Henry reveals the Super Junior hyung whom he can rely on

In his interview with CECI, he was asked who among from Super Junior members he thinks he can rely on.

Henry selected Kyuhyun. He explained, "Kyuhyun-i hyung was the youngest before I came in. He takes care of me a lot. Like he did featuring for this (Trap) album. On my birthday, I was left alone at home but he came to greet me with a cake. I'm really thankful."

Kyuhyun might be 'evil' to his hyungs, but he knows how to take care of his dongsaengs.
Also, in the said interview, he also talked about his passion in music and his goals in life.

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Kim Hyun Joong, "I'm thinking if I could sue Crayon Pop"

Kim Hyun Joong made a comment about Crayon Pop's 'Bar Bar Bar' choreography.

On July 27, solo singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong guested on KBS 2TV's Entertainment Weekly. He admitted on the show, "I'm a 'Ghost' sunbae'. I feel strange receiving greetings from hoobaes, so I ran away from them."

He added, "I watched new videos of girl groups through Youtube. My favorite is Crayon Pop. Particularly, their 'Bar Bar Bar' choreography is apparently similar to my song 'Lucky Guy,".

He jokingly stated, "Am I too overreacting if I say that they borrowed it from my song? I'm thinking if I could sue them."

He remarked, "I really like Crayon Pop."
Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently promoting his album 'Round 3'.

What do you think? Is he suggesting something?

Check Lucky Guy and Bar Bar Bar MVs below:

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KARA releases Hara's 'Thank You Summer Love' solo version MV!

After revealing the solo versions of  Nicole and Jiyoung's 'Thank You Summer Love' MV yesterday, here comes Hara's solo MV. Check below:

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EXO to appear on WGM, EXO meets A Pink!

EXO will be featured on  the next episode of We Got Married.

On the upcoming episode, Taemin asked a favor from EXO's Kai to prepare a special event for NaEun and A-Pink. Thus, the members of EXO are going to be featured in the next week's episode of We Got Married surprising NaEun and the rest of A Pink.

Fans of both groups are anticipating since Chen revealed that Luhan is a fanboy of A Pink's Chorong. Shall we expect cute interactions from these groups?

Watch the preview below:

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Siwon thanks fans for a successful Tokyo concert!

Siwon sends his gratitude for their fans through a selca.
On July 27, Super Junior successfully concluded the 1st day of their Super Show Tokyo which was attended by 50,000 fans.

He wrote on his twitter, "Thank you ELF-JAPAN^^ I love you :^) Thank you so much to Korean ELFs that came all the way from Korea as a group, and I love you :^)"

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CL meets Hollywood star Sky Ferreira!

CL and Hollywood star Sky Ferreira spotted together hanging out.
CL uploaded a photo with  S ky Ferreira  on her Instagram with the caption, “@itsjeremyscott #yourbabyyyz #wefinallymet @skyferreira. 
CL and Sky  Ferreira are both acquainted with  Jeremy Scott  – who is an American fashion designer and has previously dressed CL and the other 2NE1 members.
Sky Ferreira is a singer, songwriter, actress and model in the USA. She is also known as “Little Madonna”. 
written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: ygladies

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f(x) makes a wake-up call via Dodol Pop!

f(x)  will serve as your alarm clock as they collaborated with the mobile app, Dodol Pop

They recorded a wake-up message for fans to download. The video says, "This is f(x)! Hello! Wake up, it's already morning!" And then they sang a portion of their new single  ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum ’. At the end, they shouted, "Hurry and wake up, right now! Wake up!"

Check the morning call below:

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BEAST's Dongwoon, Junhyung and Yoseob snap a photo while on this transpo

BEAST's  Dongwoon posted a photo with  Junhyung   and   Yoseob  on his twitter.
He wrote, "We’ve taken the bus.”  The photo seemed to be shot while they were on their way back to Seoul after the MBC's Music Core-Ulsan Summer Festival. It's just that I do not know where they were looking.
우린버스타고 왔지렁^^ http://t.co/J6n6F1hUub
— 손동운 (@beastdw) July 27, 2013

BEAST has their new song, “ Shadow ”, and they are on promotion for it.

