T-ara promotes "KPop Joint Live 2012" concert

The sweet girls of T-ara greet their Japanese fans and promote the 2012 KPop Joint Live concert,check out their video message below

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120930 Inkigayo Performers List

# Hot Misic #
- G-DRAGON [Crayon]
- KARA [Pandora]
- Secret [Poison]
- T-ara [Sexy Love]
- FT Island [I wish]
- Orange Caramel [Lipstick]
- 100% [Bad Guy]
- U-KISS [Stop Girl]
- Mighty Mouth [During This Time]
- SPICA [I`ll Be There]
- Baek Ah Yeon [Sad Song]
- Two X [Double Up]
# Fresh Music #
- Navi [Don't Go]
- 84LY [Girl Talk]

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Jungah to Cast in "Reckless Family 2"

Jungah became a guest before in the sitcom MBC's "Reckless Family" last September 21st and 24th. Recently, it has been revealed that she will officially join the sitcom together with ZE:A's Heechul on its second season.

The two will be playing as siblings, Jungah will be the second daughter and Heechul will be the youngest son. The first episode has been recently filmed together with new family members joining the sitcom including Lee Kyein, Choi Ran, Ji Sangryul, and Jang Dongmin.

During the filming, Jungah made a few hilarious scenes due to her unexpected stiff body posture in the yoga scene, which made her look cute and a whole new person while removing her usual charismatic look as After School's leader.

The first episode of MBC's "Reckless Family 2" will air on October 9th at 5PM KST.

Source: AfterSchoolDaze, MyDaily
Cr: Litney@as-afterparty

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Rainbow's Jisook enjoys eating vegetable pancakes

Rainbow's adorable member Jisook updated her Twitter with new selca.

She said,"I was eating a whole variety of vegetable pancakes at my grandma’s house and the day went by fast kekekekeke".

She is enjoying the delicious vegetable pancake while taking the photo above,showing the popular Victory sign.

Another adorable selca of Jisook and her Chuseok greeting

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f(x)'s Amber enjoys eating Pikachu

f(x)'s Amber shared a new photo on her Twitter.

She said,"pikachu shaped lollipops.. my face...".

She is seen eating a Pikachu shaped lollipop in the photo above showing her funny expression.

Like her cute selca?

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Who's your favorite "pout" queen?

KPop idols like to pout while taking selcas,we have selected a total of 10 female idols for this poll,who's your favorite "pout" queen,vote on the poll attached below after seeing the cute pout photos of the candidates











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Official notice for CNBLUE’s upcoming Japan Tour

  1. Tickets sold at Fan Club (Boice Japan) advance sale are original tickets (CNBLUE photo is printed on). Public sale tickets are of ticket agency’s normal design.
  2. In any event, resale for others is not allowed.
  3. In any event, we don’t reissue tickets.
  4. When tickets are heavily damaged and the description cannot be read, or when the description is changed, we may refuse admission.Please be careful not to lose or forget to bring the tickets.
  5. We are not going to confirm the audience’s identity. Identification cards or membership cards are not required.
  6. Please check out the concert date and seat number described on the tickets beforehand.

[In and around venues]

  1. You cannot re-enter the venues.
  2. Preschool age kids cannot enter.
  3. As there are other shops around venues, please refrain from being a nuisance. When people don’t follow staff’s instruction or we determine that we cannot ensure the security, we may cancel concerts. Please understand and cooperate.
  4. Any sound or visual recording is not allowed, including recording by cell phone.When we find such act, we may confiscate the equipment and require the person to leave the venue.
  5. Usage of boards, fans or sketchbooks are not allowed as it becomes a nuisance to audience on back seats. Bringing them into the venue is not allowed, too.
  6. Big luggage may become a nuisance to others, so it’d be appreciated if you make it compact beforehand.
  7. If you are using wheelchair, please contact us. Contact information is described on the tickets.
  1. Present Box is NOT going to be placed in/out of the venues. We CANNOT receive fan letters or presents at venues. Also, we cannot accept flowers for lobby or back stage.
  2. A donation box will be placed in the venues. Funds received in the donation box will go to charity for east Japan great earthquakes. Thank you for your donation.
  3. Waiting for members at airport or other public facilities or chasing them are not allowed as it may become a nuisance to other passengers/users.
  4. We don’t take any responsibility for troubles or injuries happening during such action.
  5. When you have a question about the concert, please contact and ask us (info@cnblue.jp) beforehand. Please don’t judge by yourself.

