Fly To The Sky Reunion? Are They Planning A Comeback?

Fly To The Sky Reunion? Are They Planning A Comeback?

g.o.d's 5 members have been confirmed for a comeback this year, and there's a heightened interest as to whether the popular duo Fly to the Sky will be making a comeback as well.

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Last year Hwanhee and Brian Joo agreed to reunite, and went straight into working on the album. However, there hasn't been much news of progress, and fans are wondering about their future plans.

Neither of them has released an official statement, but it's been made known that they have been working on their comeback activities. They are currently working out the details with a famous director, discussing the musical direction of their new song. They're also coordinating the details of their management and exclusive contracts as well.

One rep stated on the 24th, "Things are going a little more slowly than originally planned, but the details are actively being coordinated."

Hwanhee and Brian's last Fly to the Sky album was a 10 year anniversary album called Decennium in 2009. It's already been 5 years since the 8th album was released.

On the other hand, g.o.d's members have all agreed to reunite for a comeback, hopefully in the first half of this year, and are working on their songs. The outline will be more definite once Yoon Kye Sang is finished filming "The Full Sun".

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