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SOURCE: @beastdw

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Nine Muses' Sera goes classic with The Carpenters' 'Close to You'

Nine Muses’ Sera revived the past with her own interpretation of  The Carpenters’ “Close To You” !
In the video, Sera sat by the river bank looking far away, and then started to sing  the iconic song  soulfully. At the end of the video, she looked at the camera and said, "Cut the music, please." 
Listen below:

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SOURCE: NineMusesCh

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Taewan (C-Luv), LeeSSang’s Gary, and Crush ask “Where Do You Want To Go?”

Taewan (aka C-Luv), LeeSSang’s Gary, and Crush combined their idea, efforts, and talents to release a new track entitled  Where Do You Want To Go? ”.
Where Do You Want To Go?”, check out the song below

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SHINee's Taemin gives A Pink's Naeun a lovely hug

SHINee's Taemin gives A Pink's Naeun a lovely hug in the latest episode of We Got Married.

In the latest episode of We Got Married, Taemin said, "I'm going to Japan, and you're promoting with A Pink, so we won't see each other for a while. I'm going to miss you". In return, Na-Eun gave him a teddy bear and a selca, and told him that she's going to miss him too.

Taemin asked something from Na-Eun--- a goodbye hug. Na-Eun allowed him to do it. Taemin hugged her and said, "I wanted to hug you. Honestly, I wanted to hug you even tighter than I did."

Check out the sweet goodbye between Taemin and Na-Eun below:

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SOURCE: MBCentertainment

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Blackjacks react violently with La Materialista's 'Chipi ChaCha'!

Yameiry Infante Honoret   (aka   La Materialista ), a  Dominican Republic singer, released a song entitled  ‘Chipi ChaCha on July 25th .

However, her song drew a lot of negative reactions from the netizens especially from the Blackjacks. According to the people who commented,  ‘Chipi ChaCha sounded like 2NE1's previous song, 'I am the Best'. 

Some netizens commented:

Tom7Burton says, " listen to 2NE1 i am the Best, which came out over 2 years ago, you'll notice how similar they sound."

Gangis Park mentions, "

lalalujie said, " She is so pathetic...bahahahha"

Blackjacks believed that La Materialista's trying to claim the song as her own because there were no records that she  mentioned 2NE1, Teddy nor YG Entertainment on her promotions and interviews. However, she  explained that 'Chipi' means cheap and 'ChaCha' is an abbreviation of 'muchaha' which means 'young girl'.
Check out the two songs below, what do you think?

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SOURCE: LaMaterialista

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Super Junior Donghae confirms his Instagram account!

The arrival of idols in Instagram is becoming a trend. This time, Super Junior member Donghae finally confirmed his instagram account.

For quite sometime, fans were still doubtful if the ID 'leedonghae' on instagram is really the Super Junior member until Donghae himself linked a post from his instagram account to his twitter On July 27. He posted a selca taken from their rehearsal and waiting room at SS5 Tokyo and wrote, "1 hour left ^^".

Follow Donghae on Instagram @leedonghae

Meanwhile, Super Show 5 Tokyo which was held on July 27 successfully ended its Day 1 with the attendance of 50,000 fans.

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Sulli reveals a lovely 'comeback selca'

Sulli revealed her selca taken from their Music Bank waiting room. On July 27, she wrote on her me2day account,

"Everyone~~  Go Go-ssing in front of the TV now! KBS Music Bank! Live broadcast! Please cheer for f(x)'s "First Wisdom Tooth" performance~^^♥"~

On her latest selca, she is wearing her sexy Music Bank's comeback stage outfit revealing her slender and slimmer body. Though she looked a little tired, she still appeared lovely in this photo, doesn't she?

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BEAST members' 'thoughtful' bracelets are actually from fans

BEAST members have shown once again the influence and importance of their fans' deeds for them.

