EXO's 'WOLF' Music Video reaches more than 4M views!

EXO's 'WOLF' MV is still hot as it reaches more than 4 million views as of today, June 9, 2013. Released on May 30, the views are keep on adding in the span of less than 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, EXO are receiving lots of love with their comeback appearances on music programs.
Have you watched the video yet? Or would you watch it again?



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4-minute JiHyun and M4M Jimmy's intimate bed scene photo garners attention

It has been reported that 4-minute's Jihyun will be the female lead for M4M's MV "When You Leave Me". Fans are anticipating because this is the first time 4-minute will show their support for their juniors by appearing on their MV.

Jihyun is going to have intimate scenes with M4M's leader Jimmy. Some BTS photos have been released raising anticipation. Recently, another photo of Jihyun and Jimmy in bed attracted attention. It is because, the two are lying on the bed and intimately hugging and wrapping their arm around each other.

Other photo shows JiHyun and Jimmy's sweet whispers.

Netizens commented, "They look good together"."Jihyun with a man in a bed, they really look like a couple.","I want to watch the MV now!" and so on.

Photo source: YUE.IFENG
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B1A4 CNU and Jinyoung's 'first time riding a KTX'

B1A4 CNU revealed that it's their first time riding a KTX (Korean Train eXpress). On June 8, he uploaded a photo with Jinyoung and wrote,

"It's the first time for both of us ridign a KTX hehe how can the world run this fast!! Anyway we're heading to Pohang~!!"

In the photo, CNU and Jinyoung are having fun while on the ride and Jinyoung even made a pouty face with CNU's big smile behind.

Source: CNU's twitter

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B.A.P. sends video message to BABYz for their 500th day

B.A.P. is going to celebrate their 500th day since debut on June 9, 2013. Prior to this special event, B.A.P. members send a video message for BABYz.

The members had their chance to express their messages individually through this video. They greet fans and thank them for their continuous support. Watch the video below:

Source: TSENT2008@YT

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Taemin insists 'kiss' to NaEun on WGM!

SHINee's Taemin gets a little cheeky on the latest episode of We Got Married.

A-Pink's NaEun prepared a surprise gift for Taemin in celebration of the Coming of Age Day.

NaEun lets Taemin guess the surprise gift by writing it down on a paper. Taemin, on the other hand, keeps on asking clue questions and ended up writing the English word 'Kiss', which made NaEun giggle. Unfortunately, NaEun said it wasn't correct that made her onscreen partner disappointed.

Taemin tried again and insists that his present is kiss, writing its Korean word on the paper. NaEun couldn't stop laughing while saying it wasn't and persistent Taemin did his last resort when he wrote 'popo' which means kiss in Korea. NaEun then asked, "So this is what you want?" and made Taemin blushed.

On the interview, Taemin couldn't move on and becomes so giddy when he says, "That moment, I think I became pervert." and giggles.

At the end, NaEun's gift is revealed to be a bungee jumping.

Watch the cute clip below:

Do we expect a skinship from this cute couple soon?

Source: MBCentertainment@YT
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SNSD snap a group photo with juniors EXO

Girls Generation snapped a group photo with their juniors EXO at the backstage of their '2013 Girls' Generation World Tour - Seoul on June 8.

EXO members, wearing their red outfit, came to support their seniors, and cheered for them. In this Taeyeon, wrote on her instagram account,

"Yesterday's secret guest^^ Thankful to these wolves who came despite their busy schedules hihi I thought they're the red devil ^^ kkya so cute hihi and though I wasn't able to take a photo, but thank you very much Eunhyuk oppa for watching from the beginning to the end!! #GGTOUR #exo #backstage #wolf"~

Isn't this picture an eyecandy indeed?

Source: taeyeon's instagram

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B.A.P. and Babyz celebrate 500th day

B.A.P. is celebrating their 500th day since their debut, and they made a message for their BABYz.

B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect) is a six-member hip-hop KPop group debuted on  January 26, 2012  with the single " Warrior under the management of  TS Entertainment

It's members are Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jong Up, and Zelo.

