The Best Way To Become A Hot Topic? Take Advantage Of ‘Frozen’!

The Best Way To Become A Hot Topic? Take Advantage Of ‘Frozen’!
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The Best Way To Become A Hot Topic? Take Advantage Of ‘Frozen’!

Can we perhaps use Elsa's magic to make it big?

Twitter, Facebook, and other various SNS are filled with Olaf the Snowman for this winter season. It can be said with fair confidence that Disney animated film Frozen is the buzz right now.

Celebrities have been using Frozen to catch publicity. They dress up like the characters, make parody videos, sing OST "Let It Go" covers, and more. Some of the most talented vocalists have sung "Let It Go," which is currently causing a craze in the music world.

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Davichi's Lee Haeri, Kiss and Cry's Dia, "Voice of Korea" Son Seung Yeon, Eun Ga Eun, and more have sung the OST and posted it to YouTube or SNS. In just 7 days Son Seung Yeon's rendition of the song recorded over 2 million views. Dia sang "Let It Go" on MBC's "Show Champion".

Ailee appeared on KBS2 "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook" and performed "Let It Go." Hyolyn sang the Korean version of the OST. As the song became more popular, Disney first requested that Hyolyn officially release her version of the song. Male duo 2BiC sang the song in an R&B style, bringing a fresh new twist to the song.

Other songs in the movie are also receiving attention. On February 10th Girls' Generation member Sooyoung had a simple birthday party and posted a video of her singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," which her fans loved. "Voice of Korea 2" winner Lee Ye Joon boasted her vocal skills by posting a video of "For the First Time in Forever."

As the cover videos started gaining speed, other celebrities turned to the movie characters. Girl group AOA's Choa and Yuna made themselves up as the main characters of the movie, Elsa and Anna. Their uncanny resemblance to the Disney characters had the net users buzzing. AOA then went on to attain their first SBS "Inkigayo" win and trophy on the 9th.

Comedy programs are also using Frozen material. Park Ji Sun dressed up as Elsa on the February 9th broadcast of "Gag Concert." She wore a blonde wig and wore a blue cross. She made whale noises, and tried to melt the frozen people by kissing her true love.

If stars want to become a hot topic, all they have to do is join the Frozen craze and either sing the OST, dress up as the characters, or use the movie material! Who will be next?

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