CNBLUE's Jungshin reveals his room!

CNBLUE's Jungshin reveals what his room looks like. On March 8, he uploaded a photo of his room on their twitter account. He wrote,

"Everyone this is me Jungshin~ The weather is really great.. I want to go out, however.. during our rehearsal for our Japanese single, I remembered Yonghwa hyung showed his new studio..well..that's right! I live without spirit... I need to clean but I don't know where to start.. Anyway, first look at my room! Yonghwa hyung has studio room, mine is.. just a random room..! Have a nice day~"

We can see his accessories such as bracelets, sunglasses, rings,caps and even his perfumes and other beauty products. Well like what he calls it, random stuff everywhere. What do you think?

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2PM thanks Indonesian fans

2PM's Jun.K updated his Twitter on 10th March.

He wrote,“WASSUP JAKARTA! LETS HAVE SOME FUN FEW MINS LATER :) ”、“THANK YOU ALL JAKARTA !” and revealed a pair of photos taken in the waiting room.

The members of 2PM are seen posing in black and white outfits in the waiting room.

Fans commented,"Handsome guys","Chansung's expression is priceless" and etc.

Meanwhile,2PM performed at the "Music Bank in Jakarta Concert" on 9th March, other performs include, Super Junior, SHINee, BEAST, Infinite,SISTAR, Teen Top, Eru and etc.

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B1A4's Sandeul crowned as king of eating broadcast!

On March 4's broadcast of MNET 'Wide News', the staff visited idol group B1A4 on their photoshoot for a clothing brand.

In this photshoot, the boys showed confidence in modelling various stylish clothes with their energetic and youthful auras.

Despite of non-stop filming, B1A4 didn't show any signs of exhaustion and they even did fanservice. During that time, Sandeul was filmed eating the food prepared by the filming staff and earned the name 'rising star of eating broadcast'.

Members tried to stop him from eating and revealed, "Sandeul eats five times a day, not only breakfast, lunch and dinner.In this Sandeul exclaimed, "Call me if there's something to eat.." indirectly suggesting to be a food model.

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Dara promises to visit SE7EN in army wearing short skirt

On March 9, during SE7EN's Talk Concert to celebrate his 10th anniversary, 2NE1's Dara and Park Bom were the MCs. They asked questions to SE7EN which they got from fans.

SE7EN was asked which girl group he will miss when he goes to army and he answered there's none in particular. Instead, he revealed that 2NE1 is his favorite girl group and he's very sure of it. He also mentioned that he wants 2NE1 to visit him in the army.

In regard to this, MC Dara said, "I will be pretty and wear a short skirt if I visit you."

In this concert, YG family gathered to support him and promised to pay a visit.
SE7EN will enlist in army on March 19.

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Seungri takes selca with Lee Hi!

BigBang's maknae took selca with their family's maknae Lee Hi and posted on his twitter account. He wrote, "With Hi"
Seungri with his messy hair and Lee Hi's V sign. Two adorable maknaes.

Source: @ForvictoRi

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130310 Inkigayo Performers List

# Comeback Special #
- 2AM [ Read You/ One Spring Day ]
- U-KISS [ Painful/ Standing Still ]
# Hot Music #
- SHINee [ Dream Girl ]
- TEEN TOP [ Miss Right ]
- Gummy [ Snow Flower]
- Rainbow [ Tell me Tell me ]
- Kim Tae Woo [ Cosmic Girl ]
- B.A.P [ One Shot ]
- NU’EST [ Hello ]
- DMTN [ Safety Zone ]
- MYNAME [That's Nothing ]
- VIXX [ One and On ]
- SPEED [ Pain ]
- DASONI [ Good Bye ]
# Fresh Music #
- D-UNIT [ Let's Talk ]
- LADIES’ CODE [ Bad Woman ]
- RaNia [ Just Go ]
- KK (feat  Jenny) [ Pain ]

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G.NA gains weight for her comeback

G.NA is gaining weight to have a healthy image on her comeback stage.

She is targeting to gain at least 5kg and having trainings before releasing her album on March 14. All these preparations are because she wants to show healthy yet sexy G.NA on stage.

In order to stay fit she is doing jumping rope, yoga, stretching and other work outs. She becomes more concious about her body when a health program revealed that she is underweight and manourished. G.NA's representative told StarNews, "Prior to her comeback, G.NA decides her diet herself. She's taking care of her body right now."