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Kim Soo Hyun loses from his fans

Kim Soo Hyun does 'gwiyomi' after his new film  Secretly and Greatly ” reached 1M views.
He promised his fans that he would perform his version of  'gwiyomi' if  over 1 million viewers watched his new movie,  Secretly and Greatly ”. To the record, it becomes the fastest film in Korea cinema history to have 1M views.
“Secretly, Greatly”, which stars Kim Soo Hyun,   Park Ki Woong ,   Lee Hyun Woo , and Son Hyun Joo, is a  comedy/drama film based on the 2010 spy webtoon series called "Covertness".

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Soo Better

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CL's 'The Baddest Female' MV reaches 4M views

CL, 'The Baddest Female', must be glad today as her music video for her new song hits 4M+ views today.

That's an achievement for a new soloist who will perform on ton ight's SBS Inkigayo. Don't forget to watch.

Congrats CL.

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SOURCE: @Planet2NE1

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Psy performs at Muz-TV Music Awards in Russia

Psy has been travelling all over the world, and the recent one was in Russia. It was his first time in Russia, so he didn't have any idea that he's also famous in that place until he saw the bunch of people on the photo above cheering for him.
He visited Russia to perform for the  Muz-TV Music Awards , an annual award giving body that showcase Russian pop musicians since 2003.
I didn't know I was this famous in this country!~ See you in the #MuzTVAwards. Spasibo Rasha! twitter.com/psy_oppa/statu…
— PSY (@psy_oppa) June 7, 2013
Below is Psy's performance:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: KpucTuHka89

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[Lyrics] Henry - Trap


움직일 수 없어 왜 나는 무거워져 가기만 해
네 맘 구석에 놓여진 채 놓인 채 Yeah
네게 닿고 싶은데 그저 컴컴한 이 어둠 속에
자꾸 가라앉아 같은 곳에 그 곳에 Yeah

네 안에서 점점 난 잊혀져 가
늘 머물러 있는 이 사랑 안에 Oh 난 I’m Trapped I’m Trapped

* 나는 지쳐가 나 혼자서만 꿈을 꾸고 있나봐
세게 흔들어 나를 깨워주겠니 깨워주겠니 I’m Trapped I’m Trapped
난 나를 잃어가 너 없인 나의 이름 조차 기억이 안 나
이젠 네 안에서 나를 놓아주겠니 놓아주겠니 I’m Trapped I’m Trapped
I’m Trapped Oh- I’m Trapped Oh-

너와 난 이렇게 달라져 가는데
너의 끝이 없는 욕심에 그 욕심에
너라는 새장에 작은 새장 안에 버려진 새
날아갈 수 조차 난 없는데 없는데 Yeah

네 안에서 점점 난 약해져 가
늘 머물러 있는 이 사랑 안에 Oh 난 I’m Trapped I’m Trapped

I’m Trapped Oh- I’m Trapped Yeah-

널 잊고 싶어 (널 잊고 싶어) 날아가고 싶어 (날아가고 싶어)
널 내려놓고 (널 내려놓고) 자유롭고 싶어 (자유롭고 싶어)

I’m Trapped Oh- Ooh- Ooh-


Umjigil su eobseo wae naneun mugeowojyeo gagiman hae
Ne mam guseoge nohyeojin chae nohin chae yeah
Nege dako sipeunde geujeo keomkeomhan i eodum soge
Jakku garaanja gateun gose geu gose yeah

Ne aneseo jeomjeom nan ichyeojyeo ga
Neul meomulleo inneun i sarang ane oh nan i’m trapped i’m trapped

Naneun jichyeoga na honjaseoman kkumeul kkugo innabwa
Sege heundeureo nareul kkaewojugenni kkaewojugenni i’m trapped i’m trapped
Nan nareul irheoga neo eobsin naui ireum jocha gieogi an na
Ijen ne aneseo nareul nohajugenni nohajugenni i’m trapped i’m trapped
I’m trapped oh~ i’m trapped oh~

Neowa nan ireoke dallajyeo ganeunde
Neoui kkeuchi eomneun yoksime geu yoksime
Neoraneun saejange jageun saejang ane beoryeojin sae
Naragal su jocha nan eomneunde eomneunde yeah

Ne aneseo jeomjeom nan yakhaejyeo ga
Neul meomulleo inneun i sarang ane oh nan i’m trapped i’m trapped

