BTS′ Rap Monster Reveals His Old Bowl Cut Hairstyle on ′The Wise Guys′

Rough and tough rapper Rap Monster unveiled an old ′model student′ photo from his school days, gathering much laughter for its stark contrast.

TvN′s popular program The Wise Guys (formerly known as Sexy Brains - The Problematic Man) posted screen shots of the upcoming 3rd episode on March 12. The photos included an old picture of Rap Monster from his school days.

BTS′ Rap Monster Reveals His Old Bowl Cut Hairstyle on ′The Wise Guys′

Talking about past White Day memories, Rap Monster stated, "During my school days, I was a bit whatever." He then revealed his student photo. In the photo, Rap Monster donned a neat bowl cut hairstyle with glasses, appearing like a model student.

With the photo, the staff wrote, "He looks like he studies well."

As known, Rap Monster has an IQ of 148 and scored in the top 1 percentile for the prep test of the College Scholastic Ability Test when he was a sophomore in high school. He was also the class rep six or seven times. In eighth grade, his TOEIC scores were 850 points, and in ninth grade, 800 points.

The Wise Guys is a program in which six men carry on a conversation about high quality questions in their own unique way of thinking.

Other participants include Jun Hyun Moo, who aced the mass media examination, Ha Seok Jin, who attended an engineering university, Kim Ji Seok, who graduated from an elite prep school in England, Peppertone′s Lee Jang Won, a KAIST professor who had a perfect score on his college entrance exam, and Tyler, a Seoul National University student, fluent in six languages.

The program airs every Thursday at 11 p.m. KST.

Photo Credit: tvN

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