SISTAR performs "Alone" without Bora on OBS Stage Hanmaum Concert

SISTAR performed without Bora on the OBS Stage Hanmaum Concert.

Fans were slightly disappointed with Bora's absence but the girls performed really well to impress the audiences,check out their performance below

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f(x)'s Victoria uploads gorgeous photo

f(x)'s leader Victoria updated her Weibo with a gorgeous photo.

She said,"i am pretty busy lately,tomorrow is TVXQ's concert,will cheer on them!Let us meet in Changsha...after a few days?^ ^"

She is seen posing cutely in er latest photo,garnering much attention with her bare face.

Like this new photo of Victoria?

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Pretty Jessica and Eunji's BTS photoshoot for Legally Blonde

Idols Jessica and Eunji's photoshoot for musical 'Legally Blonde" has been released.
For Eunji,who earned positive comments from her role in Reply 1997, this is her first musical.

Watch the BTS for their photoshoot below:

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Sunhwa shares WGM group photo in costume!

Sunhwa shares a lovely photo of WGM couples wearing costume for Halloween.
The group photo shows each couple wearing their own costume while striking a pose.

She wrote, "We are invincible". What a friendly atmosphere they have!

Source: Sunhwa's twitter

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Girls’ Generation Mentioned by UK Newspaper, The Guardian

Among news of Girls’ Generation’s upcoming Japanese album, a British newspaper, The Guardian, has published an article on Girls’ Generation and K-Pop. The article talks about Girls’ Generation releasing an all-English album in the future, as well as the possibility of a successful entry into the Western music market.

Excerpts from the article are shown below and the full article can be viewed here.
“Girls’ Generation, a nine-member Korean girl group who had racked up millions of sales throughout east Asia long before Psy made “air” horseriding socially acceptable, are poised to release their first album recorded entirely in English.”

Tentatively due for release next year by Lady Gaga’s label, Interscope, the album will mark the group’s first serious effort to court English-speaking music fans.”
“Industry experts say the group’s brand of electropop and brilliantly produced videos will ease them into unfamiliar markets outside Asia. “Girls’ Generation totally fit the bill,” said Mio Scobie, overseas editor of US Weekly Magazine. “They produce feelgood beats, instantly memorable choruses and, as I’m sure people have already noticed, they’re stunning.”

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Hey, Sexy Lady: Hyuna, K-POP’s Gangnam Girl


It's only fitting that Korea's attitudinal pop princess was the subject of PSY's seduction in "Gangnam Style." Rapper-dancer Kim Hyun-a stands out from the super-clean K-Pop crowd, having controversially left one group (Wonder Girls) and then joining another, electro-pop unit 4Minute, and setting the tone for the more edgy side of K-Pop with songs like "Muzik" and "Hot Issue." Her solo singles have been even more incendiary—the music video for "Change" was flagged for 19+ viewers for her pelvic thrusting dance moves. "Bubble Pop!," meanwhile, placed an impressive #9 on SPIN Magazine's "Best 20 songs of 2011."

Even wrapped up for winter, 20-year-old HyunA commands attention. At Cube Café in Gangnam, a coffeehouse for K-Pop fans directly under her music studio, HyunA waltzes in with a thick blue woolen bob-hat, self-styled fur-lined jacket,the tiniest of black hot pants and sunglasses wrapped around her fingers.

An icon of the Korean fashion and pop culture wave that has already swamped Asia, HyunA's performance in "Gangnam Style" only reinforced her reputation as K-Pop's leading female provocateur—able to step out alone from the ranks of girl groups with confidence and power to represent a model of a new, modern Korean femininity.

We spoke with the young lady at the forefront of a generation in Korea now dominating their powerhouse neighbors of China and Japan in fashion and in music . . . and who could be the real K-Pop breakout star in the West, too.

ROBERT MICHAEL POOLE: Can you tell us about the concept behind the song "Ice Cream?"

KIM HYUN-A: Just like the lyrics of "Ice Cream"—"ice cream with 31 flavors"—it is a song where the audience can experience different sides of HyunA. [The] producer, Brave Brothers, management, and myself added bright and fun vibe to the hip-hop based song, so people can enjoy it. When it comes to song creation, I throw in my ideas and have it discussed with the producer. The song gets its own characteristic as new ideas are incorporated. Moreover, there is this cute goal of mine to melt all the listeners, just like sweet ice cream.

POOLE: You played a large part in "Gangnam Style." Why did you decide to mock your own industry?

HYUN-A: It has been watched by 700 million people, and that is amazing. PSY has told the media several times how I got the part in the video—I've heard that from the video's initial production stage, Psy has chosen me to take the female role of the video. I was flattered to hear that. He contacted the CEO of my management company, Cube Entertainment, for the video, and that's how I became the part of the video. The song does not mock the industry—the song and video of "Gangnam Style" has its focus on the people rather than the industry itself. The song's success proves that people in Gangnam are confident enough to accept and enjoy the song. All in all, I am happy that PSY's song is being loved by people all around the world, and I am lucky I am a part of it.

POOLE: "K-Pop" is a catch-all term. How would you truly describe your music overall?

HYUN-A: Currently, K-Pop is represented by music of girl groups and boy bands. Thanks to PSY, now people are starting to realize that K-Pop is not limited to just one genre. In my case, I take part in performance-oriented music and believe it is my call to show the audience something that both their eyes and ears can enjoy. There are many K-Pop artists who are performance-oriented, and I'd like to make a distinctive boundary of mine among them.

POOLE: How would you describe life in the K-Pop world?