Recently, Yang Yoseob has become a topic for wearing 'Comfort Women' bracelet. He revealed that he is quite embarrassed to be the center of attraction as 'thoughtful-idol'. He pointed out the the bracelets are actually from their fans and they are very thankful to receive such meaningful gifts.

He added that he is not the only one wearing these kinds of bracelets.In fact, other idols and members such Son Dongwoon and Lee Kikwang wore Africa poverty-eradication bracelets on the recent episode of ‘Happy Together’.

To this, BEAST's leader Yoon Doojoon also stated, "I've read about the issue of Yoseob wearing 'Comfort Women' bracelets. Actually these are good deeds made by our fans." He humbly explained. He also added that since these kind of presents are something meaningful, they've decided to wear them.

BEAST members must be proud of their fans.

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KARA releases Jiyoung & Nicole versions "Thank You Summer Love" MVs

KARA releases the solo version MVs of members Nicole and Jiyoung, check out the MVs below

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Girl's Day Minah receives Nail Book from Lee Hongki

Girl's Day Minah receives Nail Book from Lee Hongki

Girl's Day Minah shows her Nail Book which she received from FT Island's Lee Hongki. On July 27, she wrote on her twitter account,

"Lee Hongki oppa's Nail BOok is really fun and interesting!!! There are many things in here~~~!! Thank you oppa~~~~+_+ hehehe," along with this is a proof selca.

Lee Hong Ki released hi special and limited edition Nail Art Book and it received love from Japan. Minah must be lucky to receive one.

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NYLON releases BTS for KaEun's photoshoot

NYLON released the behind-the-scene video during KaEun's classy and sophisticated photoshoot for their August issue.
Check the candid yet fierce-looking After School's KaEun and how they chose her clothes.

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Singaporean magazine 8 Days features G-Dragon

G-Dragon was featured in 8 Days, a Singaporean magazine.

The article talked about how G-Dragon is different from the other K-Pop stars. The author gave to reasons which were explained well.

To know the reasons, click here.

Meanwhile,  G-Dragon is preparing for his  2013 First World Tour (One of a Kind)  Seoul encore concert to be held on August 31 and September 1 at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall.

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SOURCE: bigbangupdates

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JYJ sheds tears

JYJ shed tears in front of an audience. They expressed how they appreciate their fans, and they asked for their continuous support especially now that they are facing an issue against SM Entertainment.
JYJ said, “We really like our name, JYJ. We feel grateful for those who help us to express ourselves freely. We should put more efforts, and should keep moving forwards. Please continue in believing in us, and keep your eyes on us.” 
On the other hand, Fair Trade Commission ordered SM Entertainment to halt their interruption on JYJ’s promotion.
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SOURCE: jyj3

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Infinite's win on Music Core-Ulsan Summer Festival trends worldwide!

Infinite's 2nd win with 'Destiny' on Music Core-Ulsan Summer Festival trends worldwide proving how supportive their fans are.

Infinite defeated Kang Seung Yoon and Ailee on July 27th's episode of Music Core. Kang Seung Yoon got 5,000 plus votes, Ailee came short with 6,000 votes, and the winner received 9,000 votes.

Watch below Music Core's encore and Infinite's performance:

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Guess the MVs #2

The 1st quiz was too easy right?
Let's challenge with these:

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Shinhwa treats fans with a BTS video for '2013 SHINHWA Grand Tour THE CLASSIC’

Shinhwa released a behind-the-scenes video of their practice for their ' 2013 SHINHWA Grand Tour THE CLASSIC.’

You can see in the video that Shinhwa allowed fans to peek backstage while they were practicing. T he members showed how funny they are through teasing one another.