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2AM’s Changmin diagnosed with intestinal obstruction

Changmin and his representatives thought it was just a regular food poisoning. However, they learned that it was beyond and more serious than what they had thought.

Big Hit Entertainment recently announced that 2AM’s Changmin received an emergency treatment after the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction.

Intestinal obstruction is what referred to medical term as the blockage of the passageway of the intestines.

Although lots of tests were made, it has not been decided if surgery is required or not.

However, as a professional, Changmin decided follow his scheduled commitments.

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International fans celebrate Taeyeon's birthday

A huge balloon was spotted flying in Hiroshima, Japanese fans celebrated Taeyeon's birthday on March 9. 

Recently, it was reported that a fan site bought a bus advertisement for her birthday; an Indonesian fan made a mural painting for her; and Taeyeon’s worldwide fans reached their local newspapers for advertisements and organized birthday gatherings.

Have you sent out your greeting?

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EXO's Showcase in March

December 2012 was EXO’s last performance and almost a year since they debut with title track "MAMA’. Definitely their fans are anticipating their comeback.

EXO’s supporters won’t be waiting that long as SM Entertainment updated EXO-K's and EXO-M’s websites.

EXO will be having ‘EXO Korea Showcase’ on March 31.

So EXO fans, the long wait will end soon, are you excited?

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Teen Top's L.Joe is shy around his "Miss Right"?

On March 7, TEEN TOP’s L. Joe shared a photo of himself posing with Yoo Inna.

Yoo In Na is L. Joe’s ideal girl so he's a bit shy posing besides her.

He wrote, , “Be healthy In Na-noona! Heheheet”.

Fans commented,"Your Miss Right?","so cute","Oppa hwaiting" and etc.

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SHINee reveals new CF for Skechers

SHINee shows off their energetic side in the new Skechers CF.

The boys promote the new shoes model GoRun2, check out the video below

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f(x)'s preview on Happy Camp

f(x) will appear in the upcoming episode of popular variety show "Happy Camp" in China, check out the preview below

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[Review] Lee Hi ‘First Love Pt. 1′

I had elected to do a review of Lee Hi’s newest release when we first heard of its possibility months ago. In typical YG Entertainment fashion, Lee Hi’s release kept on being pushed back, with hazy hints of its actual release being thrown in every possible direction during the process. To the pleasant surprise of most fans of the singer once dubbed as the “Monster Rookie“, YG satiated us by releasing the first half of her album ‘First Love‘, named ‘First Love Pt. 1‘. While it would be far more kosher to wait for the actual release to give a full review, I’m going to follow YG’s marketing skills and write this in two parts. I figure this will be the best remedy to alleviate my anxiety I’ve been experiencing as of late regarding this release.

While it’s not technically the first track on this release, I will discuss the headlining track “It’s Over” first, as I’m sure this is the song that the majority of people care most about.  As a disclaimer, please don’t view any negative statements I may discuss impede on what I actually think of the song: “It’s Over” is more than just good, it’s great. I’d even go as far as saying this will be in a strong running for the Song of the Year on the various K-pop award shows in this current cycle. Moreover, this is among the more memorable vocal performances thus far in 2013.

Now that I got that out of the way, here’s my primary concern about the song: people are seemingly overreacting as to how great the song or Lee Hi actually is at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, Lee Hi does possess a very unique set of pipes and attitude among her K-Pop contemporaries. Furthermore, her uncalculated success as a rookie was one of the better feel-good stories of K-Pop in 2012. However, listening to this song I find it is obvious that she has to mature a bit more vocally to truly become the force that she is imagined to be now.  There is not denying the potential—she has as much potential as Google has servers—but she just seems restricted in general at the moment. While certainly she stands head and shoulders above most female “singers” in K-Pop, when I listen to someone like, for example, Gummy—particularly her ‘In The Bloom‘ album—I can certainly argue that Lee Hi is nowhere near the idolized musician status she is being thought to be now. Obviously this is a slightly unfair comparison between the seasoned Gummy and the shockingly young Lee Hi. Yet, I prefer not to dwell on hypotheticals, so I stand by this statement. Furthermore, the song itself doesn’t exactly help this cause. While of course she kills whatever parts are slayable, the song itself is pretty standard and tends to become tinged with a bit of dullness at points. Thus, I find it curious when I read comments claiming this the best thing since sliced bread.