(inquiry about concert: info@cnblue.jp / inquiry about ticket: cnbticket@cnblue.jp

We hope CNBLUE’s first Arena tour will be a great success at all the venues without any trouble. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Source: cnblue.jp
Translated by: BOICE @tamagocnbjnl

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Wooyoung's adorable pouting face selca

2PM's Wooyoung updated his Twitter on the 26th of September with a new selca.

He said,"Will work hard to complete it today".

He is seen showing his adorable pouting face in the photo above.Fans commented after they saw the pic,"Cute Wooyoung","What are you trying to complete" and etc.

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Wonder Girls' Lim poses with the "Lim's Diary"

Wonder Girls' adorable maknae Lim is back with a new selca on Twitter.

She tweeted the photo above on the 28th of September,showing off her very own "Lim's Diary" as well as her pink fingernails.

Fans commented after seeing the pic,"Lim's favorite color is pink?","i wish to have my name on my diary too" and etc.

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Kim Jaejoong and Song Jihyo will attend Busan International Film Festival

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong and Song Jihyo will attend Busan International Film Festival on October 5th, 2012 at 17:50hrs

T/N: BIFF is held annually in Haeundae-gu, Busan (also Pusan), South Korea, is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia.

The focus of the BIFF is introducing new films and first-time directors, especially those from Asian countries. Another notable feature is the appeal of the festival to young people, both in terms of the large youthful audience it attracts and through its efforts to develop and promote young talent.

More info of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Link

Credit: BIFF.kr + @luvjej

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Thai fans are happy to meet Jaejoong

First Solo Fanmeeting of the guy whom everyone is waiting for “Kim Jaejoong”

The new surprising project of “Kueng” Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, energetic CEO of  Four One One Entertainment, is catching one of the hottest guy whom everyone is waiting to the first solo fan meeting in Thailand. This hottest guy, is not just only handsome and nice, he also has various abilities. He is the senior singer of famous boy band with his beautiful voice and excellent dancing skill. Moreover, he was in the position of Concert Director of his own group concert in 2011. He lately appeared in Korean Drama and got the “New Star Award” from “2011 SBS Drama Awards” which absolutely guaranteed his ability in performance. Wow!! Such a perfect guy like this, who he could be? The guy with handsomeness, bright skin and beautiful eyes… “Kim Jaejoong” of JYJ.

“Kim Jaejoong” Fan Clubs and admirer would feel the gentle attractive guy closely without wasting time anymore because “KIM JAEJOONG 2012 ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING IN THAILAND” would be held on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, 6:00 p.m. onwards. Any other information you could update from www.411ent.com nowadays.

Source: 411Ent

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SNSD performs "Oh!" on CDTV

Check out SNSD's latest performance on CDTV,the girls perform their latest Japanese single "Oh!" on the show

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A Pink sends out their Chuseok greeting through KAKAO Talk

A Pink sends out their Chuseok greeting through Kakao Talk,check out their adorable video message below

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United Cube's artists with their Chuseok greetings

Cube Entertainment's artists G.Na,Noh Ji Hoon and BTOB send out their Chuseok greetings,check out their message below

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100% releases name tag version "Bad Guy" practice video

Check out the name tag version practice video of 100% for their debut song Bad Guy!

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4Minute sends out their Chuseok greeting

The pretty girls of 4Minute send out their Chuseok greeting,they look pretty in hanbok,agree?

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Victoria's Chuseok selca

f(x)'s leader Victoria shares a new selca on her Me2day.

She mentioned,"Everyone~ Merry Chuseok~^^~ Have a great time with your family~^^♥ " and uploaded the selca above.

She is pretty as usual right?

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Girls’ Generation, Psy and more to perform at ‘GS & Concert’ on Oct 21st!

Kpop stars such as Girls’ Generation, Psy and Super Junior, who are creating a buzz around the world today, will be performing on the same stage soon.

On September 29th, GS & POINT stated, “A free concert called ‘GS & Concert’ that features performances from Psy, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Sistar, MBLAQ, etc will be held on October 21st at Jamsil Indoor Gymnastic Stadium.”

A representative of GS & POINT said, “Throughout the approximately 3-hour concert, the artists will not only be performing their respective hit songs but a great variety of passionate performances can be also expected.”