HYUN-A: I've been doing my best to achieve my dream, and I am still in a process of getting where I want to be. It is very dynamic life—photo shoots with different concepts, flying in and out of Korea for concerts and TV appearances—no single day is the same. I get to experience different things every day. Even though there are times I feel physically tired due to the tight schedule, I enjoy it every minute of it. It is a very attractive industry, in that sense; it makes me challenge myself.

POOLE: How do American and Korean music differ?

HYUN-A: A few years back, I felt that there were many differences, but now I feel like PSY has broken many of those walls. When I see the audience sing along to our songs in other countries, I feel there are no walls or boundaries exist for good songs to be loved. However I still believe there is basic cultural difference exists between Korean and American music. Also there is a difference in languages exists when it comes to expressing emotion. Compared to English lyrics tend to express their feelings directly, Korean lyrics are more poetic and indirect.

POOLE: Who, and what, inspires you?

HYUN-A: [Everything] from ordinary things in everyday life, people's attention, the life that I had until now, to family, friends, fans... they all are my inspiration, and of course, the stage and the practicing room. The practicing room is where I spend most of [my] time, especially before the single release. When it comes to making choreography for the song, I look at myself in the mirror and give variations to the original choreography until I find the [right] choreography—choreography that fits me perfectly and that can project the performer HyunA in the right way. Since I constantly check the mirror to find the perfect moves, I could say that it is my inspiration.

POOLE: Your image is very confident, sexual, and independent. How close is that to the real you?

HYUN-A: I've been hearing that I am very different person on and off the stage. With all honesty, I hear the word "cute" more than "sexy" off the stage, and I get teased by that. When it comes to stage, I try my best to appeal and convey my ideas... incorporate what I want and I am good at on the stage. Since I know what I am doing on the stage, my confidence boosts up and that makes me to feel more liberated on the stage.

POOLE: How do you stay ahead as a fashion and music leader? Do you ever feel pressure?

HYUN-A: I do not feel much pressure, since it is a field that I have much interest in. Nowadays, I love hearing, "Whatever it is, when HyunA does it, it's different."

POOLE: What does the word Gangnam mean to you?

HYUN-A: The place where everything exists to enhance [one]self.

POOLE: What is your goal?

HYUN-A: As a professional singer, I want to be remembered as a singer with her own distinctive color, both by the public and the people in the industry, during and at the end of my career. To achieve such a goal, I will give my all to all the projects that I'm involved to produce the best result. Personally, I'd like to become a person who never loses her passion and always has a dream to follow.

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4minute JiHyun Reveals Story of Panicking and Waited for Police on the Highway

Group 4minute’s member Nam JiHyun has confessed to have waited for polices on the highway.

On MBC Live, ‘She and Her Car’ which is to be aired on the 16th, MC Nam JiHyun has revealed her story of being panicked after entering the fast lane.

‘She and Her Car’ is a car program for women. In this program, common senses (on the road) will be introduced, as well as providing answers to drivers’ questions.

On this day, Nam JiHyun who has started driving 3 months ago has revealed her complaint. It wasn’t a fast-speed car, but Nam JiHyun accidentally went into the fast lane.

She continued, as signal lights were constantly flashed, JiHyun who is alarmed stopped the car by the side, and waited for the police to come, causing laughter on the recording set.

Towards JiHyun’s experience, Kim SeA who appeared as guests said she still needs to learn more and gain more experience, giving advises to JiHyun.

On this day too, some insights were provided to those who are about to drive on the road. They have given advises such as safe distance between cars, penalties and more to them. In particular, beginner Nam JiHyun was seen nodding throughout.

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Infinite, the songs made with Primary “Unit activities? Still undecided”

We’re expecting to see unit activities of the popular male idol group Infinite only next year.

Lately, the news that Infinite and the popular music producer, Primary, finished working on a CD are spreading; the possibility of Infinite’s unit promotions is raised on Infinite’s fansites and on every online community’s boards.

The representant of Infinite’s company, Woollim, stated about it on the 12th, in the afternoon, to OBS Plus “It is true that they worked on songs with the producer Primary”.

But this representant said “We’re not at the state where the recordings are ended nor have we set definite plans about the unit promotions” and “We’re planning to release a CD but the unit promotions are still undecided. If they get to promote it, you might be able to see it next year”.

Lastly, the representant added “We can’t reveal yet who are the two members who will have unit activities but we’re still asking you a continuous interest for Infinite”.

On the other hand, Infinite are focusing on their individual activities as the song ‘Shine’, of the leader Sunggyu’s first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, was released on November 7th and it gained the upper ranks on each music site when it got released, and L is, as expected, showing an enthusiastic acting for the MBC Sunday sitcom ‘What Is Mom’.

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MAMA's theme song revealed

No Music, No Life - the latest song of Double K featuring Bobby Kim will be a theme song for MAMA 212.

Mnet's representative - the unit in charge of MAMA 2012, said, "Double K is a talented composer and rapper, he is the most suitable one to sing a theme song for this year's award. He will help to promote hip-hop music".

This year, Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) will be held in Hong Kong on November 30. Apart of annoucing the important awards, MAMA 2012 is also a big concert with a lot of wonderful performances following slogan "Music Makes One".

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Lee Hyori gives Goo Hara some advices

On November 15, Goo Hara mentioned Lee Hyori on twitter, "Lee Hyori unnie and Cheoeum Cheoreom. After you are Hyun Ah,Hyorin and me. I can feel the pressure. However I'll try to catch up with you. Support me, unnie".

It has been reported that Lee Hyori had been working as a model for Cheoeom Cheoreom for 5 years. After ending the contract this year, KARA's Goo Hara, Sistar's Hyorin and 4minute's Hyun Ah will "take over" that position. 