Naneun jichyeoga na honjaseoman kkumeul kkugo innabwa
Sege heundeureo nareul kkaewojugenni kkaewojugenni i’m trapped i’m trapped
Nan nareul irheoga neo eobsin naui ireum jocha gieogi an na
Ijen ne aneseo nareul nohajugenni nohajugenni i’m trapped i’m trapped
I’m trapped oh~ i’m trapped oh~

I’m trapped oh~ i’m trapped yeah~

Neol itgo sipeo (neol itgo sipeo) naragago sipeo (naragago sipeo)
Neol naeryeonoko (neol naeryeonoko) jayuropgo sipeo (jayuropgo sipeo)

Naneun jichyeoga na honjaseoman kkumeul kkugo innabwa
Sege heundeureo nareul kkaewojugenni kkaewojugenni i’m trapped i’m trapped
Nan nareul irheoga neo eobsin naui ireum jocha gieogi an na
Ijen ne aneseo nareul nohajugenni nohajugenni i’m trapped i’m trapped
I’m trapped oh~ i’m trapped oh~ (x2)

I’m trapped oh~ ooh~ ooh~


I can’t move, why am I getting heavier?
As I’m inside of the corner of your heart, yeah
I want to touch you but I’m in this black darkness
I keep settling down in this same place, in that place, yeah

I’m getting more and more forgotten inside of you
Inside this love that always lingers
Oh I’m trapped, I’m trapped

I’m getting tired, I guess I’m dreaming alone
Will you strongly shake me and wake me up, wake me up?
I’m trapped, I’m trapped
I’m losing myself, I can’t even remember my name without you
Now will you let go of me from inside of you, let go of me?
I’m trapped, I’m trapped
I’m trapped oh, I’m trapped oh

You and I, we are becoming more different
In your endless greed, greed
I am an abandoned bird inside a small birdcage called you
I can’t even fly away, yeah

I am getting more and more weak inside of you
Inside this love that always lingers
Oh I’m trapped, I’m trapped

I’m getting tired, I guess I’m dreaming alone
Will you strongly shake me and wake me up, wake me up?
I’m trapped, I’m trapped
I’m losing myself, I can’t even remember my name without you
Now will you let go of me from inside of you, let go of me?
I’m trapped, I’m trapped
I’m trapped oh, I’m trapped oh

I’m trapped oh, I’m trapped yeah

I want to forget you (I want to forget you)
I want to fly away (I want to fly away)
I want to let you go (I want to let you go)
I want to be free (I want to be free)

I’m getting tired, I guess I’m dreaming alone
Will you strongly shake me and wake me up, wake me up?
I’m trapped, I’m trapped
I’m losing myself, I can’t even remember my name without you
Now will you let go of me from inside of you, let go of me?
I’m trapped, I’m trapped
I’m trapped oh, I’m trapped oh (x2)

I’m trapped oh ooh ooh

Credits: kpoplyrics, popgasa

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Henry & Taemin in front of a piano, look like siblings

Henry and Taemin's adorable appearance in front of a piano draws interest to fans.

SHINee's Taemin is currently appearing in Henry's stage performances for his solo single 'Trap' alongside Super Junior's Kyuhyun. However, because of Super Junior's concert schedules, Kyuhyun only appeared on Henry's debut stage on June 6. Therefore, for the succeeding performances, only Taemin is going to appear.

Prior to this, SM staff uploaded a photo of Henry and Taemin in front of a piano. The photo is very attractive. In one photo, Henry is looking at Taemin who is very serious in playing the piano. In the other one, both of them are sitting together.

Fans thought that they look like brothers and found the picture very heartwarming and touching. Some commented, "This photo is very pretty. Henry is like a big bro teaching his lil brother.","They look like siblings here.","Taemin will play piano too?" and so on.

Meanwhile, Taemin will also appear on Henry's Inkigayo stage tomorrow.
What do you think?

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

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Niel will go to a trip with girlfriend, mom says 'I'll trace your location'

Looks like Teen Top's Niel can't have a worry-free date with his future girlfriend. Wonder why?

On June 7, Niel and his mother appeared on KBS2's Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia. Being known as one of the closest mother-son relationships on the show, they caught the attention of the viewers when they stated contradicting opinions.