The application for the concert tickets can be made through the GS & POINT website (www.gsnpoint.com/concert) till October 10th and the recipients of the free tickets will be selected based on lucky draw, which will be announced on October 12th. The application can also be made at GS Caltex website (www.kixx.co.kr), GS25 website (gs25.gsretail.com) and GS SHOP webite (www.gsshop.com).

Credit: tvreport.co.kr + fanwonder.com

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MBLAQ Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo ‘We Got Married’ Ep Preview

Lee Joon- Oh Yeon Seo “Made for each other couple” ♥
Last week, these two people, Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo lost the camera van.

To enjoy some (alone?) free time? Where are they headed?
Finally two people arrived at the We Got Married Village!

Arrived as the third (couple) to honeymoon house!
What to do? This is a big problem…with energy flowing, what embarrassing situations will these two encounter?

Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo reveal the luggages that they brought from each of their own houses. What will be in Yeon Seo’s luggage?  And how will Yeon Seo’s husband deal with ‘this’?
Yeon Seo wore ‘this’ one piece sneakingly into the pool!
What will be prepared for their own unique exercise?

Two newlyweds who dreamt of a romantic date swimming!
Is this Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo’s dream come true?

Translated by liliceprincess @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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f(x)'s Sulli reveals "Chuseok" selca

f(x)'s cute member Sulli updated her Me2day with a new photo.

She said,""Everyone~ Have a fun Chuseok ^^!! I'm spending this Chuseok with the 'To the Beautiful You' family~~!! ㅋㅋ Even though it’s a bit cold, I hope that your hearts will always be warm♥".

Like her new photo?

Photo Source: Sulli's Me2day
Translation: iheartfx, spiceshoe

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Super Junior & f(x) like SPAO

Super Junior and f(x) recorded new promo video for SPAO,check out thee clip below as they express their love for SPAO!

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Seungho “Humiliated by female for the first time”

On MBLAQ Every1’s Idol Manager Episode 7 that is broadcasting Friday, September 28th at 6:00PM will show various scenes of their healing workshop. “I see” game in order to further understand each other, reading letters MBLAQ’s parents sent, and dance practice on-site will be revealed.

During the broadcast, in order to loosen the sentiments and mutually understand each other, began “I see” game.  MBLAQ members brought laughter during recording with their unstoppable disclosures.

Manager Kim Sae Rom regretfully expresses her feelings about the dodgeball game in which Seungho kept hitting her. Seungho confided that due to standing next to Sae Rom, who is always in high heels, suffered humiliation.

Then Sae Rom responded “I see..due to having a short stature, first time experiencing a sense humiliation, “ causing the staff burst into laughter.

In addition, MBLAQ members and the three female ‘beauties’ unstoppable talks will be disclosed on Idol Manager’s
September 28th 6PM broadcasting.

CHINESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  liliceprincess @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.

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SNSD's Sooyoung is a hot model for 1st Look magazine

SNSD's Sooyoung is a hot model for the latest issue of 1st Look magazine,check out the promo video below

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SNSD's Seohyun releases new The Face Shop CF

SNSD's pretty maknae release the new CF for The Face Shop.

Check out the secret behind her milky skin below

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SNSD's Tiffany & her Paparazzi bear greets everyone a Happy Chuseok

SNSD's Tiffany sends out her Chuseok greeting!

She mentioned,"Happy Chuseok!! p.s Hanbok doesn't suit/look good on me.. But I wanted to greet you.. So! With the PAPARAZZI BEAR!♥ ".

Like her new selcas?

Translation Credits: chossi, Wonderfulgeneration 
Photo Source: girlsgeneration.smtown

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AOA releases "Get Out" MV teaser

The lovely girls of AOA are coming back with their new song "Get Out",check out the teaser of their new song below.

Anticipating its full release on the 11th of October?

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RaNia sings "Style" on Shim Shim Tapa

RaNia shows off their amazing singing ability on Shim Shim Tapa,check out their singing clip below.

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f(x) Amber's appa revealed

f(x)'s charismatic rapper Amber reveals some new photos on her Twitter.

She mentioned,"with my dad at JiouFen! have a good weekend u guys!!"She is seen posing hilariously with her dad in the first photo.

Fans commented,"Amber's appa is so cute","Dorky Amber" and etc.

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7 Guys 7 Colors, BTOB’s charms?