Lee Hyori replied, "Just do it. Try your best, do it well". She also gave Hara some advices, "When signing a contract, whenever we were, we were always B side, not A side. Just do it and remember my words".

Netizen reacted to this conversation, "Did Hyori advise Goo Hara ?", "Such an honest advice"....

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Girl's Day's Minah and Hyeri snap adorable selcas

 Girl's Day's Minah updated her Twitter with some new photos on 16th November.

She said,"The rain is falling and we have done our work,thanks to everyone who cheered for us,took some photos with Hyeri".

Fans commented after seeing her new photos,"gorgeous ladies","Minah lives up to her "bagel girl" title" and etc.

Meanwhile,Girl's Day is currently promoting their new song "Please Don't Forget Me" on various music shows.

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Happy Birthday to B1A4's Jinyoung #911118JINYOUNGDAY @_jinyoung911118

Birth Name: Jung Jin Young
Stage Name: Jinyoung
Position: Lead Vocalist & Leader
Birthday: November 18, 1991
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Scorpio

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Music Bank in Chile (Full Episode)

Check out the full episode of Music Bank in Chile with the presence of popular KPop idols including Super Junior,CN Blue,MBLAQ,Davichi,After School and more.

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2PM performs Masquerade on Happy Music

2PM performs their latest Japanese single "Masquerade" on Happy Music,check out their amazing performance below

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Listen to Nickhun's self-composed song "Let It Rain"!

Who wants to hear Nickhun's very first self-composed song?
Here it is.

This is a recorded version of his live performance from their concert. Bear with it for a while as we will update you with clearer one next time.

Did you like it? This song is composed by Nickhun for the Hottests!

Audio streamed by Chinese Hottest, recorded by World Khun! ^^
Thank you everyone for sharing~!

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ASTA TV’s November 2012 Issue – INFINITE “Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D”

On October 11th, the press preview of Infinite’s (the ‘Trend-dols’ with a splendid perfectly synchronized dance) 3D movie <Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D> was held at Seoul’s CGV Wangsimni. Infinite who showed an image glowing with nervosity at the movie filled with the images of their own concert! But, as expected, they couldn’t hide their joy at the fact that they could see their concert on a theater’s screen.

<Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D>is a 3D concert movie which required more than 30 cameras were required at Infinite’s encore concert ‘SECOND INVASION EVOLUTION’ held on April 1st at the Olympic Sport Stadium. It depicts in 3D the harmonious emotions with over 10,000 fans. This movie, presenting an overwhelming sense of realism with a realistic 3D video, showed a special performance performed only during the encore concert ‘Shot’, as well as the special video ‘I am Infinite’ which is an audition of Infinite for the members’ solo stages and even the concert’s making video was planned to be revealed then, so the expectations were high for it.

They wanted to see their own concert but they hoped for it to be a good gift for the fans who couldn’t see the concert and could now see it in the theaters, on a 3D screen so they could feel even closer to the members. Sunggyu revealed the funny points of the movie saying “How many times will Dongwoo get the choreography wrong? If you observe it it’s funny.”, and as soon as Sungjong said “Each of the members’ individual stages left a deep impression” Hoya added wittily, warming up the place “Because there’s a performance where I rip my shirt, I was worried about whether it’d be deemed unsuitable for under 19s. But it’s a relief that it was rated so students can all watch it”.

After this, during photo time they posed with their 3D glasses as the pose they had in the 3D movie’s capture, Infinite became a more brighter item with the black suits that they wore that day and made them cool. And as much as they are the Infinite famous through their angle-choreography they showed a part of ‘Be Mine’ and received a big flash baptism.

It was amazing seeing our performance like this in a movie. You can experience it through 3D, it’s more realistic, and while watching the movie it really felt like I was on stage dancing and singing. It was enjoyable throughout watching it. I hope that even in the future you can see our performances through movies!

I wish you can enjoy the touchingness through the movie that you couldn’t feel at the concert! And beyond anything, please anticipate how many times Dongwoo messed up. After counting Dongwoo’s mistakes, if you send through SNS I will respond! Dongwoo watched this movie and cried again. (laughs)

Not only the things that we prepared for this concert but there is also performances and songs that you can only find in the movie! Feel the touchingness from that day as it is! Ah~~ I want to watch it again too!

In this movie, INFINITE’s everything is included! You can feel all seven member’s charms at one time so surely come to watch! And then leave your appreciation through SNS.

I wish all the fans that couldn’t come to the concert could watch it! Think of our mistakes as aegyo!

If you watch this movie, you can feel enjoyment beyond the actual concert. It has comic, touchingness, and story. Because it has thick touchingness, I wish a lot of fans watched it!

It is a concert that has formed fruit through everyday’s efforts. Please watch our cool sides through the movie theater’s big screen!

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Tiger Dara looking innocent and cute

Korean girl group 2NE1 came to Taiwan for the first time at around 5am yesterday, attracting over 100 fans at the air port to welcome them and making them touched. They insisted on being “trendy no matter the timing“.

Member Dara showed up with a Tiger (Winnie The Pooh character) outfit, (T/N: I know it’s a JS design but the Taiwan media used Tiger instead) CL wore a pair of shades with smiley faces. Members were very friendly towards the “early birds” fans by shaking hands with them, making fans excited and said that “It was worth it even if my Liver explodes!”