In this episode, Niel revealed that if he has a girlfriend, he will travel with her. In contrary, his mother responded, "I will trace your location then."

Niel's mother explained, "When I was young, I played as much as I wanted. That's why I have this overprotective style in raising my son."

Niel added, "Before, my mom said that If I go out on a trip with my girlfriend, she'll have to fill up the family register," and caused laughter on the set.

Source: Daum
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

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Infinite L shares the heat with his 'hot' selca!

Take it literally or not, but Infinite's L is really feeling hot!

On June 8, L uploaded a selca which will obviously make you sweat as he captioned 'It's hot'.  In the photo L is wearing a simple white sleeveless shirt. L is sweating from the hot weather outdoors. Fans couldn't help but noticed his prominent facial features as they were emphasized by the angle of his shot.

Fans commented, "Oppa which is hot?","L oppa is hotter!","You look so sexy in there!!","The weather is really hot right?" and so on.

Source: L's twitter

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Nam Jihyun feels awkward with M4M's Jimmy?

4-minute had their comeback with their 4th mini album 'Name is 4-minute'. Despite their packed schedules, 4-minute showed support for their juniors M4M. Nam JiHyun participated in the shooting of M4M's MV 'When You Leave Me'.

4-minute's leader JiHyun is the female lead and will act alongside M4M's leader Jimmy as a couple. This is their first time working together and there are many intimate scenes. On this, JiHyun was seen nervous. When she realized that she had to film lots of intimate scenes with Jimmy, she felt awkward.

However, to make her feel comfortable and less awkward, other 4-minute members came to cheer for her.

Source:  Sina

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YG reveals a video of Dara's 'closet support' for CL!

Dara's 4D-ness goes beyond as she made a cute 'closet support' for CL.

On June 8, a cute short video was uploaded by YG on their official me2day account. The clip showed Dara inside a very narrow locker holding a banner support for CL.

YG wrote, "When CL was changing clothes, Dara said 'What will we play?" Tomorrow's Sunday, everyone will go to the live broadcast of 'Nappeun Gijibe' on SBS Inkigayo, right?"

Watch below:

In the video, Dara cheered,
"I’m a queen bee! A heroine, rugby ball! Unnie unnie unnie”"

Source: YG Me2day&redthreaddreams4@yt

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4Minute's Gayoon, Jiyoon & Sohyun perform "Nililiya" on Immortal Song 2

Check out 2YOON + Sohyun's special performance on Immortal Song 2, Hyuna and Jihyun are supporting the girls at the backstage.

Did they impress with their singing ability?

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J Rabbit's calming voice used in "Snooze" MV for 'Monstar' OST

J Rabbit sings  Monstar 's  another OST entitled, " Snooze ". 

J Rabbit is successful in  calming the listeners her acoustic sound..

Listen below: 

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Comedienne Ham Hyo Joo leaves us already

Ironically, comedienne  Ham Hyo Joo  from  MBC 's ' Fall Into Comedy ' left us sad after a fatal accident.

Ham Hyo Joo  was hit by a car while crossing a street to grab a taxi. She was rushed to the hospital, but  pronounced  dead despite of all the efforts to survive her.

According to a representative,  "There will be further investigation, so her wake has not yet been decided. But we will set her wake up at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital."

In the behalf of Daily Kpop News,  Ham Hyo Joo rest in peace. 

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: nate

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G-Dragon has a baby?

G-Dragon is a father for a moment, at least on the picture above.

On the photo, he's with his mini-me who's known as ' baby GD'. They were in the shooting of G-Dragon's ' Glaceau Vitamin Water' CF . Baby GD burst into tears when G-Dragon gave  him some candies instead of the vitamin water.

G-Dragon told, "I remember myself with him. When I was young, I also like performing in front of many people. His diaper dance is a swag."

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SOURCE: bigbangupdates

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Big Bang's Taeyang to perform at Japan's A-Nation

Big Bang's Taeyang will be sharing the stage in the grand finale for  A-Nation, Japan′s biggest summer music festival, with Japanese artist M-Flo on August 11 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Since 2002,  A-Nation, an outdoor live tour that has been held by Avex, is celebrated. This year′s A-Nation will start on August 3 that will feature Japanese stars like CREAM, Matt Cab, Miliyah Kato, MINMI, YOSHIKA and more.