Group BTOB’s 7 members have revealed their very own charms.

During a recent interview, BTOB expressed their hope, “ Through our mini album Press Play promotions, we want to be known as a group who can do a broad spectrum of music, as well as showing each of our charms to the fullest.”

We’ve asked the main charm of each members, leader Seo Eunkwang answered, “As the team’s main vocalist, I want my vocals to be known.” He then followed, “ I do calm raps well too”, and “I’ve recorded a rap during a Chuseok program, and the reaction was good. I hope it won’t be edited and to be safely aired,” he said while laughing.

Lee Minhyuk who is in charge of raps and vocals answered shyly, “I think my charm is that I can have a cute and sexy image at the same time.” As soon as he said “I heard stories saying that I’m flirtatious”, the members unanimously agreed to it.

Vocal Lee Changsub stated, “ Like a rugby ball, my charming point is that my interesting personality will come out suddenly from nowhere. I heard words I’m like a dynamite without any warning, that you won’t know when I’ll start,” and, “ I have a slow talking speed, it seems like they love to see this type of 4-dimensional charms.” In fact, throughout the interview, his distinctive slow-speaking-speed and unexpected remarks made the members laughed.

BTOB’s rapper, Jung IlHoon mentioned that he tried to transform as the promotion started. He said, “ During our first album, I was being charismatic, but this time round, I want to be a ‘cool cutie’, which takes on a somewhat ‘doll’ character” and, “I want to show my dual charms,” expressing his wishes.

Vocalist Im Hyunshik who has a charming eye smile, answered honestly, “My body is my confidence”. He then followed, “Although I usually give the feeling that I’m heavy, I think that my eye smile, and humor senses are my charms too.” Members who heard Hyunshik’s answer, expressed their jealousy, “We, as guys too, are attracted to Hyunshik’s perfect body.”

Peniel, who is different than other members who confidently revealed their charms. When asked what is his charms, he thought for awhile and then replied, “ I don’t know”. The members then unanimously said, “This is Peniel’s charm,” and “ While we were doing the butt dance, he looked so innocent, he’s a friend that is like a black hole. But as he stands on stage, he really transforms into a guy with strong gazes,” they praised.

Lastly, Yook SungJae who is famously known for his ‘Seo InGuk doppelganger’ name , expressed, “I heard that they say I have an Oppa look. But the most surprising thing is that, I look like a baby too, which I think is my charms” and, “ Although I’m in charge of chicness on stage, off  stage, I’m quite a mischievous kid too.”

Meanwhile, the 7 guys, 7 charms of BTOB are currently promoting with a 90s retro image without forgetting some trendy lyrics and sound with their title song ‘WOW’.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Asia Today

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Teen Top and Soya’s Winter Photoshoot B-Cut Story Revealed

Beatoy revealed the set where popular idols Teen Top and Soya N’Sun vocalist Soya did a 2012 winter season photoshoot together.

The winter season photoshoot took place in a studio in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do and had a bright and noisy atmosphere with the concept of a fun-filled winter party spent with friends.  The Teen Top members and Soya were hanging out together casually, like friends who’ve known each other a long time, showing off a variety of poses and fresh facial expressions. In particular, when Soya and CAP acted out their affectionate shots which mixed in a playful skinship, it gave rise to jealousy from the other members, too.

The models showed off an upbeat party look featuring Beatoy’s items which bring out a street vibe, such as down jumpers, padded vests and leopard & zebra-pattern hoodies. As well as being trendy, [the models] expressed the styling unique to Beatoy with their own particular energetic-ness, and they were said to have understood the brand image perfectly.

A representative of Beatoy’s marketing staff said, “Teen Top and Soya showed Beatoy’s street vibe even better than we had expected them to through their instinctive facial expressions and body language,” and “we look forward to the synergy that will be sparked through the connection between the models and the brand.”

Beginning in September, you can check out Teen Top and Soya’s Beatoy winter photoshoot on Beatoy’s home page and in distributing shops.

Original article: http://news.nate.com/view/20120926n11705
[translation by babyspaceangels@tumblr/momoironiel.com]

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2NE1 to perform in Singapore on 1st December

Korean hip-hop group 2NE1 will be performing their first full-length concert in Singapore on Dec 1. The venue and ticketing details will be available soon.

The four-girl band have recently completed a successful tour of the United States, including holding a sold-out show at Los Angeles’ LA Live Nokia Theatre.