2NE1, who consisted of CL, Dara, Bom & Minzy, is a sister group of the Korean famous group, BIGBANG. They debuted 3 years ago with Hip Hop style and their fans are mainly females.
They arrived from LAX to Taoyuan airport, attracting many fans to wait for them at the airport to welcome them. Despite boarding the plane for more than 10 hours, they were still fashionistas. CL who was wearing a pair of shades with smiley faces said “We like to dress up prettily off stage too. I’m thankful for everyone who likes our style.“

Although they loved dressing up coolly  their method of protecting their throats are very traditional. During the interview yesterday, Park Bom revealed that “I gargle with salt water every morning and wears a mask whenever I’m out.” However, CL said “I tried drinking stewed pear water ( it is supposed to be good for throat and voice ) , it’s not very effective. Sleeping is still the best.” Minzy then said she drank hot tea to protect her throat.

They will be performing at 730pm tonight at Taipei Arena, and their tickets are already 80% sold. To buy their tickets, please visit

Source: Apple Daily
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Translated by: darliciousx@ForeverWithDara

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BIGBANG in America: Behind the Scenes With the K-Pop Boy Wonders!

A refreshingly candid answer in the very formal, professional world of K-pop where the stars are more cute than sexy, scandals are minimal, and its stars spend years training. But this is BIGBANG — an act that rewrites most of the conventions in K-pop by composing most of their own music, go shirtless in music videos, and have found themselves in the midst of several controversies just this year alone.

Backstage, the five members are in their opening number outfits — heavy-duty, sparkling white suits looking like edgy Prince Charmings — but G-Dragon walks around without his jacket on and huge sunglasses before sitting down for some pre-show interviews where each member personifies himself in their demeanor. The elusive T.O.P., known for his low-bass timbre rapping, wears dark sunglasses and shows little emotion. The handsome Seungri sits straight up juxtaposing G-Dragon’s casual answers and laid back appearance.

Taeyang, in long braids, acts in a similar calm manner answering many questions with an impressive grasp of English similar to G-Dragon. While Daesung, the group’s charismatic powerhouse vocalist, spends most of his off-camera moments warming up his voice with lip trills. Each has his own bottle of Fiji water (with a bottle of Welch’s white grape juice for T.O.P.) with G-Dragon’s attitude seemingly not improving just minutes before show time.

The show is scheduled to begin only ten minutes behind schedule (a big difference to the 90-minute plus delay label-mates 2NE1 fell into in August) with little commotion backstage. One back-up dancer scurries out of the female dancer’s changing room, being sure to slow down and give a little bow upon passing Taeyang, but all feels calm before the final American stop of BIGBANG’s Alive Tour.

Who knows what happened in the final ten minutes before wrapping interviews to the show’s kick-off (perhaps it was the ear-shattering screams filling the sold out arena show), but when BIGBANG took the stage Friday night, G-Dragon and co. appeared in amazing spirits throughout the entire performance.

Kicking off with “TONIGHT,” the band’s frenzied electronic track, G-Dragon ran down the stage’s runway looking as if he would almost fall off the stage into the vivacious pit of fans if he hadn’t slowed himself down sooner (he repeated this same gesture several times throughout the show). The show started off with banging tracks moving quickly to “Hands Up” and “Fantastic Baby” (which peaked at No. 2 on the K-Pop Hot 100). As the show moves on, G-Dragon receives a loud response whenever his parts begin, but Daesung gets equally impressive screams. (Particularly when teasing that fans may be hearing his new solo material soon.)

Throughout the show BIGBANG took a stage approach similar to the likes of One Direction — using minimal choreography and relying more on jumping around stage and interacting with the crowd. Stage props were used minimally, but effectively. “How Gee” saw T.O.P. and G-Dragon riding around in bedazzled, upholstered segues and Daesung attaching humongous angel wings during appropriate solo track “Wings” to attach himself on a cable and essentially soar over the crowd.

BIGBANG’s musical styling ranges from hip-hop to electronic pop, but in-between tracks concertgoers saw a deeper connection to the hip-hop world with members beat-boxing for each other while the group spit raps or harmonized together (including a highlight where G-Dragon offered English verses of “Crayon,” [his solo track that peaked at No. 4 on the K-Pop Hot 100] indicating a proper English debut may not be too far away for he or BIGBANG). Concertgoers were treated to breakdancing and Taeyang’s gymnastics including a few on-stage flips.

While speaking to the crowd, the group had a tendency to sing the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ New York anthem, “Empire State Of Mind,” making their East Coast admiration clear. “It was really tough to get here, three flight changes,” Taeyang told the crowd of the problems his band found in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Focusing on the positive he wrapped with, “Let’s make it unforgettable.”

Today’s male pop or hip-hop stars wouldn’t be caught dead in the flamboyant fashion the group brought for their Alive Tour (with outfits including brightly colored suit jackets and the tightest jeans imaginable). Yet the look completely works for BIGBANG with nothing sacrificed from an artistic standpoint. One got a sense of the dedication the fans (affectionately known as VIPs) when BIGBANG dropped out singing to let concertgoers take the chorus to their hit song “Haru Haru.” The fact that such a large East Coast venue could be filled with the lyrics of a song called “Haru Haru” by the concertgoers is truly remarkable in and of itself.

G-Dragon seemingly recognized his group’s amazing accomplishment with his energy never fading throughout the showcase. “You guys are amazing… I love you,” he told the audience to fans’ delights. “I promise you we will come back soon.” He spoke a similar phrase in Korean, but to lesser cheers.

But with tubs of Brooklyn Lager and bottles of Hennessy backstage following the show, regardless of whatever language they were singing in, the final American stop of BIGBANG’s Alive Tour was a success.

 Source: Billboard

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Boyfriend came up tops on the album charts

Boyfriend’s full-length “JANUS” album came up at 1st place in the Daily Charts Sales.