Of course, I am being overly nit-picky above, so I digress. As far as traditional pop songs go in K-Pop, this is one of the most enjoyable and well-produced tracks to listen to this year. Lee Hi‘s confident husky vocals and slurred inflections pair well over the foot stomping, swinging orchestra which a sonic scape that one can’t help by sway to. I’m particularly fond of 3:09-3:25, where the surprisingly lush (for K-Pop anyway) swing orchestration provides a perfect synthesis with Lee Hi’s unique vocal delivery. Oddly enough it is the refrains that are the weak point of this song. The stagnantly repeated, boppy syllables prove to be somewhat static and lacking the creativity found elsewhere this continually driving song. Overall, this song is well worth the attention it’s receiving. Is this the best we’ll hear from Lee Hi? I anticipate not. Is it better than ““? In some ways yes, though I can easily conjure a counterargument.  This song certainly is not a step backwards. Regardless, it certainly destroys the dirge of K-Pop releases that I’ve been listening to in recent weeks.

Should my reservations about Lee Hi’s unreached potential not be with a grain of salt prior, I believe the rest of the release confirms my critique. There is a theory in jazz studies that concerns progression of the performance practices of the blooming improviser. One’s natural progression occurs in three steps: Imitation, Assimilation, and Innovation. Should I classify Lee Hi’s artistry thus far in these terms, I would put her somewhere between the first two phases. Her imitation process is clearly evident through her evident vocal style imitation of leading pop stars. Her intro song, “Turn It Up” is clearly reminiscent of a non-Barbadian Rihanna. Furthermore, her last song, “Dream“—which I believe is next strongest track on this release—seems to almost be a direct reprisal of Adele’sTurning Tables” or “Hometown Glory“. Now while I can’t argue against imitating these singers in making your way through the pop world—I mean, who would ever discredit a direct comparison to Adele?—being able to identify these voices so readily demonstrates that Lee Hi hasn’t quite found Lee Hi yet. However, she simultaneously demonstrates the assimilation phase as well, particularly in “Crush” where it is evident that she’s studied and internalized the greats of Motown and early R&B, but can’t be directly compared to a particular great in thus style, and is beginning to carve out her niche. While she technically isn’t innovating anything at the moment, sticking to the styles of “Crush” and “It’s Over” will undoubtedly allow her to complete this stage in her future endeavours.

And yes, since you’re undoubtedly wondering, it is refreshing to be talking in such terms in the realm of K-Pop.

In sum, I can’t stop listening to this release.  It’s far and away one of the strongest overall packages that has been released in quite some time. Honestly, this may have been enough of in a release to stand on it’s own, and would have likely received a very, very high rating from myself. Unfortunately, I am left with an even greater sense of impatience for the gifts I imagine we will receive in “First Love Pt. 2“. Should this release be any indication of what is to come, we may be faced with this year’s ‘Alive‘. But for now, I’ve found my new loop for my iTunes and I envision it will stay there for a while… or at least until March 21.

Editors Note: The author chose to withhold his rating until release of the album in its entirety.

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Girl's Day unveils short preview for "Expectation" MV

Girl's Day will be making their comeback with new song "Expectation", check out the short preview of the MV of Expectation below.

Do you like their sexy transformation?

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Super Junior and SHINee snap selcas together!

On March 9, Yesung uploaded series of selca he took with fellow Super Junior members and their hoobaes SHInee!
These photos were taken in Indonesia.

Both groups performed for Music Bank Live in Jakarta. The photos were bit dark but you can clearly see the boys.

Fans commented, "There they go again!","oh looks like a photoshoot!","They are so funny taking selcas together!" and so on.

Source: Yesung's twitter
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Teen Top shakes with 100%

Teen Top continues to promote the "Shake" craze, this time they do it with their juniors 100%, check out their "shaking moment' below

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Jaejoong can't say 'no' to Taiwanese fans, Taiwan tour confirmed!

Jaejoong cannot say 'no' to his Taiwanese fans, as his agency added Taiwan on his "Your, My, & Mine Asia Tour".
The concert in Taiwan is scheduled on April 13 at 7:30 PM and will be held at the Taiwan University Gymnasium. Tickets will be available starting on March 16 at 11AM via WalkieTalkie [].

Including on his list are Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Nanjing.
Don't miss it!

Are you coming?

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Gayoon emerges as top casual fashion icon!

Gayoon's casual fashion becomes a huge topic over the web.

A series of photos of her wearing different types of casual wear was posted in an online community site with a title "4-minute's Gayoon, winner for casual wear".

