Roy Kim To Release New Album In Korea In The Fall: Can He Put Plagiarism Past Behind Him?

Chart-topping "Superstar K4" winner Roy Kim will return to the K-pop scene with a new album this fall.
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Chart-topping "Superstar K4" winner Roy Kim will return to the K-pop scene with a new album this fall, after returning a year spent studying at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in Washington D.C.

In a message released on Monday through his record label CJ E&M, Roy thanked his fans for their enduring support.

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"I'll be sure to return [in the fall] with better music as a person who prepared with much worry and thought," Roy said.

"I want to sincerely thank all the people who are waiting and sending support."

Roy, who won the Popularity Award at the Music Industry Association of Korea's Golden Disk Awards in January, would seem to be alluding to the "worry" he faced from an ongoing barrage of plagiarism accusations that followed him around until he left the country, to return to school, last summer.

From the time accusations Roy's number one hit, "Spring, Spring, Spring" ("Bom, Bom Bom") was a rip-off, first began back in April, until he left Korea in August, the singer faced seemingly endless criticism from both fans and celebrities alike, who seemed to discover a new song he had stolen from every couple of weeks.

In July, Go Gook Jin, producer and director of the Korean television program "Mamma Mia!" took to the microblogging site Twitter to call Kim out for allegedly stealing Kim Kwang Suk's "Where The Wind Blows," A-ha's "Take On Me," and Acoustic Rain's "Love is Canon."

"Is this a mistake or is this a chance?" the director asked on Twitter.

"I want to make it into a chance. I haven't seen anyone who curses their senior artists turn out well."

The second part of Go's tweet is most likely a reference to sarcastic comments Roy made at a July 13 perfomance, the day before the producer's Twitter tirade, towards Jang Bum June of the group Busker Busker for a different plagiarism accusation concerning his song "Anthem."

"I wrote this song after being inspired by a video of Busker Busker's Jang Bum June singing at a wedding," Roy told the crowd.

"Some members of the public, however, criticized me for that. I took [the main part] from the 'Wedding March' and that means I didn't take it from [Jang Bum June's song]. I did write this song. If you still don't think it's right, I'll mention Jang Bum June every time I sing this song."

Roy later apologized for the incident.


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