Watch the video that  serves as a message of appreciation to all their fans: 

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ZE:A’s Minwoo reveals his teaser photo for their new album 'Illusion'

ZE:A's Minwoo posed for his photo teaser for their comeback with an album entitled ' Illusion' with a title track of    ‘Ghost of the Wind .
In the photo, you can see a writing in Hangul which means "Going around in circles."
Star Empire disclosed, “ZE:A has been promoting as subunits ZE:A FIVE and ZE:A4U. But this time, they are complete again.”
August 9 will be the big day for ZE:A and their supporters.
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SOURCE:  ZE:A Facebook

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B.A.P minus Zelo appears in One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” video

One Direction released the video of 'Best Song Ever', and B.A.P appeared on that.
The music video is about One Direction's managers' plan to change concepts. The guy in charge of finding a new concept, used B.A.P's photo. It was the picture used during the promotion of their debut song, 'Warrior', where they used red suits. 

But in the video, the suits turn fuchsia, the faces were photo shopped and the maknae Zelo was deleted since One Direction is only five .
In order to show support, Babys and K-Pop fans kept on tweeting #StayStrongZelo.
See B.A.P at 2.23 :

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SOURCE: OneDirectionVEVO

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FIESTAR teaches you Korean slang, Lesson 1: 'DaeBak'

On ‪‎FIESTAR‬'s new original program 'A-HA', the girls transformed into teachers for KPOP fans who are eager to learn Korean!

FIESTAR is going to teach you useful Korean slang through LOEN's Official youtube channel.
For the 1st lesson, here's girl group FIESTAR teaching you the word 'DAEBAK'

Watch their 1st lesson below:

Don't worry! The members speak in Korean, English and Chinese! Have fun learning! Keep updated for more Korean slang lessons!

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Ailee and Amber battle 'it' out on twitter

Ailee and Amber is having a 'sleeping photo' battle on twitter.

On July 26, Amber posted a photo of sleeping Ailee after her win on Music Bank. She tweeted,

"As expected of the goldfish @itzailee! Congrats on #1~~ 'Rest'!" In the photo, Ailee is sleeping on the couch completely unaware of Amber taking her picture.

To revenge, Ailee managed to take a photo of Amber as well and tweeted her back, "thanks for the 1st place! In return.... @llama_ajol REVENGE!!!!!" On the other hand, Ailee's photo of Amber revealed the f(x) member sleeping in peace.

Where would this battle between two close friends ends?

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C-JES sends warning against illegal ticketing for JYJ's concerts

C-JES sends out a firm warning against illegal ticket sales surrounding JYJ's concerts. On July 26, they posted on their official homepage:

Hello, this is C-JES Entertainment. 
We have been informed that tickets for JYJ concerts are being sold illegally in some parts of Asia like China and Hong Kong. 
In any case, if there's ongoing event not promoted through official mediums like C-JES homepage and JYJ's Facebook page, then it's definitely not authorized by C-JES. Moreover, ongoing business which is claiming to received permission for concerts like the documents below are considered illegal as well.  

Please be careful not to buy tickets from illegally conducted events which are not promoted by C-JES's official sites to avoid suffering from any inconvenience. 
Thank you.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

Lee Seung Gi transforms into a chic guy for Esquire

After concluding his MBC drama “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seung Gi flew to Hawaii for a photoshoot.
It was revealed that the photoshoot was for Esquire's August issue wherein Seung Gi transformed into a chic guy along with Samsonite carriers.

Seung Gi, having a clean cut and sexy concept, is looking chic and manly.

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After School supports U-ie at Barefoot Friends

After School members, Jungah, Juyeon, E-young and KaEun, came to the 'Masters Diving Competition' at Barefoot Friends to support their fellow member U-ie who competed for the said event.

Pictures of the members on the set of the diving competition have been released. Check below:

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f(x) to hold comeback showcase!

f(x) have already performed their comeback stages at M!Countdown and Music Bank ahead of the release of their second album 'Pink Tape'.

Prior to this, f(x) is scheduled to have their official comeback showcase on the release day which is on July 29. Their showcase titled 'f(x) Music Spoiler - Play! Pink Tape' takes place in Korea at 11:11AM KST.

Moreover, the showcase will be hosted by labelmates SHINEE's Jonghyun and Key!