Her casual fashion for music broadcast, drama shoot, airport fashion, etc. were seen and attracted attention.

On the other news, SISTAR19's Hyorin also picked Gayoon as one of the Top 5 Best Idol Bodies together with herself and 4-minute's Hyun Ah.

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SE7EN to enlist on March 19!

During his 'Thank U' concert the Seoul Kyo Yuk MunHwa Hoekwan Theater today, SE7EN revealed the exact date of his enlistment.

Today's event is a celebration for his 10th anniversary, where he announced that there are 10 days left before he officially joins the army. He also said that he intentionally wanted to reveal it on this special day. He thanked fans for their unending support for the past 10 years.

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IRIS 2's Jang Hyuk flatters his partner Yoon Dojoon

IRIS 2 actor Jang Hyuk praises his partner BEAST's member Yoon Doojon.

He said, "Every time you see him, he's very consistent. You can depend on him and he has initiative to ask seniors if he needs help. It's fun to film with him."

Moreover, in a press conference for IRIS 2, Dojoon revealed that Jang Hyuk is a chatterbox in which the later explained, "During my rookie days, I received a lot of help from my seniors. I thought I could be any of help to Doojoon so I talk a lot about this and that." showing his concern towards the idol-actor.

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BTOB is 'Men in Black' in 'Monstar'

BTOB members Lee MinHyuk, Lee Changseob, Im Hyunsik and Yook Sungjae will challenge their acting skills as they confirmed their roles in musical drama 'Monstar'.

They will form a male group 'Men In Black' in the 12-episode musical drama alongside their senior Yong Junhyung, who will play the role of Yoon Seolchan, the main vocalist.

This musical drama will depict the lives of teenagers through music.'Monstar' will premiere in April.

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Domino's Pizza releases new CF featuring Suzy & Jung Il Woo

Domino's Pizza releases new CF featuring Suzy and Jung Il Woo, check out the CF below.

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SHINee's Onew and actor Lee Won Geun resemble each other?

SHINee's Onew and actor Lee Won Geun resemble each other?

An online community recently uploaded a few photos of them with the title,"Onew-Lee Won Geun resemble each other". 

People commented on the photos,"They really look alike","Lee Won Geun is like Onew's long lost brother","Both are handsome","Onew's cuter eventhough he's older", and so on.

Meanwhile, Lee Won Geun is currently starring in KBS2's daily drama "Pure Love", Onew is still busy promoting ""Dream Girl" along with his group members.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

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2NE1 to visit Malaysia

YG Entertainment posted a message on its official twitter account on March 8, “BlackJack!! We're excited to announce that #2NE1 will be in#Malaysia on March 23 to perform at Twin Towers Alive 2013! More info @TT_Alive”.

It’s the first time for 2NE1 to perform in Malaysia, fans are excited after reading the tweets.

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s member Sandara updated her twitter regarding the good news, she wrote, “See you soon Blackjack Malaysia!!! :)”

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ULALA Session to come back in a charity concert

Ulala Session is still grieving after one of their members, Lim Yoon Taek, passed away last February 11. 

Since that unfortunate happening, the group has been declining concerts. But they are going to take the stage again for a benefit cause on March 23. The comeback will be witnessed in Busan. ULALA Session wants to raise funds for children with Leukemia (cancer of the blood). Lim Yoon Taek died of stomach cancer, so the group thought that he would want that concert to happen.

In addition, Ulala Session’s new album will be released in May. However, details are soon to be uncovered.

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Source: MWAVE

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Amber reveals a cute baby picture of Krystal!

Amber is teasing her members on instagram. Today she reveals a photo of young Krystal 'in action'. She wrote, "and she goes for the kick... DUNDUNDUN!!! #babyjung"

On the photo, cute baby Krystal is wearing an all-white soccer uniform and getting ready for a kick. Fans commented, "Is this for real? babyjung is so cute!", "Keep posting baby pictures of all fx members @ajol_llama" and so on.

She's so cute, isn't she? Thank you Amber!

Source: @ajol_llama (Amber's instagram)
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BIGBANG's video messages for SE7EN before leaving for army

Members of BigBang send their personal video messages for SE7EN who will enlist to army this month. Each messages consist of heartwarming words that motivate not only SE7EN but his fans as well. Watch the videos below:

Today, SE7EN is going to hold a ‘Thank U‘ concert at the Seoul Kyo Yuk MunHwa Hoekwan Theater at 7PM.

