo, I became more bold and masculine through his members. It was as if I had found brothers. Should I say that they brought the affection only brothers can give to me, who only had 2 older sisters?

When I first met the members… They all had their own personalities. Although Sunggyu hyung seemed to be macho, he wasn’t really interested in clothes or styles, and his largest interest was just in food. ^^

For Woohyun, I only remember his eyes that were full of passion. It seemed like he firmly went in a slightly strange direction? I think he’s much better to see now than before. The thing that didn’t change is his love for the members..

Hoya was a ‘dancing fool’. He solved everything with dancing. His life and style was strong since our first meeting! Sungyeol looked like someone who really only studied. Someone who wears glasses and is tidy. But he’s really simple and innocent to the point where you can understand everything about him after meeting him three times.

L? To be honest, he was so quiet that he didn’t leave an impression on me. I thought he couldn’t speak Korean ^^ Sungjong was much more active and full of energy back then than he is now. Because my first impression of him was delicate, my instincts to protect him rose ^^

There was a time near our debut where the members and our company’s staff members did volunteer work, but I feel really happy even now when I think about it. Because it still remains as a large memory, I want to hurry and do volunteer work if I’m given the chance.

The most important thing to me right now is ‘time’. There are many things I want to do, but time isn’t waiting for me. When my mind feels hasty, I look into the mirror and hold my mind by saying, ‘You can do it!’.

2012 was the year where the Infinite members and I personally became a step more matured. The year where we became stronger mentally and where the members were able to be together more. Let’s continue to work hard and do our best!

★ Surprise Bag Check!

My bag! And what’s inside is… To be honest, there’s really nothing special ^^

First off, there’s a pencil case and an instructional DVD for the bass! My sunglasses and a wallet! There’s also my journal and gum too! Although it might seem a bit weird, I also carry around my bankbooks ㅎㅎ A comb and perfume! A case for my earrings, and our concert script, the most important thing! I also have a charger, and uhm… And a strange Mickey Mouse? too! Hahaha.

Ah, I also have Leader Gyu’s solo debut CD! I personally bought it~~^^
◇ Lee Sungyeol, The Year Where Many Things Came True

I’ve lately been spending my time looking at monkey pictures. I had a lot of interest in monkeys ever since a long time ago, but it starting coming up again. I feel like we could be friends for some reason…

‘The way people look at me’ and ‘the way I look at myself’ aren’t that different. I often hear that I’m a person who’s always bright and innocent, but I think I’m like that as well. And my honest personality! I think that’s my largest ‘weapon’.

Before I became part of Infinite, I was burdened by the fact that I would have to carry my own future. But it’s not like that now! Because I have my reliable hyungs and dongsaengs, I feel confident. First off, L really didn’t speak, so he gave me no impression. And I thought of Sunggyu hyung as the hyung that was hard to talk to? And thought Woohyun hyung was the considerate hyung. Dongwoo hyung was the extremely scary hyung! And Hoya was a blunt person. Because Sungjong is normally pretty, I thought he was a female trainee ^^ When I look back and think about it, it’s all the complete opposite! Seems like I’m bad with impressions…

Now they’re all very important people to me!

If I never became a member of Infinite, I think I would been doing something out of the ordinary, something special. Probably… a job where I educate animals?

I like animals. So the gift I remember the most are ‘dog clothes’. I didn’t tell anyone that I had a puppy, but they prepared it, so I remember it the most.

There are many things that came true for me in 2012, and I think the members also did well, step by step. Fighting so that I can become a Sungyeol who continues to improve in the future as well!!

★ Open Your Bag!

To be honest, I don’t carry around heavy things in my bag. But my bag just looks heavy in general? ^^

First off, my wallet! And if I were to show you the inside of my wallet, there’s no money… My entire fortune is 300 won! ㅎㅎㅎ I have nutritional supplements, and a card I carry around so that I can practice. I also carry around deodorant and perfume.

Sunglasses too! Huh? But there’s nothing in the case… I brought an empty case.. ㅎㅎㅎ

Drum sticks as well! It’s the item I treasure the most. I make sure to take it everywhere ^^

◆  Lee Sungjong, Will Show A New Side

Like then and now, my largest interest is in songs. Because I dreamed of becoming a singer ever since I was younger, I don’t do it idly. And since I can feel and experience many things while practicing, I’m working hard now as well!

And in the future, I want to become an all-around entertainer that is acknowledged by everyone. For that to happen, I should do my best, right? ‘Sungjong-ah, you’re doing well! Let’s just be a bit stronger!’

After meeting Infinite, my everything changed. Because I suddenly gained 6 hyungs, it felt like I became a person? ^^ Now they’re all important figures who I can’t do without.

