CNBlue thanks Taiwanese fans through a group photo!

CNBlue members thank their fans for the successful 'Blue Moon World Tour' concert in Taiwan which was their first stop.

Through their official twitter account, along with a group photo, Yonghwa wrote:

"Everyone, our concert has just ended. It's Yonghwa! To Taiwanese fans thank you from the bottom of my heart, for rocking the stage with us. It was a remarkable experience. For sure, our Korean fans are curious too, so we will prepare hard and perform with you in May! Bya bya kookbap!"

In the photo, the boys are still wearing their Blue Moon shirts and smiling at the camera.

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LUNAFLY releases colorful BTS for 'Fly to Love' jacket filming

LUNAFLY releases their BTS clip for their jacket filming for 'Fly To Love'. The boys, who are wearing vibrant-colored clothes and accessories, posed for the camera.

The acoustic trio, Sam, Teo and Yun, showed their individual charms for the colorful photoshoot.
Watch below:

Meanwhile, the trio is currently busy for their first album promotions for 'Fly To Love'.

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Tiffany protects Sunny's bare face from the cameras

SNSD's Tiffany wins the hearts of many once again for protecting Sunny's bare face last April 3 at Gimpo airport.

SNSD members appeared in Gimpo airport on April 3 for their departure to Japan. Most of the girls looked so tired and  barely had make up on. Some of them were covering their faces from the flashing cameras.

Photos of them were uploaded online. A particular photo of Tiffany covering Sunny's face with her passport caught the the attention of the netizens. They were impressed by her sisterly gesture. She seemed protecting Sunny for having her face being captured.

Some commented, "Tiffany covers Sunny's face because she might not be wearing any make up on. She's so sweet.","Tiffany is very kind.","How sweet of her.","She doesn't like paparazzi to take bad pictures of her sister." and so on.

SNSD went to Japan for their will'2013 Girls' Generation Arena Tour'.

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Birthday guy Siwon gifts fans a topless photo from Israel!

Siwon is celebrating his 26th birthday today, April 7, with a throng of fans around the world.
Ironically, the birthday boy is the one who gifts fans with a topless photo of himself taken from Israel, wherein he is spending his vacation with his family.

He wrote on his twitter account, "this is my present for you all. thanks my whole family :^) ".

Fans send out their warm greetings such as, "How sweet of Siwon!", "Wow! Topless. Your color complements the background.","Enjoy your day Siwon!" and so on.

Do you like his gift? #HappySiwonDay

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Sexy Fei takes group photo with Amber,Jia and Stephanie!

On April 5, Amber came to support her friend Miss A Fei on MBC's 'Dancing with the Stars 3'. Today, sexy Fei shared a group photo with Amber, Jia and The Grace's Stephanie.

Check their photo below:

She looks sexy wearing her outfit and her friends came to support her.

Here's a video of them cheering for Fei.

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Ailee ranks #1 in Germany's Top 10 Female Singers

Female soloist Ailee ranks no. 1 in a poll conducted by Germany under the category "Top 10 Female Singers".

The successful rookie with a powerful voice has beaten other popular female singers like BoA, IU, HyunAh, G.NA and others.

Garnering a total of 41.51% of the total votes, Ailee emerged on the top of the list followed by BoA with 28.80%,4-minute's Hyun Ah with 22.05%, next is IU and Sistar's Hyorin on the 5th place.

Other female singers who participated in the poll are G.NA, 2NE1's Park Bom and CL, Lee Hi and SNSD's Taeyeon.

A total of 2065 voters has participated in Germany's Kpop Ranking.

Ailee is one of the brightest rising idol for her successful hit songs like Heaven and I'll Show You. She is also known for her appearances in Dream High 2 and Immortal Song 2.

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Mighty Mouth's Sangchu relieves the worries of his fans through his twitter

K-pop fans whose idols are in the military service are worried since the situation on the Korean peninsula got worse.

One of those is Mighty Mouth's Sangchu who entered the army on October 2012. He relieved the anxiety of his fans when he tweeted and I quote, " I'm doing GOOD ma tweople! No worries. Thanx a billion for yo letters n gifts. Let's stay positive n strong! Now all we need is PEACE!!".

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Super Junior's YeSung tweeted goodnight

Super Junior's YeSung posted a photo on his Twitter saying these simple words, “ELF Goodnight”

Last March 24, YeSung announced to his fans that he will be leaving for the army.

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ZE:A’s Siwan wowed the audience with his rubik's cube talent + 'Aftermath' and 'The Day We Broke Up' performances

ZE:A's Siwan wowed the audience with his brainy skill---solving the Rubik’s cube.

Siwan just proved that ZE:A‘s sub-unit ZE:A5 was telling the truth when they shared that he can solve the rubik's cube during an interview on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘.