‘JANUS’ that was released on 14 November topped both Real-Time Album Charts & 15-Day Daily Charts at the same time in the combined Hanteo Chart Sales.

Entertainment Company Starship commented, “Despite the delay in its release, they still came up tops so we’re really happy. Thank you so much to the fans who have waited so long for this”

Boyfriend is receiving immense competition with popular idol boy groups like B1A4, Block B etc in the charts as well.

‘JANUS’ is a new wave style genre that showcases Boyfriend’s vocals in a fantastic string instrumental, emotional melodious piano sounds and groovy bass. It is a song that expresses the sorrows and pain of both sides of how a guy dreaded letting go of the girl he loves but still did it with a smile in order to not leave any hard feelings.


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121117 Music Core Performers List

♬ Comeback Stage
- Sond Dambi『It's Like That』『Dripping Tears』
- B1A4『Tried To Walk』
- PArk Jung Min『Beautiful』
- Dal Shabet『Have,Don't Have』
♬ Good-Bye stage
- miss A『I Don't Need A Man』
- Jewelry『Look at me』
♬ Special Stage
- Ailee (feat. MIJI)『I'll Show You』
♬ HOT Stage
- Boyfriend『Janus』
- Girl’s Day『Don't Forget Me』
- Noh Ji Hoon『Punishment』
- AOA『Get Out』
♬ New Song
- 신문수()『Tie』
- The SeeYa(feat. SPEED Tae Woon)『Be With You』
- D-UNIT『Luv Me』
- C-Clown『Far Away...Young Love』
- Baek Seung Heon『Till The Sun Rises』

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Jaejoong Talks About Love Scandals and Dating Publicly

Title: Kim Jaejoong, “Scandal with actress is wishful thinking… but dating publicly?”

Kim Jaejoong who is a member of JYJ and has made his onscreen debut in a full fledged commercial movie said he gained valuable colleagues in senior actors Oh Dal-Su and Han Sang-Jin through the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’.

Kim Jaejoong said “The two senior actors encouraged me, saying ‘Jaejoong-ah, continue to do movies” and “Though there aren’t scenes where we appeared together, we talked about many things during filming.”

Previously in the TV series ‘Dr. Jin’ Kim Jaejoong who forged a friendship with Song Seung-Heon said “Though we were nervous and busy concentrating [on the drama] since it was both of our first times acting in a historical drama, we became closer while filming together and we contact each other even now.”

Through a succession of pieces, Kim Jaejoong who palled up with actors said “Now I want to get close to an actress” and got a whimsical concern. “I don’t know what piece I’m going to choose but now I want to get close to an actress. I become friends with actors all the time. Others have love scandals through filming movies or TV series, but why am I not having one?”

To a question about his ideal type, Kim Jaejoong answered “I had a definite ideal type in the past. However, now the standard is getting blurred. But it doesn’t mean I like anyone… Strangely, it is unclear to me.”

Kim Jaejoong also talked about dating publicly. “I can date publicly after I date someone for a long time. Of course, I have had secret relationships and I have talked about such stories in broadcasts. But I think I can contemplate making my relationship public when I have dated someone for at least a year.”

Source:  My Daily
Translated by: Sofia (@126×204)
Proofread by: Nikki (@jae2thejoong)

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f(x)'s Victoria and Super Junior M's Zhoumi to appear on "The Generation Show"

f(x)'s leader Victoria and Super Junior M's Zhoumi will appear in the upcoming episode of "The Generation Show".

"The Generation Show" is a popular variety show in China,anticipating their appearance on the show?

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Starting from 'Shock', 'Soom', 'Beautiful', 'Fiction' to the most recent 'It's a Beautiful Night', BEAST who has made each new release a hit song has grown to become an idol group representing K-pop. However it looks like they don't have the heart to stay as just 'idols'. BEAST has surpassed being boys and are becoming men. We heard the story of BEAST who is widening their field to the world, on and off the stage, as well as their present.

Yang Yoseob's echo

You are the team's main vocal. In other words you are the team's 'voice', how do you take care (of your voice)?
For 3 weeks last month, we did BEAST's concert tour (BEAST ZEPP TOUR 2012 [We] ) in Japan. It's a new method I came up with during that time but, I regularly drank 'Bellflower extract' mixed in water, and I also drank it instead of water during the concert. It was a long schedule if you say so but I endured it well. Bellflower helps a lot. (laughs)

In 2011 you played the role of 'Jiyong' in the musical and challenged his first musical. Like this, it looks like you have greed in work outside of BEAST promotions that highlight your personal abilities.
More so than anything I feel very attached and am interested in musicals. I feel that I lack too many things to just act so, I feel that musicals are the best way to show a new side of me while highlight Yang Yoseob's strong points. I don't have any new plans but make Dongwoonie is starting his musical soon so I'm supporting him a lot from the side. I want to give him so tips but I was a minor character, while Dongwoon is the main character.... (laughs) Dongwoon is practicing really hard so I believe he'll do well.

2012 must have went by crazily. In 2013 what will BEAST and Yang Yoseob be doing?
In 2012 we traveled a lot. In the first half of the year we traveled all over the world for our world your, and in the second half we promoted in Japan for a month. I don't wish for anything else but with that experience I want to show a more professional image and better performance. Last year when we promoted Fiction we received the Gayo Daesang. We will continue to run to receive the daesang in 2013. It is soon the end of the year. I have a few words for our fans. You all worked hard in 2012. There is a little more than a month left in 2012 and I hope you end off the year well. Today (photo shoot day) is the day of the College Scholastic Ability Test, if by any chance your results aren't great there is always next time so I hope you don't get distressed. I hope to fly together in 2013.