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BEAST’s Yang Yoseob shows off something!

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob revealed his abs on the July 25th episode of  Happy Together 3.
Yang Yoseob said that he went for some boxing training because he likes to box, and in turn it could allow him to lose a lot of fats.
However, fellow BEAST member Son Dongwoon revealed that before, Yang Yoseob would button his shirt all the way down when he slept because he wanted to portray a cute image.   
Yoseob responsed, “People do change. When the body is not that in a good condition, people will take off the shirt from the sleeves, but when the body becomes better, people will take it off by making an X sign.” 
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SOURCE:  Starnews

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Psy and Scooter Braun plan for a bang!

Psy updated his twitter with a photo of him and  Scooter Braun, Psy's American manager.
having a creative meeting w/ @scooterbraun...like this pic? lol pic.twitter.com/sfLsuGG6p9
— PSY (@psy_oppa) July 25, 2013

Meanwhile, Psy, Scooter Braun and YG Entertainment are currently working on his upcoming album set to release in September. Aside from that, he is planning to hold another large-scale concert in Korea in December.

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SOURCE:  Starnews

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Ailee wins Show Champion July 24th episode + does the split

Ailee won her first number one trophy on  Show Champion! ‘ with her latest song  U&I ‘.
The Show Champion tweeted, “Which was the ‘Champion Song’ on July 24th episode of ‘Show Champion‘? It was ‘U&I’ of Ailee! She got her first #1 trophy for her comeback on ‘Show Champion~ She also did the split that she promised on the radio!!! Congratulations again^^.”
7월 24일 쇼챔피언 '챔피언 송'은? 에일리의 'U&I'가 차지했습니다! 컴백 후 첫 1위를 쇼챔에서 받았네요~ 라디오에서 한 다리찢기 공약까지 대 성공!!! 다시 한 번 진심으로 축하드립니다^^ pic.twitter.com/m276CHwM2O
— SHOWCHAMPION (@showchampion1) July 24, 2013
Watch below:

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SOURCE: ileead@showchampion1

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2NE1′s CL to compete with other singers in SBS' Super Match

2NE1′s CL was confirmed to join a new show of SBS. She'll not be a host, but a competitor who will battle with Yang Hee Eun, YB, Lee Seung Hwan, Dynamic Duo, Clazziquai, and others.
SBS announced that a new singing battle program will be launched entitled ' Super Match ' next month.
In that show, junior and senior singers will choose their own songs and will compete. Every episode, a winner is picked rather than eliminated each round. In addition, it will not be aired live.
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SOURCE:  ygladies

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BTOB's Peniel uploads his third vlog!

BTOB ‘s   Peniel uploaded  his third vlog (video blog).
He made this in Los Angeles, California while he's with his family. In the video, Peniel was with his brother, sister and brother-in-law. They went to different places to try variety of food.
Check it out below:

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SOURCE: theunitedcube

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2NE1 on a public transport?

2NE1 made their comeback more visible for the busy public of Korea through a bus advertisement.
The bus advertisement became possible through the collaboration of YGLadies and Take the World On, a Korean fansite. It displays the four gorgeous and talented 2NE1 members with their new single, 'Falling in Love', plus a teaser for their upcoming August release. The red bus, which means it runs on city streets and the highway, has the route from Gimpo Airport through some of the busiest districts in and around the YG Entertainment's offices.
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SOURCE:  ygladies Facebook

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JYJ’s Junsu takes over music charts in US, China and Japan

JYJ’s Junsu is proving to be unstoppable on local and international music charts with his latest second solo album, ‘Incredible’.

On July 24th, Junsu’s second album ‘Incredible’ made its debut at number five on the US’ Billboard World Album Charts. The chart combines data from America and Canada, proving that Junsu’s album is being met with an explosive response in America.

In addition, Junsu’s new title single “Incredible” topped the Yin Yue Tai’s weekly Korea V Chart during the week of July 15 to 21 as well as ranked #2 on the music chart of Japan’s Tower Records for the same week.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net