Siwan finished solving the cube in just 37 seconds. But he showed his dissatisfaction by saying, “I think I can do it faster.”

His rubik's talent was showed at 8:00:

In addition, ZE:A also showcased their singing ability. They sang “Aftermath” and “The Day We Broke Up".



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Sunny Hill and Daybreak featured in a C.S. Interview

After Sunny Hill and Daybreak released their collaboration music video of “Love Actually” through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube Channel, LOEN revealed their C.S.I. (Coming Soon Interview).

The interview was like a dating game. The members had to tell something about themselves, and then partnered up.

Check out the interview below:

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Park Min Ha takes photos with K.Will, INFINITE's L, and SISTAR's Dasom on the 'Love Blossom' MV

K.Will’s “ Love Blossom” music video features  INFINITE’s  LSISTAR’s  Dasom, and the child actress  Park Min Ha.
Park Min Ha didn't just work on the filming, but also played with   K.WillINFINITE’s  L, and  SISTAR’s  Dasom. 

Park Min Ha tweeted, “The shooting day of Uncle K.will’s MV~ We rode a seal, but the it didn’t stop. So we rode it three times… Min Ha is excited~^^”

She also shared, “I really like Dasom-unni, she took good care of Min Ha~♥.”

Thirdly, a photo with L saying, “I met INFINITE-L oppa! He is very very handsome. He said to Min Ha ‘Eunbyula ah~^^ and called me sweetie~♥” 
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f(x)'s Krystal shows off her charm in the BTS of Vogue Girl

f(x)'s maknae Krystal shows off her charm in the BTS video of Vogue Girl Magazine.

Check out the video below

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Hangeng loses consciousness in the water, almost drowned

Former Super Junior member Hangeng fainted in the water.

In a clip released by 'Stars in Danger', it showed Hangeng fainted in the water after jumping into a swimming pool.

On the clip, he was getting ready to jump off from the diving board. He did a handstand before falling flat chested in the water.

However, staff were alarmed when he didn't appear from the water and still lying there on his back. He was rescued quickly and fortunately, he coughed off some water and regained his consciousness when he was being brought to the side of the pool. It was said that he fainted for about 10 seconds.

Watch the video below:

Glad he's safe.

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F(x) Victoria takes a cute selca while eating!

F(x) Victoria shared a selca this morning with a bread on her mouth.
She wrote, "Raining outside... Getting ready to work while eating bread~ For people who are working on weekends cheer~"

Fans give witty comments like, "Cheer for you too!","Give me some!", "Pretty Vic" and so on.

Source: Victoria's weibo

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G-Dragon sports 'afro hairtsyle' on his latest photos

G-Dragon sports an afro hairstyle in his recent photos which he uploaded on his instagram account.

The photos show G-Dragon sitting in a backstage. He is seen having a fading black afro wig with his "One of A Kind" cap on and looking cool at the camera.

He is in Fukuoka, Japan for his One of A Kind world tour.

What do you think of this hairstyle?

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Gorgeous Sooyoung attends Double M fansigning event

SNSD's Sooyoung attended a fansigning event for 'Double M' which is the brand that she is endorsing.
The event took place on April 6 in Seoul where she met lots of her fans.She also gave out pictures with her sign.

This is her second attendance for Double M fansign following her first event last February.

Check her gorgeous photos below:

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Cube Entertainment to hold an audition in LA!

You might be the next Cube rising idol!

One of the most successful entertainment industries in South Korea, Cube Entertainment, reached its arms to hold an audition in Los Angeles.

Earlier today, the agency behind the famous artists and groups like BEAST, 4-minute, BTOB, A-Pink, G.NA, Huh Gak and Roh JiHoon releases the official audition poster "2013 Cube Star Audition in LA".

The details of the said audition are written on the poster:

Date: Saturday, Arpil 27, 2013
TIME: 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Hollywood Bowl (2301 North Highland Avenue Hollywood , CA 90068)

Don't miss the chance to be the next Cube Star!

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Performances from the April 6th episode of ‘Show! Music Core’!

MBC’s ‘Music Core‘ is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today’s show was guided by a very special set of MCs, none other than INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Woohyun, and Myungsoo!

Aside from the usual performances on tonight’s episode, ZE:A5 held their debut stage while K.Will made his long awaited comeback!

Check out the adorable MC clips below!


Performances from today’s show includes SHINee, INFINITE, 2AM, Davichi, G.NA ft. Ilhoon, Teen Top, B.A.P, Rainbow, Girl’s Day, Heo Young Saeng, Hong Jin Young, Two X, RaNia, OFFROAD, and Ladies’ Code!

Check them out below!


< Girl’s Day >


< Teen Top >


< B.A.P >




< SHINee >


< G.NA >


< Rainbow >


* Most clips are still missing. As soon as they are made available, they will be added in. Thank you for your patience!

