[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] The Ladies Of Girl's Day Once Again Proves That They Have "Something" By Ranking Number One For The Week Of February 10, 2014

Another week is here and idols has moved either up or down on our chart. There are also new stars that released singles and are getting popular. So, here are some of your favorite idols who ranks on our top ten list for the week of February 10, 2014.

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Girl's Day Beats The Queen This Week By Having "Something" to Prove

The ladies of Girl's Day once again battles it out on our chart by being ranked number one for the week of February 10, 2014. The ladies faced tough competitions against some great idols such as queen of K-Pop Ailee who ranked number one last week.

With their current promotion of single "Something," Girl's Day are proving themselves that they have what it takes to do concepts of either sexy or general promotion by being cute. Now that they have reached number one on numerous charts as well took home first place trophies for the major music shows, Girl's Day has really caught attention with this return by doing a sexy concept.

The ladies proved that wearing see through dresses can tell a woman; this is tell females that they can wear dresses while being elegant. Elegance, confidence, and sexy equals fabulous; which is what Girl's Day did for their return. While you see numerous sexy concepts in their music video, the point is not to stare and pay attention to the concept of sexy. Rather, it is to see the message of their music video. The message is that ladies needs to stop thinking that their loved one is cheating; which is what Minah says every time by saying, "stop it." The back and forth of each other's blame is the message of Girl's Day music video.

Reason why it is number one is because of their fans and the popularity in-which they put themselves in for this comeback. While they prove that they have matured, it is this music single that has placed them where they are for this week. The ladies worked hard which has brought numerous success for them. Girl's Day promoted "Something" on the first week of January 2014; it is now February and still, Girl's Day is still beating out other great idols.

Other Idols Who Ranks On Our Chart; Numbers 2 - 10

#2 Ailee "Singing Got Better" MV

Ailee dropped one spot for her song, "Singing Got Better." With the message of being stronger after a break-up, the queen is still ranked due to her fabulous voice.

#3 SISTAR's Soyou and Jung Gi Go "Some" MV

SISTAR's Soyou has released a new song by working with Jung Gi Go. The title of the song is "Some." Soyou's new song tells about the feelings one gets when they fall in-love; no matter if your a male or female. If you like someone, you will get excited as well nervous when it comes to love. The music video shows B1A4 Baro and Soyou exchange texts and their reactions before and after they read it. This single was just recently released on February 7th and already, is ranked number three for this week.

Reason on why it is popular this week is because of the "medium tempo" of the song. The song is addictive and shows the two act as a great couple on the music video.

#4 Hyolyn "Goodbye" (Audio)

The angelic voice Hyolyn is ranked number four this week for her song, "Goodbye." "Goodbye" is from the OST for hit drama series, "Man From Another Star." With the drama being a hit and all, it is no wonder why the OST's are also. Especially, Hyolyn's single.

#5 B1A4 "Lonely" MV

B1A4 ranks number four this week for their song "Lonely." The song is popular because it tells the story of always wanting to spend some time with their loved one. No matter what day or time, just spending time with your lover makes their day. This is why B1A4's track is a hit. Couples can relate to this; which is why B1A4 has composed a great song.

#6 Ga-in Featuring Bumkey "Fxxk U" MV

Ga-in and Bumkey's music video "Fxxk U" is ranked number six this week. With Ga-in telling the message regarding couples and that sometimes there will be fights; she shows that in the end, they will make-up in the end. Even though the video is not showing in South Korea, fans are still loving this single. Ga-in and Bumkey act as a great couple by showing the struggles couples face.

#7 SM The Ballad "Breathe" (Audio)

SM The Ballad just recently released "Breathe" and already is getting numerous attention. Reason is because of the idols who are Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, SHINee's Jonghyun, TVXQ's Changmin, Super Junior's Yesung, f(x)'s Krystal, EXO's Chen, Zhang Liyi, and Super Junior M's Zhou Mi. With the song having three versions which are Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, it is getting popular even though the theme of "Breath" is what occurs after a "breakup." You can watch Taeyeon and Jonghyun initiate "Breathe" promotions on "M Countdown" this week.

#8 TVXQ "Something" MV

While TVXQ are done promoting their song "Something," the duo are still ranked by being number eight for this week. With their awesome choreography and talent both on-stage as well on the music video, it is no surprise why TVXQ had numerous album sells for ten years.

#9 Rain "La Song" MV

Rain the entertainer, is ranked number nine for his song "La Song." With the veteran, who is known for bringing such great entertainment, fans of Rain are loving his return on the K-Pop music industry.

#10 Taeyang "Ringa Linga" MV

Big Bang's member Taeyang is number ten for his song, "Ringa Linga." Even though Taeyang is done promoting this single, Taeyang is still popular amongst the fans in not just South Korea, but as well globally. Due to the tours and popularity of Big Bang internationally, each of the members are known; rather they go solo or perform as a group.

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