They are expected to release their debut English-language album this year. The Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am has been working with them on the music.
Singaporean Blackjacks get ready… NEW EVOLUTION is headed your way in a few months!!!!

Source: thestraitstimes

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BEAST to release ‘Midnight’ in Japan in October

BEAST’s Japanese single album is set to be released.

K-POP idol group BEAST will be releasing their new single album “Midnight – The night I count those stars” on October 17. Mini album, “Midnight Sun – Japan edition” first track, ‘Midnight Sun – The night I count those stars’ as well as ‘On Rainy Days’ which was included in ‘SO BEAST’ are both recorded in Japanese version.

This album will be in 3 limited edition A, B, C (DVD included) as well as normal edition. It was also decided that Universal Music Studio will start sales for limited jacket version for each members.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that BEAST will be starting ‘BEAST ZEPP TOUR 2012 We’ starting from Sapporo on October 11, in order to meet fans.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Newsen

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Lee HyunDo praises and supports BTOB!

“We have received praises from Deux’s senior Lee HyunDo.”

Smiles just won’t leave from the members’ lips. The buried confidence has appeared in their eyes. Their recent release, ‘WOW’, is a dance track that uses the 1990s New Jack Swing style. Their stages which shows tough choreograph as well as synchronization, remind us of Deux’ “Try come back to me”

“We thought of how we should present it. What if he’s uncomfortable? We worried about that too. As we heard that he gave praises and supports to us, we really had our confidence level pumped up.” (Lee MinHyuk)

Lee HyunDo has recently watched BTOB’s first stage and through an acquaintance, has expressed his thoughts about it, “They lived the feelings well. I, too was about to prepare for a New Jack Swing song, but I want to take this as reference too.” BTOB was as happy as kids after they heard that they received recognition by Deux for ‘doing very well’ on stage.

“All the members were born in the 90s, but since our trainee days, we’ve watched Deux’s performance and dreamed about it. We don’t think to follow it exactly the same. We just want to express it suitably. (Yook SungJae)

All the BTOB members who were born in the 90s, had watched the birth of the idol generation since their childhood times. After Seo TaeJi and Deux’s era, H.O.T, Sechs Kies, GOD and many more followed, and therefore singer dreams were born. BTOB has brought back that vibe with a new feel to it.

“I think it’s special to seniors who prevailed that era. Promotions this time round, we want to learn and train our body. Of course, I’m the happiest when I heard that aunt fans in their 30s said that we had put on an amazing stage.” (Jung IlHoon)

BTOB kept saying that they gained confidence during ‘WOW’ promotions. They have made their name known with their debut song ‘Insane’, but they weren’t able to meet up to their expectation. After self reflection for a period of 5 months hiatus, they have compensate back those parts where they were lacking.

“During debut stage, I made a small mistake. That has always been in my heart, and regrets are over me, of course. When I looked back at it, it’s like a damage. In order for me to not to be afraid of mistakes, I’ve raised practice duration.” (Lee ChangSub)

“As we practice our singing, dancing, playing musical instruments skills, we’ve realized that we had quite a lot of parts that we were  lacking. Now it felt like I’ve grown up a little now.” (Im Hyunshik)

During promotions this time round, BTOB’s goal is to establish themselves. Whatever music it is, BTOB’s principal is to express the colors that belong only to them, and consistent effort is a must to make that true.

“When compared with other groups, our main advantage is that we are able to present various type of songs. The music genre is different but we know how to distinguish between differences and similarities. We want to create a color that is ours, and that we are the ’omnivores’ for music as we are able to pull out performances which ranges from the latest popular to past feelings. (Seo Eunkwang)

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Sports Korea

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What is BTOB's promise if they get the Rookie Award?

Members made up of ages between late 10s and early 20s, we ask if BTOB find that easy to reinterpret the 90s music, or if they were influenced by 90s drama, Reply 1997′s effect, and the members shook their heads unanimously.

“We wanted to show that we are a group that can handle various types of genre, so when we heard that we are about to do a 90s music which has a frustrating gap, all the members readily accepted it. We’ve searched for past musics and videos. We received much influence from American boy group, New Kids On the Block or our country’s groups such as Deux. All the members are also fans of GOD since long ago. Our overlapping promotions with ‘Reply 1997′ is merely just a coincidence. We, too, are surprised by it (retro wave) too. (laughs)”

Having to attempt on a new concept, worries and burden were both heavy. But, the familiar electronic sound was fresh for fans in their 10s, while those in their 20s~30s are able to reminisce about the era. Towards this, BTOB has felt that they have been successful in their intention. Yet now, BTOB is already being greedy on their follow up promotions.

