g.o.d. To Reunite In A Few Months Time

god to Reunite in a Few Months
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g.o.d.'s five members agreed to reunite and are soon to begin recording.

Staff explained that "g.o.d. has received a song from the Double Kick Project. But they haven't started recording yet, so it might take a while. Recording will take place as soon as Yoon Kye Sang completes his drama project".

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Many reports have projected g.o.d. to make a comeback this March, but the staff states that g.o.d. is not yet ready.

g.o.d.'s new album has been discussed for the past two years but have never materialized due to scheduling conflicts among members. Although all five members have agreed to reunite, nothing has been set; however staff state that the new album will "Come very soon and is in the process of contemplation."



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