People just think of me as the youngest, but I have a side to me that’s quite dependable and strong! ^^

2012 is now ending soon. It’s almost Christmas! My plans are… after finishing schedules with the members, we’ll probably say that we worked hard and eat beef ㅎㅎ ^^

Although the burden was big when we received a lot of love through ‘The Chaser’, I feel proud because I feel like I climbed well this year, step by step, just like any other time.

I’ll show you a different side of me that hasn’t been seen before in 2013!!

★ Ambush, Attack on His Bag!

Drumroll! Bag check! Although it seems very big, I don’t really have anything in it ^^ Let’s see… What’s in here..

Because it’s winter, hand cream is a must. I also have a watch. There’s my concert script, headphones, wi-fi… and a pencil case too!

I only carry around things that I really need!

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr;  naver ; take out with full credits

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Seungri becomes 'One Piece' character?

Seungri tweeted a photo claiming that he becomes the main character of 'One Piece'.
He wrote,

"I became the main character of Japanese anime "One Piece"! Together with Roopie and Ace! "
In the photo, he is posing an action move with his fist clenched and some comic strips as background.

Source: Seungri's twitter
Written by

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Kim Jaejoong: “Overcoming appearance complex with acting”

*Appearance complex: Jaejoong is not happy with his looks because people only look at his appearance and think that he has no talent.

It’s necessary now to add one more title to ‘Hallyu idol star’ – ‘movie actor’.  JYJ Kim Jaejoong is full-fledgedly targeting domestic big screens.

After [almost] 10 years since debut, people only recall his ‘flower boy’ image. The audience of the movie might be a little surprised to see his ‘spoilt’ image.

I met Kim Jaejoong in a cafeteria in Jongno-gu, Seoul. He said ‘Hello’ first to me, which made me impressed. Unlike his cold looking appearance, he has the delicate charm of a native Korean youth of 26 years.

“Many people said that they didn’t expect that ‘spoilt’ image of mine. It was great that I was able to express various emotions in dramas. I was also glad that I got to work with Song Jihyo who is in the same company with me. I wanted to take opportunity as a rookie movie actor.”

Throughout the interview, he emphasized that he “doesn’t want to become an actor in one stroke.” He is satisfied to learn even from just one drama/movie. Kim Jaejoong who initially didn’t dream of becoming an actor confessed that he wanted to break free from the preconception of the public.

“At the beginning, I had the opportunity to try acting by chance, which somehow made me feel sorry towards my colleagues. I didn’t want to read the script in front of the members who were preparing to become actors. But now, I think that acting is interesting. I had serious appearance complex when I was younger. I wanted to break the ‘wall’ inside of me through the variety of acting.”

“After debut, even if I was just standing still, a lot of people asked me if I was angry. I also heard many people say ‘I don’t like him. He doesn’t give me good impression’. However if we go abroad, other members envy me the most. Maybe because I look unique, many overseas fans like me more. (Laugh) But I told my members that I envied them more. ‘You guys have a lot of fans and not much anti-fans in the country where we are born.’ I told them. Because of that appearance complex, the desire to use acting to get rid of that shell that I have made myself grew bigger. It’s not the matter of time. I don’t have confidence to do well right away either. I want to do it step by step, little by little.”

I can feel the sincerity in his words. I will celebrate his 10th debut anniversary next year but he said that he needs to constantly control his mind in order to break the preconception and misconception surrounding him.

He first realized his interest toward acting when he was filming <Dr. Jin>. Filming drama and movie at the same time, he was exhausted both physically and mentally. “Filming movie and drama, one is contemporary, other is historical but I didn’t feel scared.” So I mischievously asked him if he had ‘star disease’ and entered his van right after hearing the ‘cut’ sign. “For me, the filming set was a haven of peace. I preferred the bed at the set than my van. They had made the set like a real motel. When I was sleeping there, I could feel that the staffs were walking very careful so that they wouldn’t wake me. (Laugh) We’re close and comfortable with each other like a family.”

Kim Jaejoong introduced <Code name: Jackcal> as a movie that “the more you watch, the more you find it attractive”. As it’s his big screen debut, there is still something lacking but he never regrets it. Unlike the singer that can taste the failure often because it’s a profession where it is easy to hit the limit, the actor can find him/herself the chance to learn and grow in every movie/drama. That fact is quite attractive. Kim Jaejoong has quickly realized that charm of acting.

“Aside from music, acting helps me to refreshingly develop myself. It’s a tonic, a stimulant. If people do only one thing over and over again, they might fall into idleness and become haughty. I like the feeling of receiving reprimands and compliments when I do something new. The more I do it (acting), the more I have ambition and motivation to do it more. I hope for support from everyone.”

Source: Segye via Nate
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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