Jang Hyunseung's twist

Before the interview you were looking at a fashion magazine by yourself. I heard you had a lot of interest in fashion and style, is there a designer you like personally?
Hedi Slimane and Karl Lagerfeld. Hedi Slimane's slender designs and young emotions fit right in with our generation. When you see his collections aren't their a lot of clothes that lead the trends? I heard he is the creative director for Yves Saint Laurent. Next Spring when the clothes he designed come out, I think I'll buy them at once.

I saw that in your profile on portal sites it lists your hobbies as collecting figurines and subscribing to magazines and thought that was unique. I almost fell for figurines, almost felt the taste of them but I took my hands off them. (laughs) I collected stuff here and there but, to be honest Dongwoon is the one who likes them like a mania more so than me. For a while I signed up for regular subscriptions of fashion magazines. I did regular subscriptions before I debuted. I didn't have a lot of money and, to be honest I could get a lot of information on the internet as well but I think I bought them was because there is this certain taste you can only feel from the paper. So I think the money I used for regular subscriptions was in no way waste.

You're at the point in life where you should be striving at school with friends your age or considering entering the work place. You're living 'a life different from other' being in BEAST, I think there would be good things and regretful things within that.
The good point has to be the fact that I make a bit more money than people my age. Being financially stable is honestly very comfortable. (After thinking a long time) I think that people say that being a celebrity is difficult because your private life is not protected and you need to self-regulate. However in contrast there are parts that are comfortable. When I think about how the manager hyungs do things for me without having to take action myself, while discomfort follows, in contrast comfortable also follows.

2013, what plans are their for Jang Hyunseung and BEAST?
In 2013 BEAST's album will be released but, I personally hope that it will be a year where each and every member uses their full strength for their personal activities. I hope it is a year where each member can pull up their charms, skills, and potential. BEAST being together with all 6 members is important but, the public is also curious about each member. I feel that that is much needed and, I think that is a portion that we can appeal to the public.

What do you think Jang Hyunseung will be doing in 10 years?
I was thinking about this recently but, I think I'll be making singers as a producer. While living as a singer myself, to be honest there are things that I want to do but can't. Because I know this I want to foster singers and let them do things that I couldn't. I don't have a talent for writing songs nor am I doing anything right now but, more so than that I'm more confident at choosing people, discovering them, and grouping members together. Or I think I'll running a business quietly and travelling in and out of Korea a lot. That could be a restaurant business...

Son Dongwoon's passion

I heard that the musical you're starring in as main character 'Frank' is starting soon.
The first show is on December 14th but, my first show has been decided for the end of December. Right now is the practicing period but, because it is my first challenge I'm not used to it yet so there are many difficult parts. There is still a lot of time left so I want to work hard so I can show the fans and audience members who come to watch a new image. I'm still at an early stage to be called a musical actor but, as an actor I want to meet the expectations of the audience.

Is there a song you like listening to or a book you enjoy reading recently?
Lately I only listen to musical music (that I'm preparing for). The most recent book I've read is a book of essays by author Lee Byungryul called . Right now personally it isn't a situation where I can travel but, while reading the feelings the author had while travelling, I had many thoughts. Because I'm still young it's hard to say anything with a firm conclusion but, I enjoyed how the book contained a very diverse life. Because I can experience the things I haven't experience second hand I'm trying to read more books when I can.

For 3 years you were 'BEAST's Son Dongwoon'. I'm curious how Son Dongwoon will be 3 years later.
3 years later I think I'll be in my mid 20s (He is born in 1991).... (laughs) Lately I've been worrying about my future a lot. Truthfully I feel that there are a lot of thing I've done for 3 years, and considering my age I've received a lot of things however I also think that I am lacking many things. I want to live busily in many aspects of life. I don't know how I'll be at 25 years old but, I don't want to be envious of other or embarrassed of myself. I want to become a person who can confidently say 'I am this kind of person, and I do this kind of music'.

If there is one thing that human Son Dongwoon is greedy about what would it be?
Because I'm still young it's hard to say things like 'I want to do this kind of music' or 'I am doing this kind of music'. The group 'BEAST' is a community that combines the 6 members' musical colour, and I think that after 3 years BEAST's own colour has finally settled in. I also know that Son Dongwoon's own musical colour is not prominent. I want to find my own musical colour while encountering diverse music genres, practicing a lot, and gaining more experience. I don't know if that will happen by the time I enter my mid 20s but, I want to work that hard to gain it.

Finally, a few words for the fans who will be reading this interview.
In December there will be some people who will particularly feel more lonely, and there will be people who will closely spend more time with their loved ones or family. Even if you're cold and lonely, I hope everyone remembers that there are many people around you that care for you. If I look back at the year 2012 there were times I was exhausted and there were good times. I hope everyone shakes off all the tiring times, and greets the new year. With my musical. (laughs) I wish that they prepare for a meaningful year end and new year.

Lee Kikwang's composure

What is 'BEAST's own colour that Lee Kikwang feels?
First of all, all 6 members are very selfish when it comes to work. Each member's personality or colour is very clear. Other groups are probably the same as well but, when I look at our members, their looks, personality, and charms are all different. I think that the fans feels that this is all new to them. To be honest I don't think that we are particularly more handsome than other groups. I think that the fans think of comfortably and like us because we have the good looking oppa next door feel.

What was the moment that gave you the deepest impression while promoting overseas?
Hm.... because they aren't from the same country, I think the language barrier is the greatest when performing. (With the audience) You need to connect and feel them. Even if you show great singing and dancing, the language you give and receive in between is very important. However when performing in front of overseas fans, the fact that they truly enjoy our performance despite the language barrier is just fresh to me. I've come to think that they're not just they're to watch us but, they truly enjoy the concert and play with us. That's when I think that 'This is why music is an international language'.