“Within members themselves, we are thinking of introducing ‘I know nothing but love’ as our follow up song. Although it’s a continuation song for ‘WOW’, it’s also a dance song which is strongly addictive. Intro track ‘Press Play’ has senior G.NA participation in it, so we have a soft spot for it. Seniors BEAST and 4minute, who are from the same company, too also gave us lot of advice. They even monitored us closely. We’re really grateful to them.”

They have debuted in the entertainment industry for less than half a year. Although they still can’t achieve high popularity, BTOB has expressed satisfaction as they are able to make the name ‘BTOB’ known as well as able to leave an impression among public listeners. When asked how’s their personally grades on themselves during this  promotion period, the members modestly answered, “ We’re still far away”.

“I don’t think we’re still at that level. We are still considering if we should loosen up on the test. We studied hard for the exams, but OMR card was far from expected. Now, we should fill them in without any mistakes. We don’t fret about it. The members do not put the blame on anyone. Also, from our company’s side too, they don’t give much pressure on us. Firstly, we don’t want to be known as just a dancing dance group, but we want to stay faithful as a group that can handle a broad spectrum . This is because we want to create a color only belonging to us.”

The interview went on with laughter, as well as variety senses. When talking stories about music, BTOB members had their serious gazes on. As compared to modesty, their greed and aspirations can be felt even more. Now, BTOB’s largest goal is to get this year’s Rookie Award.

“After our debut, we’ve realized that we are just frogs in a well. Every time when we monitor ourselves, there are always something unsatisfying. But because of that, we should work harder. We want to be singers that receive loves from everyone regardless of their age. Our promise if we get the Rookie Award? If we receive the award this year… Our fanclub name is ‘Melody’, and in our album, we will record ‘A song for Melody’. This is a promise.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Asia Today

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Interesting things about B1A4


The Big Reveal about B1A4’s Interview
Do you still feel a little unsatisfied after reading the interview with B1A4 in issue no. 38 (August edition) of TRENDY magazine? This time, we’ll show you the behind the scene shots of B1A4’s photo shoot!

B1A4 has a schedule that is as explosive as their popularity, and the only time in which they were able to take time out of their busy schedule was in between their filming for their new Japanese MV. In order to fulfil the B1A4 fans’ requests, TRENDY brought all the necessary equipment flew to Seoul to the studio without a second word so as to be able to directly interview B1A4 and hold a photo shoot! Even though we’re taking photos on a corner of the set, B1A4’s wonderful expressions definitely matched up to what they could’ve had while shooting on a set, and their professionalism is 100%!

The good feelings between the B1A4 members are fully exposed, right from the members’ actions from when the photo taking begins, where they speak softly to one another with smiles, or pat one another’s backs or shoulders, to the point where even when it is not their turn to be in the photo, they continue watching one another’s photo shoot from the side, looking attentively.

After taking a group shot, the B1A4 members gather together in a small circle to play scissors paper stone. It turns out that they are using it to decide who gets to have their photos taken first, and after the game, looking from their expressions, you can tell who has to have their photo taken last!

The brotherly duo CNU and Baro, when they were broken up into smaller groups to take photos, the more they played, the happier they got, except when Baro’s massaging CNU’s shoulders… It looks like it wouldn’t be very comfortable! Where we are, we can almost hear CNU’s weak cries of pain, haha~

Mischievous Sandeul takes the opportunity to sneakily tug at Jinyoung’s collar when they’re getting their clothing fixed, and Jinyoung, who got a huge shock, immediately grabs his face as a form of punishment, only to find that Sandeul doesn’t back down, returning a blow. The mischief Sandeul is wrecking doesn’t end, and he makes a move on Gongchan when they’re starting their photo shoot, and when Jinyoung isn’t noticing, they quickly exchange poses with tacit understanding, and Jinyoung, who’s unable to react on time, bursts out laughing, along with everyone else present.

source: plurk.com/rrk19841118 via 팅클찬 @ daum
trans cr: tables @ AVIATEB1A4

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