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SNSD's Taeyeon and a photo reveal nothing but a mystery

SNSD's Taeyeon uploaded a photo that reveals nothing but a mystery.

At first look, t he photo is like a simple butterfly. But if you'll just pay attention to its details, you'll notice that the body of the butterfly is a microphone, the wings looks like number three, and the wind has music notes.

SNSD's Taeyeon was successful in making her fans wondering. Her caption made it more mysterious, "#3 #9 #butterfly #TY #Taenggu #soon".

Does  #3 represent  SNSD's subunit, TaeTiSeo?
Does  #9 symbolize SNSD?
Does  #soon mean a come back?

We'll know sooner or later.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: taeyeon_ss

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After School's Lizzy cancels schedule

After School's Lizzy has injured her ankle during  her recent practice.

Lizzy is disappointed. She wrote on her Twitter, "I was happy because I lost fat on my leg, but I'm upset. I can't film because of my injured leg. I'm not using my right leg at all, so it atrophied to the point I can stick my hand in the cast. It's okay if I have mismatched legs, I just want to recover soon. I want to be on stage."

According to Pledis Entertainment, "Lizzy sprained her ankle ligament during a recent practice. She'll be canceling her schedule to focus on recovering. We'll be monitoring her condition and update you all."

Meanwhile, After School will come back on June 13. Will Lizzy be there?

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net 
SOURCE: @p_Lizzy

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'2NE1 Loves Shinsegae‘ CF revealed

2NE1 is in a CF for  Shinsegae one of the most successful department stores in Korea.
Shinsegae's ‘2NE1 Loves Shinsegae‘ campaign started from May 29 and will end on  June  27.  There are promotional activities such as advertisements, a photo exhibition and many more. 
The CF is over 2 minutes. 

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net

SOURCE: vimeo

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Yesung reveals two ID pictures 'Yesung&Kim Jongwoon'

Super Junior Yesung, who is currently serving his 2 years mandatory service, updates fans through twitter. On June 7, he tweeted two ID pictures which he labeled "2012 Yesung, and 2013 Kim Jongwoon".

The first photo shows Yesung having his blond hair which was taken during Super Junior's 2012 promotions. On the other hand, the second photo shows the present Kim Jongwoon (Yesung's real name) in his shaved head.

Fans quickly get the meaning behind and they commented, "You'll always be our Yesung forever Kim Jongwoon!","You'll be Kim Jongwoon for 2 years but we will wait for Yesung after that.","Kim Jongwoon fighting!","You look so good in short hair!"

Source: Yesung's twitter
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Henry tells fans to anticipate more!

Henry updates fans today of his first broadcast. On June 7, Henry made his first broadcast on Music Bank with his song 'Trap'. Super Junior Kyuhyun and SHINee's Taemin also appeared.

He wrote on his official website,

Yoyoyo!! Today, I made my first broadcast!!!
You've anticipated so much right!!!?
kk the MV was also released today!! How as it?! Were everyone able to watch it!!?
I will continue working hard, please anticipate a lot!!
Also, you should listen to the album!! I put a lot of effort in composing each songs!!

Along with his message are picture of him and a group photo with Kyuhyun and Taemin.
Have you watched SM's new solo male artist's performance?

Source: Henry's official site
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INFINITE beats the summer on their BTS for 'The Star' photoshoot

The Star Magazine takes you to the behind the scenes of Infinite's photoshoot for their June issue. Infinite members who are on their most comfortable summer clothes beat the summer with their individual charms that can melt every fangirls' heart.

Watch the BTS below:

Source: Magazine The Star@YT

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130608 Music Core Performers List

♬ Comeback Stage
- MBLAQ『Sexy Beat』『Smoky Girl』
- Rainbow『Sunshine』
♬ First Solo Debut
- Henry(feat. SHINee Taemin)『INTRO』『Trap』
♬ Good-bye Stage
- 4minute『What's Your Name』
♬ HOT stage
- B1A4『What's Happening』
- Nine Muses『Wild』
- VIXX『hyde』
♬ Sound-Holic
- Seo In Young『Let's Break Up』
- Hello Venus 『Do You Want Some Tea』
- 100%『Want U Back』
- DIA『Breaking Up』
- C-CLOWN『Shaking Heart』
♬ New Song
- Boys Republic『Party Rock』

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4-minute reigns in May!