Source: ygentertainment@YT

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Amber's selca with her friend, 'couple shirt'?

A friend of Amber, posted a photo together with her on his instagram account, with a caption:
"A picture from my last night in #Korea with my sister @ajol_llama #twintees #matchingshirts"

On the photo, the two are wearing similar black t-shirt. Amber is wearing a cap and half-sticking her tongue. On the other hand, her friend is wearing a black beanie and looking straight at the camera. Fans commented, "Oh couple shirts!", "They must be very close.", "Amber looks very cool!" and so on.

Source: dario_m's Instagram
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Who wore it sexier, Ailee or Hyun Ah?

Hyun Ah and Ailee wore same sexy dress on separate situations. The sexy one piece cocktail dress is a combination of black and light brown colors with a parallel triangle pattern on the front.

In Ailee's case, she wore the dress on her Music Video "I'll Show You", while on Hyun Ah's was for an official wallpaper for Toyota Corolla.

So, cast your votes! Who wore it sexier?

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Hyun Ah's original Toyota Wallpaper (source:

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Kwanghee and Sunhwa to be the parents of 'Moon Brothers'

Kwanghee and Sunhwa challenge 'parenthood' on WGM!

On the upcoming episode of We Got Married, Kwanghee and Sunhwa will challenge parenthood.
Who their children will be? Not one, two but three! They are none other than the cute Moon Brothers (Mason, Mavin and Maden).
The three appeared on the set and Kwanghee and Sunhwa need to take care of them for one day.

It was revealed that Sunhwa had hard time changing Maden's diaper while Kwanghee showed expertise in handling Mason and Marvin.

Do you anticipate this episode? Don't forget to watch WGM tonight!

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Make a choice, 'Hyun Ah or Toyota'?

Here are some HD wallpapers from Toyota Corolla featuring their ever sexy 4-minute member Hyun Ah.
Which one do you like? Hyun Ah or Toyota Corolla?

Such a hard choice, isn't?


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Psy’s Gangnam Style is still holding on the 27th rank on the Billboard Chart

Psy has remained on the top 100 Billboard Main Singles Chart for 26 incredible weeks. Many are still on the eye for his song on how long it will stay on the chart.

But as the fact shows, Psy’s Gangnam Style is still in. Plus the fact that it’s youtube’s number of view is nearing 1.4 billion.

But he is on the process for his new song that will be released in April.

The question is will it have Gangnam’s Style fame?

That’s what Kpop fanatics should find out.

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130309 Music Core performers list

♬ Comeback Stage
- 2AM『Read You』『One Spring Day』
- U-KISS『Standing Still』
♬ HOT Stage
- SHINee『Dream Girl』
- TEEN TOP『Miss Right』
- Rainbow『Tell me Tell me』
- B.A.P『One Shot』
♬ Volume UP Stage
- Kim Tae Woo『Cosmic Girl』
- VIXX『On and On(remix)』
- Two X『Ring Ma Bell』
- SPEED『Pain』
♬ New Songs
- Clazziquai『Love Recipe』
- D-UNIT『Let's Talk After We Meet』
- Rania『Just Go』
- Verbal Jint(feat. Kang Min Kyung)『If This is not Love』

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Zion T’s ‘Two Melodies’ rhymes on three charts

Zion T’s ‘Two Melodies’ doesn't just hit two charts, but three!

After Zion T, one of the most promising hip hop artists, released his self-written single ‘Two Melodies’ last March 6, it’s now taking the music charts over.

His new song is on Naver Music. It ranked 2 on Bugs Music, and number 3 on Melon and still counting.

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LUNAFLY to wow LUKIE’s in Singapore

After revealing their official fanclub name, Lunafly will meet their LUKIES in Singapore.
An information was posted on JNation Entertainment' s official Facebook account.

It was written,

"LUNAFLY Showcase Live In Singapore!
12 May 2013, 4pm@ Hard Rock Cafe Singapore.
Priority ticket sales will start on 10 March at 11pm(KST)
Stay tune for more information!"

Are you going to attend?

Source: JNation Entertainment
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B.A.P.’s "One Shot" featured in Swedish ‘Metro’

On March 7, Metro, a Swedish newspaper, reviewed B.A.P.’s One Shot in its music column.

Peter Lindhom, the music critic, said that B.A.P has well-transformed from being cutie one to a manly one.

He is fully amazed with the music video and gave ‘One Shot’ four globes out of five in ratings.

The article can be found  here on page 52.

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