In WinWin which you left not too long ago (due to overseas schedules) you were on the interviewing side. What is the difference when listening to other people's stories and talking about your own?
For 2 years while I was MC for I heard stories from sunbaes who were my parents' age to those who were my grandparents' age and, amidst all of that I learned a lot. is a variety show but, it is a program where I got to learn a lot about life. The show itself gets edited so the broadcast is short, however during recording while I carefully listen to the long stories, I was able to find things that happened in their lives which could happen in life. While I heard the stories I thought 'Ah, that person gained energy like that and once again became strong and came to this point'. In those times I became positive, and I learned many ways to live life.

What is the thing that Lee Kikwang is most passionate about right now?
The future. I don't know what's going to happen from now on but I try my best to plan out my future. The worries about my future and executing my plans. Those are the priorities that I think about.

2013, what plans are there for Lee Kikwang and BEAST?
I'm in the learning stage for all the things I have planned and, I want to make them all mine. Next year I want to show people, 'Ah Lee Kikwang was studying this stuff, he can show us this stuff too.'

Yong Junhyung's preference

You write songs and lyrics for BEAST. While producing what things do you bear in mind?
Truthfully, there were things that I used to bear in mind. It needs to appeal to the public, people need to like it, and it needs to have all the basic stuff. For example there needs to be a melody that just resolves everything. There was a time when I thought of this part a lot while producing. Then I couldn't write any songs for 2 to 3 months. I couldn't finish things off, producing while thinking of those things. I kept repeating 'I don't think this works', 'I can't do this like this'. Even after making it there were a lot of songs I threw away because I though 'I don't think it contains this element?'. I received a lot of stress because of it. Like a machine or factory, I thought it was pitiful how I was trying to make music that fit other people's taste. Soon a few productions will be released back-to-back. Those I just produced the way I wanted to. Although I think that some people will feel it is difficult to listen to or they won't like it, I stepped out of that mould and really just did what I wanted to. They seemed to turn out better because of that.

Tell us a little bit about those productions.
Truthfully they are BEAST songs but, not all of BEAST just a song for (a project) within BEAST. I worked on it and, yesterday night I got the final confirmation from the CEO. After the photo shoot is done I need to go to work on the mastering.

Do the conversations or experiences you have with the members get infused into your work?
I remember even just normal conversations to small words exchanged jokingly between members while producing. Almost 50 percent or more comes from my personal experiences or things I've said or heard. The rest I'm inspired by movies or books. Personally I like using 'figure of speech'. Especially when I'm reading poetry, there are many good verses. Of course I can't just copy the things I've read directly. Instead while reading those things I've gained the ability to use poetic expressions. I'm influenced in this way.

Then is there a movie or book that gave you a deep impression?
I really like the actress Amanda Seyfried. I watched the movie and, the whole movie overall was very enjoyable. Out of the songs I've worked on recently, I wouldn't be exaggerating if the most important song was created after watching this movie.

Yoon Doojoon's flight

Not too long ago I came across an article that stated you will be in (as NSS elite agent Seo Hyunwoo). You also were in the movie that will be released in December (as Yoo Donggeun's eldest son as well as the family's ace grandson, Youngmin). I think there are charms of being an actor different from that of your job as a singer.
As a singer being on stage gives me more strength. However there are charms that I can't explain. As an actor I need to express a different person other than myself and it's a new experience but, it's still difficult for me. Instead it's exciting doing things I wasn't able to do in my everyday life.

Iris is a spy drama with lots of action scenes. Does the action scene practices fit with you well?
It's difficult but thankfully it's fun. I'm very interested in action. I enjoy exercising originally. Although I don't enjoy hitting people. (laughs) When I first started filming I was very worried about the action. However with the help of the staff around me I'm gaining confidence. They put in their best efforts to film me well so, I practice harder as well.

I want to hear about your role as 'Youngmin' in the soon released movie and your role as 'Seo Hyunwoo' in the drama you're currently filming .
First of all the two characters have an age difference of almost 10 years. is a sequel of the movie that takes place 10 years later. Youngmin is a high school student and, the character is not much different from myself. The character is similar to a regular bright and active high school student. 's Seo Hyunwoo is in his late 20s. He has a bright side but, that he seems to carry this weight? When it comes to missions regarding the organization he has a knife-like charisma. I think it's a very cool character but, depending on how I do the role's quantity and quality.

What is the biggest change you feel after 3 years of BEAST debuting?
The internal changes are the biggest. Of course everyone became more handsome and good looking. (laughs) Lately we've all become more stable, and compared to when we just debuted, we're all more relaxed. Of course there are times where we're still very impatient and we get taken aback but I think the time has come where we can express ourselves better without feeling burdened. So all work is fun these days.

After the photo shoot is over today I heard that you'll be flying to the US soon. If you get a 'break' what is something that you really want to do?
I want to go on a trip, really. Whether it is overseas or inside the country. When I'm really busy I remember my childhood days when I'd go on trips with my father. When I was young we'd go on family trips often all over the country to the mountains, seas, and rivers. I want to arrange that kind of time again. Even today, the family all left for the Philippines without me. With family or friends, a one day trip or for a few days, I want to go on a trip to somewhere too.

The photo shoot and interview with the 6 men were done efficiently within a tight schedule. We can't know their 'everything' through small conversations that took place here and there. However it is not hard to figure out that the time it took for them to get here was not used wastefully. The quote 'Boys became men' may be overused. However those words are the most natural when revealing the BEAST of now, the 6 men.