4-minute reigns on top for May.

Based on Gaon's Digital Charts for the month of May, 4-minute's song 'What's Your Name' climbed to number 1 beating other artists like Lee Hyori and Roy Kim.

Since the release of their title song 'What's Your Name', the group swept all music charts consistently. Despite of a long competition for 4-5 weeks, the group managed to maintain their rank proving their unbeatable strength.

In addition to that, the girls also received awards on music programs showing their enormous popularity.

In this, 4-minute leader Nam JiHyun expressed, "We had our come back last April and to think that we've promoted til June, I think we're receiving lots of love. Lots of people are continuously listening to our song and it made me really happy and thankful. This is just the start, we'll work harder so please give us more anticipation."

Source: Newsen
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Taeyeon, Yoona and Tiffany release LG 3D SmartTV CF

Three from the pretty ladies of Girls Generation recently appeared in a CF for LG 3D SmartTV. Fans love their playful appearance in this CF, especially when Sooyoung appeared on the TV.

Watch below:

Do you imagine how are they when watching TV outside this CF?

Source: Linh Nguyen@YT

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Jang Jae In is okay after suffering from dystonia

After it was revealed later last March that Jang Jae In suffered from dystoniaa temporary condition which comes from extreme stress, she assured her fans  that she's okay already  with a photo and a message of appreciation on her  me2day.

She said, "Thank you all. The song is a gift to myself and to everyone that I'm always thankful for. Thank you for the strength. Good night".

She released her new song, "0 (Zero)", which you can listen below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: BubbleFeetGravityCH9

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Yedang Entertainment's Chairman Byun Doo Sub real cause of death revealed

Yedang Entertainment's Chairman Byun Doo Sub shocked many of us with his sudden death last week.

It was initially announced that his death was due to exhaustion, but sadly it has been confirmed as a suicide.

Here's an original statement from an agency representative:

"Chairman Byun's death was due to suicide. He had been suffering from a chronic depression, and suffered from insomnia recently. At first, we had no way of knowing what the exact cause of death was, it was a decision to declare that it was due to exhaustion to protect his honor after discussing with his family."

Chairman Byun Doo Sub's funeral was held on June 6.

In the behalf of Daily Kpop News, we are extending our condolences to his loved ones.  Chairman Byun Doo Sub, may you rest in peace.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE:  nate

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BEAST for an earlier come back?

BEAST  left their fans hanging after they revealed that mysterious teaser above.
If you visit their website, you can't see anything else, there's no link to click to know more about. It's a complete mystery for anyone who will see it. 
The teaser read,   “BEAUTY, come together!! June 15th, 20:00.”  What is that for? A fan meeting? an earlier come back? 
What is clear as of today is BEAST's exclusive concert in July.
written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: playb2st

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LOEN Entertainment released a short comedy video of their first boy band, HISTORY. It showed off their comedic acting skills.

The short com is entitled 'HISTORY's Tory Tory Bang Bang' that shows their hopes and dreams as a rookie, but in a comical way.

Meanwhile, HISTORY debuted with their first song, 'Dreamer', on April 26, 2013.

Check it out below:

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Seventeen's 7th member, Lee Chan, revealed!

Seventeen reveals its seventh member, Lee Chan!
Here's his profile:
Name:  LEE CHAN / 이 찬 /  イ・チャン
Birth date : 99.02.11
Blood Type: A
This fourteen-year old boy's dream to be an entertainer roots from his parents who met at the dance team. He wants to be like Michael Jackson
Get to know him more as Seventeen claims its popularity.
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CL expected it!

CL had her interview for her solo single, The Baddest Female, on June 3.
She was asked if what is her feeling about her latest song that didn't last No. 1 for very long. 
She said, " It was expected because not all woman do hip hop, and not all woman like hip hop itself. But I'm happy that I had the opportunity to express myself in a different style. I'm also thankful for those who appreciate my song."
CL's 'The Baddest Female', receives opposing opinions from the listeners. Some like her new style, some wish that it's 2NE1-like.
How about you, what do you think of CL‘s first solo song?
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