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Teen Top Niel eats alone, members complain!

Seems like Niel is on fire for eating alone?

Niel posted a selca on his twitter account and wrote, " Here to eat alone~~~ ㅎ Eating alone is also good~~".

However, soon afterwards, Teen Top members agitated and mentioned him on twitter. L.Joe commented, "Ah how about meㅡㅡ!!!!", in which he replied, "Why would I eat with you hyung... ㅡㅡ;;" It doesn't end there. Chunji also tweeted him, "You must not leave hyungs and eat alone..." in which Niel cutely replied, "You're in my heart hyung".

So in Teen Top, eating alone is prohibited? What do you think of these cute boys?

Source: Niel,L.Joe and Chunji's twitter accounts
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Secret Hyosung's sexy solo performance in Singapore

Secret's Hyosung impressed with her hot performance in Singapore.

Check out her sexy performance below.

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Electroboyz Profile

Group name: Electroboyz (일렉트로보이즈)
Company: Brave Entertainment
Genre: hip hop
Debut year: 2010 June 03


Stage Name: Maboos
Birth Name: Im Sung Ryul
Birthday: October 29, 1981
Birth Place: Daejeon, South Korea
Position: Leader
Blood Type: A
Height: 172 cm

Stage Name: 1Kyne (pronounced as ‘One Kind’)
Birth Name: Kim Randy
Birthday: August 2, 1982
Birth Place: USA
Blood Type: B
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 68 kg

Stage Name: Chakun
Birth Name: Kim Jin
Birthday: March 24, 1986
Position: Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 62 kg

Their hit song:

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2AM’s Jinwoon comments on becoming new MC of ‘Music Bank’

2AM’s Jinwoon has shared his thoughts on becoming the newest host for KBS weekly music program, ‘Music Bank.

On April 4th, Jinwoon attended the ‘2013 KVS TV Radio Spring Change Conference’ which was held at the KBS International Conference Hall and showed his expectation toward being the MC.

He expressed his excitement saying, “I think it’s going to be fun to host the show as a singer, and I’m delighted that I get a chance to see many girl group members so close.”

Regarding on working with actress Park Se Young, Jinwoon said, “We are going to meet before the live broadcast and talk. I think we are going to be able to show even more enjoyable entertainment than other music programs.”

Jinwoon and Park Se Young will be taking over ‘Music Bank’ starting April 12th.

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Girl’s Day holds free hug event in Myungdong

Girl’s Day fulfilled their free hug pledge.

On April 3rd, the group held a free hug event in Myungdong to commemorate the release of their first full length album, ‘ Expectation’ as well as their upcoming 1,000th day anniversary.

Girl’s Day promised that if their first album reached number one, they would give free hugs to their fans. As it turns out, the album has topped online music charts and places high on music broadcasting programs.

During the event, Girl’s Day members expressed their thanks for the fans with hugs and bright smiles.

Netizens commented, “They are great”, “They didn’t become #1 in any shows, but they still kept their pledge” and “I hope you will become #1 someday.”

Check out the photos below:

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CNBLUE releases full MV for “Blind Love”

CNBLUE released full music video for upcoming Japanese single, “ Blind Love”.

The talented idol band will be releasing their 5th Japanese single “Blind Love” on April 24th. The single will contain three songs including “Blind Love”, “With Your Eyes”, which was both written by member Lee Jong Hyun, as well as “Greedy Man”, the creation of Yonghwa.

Prior to its official release, “Blind Love” is already enjoying success in Japan. The single topped the pre-order chart on HMV for April 1st and 2nd.

Check out the MV below:

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Girls’ Generation to release ‘2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ live album

Girls’ Generation announced that they will be releasing a live album from their second solo concert tour, ‘ 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’.

To be released on April 11th, the album were recorded during Girls’ Generation’s concert performances at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on July 23rd and 24th, 2011. The 2-CD live album will contain 34 tracks including their hit title songs “Tell Me Your Wish”, “Run Devil Run”, “Hoot”, “Gee’ and “Oh!” as well as their Japanese tracks such as “Bad Girl”, “The Great Escape” and more.

In addition, two additional songs, “Let It Rain” and “Danny Boy” will be included in the live album as re-recorded studio versions.

Source: Soshified

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15& releases MV teaser for “Somebody”

Duo group 15& has just released a music video teaser for “ Somebody”, heightening up anticipations of the fans.

On April 5th, JYP Entertainment unveiled new teaser video via official Youtube channel. Similar to previously revealed still cut, the video shows Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin parodying the popular SBS audition show, ‘ K-Pop Star’.

15&’s “Somebody” will be released online on April 7th. The duo will have their official comeback performance on ‘K-Pop Star’ on the same day.

Check out the teaser below:

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