Trans: poco123@B2ST RISING

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Kim Jaejoong participation in ‘Jackal is Coming’s ending song garnered attention

‘Jackal is Coming’ lead actor Kim Jaejoong has participated in the OST of the movie.

Jackal’s ending song is ‘스테이(Stay)’ is sung by Kim Jaejoong with lyrics written by Kim Jaejoong and was composed by music director Kim Junseok. Immersed in the emotions of the drama character Choi Hyun, Kim Jaejoong’s husky yet smooth vocals is especially appealing.

The production company said “After the movie is over, the ending song that Kim Jaejoong wrote will be heard and this is a special gift to thank the audience and the fans who gave support to Jackal is coming.”

Kim Jaejoong wrote the songs ‘내안의 위로 (Inside of Me)’ and ‘Kiss Be’ which has gained attention since the premiere as the songs are made to fit the movie plot.

Source: TV Daily
Translation Credit: Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3

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Kim Jaejoong: “My first movie, seeing my face on the big screen feels awkward.”

From Singer to Actor, now a Movie Star. We have seen Kim Jaejoong on television from 2004 till now for 8 years. However, from November 15th, we can see Kim Jaejoong on a big screen which is several times larger than television. It’s an awkward situation for Kim Jaejoong also.

“I’m having a new feeling. I didn’t realize when I filmed the movie, but in reality it feels new. By the way, seeing my face that big was amazing. Because I haven’t seen it that big before, so it felt new and I was uneasy. (laugh)”

For his fans, seeing Kim Jaejoong’s face completely filling the theater screen would be amazing but there are more amazing facts. It’s a comedy ‘Code Name: Jackal’ that he chose for his debut movie. Kim Jaejoong who possesses beauty greater than women put himself down and acted using body-gags and comical expressions. In the first movie he challenged, he wholly put himself down and acted to ruin himself properly.

“I let a part of myself be liberated without reservation. I frantically ruined myself. That is why I gave more ad-libs. I think I can ruin myself more in the future, if it is for work.”

Above all, the scene that Kim Jaejoong called “most embarrassing” and where his fans could be shocked is revealed. He couldn’t have challenged the ‘humiliation parade’ if he were a quiet and introvert actor. Kim Jaejoong who has ‘mischief’ written on his face poured out humor meeting our expectations.

“I usually love being mischievous. There is playfulness in both sides of my cheeks. My cheeks are mischief pouches. (laugh) When I turn around a little, only my cheeks are seen. That is right, ‘mischief’.”

Since Kim Jaejoong filmed the TV series ‘Dr.Jin’ at the same time he was shooting for ‘Code Name: Jackal’, he lasted only by living like an owl. Moreover, he had to withstand the heat because ‘Dr. Jin’ was filmed outside in the middle of summer, and ‘Code Name: Jackal’ was filmed in the basement, so he had to even wear a padded jumper although it was summer. He continuously alternated between summer and winter. Though these were conditions that doom one to ill-health, there was not even a moment in which to be ill.

“I had no time to take care about health. Funny thing is that perhaps my body knew it, like ‘You shouldn’t be ill’. I went to the USA for work without having a rest as soon as I finished filming ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Recently, I finished my movie premiere and went abroad for a fanmeet. I cannot be ill now.”

It would be exhausting if people work to such an extent they don’t sleep. However, Kim Jaejoong is a person who says having a rest is difficult. ‘Workaholic’ in one word. The characteristic of workaholics is that they can’t amuse themselves to their hearts’ content.

“I like being busy. There is no time to get stressed if I’m busy. It’s really hard to idle around. Having a rest gives me a mentally hard time. I don’t know how to rest. During days off, firstly I eat something delicious and meet people, and I can’t think of what to do next. I better work if I can’t put holidays to good use.”

Kim Jaejoong lives engrossed in his work. He is a natural-born actor whose greed about acting is great and also he carries the ability to satisfy that greed. When actors act two characters at the same time, there are cases where they can’t fully portray the personas, but it was different for Kim Jaejoong. He was Kim KyungTak on the set of ‘Dr. Jin’ and was also Choi Hyun on the set of ‘Code Name: Jackal’.

“I found enjoyment while filming ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Although I physically had a hard time, it was fun. It was tough filming two pieces at the same time but, strangely I felt like I was going to cry on the set of ‘Dr. Jin’, and I got a laugh on the set of ‘Code Name: Jackal’. I lived like a double-faced person.”

Source:  Osen
Translated by: Sofia (@126×204)
Proofread by: Nikki (@jae2thejoong)

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SHINee interviews and comment segments to broadcast on Japan's ZIP-FM, FM AICHI, and STV Radio

SHINee has been scheduled to appear on the following radio broadcasts in Japan.
The list is subject to change in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) - "BREEZY SATURDAY" - December 8 (Saturday); 7:00 to 13:00 JST
"K-POP DISCOVERY" Segment (10:00 - 10:30 JST)
※ SHINee Interview OA

FM AICHI 80.7 - "Fresh Up Eye" - December 5 ( Wednesday) ; 8:20 to 11:00 JST
※ SHINee Comment OA

STV Radio (Hokkaido) - "Korean Nights are Hot!" - November 17 ( Saturday) ; 22:00 to 23:00 JST
※ SHINee Interview OA
Note: Normally this segment is called "Korean Music is Hot!"

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) - "BREEZY SATURDAY" - November 17 (Saturday) ; 7:00 to 13:00 JST
"K-POP DISCOVERY" Segment (10:00 to 10:30 JST)
※ SHINee Comment OA

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Source : dkpopnews[dot]net